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Dora Saves the Snow Princess

Grab your gloves and hat and get ready for a wintery journey with Dora. A mean witch put a spell on the Magic Snowy Forest and now it is starting to melt. With help from new friends like the Snow Fairy and everybody’s favorites Boots, Swiper and Pirate Piggy you’ll need to build a snowman, paddle a canoe, steer a dogsled and ride Pegasus by really moving that way with your Wii Remote!

¡Vámanos! Let’s Go!


• Authentic character voice of Dora and many other characters from the Dora the Explorer TV show!
• Grown-ups can join in using the Snowy Forrest Helper Feature and a second Wii Remote!
• Make your way through the Winter Forest, Icy Coast and Frozen Mountains to reach the Castle Grounds and save the Snow Princess!
• Over 12 unique Wii Remote™ motions including: ringing a crystal bell, digging with a shovel and raising a flag on a pole!
• Ice skate, snowboard and ski your way to find the magic crystal!
• Interactive Activities designed to support Nintendo DS™ functionality include:
o Shout into the microphone to make the sea snake go away
o Blow into the microphone to help Snow Fairy fly across the moat
o Tap with the stylus to steer Paj’s dogsled
o Drag ice blocks with the stylus to light up the ice cave
• Nintendo DS version is packed with over 24 Adventure Mode games plus 3 Snowy Forrest Games!
• Kid-Tested approval by children and moms for age-appropriateness, fun-factor and quality!

Dora Saves the Snow Princess at a Glance