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C3PO v2 | 588.69 KB

did. Admit it, it’s a bit disappointing when Raven just decides to not implement a C3PO into JKA. However, the model was boned and weighted, and now skinned. It looks great! The model is VERY detailed, down to the wires in the shoulder blades. It has a few dents and rusts spots to make it look all the more realistic. In addition, the model also has team support. Red team has a rusted version of our favorite little droid, and blue team gets a silver version. The default is the normal gold one, which also turned out quite nicely. The addition of team support is usually enough to make a skin or model worth it, but wait, there’s more! Macman has also fixed a missing leg glitch in his original! No longer do we need to watch a suffering C3PO limping along with one leg. ;) The skin ALSO comes with bot support. That’s right folks, you can pulverize the poor little thing as much as you want, and it can’t do anything about it! ;) This is a nice little extra for the 56kers that still want to get the full star wars experience without connecting to a server. But that’s not all! Macman ALSO provided us with some nice extra sounds. The small little touch of an “oh don’t you get technical with me,” or an “oh thank goodness I’m alright,” seems to be more than enough to add to the entertainment, and make it really feel like C3PO. Trust me guys, if you want a ‘3PO model, this is the one to get. Nice job, Macman! Team Skins: Yes! Bot Support: Yes! New Sounds: YES! ~Wassup1444465




Darth Vader | 1.81 MB

Luke Skywalker and the character who made star wars so popular (in my opinion of course), Mars has captured Vader PERFECTLY in everyway from the shine on his helmet, the real-like textures on his cape and the metal parts on the suit, it all looks marvellously realistic. It was a treat to go into the game and run around in game with this fantastic model, it's a model that everyone would surely like, even if they don't use it they'll download it. The sounds are there, when you roll he does the whole machine-breathing thing, there are team colors, an unmasked version, which looks amazingly accurate, and even a white Vader version! This is a true treat for anyone who plays this game, Mars and Psyko have done an awesome job. Download this or I will have to use Level 3 Force-Poke-With-Stick on you. New Sounds: Yes Bot Support; Indeed Team Support: Yeah! -Rink[/quote] Darth Daddy's Back, version 2.2 include LOTS more stuff than version one. One of the very few complaints about version one was the eyes, although alot liked them a few didn't saying how they didn't match the real vader. In this version, there are multiple Vader skins you can choose from, the episode III suit, the original trilogy suit and the others like white, no mask, default (yeah with them cool eyes), red and blue (which have been improve greatly). As well as a few little bug fixes and NPC support (there's a few NPC's you can spawn), there is now 'troop' support. Explained in the readme, in singleplayer you can spawn stormtroopers and get them to follow you. HOW COOL IS THAT?. I don't think the model could get any better, 10/10. New Sounds: Yes Bot Support; Yes Team Support: Yes NPC Support: Yes Troop Support: Yes Everything Else: Yes -Rink




Obi-Wan Kenobi | 7.35 MB

work of art - I find it hard to believe a modder could come up with better than Raven ever could - just look at what they turned Luke into - yet here's proof! Obi-Wan's face is spot on, and I mean right down to that little warty thing by his nose. I review loads of Star-Wars based models, but most of them are only recognisable by the clothes, because the face always seems... wrong. And this is why I love this model over all of those :D Sure, he looks in a slightly angry mood, but by my standards I'd pick this model over any other one currently out for JK3. Obi comes with full Bot, NPC and Team Support, and 4 different skins. My favourites are the classic robed versions, which come hoodless and non-hoodless, but the war-torn version of his normal clothes (minus the robe) and his standard outfit are also very impressive, and the textures have been modelled to a high standard. The hair, which is usually the worst part of a model, is also very close to the real thing, and I am absolutely positive every Obi-Wan fan will want to download this. Now, and some of you are gonna hate me for this - there are a few small problems, but let me stress that whilst they are small, they still should be fixed. Firstly the single-player selection doesn't work - it comes up with a model not found error and I end up as a stormtrooper. It still works through the console, but I was kinda looking forward to seeing Obi in the cutscenes. I don't think it's a problem on my end, but it could be. Secondly, while most of the sounds are fitting, some have music in the background, which sounds wierd to me. Still, it's not like I ever use taunts ingame. ;) Also included in the file is Kenobi's saber from Episode 3. I have never looked closely at his saber so I can't vouch for its realism, but it does look very good. It is also in a seperate pk3 from the SP model and the normal MP model so you can remove it if you wish. I have no doubt this will be a highly-downloaded model, and I am also sure it will keep all the Anakin fans appeased untill HapSlash releases his episode 3 model :) New Sounds: Yes Team Support: Yes Bot Support: Yes NPC Support: Yes ~Szico VII~




HS Anakin Skywalker | 10.62 MB

[b]three[/b] - amazing soundsets. If you thought the Anakin soundsets out there already were good, have a listen to these. With a minimal amount of background noise and music, these sounds will really make you feel like you [b]are[/b] Anakin Skywalker, rather than just watching him. The soundsets include an Episode 2 soundset, a neutral Episode 3 soundset, and a more Sith-like Episode 3 soundset. Of course Anakin must match his voice, so several clothing variations have been included: Episode 2 \'fro hair, normal Episode 3 duds, hooded and unhooded robes, and a battle-worn version. You\'ve all seen the WIP images that have been spread around the various community forums, and the model certainly lives up to the images. With an accurate mesh, beautiful texturing, and Infinity Blade\'s characteristically (near) perfect weighting, there\'s very little you could find to complain about. HapSlash has even gone so far as to include three head meshes: an Episode 2 head, and two Episode 3 heads with slightly differently shaped hair. Since we\'ve been waiting for, oh, about a year for this model, you\'d expect it would come with all the extras. And indeed it does. Some very tasteful team support, various NPC options, and of course a bot to play with. It also comes with single-player support (and the mouth is fully rigged for those who actually want to use it in single-player!). This way you can easily access the outfit you want to see! What more could you want? How about some spiffy shaders to complete the feel? You\'ve got it. The best Anakin model out, by a landslide. Download now... as if I had to tell you! [b]Team Support[/b]: Yes [b]Bot Support[/b]: Yes [b]NPC Support[/b]: Yes [b]New Sounds[/b]: Yes ~Inyri




Count Dooku | 3.79 MB

every way... Count Dooku\'s cape isn\'t stiff like on other models, his cape flows nicely, I\'m sure alot of you are glad to hear that :P. There are several skins included with the model, there is the default which is Dooku\'s Episode III robes, an Attack of the Clones version, which is his clothes from Episode II, the team skins and an imperial version (you need to download Hapslash\'s \"Improved Imperial Officer\" to see it) What I really like about the model is the attention to detail, it looks exactly like Christopher Lee, who plays Dooku in the films and there is nearly no clipping what so ever. Not only do you get this awesome model, Hapslash has also included Dooku\'s Lightsaber hilt, and an optional overwrite hilt. There\'s an NPC there, and new sounds. Most of the sounds are from Episode III, and I think they were great choices they fit well into combat. Pretty much the best model to come to JKA so far in my opinion, and I think I speak on behalf of the whole community when I say, Thank You Hapslash and Infinity Blade. New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes NPC Support: Yes -Rink




General Grievous | 1.32 MB

Grievous model. What a beauty it is, and I hated Grievous. Detail, down to the scratches on his metal surface and the six fingers on his hands, make this model one of a kind. Not only does this model have Bot, NPC and team support, but it also comes with a caped and non-caped version, as well as custom sounds! What would Grievous be without his unique voice? Well here you have it - General Grievous. Download and enjoy. Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes NPC Support: Yes ~Inyri




Four Armed Grevious | 1.49 MB

give Grievous four arms! You generally would expect something of a remodel, but that\'s not the case here. First off, there are now four arms. All that the author has done is split the original Grievous arm, and then raise it up, and then he weighed it to the arms. While this works, it doesn\'t look all too good. First off, the top arms are very stretched, and they only move when the regular arms move. Otherwise you have two very stretched arms coming out of Grievous\'s back. It\'s funny, as I heard somewhere that Grievous looks like a chicken. Anyways, to make him look like a chicken, crouch, and you\'ll see what I mean. Anyways, the weighing wasn\'t that great, as evidenced in the stretching. I saw some places where a couple of reset xforms could have fixed. The left arm, mainly. When you walked it would be sideways. This model could have been weighed better. Okay, other the weighing issues, the author also made Grievous hunched. Yay. Now he looks like a hunched chicken. The hunchedoveredness really messes up a bunch of animations. Seriously, when you do the /bow animation, it looks like Grievous is smoothing his nonexistent hair or giving his head a massage. The strong stance animation makes it look like Grievous is scared and is hiding behind his arms. Okay, in taking the weighing issues and the hunchbacked animation issues, this could use some more work. But, on a plus side, the author has included a four saber mod to go along with the model. But, other issues aside, this can use some serious work. But I\'m sure some of you will like it nonetheless. Bot Support: Yes Npc Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: Default Grievous Sounds. ~Zach[/quote] The only changes that were done is that the bot now uses the four saber mod, and that works, at least. But the author also tried to make it tos that the sabers that the bot used were blue and green. That didn\'t work. This model has some serious weighting issues, I would\'ve liked to see the next version actually be a reweighed version. Bot Support: Yes Npc Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: Default Grievous Sounds ~Zach




YodaVM | 4.54 MB

created us a new Yoda, with plenty to choose from. There are 4 different skins included in this, and Ep2, Ep3, Ep5 and Fleeing Yoda. The model is great, only a few clipping problems, but as with the youngling, it is hard to avoid because of the size of the model (remember to add it to your JAplus modelscale server admins!!) The Ep2/3/5 are all easily explained, they\'re basically the robes Yoda was wearing in each of those movies, the Fleeing Yoda (Yoda heading to dagobah) includes a backpack, which is a unique idea and very well executed. There are a few taunts here too, some of them add two quotes together which work quite well. Overall it\'s currently the best Yoda we have and probably we have for the rest of this game\'s time. Yoda fans should be pleased ;) [b]To get the right size for Yoda, I suggest you add the following to ‘modelscale.cfg’ in your JAplus Folder: \"yodavm\" 0.75 \"yodaflee\" 0.75[/b] New Sounds: Yes Team Support: Yes NPC Support: Yes Bot Support: Yes -Rink




MaulVM | 2.69 MB

are three different versions of maul contained in the pk3.. one the regular maul in his garb, a second with Maul cloaked, and a third with Mister Maul with no shirt. This was very well done and the only thing I could find about it that could be taken as a negative is the skin with no shirt is alittle pale. This is a very nice skin.. have I said that already?? NPC support: Yes Bot support: Yes Team support: Yes LOD support: No Great job! =-Lizardking




Anakin Skywalker | 4.48 MB

Now, when I tested the model at the resolution I play at, the nose was a bit angular, but it still looked amazing. The team skins are as you'd expect, so I didn't take screens of 'em. You may recognize the author's name because he's also the creator of the Diablo Barbarian model, the Old Ben model and Londo (from B5). All of those models were just as impressive as his newest submission. There is bot support included and several taunts to choose from. If you're looking for a model to add to your collection, this is definitely a must-download. This will probably be used by many people - so get it. Now. :D Bot Support: Yes Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: Yes ~AmosMagee




Mara Jade | 7.67 MB

Mara Jade I\'ve seen. And now, you can have it for JA! Lilandra is releasing this for JA, I\'m assuming with the author\'s permission. It doesn\'t appear as if anything was changed really. So this is the same great model as before, but now available for Jedi Academy users. There\'s bot support, team skins and new sounds. There are also a few different skins included. And you can choose between a ponytailed version or the one with her hair down. It\'s nice to have options. :) Bot Support: Yes Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: Yes ~AmosMagee




Episode III Anakin | 1.9 MB

Anakin as a Sith from the upcoming Episode III. Whilst there are some deemable qualities shown, overall its not really up to scratch. It's probably hard wprking of stills for a film that hasn't come out yet, and especially so for a relatively new skinner, but it still falls in a few areas, mainly the head. So, what's wrong with the head? The hair is the first thing that sticks out like a sore thumb. Whilst I appreciate its probably quite a difficult part to look right, this hair is just plain wrong, and needs to be sorted out. Its misaligned and doesn't meet the skin of the head properly in some places. The face is also off by quite a long shot, as it is in most celebrity skins. However the cloak and clothing seems pretty good to me, despite a few transparency issues with the cloak neckline. There's overall, about 5 different skins, and an NPC. However it lacks team skins andf bot support. Overall I'm quite divided about this reskin. Whilst the face is so off that it couldn't be recognised as Anakin without the robes and stuff, other areas seem perfectly fine, although some higher quality textures would have been nice. There's also a hilt included, but I'm not really up on the realism of that, so you'll have to decide for yourself whether it works or not :) New Sounds: Yes Team Support: No Bot Support: No ~Szico VII~




Darth Malak Version 1.02 | 1.5 MB

(I hope that\'s right, if not, I shall keel Rhad) is finally modeled and added for Jedi Academy players. I have no idea what he really looks like, but this model is so non-descript, I kinda hope the character doesn\'t really look like this. The red team skin is the same as the default skin and then there\'s the blue one. There are some new taunts and other sounds included and bot support, though the author claims there are some issues with adding a bot. The biggest issue I came across was the saber. This model holds the saber and swings it much like that old Mandalorian model - remember that? It really bugs me. I would only suggest you download this model so you can offer suggestions for some changes to the author. Otherwise, wait for an update.[/quote] Looks like the author fixed a few things on this model. The eyes aren\'t so dark, and some weighting issues were corrected. The model still doesn\'t look that different than before, but you might want to download this updated version. :) Bot Support: Yes Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: Yes ~AmosMagee




MagnaGuardVM | 6.35 MB

because it\'s my job. Let\'s start with the good parts, though. A lot of detail went into this model in terms of skinned on parts versus modeled on parts. That is immediately noticible. The skin also seems relatively accurate, depending on which pictures you look at. Some pictures I saw looked blue, as this does, and some didn\'t, but that could be due to lighting. I did find some areas of the skin to look a bit strange, as if Mars had used the sponge filter on it, which he may have. However overall the textures look very good when the entire model is taken into account. So the flaws. Yes, even Mars isn\'t perfect. If he was I\'d wonder if he was an android or something. First flaw - shoulders once again weighted independently from the body. I do have to admit, though, with an automaton that\'s probably a better choice. It still bothers me, though, to see the area were the shoulder would normally be attached when the arm moves. Next flaw - very evil stretching in the upper torso during many animations. There problem here, though, is that the animations in JA are first of all quite hideous themselves, and second of all are not designed for a being that doesn\'t bend, like a robot. However the stretching could be more subtle, but unless you\'re looking for it you probably won\'t notice. I was impressed by the cape, though. No, it doesn\'t move realistically, but I\'ve come to believe that\'s impossible in the Quake 3 engine. This cape deforms amazingly well with the given animations, as well as I think may be possible in JA. There is a bit of clipping here and there around the left shoulder, but for the most part it doesn\'t clip. Overall, a well-done model that I\'m sure you\'ll all be more than happy to download. Well made given the restrictions of the engine. Mars was also nice enough to include a modified version of Hatrus\' electrostaff, which the bots use, so if you have an older version of the staff you may wish to use the version Mars has included, for the best experience. Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes NPC Support: Yes ~Inyri




Darth Vader | 1.49 MB

popular (in my opinion of course), Mars has captured Vader PERFECTLY in everyway from the shine on his helmet, the real-like textures on his cape and the metal parts on the suit, it all looks marvellously realistic. It was a treat to go into the game and run around in game with this fantastic model, it's a model that everyone would surely like, even if they don't use it they'll download it. The sounds are there, when you roll he does the whole machine-breathing thing, there are team colors, an unmasked version, which looks amazingly accurate, and even a white Vader version! This is a true treat for anyone who plays this game, Mars and Psyko have done an awesome job. Download this or I will have to use Level 3 Force-Poke-With-Stick on you. New Sounds: Yes Bot Support; Indeed Team Support: Yeah! -Rink




Clones | 1.97 MB

this skin pack is nothing short of extraordinary. Sure, they\'re clones, but they don\'t all have to look the same! The first one is a great looking skin with team support. The two team skins are what one would expect - your vanilla clonetrooper with some red here and blue there. Then there\'s the same clone as the default skin, but with this huge jetpack thing that\'s just very cool. You guys\'ll have to tell me what it does and where it\'s seen and stuff, cause I have no clue. The fourth screenshot there shows a trooper with another kind of jetpack and, dare I say it - shades on? Next is a another Fett look-alike, but without his helmet and another kind of jetpack thing - again, no clue what it is really. :) And finally, a bunch of other clones - another like the default, but with a jetpack and three like the team skins but in white, yellow and green and the last one is ... I\'m not sure what it is. So ... yeah. I counted four different taunts for the clones - all of which sound great. I\'m not sure Mars has ever submitted work that wasn\'t complete, so you can expect to find bot support here. I prefer this skin pack to his last one submitted - it seems to have more variety. I\'m eager to see what else Mars has in store for the community! :D Bot Support: Yes Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: Yes ~AmosMagee




Delta CommandosVM | 4.6 MB

as he seems to be pumping models out one a week, but somehow he [i]does[/i] manage it, and we can all be thankful for that. I do love the skin on this model. You wouldn\'t expect this guy to be pristine and completely clean - after all, he\'s a combat-hardened warrior - so Mars doesn\'t give us clean armor. It\'s burned, scraped, and otherwise littered with combat scars. I want to give Mars a big hug for attaching the arms to the torso this time. He\'s probably tired of hearing me gripe about that, but I mean it in the best of ways :p. Here attaching the shoulders is ideal, as the large shoulder pads will hide any poor deformations that might occur because of it. Once again, some pretty nasty stretching during some animations, but I\'m starting to think that should be blamed mostly on the animation. The only way I can see to rectify it would be to add another edge loop around the torso, which would unnecessarily add more polies to the model. My one other complaint, about the humanoid head, is that the mouths aren\'t rigged. Not a real big deal, since most people don\'t play SP, but it would have been nice anyway, as it\'s not really that difficult a thing to do. Other than that, definitely a model worth having, even if you\'ve never played Republic Commando. Get it while it\'s hot! Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes NPC Support: Yes ~Inyri




AnakinVM | 4.9 MB

model as compared to Mars' usual work. The skin was only so-so, and parts of the model deformed horribly. I know from experience that those particular sections are some of the hardest to weight (the shoulders, especially), but I would've expected something cleaner from an experienced modeller like Mars. As for the skin, the hair looks very unrealistic, the hands are a completely different skintone from the face, and the face is blurry. The model is quite good, but it's screaming "rushed!" at me. That said, it's still one of the best Anakin model's I've seen. And trust me, with all the reskins lately I've seen a lot of them. Because we are the lucky group we are, Mars has given us bot support, npc support, and movie sounds. There's team support, but the team skins are the same as the default skin. He also gave us Vader, to go with Anakin, so you can enjoy that model again! This isn't the best work I've seen from Mars, but it should certainly tide many of you over who have been waiting for a good Anakin model. Bot Support: Yes Team Support: No New Sounds: Yes NPC Support: Yes ~Inyri




Princess Leia | 4.58 MB

I don\'t recall ever seeing the slave model. And now, here she is, in all her glory. There are four seperate, perfect skins. The first one has Leia with her long hair and it looks great! I remember being excited when what\'s-his-face came out with that one model from ... um, was it Farscape? That was just because of the hair, and the hair actually wasn\'t that great. This is great hair right here! In the second screenshot you see Leia in her famous slave outfit. It looks great, and all of the details are included here. The third screenshot shows the classic Leia with her beautiful buns (her HAIR) and finally in the fourth is Leia in her ceremonial costume. StingRay, you did a wonderful job here. Leia is just beautiful and I can\'t wait to get someone to reskin her for me - with your permission, of course. ;) You had absolutely not reason to be intimidated to submit this model. It\'s great. My only complaint would be the colors in some of the skins. I think there\'s one where the reds don\'t match up just right. But that\'s it. Keep modeling! Bot Support: Yes Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: Yes ~AmosMagee




Jango/Boba VM | 3.44 MB

rather negligible) weighting and clipping issues, this model is quite good. The only real thing I never liked about Mars\' clone models was the heads/faces. They\'re well modeled, and the skin on it is pretty good (although the jawline is a bit too well-defined graphically), but something about it bothers me. Maybe it\'s too round - I [i]really[/i] can\'t put my finger on it. But hey, put his helmet on and he\'s a beauty! The one other thing I found strange was how beat up the helmet was compared to the body armor. It\'s almost as if Jango let Boba play with the helmet some and had it returned after being pelted with small objects moving at high speeds. Anyway, you don\'t want to hear me complain about the little stuff. If you\'re a detail kind of person like I am you can find teenie weenie inconsistencies yourself. All models/skins have them. It\'s what makes them interesting, and if a model or skin was perfect there would be no reason for anyone else to ever try to make them, and that would just be boring for everyone. In the [i]big[/i] picture this model is a beaut. I\'ve loved Jango since I played Bounty Hunter on my PS2, and this model really captures him quite well, so long as his head stays firmly planted on his shoulders. I was a little disappointed when I discovered the chest plates were just painted on, but quite frankly I didn\'t notice until I was about to comment on how nice they looked, so I guess that\'s a moot point. In fact quite a few details on this model are simply \"painted on\", but if you can tell at first glance you\'re better than I am. If you can\'t tell, does it [i]really[/i] matter? In my opinion, no. I can complain about it all I want, but in the end if I can\'t tell while I\'m playing, it makes no difference to me whether it\'s made of a million polies or painted on a flat surface. Low-poly modeller\'s rule of thumb: if you can get away with it, and it won\'t take away from the model, do it! But wait! There\'s more! Yes, many different variants of Jango: with jetpack, without jetpack, with a different jetpack, with no helmet, with pilot headgear... plus, if that wasn\'t enough, two variants of Boba Fett. Now I\'m not going to comment on Boba\'s accuracy, because he\'s not the focus of this pack and I\'ve had to go look at him so many times that I don\'t feel like doing a comparison, so you can judge for yourself. The soundset is also pretty good. I assume Mars took it from Battlefront2, or some other game featuring Temuera Morrison, because obviously he didn\'t make the sounds himself and no one would expect him to. The only problem with it is that it sounds designed for a clone with a helmet. So what about when Jango doesn\'t have his helmet on? Well, he\'s going to sound a little funny. However to bypass this would mean a big (and pretty much unnecessary) increase in filesize, so it\'s really kind of a lose-lose situation. We do have the works here in terms of extras, though. Sounds, as I mentioned, but also team colors (Jango for blue and Boba for red), NPC support, and BOT support. The only thing I\'d really care about in terms of improvements would be a rigged mouth/jaw. I know it\'s a time consuming thing - my personal least favorite part to weight - but after three or four times it starts getting really easy ;) Anyway, definitely a good model by Mars. The weighting\'s definitely reaching that higher standard I\'ve come to expect from Mars, which I\'m happy about, and the rest of the model just completes the package. I hope to keep seeing work of this quality! I like it when I don\'t have many big things to gripe about :) Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes NPC Support: Yes ~Inyri




Vader VM - Episode III | 1.08 MB

update to that model I believe but an update to the one in the AnakinVM skin pack. This version includes great use of shaders, which is probably the biggest thing about this model\'s skin. The life support box glows and his armour is quite shiney. The helmet was done well, I feel there has been an improvement since the one included in the AnakinVM skin pack. Not much else to say, Can\'t get enough of Vader? Download away folks! New Sounds: Yes NPC Support: Yes Team Support: Yes Bot Support: Yes -Rink




Younglings | 1.85 MB

Episode II and III. There are a variety of different skins included in the pack, most are explained in the readme, however there is a secret skin that should please a few people.. I don\'t want to spoil the surprise… The model is nice, although there is some clipping, that is understandable considering the model is supposed to be small (remember to use JAplus or another modelscaling mod to scale down the model to it\'s appropriate size), that\'s the only real problem that can be picked out with it. There are new sounds and they\'re so cute! Definitely worth a download if you\'re into Role Play, movie making or just kicking some grown up ass! [b]Be sure to add the following values to your JAplus modelscale.cfg \"youngani\" 0.7 \"youngfem\" 0.7 \"youngling\" 0.7 \"youngshak\" 0.7[/b] Sort of gave the secret skin away there, you can see the secret skin in the center of one of the screenshots.. :P Team Colors: Yes Bot Support: Yes NPC Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes (Beware those cold hearted, even you will be struck with the cuteness of these sounds) -Rink




Asajj Ventress | 886.89 KB

have bot, NPC, and team support, but no new sounds. Add this to your list of female models! Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: No NPC Support: Yes ~Inyri




YodaNPC | 1.3 MB

let me tell you this little guy looks pissed in game. The first thing I did was try on the skin. I spun the ole camera around to check out it\'s front, and it freaked me out. Yoda on a bad day! Ok, enough about that. This pack contains acouple different versions of yoda you can spawn as npc\'s. I spawned the first one... single green saber yoda. well.. he was definitly scaled to size. I walked up to him and proceeded to slice him apart. He didnt fight back.. hmmm. So, I spawned another, and this time I spawned alora with him. All Heck broke out!. That mean little yoda flew into action like a little dog attacking someones ankles! It was fun to watch lol. The skins look really good, and the npc\'s are well done as well. I think ill keep this one! Watchin those two fight reminded me of the yoda/Dooku duel! -Lizardking




Super Battle Droid | 423.74 KB

Battle Droid. The only thing, visually, I see missing is a little red dot. Other than that, this is a perfect model. Though it\'s not a complete package. No bot support was included, which is a shame. Cause like, you totally need an army of these things to kill, y\'know? And most unfortunate of all, there are no new sounds. :( Regardless, this is a great model and I can\'t wait to see what\'s next from Chairwalker. :D Bot Support: No Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: No ~AmosMagee




Toshi's Yoda | 13.34 MB

model, and boy, I don't know how Toshi does it but he's not only a fast modeler, hes a decent one at that. This is his take on on the famous Jedi Master which as described in the readme was not intended for release, but we are now graced with the release of this model. Now I will admit, its not perfect in places. There is a little clipping but its really only minor and to me it isn't a problem. Plus that's the JA skeleton being a pain. The detail on this model is spectacular, you can really see Yoda's facial detail come out in the texture work. His proportions are spot on as far as I can tell as well. I really don't have anything bad to say about this model, Its just, Yoda o.O. The accuracy is amazing. The only thing I would suggest is adding in different versions of Yoda maybe if there is a version 2 planned. The author has included new sounds, team skins, bot support, and Yoda is also playable in SP. Toshi has also made a custom .glm to fit Yoda's fighting style better. Unfortunately it only works in SP though. Read more about this in the readme. To really put the cherry on top, Toshi has added Yoda's saber in here aswell also made by himself. This model definitely competes with those Yoda's already out there, and in my opinion is the best one out there. This is a must have for your base folder, I demand bandwidth is submitted! -|Jorka Sho'Hen|- [b]Bot Support:[/b] Indeed. [b]NPC Support:[/b] Indeed. [b]Team Skins:[/b] Indeed. [b]New Sounds:[/b] Indeed. [b]SP Support:[/b] Indeed.




Cybernetic Maul | 2.56 MB

survived his bisection and fall into the shaft on Naboo and was fitted with cybernetic legs. His hunt for the only person to have defeated him, Obi-Wan Kenobi, began.[/Quote] This revamped Maul, while non-canon, is still pretty intense. Can you imagine facing a foe you were certain was dead, yet he returns, and more menacing than ever? I can, mainly because it happens to me all the time. But honestly, this model is decently done. The structure and the skin are both decent. He even has some pretty well done sounds that I'm assuming were done by a friend. I almost thought it was Maul himself O_o. My only qualm lies in the face. NO ANIMATION =_=, how foul. Maul needs to at least bare his nasty, and now pry nastier, yellow teeth. Minus my qualms, this release is pretty nice. My only suggestion would probably work on the face. I'm sure plenty of others have complaints, but personally I express no care. A fine job, and I do believe this merits the Retruthan Seal of Approval. *Stamp* Bot Support:Aye NPC Support:Nay New Sounds:Aye Team Support:Aye - Averus Retruthan




Mandalorians | 2.8 MB

Mandalorian model created and skinned by the one and only, Mars. An abundance of skins are included in this skin pack. Only one of them has team support and the skins that function as the team skins are also available for selection in the menu seperately. There are many to choose from (13 different ones, by my count) and all with very distinct differences. There\'s a very colorful basic Mandalorian, a dark black one with a nice shader and some silver details, a green one with a few dings in the helmet, and to complement that one, there\'s the same skin, sans helmet. Then there\'s one with a very interesting black vest-like shirt, a plain green and white one with some yellow shoulders, and then there\'s this other basic Mandalorian with four different looks. One without helmet, the other three with helmets and three different jetpacks. Then there\'s a black, white and red one (just saying that makes me wonder if there\'s a joke out there like \"What\'s black and white and red all over?\" \"A mandalorian who _______\"




Aayla Secura (Jedi Academy) | 620.21 KB

EXCELLENT. Unfortunately, as he says, it lacks shader compatibility in this version (so no team colors for Aayla I believe) but it still looks GREAT nonetheless. Did I mention it looks great? What are you waiting for? Download DOWNLOAD!!!!!! - Chrono




Darth Vos | 1.64 MB

Anyways, this is a new model, emaning you will probably have never seen it before, and to be honest its a wonderful change from Reborn models and other yucky things like that. Darth Vos kind of reminds me of Qui-Gon-Jinn from Episode I, this guy has a similar style of hair and his clothes look similar. (except the cloaked version) What I want to know is whether this guy is designed to be a good jedi or a bad one, It's very hard to tell. The first skin looks like what jedi's in the movies wear - He has a shirt like Anakin's from EPII, similar brown trousers and tall boots reminescent of Dragonball Z, albeit a bit longer. Then theres this jacket-typed thing with a belt, which looks like the thing Obi-Wan wears in EPI. So the author has made a nice model and merged lots of different clothes into this Darth Vos, along with some good hair for a model, and a few face-paints (All of which look very nice.) :) The second skin is what confuses me, from thinking this was a good jedi, he now wears a dark cloak, and the readme looks to me as if he may be a dark Jedi, but whatever :) The cloak looks good - It does have a few glitches i.e. transparency from the inside, but the hood style and textures used work very well. The third major skin is the same as the second, but without the hood. There are also red and blue team variations, and a whole load of bots to use :) So yeah, this is a very nice piece of work, and is definitely one of the better Jedi skins, but the thing that makes this shine is the model. Good work, and I am relieved to find there's no clan logos plastered onto him anywhere :) On a final note, the sounds included are top-class, but they dont fit with this guys appearance. However, they really are good, and the evil laught as a taunt is very amusing :) New Sounds: Yes Team Support: Yes Bot Support: Yes ~Szico VII~




Padme Amidala - Episode II | 4.17 MB

three different styles. Padme with her cape, Padme without her cape, and a scratched Padme. It also has two different heads for Padme. A clean one and a dirty one, although it\'s hard to tell the difference. This was made for the MovieBattles mod, but that\'s just a side note. This uses SP support so that you can choose the outfit. which is great. I did notice some issues with the sounds, where it would start a Padme quote but would cut off at the very end. It was disconcerting, to say the least. I did find a wierd issue with the chest, where it would be dark on top and light on the bottom. I don\'t know if that\'s an issue with the shader or not, but it just looks unnatural. I didn\'t really quite catch many bugs, but thankfully the author did. Here is what was found: [quote]The only bugs that I have caught, were: Fanny-pack clipping through the cape when running with a weapon, Weapon tags on the left hand were messed up. So, a weapon that\'s in the left hand (only can be caused by dual sabers) will be floating behind the body. Force Lightning comes out of the left foot, when used. Sabers don\'t sit right, when holstered. [/quote] If you like moviebattles and want this, or if you just like Padme, give this a download. New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: Yes Npc Support: Yes Team Support: Yes ~Zach




Darth Revan | 10.04 MB

the Star Wars Expanded Universe; what happened to Darth Revan? It was revealed in KotOR 2 that he journeyed into unknown space in search of the \'true Sith\'. Ad up till now that was all we knew. Maybe more of that story would have been explored in KotOR 3, but that was scrapped shortly after pre production began. Hopefully now we will have some answers from the masterful story tellers at Bioware! Anyways, until then we have a Darth Revan model to sate your appetite! Made by Almighty_gir, this is an excellent piece of work. The modelling details on the belt with that large metal ring especially look good. Incidentally this is also the area that changes colour for the team skins. To be honest I probably would have simply recoloured all the red sections of the default skin for the team skins, but this way is nicely subtle. Though the blue belt ring does kinda clash with the red parts of the robes on the blue team skin. The one thing that I definitely think needs some improvement though is the cloak, since it looks very flat texture wise. Some more creases or folds in the fabric would improve it I think. Other than that a very good skin and model here, though some custom sounds would be nice. Yes I know, apart from the odd sentence the player says in KotOR like “ugh, I’ve been poisoned” Revan doesn’t have any voice overs, but I’m sure you could find some menacing sounding taunts somewhere that would pass for Darth Revan. ;) All in all though an excellent model and skin, I hope you decide to do more KotOR characters in future! [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]Bot Support:[/b] No [b]Team Support:[/b] Yes ~Nozyspy~




Ahsoka Tano | 14.29 MB

have here today is Ahsoka Tano, otherwise known to the Jedi Council as 'Snips', the Anakin with a better personality. What I see here is good. Textures are flawless on some aspects, but a bit bland. That is to say, it's accurate, but it just seems strange in the middle of battle. The only real problem I have with this model is not its textures or it's weighting. The bot support is good, and so is the alternative skins. My problem is that Ahsoka seems to have put on quite a bit of weight. I'm not entirely sure on that, so please remedy this situation with a sledgehammer to my jawbone. Regardless of this situation, however, the model is good. I would say for you to submit your bandwidth immediately. And I am. Do it to it. SOUNDS - No (At least, not that I could hear) TEXTURES - Yes TEAMSKINS - Yes BOT SUPPORT - Yes MODELS - Yes ~The Denariax




Pit Droid | 1.69 MB

happy. The model was nicely done, and looks really realistic. It doesn’t have Team or Bot Support. I can kind of understand why there would be no team support, who wouldn’t want a red or blue pit droid? I wish there was Bot Support, but I can live without that. The thing that made me real unhappy, was the new sounds. I love the new sounds, they sound so realistic. I listened to them by opening up the .PK3 and extracting them. I couldn’t wait to test them out. Well, they didn’t work. It was so annoying have a pit droid sound like Kyle. Trust me, it can get on your nerves after a while. After close inspection of the .PK3, I found the problem. The author forgot to include the sounds.cfg file with the model, that would tell the model to use the new sounds. Since it is missing, the game doesn’t know to reference the model to the new sounds, so it uses the default Kyle. I hope the author releases a new version, one that fixes this. Cause, this model would :rock: with the new sounds. Bot Support: No Team Support: No New Sounds: Yes, but they don’t work. NPC Support: Yes -Airm




Aayla Secura VM | 1.63 MB

my favourite female character in the movies, although she didn\'t say much lol. The model has three different skin variations, red, blue and black clothes, all selectable from the player menu. The model isn\'t perfect, the face doesn\'t look totally accurate however it does Aayla justice and doesn\'t make that big of an impact on the model. The clothes aren\'t too bad either, they\'re done rather well especially with the choice of three. There is bot support, team support as I mentioned and NPC support, however no new sounds unfortunately, but there isn\'t much that can be done about that since there is a lack of sounds from Aayla and the Female Jaden sounds fit perfectly in my opinion. A truly great model worthy of any JKA owner\'s download, certainly my favourite female model so far, and the best Aayla so far, the others just didn\'t look enough like her.[/quote] Marz has fixed the problems with the previous version, the biggest one of course being the lekku (tentacle thingies on the head for those who don\'t know) are now smaller and it really does help the model look alot more like Aayla now. Other new things like the improved face and body make this an obvious download for any Aayla Secura fan. Not much to say but great improvement Marz, Looks alot more like her now :D New Sounds: No (Female Jaden) Bot Support: Yes NPC Support: Yes Team Support: Yes -Rink (Yeah, back for the time being :D)




Serra Keto with Sounds | 976.19 KB

be on JK3Files, so that\'s an added bonus! I\'m hoping the author of the sounds doesn\'t mind that I added him [i]and[/i] Mars as the author. Since this model isn\'t yet up on JK3Files, I feel the need to critique it as well. My first impression of it is that she is quite stocky. It doesn\'t seem to look that way in-game, but in ModView she looks a bit heavy-set. The skin itself seems rather good, except in a few areas, and despite the proportions of the model I like it well enough, and may actually keep it. Now for the sounds, added by Kurt Libengood. He says he ripped them from the Episode III game. Now I don\'t want to know any more about that, because odds are it\'s not legal, but a few sounds never hurt anybody (nor made anyone not buy a game - that\'s the point of a EULA, right?) so I\'m going to let them slide. They seem to fit the model, and as I have no idea who Serra Keto is I can\'t comment on it any more than that. I [i]can[/i] say there was a particular taunt I absolutely adore... \"They\'re right, the dark side [i]does[/i] make you ugly.\" Made me laugh quite hard :p So for a model that had no original sounds, we now have some. Hopefully Mars doesn\'t mind his model being posted here along with all the rest. Good job on the model Mars, good job on the sounds Kurt, and may the community enjoy! Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes NPC Support: Yes ~Inyri




Galen Marek (Starkiller) | 3.7 MB

Using the Jaden model as a base, the creators built off our SP protagonist and shaped him into the protagonist of the much more recent game "The Force Unleashed." Gaze, and behold, but do not become disappointed, for the creators wish to announce that this version is merely a [b]teaser, rather than a full proper release.[/b] As such, you can more than certainly expect a new, more powerful version to compete with DLX's model in the near future, complete with revamped face and new outfit choices, of course. Speaking of which, what outfits are we blessed with? Not much, just the standard "training gear" you often see him in, along with a malevolent Sith Robe of sorts that I never actually beheld before. Quite imposing, indeed =_,=. So, in likeness and appearance, it still has a little ways to go, of course. There are little bits and pieces that the authors are aware need to be fixed which leads me to reiterate the bugs they are aware of: [quote]There are some weighting problems here and there that we hope to fix for future release, face and some other textures aren't finished yet.[/quote] The face is not rigged yet, so expect a cold blank stare for a while until that's fixed =_o there are also a few minor clipping problems with the sith robe version, but this is to be expected. Otherwise, you really can't go too wrong with it. I guess the only problems I have with this model lie within the sound department. Most of them are Jaden, and there's only one sound. This wouldn't really irk me normally, considering the status of the game, but did ya really have to use that taunt over and over again in the sound directory, including in the victory sector? I mean c'mon... I guess the only thing I should probably mention before wrapping this up would be that there's no new extras besides the sounds, but here's hoping the authors will =_= fix that as well. My piece is said, my mouth becomes useless. Let your eyes glaze over once more, and then let your hand do your mind's bidding... Bot Support:Nay NPC Support:Nay New Sounds: Aye Team Support:Nay - Averus Retruthan




Luminara Unduli | 666.44 KB

the model is pretty spot on. The clothing textures are all magnificent, and minus some strange hilighting on the hands and cheeks the flesh textures are rather good, as well. If you're looking for a good female model, this may be one to add to your collection. As would be expected by such a well-rounded modeller, the model comes with bot support and team colors, as well as NPC support. No new sounds, unfortunately, so we will all have to make do with female Jaden. Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: No NPC Support: Yes




Quinlan Vos Model | 1.66 MB

popular models to reskin for JA, so far. The model comes with several different versions, including a regular Jedi one, another regular Jedi one with a long coat, two Jedi robe ones, one dark brown, one light, two armored skins and then there\'s a light version of the first ... um, are you confused yet? Yeah, just look at the screenshots. There\'s a lot of skins there. The model is fabulous, of course. The skins are great too - there\'s a ton of choices here. The only downside is that there\'s no bot support, no team support and no new sounds. But since this is such a great model, I\'m willing to overlook those things. ;) Oh, and this happens to be Aaron\'s personal skin, so if he doesn\'t want custom sounds and stuff, I guess that\'s like, up to him and stuff. Wonderful job here. :) Bot Support: No Team Colors: No New Sounds: No ~AmosMagee




Haps Trooper | 1.49 MB

the original model, more of a subtle change, but it makes a difference and makes the model more appealing for me, any way. HapSlash has also changed the team versions from the all blue/red armour that Raven used, and just highlighted select area’s of the amour, and for me it’s an improvement on the raven team colours although personally I would have used a darker shade of red/blue. HapSlash has also kindly included a new E-11 blaster which again adds a few new subtle changes and improves the appearance of the blaster. I should also mention that both the E-11 and the Storm Trooper model replace ravens original models. ~Wolf New sounds: No (Ravens sounds are used) Bot support: Yes (Ravens bot support is used) Team colours: Yes




Haps Sand Trooper | 2.45 MB

main difference been the beautifully detailed backpack of the storm troops back, the detail is wonderful. The armour has also been touched up to give it the appearance of it been sand stained, and ands some authenticity to the model. Nice work here HapSlash ƒº ~Wolf New sounds: No (Raven¡¦s sounds) Bot support: No Team colours: Yes




Olts Sith Anankin | 2.63 MB

screenshots, I thought to myself "that looks kind of like Harry Potter." That may be going a bit too far, but the face of this model definitely isn't shaped quite right. As it stands, Anakin looks like he's about 13 years old. I'm not even really kidding - his face is much too thin, and the image the author photosourced for the face was probably not the best choice. The result: prepubescent Anakin. Also, the scar across his eye was very poorly done. It uses the crack technique, which is to paint a 1-pixel black line and copy a 1-pixel white line next to it. Unfortunately the author didn't use a 1-pixel brush, and that isn't really the proper technique for a scar. The rest of the model isn't bad, but I find myself wondering if the author has borrowed any textures - or even the base of the model - because his read-me was so vague. He credits Kevin Coyle as a being 'very useful' but doesn't explain [i]how[/i]. I give him the benefit of the doubt, here, hoping that the model is entirely the author's work. We do have bot and NPC support, but the bot personality file is in spanish so English-speakers may not particularly appreciate that. Also, the sounds... they're... they're... reborn sounds! [i]Why??![/i] Well, the taunts are anyway. I can assure you none of those sounds escaped the lips of Hayden Christiansen. The result is it looks like a 13 year old, but it sounds like a 35 year old. Very strange. Is this the best Anakin model? No. Is it the worst? No, I've definitely seen worse. Is it worth a download? That's up to you. I don't like Anakin anyway ;) Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes? NPC Support: Yes ~Inyri




Padme_EpIII | 12.69 MB

you may very well have stumbled across it. I\'ll admit it - I liked Padme. Well... I like Natalie Portman as an actress. Anyway, this model - or shall I say model [i]pack[/i] - gives a good representation of Padme in some of the outfits that haven\'t yet been represented. Stingray hasn\'t bothered including, for instance, the Geonosis outfit. Probably because this is an Episode III pack :p, but that outfit\'s already been beaten to death anyway. This pack consists of mostly Padme in her more formal garb, as seen in Episode III, as well as one outfit from Episode II. All are quite good and the face is remarkably similar to Natalie Portman\'s without looking like a picture was just pasted on the head. Kudos there! I didn\'t look extraordinarily hard at these models for technical kinks, but I did notice some slight weighting errors around the shoulders and knees, a couple of areas which are quite difficult to weight as it is. However neither area are easily noticible during gameplay so most of you will probably never even notice. I only noticed because I have a trained eye ;). Overall a very good pack of models, including both team and bot support. Definitely give it a download if you\'re a prequel fan - this is a pack not to be missed. Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes NPC Support: No ~Inyri




Secret_Apprentice_HK | 6.46 MB

At last, I can use the ultimate Marek model to unleash my ultimate TFU-hulk-smash! NOW WITNESS THE PO-... aw, #*@!, I've already used up all my Garen Marek-related bashing on the other skins, models, and files that I've reviewed. I'm all out of material. Blegh, I guess it's directly on to the review. I'd just like to say before anything else in this review a personal note to HellKobra: TIE UP YOUR DAMN MODELS. There's dozens upon dozens of loose little miscellaneous parts on this model, from little boxes on the arms to straps on the torso and legs. Honestly, group the tiny little individual model parts together into a 'Leg' or 'arm' instead of just leaving it all separate like a jumble of Lego bricks. Not that it affects the ingame play in any way, it's just a all very confusing for us skinners to look at in the .skin file or in modview. I'm also guessing that if you grouped them together before weighting, then the actual weighting process would be easier since you wouldn't have dozens of things to connect to one bone. /endnote Now, the things that concern all of you little people. It's a fairly well done model, very accurate to what we all know little Mr. Marek to look like. We have the perplexing overabundance of leather belts, cloth strips, and torn clothing that the actual TFU model all bears. I don't understand why, but he chooses to dress like this. The skinning is all well done for the most part; it looks good, however it's not spectacular. More detail could certainly be put into the textures and make it look a bit sharper. Everything for the most part is just slightly blurry. Shrug. That's not to say there aren't little details because there are, such cuts beneath the ripped fabric or the blast marks on his metal collar thing. The face is done well and looks very much like Mr. Marek, but again we have the blurriness issue. Despite that however it is the highest quality skin of Mr. Marek that I've seen. Team skins are included, however they simply change the color of the loincloth that hangs down (I don't understand the loin cloth though. He wears pants. What's the point of it?) 2 new taunts are included however that is the extent of the new sounds. Kind of disappointing, but perhaps those were the only quality sounds he was able to find. Overall a nice addition to your vault of Galen Marek skins and models. This is what, the 12th or 13th you'll be putting in your base? Team skins - Ja. New sounds - Ja/Nej (Only 2 taunts, so kind of... but not really.) Bot Support - Nej. NPC Support - Nej. ~Laam'inui




Marka Ragnos

lord_marka_ragnos.rar | 3.71 MB

certainly makes him seem a bit more complete. I would have suggested a little more of an expanded look, seeing as he feels rather top heavy, both in size and decoration. However, it\'s still a rather almost complete transformation. Even the mouth is rigged =_=. The big downside here is the lack of sounds, or rather, the lack of taunts. The author decided to just go with the standard soundset ragnos possessed. Not exactly smart, but it is space savvy. Unfortunately, that\'s all that\'s there is the model. No additional extras. BANDWIDTH AT YOUR DISCRETION =_=. Bot Support:Nay NPC Support:Nay New Sounds: Nay Team Support:Nay - Averus Retruthan




Mandalorians | 31.43 MB

a little confuzzeling but I think you get the idea. :P Here Laam'inui brings us a large selection of new Mandalorian themed skins, not just as complete skins, but also for use in the species customisation screen which is a pleasing feature. I will go into some more detail further on, but I think I should paste in here the description the author gives from his readme, as it sums up most of the main points nicely. [quote] This is a kit-bashed model made out of multiple Neomarz models; his clones and his Mandalorian. I DID NOT bash these models together; I came across the smashed together model and try as I might, I could not find out who made it. I even sent emails to Neomarz, but I received no reply. Nonetheless, credits to whoever bashed Neomarz's models together. And of course, ALL credits to Neomarz for every single model piece on this wonderful project. Without him, compilation would not have been possible. Credits for the sounds go to the Knights of the Old Republic game. Also, credits to the MovieBattles II team, from whose Mandalorian’s I borrowed a few textures, namely the Boba Fett textures which I modified to fit onto Marz's model and then tweaked. They did the majority of the work for the Boba skin. Lots of credits to Spanki for his facial textures, which I used from his Jedi Customisation pack and tweaked and modified for this pack. His work is amazing, and my reskinning his work for this pack is just because his facial textures are, in my opinion, the best. This is an extremely large skin-pack I began making as soon as I discovered this smashed together model sometime in April-May. I've been circulating previous versions of this skin-pack among my RPG server for a while now, but I just recently got the idea to send it to JK3files (D'oh). It contains team skins, new sounds, a species customisation menu, and lots and lots of Mandalorian goodness.[/quote] Well, I think that sums most of the main points up very nicely, now let’s have a closer look at the skins themselves. There is a wide range of skins here, including an excellent looking Boba Fett. Most of the skins tend to stick to a dark colour scheme, featuring plenty of black and dark grey and other subdued colours. However a few of the skins have a nice splash of colour here and there which livens them up. I especially liked the orange and black Mandalorian armour. Not bright orange mind you, but more of a burnt orange, the two colours went together very nicely here I think. We also have one in desert-sand coloured armour, and one in a kind of forest green camouflage armour, which was my personal favourite out of all of them. And that is to name but a few, there are plenty more to choose from ingame! The skinning job is excellent, and I didn’t notice any bugs whilst I was testing these skins out. The range of customisation was also most impressive, with a choice of heads both with and without the helmet. Also changeable was the backpack, for which you have three different selections, the fourth one being no backpack at all. One thing that did bug me a bit though was the shine on the armour. Personally I am not particularly fond of putting a shiny shader on armour, because the JKA version of ‘shininess’ doesn’t always look that good depending on what type of texture you apply it to. That said, there is certainly nothing wrong with the way these skins look, its just that I personally am not that fond of shiny shaders being applied to skins. One other thing is that there is only one team skin for each team. Considering the range of skins in the default team menu, I think it would be cool if more red and blue team versions of these skins were made for use in team games. Overall though an excellent skin-pack here, with a wide range of customisation options and good skinning. If you are a fan of Mandalorian’s, or want a cool new skin-pack to get your teeth into, give this a download! :) [b]Species customization:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yes [b]Bot Support:[/b] No [b]Team Support:[/b] Yes ~Nozyspy~




Gamorrean | 4.99 MB

anyway, HapSlash brings us the Gamorrean guard, straight from Gamorr. Complete with fur undies, this pig is ready to get in your face! What\'s a good model without fitting sounds? Nothing, and we all know it. That\'s why this nice soundset, which I imagine almost everyone will recognize on the spot, really polishes off the model. Star Wars fans will be able to easily recognize this model as the large, porcine guards employed by Jabba the Hutt and other crime lord across the galaxy. With team support, bot support, and NPC support, the entertainment should last. On to the negatives. Well, more like negative, as I could only really find one. The shape of the model just isn\'t what Raven had in mind when they designed the skeleton and the animations. The Gamorrean fits the skeleton, to be sure, he\'s just a little... bulky. This results in him looking really quite strange when standing still, and his arms actually clip into his sides slightly. Probably not a big deal, though, since I imagine people rarely stand still in a FFA or duel, and RPers probably won\'t care. Other than that the textures are great, the model is great, and even the weighting seems to be of standard HapSlash quality. Star Wars fans will want to download this ASAP to add to their model collections. [b]Team Support[/b]: Yes [b]Bot Support[/b]: Yes [b]NPC Support[/b]: Yes [b]New Sounds[/b]: Yes ~Inyri




Darth Sidious | 3.62 MB

do you need to know? Oh, what? Details? Fine. Textures appear to be made out of a pattern, probably in Photoshop or an equivalent thereof. While simplistic, they work well. The model itself is okish, but there's a lot of room for improvement. For a start, the shroud-like article of clothing (referred to as the flaps in the readme) bellows out, making it look like stiff padding rather than simple cloth. Next is the hood. Parts of the hood don't line up with the chest, letting you see a gap between them. This is easier to see on the "tfu" version (no shroud-like article of clothing (referred to as the flaps in the readme)). And then there's the sounds. Ow, my ears. Unfortunately, in order to acquire sounds for Sidious, one must rip them from only a handful of places, primarily, the movies. This means either A: There will be a lot of background noise, or B: The sounds will be hard on your ears due to the editing done to remove said background noise. Why, you ask? Because in removing the background noise, the voice has gained some noise 'artifacts' that are rather easy to hear. But hey, there isn't exactly an abundance of background-noise-free Sidious voice tracks available to the public, so that can be (slightly) overlooked. In all, a nice skin, but it needs work. Also, I recommend using the non-wing version ("tfu" version (no shroud-like article of clothing (referred to as the flaps in the readme))). New Sounds: Yes New Textures: Yes New Shaders: Yes Bot Support: No Team Support: No NPC Support: Yes SP Support: No Char_Color Support: No ~Crazy




Aurra Sing | 789.71 KB

intention or not, but it looks very strange. Also her legs are looking a little stubby, but from the photos I\'ve seen that may just be how she is. I do love her boots, though. Nothing like a Jedi bounty hunter with style. Marz graces us with Bot support, team support, and NPC support. No new sounds. Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: No NPC Support: Yes ~Inyri




Queen Amidala + Handmaiden 1 and 2 | 5.11 MB

a good thing. The skinning is also very well done. Although...the neck could use a little work, because other than its shape, it doesn't really make me think of a neck. But that's just a small detail. A bigger issue I have with this model is that it doesn't quite look like Natalie Portman. The head just doesn't really look to be shaped quite right. Feel free to correct me on it. But in all truthfulness, this is a good skin pack. There are two other handmaidens included in this pack, so enjoy. Bot Support: No Team Support: Yes Npc Support: No New Sounds: Yes ~Zach




Dark Adept | 527.86 KB

darkforce. This particular adept is a personal creation. She has salvaged a cannon sheild, and changed it into a makeshift helmet. Little is known of her origin.[/quote] Want something a little more unique? This may be for you. Created out of NeoMarz\' imagination, this black-clad female adept looks ready to kick some butt. Comes with Bot, NPC, and team support. No new sounds, however. Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: No NPC Support: Yes ~Inyri




Bothan Jedi | 7.58 MB

some continuing. What a great first player model to receive from the mod community. :) Jason Fryer, along with many others who he mentions in the readme, created this Bothan Jedi with many different looks. The default skin is what one would expect of a Bothan Jedi, methinks. :) Long flowing robes, a stern look on his face and ornamental adornments in his hair. The team versions of the skin remain obviously Bothan, but both seem to be less, ornate, somehow. And with less fur, or at least, it appears as if there\'s less fur, it make these version seem almost, younger. The blue skin is hooded. Included also are a female version and another simply called male, though I assume the default and the team skins are also male. The female Bothan is a redhead with a decidedly more feminine body. Really though, the smaller waist is the only feature that differentiates her from the male Bothans. Yay for the first JA model! I can\'t wait to see what else Jason Fryer and other modelers come up with. Bot support is included, and as I mentioned before, there are team skins and other hidden skins included. Unfortunately, this uses, I think Kyle sounds. :/ Everything about this model is great, except that. The taunt just really pulled me out of the moment, y\'know? So with that said, I look forward to the next version of the Bothan. ;) Great work! Bot Support: Yes Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: No ~AmosMagee




Hirman's Ahsoka Tano | 8.12 MB

move the file queue, so here I go. What we have here today is a new model to our collection. Not just a random model though, it's Ashoka Tano, Anakin's Apprentice from the recent Clone Wars Animated Series (the 3D ones, for those who spent last year under a rock or something :P ). Because it comes in 3 variants I'll try to describe them one after another. The first one is obviously, the default one. It shows how Ashoka looks in most of the episodes, with her normal bra-shirt, gauntlets, skirt, leggings and leather boots. As much as it comes to accuracy it looks pretty decently. The model could use some work still, because some parts are inaccurate. For example there is complete lack of gloves, even though Ashoka had gloves that were a part of the gauntlets. Another thing is head, which looks a bit too square, but that could be just me. The second variant is the same as the first with the exception that it has a backpack. The very same one in which Ashoka carried Jabba's son in the movie. The backpack looks nice and accurate so there's nothing else I can say about this one. Finally the last one, which is hooded version of Ashoka. She carries a cloak with a hood that covers up her lekku and bends in the same place where lekku bend, so that's a good thing, since I've seen a few Twi'lek hooded skins with hoods that didn't form as they should because of the lekku. Sadly, the hood suffers from a bit of clipping in animations (you can see head stick out on the back of the hood aswell as it's sides) while cape is as stiff as on VaderVM. That would be all when it comes to this variat, now time for a bit of criticism on texturing.. or maybe lack of it. The whole model seems to have the textures photosourced from many images that could be found on google which makes it look well, not up to the "good" standard. Photosourcing shouldn't be done unless you know what you're doing, in this case I can safely assume the person wanted to finish it fast, but it turned out as it shouldn't. The "textures" are blurry, you can see straight away they were copied and they lack accuracy. The face is the biggest issue really, beacuse of the photosourcing, it looks stiff, unreal. The lekku Have pretty much no shading or detail at all, cape suffers from the same issue. The leggings have wrong color, they were white with slight addition of pink, not pink as the author made them. I suggest looking into those details if V2 is ever going to be released. Overall it's a good start, but in my eyes it's more of a unfinished product, fixing up the problems would really give a lot of love to this model and surely get more attention to it. As a side note I'd like to add that there are also team skins and new sounds, so don't worry. Last thing I've got to say, is that the author suggested using Ashoka's lightsaber hilt made by Ashura, so if you want a "complete experiance", I suggest you grab it :) Now please submit some bandwidth if this model fits your taste. Team skins: Yes. New Sounds: Yes. Bot Support: Yes. NPC Support: Hey look, again yes. -Schrödinger




Wat Tambor | 2.68 MB

can you go wrong? This model is beautiful, right down to the polyflow, and the wonderful texturing makes me want to shed a tear (and possible throw a tantrum out of jealousy). Honestly the only problems I can find with this model is that the character is not supposed to be able to deform the way some of the JA animations do, so it seems that some executive decisions had to be made (such as "metal does not bend") so there's minor clipping between the shoulders and the chest, but I'm honestly amazed it's not worse given how it was rigged. Done very tastefully, to be sure. If you've been waiting for yet another solid prequel-based model, this is it, so savor it while you can. And what's a good model without the proper extras? We're not going to be deprived of them, don't worry. Custom sounds, team colors, excellent shaders, the works. And let's not forget bot support. Everything you could want in a model, and the quality to back it up. So what are you waiting for? Download this puppy right now! ~Inyri




The Sith Stalker For Jedi Academy | 8.47 MB

Presenting for the public's appraisal: The Sith Stalker, from The Force Unleashed Series. I have a feeling this Darth Shiftee fella waited a good long while before emerging out of the shadows to strike at you with this. Why? The model's quite pro, tee-bee-aech. God knows I could say over 100,000 negative things about the subject matter, but this model? Next to none. The only faults I can point out are minor clipping issues at best, minor enough not to worth mentioning, since for once I don't feel like ruining peoples fun.(for now...) But yeah, deforms nicely, moves nicely, and to top it all off, it has a hilt to accompany it. Aye, you read correctly: Sweet stalker hand on hilt action. Ooh yeah, and don't think it's some crappy thrown together hilt. The quality of this sucker is just as grand as its wielder. So, skins, how are the skins themselves?! Immaculate. Yeah, pretty much. Clean, crisp, and even shaded. This goes for both the model, team skins and the saber. I swear, this thing practically can stroll down the Champs-Élysées and turn so many heads if it weren't so frightening to babies. The only real weakness in this model is the sounds. Not in like authenticity, mind you, it's just that the sound files coulda probably stood for a quick couple processes through the ol' Goldwave/Adobe Audition/Whatever program you prefer. In its current form though, it's still quite acceptable. I'm just trying to find a way to poke fun at it XB 1.1, since 1.0 mysteriously disappeared, has now been uploaded, with the option to use the character in Singleplayer Menus. Now all is well. So, that's it. I'm done. No more will I haunt your screen with text. Go. Now. Bot Support:Aye NPC Support:Nay New Sounds:Aye Team Support:Aye - Averus Retruthan ***The main download link at the botom of the page is currently not working! Please download from here instead!***




Four Armed Grievous | 1.49 MB

done is split the original Grievous arm, and then raise it up, and then he weighed it to the arms. While this works, it doesn't look all too good. First off, the top arms are very stretched, and they only move when the regular arms move. Otherwise you have two very stretched arms coming out of Grievous's back. It's funny, as I heard somewhere that Grievous looks like a chicken. Anyways, to make him look like a chicken, crouch, and you'll see what I mean. Anyways, the weighing wasn't that great, as evidenced in the stretching. I saw some places where a couple of reset xforms could have fixed. The left arm, mainly. When you walked it would be sideways. This model could have been weighed better. Okay, other the weighing issues, the author also made Grievous hunched. Yay. Now he looks like a hunched chicken. The hunchedoveredness really messes up a bunch of animations. Seriously, when you do the /bow animation, it looks like Grievous is smoothing his nonexistent hair or giving his head a massage. The strong stance animation makes it look like Grievous is scared and is hiding behind his arms. Okay, in taking the weighing issues and the hunchbacked animation issues, this could use some more work. But, on a plus side, the author has included a four saber mod to go along with the model. But, other issues aside, this can use some serious work. But I'm sure some of you will like it nonetheless. Bot Support: Yes Npc Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: Default Grievous Sounds. ~Zach




Sith Lord from TOR | 4.29 MB

skin of that anonymous Sith man. So, I guess I\'ve missed some things, as I don\'t recall seeing this guy without a mask, but whatever. Skinned off of Hapslash\'s infamous Anakin model, I gotta say this guy looks really ugly. Not quality ugly but character ugly. I don\'t know what it is with Bioware and disfigured Sith Lords(although that seems to be a trend all throughout Star Wars as well,) but this guy\'s face looks like he tried to shave with his lightsaber one afternoon and paid dearly for it. Now that\'s what the actual character looks to have done; the SKIN, however, seems to have taken it to the next level. It looks far more severe, and it looks like it was just delivered. It reminds me a lot of the saber scorchmarks that show up on characters in singleplayer. Otherwise, does it look like the character in question? Eh...not really. Just looks like a sith anakin with mandalorian chest plating and interesting wrist gauntlets. All in all, it\'s not a terrible first skin, but I reckon a lot of face work will need to be done before it looks anything like the guy in those pictures. Either way, welcome to the moddin\' community and good luck with your future projects ._.! Bot Support:Aye NPC Support:Aye New Sounds:Aye Team Support:Nay - Averus Retruthan




Hirman's Cad bane | 13.68 MB

truth in all this excitement I've kinda lost track myself. But being this is a .44 Magnum - the most powerful hand gun in the world and would blow your head clean off, you've got to ask yourself one question--Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya punk?![/quote] This particular quote would surely fit if it was ment to be said by the guy of whose model we've got today. Yes, Cad Bane is a recent addition to already vast storage of Star Wars villains. We can see him debut in last episode of first season of Clone Wars (The 3D ones). Many people knew who he was based on as soon as he could be seen on screen, that of course, is Clint Eastwood. A man so badass that a replica of him had to make it's way into Star Wars, but enough with this nerdy babble, time for the file itself. This is another nice model from Hirman that's based on Cad Bane, obviously. It comes in 3 main flavours aswell as additional teamskins. To make this review cleaner I'll desribe each of them seperately. First one would be the default one. What we get is a Duros bounty hunter in clothes that clearly come from western movies. He wears a big... really big cowboy hat (Is he compensating for something? *wink wink*) A leather coat, pair of gauntlets, similar to the ones worn by Mandalorians, tight pants and pair of ordinary looking boots with something that looks like exhaust vent attached to side of each boot. The most notable thing though are the pipes comming from his back straight into his cheeks, could they be special surgery pipes that would allow him to breath in hazardous areas? Well, I don't know. As far as it comes to accuracy the model is quite spot-on and there aren't any issues to whine about really. The next variant is the same as the first one, except for one little change. His hat is gone. Instead we see his ball-head in full glory. But that's when I have to criticize for the first inaccuracy part. As some of you may already know, Cad Bane is of Duros race. Their heads have special shape that differs them from other humanoidal species, but Hirman didn't reflect that on his model. I suggest taking a good look at how Duros race looks online and then fixing that issue for the next version, if there's any planned. The last variant has its hat back on, but at the cost of the leather coat, so we get to see his skinnyness. The undershirt looks okay as far as I can tell but the belt from the sack he keeps on his right side sometimes clips into body, it's a nasty issue. Feel free to improve it in the future. Then of course we have those team variants that are same as the default one with the exception of gauntles being colored blue and red, depending on which team you'll be playing. Now comes the great finale, but before that I have one last thing to complain about. Once again Hirman used photosourced textures which take a lot of quality that could be done if the model has proper texturing done from scratch. Thankfully it doesn't look as bad as on Ahsoka and keeps the overall character look intact (As long you don't zoom-in, that is). Overall it's a solid model with decent texturing, despite it being photosourcing, which resembles Cad Bane the way it should. If you like Clint Eastwood or simply like badass villains, you must submit some of your bandwidth for this file. Then you may proceed to kidnapping senators, rescuing Jabba's friends and all that. Team skins: Yes. New Sounds: Yes. Bot Support: Yes. NPC Support: Yes. -Schrödinger




Darth Malak | 1.57 MB

modeled and added for Jedi Academy players. I have no idea what he really looks like, but this model is so non-descript, I kinda hope the character doesn't really look like this. The red team skin is the same as the default skin and then there's the blue one. There are some new taunts and other sounds included and bot support, though the author claims there are some issues with adding a bot. The biggest issue I came across was the saber. This model holds the saber and swings it much like that old Mandalorian model - remember that? It really bugs me. I would only suggest you download this model so you can offer suggestions for some changes to the author. Otherwise, wait for an update. Bot Support: Yes Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: Yes ~AmosMagee




Boc the Crude | 2.84 MB

been cobbled together from other model parts, kinda like Frankenstein - although he didn't have big gaps between his limbs and torso :D But all the model errors aside, I think it's still a decent enough skin. Sure the chest looks odd, and the gaps really stand out, but it's a nice idea, even if it is badly implemented. It's a shame that work like this probably isn't appreciated as much as other stuff. Still, it could be a lot better, especially looking at that atrocious arm, have a look at the middle bottom pic of the screenshot to see what i mean. :( Firstly the face. The features are defined enough, but the actual flesh seems a little cartoonish, and doesn't blend with the top of the head or the shoulders at all, which is a shame. The area where the legs meets the trouser/dress thing is VERY blurred and the hanging down cloth isn't exactly high quality either :( Still, it's a new model and they don't come around too often. Overall I'd give this 6/10 for the skin and 7/10 for the model. A little low? Maybe, but I haven't mentioned the sounds yet, which i found very amusing, especially the death3.mp3 and the falling sounds - very nice indeed. There is also team support and bot support, which gives the addons for this 10/10, making the overall around 8/10. Fix the model and improve those textures and this ought to be a great piece of work. New Sounds: Yes Team Support: Yes Bot Support: Yes ~Szico VII~




Qymaen jai Sheelal | 4.21 MB

changes: [quote]Everyone fancies themself a General Grievous fan these days. I wonder, though, how many will see this in the file list and say \"Hey, that\'s Grievous! Rock on!\" Few, I\'m betting. In any case, this is Grievous before he became so grieved. Out of all the characters in the prequels -- except maybe Jango Fett -- Grievous seemed to be the most interesting and yet the most disappointingly portrayed. However simply because his part was botched doesn\'t mean he\'s any less of an interesting character. Indeed this particular model portrays part of that interest. I\'ll leave you to hit Wookieepedia and read up on it if you don\'t already know. Let\'s get into the technicals. The model, I would say, is about 75% accurate to the original. Several parts were taken from Raven models, so those in and of themselves make the model inaccurate. The torso is far too small/frail, as his torso is supposedly covered in armor as far as I can tell. The face isn\'t quite shaped right, and the cape doesn\'t seem big enough and isn\'t tattered at the bottom. Some aspects of the texturing also don\'t help things along. The sleeves and flesh areas seem random -- the striations on the sleeves don\'t seem to be present in the images I\'ve seen. One of the biggest problems with the textures is they rely far too heavily on photoshop filters. Filters only get you so far. The rest has to come down to by-hand tweaks. Now on to the in-game performance. It\'s not too bad, really, despite some missing sounds and some really poor weighting in some areas (namely the cape -- capes are hard to weigh, but you can do them somewhat believably). Sounds such as the jump sound and the land sound are missing, so they are replaced by default Jaden sounds. Well gee, that all seemed so negative. Let\'s move on to some positive things, since this model isn\'t all that bad. A custom weapon has been included with this mod, namely Kummar\'s Lig sword. It seems a bit small, but otherwise seems to fit. A new sound has also been included, supposedly taken from an interview with Matthew Wood. No team skins, which is a shame, but bot support has been included, which is a nice addition. Overall a good and new addition to our archives that, while it could certainly benefit from more attention, is certainly acceptable as-is. ~Inyri[/quote] Now, as far as I saw, the only new thing was team support. I found that a bit disappointing, as I was expecting more from it, such as more choices for skins, npc support, possibly SP support, etc. But, the changes don\'t bring it down, so it\'s still a good update. Give it a download! Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes NPC Support: No New Sounds: Yes




IG-88 | 1.32 MB

sentience program. Upon activation, the prototype destroyed it's makers and activated the other three robots. One became a bounty hunter to avoid arousing suspicion, and the other three did evil deeds elsewhere. The model itself looks pretty accurate, although all I was able to find for source material was a few screenshots. The strap going across the shoulder looked a little awkward in-game, since it was quite stiff. But really, that's a limitation of the game, so it's of no consequence. The shiny metal look of the droid may also have been a little too shiny - perhaps a bit darker would have looked better in a dark environment. [i]Edit:[/i] I failed to mention that this model also has SP suport. There are two options - an IG-88 with the shoulder band, and one without it. The voice used was female Jaden...blech. :p I do have one complaint...there are no new sounds! I'm not sure what an IG-88 droid would sound like, but even just some beeping sounds are better than Kyle/Jaden screaming all the time. The author said that the weighting was a bit off, and now I'm curious where the problem areas are...because I didn't see anything amiss. So far, I'd say this is Last_Wish's best contribution to the site. It looks good, and performs well. If only it had sound! ~Dretzel




Haps Stormtrooper v2

haps_stormtrooper_v2.rar | 2.01 MB

added on by Semedar, and I must say it looks quite good. There are two versions, shiny and really shiny. Now of the two the less shiny one looks far superior to me, probably due to the fact that the really shiny one looks like he just emerged victorious from a KY wrestling match. This is definately an improvement for those of you who like that extra bit of shine, or are a fan of KY wrestling. Well you have the screenshots below so toss your bandwidth into the pit, us staff are getting hungry. -Sciacca P.S. Think I used the word 'shiny' enough? Answers on a postcard please. "Let it shine!"-Take That




Chewbacca Skin | 966.84 KB

files, which causes this to overwrite the Wookiee model that comes packed with JKA. The only difference between this Chewbacca and the one that comes with the game, is that this one is just colored more gold-ish. Why would a wookiee be gold? *shrugs* With the team colors, the only thing that changes is the color of the sash. Also, the sounds aren\'t even that of the wookiee, they are human sounds. Download this, see if you like it, and if not, delete this and keep the default wookiee. ~Lord Griever~ [b]Team Colors - If you call changing the color of the sash color, then yes New Sounds - No Bot Support - Yes[/b]




Vosa Komari | 1.14 MB

around, but that doesn\'t really matter very much. Mars shows us his prowess with models by giving us yet another well-made female model. Bot, team, and NPC support is included. No new sounds. Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: No NPC Support: Yes ~Inyri





roels_starkiller.rar | 2.89 MB

good, I think it's probably the least accurate and least creative. Why? Well.. 1.) The model choice forces him to sport a jedi tunic. 2.) The face was pretty borrowed =_o Maybe that's just me feeling a little irked by his cocky statement, but the skin's not THAT entirely impressive. That's not to say it isn't good. By all means, it's actually drop dead amazing in terms of detail. No doubt, in terms of detail, this IS the best Starkiller out here. However, the model choice has just made it feel like another Anakin reskin, or worse, just something that looked like it was part of Spanki's customization O_o even though not all of it was. Speaking of which, the team skins could have had a little more effort applied into them. Basically, he tacked on Spanki sleeved red/blue colors and called it a day, save for the red team, where the demoniacally sithese eyes were applied. Oh yeah, and the sounds don't really help the skin out. What DOES help is the extras. There's an included backhand saber made by HOUOU, so that should help tide you over. If not, well there's always meteors =_o. Bot Support:Nay NPC Support:Nay New Sounds: Nay Team Support:Aye - Averus Retruthan




TFU Secret_Apprentice_HK NPC | 6.46 MB

brought you what you asked for, which isn't much, but for the people who love fighting with NPCs this will be a fun little mod. Enjoy. ~Authuran




Hirman's Darth Bane | 26.52 MB

Bane skin[/file] this entire site. All of that has just changed though - Hirman brings us Darth Bane. For those of us who have no idea who he is (or presumably, like me, never played KotOR read any Star Wars comics/novels), Wookieepedia has an article on the Sith in question right here. He's basically the guy who invented the Rule of Two. Regardless, this Darth Bane really isn't bad at all - I personally prefer the way it looks over the other one I linked to. It also comes with sounds, NPCs, bots & more. To me, it seems pretty accurate to the pictures of Bane I could find, and the skin & model are both of good quality. In fact, my only real gripe (aside from how teamskins really would be nice in a later version ;)), is clipping. Unfortunately, with the kind of clothes Bane is wearing, clipping is inevitable. I did notice several spots (arms, cloak, etc) where it might be fixable though, but I'm no expert. Still, this grand total of 3 Darth Banes to choose from (see screenshots) should more than satisfy all your Bane-related needs. ;) [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yep [b]NPC Support:[/b] Yep [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yep [b]Team Support:[/b] Nope -Caelum




TFU Starkiller Model | 2.36 MB

good as the most recent Starkiller skin that came out. I highly suggest that the maker of this model enlist that skinner to help him in his project. The model is great. From what I've seen of the character, it's spot on. Unfortunately the skinning job is atrocious. Everything is flat, paintbucketed, and extremely blurry. He looks like a horribly drawn cartoon character. The upside is that, as you can see from the preview skins, the upcoming version two looks immensely better. I don't even understand why this version was released, considering how crappy it is compared to his previews for version two. A few sounds have been added but although they are nice, clear sounds, they don't really fit. I always feel weird when my character dies and recites a few sentences instead of screaming in agony. There's also a saber for you to use with him. You can choose to play as this character for single player. Bot Support - Yes Team Skins - Yes NPC Support - Yes New Sounds - Yes Species Customization - Yes ~Laam'inui




Aayla Secura | 1.3 MB

she didn't say much lol. The model has three different skin variations, red, blue and black clothes, all selectable from the player menu. The model isn't perfect, the face doesn't look totally accurate however it does Aayla justice and doesn't make that big of an impact on the model. The clothes aren't too bad either, they're done rather well especially with the choice of three. There is bot support, team support as I mentioned and NPC support, however no new sounds unfortunately, but there isn't much that can be done about that since there is a lack of sounds from Aayla and the Female Jaden sounds fit perfectly in my opinion. A truly great model worthy of any JKA owner's download, certainly my favourite female model so far, and the best Aayla so far, the others just didn't look enough like her. New Sounds: No Bot Support: Yes NPC Support: Yes Team Support: Yes -Rink




Acolyte Reborns | 7.23 MB

prudent to team up with Schrodinger to reweigh the nostalgically popular Gallimar model from JK2 to make the JK2 Reborns come alive in a new light...and a very fat one. Seriously, I cannot get over how BEEFY these guys look from the back. I've tried to view them in certain lights(and they look okay in the front,) account for the baggy/puffy clothing, but no matter what happens, I just think "Man, these guys look chunky." I downloaded old Gallimar and compared the original model to your newly-weighed version. Other than the sabers being fixed, it doesn't look like much was alterred in the figure. Y'ever heard that phrase: "Black is slimming?" That might be how Gallimar got away with how he looked in JK2 XD Now don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to sound mean or hateful of your work. I love this idea, and think it's a pretty neat idea to give the reborns a model, but like I said, that back just really needs some attention. I think if you tweaked the textures for the back, it may make it seem more proportionate. I wish I could tell you exactly how to alter it, but at this point, I'm not sure if it's the cloth going down the center or the texture application near the arms/shoulders. That's about all I can point out in terms of suspects. Maybe you agree with me, maybe you don't, but give it a look, you might see what I mean. Alright, enough about the fattycakes issues, we have a whole front we neglected to talk about. The fronts themselves look great, giving the reborn a sort of tabard look to their attire, which suits them well. The back amd sodes of the tabard are both carefully textured, using what appears to have been the leg textures in the previous rebornery, and it looks quite fine. Save for that area that shall not be mentioned, this was a pretty nicely executed mod. Now all it needs is bot and NPC support, and maybe an option to replace the old reborn, and we'll be set. Well-done, gents. Bot Support: Nay NPC Support: Nay New Sounds: Default Reborn Team Support: Aye - Averus Retruthan




Arcs Remade | 11.53 MB

new Episode III ARC skins, mainly changing markings and colors but also changing a few of the helmet layouts to be rather unique, instead of the generic clone/stormtrooper helmet. On the whole, it's an interesting setup. Download if ya want it. ~Crazy New Sounds: Yes (SW:RC) Team Skins: Yes Bot Support: No NPC Support: No SP Support: No And, just because it's Laam, Custom RGB Support: No Icons: Yes RGB Tint Support: No (A cookie for anyone who knows what this is!)




AT-ST | 2.97 MB

This is quite possibly the most monumental, spectacular file ever contributed to this site. The ground of Jedi Knight 3 shakes when this file treads upon it. All who see, leave in awe. The mighty slayer of infantry, eater of babies, destroyer of worlds: The AT-ST Walker, has been made into a player model. Okay, I see you need a few moments to compose yourselves as well. Once you're conscious again I'll continue. Back on your feet? Good. I'll repeat myself in case you've forgotten. The AT-ST Walker has been made into a player model. You can now run around as a human-sized AT-ST and blow things apart with guns held by your invisible arms, or swing a magical saber around your very sexy metal hull. That's not all folks! You can even SOUND like an AT-ST, with authentic AT-ST sound clips; you can even play as an AT-ST in single player. Terrify those obnoxious clown cultists, and then dismember them and gorge yourself on their entr-... Sorry. You get the picture. This file is perfect in nearly every way. Team skins: Yes. New sounds: Yes. Single player support: Yes. Butt support: Yes. NPC support: Yes. In conclusion I'll summarize the sheer magnificence of this powerful file with a string of smilies and random symbols which look like they can be swear words. :D :D :D :O O_O o_o O_o o_O >_>




Mysteries of the Sith Kyle V2 | 3.07 MB

skin. For the most part the skin is the same, so I will paste in the original review below. However, there are some major differences with the team skins, and I will talk a bit more about that after I have pasted in my previous review. [quote][b]Yes!!![/b] Finally we have a Mysteries of the Sith Kyle reskin! Why am I so happy you ask? Well for me it was the Mysteries of the Sith demo that came with my then new PC that started off my love of the Jedi Knight series. I’ve played through that demo so many times, and it always brings back memories! I am most pleased therefore that DarthPhae, after having just released his excellent Yun skin has decided to release an MOTS Kyle skin too! So let’s have a look at this skin… DarthPhae has previously released three versions of his Dark Forces Kyle reskin, each getting better, now I am glad to see that he has also made an Mysteries of the Sith version of Kyle. Being quite familiar with Kyle’s appearance in MOTS I can tell you that this skin is indeed very accurate. I am especially impressed with the hair colouring, DarthPhae has got it just right, with the goatee beard and the hair fading from a nice brown colour into the trademark greying patches. Moving downwards, the distinctive black clothing and armour that Kyle wore in Mysteries of the Sith has also been faithfully reproduced. The texture work is up to a very good standard as has been evident with all of the author’s work thus far, and he has done a good job to get the details just right. Afterall the actual skin in MOTS used very low resolution textures, so there will have been a lot of questions as to what kind of fabric texture to use and what details to use when the author was making this skin. The skin also includes team support, and bot support also, which is good. There are a few things I think could be improved upon however. Foremost among these are the team skins. The skins have been very subtly tinted either red or blue for the respective teams, but the tinting is a bit too subtle and is not easy to make out sometimes. Personally I think some red or blue piping around the edges of the armour plates would look cool, or maybe a few subtle patches of colour here and there. Other than that I think the trousers could do with a bit more detail on them, perhaps a few creases here and there, as they look a little flat at the moment. Apart from that though a magnificent skin here! What is more the skin also contains the original sounds used in MOTS. My favourite being the ‘grunt’ sound that you usually get when you fall from a high place and loose some health. Instead of the usual grunt, Kyle wittily says “gravity is a harsh mistress!” which if I remember right is out of the second map of the Asteroid level. Genius! Fantastic idea to include that soundset there mate. ;) All in all then excellent work here, I recommend a download for anyone who is a fan of Mysteries of the Sith! :) [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yes [b]Bot Support:[/b]Yes [b]Team Support:[/b] Yes ~Nozyspy~ [/quote] Now, let’s have a look at those differences. The biggest difference I noticed was the team skins. I mentioned last time around that the colouring on the team skins was a bit too subtle, and it wasn’t easy to tell which belonged to which team. This time however the chest plate now features much brighter and easier to see team colours along with either the Imperial or Rebel insignia depending on the team, which I thought was a nice touch. The default skins also seem to have been tweaked a little. However the main thing that still bugged me was the trousers, they still look rather flat. I really think they need more defined texture on them, with some more wrinkles or something. Other than that though, the new team skins make this an excellent update. This is definitely a file I will be keeping in my base folder. Make sure to give it a download! :) [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yes [b]Bot Support:[/b]Yes [b]Team Support:[/b] Yes ~Nozyspy~




Sith Inquisitor | 17.14 MB

and that’s never a sign of a friendly fellow! I have to say, this is a really nice pack from Jose, I say pack because there isn’t just a skin in here, but a little extra mod which also changes the staff stance, walk and run animations to something much better looking, rather than the strange waddle that the player perform with the base JKA staff animations. But not only that, there is also a staff hilt as well! Its great when some cool extras are thrown in! The skin itself looks pretty cool, and as the author says, is inspired by Revan and star Wars: The old Republic concept art. The belt/waist wrap especially is obviously inspired by Darth Revan\'s robes and the whole skin has a really nice Old Republic vibe to it. The colour scheme fits nicely too , though I’m not sure about the combination of the purple piping on the robe combined with the yellow waist sash for the blue team skin, personally I would have gone with a purple waist sash as the yellow really seems to clash... Not that I generally give fashion advice to the Sith of course! The only other thing that bugged be was the lack of bot support, but apart from that this is a really nice little package here from Jose Carlos. Apparently this was made in about 4 hours over pizza, if pizza helps you make stuff this good in 4 hours, damn I want whatever you had! :P [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]Bot Support:[/b] No [b]Team Support:[/b] Yes ~Nozyspy~




Rahm Kota

rham_kota.rar | 1.35 MB

be nice,) my instincts kicked in: what I was hearing was: "I wasn't trying too hard, but please praise my work regardless." Maybe that sounds a bit harsh, but it's not a very good attitude to have when skinning, or modding in general. That leads to quite a bit of negative backlash from the community. SO! The major thing I noticed immediately what the rather solid colors that are tell-tale mark of MS Paint. The pants, eye-wrap, and hair are pretty much victim to this editing. The rest of the skin seemed to be the result of default texture digging, as I noted the Jedi2 shirt was used here, as were parts of the Jedi1, I believe. At the risk of punching myself in the face, I will simply refer you to the master sticky found here: As valiant as your attempt was, it fell quite short, and I would definitely sharpen your skinning skills before sending in another public display skin. This one doesn't bode well as a good start. However, MaceCrusherMadunusus, a renowned MB2 mapper, also had a rather rough start in his earlier days. Give it some time and practice, and you too can pown mightily with your skins. Also, the directory begins with SOUND, not SOUNDS. I was wondering for about 5 minutes why your sounds weren't working until I caught that tiny mistake. A shame that threw your total soundset usage out the window, so basically you just tagged on extra useless weight to your file's size, worse since you could have simply used a sounds.cfg to achieve the desired soundset. Insert Quarter and Try Again. You have a bit to learn, but I look forward to seeing what the fruits of your labor will yield. Bot Support:Nay NPC Support:Aye New Sounds: Nay Team Support:Aye - Averus Retruthan




TFU2 Maulkiller

tfu2_maulkiller.rar | 4.62 MB

monochrome JKA, but then I looked up what a Maulkiller actually was and found myself forced to conclude the author was neither insane nor colorblind. So, basically, this is Maulkiller. [quote]This model is a re-skined from Darth Phae\'s TFU 2 Cloned Starkiller pack, I tried to make from one of the starkiller models he made into the Maulkiller skin/ costume that is in TFU 2[/quote] [b]The good[/b] -Decent level of accuracy judging by what little reference material I could find [b]The bad[/b] -Definitelys some discrepancies accuracy-wise -Default taunts -Due to a bug, the blue team skin appears to be missing the whole of its right arm, with the exception of a gravity-defying hand -It\'s gray-scale... While the author\'s has, in spite of some discrepancies, done a decent job recreating Maulkiller, I find myself unable to shake the feeling that I\'m looking at a desaturated reborn. It\'s black and white, and rather unremarkable. For the most part though, I believe this isn\'t the author\'s fault, but rather the nutcase who gave birth to Maulkiller. Then again, maybe I\'m overly negative ;) If you\'ve always wanted to be Maulkiller, here\'s your chance. [b]Bot Support:[/b] Nope [b]NPC Support:[/b] Yup [b]New Sounds:[/b] Nope [b]Team Support:[/b] Nope (one\'s identical to the default skin, other is not but misses an arm) -Caelum




Zuckuss | 5.95 MB

literature, but I did read "Tales of the Bounty Hunters," and I found that I enjoyed: "Of Possible Futures: The Tale of Zuckuss and 4-LOM," quite intensely. I found the character of Zuckuss to be quite an entertaining and awesome entity. Zuckuss, for those unaware, is a Gand, an insectoid species that lives on the ammonia shrouded planet of Gand. Two species exist: those with lungs, and those without. If you've looked at the screenshots by now, you can probably guess Zuckuss is the former, and he is doubly unfortunate, as a problematic bounty hunt resulted in him being exposed to oxygen, and his lungs were damaged by the toxic mixture. He also has a very amusing split personality disorder. I'm actually very tempted to re-read Tales of the Bounty Hunters just to celebrate this release. So, with that aside, BEHOLD the Zuckuss model, and let me say, the accuracy is nearly astounding. Notice I said nearly, as there is one major accuracy issue. All Gands, lungless or not, have only three fingers on each hand, where as this one has a standard human hand. Honestly, I'm willing to overlook this for now though, because: 1.) The way this model is built, it looks like it could easily be cut off and replaced in future versions 2.) The hand there doesn't look that bad 3.)This model was based off of the Empire Strikes Back appearance, so the actor may have had a regular glove instead of the three fingers on the screen.(Points to whoever verifies this for me.) Everything else looks stellar. Seriously, thank you Scout, you've brought the Holy Grail to mah proverbial sick Arthur. There are a couple model-related issues, namely the weird deformation at the back of the skirt and a seam in the waist, but the deformation is negligible and the seam can only be seen at certain angles, so honestly, neither present that big of a problem. The skin work here is impeccable. I dare say this thing has some of the most humble yet awesome team skins I've seen in a while. The colors are nice and dark and blend in nicely with the character and the rest of the skin. To top it all off, this thing DOES have sounds, though there is a slight issue with JA+ users. Essentially, Scouttrooper made a modified trandoshan soundset(that fits in REALLY nicely, might I add,) but only included a single taunt. This means if you use JA+ or any other mod that features multiple taunts, you'll hear a lot of "Take Thats" before you hear the actual taunt. I know I can live past that, how about y'all? =_= And so, 5 out of the 6 bounty hunters are completed. All that's needed is Dengar, and the original ESB bounty hunter troupe will be complete. Scout, this is an excellent contribution, and a smashing debut into our little modding community. Bravo, sir, bravo. I am so totally going to be using this ad nauseum. Pharaoh commands that bandwidth be thrust into submission. DO AS I COMMAND! Bot Support:Aye NPC Support:Aye New Sounds:Aye Team Support:Aye - Averus Retruthan




Jedi / Sith Chistori | 1.91 MB

cutting remark countless times over. They're nearly to the point of exhaustion when on the horizon who shows up but... BROLY. He takes Desann and Obi Wan and rips their heads and hands off, and then proceeds to slam each of the body parts into the other person with such force that they instantly fuse with the body. Thus, Obi Wan now has Desann's head and hands, thanks to Broly. Broly. His power is maximum. Believe it or not, I basically described exactly what the author has done for this file - he's replaced Obi Wan's head and hands with Desann's, creating a purple-dinosaur-jedi. All of the texturing and modeling is done by other people - Namely Hapslash and Desann - and nothing has been changed from the original models. They've just been smashed together. In fact, this doesn't even include any team skins, new sounds, bot support, or NPC support which makes me cry. You could have put AT LEAST SOME OF YOUR OWN WORK INTO THIS. Sigh. Oh well. You're getting Hapslash quality modeling and skinning with Raven quality head and hands - decide for yourself if they mix well. The author HAS included a 'Sith' version which, predictably, is just all the clothing turned so black you can barely see any of the detail on it anymore, and though it IS a 'separate' skin it really doesn't make up for the lack of team skins. - New Sounds: Nej. - Team Skins: Nej. - Bot Support: Nej. - NPC Support: Nej. ~Laam'inui




Rockettrooper | 1.95 MB

together and I can only assume that they're meant as zero-g soldiers, or soldiers in really abnormal and hazardous ground conditions. Now I don't remember where they fell into place in JKA but I do remember that they were in it. I also remember that Forcemod 3 included the rockettrooper skins as selectable models. This modder has basically done what Forcemod 3 did: take the rockettrooper and make it available as a multiplayer model. I think this is the first time it's been released on its own, however. The skin comes with a couple of very nice look team skins as well as the default gray. Team skins: Ja. New Sounds: Nej. Bot Support: Nej. NPC Support: Nej. ~Laam'inui




NPC Droid Pack | 3.27 MB

alone, not counting the available vehicles in this pack. That\'s right, you can drive some droids as well. So basically, the best way to sum up this pack is to call it a big ol\' recolor pack. Sounds kinda crude, I know, but that\'s about accurate. The majority of the droids are simply recolors of the base textures. Some are good, some are weird, others are repeats, but most of them are not. It\'s a pretty interesting pack, and some of the designs are really appealing. I like the imperial recolor of the R5 in particular, along with some of the green R2/R5\'s. Quite intriguing. Now, what about these vehicles? Pretty simple, you get to drive a regular R2, an imperial R2, and a regular R5. Now what Helena here has done that\'s quite ingenious is using the VH_ANIMAL vehicle class, which unlike the walker class, will NOT run over everyone you see, which was an unintended feature in some of the other packs I\'ve seen. It kinda makes it difficult when your R2 unit\'s rolling by you and he accidentally mows you down. This makes it so the droids won\'t be as much of a hazard, so you can walk alongside them without fear of getting crushed. Now there is one minor technical nitpick I want to make. I noticed the droids seem to constantly loop the movement rotor sounds regardless if the droid is in motion or not. This may be an unintended side effect of the class, and could very well be remedied by simply jumping out, but maybe there\'s a way to fix this? Now, am I the only one who thinks this needs a sequel? There\'s always the protocol droids to drive, gonks, and if you\'re feeling really adventurous, you can try your hand at interrogators, probes, and sentries. With a little creative .veh work, I think all of these could work beautifully. Just some food for thought thar. Anyway, think you need moar droids to work with? Answer: This pack. VICTORY! - Averus Retruthan




Hazardtrooper | 2.73 MB

business). Big, imposing, and no normal diet to speak of, these Hazard Troopers can coming crashing towards you with several hundred thousand credits worth of Imperial ordinance down on your toes. Built to withstand everything from acid, lava, and the hard vacuum of space: Hazard Troopers are some of the toughest and strongest that the Stormtrooper ranks have to offer. The model itself is not at all well-suited for the standard model animations (particularly lightsaber and acrobatics), but it does look fairly natural with a firearm equipped. From a game play standpoint, I can see one of these guys presenting a pretty big target to your opponents; but I'll chalk that one up for psychological warfare. The animations are really all that can be hacked at, but without some major model altercations and re-weighing, I understand that there is little that can be done. I would also like to point out that this is the right kind of thinking towards making your own mod. Does it seem obvious? Sound like someone's already made something like that? You might be right. If your not, then go make it yourself! That is what An_Innocent_Bystander did and I applaud him for it. -Sared New Textures: Yes Bot Support: No New Animations: No Overall rating: seven out of ten blueberry candy canes.




Luke Skywalker\'s Saber Hilt | 178.14 KB

be able to see them nice and delightfully. No multiplayer though, but I guess it\'ll have to wait for now. More to come. Mak is indeed on a roll. - Averus Retruthan




DT's Dark Forces 2 Kyle | 1.14 MB

methinks. Why? Well, how many of them can say they use a whole new model? Not many. This Kyle model literally blows the old kyle out of the water tenfold. So, starting from head to toe, let's see what's gone on here. ...So, anyway, the head. There's so many things about this that puts the Raven Kyle model to shame. The overall head itself is much more crisp and smooth, and doesn't feel as jagged as the old model did. The nose is perfectly rounded off, instead of terminating in that pointy tip that some of you may noticed the old one does. The moustache is no longer grafted into the model, so people who inevitably reskin this will not have to contend with that ugly moustache blurring into their fresh faced characters. Now, the neck and torso, which also made me go "WHOA!" are a lot more vivid and lifelike. I've never really cared much for the old Kyle's shirt, as it felt grainy and generally unpleasing to look at. It didn't even feel like a real shirt so much as it did a bad texture. DT has changed that immensely, and the shirt now feels like it's an actual article of clothing instead of a texture applied to a generic body. You can see in the collar region where the flesh ends and the shirt clearly begins, and the difference is three dimensional, which is truly an excellent effect. The shoulder pad is no longer that hard and rigid piece of suck'age, but is now a nice and soft pauldron that conforms nicely over Kyle's shoulder. Guess what, skinners? I did some toying around and found out: [b]This Pauldron CAN be safely surfed off![/b] Intense, I know! O_o Kyle's belt now has a new addition that shoulda been here ages ago: THE OL' BRYAR PISTOL, resting in its holster. This too, and the belt, can be surfed off with no negative rammifications. I swear, I'm going to explode in awe. @_@; The pants didn't see much action model-wise, but the texture definitely speaks for itself. Very nice black pants. The boots are no longer those jagged clunky anchors but now they're slick leather boots in the purest sense. There was no expense spared here. All this, and I still haven't mentioned how amazing the textures are. DT, I can't believe you were able to effectively make Kyle's old grainy shirt look good. It's shocking. The skin textures were simply sublime, the pants, however dark they may be, are fluid and quite well done, and...I honestly should just stop talking before my feet spontaneously spawn high heels. XD Now, I feel like I gotta cover the extras. Rather than slap Kyle into a set of red or blue pajamas this time around, DT recolored the shirts accordingly, and they look good. They're appealing, subtle, and they get the job done. Now, there was no bot or NPC support added for the skin, and for good reason. This packet contains an extra PK3 that allows you to [b]replace your old kyle,[/b] and basically add the bot and NPC support for you. Sounds? Old JK2/3 voice, and not JK1. This isn't what I'd call a disappointment, since the old actor wasn't exactly the best in that department. Before I close out, I guess it's worth tapping on the subject of likeness. One of DT's objectives was to try and make this guy look like Jason Court, the full-motion video actor who played Katarn in JK1. The question is: is there a likeness? Ehh, I'm not seeing much of a resemblance here, but honestly, it doesn't matter. Even though it isn't a dead-on look of the actor, it *IS* a dead-on solid look of Kyle Katarn, both in Dark Forces II and, honestly, I'd say it could carry through JK2 and 3, and that definitely counts for something. I can see this staying in my base for as long as I keep this game installed, as it's simply the most beautiful recreation of Kyle Katarn I've ever seen, and will change the way I see Kyle(literally,) forever. Enough of this babbling. TO THE BANDWIDTH PITS WITH YOU ALL! Bot Support:Nay NPC Support:Nay New Sounds:Nay Team Support:Aye - Averus Retruthan [i]P.S. - The Yun skin in screenshot #2, along with a beautiful array of other DF2 skins, can be downloaded [file="108275"]here[/file] to fully complete your JK1 experience![/i]




Boss Nass

bossnass.rar | 3.41 MB

the \"boss\" of gungans. We could see his debut back when Episode I The Phantom Menace was released. Now onto the model itself. The model is well made and resembles the character almost perfectly. All the most important details were nicely carved onto the mesh, including straps on the coat aswell as spikes on the eyebrows. Face looks spot on, although he has this \"angry\" look to him, maybe it should have been more neutral? My only real complaint lies with the fact he\'s not as... chubby as he\'s supposed to be aswell as a few clipping issues here and there but I guess that can\'t be helped considering the engine limitations. Textures are very detailed, especially the head and feet aswell the the pattern on the coat. Shoulderpads, hands and the golden necklace seem a bit blurry but I guess it\'s not that much of a problem. There\'s really nothing else I could pick on except for the arms of the coat being a slightly darker shade than the main portion making the arm-torso connection area seem a bit weird. As a cherry on top, the model comes with authentic sounds straight from Episode I, so you can expect the famous \"BLRBLRBLRBRLBL\" aswell as \"Wesa give yousa una bongo!\". Well then, what are you waiting for? Give this great model a download, you surely won\'t regret it. New Model - Yup Sounds - Yup Bot /NPC Support - Nay Team Support - Nay ~The Denariax




Qymaen jai Sheelal | 2.5 MB

Grievous before he became so grieved. Out of all the characters in the prequels -- except maybe Jango Fett -- Grievous seemed to be the most interesting and yet the most disappointingly portrayed. However simply because his part was botched doesn't mean he's any less of an interesting character. Indeed this particular model portrays part of that interest. I'll leave you to hit Wookieepedia and read up on it if you don't already know. Let's get into the technicals. The model, I would say, is about 75% accurate to [url=""]the original[/url]. Several parts were taken from Raven models, so those in and of themselves make the model inaccurate. The torso is far too small/frail, as his torso is supposedly covered in armor as far as I can tell. The face isn't quite shaped right, and the cape doesn't seem big enough and isn't tattered at the bottom. Some aspects of the texturing also don't help things along. The sleeves and flesh areas seem random -- the striations on the sleeves don't seem to be present in the images I've seen. One of the biggest problems with the textures is they rely far too heavily on photoshop filters. Filters only get you so far. The rest has to come down to by-hand tweaks. Now on to the in-game performance. It's not too bad, really, despite some missing sounds and some really poor weighting in some areas (namely the cape -- capes are hard to weigh, but you [i]can[/i] do them somewhat believably). Sounds such as the jump sound and the land sound are missing, so they are replaced by default Jaden sounds. Well gee, that all seemed so negative. Let's move on to some positive things, since this model isn't all that bad. A custom weapon has been included with this mod, namely Kummar's Lig sword. It seems a bit small, but otherwise seems to fit. A new sound has also been included, supposedly taken from an interview with Matthew Wood. No team skins, which is a shame, but bot support [i]has[/i] been included, which is a nice addition. Overall a good and new addition to our archives that, while it could [i]certainly[/i] benefit from more attention, is certainly acceptable as-is. [b]Bot Support[/b]: Yes [b]Team Support[/b]: No [b]NPC Support[/b]: No [b]New Sounds[/b]: Yes ~Inyri




Maw (With Legs) | 5.5 MB

this being...and maybe Jerec. Honestly, looking at this current model, I'm a tad disappointed. This was based off the noghri model, editing to portray Maw before he was dismembered by Qu Rahn...and in still looks more Noghri than it does Boltrunian, Maw's race. Similar as they seem, there's some subtle differences in facial builds that weren't really taken into account. Now I know you said you had to wing it when adding Maw's legs, but what I would have seriously suggested first was to add a lower half that supported the way too top heavy Noghri. I never saw Maw in full body, but I don't think he had ballerina feet. There were also the noted bugs in the readme, but I doubt those'll bug people too much. Now, onto the skins. For some reason, I always preferred the team skins on Maw versus what he had for default. The same seems to apply here, because the skin hue on the default seems Going off these live action shots, precedent and wookieepedia shots, his skin was more brown than orange. Perhaps there's a more orange hue to it, but honestly, I woulda stuck with browner moar. Also, the front flap on the default stood out way too much. It felt too solid and didn't really look too much like cloth. Moving to the team skins, whilst the red team skin was impressive, the blue team skin felt too close to just being a noghri with an edited outfit. Kind of a downer. So, overall? It's a pretty good shot, but I think it could have used a little more tweaking and shifting before release. This still feels too noghri to be that behemoth former Shadow. However, if that doesn't bug you, then SHUT UP AND ADD YOUR BANDWIDTH TO THE WAGON =_= Bot Support: Aye NPC Support: Aye New Sounds: Aye Team Support: Aye - Averus Retruthan




Cathar Species

catharspecies.rar | 15.52 MB

will see it: ME. -=Syrup streaks across the sky=- But seriously, we got cats.[/quote] One takes the original female Jaden species. One retextures them to look like cats. One then gives them new, additional clothes. Behold: the Cathar are born - a species of female Jadencats. Alas, no male variants yet. Even so, they work, they work, and they work. And you have to admit they look kind of neat. Furries and non-furries alike, rejoice. For the record: these do not overwrite anything, they're a new species. [b]Bot Support:[/b] Nope [b]NPC Support:[/b] Nope [b]New Sounds:[/b] Nope [b]Team Support:[/b] Nope -Caelum

Nero's Blue Rose (DMC4) - Screenshots Screenshots:




Forsaken Reborn | 8.18 MB

Side Reborns would look like if they were attempting to break from the clutches of the Dark Side. It's basically your standard Reborn reskin. I do like that shaders used for the tattoos, in that they have a glow cycle, well, some of them at least. Other than that, there isn't really much else that could be said about these. The texturing is otherwise good. They MAY work as replacements for the Reborns in singleplayer, though I am not sure myself since I don't have an SP game saved, so I can't check it. Anyway, if you are bored of the basic game Reborn skins, this may spark your interest. [b]New Models:[/b] No [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]Team Colours:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] No -SuperSmeg




Mandalorian Neo Crusader | 7.36 MB

Mandalorians wear the same useless armour, ha! :D If I had to say it looked similar to anything, it would be to one of the Emperor's guards from the second Death Star, minus the cape. As far as I can tell though, this is a completely original character (I don't read the expanded universe books, so I can't say for certain). The skinning and texturing on him are actually fairly good. There are a few slight model clipping errors though, which could be fixed in time for a v2 release, if there is going to be one. Comes with the standard default colour, aswell as the red and blue team variant, and a secret gold version. But it's a new model though, and that should be the main focus of it. I'm not sure if there is an official "character bio" for him. If there is, I'm sure the author knows it. No single player support though. Some new sounds would've made this a complete package in my opinion. In any case though, the quality here is actually very good. I can't wait to see what AshuratheHedgehogDX comes up with next. ;) [b]New Model:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]NPC Support:[/b] Yes [b]Team Colours:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] No -SuperSmeg