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Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising

Drivable vehicles……lots of them. Use land, sea & air vehicles to your advantage. Pilot helicopters, command boats and drive fast attack vehicles with your team on board, firing on the move. Use LCACs (Landing Craft Air Cushioned) or Chinook helicopters to transport teammates and vehicles from island to island or across expansive terrain.
Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight! Choose your weapons wisely! Pick from a vast armory of modern weapons and equipment to outsmart your enemy.
There’s strength in numbers – play as a team and wage large scale multiplayer war online through NovaLogic’s online gaming service, NovaWorld, or on a LAN.
Wish you were here…. enjoy the scenery while you’re at it, with unprecedented environments. Travel on vehicles or on foot across super-foliated jungle terrains using the early morning sun glare to your advantage in combat, or canopy coverage at dusk to remain undetected.
Friend or Foe? Play as a member of a Joint Operations force or fight for independence as a member of the Indonesian rebel group, with a choice of weapons and vehicles at your disposal.

Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising at a Glance