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Mobile Ops: The One Year War

A next-generation mechanized shooter that retells the story of the One Year War of Gundam lore with detailed next-gen graphics, a wide array of giant mobile suits, and intense multi-player combat. The story of “Mobile Ops: The One Year War” opens with the space colonists’ brutal battle for independence from The Earth Federation. Included missions are told from the perspective of the Federation and Zeon sides, as you take control of a soldier on a large simulation play field. You’re free to fight against enemy soldiers and mechs using hand weapons, or you can up the scale by boarding a Mobile Suit. Gamers can also modify mobile suits with a robust customization options, including beam sabers, heat hawks, and other melee weapons. Over Xbox Live, “Mobile Ops: The One Year War” puts players right in the cockpit of their very own mobile fighter for thrilling battles online as they fight in teams through multiple scenarios and battlefields.

Mobile Ops: The One Year War at a Glance