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Space Invaders Extreme

Experience this simple but addictive game as never seen before.

Shoot, attack, and stave off the assault by defeating all the Invaders on the screen. After annihilating a battalion of Invaders and defeating the Boss, players move on to the next stage. But beware of different types of Invaders, each with their own unique abilities – it’s “Game Over” if players lose all of their stock cannons!


• New Look: The much loved design of SPACE INVADERS, now with revamped graphics and new background effects that add to the game’s excitement.
• New Music: Get in the groove with up-beat techno tunes that are synched to gameplay.
• New Mini-Games: Experience varied gameplay with mini-games, called Rounds, that are launched mid-game – they add to the fun, and are a good way to rack up points!
• New Twists: Discover exciting twists to the classic game that provide swift, fast-paced gameplay.
o Features: Numerous Features kick-up the power and kick-up the fun.
o Breaks: Destroy Invaders and UFOs during Breaks to increase scores by 10 times.
o Fever Time: Look out for this chance to increase scores after completing a Round. Destroying Invaders leads to bonus points and players can try to hit the Jackpot UFO for a Jackpot Bonus!
• New Multiplayer Elements: Battle against a friend with the all-new multiplayer element, available on both platforms.

Space Invaders Extreme at a Glance