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Martial Arts: Capoeira

Martial Arts: Capoeira combines sport and RPG elements with traditional fighting game mechanics for the very first time, to offer unrivalled realism and challenging brutal gameplay. Train until you sweat blood to increase skills such as endurance, speed, leg and arm strength. Then when you think you’re ready, take part in underground street fights for cold, hard cash. Become one with your gamepad or Wiimote and strive to earn the right to call yourself the most powerful Capoeira fighter in the World!


• 12 distinct Fighters with 10 customizable fight skills.
• Compete within authentically reproduced and famous cities from around the world.
• Fight, win money, and buy training sessions to increase your skills.
• Bet against other fighters in outlawed Street Fights or ‘Rodas.’
• Realistic fights. KO your opponent with killer attacks!
• Game modes: Tournament, Arcade, Quick Fight, Survival and Training.
• Hundreds of real motion-captured Capoeira moves.

Martial Arts: Capoeira at a Glance