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Noddy and the Magic Book

Noddy is a small wooden boy who lives in the magical world of Toyland where all toys are alive and adventures never cease. The two naughty goblins, Sly and Gobbo, have stolen Big Ears’ magic book and are using it to play tricks on people in Toyland. Join Noddy as he travels around Toyland in an attempt to right the wrongs caused by Sly and Gobbo while trying to catch the two troublemakers as quickly as possible so they don’t cause anymore mischief!

Noddy and the Magic Book is a game full of adventure offering non-violent game-play that teaches life lessons and imparts social values with humor. Children can easily relate to Noddy as he does the things they want to do. The game exercises the player’s hand-to-eye coordination all while helping others and having lots of fun in the process!

Noddy and the Magic Book at a Glance