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World of Warcraft




Equip Compare | 25.38 KB

keep switching windows. It works on clickable items (from chat windows), inventory items, LootLink, and now also works on quest rewards.




LootLink | 26.46 KB

inventory, your bank, other players inventories, items linked in chat, and seen on auction. So if you ever need to know the stats on a certain item, or just curious, this is a mod to have.




Quick Loot | 2.17 KB

corner of the screen to click on the items. Most UI compilations have this mod, so only addon gatherers probably need to download this.




EquipCompare | 26.54 KB

house to see if what you have is better that what you want to buy.




LootLink | 26.22 KB




Quick Repair (Auto Repair) | 1.12 KB

dependencies. Just very small and efficient. Version History. V1.1 - Updated TOC to 2.0.3




Item Price Tooltip | 130.07 KB

the game. Furthermore, ItemPriceTooltip records vendor sell values for items in your bag when you visit a vendor if an item with an unknown or incorrect price is found. ItemPriceTooltip is an Ace2 addon and all required libraries are included in the download.




Enchantrix | 173.53 KB

value of disenchants as well. If you have auctioneer, it will tie in even closer by using the bid data from auctioneer. You can do /enchantrix percentless and /enchantrix bidbroker (which are like the auctioneer counterparts but work on the disenchant value rather than the resale value) [needs auctioneer for this function too] NOTE: This addon is stand-alone. It does not need Auctioneer, ItemsMatrix, LootLink, AuctionMatrix or any other mod. Using it by itself is completely acceptable. If you do have Auctioneer, a few more features become available, but this is not necessary. NOTE2: The database in this version has been updated from user supplied data. If you wish to get updates, you may upload your data at once you have done this, you will gain more recent versions of the database.




Advanced Bags Plus | 145.97 KB

manage how your items are sorted. Although it does organize and sort your items, Advanced Bags does not actually manipulate your item\'s location in your bags. [/quote]




Wardrobe | 212.78 KB

regular equipment, an Around Town Outfit that consists of what you\'d like to wear when inside a city or roleplaying, a Stamina Outfit that consists of all your best stam gear, etc. You can then switch amongst these outfits using a simple slash chat command (/wardrobe wear Around Town Outfit), using a small interactive button docked beneath your radar (Moveable), or define hotkeys in key configuration. [list] [*]/wd - help [*]/wd list - List your outfits [*]/wd wear - wear outfit [*]/wd reset - erase all outfits [*]/wd lock/unlock - For moving Button/Menu. [*]/wd click/mouseover - For method of displaying menu. [*]/wd scale [0.5-1.0] - For scaling the DropDown Menu. [*]/wd auto 1/0 - Toggle auto-swapping [/list] Full Documentation: [url][/url] Change Log: [url][/url]




Enchantrix | 156.31 KB




vBagnon | 64.5 KB

Optional, Lets you view your bank from anywhere. * vBagnon_Options: A load on demand options menu for Bagnon. Features: * A single, customizable display for your inventory and one for your bank * Each display can have item separated by category, like Armor, Weapons, or Quest Items * Color coded item slots and borders: o Ammo and Soul Bag item slots are colored yellow o Profession bag slots are colored green o Keyring slots are colored orange o The borders for items are color coded based by their quality * View bank from anywhere (requires vBagnon_Forever) Usage * Viewing o When enabled, Bagnon and Banknon should be fully intergrated into the UI. o Keybindings can be set to show or hide the your inventory or bank o The slash commands /bgn bags and /bgn bank can also toggle the display of your bags or bank * Moving o When unlocked, simply click and drag on the title portion of the frame (




All in One Inventory & Bank | 97.15 KB

clicking (shift, ctrl) modifiers work - You can view your bank (or other characters too!) from anywhere in the game! - Alt-right-click will now search that item at the AH. - Alt-double-left-click will populate the create auction information (requires auctioneer). - Alt-Shift-left-click will populate and automatically create an auction (requires auctioneer).





pricemaster.rar | 1.04 MB

items, and grows as more users submit their data. PriceMaster also allows browsing of the stats of every item found, via the /pricemaster command. You can link, or try on any item previously seen by any user who has submitted their data for your server. PriceMaster uses an incredibly simple display method, and after an hour of using it you will forget it is even an addon. Also, the method PriceMaster uses to collect data makes it nearly imposible to collect a broken link. Check the website for updates. PriceMaster runs off a database of items that is submitted by users. Please support this database by submitting your prices and item data. You can do this by copying the \'PriceMaster.lua\' file in the \'World of Warcraft/WTF/Account/[Account Name]/SavedVariables/\' directory and e-mailing it to .




Bagnon / Banknon patched | 56.3 KB

ways, such as excluding bags or changing the background color of the bag frames. All in all it\'s a nice mod that doesn\'t seem to eat up a lot of resources, but for users who have comprehensive interface mods (e.g. Cosmos) you probably already have an addon that does the same thing.




KC_Items | 46.2 KB

may get rid of any one of the parts of the addon they don\'t like.




Lootster | 211.72 KB

straight DKP, DKP Tiers or DKP modified rolls, with membership priority, for loot arbitration. In addition, Lootster has raid, boss, attendance and loot tracking, and has a raid/boss/attendance/loot reporting capability, and allows the synchronisation of raid data from another player. Finally, it has the ability to keep personalised class restrictions on loot, and allows the synchronisation of item data from another player. Language Support: Although basic roll capture will work in French and German, the additional abilities (loot capture) will not, and therefore I have not indicated that this supports other languages. Known Issues: * Determination of the Master Looter in a raid is not possible unless the ML is in your party. This stems from lack of information via WoW API * This means that the ML loot handling won't be accurate if the ML and the raid leader are not the same, or the ML is not in your raid party * If you are not in a party/raid, you will see no Lootster messages unless you switch on Debug messages. Working as intended * Whispers to players when they are AFK with whisper suppression on will still show the AFK message. Not sure this is an issue really Acknowlegements: Sardonic, LootHog CodeMoose, DepositBox Morok (sargeras), French translation (v1.1.1) Features: = VERSION 2.x.x * Ability to track raids, including zone, date opened, date reset and instance ID (if available), cummulative attendance and loot counts * Ability to track bosses in a raid, including name, date started and finished, attendance and cummulative loot counts * Ability to track boss attendance (Full/Partial/None) per player, including cummulative loot count * Ability to track boss adjustments (that is, loot) per player, including date, reason and comments * Ability to open/close raids and start/stop boss tracking from icon toggles next to Lootster user interface (title or mini-map button) * Ability to take boss attendance of party/raid roster, updating attendance with Full/Partial as necessary * Ability to auto-create raid and/or boss when targeting a World Boss * Ability to auto-track loot wins of players (selectable quality of Uncommon and above) * Ability to track auto-looted Master Looted BoEs loot (see KNOWN ISSUES above) * Ability to manually record loot wins of players via Lootster roll capture, including multiple winners * Ability to reassign Master Looted BoE loot when later manually recording loot wins of players via Lootster roll capture (see KNOWN ISSUES above) * Ability to link into chat using shift-left-mouse click in adjustment list (player or raid adjustment) * Ability to show item tooltip using ctrl-left-mouse click in adjustment list (player or raid adjustment) * Ability to report all raids, a single raid or a single boss report, including attendance and adjustments, for copy/pasting * Ability to change report sort field for raids, bosses, attendances and adjustments * Ability to change report mode to include/exclude attendance, adjustments, and/or consolidating multiple raid bosses into a single boss report * Ability to view and maintain user set item class restrictions * Ability to synchronise item class restriction data *FROM* another online player running Lootster 2.x.x * Ability to synchronise raid/boss/attendance/adjustment data *FROM* another online player running Lootster 2.x.x + Features Enabled by Lootster DKP File/Data * Ability to use DKP Rolling mode, using straight DKP, Tiered DKP, or DKP modified /rolls (100 is a DKP of 0) * Ability to utilise Trial and Applicant flags to determine loot priority * Ability to utilise DKP caps to limit high and low DKP values, with player tiers recalculated appropriately * Ability to recalculate a player's DKP tier * Ability to make a manual adjustments to a player's DKP * Ability to use player alts instead of the main for DKP purposes * Ability to record the alt that is playing along with the main for attendance and adjustments * Ability to auto-create raid on zoning into a known zone * Ability to auto-create boss on targeting a known boss * Ability to automatically update boss attendance on starting new known boss, starting known boss combat, and on known boss kill, updating attendance with Full/Partial as necessary * Ability to auto-track DKP loot wins by player (selectable quality of Uncommon and above) * Ability to track auto-looted Master Looted BoEs loot as 0 DKP * Ability to manually track DKP loot wins of players via Lootster roll capture * Ability to reassign Master Looted BoE DKP loot when later manually recording loot wins of players via Lootster roll capture * Ability to override loot DKP value for a loot win * Ability to track raid, boss and player DKP when in DKP Rolling mode * Ability to report raid, boss and player DKP when in DKP Rolling mode + Lootster DKP File Documentation * Seperate SDK download documents the required LootsterDKP.lua file format and/or dynamic DKP data loading format * WoW Null DKP 1.04 (available at has inbuilt support for Lootster 2.x.x DKP file = VERSION 1.x.x * Separate roll calls for NEED and GREED, or 100/1000 rolling * Tied reroll call to those that tied rolls * Acknowledgement of rolls back to player via whisper (optional) * Cross checks of the roll - whispers players if they roll out of a roll call, roll twice or use an incorrect roll range * Ability to recognise class specific loot and to restrict Need rolls to those classes * Ability to handle rolls for multiple (same) items, including win *and* tie handling * Counts the number of rolls received Vs. total players in party/raid eligible to roll * Ability to announce those yet to roll/pass * Ability to start a countdown period * Recognises player typing "pass" in party/raid chat (counted in roll count) * Recognises player typing "reclaim" in party/raid chat (reinstates their passed roll) * The roll display shows player, roll, class, and bad and duplicate roll counts * Ability for 100/1000 rolling to accept rolls out of a call for rolls * Ability for 100/1000 rolling to auto-open window on initial roll detection * Ability for 100/1000 rolling to auto-clear rolls when window closed * Ability for 100/1000 rolling to downgrade from Need roll to Greed roll * Active/auto-snoop mode: when not actively calling for rolls, you can still snoop the rolls, capturing full roll details * Ability to set item's loot/chat/inventory window's link in the roll messages (Shift-Left Mouse Button) * User is in control of the roll process - the only thing done automatically is the countdown in seconds * Ability to show user defined 'loot rules' and/or Lootster help to party/raid * Ability to allow players to toggle roll acknowledgement whispers (on a player by player basis) * Ability to allow passive roll/pass mode when not active Lootster (can use roll/pass buttons) * Ahn'Qiraj loot class restrictions (Scarabs, Idols and Qirajis) * Ability to display/remember/forget custom class restrictions on individual loot items * Ability to echo AQ/custom item classes to Party/Raid chat and/or via CT_RaidAssist using link ctrl-shift-right-mouse click * Ability to echo AQ/custom item classes to Party/Raid chat and/or via CT_RaidAssist using additional UI next to the Blizzard Group Loot Roll UI * There is no requirement to be the party/raid leader to run Lootster (loot can be linked in chat for the Lootster) Installation: Unzip into \Interface\AddOns User Interface: The UI is use to perform all functions, and call be toggled (shown/hidden) through three methods: * Command line via the /lootster or /ls command * Minimap button that can be used to toggle the UI * A small Lootster frame that can be used to toggle the UI The UI can be moved anywhere on the screen via dragging the Lootster box. If the Minimap button is not used, then the small frame will be shown, and visa versa. Usage: Lootster by default will start up in inactive mode. This means that pressing any of the buttons on the Roll and Rules pages will only go to your chat (although the text will indicate which chat channel it would of been sent). The addon can be made Active by checking the Active check box on the Roll page. Any buttons pressed while in a party/raid will send messages to the appropriate channel (if you are not in a party/raid, the messages will again be sent to just to your chat). You are effectively in 'snoop' mode when Lootster is not active. This means you can press all the buttons to setup roll calling, but other players will not see you messages. You will however process rolls as if you were the loot caller. Note that if the Snoop debug messages option is checked, you will receive debug messages to your chat window. Example Use: The typical use is: 1) Clear rolls (in case there were not cleared from last roll call) 2) Link item from loot/chat/inventory window (optional) or clear the link if is set but unused 3) Call for NEED rolls 4) Wait for rolls. If not everyone rolls, you have the ability to countdown (time in seconds settable through options) 5) Announce winner, or, if no rollers, clear rolls and call for GREED rolls 6) Wait for rolls. If not everyone rolls, you have the ability to countdown (time in seconds settable through options) 7) In the event of a tie, the Announce will inform the party/raid of the tied winners, and the TIED roll call button will be enabled to allow the tied winners to reroll 8) Wait for rolls. If not everyone tied winner rolls, you have the ability to countdown (time in seconds settable through options) Note 1: In the event of a tied roll, only rolls from the players that tied will be accepted and shown. Note 2: If a player types "pass" into party/raid chat during a roll: a) If they had previously rolled, that roll will be remembered but not considered for win announcement. You will see it as a negative roll. b) If they had not previously rolled, you will see a zero roll. If the player rolls after passing, their "pass" will be ignored. Note 3: If a player types "reclaim" into party/raid chat during a roll: a) If they had previously rolled then passed, that roll will be reinstated. b) If they had no previous roll or they had not passed, the reclaim will be ignored. Future Developments: * Free-For-All roll capture * Auto roll and loot assignment when Master Looter for BoEs




AutoProfit | 3.61 KB

World of Warcraft addon written by Game Guides Online author Jason Allen. It adds a small button to merchant frames that allows you to sell every gray item in your inventory to the vendor instantly. AutoProfit has been downloaded over 30,000 times so far. That\'s quite a large number of users as far as WOW addons go. Trudging through over 80 slots of inventory looking for vendor trash after a night of adventuring can take an annoyingly long time. AutoProfit turns what used to take several minutes of clicking and searching into a single button press. Even with all the WOW addons available, I can\'t live without it. It\'s just too convenient. You can download the latest version of AutoProfit using the download button below. WoW Addons Advanced Usage You can now add exceptions to AutoProfit\'s functionality. If you don\'t want a particular gray item sold, simply type: /autoprofit [item link] (Except instead of [item link] shift-click the item you want to have an exception for) and that item will no longer be automatically sold. To remove the item from the exceptions list, repeat the command. You can also add white items to be automatically sold by AutoProfit in the same way (white items normally aren\'t sold.) Add the white item to the exceptions list and AutoProfit will sell that item automatically. /autoprofit list - lists all the items currently on your exceptions list. /autoprofit purge - clears your exception list. /autoprofit [number] - removes an item from your exceptions list at that location. /autoprofit - lists all the commands. /autoprofit silent - toggles AutoProfit\'s verbose mode on and off. /autoprofit auto - toggles AutoProfit\'s automatic selling feature on and off. When automatically selling items, the button is removed and all junk items are immediately sold when visiting a vendor. Try it out! I hope it earns a permanent place in your collection. What\'s New in 4.1: * Updated TOC. * AutoProfit is now compatible with the latest patch (January, 2007) and the Burning Crusade. * I describe in my article Using 3D Models in WOW Addon Design how I created the button . I think it looks great and it was easy to do. If you\'re a mod author definitely check out that article. This is one of my first projects, but I\'m planning on making quite a few more.[/quote]




Loot Filter | 12.06 KB

for you. It lets you filter loot by quality, item name and item value, and helps you keep your inventory clean. Use shift-right-click to loot corpses (loots all items) without having to worry what will end up in your inventory. Usage: /lf or /lfr or /lootfilter, brings up the control panel /lf help , shows you the commandline options Todo: - add translations [u]Change Log[/u] 1.1 Fixed a bug where quest items would sometimes also be added to the keep list when it was not needed Added option to keep items that have no sell value 1.0 The user interface has been changed and improved a great deal The code has had a lot of optimization Tooltips have been added Small bug fixes 1.0.3.beta updated .toc removed notify for items that did not match any criteria 1.0.2.beta optimized the code a lot added a workaround for itemInfo() weirdness (would not return the true name of an item) fixed an issue where quest items would not be added to the keep list properly added extra (help) text to make things clearer fixed an issue with notify on delete / keep (keep messages were always displayed) 1.0.1.beta initial release




Lootfilter | 14.84 KB

for you. It lets you filter loot by quality, item name and item value, and helps you keep your inventory clean. For more information and the latest releases please visit: Printable commands list Patch Notes For more information and the latest releases please visit: Known Bugs with this version No known issues




ItemPriceTooltip | 158.5 KB

the game. Furthermore, ItemPriceTooltip records vendor sell values for items in your bag when you visit a vendor if an item with an unknown or incorrect price is found. ItemPriceTooltip is an addon and all required libraries are included in the download.




BankItems | 22.88 KB

server, as well as searching and exporting lists of bag/bank items out. Type /bi or /bankitems to see what is currently in your bank. You must visit your bank once to initialize.




AutoProfitX | 8.11 KB

for a while. It wasn\'t actively maintained, and so various people submitted patched versions (under new titles, as he didn\'t support uploading patches.) When he did get around to updating, he complained about the forks - and updates on the forks stopped. Since then, he hasn\'t updated his version again, either. As there were outstanding feature requests (some even from me), I made updates to the fork I liked the best, and submitted them as patches - but patches are apparently deleted after a time, so I had to keep submitting. As that\'s a hassle, I\'m releasing my own fork. I would be happy if Bigzero or Trouncer want to take this code as their own, and proceed on their work from there. Most of what follows is Bigzero\'s description of AutoProfitX, although I have modified it as appropriate for the changes I have made.




ArkInventory | 280.45 KB

bars you can have inside a window but obviously you only have so much screen real estate before it becomes \'too many\'. AI uses several methods to assign a default category to an item such as what professions you have, tooltip scanning, basic type/subtype and PeriodicTable. You then assign those categories to a virtual bar. You can also over-ride the default category by creating a rule that matches either a single or multiple items.




ArkInventory | 284.92 KB

are built from \'virtual bars\', you assign categories to bars so that items in that category are displayed on the specific bars you want. There is no limit to the number of bars you can have inside a window but obviously you only have so much screen real estate before it becomes \'too many\'. AI uses several methods to assign a default category to an item such as what professions you have, tooltip scanning, basic type/subtype and PeriodicTable. You then assign those categories to a virtual bar. You can also over-ride the default category by creating a rule that matches either a single or multiple items.




Pawn | 12.59 KB

situation. You can use it to help create multiple gear sets, or decide whether to give up those ten points of stamina for two more points of fire resistance. Pawn is a mod for hardcore World of Warcraft players. You\'re probably not going to like it if you\'re not the sort of person who agonizes over stats and itemization. But, if you\'re the kind of person who goes through Thottbot looking for exactly the items you want for your gear sets, builds Excel spreadsheets, installs TheoryCraft... well, Pawn might just be right up your alley. If you can\'t bear the thought of hand-editing configuration files in Notepad, turn back now. Pawn is still in development, so it doesn\'t have a configuration UI yet, but you can share your scales (Pawn options) with other people using Pawn \'scale tags,\' and you can build your own scales by editing a text file. See the Pawn readme file included with the mod for more information on getting the most out of Pawn. Check out the unofficial Pawn forums at . For a partial German translation, see Pawn(ger): .




CT AllBags | 1.31 KB

of your bags at one time; now you can.




Invetory Hawk | 78.06 KB

fisherman. Inventory Hawk is an incredibly dynamic addon that shows inventory items you wish to keep on display. It also allows for right click and right clicck actions, including crafting actions, on the item. You can set goals, conversion amounts, warning levels and many more options per item. The alt's item counter addition allows you to have displayed the total of your alts item counts and also display in the Tooltips the individual alts counts per item. This addon will also display money count and empty slots count and per bag slot counts. The counter provides many features that make it easy to track and assess your important inventory items. Adding items is simple, just drag an item from your bags and drop it on the list or top buttom, or just manually type it in. You can also put the list in the background where it will have a customizable transparency and not interfere with mouse clicks or mouse targeting. Right clicking on the top button displays a main option menu that is very straight forward. Clicking on the items in the item list will display an option menu for that particular item. Inventory Hawk uses Merphle's BankStatement code to count bank items. Inventory Hawk does not interfere with nor replace any of the features found in Merphle's BankStatement. In fact, if you have Merphle's BankStatement loaded, the internal code for bank counting will no longer run and Inventory Hawk will use the output of Merphle's BankStatement instead. I would like that thank Merphle for providing some quick and easy code for counting bank items in his Merphle's BankStatement. To use the bank feature, you must first open a bank frame (go to the bank) to initialize the bank count. Instructions: Adding an item ( three ways to do it ): - Click on an item in your bags. - Click and drag an item from any of your bags on to the list or title button. - Click on an item from any of your bags and then click on the title button. - Choose 'Manually Add New Item' from the main option menu. Sorting an item: - Click on the item then move the slider on the dialog box. Features: * Counts items in your inventory, bank and alts for display. * Toggle hide/show of list. * Toggle hide/show of categories. * Autohide list. * Autohide Title button. * List up to 30 items at a time. * Execute a craft skill or use the item when you right click on a list item. * Easily add items by either: drag and drop from your bags, clicking on the item in bag and the title button, or manually type it in. * Track reagents based on a trade craftable item. (not to replace a full-fledged trade tracker). Select the trade craft you wish to track and then select 'Track Craft Reagents'. * Change the title bar to a money display. * Change the title bar to a reagent watcher. * Count your total empty slots, even bag empty slots. * Informative tooltips. * Include informative category bars. * Sort items. * Set low level warnings for individual items. * Set goal levels for individual items. * Set conversion amount for individual items. Primarily for when you have an item that, when reaching a certain amount, you can convert into a higher quality item. * Changeable item alias name, so you can shorten the name or give it a more descriptive title. * Display the list with icons or just have the list displayed in the background with a changeable transparency. * Changeable alignment of the list between left and right. * Changeable title and list font sizes. * Change transparency of main list background. * Change transparency of Title button background. * And a boat load more...seriously! Recommended Dependent Addon: * CharacterProfiler Compatible with: * AllInOneInventory * MyInventory * EngInventory * CharacterProfiler Acknowledgements: * Madorin ( maker of Mad Reagents ) for allowing me to use his idea for displaying reagents on the title button. * Vorpale for French translation. * Maischter and VincentGdG for German translation. * Telo's Clock ( the basic framework that I use to build my Addons ). * QuestIon by Celdor ( the basis for using drop down menus, and for the fixing Blizzards drop down menu code ). * Merphle's BankStatement ( for the bank counting code ). * ReagentCalc by Mattperry ( for the function for which I use to select the reagent to track crafts ). * Enitjus ( for the Bagnon addition ) * All of the users that have given great suggestions that have made this Addon become exceptional better than it was originally intended. !! IMPORTANT !! Use Titan Hawk 3.0.1 + for Titan Panel compatibility. Soon to be released: Fubar Hawk (When they add OnReceiveDrag to their API)! License: This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details. You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program (see GLP.txt); if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA. Printable commands list Patch Notes Version 3.4.0 New Features: * Works with BC * Supports only CharacterProfiler for bank and alt items. Version 3.3.1 New Features: * Requires CharacterProfiler for bank counts. Will not show bank counts without it. Version 3.3.0-1.12 New Features: * Supports CharacterProfiler (now used by CharactersViewer and ArmorCraft). * If you have CharacterProfiler, it will use this to count bank and alt items. * Works with GuildProfiler, also. Thanks for heads-up Arzach. Fixes: * Bank count of bags with greater than 16 slots. * German word for Smelting. * Hidden bag text is now truly hidden. * Fixed an AddonSupport bug when trying to get link info. note: I will be requiring CharacterProfiler in the future. As more gamers are using CharacterProfiler ( as other addons are requiring it more), there is no good reason to run the same processes that CP runs. It also much faster to pull data from the CP database than to create it myself and then pull it. Version 3.2.2-1.12 New Features: * Will now count all bags, even ammo/specialty bags, but will still disregard any empty slots within them. Version 3.2.0-1.11 New Features: * All items are now per category. * Option to open/close(hide) whole categories. * Sorting is now per category. * Added some Korean Localization via the efforts of Papertiger of Wildhammer. * Also made creating localization a bit easier by replacing all English (that I could find) with localization variables. * Added option to choose to disable the automatic Item Options Dialog from opening up, when you add a new item. * Added the ability to Click on an item in your inventory to quickly add it to your list. * Added slash command 'options' to show the options menu. * Added the ability to Click on the item list to display the options menu. * Tracking a craft will now create a new category for the skill craft item and place all needed reagents into the category. * Added option to reset the item goal amount to zero when the item goal is reached. * Added support for the latest BibMod. Fixes: * Fixed an error that popped up if you didn't have any alt counting addons. * Fixed some ammo bags and soul bags from being counted. * Fixed a localization error when trying to use /ih help/. * Fixed a Bagnon issue when trying to count with a variation of Bagnon. 3.2.1: More fixes Known Bugs with this version No known issues




Give Me Heath | 16.14 KB

items). GMHealth, GMMana: These two macros will give you the best Health and Mana potions you have in your inventory. **Due to the \'No combat decisions\' rule in 2.0, you may need to \'Prep\' this macro outside of combat. To do so, click on the potion outside of combat. You will NOT use the potion, but it will check to see if you have a better one in your inventory. --Ctr-Click on these macros will open Alchemy (if you have this tradeskill). --Alt-Click on them to force use the potion outside of combat. GMBandage This macro will use the best bandage you have. Left-clicking on the macro will cause it to work normaly, while alt-clicking will auto-bandage yourself. **This macro also falls under the \'No combat decisions\' rule. To prep, clear your target, click on the macro, then cancel (esc key) --Ctrl-Click on this macro will open First Aid (if you have the tradeskill). --Alt-Click will self-bandage (or alt-keypress if on action bar) GMFood This Macro will use the best food item you have that is has HP regen. Buff-foods (well fed) aren\'t included in the list because you may want maximize use of these the buffs. The order of the preference is set to: Mage Food (All levels) Event Food Cooked Food Vendor Bread Vendor Cheese Vendor Fruit Vendor Fungus Vendor Fish Vendor Meat Example: If a mage comes by and gives you food, it will be on top of the list. If you have event food (Candy Corn, Harvest Boar, etc), it will be prefered over bought food. Cooked non-buff food is next, then separated into catagories based on what hunter pets like to eat (Most like Meat, so that\'s least likely to be eaten by you, Bread is eaten by the fewest). Raw Foods (Raw Fish), is not supported. This is a way for hunters to keep some food for their pets with out worring abut Give Me Heath eatin\' their pet-chow --Ctrl-Click on this macro will open Cooking (if you have the tradeskill) --Right-clicking will cast Conjure food (best rank), if you are a mage. GMWater This is very much like GMFood, but just deals with drinks. Order of preference is: Mage Water (All levels) Event water Vendor Water --Right-clicking will cast Conjure water (best rank), if you are a mage. /commands: /gmh help - Will display instructions /gmh update - will update all macros (can be used for preping) /gmh update=health - will update GMHealth macro /gmh update=mana - will update GMMana macro /gmh update=bandage - will update GMBandage macro /gmh update=food - will update GMFood macro /gmh update=water - will update GMWater macro TO DO LIST /gmh save to let people save types of food (useful for hunters, and people who prefer eating looted food before their store-bought food (if looted is same level)). This feature is already partly encoded, but it DOES NOT work. Hopefully 2.0.8 (or 2.1.0) will have it... Depends if Bliz beats me to the next update.




Postal | 57.38 KB

auto-complete all your alts automatically and recently mailed users. [*] Open All button means you can empty your mailbox in no time great for us AH whores! [*] The last person you mailed, remains the target of future mail until changed (great for sending multiple mail to the same person) [*] Shows a report, for total money earned after opening. [*] Automatically fills in subject fields when left blank [/list] Doesn't sound all that impressive does it?? But this mod saves you a lot of clicking, after uploading and purchasing on AH a lot, being able to empty all my mail with one click and then see a total amount of what i have earned was a real godsend, in addition there appears to be no impact on the gameplay, the addon memory used is very low and it causes no problems. I am now using this mod myself!! Enjoy Guys




GuildAllience | 13.68 KB

combined guild messages. The aim of this addon is to create a 'guild of guilds' hopefully uniting them and forming trust while still maintaining individual control of each guild. It is a large step to disband and reform and that's where this addon tries to help. Guild Alliance (GA) has no limit for the number of guilds you wish to view. For this addon to work, someone with the same version of this program must be online from a guild you wish to view. Having more than 1 person online has no affect on gathering data. GA seeks out more members with the addon whenever data is requested from pressing 'Refresh'. At the same time as updating, it sends out requests for more users and adds them to the list. Therefore, it is only necessary to add a single user from a particular guild, press 'Update' and all other users in that guild will be added automatically. If you wish, you can do this manually, but only members that are online will be added. Pressing the 'Reset All' button will remove all the members which it formally gathered information from as if it is a fresh install. This option is mainly used if you no longer wish to view a particular guild. You don't need to press this button to change the password your guild uses. Simply re-add someone (yourself is fine) with the new addon password and it will be updated accordingly. Make sure everyone you wish to communicate with does the same. It is also important for everyone to have the same version as this is considered as part of the password. When the 'Refresh' button is pressed by anyone in the guild, it sends out a version check. If yours is out of date, a message will appear once per time you are logged in. To help unite guilds, the option for transmitting guild messages was added. Only the messages sent by you will be sent so it is most useful if everyone has the addon. To see your own guild in the same list, simply add yourself in the setup menu. The lists can be sorted by different types by pressing the title tabs above each column. By default, the lists are sorted by name. I have also added support for other localizations to a certain degree. Most things are translated by using the standard 'GlobalString' constants. If you press the 'Refresh' button and it doesn't complete the update, try again. If nothing, it means no one is online to receive your request OR you have the wrong password. To view a member's full public note, click the note and it will be displayed in your chat frame. Clicking a member's name will bring a list to whisper or invite them, just like the normal guild page. I hope to add MOTD soon. Not sure how to implement it just yet. **** PLEASE NOTE! **** This is a beta program. It's still very much in development but I want others to try it because I havent been able to test the addon with multiple people (more than 2). I expect it will work, but there is a good chance I have missed something. Any feedback is much appreciated Example of how to use: * Open the 'Alliance' tab. * Press 'Add Friend' * Enter a user with the addon that is online * Enter a channel/password. Note that you can only use one password at a time. You can't use different passwords for different guilds. NOTE! You can nominate multiple people, but you must enter at least one person from each guild. * Press 'Accept' - You should get a message that the person was added if they are online and have the same version. Or press 'Friends List' to scan through your friends. * Press the 'Refresh' button to request guild data. This will also scan for more people with the addon who are in the same guild as the person you entered before. * While the check box 'Send Messages' is ticked, any guild messages you send will also be sent to the other guild. * Press 'Reset All' to delete everything like a fresh install. Patch Notes v3.07c - Addon now works with 'Skinner' - Removed ability to talk over guilds for now. I did however fix a bug with it causing an error when more than 2 guilds were in the alliance. - Alliance MOTD can now be set by those that can set the normal MOTD. Other users can't change it v3.07b - NEW option to add users using the who function. Go to add a friend as normal and under the 'Friends List' button should be 'Who List'. Enter the serach pattern in the 'user' field and it will automatically add those with the addon that the who search finds. This is particularly useful for search an whole guild. - I made it so anyone can change the Alliance Message of the Day for testing purposes. I will eventually set it back to Guild Leaders only, until I know it works. - Soft updates now occur when a new user is added v3.07a - Fixed where the MOTD is placed on the page v3.07 - Fixed the option to whisper someone on the GA list. - NEW message of the day support. I've made it so only guild leaders can change the message. I'm not sure how well the updating on the MOTD will go, I haven't had a chance to test it too well yet. If there's errors I haven't found yet please let me know. The newest MOTD will be considered the correct one. - Changed some communications and therefore won't be compatible with previous versions. I did this to reduce the chance of interfering with other mods using the hidden addon channel. Known Bugs with this version




Bag Press | 135.19 KB

FuBar plugin When you click the FuBar BagPress button with someone targetted the mod will scan both player's bags for inefficiencies (non-full stacks of stackable items), initiate a trade, and automatically insert items based on what it finds*. You can also add a filter for any items you don't want to trade, and also make a list of items you always want to trade. Note: The mod must be installed by both players in order to function. * Please note that for security reasons the trade must be completed by the players, and only items that are meant to potentially be traded will be communicated to other players in a silent manner.