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Monster Madness: Grave Danger

Monster Madness: Grave Danger overhauls the best features of its predecessor and adds huge amounts of new content, including customisable character costumes with power-up accessories, 4-player co-op either online or offline and 25 new challenge missions. With this new functionality adding to the original’s 18 story mode levels and its fully-featured 12-person online competitive multiplayer modes, Monster Madness: Grave Danger is set to become the co-op favourite for PLAYSTATION 3 owners looking for a big slice of frenzied comedic arcade action.

Monster Madness: Grave Danger at a Glance

  • Platform(s): Playstation 3
  • Genre: ACTION
  • Developer: SouthPeak Games
  • Publisher: SouthPeak Games
  • ESRB Ratings:
  • Release Date: N/A