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Mount and Blade: Warband




1812 Vympel\'s remake

1812BII.exe | 542.79 MB

BETA Version II .

-Pick a starting army if you are not happy with default French one (in the folder \\\"STARTING ARMIES\\\" pick what you want , overwrite)
-Start game say no to \\\"Assemble NPS\\\'s\\\" and no to \\\"Bandit Heroes\\\"
-In camp menu go to \\\"PBOD Preferences\\\" >> \\\"Formations Battle AI \\\" >> choose \\\"Formations AI\\\" nothing else . Change any other options you like for diplomacy or whatever else .
-Compare your battlesize (max number of men on the battlefield) with the value in the PBOD menu (it\\\'s in the camp menu). They should be equal.
-Start the game through \\\"Unlimited\\\" if you want unlimited corpses on the battlefield (Buggy , but works ).
-Factions included France , Britain , Prussia .