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Unreal Tournament

FROM THE CREATORS OF THE BEST-SELLING UNREAL, Comes UNREAL TOURNAMENT, the ultimate challenge of competitive game-play. Unreal Tournament showcases the enhanced, hugely-popular Unreal engine, the benchmark of 3-D graphical excellence and immersive gameplay. This stand-alone game brings you never before, richly-textured and thrilling environments. In single player mode with “bots” (virtual customizable team mates) or in multiplayer mode with up to 16 bots and/or humans. Step into the Unreal arena and stake your life in the pursuit of victory as the Unreal Grand Master. Or suffer the agonizing death of defeat.

Game Features:
FIRST tournament/arena 3-D shooter game of its kind.
Over 30 unique levels – waterfronts, oil rigs, speeding trains, floating castles, pirate ships, and much more.
All-new and enhanced big-bodycount weaponry. Wield the IMPACT hammer and squash your opponent to mush. Or use the Redeemer, the rocket-powered nuke that pulverizes anything it comes in contact with.
A single-player experience that let you guide your team against the hardest criminal scum in the galaxy.
The most complete and enhanced online multiplayer experience ever – take on bots and humans in Capture the Flag, Assault Domination, and new DeathMatch variations.
Take control. Novices can train for combat in an non-intimidating introduction to online gaming. Go Hardcore for more speed, more damage, and way more intensity.
Does not require Unreal to play.
Massive marketing campaign and public relations campaign.
Major online Unreal Tournament with Mplayer game site.

Unreal Tournament at a Glance