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Silver Dragon | 1.45 MB

to mimic something that already exists. Is this that? Could be. It\'s certainly not a Jedi, though, and definitely has a unique flaire. My favorite part, oddly enough, is the hands. How many of you modellers out there use Raven\'s hands? Or learned your technique from them? *raises her hand* This author wouldn\'t have that, however. He seems to have made his hands from scratch, with the biggest difference being there are three, not four, fingers. The claws on each finger are also unique. My second favorite part is the head, and wouldn\'t you know it, the mouth even moves! Personally I\'d rather replace Desann with this model if it was JO compatible. He just looks so much nastier than Desann ever was, and Desann was pretty cool in my books. Now to the technical aspects. What makes this model so neat is the skin has a specular shine to it, giving it the impression of being armored scales. It\'s very subtle, so it\'s not over the top and metal-looking. The deformation looks pretty good too, especially considering it\'s a first model. What I\'m not so fond of is the very grainy look of the textures, which luckily you won\'t notice much unless you\'re looking at it very close-up, or looking directly at the textures, as I have a tendency to do. Other than that, however, the skin looks fantastic, as does the model. And on top of all that, it has single player support. Always excellent. I\'d recommend this to everyone except... well, nevermind. I recommend it to everyone. I mean really, who doesn\'t like dragons? If you can stomach lightsabers, the Force, and Wookiees, I don\'t think a silver dragon is out of the question ;) Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: Desann\'s NPC Support: No ~Inyri




Samurai Model | 1.14 MB

katanas. The mask and helmet are very detailed and interesting to gaze upon. I didn\'t notice any problems with weighting, but I didn\'t play with it much. The team skins for the first model are what you\'d expect, and they look wonderful. The second model features a maskless warrior who has a very serious look about him. Nice facial hair, too. The third Samurai there is actually no helmet or mask and is considered the \"Archer\". He looks great. According to the readme, these models were inspired by The Last Samurai and I\'m quite pleased with them. The only thing that disappoints me is that there weren\'t any new sounds done. Please, please update this model with sounds. And do more models. :D Bot Support: Yes Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: No ~AmosMagee




HS_Gweth_Kelia | 13.9 MB

ultimate female model that will replace Leela and hurt her feelings and make her cry, where I shall promptly laugh and then cleave through both their skulls. The result of this effort? Hapslash quality. Need I say more? Okay fine, it's really good, but it's not really not that thrilling to me. However, I'm sure the female players are rejoicing like crazy and will probably roar at me for not giving a rave review of this sensational model. I wasn't thrilled with the soundsets on Gweth at all. Apparantly they're from Babylon 5. They sounded like some uppity crank feminist who hasn't slept in five years and needs to be hit over the head with a scythe. The sound quality is decent, minus one gloating sound. Is it good overall? Yeah, definitely. I just can't say it's THAT great just because it feels like Hapslash sold out. That may not be the case, but I don't plan on playing Sherlock Holmes to find out the motive behind this model. Surrender your bandwidth immediately, lest I cleave you with a scythe myself. Bot Support:Aye NPC Support:Aye New Sounds:Aye Team Support:Aye - Averus Retruthan




Raptor | 3.97 MB

but were you told about the issues this model has? Probably not. For those of you who haven\'t downloaded this yet, let me fill you in. First of all, yay for a Raptor model, right? There are several different skins included for this raptor model and they all look great. There\'s even a raptor vehicle which is kinda cool, but it\'s neither here nor there to me - it\'s pretty much the same as riding a tauntaun. Now, about those raptors. All versions look amazing, so Graves - great job as always. Thrawn, Ninja and others who worked on this, great effort here, but there a few things that just didn\'t work. As far as the animations go, the raptor doesn\'t respond as well as I expected it to. It only seemed interested when I got really, really close, and even then, that didn\'t work. Also, the sounds were great, but sporadic. I think most of the time, I was hear the Wampa. So that sucked. But when the animations and sounds that were appropriate for the raptor DID kick in, it was awesome. Very well done, guys. And I look forward to seeing an update to this raptor with the bugs worked out. ~AmosMagee




Deamon Knight | 2.49 MB

my melee weapons pack! Here we have a deamon knight, and boy is he scary looking! The screenshots mostly speak for themselves, but this model really is a work of art. A lot of the armor plating is removable, such as the arm guards, spikes, and leg guards. Even the helmet is removable, though the head beneath, while skinned, wasn\'t designed to be helmetless. If you don\'t mind a lack of ears, feel free to play with it without the helmet. The model makes good use of its shaders. It has an alpha shader, which makes the unwanted portions of the mesh transparent (such as the chin of the helmet), showing the intricate designs of the armor. The mesh also deforms wonderfully, given the intricacy of the armor. Even the short cape deforms rather well. Not only that, but it has a very unique specular shader. The specular shader is not white and black, like we are accustomed to. It is a subtle green and purple, giving the armor an shine reminiscent to that of oil. It also uses this same shader for the team skins, giving them a very unique red/blue color. Instead of the armor being red and blue, the specular shader is red and blue. Trust me folks, it\'s neat-looking. As if the model wasn\'t enough to make us drool, Gir has included a blade to go with it. Both the designs on the blade and the knight\'s eyes make use of a pulsing shader. The blade designs will pulse red, and the knight\'s eyes will pulse with their yellowish hue. The blade also makes use of Slice, Dice & Mince\'s blood effects. This is a model that should be in your base folder. It\'s well done and definitely unique. Remember to get it here, because you won\'t get it anywhere else. This model is a JK3Files exclusive! Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes NPC Support: No ~Inyri




JSC Catz Model | 27.61 MB

very tall, almost elf-like in it\'s shape, in my opinion. The feet have claws like a cat. The head is a perfect kitty head. :) And then there\'s the variety of heads here! They\'re just beautiful. Some are just solid colors, others are obviously based on certain types of cats - like the Siberian tiger. One of my favorite things is the last head/skin there. Yes, that\'s a cigarette hanging from his furry little mouth. (NOTE: Do not smoke. It\'s totally bad for you and stuff.) Sounds included are wonderful. Even the death sounds are perfect! The gold armor looks decent, but I\'d like to see what other reskins could be made on this model. And I can\'t wait for the female cat!!! Meow. Bot Support: Yes Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: Yes ~AmosMagee




Death | 2.31 MB

was take the jawa, and distort it, making it taller, and a lot thinner. So yay, we have a thin, distorted Death! Mind you, it's a funny kind of distortion. It's all very ridiculous. And that's in a good way. ;) There are two versions of Death. First is a hooded version, and the second one is an unhooded version. The hooded version has evil green eyes, so watch out! The unhooded one actually has a skull on a cylinder neck. Yep. You heard me. There is no attempt at making a good skeletal neck. It's just a plain cylinder. Meh. With time you'll improve. The hands are skinned to be somewhat skeletal, but they don't really look that way. But you won't really notice ingame. And now the part that the author knew that I would go into detail - the weighting. The author did just enough to make carcass compile the model without rejecting it. That said, the weighting is terrible. The deformation of the arms is just horrid. In some cases, the arm looks as if it's almost detached. Anyways, the weighting seriously needs some work. Try going through more than one compile. Also, there are two different folders for each version. Since it's essentially the same model, you don't need to do that. Just have the other skin file named model_death2_default. The author has also included a custom weapon for Death. The effects look pretty "grim" and "deadly". But it does look like a nice little addition. Bot Support: Yes Npc Support: Yes New Sounds: No Team Support: No ~Zach




Jedi Trainer Species Pack | 5.24 MB

leg varieties. Unlike some similar models, though, there's more difference between each skin in this one than the others than just a few colors, which would probably be nice if anyone wanted this for an RPG server, or something of the sort. I really can't find much to complain about. Like I said, each skin is different, and textured quite well. One thing that bugged me, though, was with one of the torsos, where he seems to be wearing a collar. Maybe that's okay for a female model, but not so much for a guy. Other than that, it's good. I give it a 7/10 /-( Raptor522 )- Note: Yes, I am aware I put this in "Models" instead of "Skins" mistake, sorry, I'll do better next time. :)




Stick Man (v3.0) | 697.21 KB

Quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LOL! What a superb idea, such a simple model but it works so well! This is going to be a short review as you can\'t really review a stick man and I\'m not going to try: \"The sticks appear like...erm sticks and the head appears like an erm, stick mans head.\" - see what I mean? What I will say though is this is a very fun model especially with the sounds, who did those? My god are they fresh. Seriously, download this and listen to the sounds, it\'s some of the most amusing sound acting I\'ve come across in a long long time! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There\'s not much I can say about this update to this very entertaining model. As you can see from the screenshot, there are a bunch of new colors added including everything from purple to cyan to pink. Also added are NPC and Siege support. What I love about this skin is not only the brilliant simplicity of it, but the sounds! I agree with Wade that the sounds are just so amusing and they really do fit this model ... hehe. [/quote] All of the same colours from before are included, but there are four new skins here too. There are good and evil stickmen and two metallic ones - gold and silver. The sounds are still as amusing as they ever were and I think there are a few new taunts added - not sure though. Oh, and be sure you download the Stickman 3.0 fix that follows this file. :) Bot Support: Yes Team Colours: Yes New Sounds: Yes ~AmosMagee




Howler | 2.75 MB

These models and skins were downright cool, but they\'re a bit hard to describe. They have a rough, mean, tough, and ready-to-rip-your-flesh-off look to them. The team skins were cool shades of blue and red, they really felt like dinosaur colors. Awesomely awesome job, dude. Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes -Shahadi




Werewolf | 4.39 MB

with! Let me just say that is was kind of cool to run around as a werewolf. I liked this model. The legs are distinctly canine in origin, and the head of the model looks very vicious. The model itself is very unique, and looks a lot more like I think a werewolf would look like that than the previous model. The only issues I had with this model was with the leg deformation, but I can excuse that, since having legs of that shape make for freaky deformations, no matter how you weight them. The other thing that I kind of found weird was the skinning. It doesn\'t really look like fur to me, but I don\'t know much about skinning. Still, this model looks great, and the sounds are awesome. Team Support: Yes New Sounds: Oh Yeah ;) NPC Support: Yes Bot Support: Yes SP Support: No, sorry. :( ~Zach




Stick Man 3.0 Fix | 153.72 KB

for ya. ~AmosMagee




Stick Man (v2.0) | 599 KB

stick man and I\'m not going to try: \"The sticks appear like...erm sticks and the head appears like an erm, stick mans head.\" - see what I mean? What I will say though is this is a very fun model especially with the sounds, who did those? My god are they fresh. Seriously, download this and listen to the sounds, it\'s some of the most amusing sound acting I\'ve come across in a long long time![/quote] There\'s not much I can say about this update to this very entertaining model. As you can see from the screenshot, there are a bunch of new colors added including everything from purple to cyan to pink. :) Also added are NPC and Siege support. What I love about this skin is not only the brilliant simplicity of it, but the sounds! I agree with Wade that the sounds are just so amusing and they really do fit this model ... hehe. Bot Support: Yes Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: Yes ~AmosMagee




Cyborg | 1.84 MB

models) brings us another fascinating and excellent model, Cyborg. He has recruited skinners Maddog (Examples: Maddog, Maddog JKA, Skeletal Remains, Half-Dead, Snake, Tribal Skeleton, and Dark One) and Ravage (Examples: Ravage, Wrath and Rage, and Dark One). Maddog has provided the red skin and Ravage is responsible for the blue version. The default skin (Regul8or) looks like a zombie augmented with highly mechanized bionic implants. Maddog\'s skin appears as decaying demon surviving only by its rusted and corroded robot scraps; the icing on this cake is the Ravage skin of a human \"enhanced\" by crudely and cruely attached prosthetic devices. First off, let me say wow. The model/skins not counted, this is an incredible collaboration of talent. Chairwalker has always amazed me with his models, and Maddog and Ravage are two of the elite skinners I strive to be like. That said, the submission is definitely along the same lines. Incredible, astounding, and perfect examples of what the best can do. Let\'s see that update soon!!! ;) Technical Data: Pros: 1) New model. 2) Three totally different skins. 3) New sounds. 4) All the necessaries. 5) An update to come... ;) Cons: 1) Baleeted!!! Rating: 10/10 Bot Support: Yes Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: Yes JEDIofONE :mepimp:




Stickman | 504.31 KB

sticks and the head appears like an erm, stick mans head." - see what I mean? What I will say though is this is a very fun model especially with the sounds, who did those? My god are they fresh. Seriously, download this and listen to the sounds, it's some of the most amusing sound acting I've come across in a long long time! New Sounds: Yes Team Colors: Yes Bot Support: Yes -WadeV1589-




Ichigo Kurosaki | 716.3 KB

show, so I can't say I found any major flaws. However, from what I saw a few minutes ago, this model's accuracy is spot on. The hair is good, the clothes were 100% accurate and his sword is strapped onto his back. Too bad you can't pull it off and use it...that'd be the bomb. Even the icy cold stare was included... *shudder* Aside from not being able to use the sword, The only real downside to this was that there were no new sounds. Ichigo sounds like *grunt* *grunt* *wheeze*. Kyle is the farthest thing from that. Aren't there any english versions of Bleach out there? The pk3 did include the sound folders, so I'm not sure if there won't be any, if they're coming out in the final version or if the author forgot to include them. No extras were included. Bot and NPC support would be nice to see for future releases, so you may want to consider it. That being said, for a beta, this certainly is close to being complete. New sounds: [b]No[/b] Team support: [b]No[/b] Bot support: [b]No[/b] NPC Support: [b]No[/b] ~Dretzel [i]P.S. - I added your readme to the .zip file, where it needs to be...please remember that in the future. :)[/i]




Prince Vegeta | 1.66 MB

LEVEL!! IT'S OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND!!!!!!111".[/quote] And look what we have here! It's already done. Impressive. Vegeta was probably my favorite character from Dragonball Z just because he was such a BAMF and such a jerk to everyone, and now you too can be a BAMF and a jerk to everyone with Sibeyle's model! =D The model comes with two versions and two subversions of each version. In simple-speak, that means we have armored Vegeta normal and amored Vegeta Super Saiyan, and unarmored Vegeta normal and unarmored Vegeta Super Saiyan. Basically what Super Saiyan is is the original but with blond hair. Yes. Their hair turns blond when they power up because us blondies are just so powerful and cool. The models themselves are somewhat disappointing when compared to the Cell model pack, especially the Perfect Cell model. They're blocky, somewhat lacking in detail, and they very easily distort when going through the basic Jedi Academy animations. The skins have the same problems as the models - blockiness, lack of detail, and prone to distortion. It looks like Vegeta and it looks good at a glance but upon closer examination they're not all that great. The skins are extremely simple and while they get the cartoony feel of Dragonball Z across they just don't look high quality. The skins look rushed just like the models. However you have to take into account the fact that no Vegeta model's been released before. There have been attempts to morph Goku models into Vegeta but those didn't really go very well, so this man is a pioneer! Chances are we'll get a version 2 from somebody. The best thing about this skin is the sounds, hands down. The PK3 contains an impressive array of Vegeta quotes, grunts, and insults, but these are NOTHING compared to one of the quotes. Yeah, I think you all know what I'm talking about. The author has included, as quote1.wav, Vegeta's most famous line in the entire Dragonball Z series. [quote]IT'S OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAAAND!!!!![/quote] Yeah. Anyway, if you want to play Vegeta and pair up with the Goku model to fight the Cell and Broly models, go ahead; now you can. New Sounds: Ja. Team Skins: Nej. Bot Support: Nej. NPC Support: Nej. ~Laam'inui




Kelia Leenat | 3.73 MB

models to look. This model includes 22 leg variants, 6 torso variants, and 5 head variants. Yet another wonderful female model for everyone to play with, and with plenty of options to choose from, everyone in a server could be using it and could still look different! This model includes single-player support, making finding the perfect combination all that easier. It does not, however, feature new sounds. Jaden makes an appearance here in the soundset. However despite the lack of extras, the model promises to be a must-have for roleplayers, females, or males who like looking at pretty female models (and with the latexy shader, it'll be a good view, trust me). This puppy is staying in my base folder for sure, and I'd recommend it to all of you as well. [b]Team Support[/b]: No [b]Bot Support[/b]: No [b]NPC Support[/b]: No [b]New Sounds[/b]: No ~Inyri




JA+ Grapple Alternative | 110.28 KB

over-sized and with colours that don't make sense regarding the item. Well, here Trent has compiled a modification of Slider's(JA+) base grapple hook. Instead of the base purple like ball thing with pointy bits you get a realistic hollywood style steel grapple-hook, three-pronged end as seen in most grapple using films. Also, the end being less noticeable I do enjoy, the base grapple-hook always looked too intrusive and I often wondered where the hell would someone place it on their belt? o.O This simple modification to JA+ Grapple will be remaining in my japlus folder. Although it is stated in the readme I will repeat it here, only install this, if you use the JA+ Mod, and do not isntall it to your base folder, install to your japlus folder. ----------- Gweth




Final Fantasy VII ShinRa Grunt | 1.55 MB

So... Where shall I begin with this? Let\'s start with the model itself. It is a remodel of the Luke model, with various items, such as the pads and helmet, added on. Not bad looking, but there are some clipping issues in various spots. However, you prolly won\'t spot those unless you really look for em, like I did. I also can\'t say that I honestly care much for the shoulderpads on the model. They seem too much like bowls on the shoulders, rather than the pieces of armor seen in the game and the anime based on the game. And, finally, I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed at the lack of facial movement support. I do understand that not a lot of people would actually see the face itself, but it would still be a nice addition, especially for those who decide to use it in SP. Other than that, I say well done! Now onto the skinning... I find that I don\'t care a whole lot for it. Parts of the torso are blurry, especially around the ends of the sleeves, the pants are just funny looking, and the face color does not match the arm color. Other than those things, it isn\'t that bad, but still... It could use a lot of work, but I can\'t quite say that I wouldn\'t care less about the skinning than I do about the model itself. After all, people can always come along and reskin the model. There is two variations of the main skin, based on the original games, for team support. I\'d name them properly, but I can\'t remember their names, it\'s been too long since I have played FF7. :p Now for the gun. First things first, this weapon replaces the E-11. To be honest, for the kind of gun it is, taking it\'s size into account as well, I think the repeater might have been a bit better choice, but maybe that\'s just me. The model itself, I think, is great. It fits the original quite well. Sadly, this isn\'t the original. The gun looks blocky to me. Perhaps if the bottom of it was slightly rounded it would look a little better, I can\'t imagine having to grip a hard edge on a gun would be very comfortable. The skinning on the gun is well done, for the most part. The top and bottom of the model, however, appear to have a stretched texture on em, which sorta looks bad, but something I could live with. A lot of the skinning is not as defined as I would normally like, especially the handle. So, to sum it all up, I think the models are great, but the skinning could use some work, on both the Grunt and the gun. The good does outweigh the bad, so I recommend to all to give it a download and enjoy it. Now, if only people would make some more FF8 models....




Celtic Jan | 1.49 MB

time!? Well, personally, I'm grateful for this new model made by -=Rj==-TheBeast. Celtic Jan does keep most of Jan's looks and features, but what has been modified is significant. In this model, Jan doesn't have that cumbersome glove that always made feminine skins hard to pull off. Appropriately, Celtic Jan wears a a skirt with a classic tartan texture on it. A large silver medallion hangs on a necklace and she wears a silver crown on her head, over her bright red, long hair. Her shirt appears to be thin chain mail. The skirt kinda seems a bit large for her. It almost looks like it's going to slip off any minute. Her arms look great except for those darn seams at the top there. Those kinda bug me, but I guess you can't get away from that sometimes. I'm so glad that she has long hair, but it seems a bit too customized for this look, that I'm not sure how reskins are going to come out. This model is for both JK2 and JA and it's quite a complete little package. There's bot support and team skins. OMG I knew I forgot something! I forgot to take screens of the team supported skins. Darn it. Well, the default skin should be enough to make you want to download this! :) Her sounds are mostly from Raven, but I heard one that I can't quite place ... something like "That's a nice trick." I want to say X-Men, but I'm not sure. Anyway, great job -=Rj==-TheBeast! Bot Support: Yes Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: Sorta ~AmosMagee Ps. Someone just corrected me ... that taunt is from Matrix Reloaded. Thanks Chrono! :P




Gwethenea | 5.01 MB

beautiful (and unique) model. Created completely from Gweth's imagination, this model promises to be an exceptional addition to anyone's arsenal, especially those who like customization. If my math skills don't fail me, this model has... you know what, I'm not going to calculate it. Let's just say there are 10 head options, 16 leg options, and 4 torso options. You do the math, because I don't want to embarass myself. This adds up to a huge number of possible variations, making the possibilities next to endless. Not only are there dozens of variations possible, but each of them has the beautiful texturing we've come to expect from HapSlash. In fact I personally find the jeans kind of sexy, which makes me feel kind of weird. This model also marks HapSlash's first completely self-weighted model, and for a first complete weight it's done extremely well, better than a lot of seasoned weighters could produce. As could be expected, there's some moderate clipping with the trenchcoat and the legs, and even then it's really only with the variants that use the gun holsters. The shoulders are a little square sometimes, but having attempted shoulder weighting myself, it's still very good. Don't ask how [i]mine[/i] turned out... All in all a wonderful addition to the very much ignored realm of female models, and with so much variability I'd recommend you grab it right away. It's definitely worth the download. [b]Note[/b]: This model was designed with role-play in mind. For this reason team, bot, and NPC support have not been included. [b]Team Support[/b]: No [b]Bot Support[/b]: No [b]NPC Support[/b]: No [b]New Sounds[/b]: Yes ~Inyri




Cell | 2.14 MB

main aspect of the show, but I won't get into that now. I'll get into the file review. =O Cell was a character from Dragonball Z; he was one of the many villains and, like nearly every other character featured in the show, he underwent many "stages" throughout his saga. With each form he got more and more powerful, and the authors of this model pack have included all three for you to play with. I'll just start by saying that cell is like... a bug, that like... goes through puberty as he goes through forms. No really. You can actually see the changes from the previous form in the next, and the final looks pretty cool. The very first stage, simple titled "Cell" by the author, looks like a little insect which could be squashed with your foot. He is extremely triangular and meek and features a triangle head, little wings, and a long tail, and he is rather dehumanized by his lack of a face. The model is pretty good but I just don't like this form that much because he looks so... weak. The texturing is well done but seems to lack any sort of shading... then again so did the cartoon. Regardless it's a faithful representation of the original DBZ concept. The second form called "Imperfect Cell" is quite a bit larger and more intimidating but he's lost his wings! Doesn't matter; they don't need their wings to fly anyway. The modeling and texturing on this form just seems superior to the last one, probably because this form is superior to the last. Again, a faithful representation. The last form, or "Perfect cell", is by far the coolest out of all three. He has grown back his wings and they're very large now, and his tail has shortened into a sort of stinger poking out of his back. He also sports a green exoskeleton which covers light gray skin and makes him seem more like a warrior and less of an insect. Also... he has a face now! A real face, complete with nose and mouth and eyes! The attention to detail in both modeling and texturing on this model surpasses both of the previous Cell forms and it really pulls off what most would consider the "Iconic" Cell look. The only problems I could spot were weirdly undetailed hand textures and a small hole underneath the left armpit, though both aren't really too noticeable. New sounds are included and fit the model, though I can't remember if they're Cell's actual voice from the cartoon or not. I can't recall what he sounded like. Oh well. They work. My only other suggestion for this pack now would be to give each model some cool character portraits; right now the icons for the models are really pixely and boring. Now you can have a three way Dragonball Z battle with Goku, Broly, and Cell! If you think that your power level is high enough, then give this file a shot; any Dragonball Z fan won't be disappointed. All we need is a Vegeta model, because Goku and his enemies aren't complete without Vegeta screaming "HIS POWER LEVEL!! IT'S OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND!!!!!!111". ~Laam'inui




Kobold | 12.54 MB

crossed with a Howler, and I mean that in a good way. Kobold is darn cool - although not without a few little annoyances. Firstly, the texture work is a little iffy around the seams of the neck and upper arms, and secondly I don't think the distinction between the team skins is good enough - changing the aura of the model from pale cream to blue or red on these skins might have helped things out here. Kobold also comes with his own 'sword,' although to be honest it's more of a long dagger. It's very very cool, and sounds fantastic. It's just a pity that it's so short, giving you a severe disadvantage against any saber-wielding opponents. Or you can see it the other way around - it's easier to take down the bots if you're the saber wielder. Either way, it's a very nice weapon. Unfortunately, the unfairness of the model may make you susceptible becoming easily aggravated whilst using it. Now I'm not sure about this, but the Kobold bots I played against seemed to have very little health, and were very susceptible to force attacks - flying further that I'd expected. I couldn't tell whether that was the case or not with my player model because they never seemed to be able to kill me - that's a first. :D The model has full team, bot, NPC support and some new sounds. I don't know where the sounds came from - but they seem to fit with the model, and some of them are quite amusing to listen to. I also think that you can mess around with it in the 'Build-a character' screen, as well as in Single-player, which is a very big plus. Overall, I really enjoyed messing about with this model - the animations just look so much better with the dagger than they do with a saber, and the model itself is of a high standard. Team Support: Yes Bot Support: Yes NPC Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes ~Szico VII~




Lizard-Man | 7.93 MB

done model. It reminds me of a lizard-man from the table-top game of warhammer. It has a humanoid body, with a snout like head, with horns, spikes and claws. It also comes with tea colors. As I said before this is a very nicely done model. The only major problems I found with it were the lack of Bot Support. Also it uses the Trandoshen sounds (I think) however they fit pretty well so I won’t complain. Also I think the skin should be in a slightly higher resolution as it seems to be a little blurry. Still great work, this is defiantly a keeper. ~DeathBringer New Sounds: No Team Colors: Yes Bot Support: No




Broly - The Legendary Super Sayajin | 1.31 MB

making a manga themed franchise into a live action film with real actors is just totally wrong… I mean come on, how on earth are [b]real[/b] people supposed to have such gravity defying hair?! Anyway, on with the review! Here we have a scary looking bloke with blue hair who is apparently called Broly. Add an extra L to that and you get Brolly, which is what we often call an umbrella in England! No umbrella is included with this model though, sorry. Ehem, anyway, I don’t really know much about this character, save what I read on Wikipedia; that he seems to be a villain and the Legendary Super-Sayajin. It doesn’t really matter whether or not you know anything about Dragon Ball, you can tell that this is a good quality model and skin. From the videos I managed to find on Youtube, this is pretty accurate to how the character looks in the anime, especially that very pointy face that seems to be typical of most Dragon Ball characters. The textures on the skin fit with the theme of this being an animated character; they are more stylised than realistic. The model also looks great and is of a high quality. This model also has new sounds, which sound pretty scary and from what I know of this character fit pretty well. There are a few things missing which I think need to be added for next time around though, the most obvious one being team support which I think should always be included with a skin. The other thing is bot support, which, whilst not as important as team support is still something I would like to see with a skin/model of this high a quality. Overall though this is a very good model/skin and I look forward to any future projects the author has planned! If you guys are fans of Dragon Ball or just like the look of this mod, then be sure to give it a download! :) [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yes [b]Bot Support:[/b] No [b]Team Support:[/b] No ~Nozyspy~




Pyramid Head | 10.79 MB

viewing this page, as the screenshots are rather graphic.[/b] If it was the author's intent to not send screenshots in for this reason, I do not blame you. This is a pretty awesome job =_,=. Well, for the record, let me start by saying that I know next to nothing of first-hand experience of Silent Hill or its movie compatriot, so I decided to do a little research on this rather odd character. Turns out, he's pretty awesome, so I can see why this new modeller and Lightsource would come together to forge it. First off, the modelling. There are two versions: The Silent hill GAME version, and then the MOVIE version. Let us start with the game version, shall we? YES, WE SHALL =_,= so then, this version is probably the most bug caked of the two. Normally, I would scold the author for not working to fix those seam problems, but seeing as he's A.) A newcomer and B.) was working with a collaborater, I won't get on his case, seeing as he acknowledged them openly. Just for the reference, you can see how glaring the seam is from the screenshots. It's rather hard to ignore, but honestly, bugs aside, I think it's pretty well done. I just don't like that version of the pyramid helmet, because it reminds me of a giant retarded duck =_o. Also, the inevitable clipping occurs, but that cannot be helped, regardless of how you model it. Now then, onto the movie version. Malevolence pretty much defines this model and skin in totality. I mean seriously, that robe skirt is made out of (allegedly) human flesh =_,= how malevolent can it get after that? Well, this one's seams at the arms are a lot less noticeable, and therefore makes the model a lot more playable visually. There are tiny seams in the hands, but those aren't easily noticed, either. Overall, a pretty beastly model. Moving on, I'll abbridge the skinning section by simple summing it up in this manner: It's Lightsource quality. For those who aren't familiar with it, I'll just say that it's sufficiently malevolent and results in the death of the naysayer, most of the time. For those interested in looking into more of his work, I would suggest looking up the Loeb pack for starters. Included with this pack are 3 weapons: two versions of the "Great Knife" weapon and a spear. All three of them are quite marvelous, although the second blacker variant seems to be overscaled just a tad. I'm not sure who made them, but I will say they are quite awesome. My only note for these is that the .skin files be re-edited for sound purposes. The saber hum just doesn't do, y'know? Speaking of sounds,not bad work on the sound department. Granted, the quality's a little dim, but otherwise, it really completes the whole atmosphere of the skin. Overall, a malevolent job from the both of you. I must applaud the modeller on such an interesting starting route for entering the modelling community. I highly suggest you take the time to tweak and perfect these models, as victory would be the only result. I demand that bandwidth be submitted to all routes of submission. Failure to submit will result in you being part of this grim being's new wardrobe =_,= Mhmhmhmhmhmhmhm.... Bot Support:Aye NPC Support:Aye New Sounds: Aye Team Support:Aye - Averus Retruthan [b]CAUTION: I would advise at this point that all children, those of faint of heart, pregnant, hate the series Silent Hill, hate pyramid shaped objects, or all of the above to please disengage viewing this page, as the screenshots are rather graphic.[/b] For those who skip the reviews(because I know they're out there ⌐_⌐ )




Styx (Stickman) | 418.94 KB

much for a model, but for a model [i]this[/i] simply it\'s quite excessive. Eight-sided cylinders would have been plenty to achieve the appropriate look. One other issue with this model is that none of the parts are connected. One result of this is that deformation at the joins isn\'t all that smooth. The cylinders \'collapse\' during joint motion. Otherwise the weighting is pretty good, although with a model this simple it wouldn\'t be too tough to get by. There are also several color variations for you to use, should black not be your color of choice (available colors include: red, blue, black, brown, green, pink, purple, white, and yellow). And don\'t even ask me what the significance of the included sounds is... [b]Team Support[/b]: Yes [b]Bot Support[/b]: No [b]NPC Support[/b]: No [b]New Sounds[/b]: Yes ~Inyri




Werewolf | 1.44 MB

author went as far as to make the backwards legs and the wolf head. The fur texturing wasn\'t too bad, either. Of course it could have been better, but it served its purpose. I didn\'t really understand the thing in the middle of his abdomen, though. For me it kind of took away from the skin rather than adding to it. Now for the beefs. First of all, the sounds. They\'re not bad, they\'re just recycled. I know one sound the author used for about half of the sounds, including (but not limited to) jump, land, pain, choke, pushed, etc. Secondly, I noticed some areas on the model that weren\'t weighted carefully enough, so you could see the cracks between the faces of the model. Thirdly, the legs. While I love the idea, it wasn\'t executed all that well. If the werewolf were really standing that way I think he\'d fall over backwards, because his center of balance is off. Overall it\'s a very unique model and a good addition to any collection. It\'s a bit older, but now that we have it gracing our file directory I\'m excited to see what [i]new[/i] things Shady-D has made since. Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes NPC Support: Yes ~Inyri




The Force Unleashed: Jungle Rancor

theforceurancorv2.rar | 3.08 MB

our network wink This time it's a Force Unleashed Rancor reskin. When I downloaded the file and tried to read the readme, there was a quite unpleasant surprise waiting for me - The readme is 100% in french, which I sadly do not know. Because of that, I moved onto testing it ingame. It would seem that the regular basejka rancor was recolored into more reddish shade and then given some cyan tatoos to make him resemble one of the rancors on Felucia from Force Unleashed, that's all to be said about it. I personally prefer the classic look of rancor, but if someone likes the one from force unleashed, well... here's something for you.[/quote] Well not much has changed since V1. The only two things that I've noticed is some more cyan paint over his body, mainly the head area and color of the skin being turned more brownish than red as in V1. That pretty much covers it all so give it a download if you please :) -Schrödinger




Isamu | 689.17 KB

seen from ShadyD. A couple of things do bother me, though. First of all, I find it strange that the arms are wider around than the thighs. Secondly, the feet are rather oddly shaped. These are a couple of things you\'re not likely to notice all that readily while the model\'s moving, and most people wouldn\'t care unless they were well-versed in the ways of anatomy. The deformation of the character is not nearly as poor as the author made it seem from his read-me. I cringed before I played the animations, assuming they\'d look awful. Really the only formation issues I noticed easily were some shoulder issues in certain animations and some strange deformation of the torso area. However the textures for the clothing are so closed to being pitch black you\'d never even notice the torso stretching. The sounds for this model seem home-made. Most of them were pretty good, except one where the vocalist was a bit too close to the microphone, but they\'re all quite simple sounds (I\'m assuming they\'re in Japanese). There are team skins, though I find them a little dull, as they\'re just colorized versions of the black clothing. Overall a good model. The author should study his body proportions a little more before any future modeling attempts (or get a hold of a really good reference artist - that\'s what I do :p), but definitely a step in the right direction here. I\'m sure despite this model\'s flaws a lot of people will have a good time with it. Bot Support: No Team Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes NPC Support: No ~Inyri




Mila Tan'ga | 1.16 MB

younger. For a first attempt this is good work, the size has been scaled down affectively and lekku has been dramatically reduced in size. Although the lekku lets it down a little, it is very square towards the end and it almost looks as if she got them trapped in a vise, but as I say, good work for a first attampt [quote]I'm hoping to do a few more characters that make up the crew of the starship Mila was assigned to by Luke, and build on the story a little more... and I'm open to suggestions.[/quote] Sounds very interesting, I will look forward to more downloads from you, keep up the good work and good luck for the future. Bot Support : YES Team Support: YES NPC uspport: YES -TheSpike-




CubeMan | 7.5 MB

unnecessarily jack up the size. So what's big, ugly, and [i]pink[/i]? You guessed it: Cubeman! This model actually reminds me of a modelling tutorial I read for Neverwinter Nights which explains how to make... well... a cubeman. The tutorial's cubeman seemed slightly more in proportion than this one. This guy's head is so large that the lightsaber actually clips through it in red stance. I'll admit to giggling when I saw it. And I'm sure you can tell from the screenshots that this guy is textured completely with the still-amazing paint bucket! Yaay! No attempts at texturing at all, not to mention the poor guy doesn't have a face! We [i]do[/i] get just about all the extras, though: team support, bot support, npc support, and new sounds (Mr. Bill sounds, which I find oddly suitable). Let me make it clear, folks: [i]this is a joke[/i]. I've actually known about it all along - I helped him get this thing compiled, though I must admit it took him a long time to get the concept of linking :p. It's an exercise in player modelling, and as an added amusing bonus you can now play with cube man. It's something a lot of us seem to need lately: a reason to laugh. And if there's something I find funny it's a pink polygon man with a saber sticking through his face. Come on now... tell me you didn't laugh. Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes NPC Support: Yes ~Inyri




Leo Dominus | 5.99 MB

to me wherever she can. The creativity of this model is wonderful, and it is made complete by the ever-competent author, who happens to be Inyri Forge, who happens to have included bot, NPC, team, and SP support, and has added new cat sounds (no LODs, but that\'s okay). It\'s great to have a readme that includes virtually everything that you need to know. I\'m not an expert on modelling, and without reading the readme I probably would not have cared to write in here that the shoulders have a small, insignificant problem about which you do not need to care. I was surprised when I tested this model in Korriban Tombs—that map looks the most Egyptian, and Egyptians worshiped cats—to find that what were supposed to be some lovable kitties actually weren\'t. These are some mean kittens. They electrecute you, fire rockets at you, and their growls are vicious and lion-like. However, these sounds sound good, and aren\'t just cheap crackles. I think there could have been more variety in the sound made when you damage someone, but overall they\'re great. So they were modeled well—I am thankful that the author waited until she was competent with modeling before submitting her work—they sound good, they have all the features that anyone could want, but do they really look like cat-men? In a way, yes. As long as the head is facing forward properly, the heads look like cat heads, and the bodies... well, the bodies look like beefy men\'s bodies; this isn\'t exactly cat-like, but they\'re supposed to be cat-men, so it passes. The textures are accurate and do not look bad, but unfortunately they are so smooth that you could mistake these cats for bald, tattooed kitty-men. It doesn\'t look like fur. As a matter of fact, the texturing and modeling make these models look like colorful balloons that have been accurately and delicately blown up to the exact dmensions of cat-men; I say \"balloons\" both because the texture is rubbery, and also because they\'re so puffy from being so muscular. Nonetheless, I don\'t see how anyone should care about this quibble. They\'re cat-men, and fur is a difficult thing to do; what do you expect? If fur was modeled, it would be an insane number of vertices that would be quite difficult to make unless you have a tool for your modeling program that does fur for you. Superb job, Inyri. I don\'t have to tell you to keep going, because I know that you will. Cat lovers unite! —Ra-Kom




BONES | 1.21 MB

fun to play with, the only things that I noticed straight out that could be improved upon were that you could see through its eye sockets, and out the back of its head, and its ribs look a little weird, it would be cool if each individual rib was 3d too ;) It doesn’t have team skins :( Just a red and blue version, which aren’t available from the team skins menu. But, it DOES have bot support which is really cool….fighting a skeleton, reminds me of that Jason and the Argonauts film, with the skeletons with swords, only these ones have lightsabers! Hehe :D And the new sounds are cool too, all in all a good job! :) New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: Yes Team Support: No ~Nozyspy~




Galar | 3.51 MB

trousers and big boots will do fine, I guess. From bottom upwards - [b]Default skin:[/b] Big medieval looking brown boots with a small shine and white laces. Baggy dark blue trousers which has a thin lace/rope/w.e around his waist. He is wearing a blue- white shirt(?) which has patterns on it. On top of this is some sort of armour which goes around his waist and up his chest. He has armour around his wrists (;) ) also. Around his neck downwards is a long, dark blue cape which has golden/yellow coloured outlines around it. His head, ofcourse and then his bluey-black hair. [b]Blue skin:[/b] Everything is the same except he now has blue armour and a white and purple shirt underneath it. Also, an untextured mask over his face. [b]Red skin:[/b] Same as Blue skin, but brown trousers,red armour, and brown/green/grey and yellow shit. Also, an untextured mask over his face. [b]Sounds:[/b] No new sounds, just the classic Jedi sounds which we all love. [b]Bugs:[/b] Author's known bugs: [quote] - Parts of the model clip like ass, most noticeably the cloak and hip armor. - The hair shader is for a 1-bit alpha, meaning it's got a really sharp cutoff. - The create-a-Jedi screen icons are all black in SP (and I've no idea why, so if someone could throw me a bone here, I'd appreciate it). - The mouth rigging is pretty bad. - In some SP cutscenes the shoulder and upper arm area looks terrible indeed. - The bot and npc support may not work cause they were thrown in as an afterthought. - The skin textures look off to me, might look fine to you. [/quote] I also found what I mentioned earlier, the untextured mask which ruins the skin =( So, all in all I thought it was a good model and had good textures and details put into it. Good job. Give it a download if you like the look of it. -Dommie Kun New Sounds: Nope New Model: Yep Bot Support: Yep Team Support: Yep




The DaeMon | 13.12 MB

Quinlan Vos as a base ._. and reminds me much of Shagrath from Dimmu Borgir. He's pretty much dressed in standard gothic attire, complete with the spikes, those bigass metal hoop belts, and the brightest thing is his corpse-paint skin. Woot. There's also a slew of variations on this skin in the species menu, including a big ol'skirt to complete that whole gothic priest look. Oh, and he has an electrical shader too >__> Texturally speaking, this skin is pretty clean all around. It's definitely no splatter of black in MS Paint, I'll tell ya that much. Much as I don't care for this skin, I must admit that it is a very solid package, a true uncompromised piece of work. The author knew exactly what he wanted, and knew what he needed to do to get it. It is also very well-rounded in that it has everything one would need .-. team skins, NPCs, new sounds, bot support...yep, he has it all. This is probably one of the most complete works I've seen in quite some time. Anyone who approves of this would definitely get their bandwidth's worth. Welp, I'm done making an ass of myself .-. proceed to the bandwidth vacuum button. Bot Support: Aye NPC Support: Aye New Sounds: Aye Team Support: Aye - Averus Retruthan




Gurren Lagann | 5.22 MB

concept. So, apparently this model is based off a series known as Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Never heard of it? Don't fear, I haven't either ._.; but from what I've gathered, it scares Averus greatly. Averus loves giant robots, but this one scares him greatly. WHY ON EARTH DOES IT HAVE A GIANT FACE IN THE TORSO WITH SUNGLASSES?! T_T AAGH.....Lord, I give up. Anyway, I looked up comparison shots(after having to skim through a bunch of suggestive shots of some girl ⌐_⌐) and it actually hits pretty well on the mark. It looks just like that hideously grotesque aberration, and not only that, but it has SPECIES CUSTOMIZATION! Oh yes, that's right. This thing has VERSIONS. You have the option of removing those freakish shades, adding DRILL SPIKES to your body, and adding a strange winged jetpack of sorts(also complete with drills.) BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE MADNESS! Not only do you get a model, but you get practically ALL the fixin's, AND two new weapons: A giant drill(NO WAY?!,) and SHADES! Hang on a sec... [b]-=Averus repeated facedesks=-[/b] Okay, that feels better. Anyway, this package is pretty grand tribute to this....lovely and outright strange (even for my standards,) machine. It's just sad there was no sounds to complete the ensemble....then again, do I REALLY want sounds? Would my sanity be better preserved without them? I don't know, but this pack afears me. If you actually DIG this series, or if you want a one way ticket to drive Averus crazy, submit bandwidth promptly. Bot Support: Aye NPC Support: Aye New Sounds: Nay Team Support: Aye - Averus Retruthan




Paintballer | 2.34 MB

pasting camoflage over the existing UV maps. I personally have never played paintball, but seeing a guy in camo, with an ammo belt, a baseball helmet, and some where breathing mask thing, makes me wonder if it\'s a safe sport... or if perhaps the author went a little over the top. From what I\'ve heard, it\'s probably not the latter :p. Anyway, the head just looks funny to me, mostly because the mask, or whatever it\'s supposed to be, doesn\'t seem attached to anything. The hat/helmet thing doesn\'t seem to have been textured very carefully either. It looks alright in-game, however, though the ammunition belt doesn\'t seem to work because of a mis-sized image. New sounds really would have helped make this model better. It\'s definitely a good start into the modelling world, though, and I\'m sure he\'s come quite a ways since he made this model. I look forward to seeing some more recent work from this author. Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: No NPC Support: No ~Inyri




Red Nekuva v3 | 1.47 MB

the team skins, what else is new? Well the default skin is now back to being sparkly white, and those creepy eyes have also made a return, which I am glad to see. As with last time there is also bot support and some really scary new sounds, which sound oddly like General Grievous! I am definitely glad to see the team skins, as I said above, I think having a red, blue and white sparkly version to choose from makes a lot of difference here. I do still think there are some things that could be tweaked; for example, I think it would be really cool if the eyes or the sparkly ‘stars’ covering the skin could be made to be glowy. That would definitely add another extra layer of polish to the skin. Overall though, this is a cool skin, probably one of my favourite new skins here on JKFiles. If you guys have been following the development of this skin, or just like the look of it, then be sure to give it a download! :) [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yes [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]Team Support:[/b] Yes ~Nozyspy~




The Crazy Assassin | 4.18 MB

rather enormous, yet simple skinpack in its own right. Basically, what we're given is a huge Quinlan Vos Reskin. The main basis of the skin is an armored suit gentleman with a strange electrical shader engulfing his suit. There are robed and hooded variations of each set of skins. I'd go through all the colors for you, but perhaps it's simply best if you take a look for yourself =_o. Thankfully, this enormous set of skins can be offset by using the species menu, thus making it slightly easier to create the combination you desire. The general overall quality of these skins is actually very high. The face texture is generally agreeable, the armor is pretty well done, and there aren't very many bugs. I will say that the unarmored versions have a strange deforming with the left arm when you taunt, but that's not at the fault of the skinner. There are a few holes in the back of the robe's texture, however, that I think could be fixed. They're not very visible unless you really look, though, so they're not that big of a deal. BANDWIDTH IS DEMANDED OF THEE, AND IF YOU DO NOT PAY YOUR TITHE TO THE TEMPLE, YOU WILL BURN IN BOREDOM FOREVER.[/quote] Hmm...well in the context of what I said, not much has changed. HOWEVER, there have been some changes all around. For one, there was a bit of a texture tweak to the back of the armor, a whole icon overhaul, re-addition of the tunic skins(I guess they were missing?) and an NPC update. [b]Note: The following is true of JAplus ONLY. On baseJA or whatever mod C.A. plays, this is not the case.[/b] Alright, so, there's only one major bummer about this skin: The scar on the cheek The organization. Basically, this skin is a [b]MASSIVE[/b] menu hog, on BOTH fronts. I know you hauled ass on the icons, and they look rather nice, but d'ya reckon that maybe some choices could be downsized? The main selection hogs up 30 slots alone, and the species takes up three. I would say, keep the species, make a default, red, and blue, and call it a day there. Just seems kinda selfish to steal your friends' menus like that, y'know? Other than that, still remains a potent and diverse skin. Whether you know Crazy Assassin, or just lookin' for a diverse skinpack for yourself, it's definitely worth a peek. Bot Support:Aye NPC Support:Aye New Sounds:Nay Team Support:Aye - Averus Retruthan




Love Heart | 619.92 KB

probably the easiest model for me to describe, ever. Picture a heart with disconnected hands and feet, and you've got the basic look of this model. Skinning is mostly cartoonish and simple, which is excusable in this instance. There are a few variants of it with and without wings (default being with,) along with a "dark heart" of sorts, which reminds me of some sort of brooding emo band logo. The bugs/improvements are relatively simple: Due to the unorthodox design of the model, massive clipping is bound to occur when swinging a saber. The improvement? Sounds. "Take that," does not fit an anthromorphic heart. I'm not sure what angle you're going for, so I can't make any specific suggestions in that department. Overall? Definitely something different, I'll give you that. If this intrigues you, fire bandwidth catapults. Bot Support:Aye NPC Support:Aye New Sounds: Nay Team Support:Aye - Averus Retruthan




PyroTrooper | 1.95 MB

with lava. The effect is really quite nice. Though there [i]is[/i] room for improvement. The shader, while quite nice, leaves the lava at a constant brightness. If it were proper lava, it would vary in brighness slightly. Specifically, it should have a slow and steady pulse to it. As the author says, it has a sort of tribal look to it, particularly on areas that use half a UV map, like the head. Team skins are present, and that pleases me. The blue version features a blue version of the lava, with gold/amber colored armor, resulting in a rather interesting contrast between armor and lava. The red version has red lava, as should be expected, but, unlike the blue skin, the armor for the red skin was made to look shinier. One might say the red version is newer than the blue one. There is also a fourth skin, a 'broken' trooper. This one apparently features a non-glowing, lava covered soldier. Mr. Author, take my advice, and remove the lava from the broken soldier. Trust me, it'll look better. Hmm... I [i]accidentally[/i] forgot to remove this skin from my base folder after testing... :p ~Crazy Assassin New Sounds: No Bot Support: Yes NPC Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Shaders: Yes




Turquoise Dragon | 3.51 MB

color of the scales has been given a turquiose tint, the shoulder pads were removed and a black t-shirt has replaced the scales on the torso. The color of the pupils has also been changed, although as the author pointed out in the readme, it's not easily noticeable unless you're watching a cutscene in SP. I would venture to say the shirt is a little [i]too[/i] black, myself - it's just an absolute black with a logo painted onto the front. On top of that, I don't think black is a good color choice...even white would probably contrast better with the new color scheme. Ultimately, though, it's personal taste more than anything else. Also, since the shoulder pads were skinned off, some slight "enhancements" were left in the muscle tone on the shoulders...we'll say that's a good thing for now. XD One thing screamed out to be fixed, though - there are no muscle/scale shadows on the shirt. I realize that it is a black shirt, but the team skins are blue and red, and they are just [i]screaming[/i] to have shadows added. Flat color shirts make the wearer look like they didn't eat any vegetables since they were two weeks old. Team and NPC support were included, although I didn't see anything about bot support. Overall, I would say this is a decent first file, but it [i]definitely[/i] could be something bigger and better. Keep going! [b]New sounds:[/b] Just Desann [b]Team support:[/b] Yar [b]Bot support:[/b] Not that I saw [b]NPC Support:[/b] Yar ~Dretzel




Lester Leetos Pack | 14.87 MB ] for 'Lesters Tech Advice'[/quote] Looking at that site gave me a few laughs, since its obvious from quotes like this: [Quote] H4v3 u 833n pr4ct1c1n9 ur 371t3 5p34k?[/quote] and [quote] Take the Red Leeto, and stay in the matrix![/quote] that its meant to be humorous, and not actually serious tech advice. ;) Anyway, this fellow certainly has a large skin / model pack dedicated to him! From the pictures I managed to find, the model and its skins in this pack are very realistic and true to the character. As well as the cel -shaded cartoon style skins, there is also a plethora of other skins here, ranging from a dragon type Lester, to a furry fox type Lester and even a snake skin Lester! That’s not all, there is team support for all the skins, which means triple the fun! I didn’t find a single bug in this model / skin pack, so well done to the author there! Adding to the coolness, there is bot support for these skins and also different custom taunts for various types of Lester, which I thought was a very nice touch. All in all a fantastic job by the author here, a very cool model complimented by a very large range of different skins for it! So, if you are a fan of Lester Leetos, or the CyberPunkCafe website, then this is one file you will want to download. And even if you have never heard of Lester Leetos (like me) I still recommend a download because this is a great model / skin pack that I am sure lots of people will enjoy. Download away! :) New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes ~Nozyspy~




Peeping Eye | 1.77 MB

that actually appears in almost every game(I can't say for certain as there are still a few I've yet to play.) As such, I've got a pretty good idea of what this creature looks like. Unfortunately, this just barely passes the line, and only because it only remotely looks like it. Shape-wise, it's pretty much almost dead on. However, the actual EYE itself seems too big. I'm also rather certain that the peeping eye's body, while segmented, still had SOME remote connectivity to it. However, upon looking at the many interpretations of the P.E., it would appear that this is fine.This one here has gaps between segments. Definitely not a good look. The eye lids for the peeping have always had some thick ridges at the ends of the lids. This is just one big circle, and therefore doesn't cut it too well. My main beef with this model is probably in the texture region. First off, there's a clear seam in the texture where you can see where the sphere is divided. Not good. After that, then you look at the color and texture of the eye. It's god awful actually =_o it looks like it was run through a photoshop filter, the result being this...well, it looks like a group of marbles with a scorpion tail, to be honest. Not very attractive at all. I don't know about the rest of you, but I've accepted the yellow/lime color for the Peeping Eye for now. I looked for any possible renditions close to this. Alas, maybe only one, but it wasn't even close because that version had spikes on its eye pod. Also :\ the eye was supposed to look like an average eye, save for the iris, which I think is generally pink or red. Sounds are hard to get for a creature like this, since it generally made very little noise. Honestly, this was sort of a hit-and-miss. I would definitely put a little more work into this model as a V2. Pick your version and stick with it. You got plenty to choose from. There's a Castlevania wiki if you need it, with plenty of shots of a peeping eye for you to use. Now, another suggestion I have: since this model's complexity is minimal, I was going to suggest you could possibly make a separate version of this model for use as an NPC. Then, perhaps you could use the Probe Droid as a basis for said NPC, and rig the animations so its tail would naturally float back and forth. Best of all, Peeping Eyes have been known to fire beams out of their eyes, so you could keep the default pewpew attack and not worry about canon realism o_o Definitely look into it >_> it'd definitely enhance this product tenfold. Well there you have it. Let's see if we can't make this simple model a lot more badass, eh? I personally would love to see more castlevania content on this site, as a lot of it would definitely have some appeal to a lot of folks on this site. Bot Support:Aye NPC Support:Aye New Sounds: Nay Team Support:Aye - Averus Retruthan




Hawke | 17.66 MB

unfamiliar with Bioware\'s work (Mass Effect, oh how I love thee!) But just because I don\'t know anything about Dragon Age, doesn\'t mean that I can\'t appreciate a character model based on a character from it. This, is Hawke (not Ethan Hawke, incase there are any fan girls out there), and he looks amazing (not Ethan Hawke, this model, anyway). He plays like any other character model out there, but also comes with the most awesome, impractical weapon ever! :) I would\'ve liked to have been able to take this guy into the single player portion of the game, but I can understand why it was not included. -SuperSmeg




Hamburger Remote | 94.01 KB

they hunt for [b]YOUR[/b] blood to soak in. =_= So, in summation, screenshots will denote this evident joke, as your remote droid becomes a hamburger. This does not, however, alter the MP seeker model, so unless you play SP often, or unless you run a mod that allows NPCs to use Md3 models, you won't see it in game. A bit disappointing, but I digress. OFFER YOURSELF TO THE ALMIGHTY HAMBURGER AND YOU MAY YET LIVE TO SEE THE END OF YOUR RESPECTIVE DAY! - Averus Retruthan




The Intergalactic Trash Can | 412.23 KB

compactor known as Are-Tew-Dee-Tew. There is a meme-like sign on the front, showing that it frowns upon the shenanigans of Rosh's demise. Its hard to keep my sanity here. I honestly cannot believe how this awesome could be thought up. This replaces the original R2D2- which is hilarious if you're in Single Player and randomly see one rolling by. Has the original R2D2 model and skin, with the head off to show Rosh crumpled up inside, sticking out a bit. This doesn't have any multiplayer animations, sadly... So no, you can't run around chopping people in half with the extended hand of Rosh out of the trash compactor. Wait, this is a good idea, lemme write it down... Anyways. Submit bandwidth, or you too shall be... compacted... by the Intergalactic Trash Can. New Model - Rosh and R2D2 combined into one. New Textures - Original textures from the Lucasarts. New Sounds - R2D2 sounds ~The Denariax (Seriously, my mind hurts from this insanity.)




RagDoll_Kangee | 1.76 MB

faceless! Instead of a face, it has a whitish blob for a head, with two purple cylinders for eyes. Along with it's black hat, it also wears a shiny black outfit. None of the textures are that well done, the hands being the worst texture for hands next to paintbucketing. The model itself has a number of issues as well. The various pieces don't really flow together, the saber sticks right through the back of the hand, the feet go into the ground, and several cracks and seams can be seen during various animations. This is why it's a great idea to have people test out your models before releasing them... It's amazing how many problems can be found! Anyway, if ya like the model, give it a download. New sounds: No Team support: No Bot support: No NPC Support: No




Jalechah's Zombie | 658.84 KB

mutated arm and leg, other arm and leg are nothing but bones. wears ripped jeans. He is skinny. Has a hole in his chest revealing his heart.[/quote] This sums up the description, really. The model, while slightly lower in polycount than most JKA models, is of decent quality. The textures are agreeable, and surprisingly, fit on only ONE UV map. Sadly, there are bugs to be had. The bone spike on the shoulder leaves it's shoulder when the arm moves, and some of the textures don't match in terms of color. (Namely, where the head meets the neck.) And, alas, there are no new sounds! Also, is it just me, or is this Zombie [i]smiling[/i]? In all, a decent little model, but could use a lot of work. ~Crazy New Sounds: NO (/cry) Bot Support: No Team Support: No SP Support: No NPC Support: No




Ember McLain | 2.61 MB

cartoon series, this character sports dazzling neon blue hair! ;) So lets have a look at this model and skin, and see how it measures up to the reference pictures I managed to find online. Well my first impressions are good, it does indeed look like the character from the TV show, the hair is pretty accurate, and the clothing is also accurate to the actual character. The model is cel shaded, which is appropriate since it is of a cartoon character, and I think the effect looks good. To give the character that ghostly glow, the author has added a pulsing glow shader to the skin. Personally I am a bit divided on whether I like the effect or not, to be honest I think I would have preferred if the skin was either completely glowy, or completely non-glowy. But that’s just me! Team skins are also included, the hair being changed from that bright neon blue to either red for the red team or green for the blue team, which did seem a little strange. But then again the default skin has the blue hair, so I guess the author had to choose a different colour for the blue team skin! Now, onto the bugs…unfortunately there are a few of these. Although the author did explain in his readme that this was a one time only skin that he used to test his ideas. The main bug I noticed was when the character glows the shading on various parts of the model seems to glitch a bit, forming white triangles. Also, unfortunately this doesn’t include any new sounds. I think some sound clips from the TV show would have been cool here. Overall though good work here, but I really feel that some more time should have been spent polishing it up a bit more. Well, if you guys like the look of this file, be sure to give it a download! :) [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]Bot Support:[/b] No [b]Team Support:[/b] Yes ~Nozyspy~




Jane Lane

jane_ambrom.rar | 12.69 MB

certainly fits into that category. We have here Jane Lane, a character from the famous [url=]Daria series[/url] that ran from 1997 to 2002. Unfortunately I am at a double advantage, as I have never seen this program. Never fear however, for Wikipedia shall come to the rescue! ;) Thankfully being a popular TV program, there are plenty of pictures available from a brief Google search, and from what I can see, this is a very accurate representation of the Jane Lane character. The model is very well proportioned and accurate to the character herself, although I fear that if a [i]real[/i] person had a head that size in relation to their body, they would simply fall over from the weight! :P Similar to how scientists once declared that a real woman with the chest dimensions of Lara Croft wouldn’t even be able to stand upright, let alone jump all over the place. No really, that’s true, I read it somewhere! Being cel shaded, there aren’t any textures as such on this skin, so that takes a bit of a chunk out of the review. Cel shading is of course the only way to go with an animated character though, as you cant get that ‘animated’ effect any other way. Rounding off the skin are some new sounds and witty remarks taken from the TV show itself, which I thought was a nice tough as it adds that bit extra authenticity to the skin. There aren’t any team skins unfortunately though, which was a bit of a disappointment as I think all skins should have team support really. Neither was there bot support, but that said this is still an excellent skin / model and I think the author should really make some more characters from this series as he has done a great job with this one! All in all, good work here, though it could do with a few extra features. If you are a fan of the Daria TV series, this character, or simply like the look of this skin, then give it a download! :) [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yes [b]Bot Support:[/b] No [b]Team Support:[/b] No ~Nozyspy~




The Force Unleashed: Jungle Rancor

theforceu_rancor.rar | 3.1 MB

surprise waiting for me - The readme is 100% in french, which I sadly do not know. Because of that, I moved onto testing it ingame. It would seem that the regular basejka rancor was recolored into more reddish shade and then given some cyan tatoos to make him resemble one of the rancors on Felucia from Force Unleashed, that's all to be said about it. I personally prefer the classic look of rancor, but if someone likes the one from force unleashed, well... here's something for you. -Schrödinger




dark español skin | 2.47 MB

its current look, and it wasn't hard. Quick photoshop filter, and bam, instant clothing. That looks roughly all that looks like it was changed. I might be mistaken, but for the most part there wasn't much effort in this skin. I will say one thing: The look on this skins face has a nice psychotic look, as if to say: "HEY GUYS, GUESS WHOSE CAT I ATE O_,O!" If it appeals, unlock the seals, and consume bandwidth. Bot Support:Nay NPC Support:Nay New Sounds:Nay Team Support:Nay - Averus Retruthan




Red Chiss | 2.02 MB

the first things you'll notice about this is the actual skin color. The author has changed it from the default blue to a reddish brick color, which isn't completely red. I actually liked this color better than than the boring red. I'm sure most of you would love to see a Red Chiss walking around, wouldn't you? Anyways, you'll also notice that the eye color seems to be more yellow than before. Maybe it's just me, but I'm pretty sure my eyes aren't deceiving me.. >_> As we move on, you'll notice that the author has changed the undershirt color from the original yellow, to a purple. Honestly, he looks like a pimp now. All he really needs is a hat with a feather in it, and were good... right? Well, maybe not. There is some other [i]minor[/i] re-coloring of the vest, as well as the shiny green belt. I thought the green belt was quite creative. Another thing to add to the Pimp theme... =_O One of the last observations you'll come upon is the sound files. I was quite disappointed with the taunt, because it's a Cultist sound file. I'd suggest [b]not[/b] using that specific sound file for a Chiss species. It just don't go with the theme. If you plan on making a version two, I suggest adding either Pimp sound files (You can easily get them from movies, or other games), or just using the default Chiss sounds from Outcast. Overall, this isn't a bad first skin. I suggest some improvements in the sound file department, and then you'll be set. This is definitely worth a download if you're tired of using the same old Chiss skin. SUBMIT YOUR BANDWIDTH MORTALS! =_= [b]New Sounds:[/b] Aye (Cultist sounds need to be changed) [b]NPC Support:[/b] Aye [b]Bot Support:[/b] Aye [b]Team Support:[/b] Aye ~Syyrax




Hoodie Zombie | 1.1 MB

replicate the look of some of our citizenry quite well. Wait, what?... *Reads title* Ohh, I see, this is a Zombie! Well, same difference anyway. Now, fun poking at yob culture out of the way, lets have a look at the skin! Generally zombies do not have much fashion sense, after all, they walk around in the decomposing clothes they were buried in, however this fellow seems to have bothered to get some fresh clothes (apart from the blood spatters)! I also noticed that he wasn’t missing any limbs or other appendages, which is good because I am sure it increases his combat effectiveness. Overall I would say this skin nails down the look of a hooded zombie quite well, although I think the effect would be increased by adding some tears or holes to his clothes, and I would also suggest working on the blood stains around the neck and chest as they look a little flat. The only other thing is that the hoodie does not quite go with the normal Reborn pants, though I guess that makes sense if it is in fact an undead Reborn that has just thrown on a hoodie! Overall a cool and unusual skin, though I think it needs some team support for next time around! Keep up the good work Noxy (are you my evil twin perhaps? :P), I hope to see more from you! [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yes [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]Team Support:[/b] No ~Nozyspy~




Weeborn | 1.05 MB

exactly were [i]all[/i] the Reborn's in JK2 and JKA male? We did have Tavion as a bad guy... uhh I mean girl, didn't we? Anyway, I guess this will forever remain a mystery! Here we have a pink and red reskin of the new Reborn's from JKA. Personally I think one of the old JK2 Reborn's would have been a better choice for a female skin, since this Reborn model is... well, rather butch. To be honest I wouldn't like to meet a woman with these proportions down a dark alley! :eek: The skin is a very feminine pink and red and the sounds have also been replaced with female sounds. There are team skins, but unfortunately these are exactly the same as the default skin. I really think perhaps a baby blue colour scheme for the blue team version and maybe a deep red for the red team version would have fitted the female theme a well for the team skins, but never mind. There is always v2! ;) Overall this is a very interesting skin, something I haven't seen the like of before. I do think it could still do with some improvements, as I mentioned above. Overall though a good try, keep up the skinning mate! [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]Bot Support:[/b] No [b]Team Support:[/b] Yes (Just the default skin though) ~Nozyspy~