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Operation Flashpoint: Elite

The hugely anticipated Xbox edition of Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis, the most realistic and complex military combat simulator, will launch in November as Operation Flashpoint: Elite complete with online play over Xbox Live, Codemasters confirmed today.

Developed by Bohemia Interactive Studio and specifically adapted for Xbox from the PC original, Operation Flashpoint: Elite lets gamers experience the award-winning title.

On Xbox, the game retains all the depth and immense content of the original and takes you right into the heart of a gripping Cold War conflict between NATO coalition forces and a renegade Soviet Red army faction.

The game’s intense campaigns and solo missions deliver deeply believable military situations and gives you complete freedom to handle any flashpoint on your own initiative.

Operation Flashpoint: Elite is powered by Bohemia’s technology which is also used in real-world training by various military organisations around the world including the US Army and US Marines.

Operation Flashpoint: Elite at a Glance