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R-Type Dimensions

R-Type Dimensions combines the genre-defining coin-op classics “R-Type” and “R-Type II,” with a twist. Although classic gameplay remains untouched, R-Type Dimensions elevates the experience to greater heights with brand-new additions and enhancements. For the first time, R-Type Dimensions allows multiplayer co-op play locally or over Xbox LIVE for up to two players. Fight through all 14 Bydo-infested stages in the original 2-D or all-new 3-D graphics with the ability to swap back and forth between the two seamlessly. Strike down the evil Bydo Empire and save the earth in R-Type Dimensions.


“R-Type Dimensions” features include the following:

• Single player and co-op play. Locally or on Xbox LIVE for up to two players.

• “R-Type” and “R-Type II.” Two full playable classic coin-op games.

• All-new Infinite game mode. Assuring completion of games regardless of skill level.

• Classic game mode. Play that exactly mimics the original coin-op experiences.

• Statistics tracking. Track all the player’s vital stats.

• Two free gamer pictures. Can be unlocked by players of all skill levels.

• Achievements. Range from easy to advanced, making them appropriate for every skill level.

• All-new 3-D graphics plus 2-D original graphics. Swap between graphic modes on the fly.

R-Type Dimensions at a Glance

  • Platform(s): Xbox 360
  • Developer: Southend
  • Publisher: Microsoft Games
  • ESRB Ratings:
  • Release Date: N/A