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A Western shooter mixing first- and third-person viewpoints, this simplistically entitled game is far from a simple shooter in chaps and a holster. The early demo we witnessed in San Francisco last month is a bloody and gruesome action-adventure title, in which Neversoft is intent on capturing the wild nature of the American West in the late 19th Century. This original story follows the life of Colton White, reared as a mountain man in Montana close to the headwaters of Missouri. He accompanies his father, Ned White, to a steamboat to meet a friend, and quickly after, all hell breaks loose. Onboard a fight breaks out; a preacher kills your dad’s friend; your dad gives you a special mysterious medallion; and before the boat explodes he throws you over and says, “I’m not your father.” The game offers free-roaming exploration as well as set story missions and side missions.

Gun at a Glance