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Family Party: 30 Great Games

Fun for kids of all ages, Family Party: 30 Great Games offers a wide variety of fun and addictive party games featuring everything from track n’ field, to playground games, to brain games and more. Optimized for the Wii Remote™, players will have more than 30 fun games to play as they tackle obstacle courses, plate spin, fire laser guns, test their wit at memory games and more. Family Party: 30 Great Games will offer a dozen fun, cute, and happy characters for players to choose from as they party with up to 4 friends in Challenge Mode or against computer-controlled opponents in Battle Mode to unlock more levels to achieve high score and win medals.


• Fun, Addictive Games Optimized for the Wii Remote – Players will try their hand at 30 different games for hours of entertainment:

 Track ‘n Field Wii Style – jump hurdles, run sprints, tackle obstacle courses and soar in high jumping.
 Playground Games: keep your eye on the ball with baseball-catching, execute fancy footwork in soccer, and get your jump on with jumprope.
 Coordination Games: Balance, log roll, plate-spin, and ring those bells with handbells.
 Carnival Games: aim at bird and animal targets, shoot bows and arrows and fire laser guns.
 Brain Games: make your way out of Mazes, play Simon Says, and test your wit at memory games.
 Strength Games: toss barrels, climb ropes and saw logs.
 And more!

• Play With Up to 4 Friends – Play with up to 4 players in Challenge mode or on your own against computer-controlled opponents in Battle Mode to achieve high score and win medals.

• Choose Your Own Character to Play – Players will choose from 9 unlocked and 3 locked fun, happy, cute characters to play.

• Fun Unlockables – Players will party on with friends or against computer-controlled opponents to unlock levels and characters.

Family Party: 30 Great Games at a Glance

  • Platform(s): Wii
  • Developer: Tamsoft
  • Publisher: D3 Publisher
  • ESRB Ratings:
  • Release Date: N/A