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Long into the future, the catastrophic Lunar War began over the ownership of the moon’s valuable colonies and starship fuel. At the end of the war, it was agreed upon that the CEL attack ships used would be deactivated and placed on CellZenith, an uninhabited station on Neptune. The Lunar Colony was created to oversee the deactivation of the CEL’s and control the distribution of the depleting starship fuel. On the final transportation of the CEL’s – the transportation cargo ship is shot down by an unknown source. Thankfully, the team was on the planet’s surface but now has no way home. It will be 2 months before a new transport ship arrives and with the CELs now mysteriously activated, it becomes a fight for survival to uncover the mystery of who is behind these attacks.

CellZenith gameplay is based on intense battles between CELs, futuristic advanced combat craft. Expect to experience heated, close-up engagements where survival will seem like a distant dream . You lead a team of 35 unique CEL units along with your captain in a larger more powerful Carrier CEL (which can be boarded and piloted). Strategically picking your units before each battle will give you a tactical advantage over the enemy. CellZenith’ vast levels will include objective tasks all while engaging an onslaught of fierce enemies. CELs come in two varieties: flying and ground based. The Carrier is crucial for getting ground based CELs over gaps. Every CEL has the ability to move in any direction while simultaneously shooting in another. Your CEL also has the ability to seamlessly change to a circle strafing mode, giving you a greater advantage while in combat.

When a CEL is destroyed, a number of special upgrades called “phyta crystals” are generated. Nearby CELs can collect these to gain shields, health, firepower, and other temporary abilities – 15 in total. They can be used to obtain one of 19 unique secondary weapons as well. When enough white phyta crystals are collected, upgraded versions of the CEL are attainable that will give you a tactical advantage and new permanent upgrades. Be careful, your enemies can collect phyta crystals as well.

CellZenith features a campaign mode where you will engage in 30 different story-driven levels to seek out and defeat the unknown force and escape back to Earth. Also included are 14 Instant action maps and four highly addictive minigames [Cel Attack, Tournament, Ball Escape, Black Hole].

• 35 different CELs (ships).
• 30 Campaign levels.
• 4 Addicting Minigames.
• 14 Instant Action maps.
• 15 powerups.

CellZenith at a Glance

  • Platform(s): PC
  • Genre: ACTION
  • Developer: Faramix Enterprises
  • Publisher: Faramix Enterprises
  • ESRB Ratings:
  • Release Date: N/A