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Cross Fire

Cross Fire is being developed by Smilegate for the PC platform. The game boasts fast and stable multiplayer action and graphics thanks to a sophisticated game engine that runs even on low-end PCs.

With two international mercenary forces corporations at war, players assume the role of either a Black Risk mercenary or Global Risk terrorist, and join an online team that must work together to win certain objective-based scenarios. There are four modes of play in the game including Team Death Match, Exploder Match, Elimination Match and Ghost Match. Upon successful completion of these exciting and competitive modes and matches, players earn experience points and achievements which advance their character up various military ranks.

Key features of the game include:

• An all-new match-type called “Ghost Mode” where Mercenaries play versus an invisible assailant.

• Powerful and widely varying weapons.

• Customizable in-game characters that can carry different equipment and weapons.

• Duffle bag system that allows players to carry more weapons.

• Runs on very low system requirements.

Cross Fire at a Glance