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Mount and Blade: Warband




Mount & Blade: Warband v1.100 to v1.153 Patch | 96.44 MB

Version 1.153 Changelog

- Troop AI for choosing weapon for different situations has been updated.
- Ranged troop AI not being able to choose a target under certain circumstances bug has been fixed.
- New operations for modders.
- Some fixes and operation enhancements for modders.

Single player:
- Town economies are now more balanced.
- Several other bug fixes.

- Two new multiplayer maps have been added: Canyon and Desert Town.
- HTTP communication has been rewritten due to connection issues reported by players.




Mount & Blade: Warband v1.143 Patch | 93.08 MB

Patch Changes:

- Some rebalances to the trade/production systems.

Mod system Fixes:
- Shield replacement w/out respawning visual error has been fixed.
- Scene objects damage editing has been fixed.

Bug Fixes:
- Crash to desktop when entering a new scene bug has been fixed.
- Fixed random problems with merchants' inventories not showing up sometimes.
- Lady of the Lake achievement bugs have been fixed.




Mount & Blade: Warband v1.158 Patch | 96.64 MB

1.158 Changelog

-Fixed issue with multiplayer troop stat assignment. Values are now shown correctly in the module system with a workaround to prevent auto-assignment, at the same "real" values as 1157. With the exception that Vaegir and Sarranid Archers now have a riding skill of 1 instead of 2 and that Nord Huscarls have 0 Power Draw instead of 1.
-Resolved crashing when prop_instance_play_sound is used server side but not synced client side.
-Resolved issue where all spawned items play only blunt sounds in multiplayer.
-Fixed minor issue with Lend Companion quest.
-Fixed slow movement on certain scene props occurring after a fix in 1157.




Mount & Blade: Warband v1.157 Patch | 96.64 MB

Patch Changes:

-Rebalanced in-game economy to encourage a range of propserity among towns (previously most towns became rich or very rich).
-Fixed bug with 'auto_select_weapon_mode' occurring too frequently.
-Fixed a visual error with attacks that are cancelled mid air.
-Fixed animation error with pikes.
-Fixed bug with shadows.
-Added new operations for modders and modified/fixed some existing operations.
-Fixed bug that caused slow movement in certain buildings and with certain scene props.
-Adjusted the way attack cancelling is handled while jumping.
-Added more options to module.ini.
-Bug fixed where throwing axe and throwing knife models would show on shields with the wrong rotations.
-Increased maximum number of different party member and prisoner stacks from 32 to 256.
-Changed netcode to fix a bug where animations would sometimes fail to load.
-Rebalanced Khergit multiplayer troops and added 'Khergit Infantry' class.
-Adjusted price of certain items in multiplayer based on faction (certain items now cost different amounts of gold depending on faction).
-Rebalanced several items to create proper price/quality progression balance in multiplayer.
-Other minor bug fixes.
-Adjusted equipment of Vaegir troops for balance.
-Adjusted stats of ranged troops for balance.
-Shortened string of server messages.
-Reduced cap on turn speed in multiplayer.
-All spears can now rear horses.
-Singleplayer fixes.
-Updated fonts.dss file to support the Lithuanian language characters.




Mount & Blade: Warband v1.152 Patch | 94.56 MB

Patch Changes:

- Bugs related with sounds and music have been fixed. Disable music option now works correctly.
- Muskets sticking to left hand after reloading bug has been fixed.

Single player:
- Several dialog text fixes.
- Lords now defect even faster when their faction has no centers left.
- Minor fix on faction AI.

- Trees with bad physics that caused missiles to pass through them have been fixed.
- Switching module without closing the application now works.




Mount & Blade: Warband v1.100 to v1.160 Patch

mb_warband_upgrade_1100_to_1160.exe | 103.31 MB

Changelog coming soon.




Mount and Blade Warband v. 1.112 Retail Patch

mb_warband_upgrade_1100_to_1112.exe | 38.61 MB

This patch updates Mount and Blade Warband to version 1.112. and includes a number of bugfixes and updates to the medieval multiplayer expansion.




Mount & Blade: Warband v1.142 Patch | 92.97 MB

Patch Changes:

- Six new Steam achievements...
- Several new operations added for use by modders.
- Sarranid Archer and Sarranid Master Archer no longer have jarids.
- Mounted units cannot spawn on walls
- 3d mouse on map window for 3dvision;
- 3d vision convergence has been decreased;
- ti_on_agent_hit position is moved down a bit in order to give the correct damage value, and it now uses the trigger result as the dealt damage if it is greater than or equal to zero.
- mayor_politics_assess_realm dialog having no options after all factions are defeated bug is fixed.
- party_count_members_with_full_health no longer counts player as a regular troop. needs some testing on battles and sieges.
- qst_troublesome_bandits no longer gives reputation penalty when it is aborted due to someone else destroying the party.
- Shield no longer gets damaged when the attack is chamber blocked.
- process_text now encodes for url if requested. therefore url strings will only encode the tokens like {s0} {s1} etc for url.
- show_item_details_with_modifier operation is added for showing item details which have modifiers (unlike the original operation).
- several wrong operation condition checks are corrected.
- Font is now reloaded when player switches to a new module without closing the application.
- module_version, compatible_module_version, compatible_savegame_module_version keys are added to module.ini
- become_knocked_down works for mounted agents too (but they don't get knocked down with an animation, they just continue fighting).
- healing of wounded troops of parties are now related to wounded troop ratio in that party and 50% slower also it is a bit related to campaign ai.
- overlay_set_container_overlay, agent_get_ammo_for_slot, scene_prop_set_prune_time operations are added
- agent_unequip_item and agent_equip_item operations now have new parameters
- ti_on_player_exit trigger is added
- mission_object_prune_time is added as a key to module.ini
- savegame checksum calculation no longer requires megabytes of memory (which causes the CTDs during saves).
- restore module objects is removed from ctrl + m
- equipping unequipping agents after they are spawned had several visual bugs. they are all fixed.
- Crash when exiting dedicated server (bugid:3431) fixed;
- new sound system is redone, and working fine under both old and new versions
- ti_on_scene_prop_hit: set_trigger_result sets the damage dealt, just like the new feature for ti_on_agent_hit.
- scene_prop_set_cur_hit_points is added
- agent_equip_item and agent_unequip_item bugs are fixed (minor)
- Various minor item stat fixes
- Rhodok infantry troops dont have battle forks and military sycthes anymore
- Long axes and great axes now have proper "unbalance" penalty
- Minor balance bug .. Rhodok Multiplayer_ai items changed (was clone of nords scout)
- inventory infinite ammo bug is fixed
- client side fixes for agent ragdoll effects;
- dedicated server fixes;
- tableau fixes for new 3d vision drivers




Mount and Blade Warband v1.104 Patch

mb_warband_upgrade_1100_to_1104_tw.exe | 18.57 MB

This patch updates the recently released Mount and Blade Warband, and fixes a server list error, some game freeze issues, and some texture problems.




Mount & Blade: Warband v1.160 Patch

mb_warband_setup_1160.exe | 591.36 MB

Changelog coming soon.




Mount and Blade Warband v.1100 to 1110 Patch

mb_warband_upgrade_1100_to_1110_tw.exe | 35.34 MB

This patch updates Mount and Blade: Warband to version 1.110, and includes improved AI weapon selection, fixes to party skill bonuses, and more.




Mount and Blade Warband v1.102 Patch

MountAndBlade_Warband_v1.102_Patch.exe | 16.76 MB

This patch updates the recently released Mount and Blade expansion, Mount and Blade Warband, to version 1.102, and requires you to currently have version 1.1 or higher.




Mount & Blade: Warband v1.164 Patch

mb_warband_setup_1164.exe | 581.51 MB

This patch mostly addresses issues with game bugs.




Mount and Blade Warband v.1100 to 1105 Patch

mb_warband_upgrade_1100_to_1105_tw.exe | 23.32 MB

This patch updates the recently released Mount and Blade: Warband to version 1.105 and includes a number of fixes and updates.




Mount & Blade: Warband v1.151 Patch | 94.45 MB


Lots of new operations, flags and trigger types have been added for the benefit of modders.
New parameters have been added to module.ini for modders, including new order system usage and crouching.
Support for game controllers has been improved.
Troop AI for selecting alternative weapon mode has been added.
Troop AI blunt weapon usage has been fixed.
Troop AI for distant targeting has been fixed.
Core resource files and shader files have been made modifiable.
Face generator system now supports multiple meshes to apply deforms.
Volume and priority have been balanced for sounds.
Playing sounds from hard drive option has been added for module system.
Memory usage for resources and navigation meshes have been reduced.
Several crash-to-desktop bug fixes.
Minor translation fixes.
Various other bug fixes.

Single Player:

Good productions for towns have been rearranged.
Bug fix at Lady of the Lake achievement.
Effect of village raids on prosperity has been increased. To balance that, village prosperity increases faster now.
Merchant inventory update has been made less random.
Probability of lords defecting from a faction with very few centers has been increased.
Number of cattle at villages has been revised.


Khergit troop stats have been rebalanced to make them more viable.
Maximum number of players in a multiplayer match has been changed to 200.
Usernames in multiplayer games can now have special characters.
Random rain and fog amounts have been removed in multiplayer. All players now see the same weather.
In multiplayer server filtering, “Compatible with version” checkbox has been renamed as “Compatible with module” and now it checks for both module and its version.
Network data priority values have been updated.




Mount and Blade Warband v. 1.100 to 1.111 Retail Patch

mb_warband_upgrade_1100_to_1111.exe | 38.45 MB

This is the version 1.111 patch for Mount and Blade Warband, the multiplayer expansion for Mount and Blade, and fixes a pathfinding bug from v. 1.110, among other changes.