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Operation7 is an MMOFPS, which puts much worth on realism. You can get out of small society, your own PC and friends. You will encounter hundres of thousands of competitors in Opreation7 and you have to take them down or you will be.
The main feature of Operation7 is a gigantic weapon management. Are you sick of same guns that everyone is using? You can modify your guns, many parts for all guns such as Dot Sights, Scopes, Kobs, Silencers, Gun Body, Barrels, and build up a unique gun for you! And each component can use protective coloring. Each gun will vary in range and accuracy depending on the material is used. A part has effect on the other one. The weapons, which you bought, do not expire. I.e. player, who plays not regularly Operation7, does not have to be afraid that his/her weapons after some time expires. The weapons arises more tactical possibilities in fights. In addition, players’ body movements while shooting, such as dashing or holding breath, will also influence destruction and accuracy.
Real life maps are another feature of Operation7. Shooting games either use famous battlefields or virtual scenes as their maps. But Operation7 uses real life locations as its maps. Famous places in London, Berlin, Munich, Paris, Moscow, Milan, Barcelona, Amsterdam, and so on will be included and updated in future map.
More than 700 types of sound created in Operation7 to achieve realistic sound effects. Have you ever felt “Am I shooting real gun? I think I’m shooting toy gun,” while playing FPS games? We do not recommend you to set volume high while you are playing operation7. Police might be standing on your door after 5 minutes of you. Over 700 sounds like footsteps and breathing, players must pay attention to the noise they make. Enemies listen to it.

Each character has seven decorative item slots in his inventory. He can change costume, helmet, goggle, etc. In addition, the character can wear camouflage coat to improve his disguising ability. Lots of cool skins are provided. Maybe on tourney mode or certain maps, players from blue team are forced to use a certain type of uniform, and players from gold team are forced to use another uniform. It will make really look good. Do you want to be soldier? gangsta? or do you want to be look like grass so nobody notices you are aiming at them in the plain of reed? Operation7 serves you.

Operation7 at a Glance