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Modders Rejoice! Saints Row 4 Weapons SDK Released

The first SDK release for Saints Row 4 is now out in the wild, and includes everything you need to make weapon mods for Volition’s open-world title.

Just when you thought Saints Row 4 couldn’t get any crazier, they’re going to let you make up your own insane weapons. The first SDK popped up over on the Saints Row community forums, and it includes tutorials, weapon templates, and all the tools needed to make your own nonsensical weapon.

Volition even included a preview of one of the new weapons from the recently announced Gat Out of Hell expansion, the Damned Impaler, as well as an archive of all the weapons from Saints Row 3 and 4.

You can grab the SDK and all the tutorials and info on the Saints Row community forums. If you’re making a crazy new weapon, let us know what it is! You can even host it on GameFront.