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standard INF/DEM gametypes, there is something here for YOU! FEATURES INCLUDE: GAMEPLAY: Faster running speed (Identical to SoF1) Strafejumps enabled (Further, faster, no pause) ULTIMATE M590 Shotgun (Based around SoF1, meaning new skin, 8 shells firing 12 pellets, faster firing rate, faster reload rate, slightly more accurate, slightly shorter range, damage balanced in line with these changes) TNT Explosive added (Based around SoF1\'s C4) Instant Grenade/Flash/Explosive attacks (Grenades work like SoF1, can be thrown instantly without switching from your current weapon, frag grenade explodes on impact, counter displayed under the health bar showing grenades left) Weapon Stay (Meaning weapons do not disappear after they have been picked up, they stay for someone else, unless they were dropped - please note SoF1\'s \'weapon drop\' cheat will not work! - AWESOME feature for DM/TDM, and of course CTFX) Female skins added to every team (making six in each, females use a new \'radio\' bindlist, use the male hitbox for fair play, 3 new skins added) Console, visual and audible notification of HEADSHOTS (\"Why did I die so quickly?\" etc.) Crosshairs change to green for friendly targets, red for enemy targets (like SoF1) Skins can be reselected/reviewed after map changes Rocket launcher and grenade launcher disabled by default NEW MAPS: IRQCTFX - Wastelands (ctfx ctf) Based on SoF1\'s IRQCTF1 JPNCTFX - Parking (ctfx ctf) Based on SoF1\'s JPNCTF1 NYCCTFX - Gangland (ctfx ctf) Based on SoF1\'s NYCCTF1 GERCTFX – Castle Kill (ctfx ctf) Based on SoF1\'s GERCTF1 SUDCTFX – Flag Frag (ctfx ctf) Based on SoF1\'s SUDCTF1 DUSPX - Dust (ctfx ctf tdm elim inf dem) A faithful conversion of Counter-Strike\'s de_dust, scaled to the original - supports ALL gametypes NEW GAMETYPE: CTFX (CTF PhoeniX) based around SoF1\'s classic CTF mode Your flag must be at home to capture the enemy\'s You can reclaim your flag yourself 15 points for a capture, 2 points for a flag return Flagcarrier generates a local siren to alert their location Flagcarrier generates a \'glow\' to prevent hiding in dark corners EFFECTS CHANGES: You can use your coloured name in team games Corpses can be damaged/dismembered immediately after death (\'gibbable\' corpses, client-side effect which can be enabled or disabled, doesn\'t affect the server, doesn\'t prevent shots hitting living players, enabled by default) Many improved/familiar sounds fine-tuned in Wavelab Many improved/familiar graphics fine-tuned in Photoshop Slightly quieter footsteps NEW OPTIONAL FEATURES Infinite Ammo Mode (optional, disabled by default) InstaGib Mode (optional, disabled by default, only the M590 Shotgun is affected) Disable shooting while leaning (optional, disabled by default) INTERFACE CHANGES: New cvars/binds built into the menu system MOD filter on the serverlist to easily locate SoFPX servers Small tweaks to layout Of course, the game has all the benefits of PunkBuster support, weapon balances have been maintained (only the M590 has been radically altered, but is balanced all the same), and there is a full manual included which covers every point in detail, including a Tweak Guide to get you started. A dedicated server config is included as an example, along with the default CTFX mapcycle. This SoF2 modification has ongoing support, and Public Beta 1.0 is, in some ways, just the beginning. Is is supported/sponsored by, Europe\'s biggest and best GSP, and has a 16 player public server up and running right now (currently Jolt 15). Website: Email: Enjoy ... and feel free to visit our forums, linked at the website. The PhoeniX Is Rising...




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of Phoenix v1.0[/url] :beer: [quote]VERSION: 1.1 BETA CHANGES SINCE V1.0 BETA: ======================== FIXED: When pickups are disabled in CTFX (g_pickupsDisabled = 1) the respawn interval will be used, whatever it is set to, allowing SoF2 CTF maps to be enjoyed with CTFX rules. FIXED: When the shotgun finishes loading the 8th shell, the 'finished reloading' animation is played, but it does not stop the gun from firing if you pull the trigger. You can now fire, at will, during any part of the reload sequence, from beginning to end. This way, you never miss a shot. FIXED: 'Double sounds' have been prevented when cg_predictItems is set to 0. This was a bug affecting weapon pickups, which has now been corrected. FIXED: Strafejumps improved to match SoF1's speed and distance, extensively tested and compared. FIXED: Massive issue finally fixed, something that's been bothering me for many, many months! You may have noticed, sometimes, when you went over steep inclines you would 'sail' over the edge, the momentum keeping you going. A bit like going over a ramp. It was particularly noticeable on GERCTFX. No longer - the physics are now working like SoF1, meaning that it's a LOT easier to control your player. FIXED: Items now respawn after 15 seconds, like SoF1, as opposed to the previous value of 30. ADDED: This is a great new feature, and much requested. There is now a CVAR called g_allowSkins which allows server admins to decide whether or not to enforce 'team skins'. If g_allowSkins is set to 1, the default value, players can use ANY skins ... even in team games![/quote] Have fun with this great mod :rock: