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Unreal Tournament 2004




UCMP2 Mappack | 245.98 MB

visuals. [b]FF|Review:[/b] -Description coming in a choppy- UCMP includes: [url=";39678"]Volume 1[/url] [url=";48741"]Volume 2[/url] [url=";64252"]Volume 3[/url] [b]Volume 2 includes:[/b] -Description coming in a choppy-




Ultimate Community Map Pack vol. 1 | 171.71 MB

includes: [url=";39678"]Volume 1[/url] [url=";48741"]Volume 2[/url] [url=";64252"]Volume 3[/url] [b]Volume 1includes:[/b] -Description coming in a choppy-




UCMP3 Mappack | 62.48 MB

and the most download-worthy UT2004 mappack ever eleased, introducing a blazing amount of professionally carved, highly detailed and precisely play-balanced maps to fit in the Unreal universe. UCMP includes: [url=";39678"]Volume 1[/url] [url=";48741"]Volume 2[/url] [url=";64252"]Volume 3[/url] [b]Volume 3 includes:[/b] -Description coming in a choppy-




RuneStorm Map Pack 1 | 59.86 MB




Titan Onslaught Map Pack Volume 1

titanonslaughtmappack1.exe | 143.28 MB

lockers, etc.)




AMP - Another Map Pack | 23.84 MB

often. This should make a fine addition to your collection.




ArenaMaster Bonus Pack | 54.29 MB

polished off some high quality maps, made specifically with TAM\'s gameplay in mind. Thanks again too all who entered and contributed to the voting. Winners included the grand prize winner, DM-Moov by \"SlainChild\", DM-Grotto by \"The Third\" awarded best visuals, and DM-Structured by \"Chookwoods\" for best gameplay. You may have already seen some of these maps on various servers, and hopefully now, we\'ll see them on a lot more.




Titan Onslaught Map Pack Volume 1 | 143.47 MB

lockers, etc.)





onstorlanmappackv3.rar | 67.55 MB

included in the file. -Smartguy087




FragBU Bonus Pack | 62.94 MB

their correct locations. ---------------------------------------- MAPS: CTF-FBU-1on1-Xerosis - Raffi_B CTF-FBU-Barcelona - Gred Mega and Raffi_B CTF-FBU-Iron2 - Raffi_B CTF-FBU-Veiled - Radeon285 ONS-FBU-Desertion - Styx ONS-FBU-Highlands - Styx, Reeps, and Raffi_B ONS-FBU-Scorched - Styx, Reeps, and Raffi_B ONS-FBU-Stonehaven - King Mango VCTF-FBU-AkhaRu - King Mango MUTATORS: Heavy Health - SlayerDragon - The less health you have, the faster you move! Heavy Armor - SlayerDragon - The less armor your vehicle has, the faster it will move! GAMETYPES: Nalicow Invasion - Parser - Replaces the standard Invasion monsters with fully-functional Nalicows! They moo, hump, and fly, so you\'d better watch out!




Kranial Mappack #1 | 68.51 MB

map has it\'s own theme, and I found no two to be alike. You can tell, no doubt, that a lot of time and thought was put into this pack! Here are some map descriptions from the author... CTF-KG-Decrepit On a planet covered in city, there are bad parts of town, and then there are BAD parts of town. Built on the cheap by corporate giants, sector 34 was never meant to last long, and the only remaining structures of any value are the com towers that still burn bright to the sky. The once booming light industries housed there have moved on to more profitable places, and the inescapable rusting ferrocrete now houses more crime lords political dissidents than real workers. Crime is not just a way of life here, it\'s a religion. The winners get to leave this place. And the losers? Well, you aren\'t one of *those* people, are you? I sure hope not. CTF-KG-Chill The only thing that\'s colder than the average temperature up here are your relations with the other team. Give them a warm welcome.... CTF-KG-RGB RGB gas processing facility was never in red numbers. Owning company - RGB United - can\'t know what the problem is because Rubingas and Bigryum are extremely valueable. And RGB United is also the only company who posses the secret of how to trasform Garnitum into these two precious substances. Transformation process however requires regular breaks at night... and here came the Liandri with the idea to use the facility for their bloody sport. RGB facility is well-suited for CTF because of its shape. And spectators love to see people falling into the Garnitum too. Of course - Tournament Lease for night costs something... and yes, RGB United really can\'t know what the finacial problems are about. 2 maps left without a description are DM-KG-Vega and ONS-KG-LunarSurvey. Vega is a multi-level map intended for 2 players, though I found room for 4. It has an indoor/outdoor theme inside vegetation covered caverns. LunarSurvey I found to be quite impressive, especially the transportation! If your teammates hog all of the vehicles - not to worry! There is a network of motorized platforms that will transport you all over the lunar base. Unlike most ONS maps, each power node station is pretty much unique, and the power core bases are beautifully built. Hope to see this one on some ONS servers. TR_Relic




Clone Bandits Community Mappack

cbmappack.rar | 28.67 MB




DD Map Pack | 2.65 MB




Shieldgun Map Pack | 4.13 MB

maps are pretty good fun if you like your shieldgun or your opponents being introduced to big nasty traps! Maps: |- DM-SG-Punji by [b]Slainchild[/b] (players: 2-4) |- DM-SG-Roflchopter by [b]Slainchild[/b] (players: 2-2) |- DM-SG-SpaceDuel by [b]Catdaemon[/b] (players: 2-8) |- DM-SG-WindTunnel by [b]Catdaemon[/b] (players: 2-4)




~[TR]~Relics ONS Map Pack | 16.81 MB

[b][i]ONS-TR-Europa[Final][/i][/b][/u] Finally, an Onslaught map with a moon theme. For those not in "the know", Europa is the smallest of Jupiter's moons. The map has ample space for wide-scale combat, and a wide degree of variation in the rocky terrain. This gives plenty of room for vantage points and risky vehicle maneuvers in the heat of battle, adding that extra edge to the game. Sadly, I only saw one chokepoint, but it's a great defensive asset for the red team. Powernodes themselves are, for the most part, located in towers. Each tower contains a teleport point leading to the top, allowing for a nice sniper ledge and a hard-to-gain powerup spot. The powernodes are easily defendable, provided you properly garrison the towers, but at the same time any suitable defense can be counterattacked. The defense-offense balance is well-stricken. Architecturally, there are a few points of contention. The base layout, for one. The upper level in the bases are severely underused. Not that it's a bad thing, I just felt that more could have been done with them. The terrain fits the purpose, but it doesn't have too many elements which have an impact on gameplay. One thing I generally look for in maps, is maps that will have a certain twist to how the game is played, and compared to Relic's other maps, I just feel that this one is a little less unique. The map is almost glitch-free, but I did find one little thing that could be considered "glitchy". Spider mines don't handle the terrain well. Actually, that's an understatement, they don't handle the terrain at all. Hardly Relic's fault, though. In summary, a classy ONS map with a theme that hasn't been done too many times before. I had fun just driving around on it in the Scorpion, and had a blast when I tried it in botmatch. I expect to see this one on quite a few ONS servers. [u]2. [b][i]ONS-TR-TheIsles[/i][/b][/u] Ah hah! [i]Now[/i] we get back to Relic's uniqueness theme, and we get back to it with style. Personally, I love this map. Maybe because I generally like aerial combat, but probably because it's a whole new challenge for me. Anyway, that's enough babbling. What's in this map, you ask? Each team has a cruiser for a base. It's carrying three Cicadas and four Raptors, as well as some turrets, weapons, and the powercore. The powernodes are hidden on three islands, which you must reach by air. Once you've taken an island, you can also unlock the Manta, which works as a hovercraft due to it's nature. Don't think of taking a swim, or you're finished. The map is impressively wide. I sure hope y'all have a good sense of direction. Teamwork is a necessity. If you want to get anything done, you're gonna need those Cicadas with their heavy firepower, which means you hot-shot Raptor pilots are flying escort. Mantas are good for little other than scouting, since the Raptor missiles will wipe them out. There are a few graphical problems, mostly due to the size of the map. Seems UT2004's vis range doesn't stretch that far, and things just don't look good when fading in from the horizon. I also spotted a few minor clashes, mostly on the islands, where the water sometimes pops up through the rocks. No big deal, though. A unique map with a unique style of play. Definitely one you'll be wanting to try. [u]3. [b][i]ONS-TR-Transmission[/i][/b][/u] This map has already been hosted here seperately. For a full review, check [file="75022"][u]this page[/u][/file]. These maps won't be to everyone's taste, of course, but they're definitely worth trying if you're into Onslaught. ~ Kouen [b]NOTE:[/b] You will need the [file="52476"]UT2004 Mega Bonus Pack[/file] to use this map, as it includes the Cicada bomber.




[iO] ONS-Torlan Mappack | 62.97 MB




Grove Pack | 30.42 MB

packs: 1. Both maps in here have been enhanced, sharpedened lighting, added zonesound echoes, new redone textures (now it doesn\'t glitch on when a dynamic light hits a wall) etc. 2.Reduced file sizes and yet better and faster to download. 3.More FPS!




Map Pack: ShieldPack | 4.13 MB

points, you must push your opponent into the (rather obvious) trap. I have no idea where I got the idea from, but the maps are pretty good fun if you like your shieldgun and/or your opponents being introduced to big nasty traps!




Map Pack: 3 BR Maps

3_brmaps.rar | 1.88 MB

fixed some stuff-bot paths added-bug fixed-even better fph-and nice/better fixed wooden textures.




Invasion Mappack

inv_mappack.rar | 9.04 MB

spawning) DM-ThePit (this map contains one special vehicle the badger) DM-Instaltion 486 (this map contains 2 special rooms, one of these specail rooms contains thing for the rpg Mod) DM-Legacy (just a simple Inv map, the map would look better if you changed the brightness etc) DM-VoteFor (This is a inv map that is made out of the MG clanmap, AS-[MG]-DontVoteFore, the trigger for the floor is in a secret room) Hope it works




UT99 Conversion for UT2004 | 127.04 MB

just in action! Hey, im great, Im Gamer2011, this is my first mod.




LrdMidknightMapPack | 16.35 MB

pack. Sushi is oriental themed, and reminds me a lot of some of the far east themed maps from UT3. Built for up to about 10 players, the temple has an immense network of hallways, stairs, corridors - all criss-crossing over each other. The foilage in the map is great for hiding out, and also shrouds a few key pickups. As with most of Midknight\'s maps, the pickup layout is just right. His use of lens flares is also right on track...adding a lot of life to the level without going overboard. The damage amp is tricky to find, so you\'ll have to explore for yourself to figure out how to get to it. IronRot takes place in an urban scrapyard with the same signature features of Midknight\'s other maps. The skybox / background is huge and detailed. Skyscrapers line the night sky as far as the eye can see. Many of the pickups are hidden beneath exploding barrels, which gives you good reason to blow stuff up. The junk in the yard makes up a good part of the fighting platforms, such as rusted sheets of metal and other items. IronRot has a nice mix of BSP, meshes, and terrain making this a very interesting map. A must download for all deathmatch fans. ~Relic




Quake Map Pack

quake_map_pack.7z | 30.04 MB

forums. List: CTF-Freefall DM-1on1-Aerowalk DM-1on1-TheVeryEndOfYou DM-Q1DM1 DM-Q1DM3 DM-Q1DM4 DM-Q1DM6 DM-Q1E1M7 DM-Q2DM6 DM-Q2DM7 DM-Q3DM2 DM-Q3Tourney2 DM-Q3Tourney3 DM-UCMP-1on1-BloodRun DM-UCMP-BloodRun




RUSS Map Pack | 23.37 MB

little reminded of a soccer pitch but then that's an obvious one. The map's design is rather simple, using mostly basic shapes in it's construction. Not that it's a bad thing entirely because you'll likely be too busy keeping your eyes on the field of play to notice. Some touches that were missing which I personally feel would've livened the map up a little include maybe using the 'sky screens' to show either camerashots of play, or scores in a similar manner to the Morpheus map. I didn't think much of SkyStadium as a VCTF map but as a BR map it makes for a very nice brawl when all you've got on your side is your ability to make it past the enemy team. DM-UNDERGROUND is also a wide, open brawler map. Plenty of health around the central walls, plenty of ammo on the outskirts, and a double damage powerup in the center which is essentially a terminator powerup, depending on your choice of gun. There's a bit of stealthy assassination involved in this map, however, as anyone who escapes the main melee is teleported to the shadowed upper edges, where they can snipe away unseen. I felt the lighting around ground level was a bit strong, and the map itself is rather empty, but then again that's what makes it so dangerous. DM-Survey. I guess the best way to sum this one up is "five towers, five thousand headshots". Each tower has several floors, which can be used for close combat, or passing through to reach the sniper nests at the top. These nests have only one entrance and are easily defendable, so without at least a bit of teamwork a skilled sniper could pick off the entire map's populace with ease. The map claims it is tailored towards 50 players, which shows in it's scale and emptiness. DM-OverTheEdge. This one's quirky. The game area consists of several raised pedestal platforms, with varous powerups dotted around on said pedestals. Arguably the safest place to be is the highest ground, as there's only two lines of attack to defend - however, the lowest pedestal being one of them isn't as easily defendable since it has a jump pad and the double damage. It's a basic map but very fun to play. Very different. The final three maps all fall into the VCTF category, the first being Face4. This map suggests a 32 player max population and it's pretty believable. Military CTF is probably a better term. RUSS carries on the tradition of simple construction here too, with the layout being a simplified version of Facing Worlds for use with vehicles. Players are much more susceptible to sniper fire in this interpretation though, as there's very little cover. The ion plasma tanks are fun for a dogfight, even if they are somewhat tricky to work with. VCTF-RUSSFaceFE is essentially a tweaked version of the former map. Night-time skybox, the flying infoscreens from SkyStadium forming a new midfield platform to snipe from, and Goliaths and Paladins replacing the ion plasma tanks. VCTF-SandyWay shows an evolution in RUSS' mapping style, using more complex terrain and prefab configurations. Desert, temples for bases, lot of dunes, you get the idea. With the size and open feel of this map, if you've got a big game going down, lots of players, this is a very good map for it. The limited visibility and lack of cover makes it hard to get the drop on an enemy, with both attack and defense becoming harder. As far as criticisms go I'd point out that the sand texture could do with being more defined, from medium to long distances it just appears as a flat color, but that's minor. Overall a solid collection of maps. They're not flashy but they sure do get the job done, you'll have fun playing some of them if not all of them. This pack also gives quite a bit of insight into RUSS' development as a modder, with the detail levels of these maps ranging from beginner to intermediate and showing a good degree of consistency along the way. ~Mikouen




Knives\' \"Greatest Hits\" Volume 1 | 4.68 MB

do good in 1v1 play. It carries my signature brand of frantic, fast-paced action with easy access to powerful weapons and health. Has a lot of z-axis action but the majority of the combat will take place on the lowest floor, which is the most diverse in terms of obstacles. I think this map is a lot of fun and according to UT2004 stats, it has been played online quite a bit. Enjoy! CTF-ANTHEM2004 BETA 1: The first version (probably only one for a while, too) of yet another remake of my original Anthem. Anthem and its first remake (AnthemEvolution) were a hugely popular staple of the UT2003 Files Wicked Game Server back in the UT2003 days. After playing it, it\'s easy to see why: white-knuckle, in your face, intense action with a strong emphasis on teamwork. The bases have 4 outside entrances but only 2 ways into the flag room, so you MUST cooperate in order to survive. All the awesome weapons are again easily available so that anyone can kick arse from the moment they spawn and everyone is on an equal playing field, so that true skills determine who comes out on top. This is my most beautiful and best playing map ever, and I\'m sure you\'ll love it. BR-DRD-FLARIZED v2: This map, a relic of the days when IG BR was still cool, is still played online occasionally. It\'s basically the same popular Flarized with two important differences: a new sniping room above each goal and an awesome jungle makeover. Other than that, a typical IG-oriented BR map. BR-REMNANTFINAL: My 2nd ever BR map was anxiously received by my IG BR playing buddies in UT2003 when it first came out, but a horrible bug was exposed: the skybox had a HOM effect! AHH! It took me 3 versions to fix it (along with some humiliation), but now it is finally fixed. This is a typical IG BR map (another relic from the good old days), but with a really cool junkyard theme and a general feeling of loneliness that pervays throughout the map. To speak for how fun this map is in IG BR: even with the terrible HOM bug, the earliest version of this map was still played and loved to death back in UT2003 on certain servers. Fun stuff for a bit of nostalgia. [/quote]




Void Map Pack | 1.47 MB





dmvctfice.rar | 45.28 MB




ShieldGun Pack II | 5.34 MB

included: DM-SG-Cenotaph, DM-SG-Frozen, DM-SG-Grinder, DM-SG-Minefield Singleplayer: No Multiplayer: Yes, obviously New textures: No New meshes: No New sounds: Yes (custom bird sounds from my own BR-Templus2k4) New music: No Known bugs: Lighting issues on the razorblades in DM-SG-Grinder Weapons: No damage Shieldgun Construction: About 1 week




MEDVED`s Master Pack Revision 1 | 81.03 MB

ones. There are these 9 maps inside: DM-DeepBurn [v.] (2008, edited 2009) DM-Metallica [v.1.1.4] (2008, edited 2010, 2011) DM-ShieldMadness [v.0.2.1] (2010) - made to play with Shield Gun Arena, Quad Jumps and Low Gravity DM-CorpseCorp [v.0.1.1] (2010, edited 2011) - Quad Jumps recommended CTF-FacingFireAndSteel2k11 (2010, 2011) - an evil restyle of CTF-FaceClassic DM-1on1-FightFireWithFire (2010) - a very simple map for fast dueling DM-DiePod [v.0.1.4] (2010) DM-Encore! (2010) - just one more pile of garbage DM-CastleInc [v.0.1.1] (2011) - featuring the Giant Portrait of Ozzy Osbourne, hand-drawned by Ruslan Cibin, a.k.a. Master, DoctorHOO, RUSS... Havefun! - MEDVEDxEvilPunk, a.k.a. MEDVED\'BS\'RUS.




DSDB-MapPack-April | 47.41 MB

lately. 4 maps are in this mappack but all can be played on CTF or DM. Each map has the required server files for compressing as well. All of the maps are fun and can be played on CTF/DM with mutators too! I hope they are as fun for you as it was for me creating them.