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Star Wars: Battlefront

Ever wonder what makes your PC friends yap on about Battlefield 1942 all the time? You’re about to find out — but not in a World War II setting. Star Wars: Battlefront takes the idea behind 1942 and moves it to a galaxy far, far away.

Think SOCOM’s online-multiplayer experience, only with a wide variety of characters to choose from and a bunch of cool Star Wars vehicles to operate. You can play in the Galactic Civil War or the Clone Wars, meaning you can choose one of four armies to command (Rebels vs. Imperials or Republic vs. Separatists). You can’t mix and match sides (e.g., no Republic vs. Empire), but battles can take place on any planet.

As for the vehicles, Battlefront includes pretty much every major ride you’ve seen in a Star Wars flick. Yes, even AT-ATs. Yes, even X-wings. Hell, you can even mount a tauntaun. Better yet, certain vehicles carry multiple troops: One player drives as the others man guns.

Star Wars: Battlefront at a Glance