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Journeys of the Dragon Rider

Journeys of the Dragon Rider is a 3D action computer game where you take on the role of a dragon rider training to become a dragon knight. Featuring dragons that flex, roll and move in all directions through the air in engaging dragon battles, this game lets you fly through thirty levels of high adventure.

When mountain dragons unexpectedly attack a mountain outpost, you are caught up in a journey which sees you needing all your skills to defend against the invading forces. You travel with bands of dragon knights throughout the kingdom and into neighbouring lands. It is not known why the mountain dragons have attacked, and as the story unfolds, the magnitude of the danger to your kingdom is revealed. Along the way get involved in large dragon battles in the air, defend your soldiers on the ground, stop catapults from knocking over your castle walls, escort a princess, race through time based missions and experience other adventures.

Advanced users can even make their own levels, and package these up into a complete story which can be shared. This requires modifying text files and may require third party commercial software for generating the landscapes, but even novice users can have fun making small changes to the existing levels and story.

Features include:

- Full control of your dragon’s movements allowing you to roll, dive, loop, turn quickly and experience great maneuverability which makes for great dragon battles.
- Thirty varied levels.
- Engaging storyline.
- Ability to create custom levels.
- Beautiful landscapes.
- Dense forests.
- Utilisation of advanced graphics techniques or scales back to older hardware.
- Shaders such as normal mapping on the dragons and other techniques for the castles and water.
- Smooth dragon animations.
- Smooth frame rate.
- Particle effects.
- Armies.
- Physics on castle walls which can be damaged by catapults and dragons.
- Enemy dragons loop and roll in battle.
- Fun missions such as dragon battles, escorting a princess, defending your soldiers, flying through valleys and more.

Journeys of the Dragon Rider at a Glance

  • Platform(s): PC
  • Developer: MistKeep Software
  • Publisher: MistKeep Software
  • ESRB Ratings:
  • Release Date: N/A