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Sudden Attack

The year is 2010. The war in Middle Eastern that was started in the late 20th century has finally come to an end. Many of the international powers involved in the war can no longer continue to fund the expenses for a long, drawn-out war for oil reserves. The major international powers decided to finally empower the United Nations with military force and resources, thus forming the UGF (United Great Force).

The Tanziriro Republic resides in the resource rich region of Central Africa, yet is plagued by the strife of civil war. After several appeals to the U.N. by Energy Tech, a privately owned corporation, the UGF was sent in to stabilize the region. But the natural resources are in areas controlled by rebels, who call themselves the TLF (Tanziriro Liberation Front). A special UGF sub-unit codenamed “Silent Fox” was sent to infiltrate the rebel forces.

All Silent Fox operations under John Hawk were highly successful, until their last mission. No one was sure what happened during the mission, but the 800+ personal strong special unit simply vanished from contact. A year later, the Silent Fox unit reappeared still under the command of John Hawk, and much to everyone’s surprise, they began working with the TLF to remove UGF from the Tanziriro Republic.

Carlos Riviera, the commander for the UGF units in the region does not take the betrayal of John Hawk lightly. As the civil war rages on, both men spiral closer to a deadly confrontation.

Sudden Attack at a Glance