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StarCraft 2 Mod Provides Adorable Zergs and Zealots

StarCraft 2 is an immensely popular RTS game from Blizzard Entertainment. StarCrafts is a charming YouTube animated series that uses StarCraft units as its characters. Now the two are coming together in the StarCrafts mod, which replaces StarCraft 2 models with animated sprites for an adorable strategy experience.

While the mod is still in its early stages, a new video shows that gameplay development is really coming along. Environments and characters are fully animated, and battles between teams of marines, zerglings, and zealots are currently supported. The 2D animations fit surprisingly well into StarCraft 2, presumably thanks to its robust custom content creator. Races even have their own idle, hold, and death animations, each of which is endearing enough to provoke a few giggles.

CarBot is working on a demo that includes two units and three buildings for the three StarCraft races before heading to Kickstarter for additional support. In the meantime, CarBot is producing biweekly StarCrafts and WarCrafts episodes. Now if only there was a possibly for a WarCrafts mod…