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Darth Vader Start-up Screen Update | 340 KB

screen that TwEEk released not too long ago. The only really noticeable things that have been done here: the buttons have been colored red, and the uppermost background has been changed. *sings the \"Another mod, another day\" song* ~Lord Griever~




Anakin Startup Screen | 473.96 KB

BlueMint on here is the choice of picture. It fits the screen well, and there isn\'t a lot of cluttered text everywhere. The color of the buttons have changed, so BlueMint gets some more brownie points just for changing more than the picture. If you\'re a fan of Anakin, then this startup screen might be one for you. :) ~AmosMagee




Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Weapons Theme | 4.56 MB

:D -Sared




Darth Maul Startup Screen | 265.32 KB

nothing more. This includes some new sounds and the buttons have been altered a bit. There\'s some new theme music when you start the game, which of course, reminds you of Darth Maul. A sound clip of \"You cannot escape your destiny\" plays if you click on back and \"I have forseen it\" will play when you start the game. It\'s a good little mod for those who follow the Dark side. :) ~AmosMagee




Burning "Grunge" Vader Startup Screen | 499.85 KB

right mind loves Darth Vader, but the author added his own personal flavor to it by grunging it up a little. The image itself looks very nice, but is that all? Nope. We even get new buttons, which is something most launcher creators don't include. The opening sound is a clip of Vader's breathing - very fitting. The launch sound is the ever-typical "I find your lack of faith disturbing." Overall I find that this launcher, while good looking on its own, has that little bit extra that makes it really neat. If you are a Vader fan (and honestly, who isn't?) you may want to take a look at this. ~Inyri




Movie Startup Pack | 6.23 MB

which you prefer;) The only startup in this pack which isnt a movie shot, is the jk2 logo on a black background - except in a green version, not blue. I loved the look of this from the author's screenshots, but when I actually loaded it in, it looked a little odd, it just didn't fit with the menu at all. That could've been a great screen though, and I shall give the author credit for the good design ;) As always, make a backup of your 'Install' folder, in case you ever want the original startup screen back. Overall, a pretty decent startup pack, with something for all Star Wars movie fans! ~Szico VII~




Anakin EP3 Startup Screen | 1.12 MB

they're alright - they're clips on Anakin from the film - but for some reason hearing Anakin talk whenever I click a button bothers me. For the starting button it'd be fine, but for back and click I personally would've preferred something a little less... vocal. Perhaps you guys feel differently, though, so feel free to have a look! I'm sure a lot of you will enjoy it. ~Inyri




Jedi Academy Reloaded Start-up Screen | 521.89 KB

the upcoming MP mod Jedi Academy Reloaded, cHoSeN oNe has submitted this startup screen for JK3. The sounds are great and the image is precisely what one would expect, considering the name of his in-production mod. :) Please be sure that before installing this startup screen that you save the contents of your Install folder for JK3 somewhere else. It\'ll save you the hassle of a reinstall later if you want your old startup screen back. :) Great job, as always, cHoSeN oNe and can\'t wait \'til the mod is released! ~AmosMagee




Anakin_Obi Startup Screen | 648.98 KB

Obi-wan and Anakin seem to be standing side-by-side looking out at you, with a very angry-looking Anakin head in the middle. I find it a little odd that Anakin\'s face is on all the buttons, but they do look pretty neat. I like the fact that the launcher has a nice thick black border around the edge, which gives it a very clean-cut look. Definitely give it some new sounds next time, though. Episode III has a good potential for sounds, and you can always find new beeps and boops around the net somewhere, so give it that extra little something next time around. ~Inyri




Matrix Start-up Screen | 363.4 KB

you’ll remember when Neo went to see the Oracle, he first encountered the strange man with the white clothes. When looking at the code he saw that this guy wasn’t human, but was some sort of craziness in the Matrix. Anyway, a crazy fight broke out and all was excellent. So now you can see the coded guy here before you begin to play Jedi Academy. While the overall design was well done, I really would have liked to have seen some new buttons. That’s one of the main things I see missing from start-up screens. At least it has a new sound thrown in, which is pretty cool. If you like The Matrix and it’s sequel this is a pretty good start-up screen if you want to bring the movie in with you. - Daku




Darth Maul Startup Screen for JKA | 326.67 KB

here, just a click away (okay, maybe a few clicks) is that very thing that you apparently need! Unfortunately, that is all this is. There are no new sounds or anything in this start-up screen. It\'s just a picture of Darth Maul in the background. Maybe the author will add some new sounds and maybe change the look of the buttons and add some other kind of design to the start-up screen for a second version. We can hope, anyway. ~AmosMagee




EP3 Duel Startup Screen | 463.61 KB

background, you can see the photoshop effect used actually looks really wierd, but it's kinda like one of those big pictures made up from loads of little ones - when you look at it as a whole, it looks great. My only real criticism is that the Jedi Academy logo is slightly hard to see over the background, but aside from that, it's an awesome shot. I especially like the blue tint around the face which brings out the expressions - very nice. No new sounds however - possibly a downside, depending whether you like JA's custom sounds or not. Personally, I always like to hear new sounds even if they aren't too good, but I guess you can't always have everything. Anyway.. yeah, download it and have a look - it's certainyl an improvement to the default menu graphics! :) ~Szico VII~




Jango Fett Startup Screen | 445.53 KB

short period of time, I just don\'t think I could fully appreciate a good startup screen, y\'know? But if you\'re a die-hard fan of Star Wars and you like to change your startup screen from time to time, you might want to check this one out. Correct me if I\'m wrong, because I just woke up and I\'m writing this review on no caffiene, but I believe that is Jango Fett and the clone army. I recognize the picture from The startup screen looks great. The buttons are sleek and understated. Good work! :D ~AmosMagee




Yoda Start-up Screen | 509.62 KB

start-up screen mods to be honest, I just have shortcuts directly to jamp and jasp but for those of you who like to use the start-up screen and want Yoda, here it is! -WadeV1589-




Yoda Startup Screen | 460 KB

short period of time, I just don\'t think I could fully appreciate a good startup screen, y\'know? But if you\'re a die-hard fan of Star Wars and you like to change your startup screen from time to time, you might want to check this one out. (Yes, this is from the other review, because ... well ... why say the same thing in a different way? And I\'m feeling a tad lazy right now.) This is a great example of a good startup screen. A nice close up shot of Yoda and that saber. The whole thing looks very balanced, nothing is crowding the picture or the buttons. Speaking of the buttons, they\'re very clean and I love the blue with the green. Good job! :D ~AmosMagee




Green Start-Up Screen | 359.21 KB

just plain suck. Maybe that\'s because most people just take an image they like, throw it into a zip file, slap a readme in there and that\'s that. However, some people take their start up screens seriously. I know if I were to ever make one, I would want to change everything on the screen to make it completely mine. This start up screen here is quite simple, but it does work well. It could be better - the quote should probably be moved up just a tad so the buttons wouldn\'t seem so crowded, it would balance out a little better then. :) Anyway, good job. ~AmosMagee




Jedi Startup Screen | 206.01 KB

the attack. Above them an image of Darth Maul hovers, watching over the Jedi as if he’s ready to pounce. There’s not much more to say about this screen. In its simplicity it’s nicely done, but I have seen better. If you wish to get away from the standard screen this might be the one to grab you. Enjoy. - Daku




Darth Vader Start-up | 391.52 KB

Also, the theme doesn\'t match the main screen(s) in-game. Maybe in another version change the HUD, and title screens? -Red




Alien Startup Screen | 425.17 KB

it\'s also difficult to say whether it\'s good or not because it\'s really all subjective. Personally, I loved the Aliens movies. Okay, just the first and second. So, I like the image used here. The changes to the buttons seem interesting, and the sounds used are great. (Mini-disclaimer: There is use of profanity in one of the sounds.) Anyway, whether you like the startup screen or not, this author did a great job because not only is there a new image, but some of the buttons images were changed and new sounds were added. Yay for that! ~AmosMagee




Darth Vader Start-Up Screen | 313.19 KB

Vader holding up his lightsaber. The buttons are not changed, but they happen to blend well with the new background, anyways. When you launch the game, Vader asks you, “What is thy bidding, my master?” Launch a single or multi player game, and he will say “Yes, my master.” Should you decide to quit (how dare you!), Vader will say “I find your lack of faith disturbing.” This is just a neat little mod for people who are fans of good ol’ Vader. While I still don’t see much point in little mods like this, it is executed well. My thing is, is that you only see these start-up screens for what, 5, 10 seconds tops? Well, again, if you are a Vader freak, then this is certainly for you. ~Lord Griever~




Darth Vader Startup Screen | 727.43 KB

neat saber buttons. I like this one. -WadeV1589-




Legend of Zelda Startup Screen | 1.27 MB

haven\'t played em, so sue me!) I can only take a guess when I say that the sounds in this startup screen are from the games. The image in the background is nice, but it unfortunately makes some of the buttons a bit hard to see. And the music that plays when you open it... It hurts my ears. Too high pitched for me. :p Anyway, get it if you are a fan of the games and like new startup screens.




Hoth Startup Screen | 712.76 KB

also contains new sounds, and buttons. Wow, its been so long since I reviewed a start-up screen that’s not just a new background… I had forgotten what its like. Anyways, I really like this Screen, as it brings back the memories of the good old Lucasarts games with its blaster “watt watt” sound for buttons, and grayish look, it truly reminds me of good old games, like X-Wing, Tie-Fight, and Day Of The Tentacle. Ahh the good ol days. Anyways, my only complaint with this Startup is that the “watt” sound is a little too lond so it gets annoying, and it doesn’t seem to match up with the buttons. Also I personally think the text looks a little grainy. Still this is a very nice piece of work, I recommend it for anyone who’s looking for some change. Good job. 8.5/10 ~DeathBringer New Sounds: Yes New Buttons: Yes




Main Menu Title Video (Darth Sidious) | 20.12 MB

download an additional mod to be able to see the video properly. He has also included the video as a non-overwriting video (it will not overwrite ja01.roq, so you won\'t be seeing Palpatine in the first SP cutscene). Yay for prodding! This video seems to be a compilation of shots of Senator Palpatine surrounding the events that exposed him as a Sith. I found it a little strange how the clips kept jumping back and forth, and I also question the necessity of having such a long sequence as a menu video. Most people aren\'t going to sit there and watch it, and if they do their clan mates are going to wonder why they were 10 minutes late to practice! As per the usual this video stretches quite badly because it is not at the proper resolution, which is a shame and really takes away from it in my opinion. But I\'m sure Palpatine/Sidious fans will rather enjoy it, so give it a download if you\'re one of those types. I, personally, thought he was nothing more than an insane old coot ;). ~Inyri




The Force Unleashed startup | 417.78 KB

There's also a custom loading screen for unknown maps in SP or MP, which is the same thing as the startup screen, but bigger. Honestly, I don't see the point in these kinds of mods. You don't see either screen enough for it to be worth changing, really. But, I suppose others out there might disagree. If you're one of those who disagree, give this file a download!




Halo 3 Startup Screen | 2.22 MB

a black background, with, as I stated before, a Halo 3 logo on it, though it looks pixelated. The buttons are easier to read than the ones on the SG startup screen were, but some areas still sorta blend in. It comes with new sounds, but they are so quiet for me that I hardly even noticed they were there at all. Anyway, it\'s a simple screen, which I guess achieves it\'s purpose of bringing \'a little touch Halo to JKA\', if by that you mean throwing the logo on the startup screen. Give it a download if you want...




Splash Skin | 1.16 MB

one is much more jedi-ish. Good work Kenoi! -Sared




Female Zabrak Startup | 584.76 KB

amazingly simple files I have ever seen. Unfortunately, it has no new buttons or sounds, but it doesn’t really matter. The image itself is enough to create a very cool experience for the few seconds it will be seen. The picture is very serene: a female zabrak, beautiful and calm, stands with arm stretched, as if waiting for her trust lightsaber to return. All around her are stars and clouds. It is easy to tell that, though it is simple in design, some skill was necessary to make it look as good as it does. I honestly think this could only be bested by adding more to it, in the form of new buttons or sounds. While players, if they see it at all, only see the start-up screen for a few seconds, it’s always nice to have that little bit of extra oomph thrown in. All in all, though, this is a very splendid job. Good work. - Daku




Episode III Launcher | 1.02 MB

matter), but looking at a screenshot of it is no different. The interface itself seems to be one of the space battles in Episode 3. It looks somewhat stretched, which is kind of a turn off to me. The UI sounds are nothing out of the ordinary - I\'ve heard them all before, so I\'m guessing they\'re recycled from JA and/or several other games. However if you\'re looking to spice up your launcher, this may be a good choice for you if you\'re an Ep3 fan, which I know lots of you are. However be aware that once you overwrite your default launcher, you will have to obtain the original files from your JA CD to overwrite this new one if you decide you want to go back to the original launcher. ~Inyri




Sith Lords Start-Up Screen | 1.51 MB

Spicing it up, or choosing a more action-packed image really would've made this better, in my opinion. The buttons look okay, though they are really just recolored from the original launcher. There are a couple of new things that make it really neat, however. The sounds are pretty good, and match the launcher very well. I'll let you guys figure out what they are, though ;). The button text has also been changed, as you'll notice from the screenshots. This is a neat idea, though if you haven't been paying good attention to your launcher you may forget which button does what. Altogether a cool concept, with a little more effort than a normal launcher, but lacking a bit of pizzazz. However if this author makes another launcher, I expect it will be rather good, and I'm sure even with the somewhat dull image here there are plenty who will like it. ~Inyri




JK3 Launcher Skin | 843.64 KB

drums with them I would go over them and go like boom bop boom bop boom bop it was fun! I am currently listening to the Barber of Seville strange and one thing that reminds me of this song is the background it looks like a futuristic background yet looks a bit old. I like the metal framing around the Star Wars part it looked very interesting. I really enjoy looking at those buttons it just looks a lot more like Star Wars, especially with the space type of feel. Overall there is new sounds that go very good and you can make music! Then there is the fact that there are new buttons and there is a very good looking metal frame around the Star Wars text I really like this. I think this one might stay with me and I know that Start-Up Screens are not necessary because truly you only look at it for about 2.3 seconds. I just think Matias did a very good job for a first start-up screen mainly because he included all key elements to it so very nice job Matias and keep working! -XgamerX New Sounds: Yes New Buttons: Yes




Anakin Startup Screen | 426.27 KB

installation. The default startup screen is too smooth and friendly—it leaves much to be desired. This startup screen also leaves a lot to be desired, far more than even the original. The background image for the startup screen actually does not depict Anakin Skywalker as the title of the mod thinks; in \"Star Wars: Episode III—Revenge of the Sith,\" Anakin Skywalker ceases to exist when he turns to the Dark Side, which is somewhere around the time when he dramatically storms into the great, peaceful, and just Jedi Temple ziggurat, and just after I had a heart attack because Mace Windu died and the movie is moving into the \"masterpiece\" section—Act II. The background image is Darth Vader, when he melodramatically says \"You underestimate my power,\" and gives Obi-Wan Kenobi the cold look for which [i]Star Wars[/i] fans have been waiting for twenty-eight years. However, the image itself is of poor quality, and of the wrong proportion. This is an obvious failure that could have been fixed by just... doing it better. The menu buttons haven\'t been changed in appearance, which is another problem, because with new startup screens we expect new stuff. However, new stuff did come, sounds, whose most notable change is the sound you hear when the menu itself pops up on the screen. It is a strong, booming lightsaber ignition sound distinctly different from the last, and certainly more violent to fit the image. This is one success, but alas, this success comes too little too early. —Ra-Kom




Coloured Startup Screens | 1.77 MB

back up your Install folder before using any of these because it will overwrite your original startup screen. :) ~AmosMagee




Sketchy Art Pack | 2.56 MB

on each of them, they go very well with the base game and don't look like they've come from some mod. I personally think they're a wonderful change of pace, and the illustration is also very good. Definitely check them for yourself though if you're bored of the current loading screens. ~Inyri




Inuyasha Startup Screen | 604.63 KB

of the startup screen. Here you\'ll find a splash page and other images from Inuyasha. ~AmosMagee




Yavin 4 Jedi Academy Startup Screen | 563.5 KB

surprised no one\'s figured out a way to make a bunch of different startup screens and then have them show up randomly when you like, startup JA. Maybe it\'s not possible, I dunno. Just a thought. ~AmosMagee




Battlefront II Autoplay Modification | 1.89 MB

that works, sounds great, but doesn't distract you from Jedi Academy. Battlefront II sounds like a wonderful game—I wish I had the hardware for it—and the accompanying artwork seems to capture that immediate "let's go fight!" feeling of [i]Star Wars[/i] battles. The change from the last version is very small, but the result is very big. The last version used a large sound clip fo the whole [i]Star Wars[/i] theme, an extremely unnecessary sound. This one fixes that, choosing just the right sound, and now resulting in a much smaller file. It works, and you should download it if you like Battlefront II. The only changes I would make are the menu options, whose text is a bit hard to read (even though everyone already knows what they say). Nonetheless, great job! —Ra-Kom




Fett Startup Screen Pack | 986.95 KB

mapper. For fans of the Fetts, here are two startup screens with a lot changed in them. It\'s not just the picture, but there are new sounds and buttons, though the author maintained the same look and feel of the original startup screen. ~AmosMagee




Alternate Title Menu Video | 5.2 MB

years. What MagSul\'s mod does is replace the old video that appears in the center of the main menu for both singleplayer and multiplayer, with a brand spanking new one featuring Kel Dor Jaden battling a Rodian Jaden (paradox anyone?) using the animations from the Jaden Vs Alora final battle on Taspir III. Not only that but it removes the pesky grid over the video so now you can see it better too. Personally I think that fight sequence at the end of the Taspir level is one of the best looking and best animated in Jedi Academy, and its great to see a little snippet of it displayed on the main menu. The only complaint I have is that the video is quite pixellated, however I don’t know what kind of limitations there were on video size and quality, so it may be that this is the best that can be used in the main menu area. Nevertheless, this is a very cool little mod, be sure to give it a download if you like the look of it! :D ~Nozyspy~




Battlefront II Autoplay Modification | 14.12 MB

thing, because Battlefront's theme fits very well into Jedi Academy, so it's not like having a completely unrelated launcher making you yearn for something you can't have. Well, maybe the clone troopers will make you yearn for Battlefront 2, but I suppose this might be a fun thing to look at every once in a while until you can manage to get your hands on a copy. One thing I wonder about the people who make these launchers is where they get their taste in music. I mean, it's not [i]bad[/i], but why you'd use a 14mb clip for one of the launcher sounds is beyond me. Do we [i]need[/i] to hear the entire Star Wars opening theme? Probably not, and either cutting it down or using something more appropriate would drastically cut the file size down to something a bit more reasonable. As it is right now, it's quite a large zip for quite a small little thing as a launcher. ~Inyri




Rift Start-up Screen | 865.23 KB

should stop. Only what I just realized is this is a random comment… oh well. Rift Start up screen is what I believe to be the first start-up screen that I really like, that I’ve seen fer JKA. This start-up replaces the normal screen with a background of the passageway to the rift chamber from the game. On both sides of the image are giant statues with crystals in their hands (in case you can’t see the screenshot or something…) Although a startup like this one doesn’t really have much work put into (it would seem… correct me if it took you 8 hours to crop the screenshot or something) I like it. Also, I don’t think new buttons would have been good here, as Startana made the normal JKA ones fit in very well. I think the only thing Startana could have added were some new sounds, perhaps those from the Rift area of the game. Anyways, good job, I really like this start-up and plan to keep using it till I find something better ;) keep it up. ~DeathBringer




Hellsing Startup Screen | 4.84 MB

Hellsing theme. Enjoy! ~AmosMagee




Stargate Startup Screen | 720.19 KB

background. Those two things combined make the buttons hard to read, which is quite annoying if you don\'t know what they are in the first place. There are new sounds for the screen as well. They are quite long, though, and make me wonder why something like that would even be needed... Anyway, give this a download if you want to...




JediSith Startup | 1.11 MB

duelists, which look rather nice on their own, but when it's on the startup screen, it gets covered up by the menu, and all you really see is the walls and floor of the arena the jedi and sith are fighting in! (Which isn't that exiting) Jango has included a male and female version of the startup screen, but it really doesnt make a difference. He hasn't spruced up the backgrounds, or made them significantly different, perhaps using photoshop, or even paint. The only difference between them is that one has a girl jedi, and one a boy. I also dislike the noises that come with it, the 'back.mp3' sound is very loud and grating. The 'open.wav' sound is basically the ignition of a lightsaber, and although its not custom, it fits better than the other sounds. A bit of a disapointment. ~Szico VII~




Twi-lek & Zabrak Startup Screen | 335.11 KB

same, there are no new sounds ... all that is different is the picture at top. Which now features a Twi\'lek and a Zabrak. ~AmosMagee




Battlefront 2 Startup Menu

bf2start.rar | 483.28 KB

it’s accurately brought to JA, it’s a definite download. (>ZemmurkTrooper




The Green JKA Startup Screen | 538.17 KB

actual screen isn't to my liking - The saber is too far to the left and the whole thing doesn't seem centered enough. Green isn't really my colour either, I much prefer blue (Think JKO startup) ~Szico VII~




Yoda Start-Up Screen | 3.15 MB

(you don\'t actually get to see him) The sounds are... strange. I would prefer a short sound, not a 15-seconds long sequence. At least they don\'t overlap when you point on an another button. The text is nice, but I think that it would be alot nicer to see some Yoda-styled lines. Instead of \"Call in Commander Thire\", it should be \"Comamnder Thire in we will call\" and so on. That would be nice :) The background and the buttons were done well, save the 2 buttons in the upper right corner, I just don\'t like them. They clash. An interesting change overall, but try doing something about the sounds, those 2 buttons and text. Arthenik




Clonestartup | 604.42 KB

are no clones in Jedi Academy. Would most people care? I doubt it, because it's a cool picture. So what if there are no clones? The only thing that bothers me about the image is that the Episode III text at the bottom makes the buttons hard to read... but heck, you all have been playing JA a while now. I'm sure you know what they say! I find the music choice somewhat strange... though somewhat fitting, as well. It's a dramatic type of music, which fits the dramatic nature of the image, but it's very non-Star Warsy. Whether you like it or not will come down to personal preference, nothing more. Some new click/hover sounds, though, would've really helped customize this a little bit more. ~Inyri




Green Start-up for JA Demo | 279.63 KB

Outcast. Nothing big, nothing fancy, just a color change. The author says it will work in Jedi Outcast as well, but he recommends using it for the demo alone. I would have to agree with him. If you’re looking for something a little different in your game, be it Jedi Academy, Jedi Outcast or the demo, give this a DL, a little variety never hurt anyone. I hope to see more from the author in the future. - Daku




Coruscant Start-Up Screen | 515.28 KB

those buttons showed up so darn! There were no new sounds either, which stinks :(. The picture that he uses looks really cool so I guess that makes up for not having new buttons. There isn\'t too much about a Start-Up screen because truly you don\'t look at the start-up screen for that long it\'s only about 2 seconds so really a start-up screen is useless for some. Overall there is not much to this start-up screen other than a new picture, which doesn’t look half bad. There are no new sounds or buttons as I stated before so it’s a bit plain in that sense. I like the fact that the picture is good for a Coruscant themed picture. Something strange is if you look carefully at the picture on the top there is stars, but the rest of the sky is plain is it an error? Or is it just I thinking things? Who knows other than the author? Good job and next time please try to make new buttons or sounds. -XgamerX New Sounds: No New Buttons: No




Dark Forces II startupscreen (final) | 639.51 KB

me... [quote]Much unlike the previous version, we now get a mockup of the DF2 title screen added over a scenic background of the Valley Of The Jedi. However, that\'s all we get. The title bar has not been changed, nor have the buttons, which makes reading the text difficult. Download if it takes your fancy, but personally, I\'ll stick. ~Kouen[/quote] Now that we\'ve brought ourselves up to speed, I am to tell you what has changed. Well, the effect one sees upon pressing a button has been made more vibrant and the effect one sees upon bringing one of the many menu options under one\'s focused gaze has been altered to... well, some highlights around the corners. The text is still a bit difficult to read, though. And that, lads and lasses, is all. - Jose




The Sith Lords Startup Screen | 13.93 MB

very fitting to the image of the launcher, is what takes up most of the space in this file. Over 14 megabytes for a clip that's just under a minute and a half in length... how does that work? Decreasing the size of that clip would work wonders. If you're into Knights of the Old Republic, or are just looking to spice up your launcher, give it a download. However keep in mind that this overwrites your old launcher, so to get the original back you will have to recopy it from your Jedi Academy game disc. ~Inyri




Customized Menu for Everyone | 808.99 KB

theme, I\'d say that it\'s celestial. Stars make up a pretty large portion of the launcher, visually, which are framed by two sets of red and blue flame-looking things. The words \"Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy -- Let the Adventure Begin...\" sit just above the buttons, which have a kind of cool wavy line overlay when you mouse over them. No new sounds though, which is kind of disappointing because I think with a little net surfing some cool and fitting sounds could have been obtained to really add that extra special something to this launcher. Otherwise it\'s neat, though. I\'d do a little more with the text though, personally. ~Inyri




Stormtrooper Startup Screen | 360.59 KB

some Stormtrooper sounds. It\'s a bit of a dark startup screen, but it looks good. It would\'ve been nice to have seen the buttons changed because I just really have a hard time with bright red and blue together like that. In my opinion, they really clash. Aside from that, good job. :) ~AmosMagee




{DmS} Start-Up Screen | 846.2 KB

middle of a spin. It is a very plain start-up screen nothing very special especially for it being a clan start-up screen. There is no clan logo, which is nice for the people are not in {DmS}. I personally didn't think much of this start-up screen when I saw it, because he didn't change anything except the background and the border line of the buttons, which isn't a big achievement. * Well here we are at the end of the review take the blue pill and the review will stop here, take the red pill and the review will go on. * Okay, so the start-up screen isn’t all that amazing. It is nice that he made one for the people who like start-up screens and for his clan. One thing about start-up screens are you probably barely even look at them you just open click and done. I think if he wanted to make this start-up screen better he should have used new sounds, instead of just changing the background. If you want a start-up screen that’s awesome then I won’t recommend this one because all he did was make a picture that’s very plain into a start-up screen. {DmS}ReaperVeNoM better luck next time, try putting new things into the start-up screen. -XgamerX New Sounds: No New Buttons: No




Cool Star Wars Splash Screens | 3.21 MB

like 2 of the 3 new images presented here. The third one is ok, but could be vastly improved. The splash screen was replaced with... a poster showing... the entire saga, from Ep. I to VI? Well, okay, maybe just imagery from the original trilogy on one side and the prequels on the other, but it still looks very good. Definitely a keeper. The loading screens are now a fan-made render of a space-skirmish between tie-fighters and x-wings. This one looks good, though there is slight room for improvement. The main menu background has been replaced with a screenshot of one of the space skyboxes from in-game. While it looks okay, I feel a much better job could have been done here. For one thing, the crosshair is still there, though with the center grid thingy, it makes a nice map-marker. My advice: Either make a pulsing glow shader for that crosshair (and color it to stand out), or remove it. The other area of improvement would be the menu itself. Again, only the background was changed, with no transparency. As is, there's a stark contrast between the background and the button frames, and while it looks strange, it almost works. So, in a nutshell? Keep the splash and maybe the loading screens, but not the background. ~Crazy




Dark Forces II-style Launcher | 1.73 MB

distracting. The only thing I find myself really liking about it are the sounds, though in my opinion click should be start, and hover should be click, as that\'s the way it was in the original Dark Forces II launcher. Remember, as with all launchers, you should [b]back up your install folder[/b] before installing the launcher. ~Inyri




JA Startup Screen - Ships | 1.26 MB

into the sunset or something. It\'s kind of a cool pic. The buttons have been changed. And sounds have been added. Not a bad looking startup screen. ~AmosMagee




New Menu Pictures

new_menu_pictures.rar | 2.62 MB

images. -------- Hmm..... Of the three images that are changed (main menu background, no-levelshot-MP, and startup splash), one looks okay, one looks nice, and one needs serious work. No-Levelshot (MP): Simple black, with 2 unignited lightsaber hilts crossed. This one looks good. I have no qualms with it, so moving on. Startup Splash: It\'s the default splash, but with the blue background replaced by an image of Darth Vader\'s head. While the default lettering has been blended well here, this image would work better with completely new lettering instead. Main Menu Background: I couldn\'t stare at this one for long, to be honest... While the image is okay and straightforward (Being the poster for Ep. II), the author did not take the other elements of the main menu into account. The result is, most of the characters in the poster are covered up, and the buttons/button frames clash horribly with their surroundings. Also, the background image doesn\'t have any transparency, so the center video and scrolling text to the sides are covered up. I can\'t say anything else without descending into, um... \"bull\" land, so I\'ll stop here. ...On second thought: Here. ~Crazy




Clone Wars Startup Screen | 1.35 MB

new sounds. But he didn't. Not even annoying sounds that only go click, or ones that scream out ''boom headshot''. None of that. So all you're left with is a new image to drool over as you click a button. So anyways, if you really want a new start up screen, then you might want to try this.[/quote] Is this any better? Well, I didn’t like the artwork or colour scheme of the original, and as this is practically the same, it follows that I'm not a fan of this version either. It's nice to see that the author took Data's suggestions under consideration though, and added sounds for this version. I don't think they work as menu noises - they're just various vocal samples from the films, but who am I to judge, anyone thinks differently. Oh wait, I'm a reviewer. Doh. So I guess you want my opinion. Yes, I can hear you people coughing under your breath. ;) Aside from the news sounds, the central buttons now have a solid background colour. You can read the menu buttons better, but it also blocks out the best part of the artwork behind, so there's really a double-bladed sword thing going on here. Better or worse? It’s hard to tell. ~Szico VII~




Metal Gear Solid startup screen | 215.28 KB

you can call yourself a fan. ~AmosMagee




Ky-SplashSkin V2 for pc/mac | 3.07 MB

the zip file. Im all for small mods like this which change things up just enough to keep things unique. I prefer the pics created here over the now old and tired ones included originally... I guess having played this game since day one, anything that can foster a new feel is good. The pics themselves are good ones as you can see below. Although this may have been technically simple to make, I have to say nice work for it was done well. ~LK~




Alternate Loading Screens | 1.04 MB

Jaden backed by the familiar Jedi Knight logo. Secondly we have a new loading screen for when loading a map which does not have its own levelshot. The default one is the one with the two Jedi Sparring against a starry backdrop, now we have a head shot of a Rodian and Twi\'lek Jaden (paradox much? :P) wish sabers locked. All in all another nice little mod from MagSul to spruce up those well worn ingame screens and menus, keep up the good work MagSul! :) ~Nozyspy~




The Outcast Startup Screen | 378.11 KB

featuring the Jedi Outcast logo set on a dark background. Sounds and even a custom icon are included, to complete the Jedi Outcast feel. The only thing missing here is Jan! Give it a try if you're looking to reminisce. ~Inyri




Cover Art Startup Screen | 641.39 KB

every so often, and Skills has provided us with a new one based on the JKA disc cover, I think it\'s alright, but the text is hard to see because it blends too well with the background. I do indeed like it, but it could be better with a few things tweaked and changed, download if you like what you see. -Rink




Flipip's Mando Start Up | 1.17 MB

find it a little busy, and the buttons having the blue lines around them still makes it much harder to appreciate the background. While some of the sounds are different, many are not, and none feature the typical "clone" voice which some of us have come to love from the prequels. Even so, it's definitely one of the better launchers I've seen, and definitely good for all those who love the mandalorian bounty hunters. Give it a download and see for yourself! ~Inyri




Custom Launcher Mystic Flames | 5.5 MB

call a Lightsaber. If you look in the top right and left hand corners of the Start up screen, you can see Lightsaber blades. Also the sounds included are the ignition, hum, and deactivation of a Lightsaber. Graphical wise the colors seem to clash a little in places, though good effects are used. The author has also included a few other variations of the start up with different Lightsaber colors in the top corners. So basically, if your more of the Dark side then you can use the red version, or if your more of the Light Side then there\'s Blue, Green, Orange etc.. If you like Lightsabers, I would say this is for you! -|Jorka Sho\'Hen|-




Third\'s Splash Screen | 574.98 KB

looks like a Jedi Outcast splash image with the Jedi Academy text on top, which is not really colored to match. The blue and teal just kind of make me sad... It also would\'ve been a good opportunity to kill all those trademark logos. And don\'t forget you can always count on Third for an... interesting readme, so give it a good read if you\'re bored ;). ~Inyri




\"Crush them!\" Ep3 startup | 1.36 MB

just too hard to see. Action is good, but it\'s rough when you have to squint and stare to get to the \"Oh, so [i]that\'s[/i] what it is!\" point. The buttons don\'t seem to have been changed any, and I find the sounds somewhat questionable. There is a lightsaber effect as the hover sound, so I can only imagine how annoying that would get after a short while. But if you\'re an EPIII fan, check it out. The nice thing about launchers is you can always customize them to suit your own needs if you don\'t find them to be [i]quite[/i] perfect. ~Inyri




Saber Startup Screen | 310.43 KB

Anyways, this is a new screen, and it’s not bad. There isn’t much to say otherwise. The buttons aren’t anywhere new, and there are no new sounds. While this is fairly unfortunate, it doesn’t really matter to me too much. I myself launch my game from Jamp. Still, not everyone does, and so this might be a nice change of pace. ~Wassup1444465




Metal Gear JKA Theme | 5.71 MB

is. Note to the author: the moving stars effect in the console is created by a shader, that's why it didn't change when you replaced the texture. ~Dretzel




Sith Startup | 352.87 KB

author, Horus98, has no idea who this Sith Lord is. I do not, either, but I can guess that he worked as an air traffic controller at one of the many Sith starports around the known SW galaxy. Those things in his hands are definitely not lightsabers, as far as I\'m concerned, but more like traffic batons. In case you\'re wondering: Yes, I believe this was probably a poor choice of picture. There\'s way too much white space, along with that odd error I mentioned. Sounds are default Raven lightsaber noises. Not very original or innovative, I have to say. I will say, however, that it was a nice effort on his part, and so long as at least one other person enjoys it, then his mission is complete =_=. *thrusts finger to the sky* The heavens demand that you pass judgment, and bandwidth, upon this file. Why is Averus pointing to the heavens, you might wonder? Not everything in the sky is beneficial and nice =_,= - Averus Retruthan




Ship and Planet Start-up Screen | 867.91 KB

that. So what is it? Well, the best way to tell would be to look at the screenshot. Almost everything fits the menu. The only thing that I did not completely like about it was that the text on the buttons were a bit hard to read, especially the \'Help\' button when highlighted. There are new sounds to the menu as well as a new background image. The hover sound is a computer kind of sound effect, but it seems a tiny bit too long, to be honest. The click sound is an explosion, which I thought did not fit in all that well, but it\'s better than nothing. The back sound is a sort of buzzing sound that I can\'t quite place... Not the best sound, but it could have been worse. Overall, I think this is a good startup screen. I\'d suggest a download to anyone looking for a new startup screen.




Startups Reborn | 6.27 MB

to choose from! Each of them features a different piece of art, of course, some working better than others. It is only the background of the startup screen that is changed, so no new sounds. Really, there's not much more to say about it. Check it out if you like what you hear, ignore it if you don't bother messing with startup screens.




Tusken Startups | 1.69 MB

for each option has also been changed. Three problems plague both of them. First, the buttons. They\'re very difficult to see.Secondly, The text is quite hard to read on both. The sounds are third - they\'re just plain annoying. Just a little note to the author, last time I checked, launchers didn\'t need to be put in pk3 files. Mere zips would have done, or even just plain folders inside the zip attached to the email. Neither of them are bad launchers, not by any means, but it\'s a bit of a \"seen it all before\" kind of thing - there\'s only so much you can do with launchers. Still, if they\'re your cup of tea, give them a download. Just remember to backup your install folder before overwriting any files. ~ Kouen




Jaden Startup Screen | 371.67 KB

image in the background. My second and third thoughts were something along the lines of \"Wow, you can only see the Single Player button\" and \"How does the author expect us to close this if there is no button to do so?\" So once you have this open, you either have to launch JASP, or (If you use windows) go to the task manager and end the process from there. If you want an incomplete startup screen, give this a download.




Dark Forces II launcher | 534.34 KB

planet, a bryar pistol in the middle and two lightsabers with badly drawn blades, one on each side. What more can I say? Some might like it, but I personally will pass on custom startup screens... Give it a download if you want it. [/quote]Much unlike the previous version, we now get a mockup of the DF2 title screen added over a scenic background of the Valley Of The Jedi. However, that's all we get. The title bar has not been changed, nor have the buttons, which makes reading the text difficult. Download if it takes your fancy, but personally, I'll stick. ~Kouen




Tron Legacy Theme | 3.53 MB

is out I still haven’t got it. I am afraid I do procrastinate sometimes! Anyway, this little mod changes the main start-up and map loading screens and gives the main menu a makeover, with a new animation in the center area which features a rotating wire frame character, which looks suitably Tron-y. Overall I think this is a cool little mod, especially if you are a fan of Tron Legacy. I do feel there are a few areas which can be improved upon though. My main gripe is that the images, especially on the main start-up screen are rather low resolution and show a lot of compression artifacts; those little blocky squares you often find on .jpgs which have been compressed to make the file size smaller at the cost of image quality. Other that that, I think it would be cool to replace the main menu music with something from the Tron Legacy soundtrack. Anyways, keep up the good work Zicmak, I hope to see more mods from you soon! :) ~Nozyspy~




Kel Dor Startup Screen | 1.27 MB

looks like it\'s supposed to be doors. And I love the sky behind him. Sure, there are a few things that could be cleaned up with the graphics, but I still like it. Would I use it? Nah. I don\'t use startup screens at all. But if you do, this might be worth a download for you. :) ~AmosMagee




Maul Startup | 459.51 KB

white line around it, and in my opinion, it doesnt work with the background, especially with no body. However, this does make the options easy to read, and the lettering is very nice, but could've looked a lot better if some kind of effect had been added to it. So overall a decent startup screen, but It just doesn't cut it for my tastes. ~Szico VII~




Rancor Battle Startup Screen | 406.05 KB

rancor. And I think that the image picture only covered up half the startup screen, because he just cut the JA title out and plastered it on the top. The only problem is that it didn\'t go all the way to the top, so you can still see the top of the Kel-Dor\'s head and the tip of the lightsaber. I find this startup screen to be put together rather sloppily. Add in that there are no new extras (sound, new buttons, etc) I don\'t think this is worth the download. ~IfritZero~




Regin of the Sith Lords Launcher | 420.67 KB

anything that could have been done wrong was. The first thing is that there's a big white trapezoid thing on the bottom with what I'm guessing to be a clan logo. The way it's postioned makes it impossible to see some of the buttons. Then the image of Obi-wan and Anakin is horribly pixelated and the overused one of them over a red background. In fact, it looks like the author shrunk it down to half the normal size, made it fit the launcher, then squashed it to only cover half the screen. It just looks atrocious. The author also left in the past background so you'll see the torso of the Kel Dor with his head covered up by a pixelated screen of Anakin and Obi-wan. In fact, even the previous launcher image is pixelated. I have no idea what he did to this, but the whole thing is ridiculously pixelated. Then there's a few new sounds here. The new sound that plays when the launcher opens sounds just like sonar. This seems odd to me as I didn't realize Anakin and Obi-wan rode in submarines in Episode III. I guess I learn new things everyday. Then he put in a ten second sound clip of Darth Vader before you start the game which is unskippable. This causes a serious problem, namely, who wants to wait 10 seconds to play the game just to listen to Vader? Personally, I have no real idea on why this was released. There's way too many problems and I can't imagine someone would actually view this launcher as a work of art. This is also one of the few times where the extras actually take away from the mod because of the included sounds. Please, next time look at your mod and critically think on whether or not it really deserves to be seen by the public, because this really shouldn't have. ~IfritZero~




Realism Project Startup Screen | 1.23 MB

layout it feels complete, not much to say on this one, if you like changing your start up screen every so often then take a look at this. -Rink [Note that you extract the contents of the .zip file to your install folder, it\'s recommended you make a back up of everything in that folder before you use this]




Space Loading Screens | 2.13 MB

Several hours later, he comes to at his computer and resumes typing this review.* This map will replace your splash screen (The screen that comes up at very start of the game and says 'JEDI KNIGHT JEDI ACADEMY' and contains all the copywrite jargon.), as well as your good ol' unknown map loading screens. The splash screen looks good, though unfortunately to a VERY HIGHLY TRAINED professional like me, I have some qualms. - The planet looks kind of flat. - The stars and general space are black and white. Add some color to the vastness of space! - You never asked me to help you, even though I showed you my past work with space scenes. FOR SHAME, CRAZY, for shame. - The Font that says 'Jedi Academy' is too funky for me. MOVING ON, we have the loading screens. Much of the same qualms apply. - Black and white space Blegh. So bland. - Funky font. Well, that wraps this review up. Tune in next time for another exciting episode in the adventures of Reviewer-Man! ~Laam'inui




Space Startup | 764.37 KB

and get onto the review! The background image has been changed to a space setting, with an x-wing and tie-fighter in the background. Oh yeah, the JK symbol is also in the lower corner, though completely green for some reason. There are some new sounds for it also, all of which I think fit the space theme well, except for the click sound, which is just a high pitched sound similar to the hover sound in the original startup screen. Overall, it's simple, it doesn't block the buttons, and it has a good working theme. Give it a download if you want a new startup screen.




Revolution Start Up Screen | 427.99 KB

\'\'Revolutions\'\' mod. Anyways, I rather like the abstractness of this start up screen, The sounds aren\'t bad, but they seem kind of...abrupt. Don\'t ask me how to explain that. But, the sounds, background, and the new buttons all combine to make this an interesting start up screen. So if you like it, download it! ~Zach




Clone Wars Start Up Screen | 554.06 KB

sounds. But he didn't. Not even annoying sounds that only go click, or ones that scream out ''boom headshot''. None of that. So all you're left with is a new image to drool over as you click a button. So anyways, if you really want a new start up screen, then you might want to try this. ~Zach




Dark Forces II custom launcher.v1 | 382.93 KB

planet, a bryar pistol in the middle and two lightsabers with badly drawn blades, one on each side. What more can I say? Some might like it, but I personally will pass on custom startup screens... Give it a download if you want it.




Keldor Startup Screen | 968.6 KB

an image of a Kel'dor, and this one doesn't even have custom sounds or anything like that. However if you're looking for a [i]slight[/i] change rather than something drastic, give it a look. ~Inyri




New Startup Screens | 1.23 MB

your boat... I have to admit, though, that it\'s nice seeing an original and nice startup screen. Sadly, this one seems a bit bland. The images are prehaps too well known, and they don\'t seem \"cool\" anymore. This is really a matter of opinion, you can find this mod nice and download it and you might not. I\'m sorry to say that I\'m in the latter group. Arthenik




SiLink's Startup Screen | 273.99 KB

done. My only gripe is the fact that JKA isn't officially installed on my laptop, so there's no install folder for me to use. But hey! I can still play the game, so I don't really mind. ~Crazy




Russian Start-Up Screen | 432.08 KB

Russian Start-Up Screen, so come on out Takoi! *Claps* XgamerX: Welcome to the show Takoi. Takoi: Thank you, It\'s a pleasure to be here. XgamerX: Right... so I hear that you have made a new type of Start-Up Screen and unlike others its in Russian. Takoi: Yes, that is correct, but of course I did not put in new sounds that could talk in Russian saying Multiplayer or Single Player. XgamerX: I see, I noticed that you didn\'t change the buttons sadly. Takoi: Yes, I had to go eat my Russian Tea and Caviar, which was very good. XgamerX: Right... So moving on, I see that the Start-Up screen is quite plain because all it happens to be is a Start-Up screen in Russian and a different picture. Takoi: That is correct XgamerX, I thought that maybe the people who speak Russian or those who like to talk in their secret language could use this. XgamerX: Personally I like the person, may I ask who that is? Takoi: Yes that’s a picture of my dear grandpa Joe when he was young, he doesn’t look like that anymore after he ate that duck for Thanksgiving. XgamerX: Thank you for sharing that strange information, well we have to go to our break, but when we get back we will talk about the overall rating of this Start-Up Screen. Commercial: Have you ever been scared of ShroomDucks? Well if you have then you should get the Shroom-A-Nizer! Only 2,000 payments of 2.00! What a deal! This is a one-time offer and if you call in the next ten minutes you will get an extra can of Shroom-A-Nizer! Call 1-800-I-Love-Ducks to receive your Shroom-A-Nizer! XgamerX: And we are back for the final reviewing of this Russian Start-Up screen. It seems that the start-up screen itself is kind of plain in general mainly because it has no new sounds or buttons. That’s ok because Takoi supplies you with a nice picture of what it appears to be a good ol\' Jedi :D. Overall it\'s good if you are Russian and playing JKA although it doesn\'t change the buttons at all so if Multiplayer, Single Player, Options, Help, and Exit are the same in Russian then lucky you, if not then darn it\'s kind of a waste. Now seeing as I don\'t know Russian I can\'t tell you what it says unfortunately, but if you can speak it please enlighten us :). This is probably one of those start-up screens that isn\'t for everyone only Russians really although anyone can use it. Well it was nice for you to come Takoi good work on your start-up screen. Takoi: Thank you now give me my money! *Gets out of chair and walks backstage to eat more donuts* -XgamerX New Button: No New Sounds: No




Jedi Startup screen | 295.61 KB

go, very simple design, one of the jedi holding his staff sabers which each button being over the top of what appears to be a saber edge. -Wadev1589-




Twisted Souls Community Start Up Screen | 291.02 KB

and stuff I get, but a clan launcher...? As a launcher it\'s kind of bland, mainly featuring text which is written in a font that I personally think is a little hard to read. The only images on the launcher are a couple of sabers placed right beneath the buttons, which make [i]them[/i] hard to read. The \'visit\' link has been changed to direct to the clan\'s website. I guess the idea behind that was that they could advertise their clan, but I think that someone not in their clan would have to download it first and I don\'t know that I really see that happening. :p ~Inyri




TLT Startup | 1.09 MB

screen consists of a nice planetary view, with some pretty transparent crimson around the buttons. Since it's a startup screen, and it does what it's meant to, it's not really a case of anything being right or wrong with it, but there are a few things I would have changed if I were doing it. - For the logo, I would have used a font with some kind of blending options on it. - I would have changed the highlighted buttons, too. - The minimize and close buttons do let the thing down a little. I would also have made new buttons for those. On the whole, it's simple, ad it does it's job. If you're one of the people who still uses the startup launcher, then here's another one you can add to your collection. [b]Just be sure to back up your original Install folder before installing this mod![/b] ~ Kouen




CÄ Start-Up Screen | 702.29 KB

way. You’re supposed to be under water for this. Now, this looks nice, except that it’s a clan startup screen. It’s not bad, but the picky people won’t like it. There are new sounds, however I found them…kind of long. There are sounds of running water, that might be better suited to the screen if they were actually splashes. Meh, the author should just fiddle around with it, and find what he likes best. But for the rest of you, here’s a different type of startup screen. Please note that the screenshot is only a picture of the background. Download the mod to check out the entire thing! ~Zach




Hanziness' Loading Screens | 1.1 MB

writing on a black screen, number two has a large blue lens flare in the center and number three is sort of cloudy or foggy. My personal favourite is the second one, since I think it fits best with the style of the JKA menu's and colour scheme. All have the title: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy and a disclaimer at the bottom followed by a link to the Dead Reefs Mod Network site. Needless to say you should only put [b]one[/b] of the included .pk3s in your base folder at a time, otherwise they wont work! Overall not bad work here, although I think it would be cool if there was a bit more to look at on these loading screens, as they are a little plain, and the font used for the writing isn't really very 'Star Wars-y'. I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future Hanziness! :) ~Nozyspy~




LCJA Startup | 82.93 KB

been drawn in mspaint - ugh.. unless that was the effect the author was going for. Either way, I don't like it :( I do enjoy the sound that comes with it. The 'old' Obi-Wan sounds good , but theres this distracting crackling sound in the background noise.. If this is your thing, get it. If not, leave it. ~Szico VII~




Tavion Startup Screen

tavion_screen.rar | 108.93 KB

direct you to the screenshot that\'s presented, as words here will simply be wasted =_=. BANDWIDTH AT YOUR DISCRETION. - Averus Retruthan




Sabers Startup Screen for JKA | 467.79 KB

deliver. The design is too large for the screen and you lose the title \"Start Wars\" ... it gets chopped off at the top. Also there are no new sounds and the buttons haven\'t been altered at all. I do like the combination of sabers, lightning and moon (planet?), but all together like that, with the logo on the side makes for a bit of a cramped design. It\'s just a tad too cluttered for my taste. ~AmosMagee




HPMod Official Startup Screen | 1.64 MB

done. :P So yeah, this is the launcher for a Harry Potter mod in development. I suspect the reason this is being submitted is to generate some hype. The overall quality is decent, but I'd do something about the fonts. Try using some quill-style fonts here and there. Not my kind of mod, but it might be for you, so let loose the download monkeys! ~Crazy




Rancor Startup Screen | 1.08 MB

lack creativity. Here\'s a startup screen that\'s just okay; it doesn\'t have much creativity, and it wasn\'t exactly executed perfectly either. The single-player button has been changed to \"Story Mode,\" but other than that the text looks mostly the same. The colors have been changed, and not necessarily for better. It\'s too white. Rancors demand darkness and disgust. This startup screen has none of these, except for the goofy rancor image itself. What would have been better would be to include all sorts of grotesque sounds for pressing the buttons, and then created that dark and dreary atmosphere for the menu along with putting that silly rancor in there. That would make a good rancor startup screen. This just doesn\'t live up to its name. —Ra-Kom Note: Due to database errors, I had to name the author \"frodo_bagi\"; his proper username is \"DaViD.\"




Swoop Startup Screen | 1.15 MB

lightsaber to the level shot of the t2_trip map with the Jedi Academy logo added. There are new (or just different sounds extracted from JKA) sounds added when you click on items too as well as the color changes to red when you move the mouse over a button. In my opinion, I think it's a little bland, but still looks pretty good. The only thing I can recommend is perhaps next time, the author tries to add a little more action into it. A stationary swoop isn't much to look at. I think the only people who'll get excited over this one are the extreme swoop lovers. Or, if you really are tired of seeing that Kel Dor Jedi. Either way, I think it'd be worht it just to try it out. :) -TiM




Troll Startup Screen | 743.5 KB

between good an evil, symbolized here by a blue color fading to red, is quite present here, giving the launcher a neat effect. New sounds are included, so if it's your cup of tea give it a download and spice up those 10 seconds you spend looking at the launcher every time you play. Just make sure you backup your original launcher files before you install! ~Inyri