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Mindless shooting games have just taken one between the eyes. The arrival of MDK heralds a new level of interaction in first-person action games that takes players beyond trigger-happy ammo-fests to a challenging world where stealth, ambush and mastery of unique weaponry are the ultimate survival skills. Sure, knowing the controls is important, but in MDK, players must use their brains as well as bullets to strategize the successful completion of their missions. And for gamers who feel that current titles cramp their style by limiting the arena to corridors and alleyways, MDK offers one of the largest 3-D worlds ever created for a CD-ROM game. The arena is an expansive, formidable environment where much of the level is immediately laid out before a gamer, leaving him free to explore the new world. Some world! Retina rousing graphics immerse gamers in a terrain filled with futuristic skyscrapers and dungeon-like city streets, and where sophisticated program intelligence renders reactive enemies, droids and defense systems, making any number of threatening situations possible.

MDK at a Glance

  • Platform(s): PC, Playstation
  • Genre: ACTION
  • Developer: Bioware
  • Publisher: Playmates Interactive Entertainment
  • ESRB Ratings:
  • Release Date: N/A