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As a marine, you are sent on a mission into the government C.O.R.E. lab complex. The complex was built on the site of a meteor which smashed into the desert some 20 years previously. The facility was built so that government scientists could investigate the impact; everything had been going to plan until 2 weeks ago when all contact was lost. Your mission to investigate why contact has been lost with the facility will be complex and dangerous; the lab covers many levels with offices above ground and chambers below dug deep into the desert bedrock.

The final solution will take place deep down underneath the earth where it is believed that the scientists tunnelled into the remains of the meteor itself. When you and your team reach the final level you will have to face a danger that is a threat for the whole of Mankind.


• Fully 3D action across huge levels pushes the DS to its limits.

• Enemies ranging from insane marines and mad scientist to big deadly mutants.

• A variety of weapons must be collected to complete the levels; conventional weapons like hand guns, shotguns and rocket launchers must be handled along with experimental weapons like the plasma gun.

• The detailed world in side the base will require players to master interactive tools like switches, controllers, access cards and video cameras.

• DS networking is fully supported allowing local team play in modes like Death Match, Team Arena or Capture the Flag. Single card will allow up to 4 players in multiplayer mode.

C.O.R.E. at a Glance