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It’s a simple COM-.NET plug-in created for Outlook 2003. Once installed, every Outlook user will be able to subscribe, delete and reload a remote iCalendar.

Outlook 2003 is a program which is able to manage your life: it’s email-client, it’s possible to use it like a personal agenda…but, actually, it wasn’t possible to subscribe a generic remote iCalendar (iCalendar is an IETF standard, (RFC 2445), which defines how calendaring and scheduling should be developed and transmitted through Internet)…until RemoteCalendars was developed :) . Why you should use RemoteCalendars? Well, if you aren’t interested in using a different program for the calendaring and scheduling like Mozilla Sunbird, iCal or KOrganizer, this is the only way to subscribe a generic iCalendar. ^

RemoteCalendars at a Glance

  • Platform(s): PC
  • Genre: INTERNET
  • Developer: GNU Open Source
  • Publisher: GNU Open Source
  • ESRB Ratings:
  • Release Date: N/A