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Incoming Transmission: Third-Person StarCraft Mod Kickstarted

The good news is StarCraft Universe, the mod that transforms Blizzard’s top-down RTS into a third-person multiplayer raider, hit its Kickstarter goal today. The surprising news is the project formerly known as World of StarCraft just managed to eek past the $80,000 mark with over a day to go.

With Blizzard’s blessing, StarCraft Universe will be published through the Arcade, giving fans the opportunity to see a Zerg rush up close and personal. Created by Ryan Winzen and his Upheaval Arts team of modders, StarCraft Universe will tell an original story and feature gameplay described as a mix of MMO dungeon raiding and Diablo-like monster killing and looting. Players will create a Terran or Protoss character (each with four playable classes), party up, and go on a third-person StarCraft dungeon dive.

The ambitious project has been in the works since 2010, and it can now be completed thanks to the successful Kickstarter campaign. Of note: when it’s officially launched (TBA), StarCraft Universe will be free to play. The only requirements are a account and the StarCraft 2: Starter Edition (which is free to download). Nice.

Stay tuned for more details, and if you want to chip in, you’ve got until tomorrow night to swing by the StarCraft Universe Kickstarter page.