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Third Soldier

The year is 1189.

Forty years after thousands fell on the Middle Eastern battlefields, two armies massed their forces for a third and final time. For months, the front lines burned as soldiers fought to the death. Then the last of the Crusader armies, led by a commander known as the “Third Soldier,” reached the enemy stronghold.

On the morning of the final battle, the Third Soldier’s knights were betrayed and deserted by his second in command. With no more than a dozen loyal men remaining, the Third Soldier’s men fought and perished in battle … and finally, so did their commander.

The fields fell quiet. Then a small pack of survivors returned home with a rumor that their leader was still alive. As the reports reached the enemy, they remembered how hundreds of their men were cut down by this lone warrior, and they readied their most vicious assassins.

You are the Third Soldier. In the aftermath of a brutal battle, where no one was left alive, you find yourself alone, hunted down and seeking revenge.


• A close-quarter combat experience stretching across battlefields, fighting pits and castle walls.

• Create the ultimate fighter by customizing yourself with limitless combinations of magical modifiers and power-ups. Vanquish your opponents using a range of medieval blade and projectile weapons.

• Battle thousands of renegade knights, Persian warriors and mutants through two dozen missions that put you in the center of brutal battle.

• Top-down strategic camera or in-your-face action: You choose your fighting style.

• Earn perks and transform your fighter into the perfect killing machine.

• Unlimited replayability in Mission, Arcade and Survival modes. Unlock Massacre mode for extreme gameplay, where the only way to survive is to draw blood.

Third Soldier at a Glance

  • Platform(s): PC
  • Genre: ACTION
  • Developer: KaosKontrol Inc.
  • Publisher: GFI
  • ESRB Ratings:
  • Release Date: N/A