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Take control of Mr. ESC (Escape) in this “escape” action game. In each level, your goal is to search the stage for people and lead them to the exit under constraint of time. When you have another character under your supervision, you’ll need to issue commands, ordering them to wait and use items. EXIT is one of the first Japanese PSP titles to support infrastructure mode, allowing for over 100 new stages to be downloaded for free.

EXIT DS features

• Intense action puzzler: Players use decision-making skills and wits to escape various obstacles while rescuing people from more than 100 different emergencies.

• Do whatever it takes to get everyone out in time: Rescue people and find the fastest way out while braving exploding factories, burning buildings and flooding subways. Players will climb ladders, move objects, slide down ropes and collect numerous rescue devices to assist them in their missions.

• Turn victims into allies: Saved characters can be enlisted to help move heavy objects, master tricky obstacles and help each other.

• Smooth, stylish character design and movement: Alongside the intense action puzzle gaming are some of the most stylish graphics and character animation to be seen on the Nintendo DS system.

• Command Mr. Esc. and people in his party with easy to use Touch-Screen controls to experience the ultimate escape drama.

• Show you are the fastest escape artist around: Upload your mission completion times via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and compare yourself against other players.

Exit at a Glance