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Sith-J\'s Mygeeto FFA/CTF | 11.01 MB

;) Anyway enough of that! :P Here we have a brilliant new map from Sith J Cull, this is certainly one I’ve been waiting for, and I know quite a lot of other people have been waiting eagerly for it too. Now where to start? Lets start with the size first. Now this map isn’t as big as some of Sith J’s previous work, but as he explains in the readme: [quote] I wanted to do so much more with this map, but time constraints this year have made working on anything JKA related very hard, so I made this little CTF/FFA map based on mygeeto blah thats it! hope you like it.[/quote] Not to worry though, as this map is still a good size for a medium FFA and a nice size for a good CTF match too, which is mainly what this map was designed for anyway. I don’t think Sith J has made many CTF maps, there are only 2 that I know of and this is one of them. I used to play CTF [b]alot[/b] back when I played JK2, so I always enjoy testing out new CTF maps to see what the gameplay and map flow is like. I couldn’t really properly test out gameplay on this map, because…well bots aren’t exactly as good as humans! The bot routing was still very good though! What about map flow though? I think it’s very good, this map could certainly make for some interesting CTF matches. There are basically two ways to get to the flag bases. Straight through the middle from one side to the other, or over a little bridge that connects from the middle of the map over to the side of the flag base, so you can try and sneak in. To make things even more interesting, the bridge is protected by what can only be laser-bolt proof glass. ;) So you cant just shoot at people from the side as they’re running along it! The look of this map is great, more Base JKA textures have been used here than normal, but that’s certainly not a bad thing! The texturing of the map is great. My favourite bits were the towers over the flag bases, the architecture on them looks really cool! The hills and BIG chunks of rock jutting up (they look like something from the planet Krypton in Superman) look great, they really add a sense of depth to the map. The dust hanging in the air looks cool as well, though it would have been a bit better if it fell like snow, just much, much slower. But I suppose you would have to edit the .efx file for that or something, and it could take quite a while to get just the effect you want (I know that from personal experience ;) ). All in all a very nice map here, I hope to see this played on some CTF servers out there! ;) Just before I wrap up my final review here at JK3Files, Sith J wanted me to mention that he wasn’t able to spend as much time as he would have liked on this map. Because of real life things and the fact that he wanted to work more on his new Tatooine map, he didn’t get around to finishing this map off to as high a standard as he would have liked. He also says that he will be releasing some other maps this year that he has been working on for a while, including: The Tatooine style Mos Kreetle. Complete with underground tram system, a bar, and a space port with the Falcon (inside and out) docked, and Queen Amidala’s Starship. After that its Kamino II. Then his Stargate map. He also says that the JKA-G mod (which will bring Starwars Galaxies style gameplay to JKA) is in the hands of a new coder so although at the moment progress is at a stand still, things will pick up this year. Well there we go, this is one map that I certainly liked, and I’m sure lots of other people will like it too! If you like the look of it, why not give it a download? ;) Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA, CTF ~Nozyspy~




Battlefront Yavin CTF | 8.02 MB

red base than the blue base - especially with that rope bridge there. It seems to be a challenging CTF map, so it should be fun. I can\'t wait to try it! :) The ATST\'s have been removed and so have the swoops, so that\'s good, in my opinion, anyway. There\'s not much more I can say about this map that I haven\'t said already in the review of the FFA version. So if you want to check that out, read it here: Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: No Game Types: FFA, TFFA, CTF ~AmosMagee





mappers should take a look at this effort to see how it’s done. The lighting is even, consistent, and at just the right level to make anything in the map easily viewable, while still giving enough contrast for light sources and still emulate that pre-dusk feeling. While the ground is pretty much covered with the same texture throughout the entire level, you’ll hardly notice. There isn’t a flat ground surface to be found anywhere, and the terrain is decorated with rocks, trees, rivers, and large ferns, all of which help the variety and give the map a very natural and organic feel. The only non-organic areas are the flag bases, which are suitably geometric. Gameplay: For a CTF map, NOTHING is more important than how it plays, and this one plays great. It’s a classic 180 degree rotation of one base to another, but the paths flow together so smoothly it’s very hard to notice that it’s mirrored. I can’t emphasize how important this is. I have a major beef with CTF maps that aren’t mirrored. It gives an advantage to one team, no matter how much you try to balance it out. The real challenge however, is mirroring a map, without making it feel like a ‘Flip, then change red to blue’ type job. This map excels in this aspect, and it was a real pleasure to see. Weapons placement seems even enough, with many items being just off the beaten path. Z-axis is decent, with one area having a dramatic rock bridge crossing over a path encompassed by cliffs. An astounding effort by Torchy. I can’t wait to see more of your work! Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Music: No Game Types: CTF -ShroomDuck




Wayland | 5.58 MB

and a host of tunnels and corridors. While the inside areas look very polished and are well designed, the outside area feels very enclosed, because it seems to have grass walls... :confused: Anyway, this is a very nice map, as it's fun to play, and is very creative. There is no music to go with the map, and because I am so used to hearing something, the atmosphere of this map seemed kinda lame. :( Apart from this, and a few mapping errors (i.e cracks between the odd joint) this is a great map - It has bot support so you can play well on your own (although you will need to play with a fair few or you will simply not find em ;) ) It has a few new textures which work well with the theme, and overall this is a very enjoyable map to play. It needs a little more atmosphere and the walls in the outside area look stupid, but I can't complain when everything else is pretty much spot-on. :) ~Szico VII~




CTF Empires | 3.68 MB

CTF? I mean, do you really love CTF? If so, then you always appreciate a good CTF map. One that not only looks great, but also has wonderfully simple, yet complex routes for the flag carrier. Places to perch for sniping. Good weapon placement. You want the sides to be mirrored, and fair for both offense and defense. This map does all that you ask for in a CTF map. As an added bonus, this map would work great as an FFA or TFFA map. Taking out the flags doesn\'t take anything away from this map. It may take a while to learn all of the routes, but once you do, I\'m sure it\'s quite rewarding to play. Also, there is bot support, so if you can\'t play online with others, you can play with bots. Great job, Zod. I\'d love to see more maps by you! Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: No Game Types: CTF, FFA, TFFA ~AmosMagee




CTF Antalus Rift | 12.56 MB

impressive, and music was really cool. Naturally you have the red and blue sides, and what\'s interesting is that these aren\'t just the same thing in different colours. They are a different base. I was so happy to find that you not only had to get to the flag base but you had to figure out how to get to the flag itself at the base, which was a great innovation. The map is a valley of sorts and is full of goodies like mines (evil grin) and rockets. As I said before this author never ceases to amaze, and I can\'t wait for more of his brilliant work. Gametypes - CTF New Music- Yes New Textures- Yes Bot Support- Yes -SanosuKe




Bloodmine Shaft | 26.13 MB

only three maps created by him - though there may be more, I dunno. I had fun with my counting and may have lost track. One, ahahahaha, two, ahahahahaha... anyway. First and foremost, this is a lovely map. It really is very pretty. And like most beautiful things, it\'s also complicated. I\'m not even sure I found a flag base. And I spent at least 15 minutes exploring this map. Granted, I was playing in FFA mode, but flag bases are usually obvious. I thought I found a base approximately 9 times, but I was probably wrong. To really understand why this map is already a favorite by me, you have to play it. It\'s great for CTF, but it\'s good for FFA too. Ammo and weapons are plentiful. I really want to play a CTF on this map, but I don\'t see that happening - since he didn\'t make it for JK2! *cries* Anyway, check out this map by Wedge and then send him no less than 483 emails telling him why he should make more maps. :D Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, CTF, TFFA ~AmosMagee




Boonta Flag Hunt | 3.47 MB

Boonta Flag Hunt is an interesting CTF map that takes advantage of small advancements that JA brought us. The map is enormous and has several areas that are perfect for sniping. But don\'t be daunted by the size of the map. There are swoops available to get you from one end to the other. The biggest surprise for me was when I entered a large room with an abundance of weapons in the center in a big circle. I hesitated and only stepped on the edge. Suddenly, a gate dropped and I heard the menacing growl of a rancor. EEK! There aren\'t any other screenshots of that room cause I just kinda ran away. *giggle* I did explore a little and stumbled upon the red flag base. It wasn\'t where I expected it to be. The bases do not mirror each other. If you take a swoop to either end of the map, you\'re stopped by a rail that keeps you from venturing any further. An interesting addition to the map I found in one of the towers - a bar. And if you\'re in the mood for some karaoke, there\'s a microphone waiting for you on stage. Along with my favorite - big guns! :D I found my way up to the top and found another bar on the way up. This would be a perfect CTF map except for one thing - the FPS. Yikes. I believe I averaged around 14 FPS in almost every area. I really like the design of the map and the layout keeps things interesting. If it weren\'t for the poor FPS, I\'d consider adding this map to my server even for use as just an FFA map. Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Music: No Game Types: CTF, FFA, TFFA ~AmosMagee




[HR] City of the Dead (v2) | 10.2 MB

you\'re on because the lighting and the dense fog make it quite clear if you\'re in red or blue\'s territory. All of the fire does do damage, so careful around those turns. The random lightning adds to the ambience in this map - and I believe it does damage as well. There are shortcuts to your opponet\'s base, but it will require a bit of destruction of a wall or two. Don\'t confuse the liquid in blue\'s base for water - it is lava. That kinda surprised me. My FPS was okay in this map, though it could\'ve been better. And Apocolypse\'s suggestion for higher FPS is to remove the fire effects pk3. The fog, I felt, was just a little too thick and looking at all red or all blue for too long kinda got boring, and hard on the eyes. The layout is fine, though I initially had a hard time finding my way to the other side. The bases are mirrored, so it is laid out well for CTF. The new music, I thought, was a good choice for this map. I\'m looking forward to your future maps, Apocolypse. Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: CTF, FFA, TFFA ~AmosMagee




Abandoned City of Antalya | 3.21 MB

the attempt to recreate this, and it shows. It has the same ole freaky feeling that the single player map had. While it does truely resemble the single player map, you will notice differences here and there. Some things have been added while other things have been left out. The texturing was done very well giving it the same feel with few areas of mistakes. The FPS overall is not bad, but there are a few spots where some people may have some issues. There is one area where an entrance way is a water texture which then teleports you not to far... not quite sure about the reasoning for that. Again, while this also may be a re-release, those of ya who enjoy CTF maps would find this a good one. Check it out! -Bot support: yes ~LK~




Imperial Fighter Bays CTF | 1.7 MB

is it's two hangars on what I'm guessing to be a star destroyer of some sort. The only real problem is that the space area is really quite small. If you don't watch where you're flying you can easily run into a wall, or the 'bottom' of space. Yes, you can't fly down out of the hangar area, unfortunately. I died several times trying. While the setup of the hangars themselves are great, a few of the more technical aspects bugged me. Being on the red team, I continually spawned inside the blue team's hangar, making it incredibly easy to snatch their flag. Also, there's no bot support on this map. Not that you should be playing CTF alone or anything, but some kind of bot support would be nice. Seeing my bots run and jump out of the hangar to their deaths was only funny for so long. With those things in mind to work on for next time, I definitely think this is a map worth having if you're a CTF fan. It has a little bit of everything, so you're sure not to be disappointed. New Textures: No New Models: No New Music: No Bot Support: No ~Inyri




Ilum CTF | 17.49 MB

almost two years ago, but LivingDeadJedi never submitted it here. So in that sense, it’s an ‘old’ map, but it’s new to JK3Files! So what’s this map like? Well, considering it’s almost two years old, it’s absolutely incredible. I remember what I was like two years ago…and well, lets not go there. ;) I doubt there are many mappers out there who were just as good two years ago as they are now, but LDJ is one. This map really is massive, there are two large bases, one for the red team and one for the blue (this is a CTF afterall). At the center of each base is the flag base, and nearby, a cool red or blue coloured crystal hanging over a pit which has lava at the bottom! I found the idea of having lava on a snow planet (which Ilum is) a bit strange, but then again, there are volcano’s in Antarctica, so I suppose it’s perfectly possible! However…if you jump down the pits, and onto a ledge that’s only on one side, you will find yourself near a door. And behind that door is a tram! Hop on the tram and it will take you to a bridge near the bottom of the crevasse that separates the flag bases. Then you can take the very cool looking elevator up to the upper platforms. I especially like the use of the girder type texture here, it fits in very well with the architecture. If you’re trying to make a quick getaway with the flag, this is a cool way to escape (or hot considering the lava…). Just make sure you don’t miss the ledge on the way down! Otherwise you really will find yourself in hot water…erm lava. Its kinda a shame though that you cant cross the bridge and hop onto the tram at the other side, then you could go back to your own base (or your enemies). Then you could step out onto another ledge that would shoot you up through the hole and into yours or your enemies flag base. That would make for some interesting gameplay. :P Of course if you want to go the simple (but longer I think) way, you could just run out of the doors in the flag base. Then go through a very nicely made corridor (the architecture and texturing in this particular corridor look superb) and out onto the bridges and platforms that span the top of the crevasse. Then into the other base! However, you might find yourself falling pray to snipers…as the roofs of the bases are accessible via a very unusual but cool looking elevator system! It’s just a shame you cant smash the skylight and rappel down into the flag base. :( All in all a very nice map here…HA! You thought I had finished didn’t you! :P There’s more…also included in the .pk3 is a second map. Its exactly the same to this, only, its snowing. And there’s also a nice pale blue fog, which adds a nice feeling to the map. The FPS in this map is also a bit better I think. That brings me onto my next point; bugs. Overall the map is superb in build quality, architecture and texturing. The main gripe I had with this map was that the FPS in some areas is very low. Now this map is a CTF and so would have lots of players on it in a proper match and this would decrease the FPS even further. However though, the FPS in many areas was decent enough for good gameplay. Probably the worst area for FPS is when you look out from one base, right to the other base on the other side of the crevasse. The only other thing is that on the Snowing version, some parts of the terrain have bluish triangles all over them. I’m presuming that’s something to do with the fog and the terrain shader reacting strangely, but I’m not sure. Apart from that though, this map is excellent. :) I still can’t believe that its almost two years old! Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Music: No Game Types: CTF ~Nozyspy~




Fortress | 1.75 MB

problematic was the lack of FFA support, it literally quit the map with the \"couldn\'t find a spawn point\" error! I also noted that one teams swoops face the wrong way making a quick getaway a true impossibility! Btw I apologise for the \"fell to his death\" text on the screenshots but seen as I had to do CTF when I loaded it up I was presented with 2 teams full of bots jumping to their doom... You can have a bit of fun flying from base to base (teleporting in between) and swoop jumping but to be honest I don\'t see it becoming a real good CTF map, it\'s just too \"crazy\" for that and the music choice really makes it feel lively and insane too! I\'m not saying it\'s a bad map just if you get that flag and get into a\'ve scored - and it\'s not that hard to get that far! New Sounds: No New Textures: No Bot Support: No -WadeV1589-




Fusion 2 | 4.65 MB

possibly Doom3 inspired, it makes for a pretty fun playing arena. I'm not too sure about what's happening near the top though. It seems like it could be a sky, judging by the wind noises, but up close its actually just a pitch black wall. It would probably have been bettter to put a starry sky here or similar. As for the layout, its pretty decent, with several routes to the flag, including a passageway through the pipework underground and a sort of hidden power room. A nice feature is that the flags are actually right next to each other, divided by a forcefield. Although tactically, its perhaps not the best setup to allow some good old sneaking around, for many it should help you to work out where the flag of the opponent is - I know I always have trouble finding it on a new map :) The textures used are slightly bland, and even though that's what's expected of an industrial-type map, it still gets a little boring to look at sooner or later. Luckily, there's plenty of nice touches such as danger strips and glowing flares, similar to the Taspir map. The lighting is also very nice in most places, although near the underground pipe room its a bit off-looking and overall it's a little dark - but it all adds to the atmosphere right? (Oh, that's excluding the odd sign of a rebel holding a rocket launcher by the way ;) ) I'm not a huge fan of CTF in Jedi Academy myself, but I'm sure those who do play this will find it a nice map, although don't be expecting hundreds of different ways to the flag - its a fairly small map in width, but has multiple floors, so it's slightly bigger than it appears in the screenshots. Incidentally, there's no music, which increases the potency of the ambient noises, but drains a little of the atomsphere - I think it could be much better with the right style. Anyhow, these are all really only minor flaws, overall its a good map for a gametype that doesn't often get custom maps - and this map is clearly designed for CTF with coloured base areas e.t.c. New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No Bot Support: Yes ~Szico VII~




Coruscant Streets II | 2.07 MB

lack of ambient music. For those of you who play with your own music or just turn it off altogether, this will be a treat for you, but I find it drains the potential atmopshere from a map. So I'm going to plead to the author to add some music if he's making a future version! :D The level itself is very solidly built, with a sturdy framerate in every part of the map, for me between 60-65FPS :thumbsup: This does mean there's not too much exquisite detailing or mind-blowing effects but it's still a fairly impressive design. The inspiration from the original map was apparent when you play this and the original side by side, but there's enough difference to keep you playing. The lifts in particular, I thought were very well made, as were the flag areas, however there's this odd blue misty fog throughout the level which looked just a little out of place, not only in the red base, but other areas, because the map is in an enclosed city with some endless holes. It just didn't seem particularly fitting. There was also this kinda annoying/creepy sound I kept hearing when walking around the bases, and I couldn't figure out what it was or where it was coming from... wierd. :( It's always good to see bot support, especially in CTF maps, so kudos for including them, but this map could have done without those posters which are placed around on giant billboards in some places. The pictures just didn't seem like the kind of things that would have been advertised in coruscant, that's all. Oh, and you didn't put a sky in! I'd have though you'd be able to see at least a few stars in the coruscant sky, but instead it looks like an endless hole, but going upward. :( Still, most people don't run around facing the ceiling so I'm going to let that drop :D The layout was fairly standard I think, for a CTF. There's two main routes to the flag on the main floor, and some little interlinking lifts between floors. For a more stealthy CTF I don't think there's enough variance, so you'll most likely run into someone when stealing/returning the flag. Still, maybe that's what CTF is about in JKA, I can't confess to playing it a great deal. :( If there was another complaint I'd have to make It'd be the blandness of the envoronment. More flashy neon signs and stuff could have brightened up this level a good deal, currently I just feel a little 'greyed-out.' However in conclusion I do have an overall positive opinion on this map, it's not bug-ridden or mad design, it just doesn't seem to go that extra mile for me. That won't stop you all from enoying it though :) - download it and see what you think. New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No Bot Support: Yes ~Szico VII~




Maze Arena | 6.32 MB

opportunities. The maze in the middle is the biggest one. This battlefield will have you playing like a marine - you never know what\'s coming, and whoever gets the first shot gets the win. Add in the traps controlled by the overlooking bunker, and there\'s an added dimension. So, you\'ve got to control the bunker, use fireteam tactics in the maze, and still keep a defensive wall at your base. Sounds cool, don\'t it? Add in smooth FPS, plenty of room for fancy stuff, and plenty of space for action, and you\'re onto a fun 16v16 CTF. LAN party, anyone? So, it plays well, but how does it look? Thought you\'d never ask. ;) Well, it\'s all down to taste. I quite like the design but dislike the theme, yet others will hate the design and love the theme. Y\'know, \"beauty is in the eye of the beholder\"... From all technical viewpoints, the level of craftsmanship has to be admired. The overall theme of the map changes pretty abruptly when moving from the interior to the exterior, but you\'ll never feel that it\'s an extreme change. The maze, as well as doing it\'s job of being confusing, looks the perfect part, as do the base fronts - you\'d almost expect grand temples to be waiting inside. The seamless mix of ancient and futuristic comes as no surprise really, given LDJ\'s track record. So, it plays good, and looks good. What\'s the catch, you say? No catch here. Bot support is provided, as well as compatibility for FFA mode without the need for devmap hax. The only fine print is that without a decent amount of players, you won\'t be able to enjoy the map\'s full potential. Like I said, perfect for 16v16s, although those with low-end systems should probably stick to 8v8 for performance\'s sake. Again, I\'d recommend dropping the sabers and force powers, and gunning it, but the choice is yours. Another work of art from LDJ, although this ain\'t museum art - this is interactive. There\'s nothing I can really say, the map speaks for itself. However, my opinion as an experienced CTF player, in both JK2 and many other CTF games, is that this should be a staple for any CTF server. ~ Kouen [b]Bot Routing:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Music:[/b] No [b]New Models:[/b] No [b]Gametypes:[/b] Free For All Capture the Flag




Atomic Division Station I-13 | 2.94 MB

errors - It wouldn't let me fall into the lava-typed material :( And I always test that if there's lava in a map ;) Anyhow, there's also some cool effects in the base areas and central section, consisting of laser-beams and floating objects held in forcefields. I couldn't work out exactly what it was that was floating and spinning, but I guess it isn't that important. There's two main levels of getting through the map, although once you reach the middle section they all kinda meet - I wish there'd been more options here, instead of always having to meet your enemies in the middle. The architecture and lighting were very adept, with the expected base-colourings and a style that reflected the ambiance. The music choice was fitting for the map, although I would have liked some more-prominent ambient sounds on top of that, to give the machinery and stuff a better feel to it. :( Don't ask me what an 'Atomic Division Station' actually is lol, It kinda baffled me, but I think it should still be a great map to play and test your skills on. Well done for including bot-routes - they're not perfect, but I had a look and for the most part the bots act as cleverly as can be expected from a JKA bot, traversing the paths, but they did tend to fall into the gaping bottomless holes lol. Seems a bit perilous to have giant holes in the floor of a plant with no guardrails but heh, what the heck. ;) New Textures: No New Sounds: No Bot Support: Yes ~Szico VII~




Yavin Valley Botroutes | 6.42 KB




Bespin Streets | 1.86 MB

Bespin streets is based on... can ya guess... yep, thats right, bespin. Ion has in my opinion done a very nice job with this map. This is a medium sized CTF map in reference to actual playable size in my opinion, and is relatively small in DL size. The FPS should be pretty good regardless of the type of cpu your running. The general layout is smooth flowing from one side to the other with simple, but effective architecture. The texturing was done really well, with few if any errors. Lighting as well was done fairly well. I looked around this map for a some time trying to find somthing wrong and couldnt. I do not know if this is a re-release or not (date on readme), but either way, if CTF is your game style, check this out! Nice job Ion. :) Botroute: yes - ~LK~




Nar Kreeta | 4.48 MB

on, say, CTF, then the map usually works really well for what it\'s intended purpose is. Such as this map. Not only does it play well, it\'s also pretty. :D The textures alone might be considered bland, but they were used well so that the monochromatic look doesn\'t become repetitive. Of course, Kaan has been doing this for a while, so he knows what he\'s doing. The lighting also keeps things interesting. It\'s dark in some areas, bright in other hallways. And you most likely won\'t get lost. The blue and red was used well so you know which side you\'re on. Nice work here, glad you released this CTF map. :) Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: No Game Types: CTF ~AmosMagee




The Sith Cathedral | 9.79 MB

one of them. As such all the previous comments have unfortunately been deleted, please accept our apologies for this! On the plus side, please take the time to download this classic file and leave some new comments! :) Thanks! ~The JKFiles Staff~ Below is the original review:[/b] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok this is the 1st of 3 CTF maps made by Ion lately. I love this map, I think it is one of the best CTF maps out there, and I for one aint a big CTF player! I highly recommend, to be honest I cant wait to check out the other two maps! Now the map is quite big and the FPS is very good for such a big map, the whole map is mirrored to one another, so both teams sides are exactly the same, which I think will be very beneficial for each team :D. The textures are quite good, just a few needed here and there but is a very good map in all. 9/10 New Music : Yes New Textures : Yes Bot Support : No -Z0rr0-




CTF Outcast | 2.6 MB

to match it for me. For some of you, CTF for JA has been just as fun. But maybe you miss something about JK2. This map, CTF Outcast may be that something you\'ve been missing. The layout, the flow, the design all is reminescent of JK2 CTF maps. My only complaints would be that there\'s no bot support and the lighting seems to be a bit harsh in some areas, while there are too many shadows in others. Regardless, it\'s a CTF map and you should download it simply for that reason. :P Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Music: No Game Types: CTF, FFA, TFFA ~AmosMagee




Wabian Castle | 3.45 MB

plants everywhere and a seemingly endless layout of land. But you\'ll find the edges soon enough. Unfortunately, with this much fog, FPS is going to take a bit of a hit. It\'s definitely a CTF map, but I don\'t think it has mirrored bases. In fact, I could only find one base. LOL It was fun to explore at first, but eventually got frustrating. It has bot support and there are new textures. That\'s always a good thing. And weapons are sparse, which I like. The only issue I had was that if you look at the sky at certain angles, you can see that there\'s no skybox or something. It\'s all untextured. Maybe that\'s a good thing and helps FPS, but it bugged me anyway. :P Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: No Game Types: FFA, CTF ~AmosMagee




Yavin Treetops | 1.74 MB

place... This map brought to our fine altar, while well built, seems a little dull in the gameplay division. The map is virtually symmetrical, with two identical bases. Each base consists of a rather small doorway containing a flag holding area, a window for cover-fire, and a sniper nest. A note on that if you enter the sniper nest, you have to jump out of it or have someone open the door for you. Both of these bases are connected with relatively narrow bridge that connects to a middle platform of sorts. Honestly, I don\'t see the fun that could be put into this. You have hardly anywhere to hide, there\'s very little room to evade gunfire, and I can hardly see how you could squeeze through that tiny door without getting mauled. It\'s practically begging FFA Not to say that the map itself is bad or anything. In general, the concept and the general structure looks nice, but the gameplay just seems limited. To enhance your product, here are some suggestions: - Try making a series of more platforms that connect throughout the map. That way, the number of possible routes increase, and there is a lot more tactical availablity. This also would increase the need for more ground to be covered, because you can\'t have everyone holed up in the base or the flag would be impossible to reach. This brings me to my next point. - Expand the bases. First off, the doorway is way too small, and I foresee people being able to block off invaders with a flechette alone. There needs to be more space and possible routes to the objective, so as to put more of a tactical balance. On a final note, I would make the sniper nests have a button to return inside. You never know when your hotshot needs to do a last ditch defense on the flag. - Change your map\'s name. I haven\'t done any good research on hot CTF maps, but I know for a fact that CTF_Yavin is actually a Jedi Outcast CTF map. Personalize it a little, m\'lad! - Music is definitely a necessity. Not everyone has programs to listen to music. If all else, throw in the default JA tunes and call it a day. Just cover up that blasphemous silence. This is just from a non-CTF player point of view. Try and find some fellow CTF\'ers and see if they have any other suggestions. Your map has promise, lad. It\'s a good effort, but now you have to expand! New Textures: Nay New Music: Nay Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Aye - Averus Retruthan




CTF Tribute | 1.31 MB

in JK2! So I’m always glad when I get to review a new CTF map ;) Personally I quite enjoyed this map, overall I think that the gameplay, and the flow of the map was very good, you could certainly have some frantic battles here. Features like the breakable glass added to the fun of the map, after all, who doesn’t like to shoot at a window with their blaster and see the glass shatter? ;) As for the weapon placement, which is very important in a CTF map, I must say that it is pretty well balanced. There weren’t too many weapons too close together, they were all well spread out, and they were in strategic places too. For instance trip mines and rocket launchers on a ledge overlooking a narrow pathway between the two bases. Now, onto the architecture and lighting. All in all I think the construction and architecture of the map was pretty cool, there were quite a few nice features, like the pillars rising out of a bottomless pit in the flag base area. The shapes were very unusual but I really liked them. I also liked how they were textured, white overall, but with black in the areas that were cut out of the pillar. The black and white textures used (they are the same texture, one coloured white, and one coloured black) go together quite nicely I think. However I feel that in some areas they were used a bit too often, and some parts looked a little flat. Overall though, I liked the way the black and white textures were used, because they made the map look quite ‘space-age’. The other textures used went with the black and white ones pretty well too I think. :) As for the lighting, that also was pretty good, however in one or two areas it seemed a bit harsh. Overall though, not bad! I think this is a pretty cool CTF map, it looks cool, and has good playability too. Probably my favourite area, is where there are two bottomless pits, with a narrow passage inbetween them that connects the blue base to the red base. Out of the pits rise two pillars with weapons on top, and overlooking the passage are ledges where there are rocket launchers and trip mines. That place would be great for some really intense battles! One thing the map could have done with is some music though! It’s a bit too quiet. :/ But all in all a nice CTF map here, give it a download if you like the look of it! ;) Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Music: No Game Types: CTF ~Nozyspy~




Space Dust CTF | 4.64 MB

design. And being a CTF map, this certainly has plenty of strategic design! The theme of the map is also very interesting, its not often you get to have a CTF game in space! You wont need any space-suits however…;) The basic layout is the same as any CTF, Blues on one side and Reds on the other. However, on this map, instead of working your way around obstacles in the middle of the map, inbetween the two teams, because this is in space, there is something a bit more special….Teleporters! All around the floating platforms in this map are jump pads, which, when you walk onto them, shoot you off in the direction they point. Some take you to other pads, but others shoot you off towards floating teleporters that are infront of the flag bases. Being a relatively simple map, there’s not really much more I can say , the music and texturing is very cool. And it would be great fun to play a CTF game on! Perhaps the only things I think could be improved upon is, making it bigger – perhaps adding more platforms, or bigger platforms, with more things on them – and maybe adding some more detailing to the platforms, maybe like with some pipes or something like that. One thing that also bugged me was the bot support. There is bot support, but the bots act a bit strangely, like, they will walk off the end of a platform, or jump in the green goo and then die lol. That seems to be a fairly common problem with these maps that have platforms on, where if you fall off them, you die. That’s probably because of the difficulties with making bot routes so that the bots jump over and are able to land on the other platform. That’s not too much of a problem on this map though (unless you like playing CTF’s with bot players) as this map is MUCH more fun if played with real players ;) An excellent map here! If CTF is your thing, give it a download, oh, and watch out for that nasty green goo ;) Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Music: Yes Game Types: CTF ~Nozyspy~




Coruscant Bridges | 13.56 MB

introduction. The city is not like the Coruscant we all know, it is not flashy, with traffic and all. It is also quite blocky, blockier than it should be. Blockier than Coruscant is. And the skybox is just bad. You should add some buildings on it, and maybe make the near buildings a little more busy. The texturing is a little bit bland, too. The lighting actually wasn\'t really that bad - most of the lights had their sources, and those that did not were not that easy to spot (for an untrained eye). It also separates the two teams\' bases, Red and Blue. Both are identical and are mirrored, just like a normal CTF map. There is some sort of a song included, that plays in the map. I don\'t know it, not sure about the rest, and I don\'t think that it fit in. It, once again, took the Coruscant feel away - it doesn\'t sound like Star Wars at all. And the conclusion? The map sure has its potential, but it needs better visual appearance. I can\'t really try the map out in a CTF match (with 4+ people), but I could think of many more CTF-friendly elements, that would help the map greatly. New Textures: Yes New Models: No New Music: Yes Bot Support: Yes Game Types: CTF, TFFA Arthenik




Face Off | 224.79 KB

square buildings. with a few floors. on each floor you find weapons etc. and you can break windows and pieces of walls. now the middle part between the buildings. There are two Emplaced turrets that don\'t work and you\'re actually capable of touching the skybox, Because it\'s attached to the sides, which is a big no,no. Also the map hasn\'t got any details. But I guess it is a good first attempt. Just keep on practising and you will get there.Though I strongly recommend to all you starting mappers, to not post your first map online. -~*Buffy*~- Botsupport: No New Textures: No New Music/Sounds: No Game Types: Capture the flag




Pirates CTF | 4.68 MB

liked that map, it was a very interesting and new idea for a CTF map. Now MageC brings us a new version of the map, this time for JKA. So lets have a look around! As last time, this is a pirate themed CTF map and takes the form of a large lake with the buildings housing the flags at each end. Once again each team has its own pirate ship to board, subtly colour co-ordinated so each team knows which is its ship, a feature I thought was well done here. [b]Now, let’s move onto the pro’s:[/b] This map has been [i]hugely[/i] improved over the last version. MageC’s skills have improved a lot! For example; the pirate ships themselves now look absolutely fantastic. They are much more accurate to what a real pirate galley would look like. They have new rigging and sails, a new area for the ‘captain’ so sit, a poop deck complete with ships wheel and a large under deck area where you can hide once you have captured the other teams flag! ;) Perhaps the part of the ships I was most impressed with was the bow (front end). There is some fantastic patch-work here, the bow now looks flowing and smooth, and has been very well shaped. Overall the ships look fantastic, and very realistic in their shape. Like I said, I was also impressed with the colour co-ordination of the ships to each team. The red and blue colours don’t hit you in the face, they are subtly done, which looks very good. The buildings at each end of the lake have also been given a makeover, the architecture now looks better on the main buildings, and the small courtyards infront along with the walls and piers also look much better now. There is only one door into the buildings, but from there you have a choice of 3 routs to the room where the flag is kept. You can either try the full frontal assault, or you can go through either of the two side passages, if you want to try something a little sneakier. However, before you get into the flag room, both of the side passages first lead to a large room on each side with what looks like a grandstand and some kind of battle area in the middle. This could lead to some interesting battles on your way to the flag room, but I suspect the main purpose behind these rooms is for clans to use them because of their construction. Another big plus over the last version, is that the ships are now controllable. By pressing the use button on the ships wheel, or the small mast right at the rear of the poop deck, you can move the ship backwards or forwards. And no, that isn’t what you might think it is, :P the poop deck is basically the top deck of the ship, on top of the captains cabin, where the ships wheel is. Last time around the ships were on a set course, so if you missed your ship when it departed, you would have to stand your ground at the enemy’s base till it came back. Now however you can hop onto your teams ship and sail off whenever you need to! [b]As with all maps, there are some things to be improved upon here, so lets move onto the con’s:[/b] Personally I still feel that the architecture of the main buildings at either end of the map could be improved. Some more pillars, or like I said last time, making the windows 3D instead of 2D textures would help improve the look and feel of the buildings. At the moment they look ok, but there just isn’t enough detail on them I feel. The main thing I think could be improved upon though is the size of the lake dividing the two flag bases. It seems to be a lot smaller than it was in the previous JK2 version, and considering that the ships are bigger in this new version, I feel the lake here should have been much bigger. Also, like last time, there doesn’t seem to be any way of climbing out of the water back onto dry land, if you fall overboard (or are forced to walk the plank! :P). This could be a problem since unless the players used the /kill command in the console and respawn, they wouldn’t be able to get back to dry land. Lastly, I must say that I am rather disappointed that the author didn’t include the same Pirates of the Caribbean music that was on the previous JK2 version, since that fitted the theme of the map so well! This map is still a Beta however, so im sure it will improve even further when it comes to its full release! All in all though an excellent CTF map here which should provide many interesting battles! MageC’s skills have improved much since he released the previous JK2 version of this map, so I look forward to seeing more work from him! :) [b]Bot Support:[/b] No [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Music:[/b] No [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA, CTF ~Nozyspy~




SOR CTF | 7.2 MB

features to it that kinda remind me of some of the ones that were in the JK2 maps. Where to start? Well, probably the first thing I noticed when I started up the map was that the two main bases in the outdoor area where I spawned looked as if they were from the Taspir Multiplayer level. But the way that they have been placed and made part of the map looks great. There are some very cool features in here, which make it interesting trying to get to the enemies flag base, after all its not supposes to be easy right? ;) There are three ways that I saw to get to the enemies flag base. First you can go from one outside base to another. These bases as I have said look like the towers out of the Taspir MP map. There is a tower on either side of a bridge, beneath which is a sea of lava. And there’s also some cool terrain around here too :) Once you are inside the tower you need to take the very cool lift (that has each teams logo on what looks like a giant pane of glass) to the top floor then hop into the teleporter. The teleporter is a bit hard to see as its in a dark area and it kinda blends in with the wall, so just walk along the wall till you find it ;) That then takes you to the enemies flag base. Now from there you can either go back the way you came and go over the bridge to your base, or take one of the other two options. One is a really crazy maze, but I couldn’t find my way around that as I didn’t look at the map of the maze included in the .zip lol, my bad. The other way is the shortest but probably the MOST difficult one to get across. I like that kind of tactics on a CTF map, the quickest way should always be made more difficult to keep the gameplay balance right. This way you have to jump across some poles that sink into the lava below as you jump across….if that wasn’t bad enough, you then have to wade through a swimming pool that is in a little area in the middle of the lava (the water in that pool is gonna be HOT with all that lava underneath!), and then jump back across MORE sinking poles! Its great fun though! I would love to see how that plays in a proper CTF match. There are however one or two bugs that could do with sorting out. Probably the main one would be that in one or two areas there are bits of the wall that just disappear. This leaves a nasty looking Hall of Mirrors (or HOM) effect behind it. Now, as far as I am aware this can happen if you have too many structural brushes on one area. Always make sure that only your main walls, floor and ceiling, or anything like doors that have to block visibility are structural. Anything like pillars and crates and other details like that should be made into detail brushes. (In Radiant select the brushes you want and go to the Selection menu and then go to make Detail). That should hopefully fix that :) However the affected area is only rather small, so it can be ignored, especially in the heat of an intense CTF battle! One other thing that wasn’t really that important but that bugged me a little bit, was that the lava in the two towers area wasn’t stretched very well. When you look at it you can see that the texture repeats quite often and that looks a bit weird. But you don’t really notice it that much when your playing. Overall a nice sized and nicely made CTF here, there are some nice features on this map which should make your CTF games that bit more interesting! ;) I look forward to seeing more maps (hopefully some CTF ones too) from this author! Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Music: Yes Game Types: CTF ~Nozyspy~




Yavin Battle | 6.49 MB

one of my favourite maps. I never really enjoyed CTF matches the same in JKA, I don’t know why, I just wasn’t fond of a lot of JKA’s CTF maps. Well for any CTF lovers out there, we have a treat for you today, a proper good old CTF map! :D This map follows the traditional CTF rules of having two opposing bases, each a mirror of the other, with plenty of obstacles in the middle. At first glance it looks like it would be a bit too easy to capture the enemies flag on this map…but look again. There is a river flowing through the middle of the map, which is easy enough to get over, but then there is also a bridge in the middle with force fields which can only be de-activated from a bunker on one side of the map. This bunker is protected by pre-laid trip mines, so be careful where you walk! Once you get across the river, the have to get into the enemy’s fort, which isn’t as easy as you might think. The front gate of the fort (which can only be opened from the inside) is guarded by a blaster cannon, as is the main building in the fort, which are activated via a control panel in the bunker which contains the flag base. The walls of the fort have loopholes so the defending team can fire at any attackers, and the tops of the towers along the walls have useable blaster cannon emplacements. That’s not all though! One feature I was especially impressed by, and which I think is a very clever way of utilising different types of gameplay was the AT-ST’s. The thing is, you cannot actually access your own AT-ST! First of all you have to destroy the enemies shield generator, which then de-activates the shield infront of the building housing your AT-ST. This is a very clever gameplay twist I think and this was a great idea! There is one other twist to the gameplay, there are traps in the ground that can be ‘built’. These take the form of pits with spikes in the bottom, presumably as another defence against the AT-ST’s, however, as yet I have not been able to figure out how to activate them. :/ The environment is very well planned and it looks great, especially the waterfall which looks both well made and natural. At least in my experience with them, it is pretty tough to make waterfalls look good, but this author has done an excellent job I think. As far as improvements go, I guess one of the most obvious things to me was that inside the main building in each base the lighting was rather too strong and it kinda bleached out all the shadows, which doesn’t look quite right. Also, this map could really do with some bot routes. But, that said, considering the complexity of this map, bot routes would be very difficult to make. Other than that I really cant think of that much on this map that could be improved, it’s a really solid, well made map that also looks and plays well. I definitely recommend this as a download to anyone who is a fan of the CTF gametype. You won’t be disappointed! :D [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Music:[/b] No [b]Bot Routes:[/b] No [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA, TFFA, CTF ~Nozyspy~




CTF Empires II | 3.87 MB

the Sith like their dark maps, and considering the map is "Revenge of the Darkside," I guess it's suppossed to be a feature rather than an annoyance ;) The layout is typical CTF, one centre section and two base areas, although it's quite a small map and there's only one or two routes to each base, which limits the tactical player, so if you play this you'll need to be a good duelist in cramped quarters. Texture-wise, its samey, but not necessairily repetetive - the texture used through the centre hallway repeats too much, but that's about it. I enjoyed the space setting, and the architecture was okay, albeit a little devoid of detail. There was however, texture misalignment at various places all over the map, and there's a few dead ends, which are a no-no in CTF maps for me. :( The new textures were for the most part, very nice-looking, especially the chipboard/circuit ones. However once again, this is a map without bot support - *Puts big red cross on checklist* However you should still check it out and see what you think :) New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No Bot Support: No ~Szico VII~




CTF-PPDisabled II | 8.73 MB

well on the layout of the map for CTF, however I will say it is fun getting between the bases, and each side seems in appropriate proportions to the other. (So it should be an even match.) However, I think by far my favourite part of the map has to be the skybox. It's just so darn awesome! It's totally realistic, and looks fantastic with the setting of the map. Unfortunately, on one side it doesn't blend into another side, but you don't notice it all that much, so I don't class it as too much of a bug. The map itself looks and feels, for the most part, like a coruscant-themed map. Unfortunately, there are a few bugs which really need to be fixed, mostly shader problems resulting in images which should be see-through, not being see-through. Some of the textures used don't quite seem to fit either - it looks like the author has used the 'glow' sections of images instead of the actual image associated with the glow. However, these aren't huge bugs and seeing as this is a beta map, should be fixed for the final version :D There's also a few wierd looking buildings which disappear in midair near the bottom of the map, but overall the visual effect is very appealing. I also found myself liking the music which goes with the map, its fast-paced, but still fits the aura of the map. Conversely, there's no bot support which is a real downside to this map, and I can't say I like the levelshot, but thats just being too picky lol :) New Sounds: Yes New Textures: Yes Bot Support: No ~Szico VII~




Sorteam-V2 | 5.64 MB

in here, pretty much all of it is new. The only things that reminded me of the previous map was the architecture, such as the stone pillars, and the use of textures. What is the same from the first map however, is that this map contains features that would make it a very interesting venue for a CTF match! One of those features is again, just like v1, a maze! Just as with the first map there are plenty of interesting and unusual features that make this a challenging CTF map to play on. Like I said above the maze is back, plus a new feature is the ability to fly around in an outside area! I will talk about the outside area a bit first. Basically there are two bases, one for the red team and one for the blue, either side of a very large area. So large infact that from one base, you cannot see the other. The bases are made up of several platforms from which you can spawn ships and fly them to the other teams base. However there is a catch, each base is defended by very strong turbolaser turrets! Hey, no-one said it was gonna be easy! ;) At one end of each base is a building which you can go in, then use a lift to go down to the bottom floor, which houses your flag area. From there is an entrance to the maze and a teleporter to a cool death room, which I shall talk about later. The great thing about the area where you can spawn ships is that bots can fly the ships too! However one thing I think could be improved upon here is the double doors. You have to force push them to open them, but then only one side of the double doors opens. If anyone is wondering how to do double doors, remember, when you make the doors, select them both, then press the N key in Radiant to get the entity window up. Then type in the Key bit: team And in the value bit: doors1 Or whatever you want the double doors to be called (make sure you don’t do more than one set of double doors with the same name though!) This will make both the doors open at the same time, even if only one has been triggered. Despite that, the outside area is great! Also, once again the maze is back! This time however there is a map above the entrance to the maze so hopefully you will know vaguely where you are going this time ;) Now, onto the death room, which I think is a very clever and interesting thing to use in a CTF map, for the reason that it, just like the maze, is a puzzle that you have to figure out. There’s a catch though…here is what the readme says: [quote] you spawn in a room that has letters on the floor you have to spell out a palindrome word (a word that can be spelt the same back to front) if you choose the wrong letter you will be killed by 1 of 4 ways the clue to the word is (a type of bread) get to the other side alive through the door into the opposition base[/quote] Hey, you didn’t think it was going to be easy did you?! :P I managed to figure it out…but only because I remembered that the night before I was testing this map, my friend was at my house…and he was eating that particular type of bread! All these cool features make for a great map, one that would certainly be fun to play in a CTF match. There wasn’t much here that bugged me, but one of the things that did was that on the platforms outside, the lighting is very harsh and bright. It could really do with toning down a little. Besides that it was only really the double doors not opening at the same time that bugged me a bit. So besides that, another cool CTF map here from Jedi Max! Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA, Duel, Power Duel, CTF ~Nozyspy~




CTF Korriban | 3.54 MB;28850), but now this version only supports CTF. There are many additions to make this map better including removing those yellow crystals. ;) Because this is now for CTF, you\'ll find more weapons and ammo and other pickups. And there have been some touch-ups here and there to make it prettier. It\'s a great map to add to any CTF server. Bot Support: Yes New Textures: No New Music: No Game Types: CTF ~AmosMagee




CTF Dr. | 2.49 MB

base to flag base, but the way the doctor\'s office and hallways are designed, you might be able to effectivly trap someone in a hallway or something, so going through the office most definetly would not be the easy way out. ;) The author was able to help sell the idea that when inside you are in a doctor\'s office, partly because you will hear an intercom voice saying, \"Paging Doctor White, Doctor White call your office... Doctor White, call your office.\" Unfortunatly though, it endlessly repeats, and after a while it ends up sounding like 3 intercoms saying the same thing over and over and over and the voices are overlapping each other, and really ruins the effect :(. I would suggest to the author that the next time he does something like that, he should set the speaker entity to \"random\" so that at random times it will play the sound. The author has an extensive knowledge of curves - good thing too, because the curves help give this map a nice flow to it. The outside area is nicely decorated with signs and symbols, to give it a city feel and some eye candy, I only wish there was a little bit more, it seems a touch lacking. Speaking of eye candy, the flag bases are very cool. Large, white lights flash and light up the base, while floating red/blue energy fields add a decorative touch. The layout of the outsise walkways are nice, but what really gets your attention is a circular platform that quickly zips back and forth from base to base. It\'s fast enough to help you evade fire and maybe give some trouble to the people after you that want to get on too (to kill you ;)), but you would become a sitting duck to concussion rifle fire lol. The way the author did the sky was... interesting. Rather than a usual skybox, he just placed a screen of black in the sky, but the fog in the map makes it look more like a foggy, cloudy night. I would have preferred a good old starry skybox, but this works too. The biggest problem in the map is that when you fall into the pit below, rather than the camera shifting down to watch you character fall to his death while screaming his head off, you just simply fall. The death scream is still played, and you still die, but your camera stays with your character, and your character dies two seconds after landing on the ground. This may have been an error on my computer\'s part, but I don\'t think so. Another weak point in the map is that the textures tend to be a little too repetitive for my taste, but you don\'t really notice it much. Bottom Line: A nice CTF map with an interesting theme and good eye candy. Bot Support: No New Music: No New Textures: No Note: In the screenshots you will see Military Weapons in place of Star Wars Weapons... hehe, I\'ll have to remember to remove those next time I review a map lol. Sorry. ~ Innocent Hawk




Negata-G | 1.29 MB

Connecting the two islands is a very long glassy-looking bridge. The red team by far has the advantage, as they have an automated turret protecting their flag. The blue team doesn\'t seem to have anything. On top of that, if you fall off either of the islands, or the bridge, be prepared to kill yourself, as not only will the fall not kill you, but it will shove you to the blue side of the map, leaving you unable to move. To be honest, for a final version of a map I find this rather buggy, to the extent that it probably wouldn\'t be a lot of fun to play. It\'s a bit too small and too simple to be an effective CTF map as well, and there\'s really not a lot of room to fight, so I would imagine it would be more a game of \"who falls off first.\" [b]Bot Support[/b]: No [b]New Textures[/b]: No [b]New Music[/b]: No [b]New Models[/b]: No ~Inyri




Two-Fort: Nar Shaddaa | 903.39 KB

alive. Imagine that, eh? One blue, one red. Identical layouts. What's I liked is that there's no abundance of unnecessary eye candy. A small droid hovering over the bridge and that's it, the rest of the map is all about CTF. The architecture is all very clean-cut, texturing is neat and logical. Lighting is done down to an art, plenty of shader lights and it all looks steady, no sources though except for aforementioned shaders. There's a few gameplay niggles - the aforementioned droid will allow a skilled acrobat a quick way between bases - but overall it's traditional CTF. What I disliked was the lack of movement space, the map feels very cramped which wouldn't work well in a firefight. While there are three routes to each flag, they all go through one central chokepoint which would easily be held by someone with a bowcaster or flak cannon. Speaking of which, no weapon/ammo drops? Aw, man, CTF just ain't a Jedi gametype, y'know? Only two errors to be found, and they're more like glitches. First, the edited textures are busted - returned the missing texture grid. Secondly, I spy with my little eye an erroneously placed bit of texture hovering inexplicably in the skybox. Yes, I did notice that. Very pathetic indeed. Oh, the MP3 file initially appeared broken, but since the error specified no filename I'm guessing the issue is that no MP3 was specified, so moot point. Despite the map's shortcomings, you'll have some good 4v4 CTFs on this, possibly even 6v6. Word of advice, though, merc yourselves. This map isn't too suited for Jedi combat except for in two areas, which works in it's favour actually. CTF is always far more fun for the gunners than it is for the Jedi. You'll probably need Force Jump to navigate the bases, though, which sort of puts a dampener on that theory. Tips for next version? Expand the map, add pickups, generally give the players a little more breathing room. ~ Kouen [b]Bot Routes:[/b] No [b]Custom Textures:[/b] Yes [b]Custom Models:[/b] No [b]Custom Audio:[/b] No




Tatooine Oasis CTF | 36.73 MB

properly for a while now. Why do I ask? ...What, you hadn't figured it out yet? Today we have a CTF map, brought to us by TK-962. Bear in mind, this is his second map, and pretty good work for a second map in my opinion. [b]Layout[/b] Here's my favorite bit about the map - the layout. It's definitely a very simple layout, but honestly, I figure it might lead to some interesting matches. Should, at the very least, be amusing if you're into CTF. Also, noticed a ship in there somewhere (screenshot #3), which, while I have to ask if it has any real use other than being fancy, [i]is[/i] fancy. Yes, I'm a sucker for ship interiors, folks, even if prefabs :p [b]Textures[/b] The choice of textures here seems fine. This brings me to my main gripe though - repetitive textures. You can see it perfectly in screenshot #3: the same pattern over and over and over and over again. I'd love to see a version with far less repetitive textures, TK. :) [b]Lightning[/b] While I can't claim to have much of a problem with the lightning indoors, the exterior of this map seems pretty much equally lit, aside from some bits of unsourced lightning (see the ground on screenshot #3). Might be related to that bug TK mentioned though; getting to that. [b]Skybox[/b] Aside from the file title, the only thing that made it clear that this was in fact an oasis on Tatooine was the skybox, but that's not a major problem considering it's a CTF map. In all, the Caelum is satisfied with the skybox :p [b]Bugzilla strikes again[/b] Now, I'll quote the readme a little for the mappers out there who are feeling helpful... [quote]This is my second map and my first CTF map. There were two errors that I couldn't fix. (1) The terrain outside of the imperial facility is so dark!!! No matter how many lights I put on it it was still dark. Doesn't make any sense. (2) When I try to make music using worldspawn it doesn't work.[/quote] But yeah, before anyone thinks I'm ranting, while this isn't the best thing since the 1.01 patch, it's definitely good work for a second map. Keep on improving, TK :p [b]New Textures:[/b] Yup [b]New Sounds:[/b] Nope [b]New Music:[/b] Yup [b]Bot Routes:[/b] Yup -Caelum




Bestine Praetorium | 3.27 MB

this gent had disappeared from the scene entirely. Not entirely so, it seems. So, Cuko has decided to bless our bountiful chest of goodies with a CTF map. I have to say I'm torn. On one hand, I find the map to be a little small. On the other, it feels too big. How the hell is that possible, you ask? Well, the overall path between the flags feels pretty short. There's roughly three paths that can be taken, though depending on the settings you can obviously mix it up a bit. However, there's only like, three areas, with one area just separating the two bases. Not very inspiring, to say the least. The large factor of the map is just how broad and spacious the map is. There's no way a fun CTF could be had with just guns, you'd have to use the force to leap about, or else it'll just get too long. Even so, with that in mind, y'need a decent amount of players to get a good CTF going here in this map. Another minor oddity: Why does the water kill you instantly? Seems unnecessary, really. Despite these aesthetic issues, the map's quite fine, structurally speaking. It's not exactly "OMG-WOW" but I'm guessing this was more for function than anything. Since I found myself at a lack of numbers for a proper CTF, I definitely suggest hard-core CTFers try this out and give some constructive advice on how to make this map boom-chaka-boom. Good eve. New Textures: Aye New Music: Nay Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Nay - Averus Retruthan




Krayt Canyon CTF | 2.05 MB

[url=;41203]Vertigo[/url]! Like that map this is also a CTF map, one that reminds me greatly of some of the levels from Dark Forces II or JK2 both in terms of architecture and the colour pallete of the textures. This should be a great map for strategy as there are multiple walkways on various levels between the two bases, providing plenty of room for jumping from walkway to walkway to escape your pursuers once you have pinched their flag. In the middle is a small control room and a missile which looks like it is ready for launch, though I have to say, the control panels in the control room were way too large! The map is very open and has a fairly simple layout and so is great for fast and furious CTF matches, though of course you always want to be cautious of not falling to your doom from the walkways in the middle of an adrenaline pumping match, that would be just a bit annoying/facepalm\'ing! One thing that is annoying for a whole different reason though is the hissing sound that the steam/jump vents make (I.e. you walk onto them and get catapulted up to the next level), is is loud and really starts to get on your nerves after a while. I remember a while ago I was making a map and needed a hissing steam sound for it and I think I probably used this very soundset, but after a while it started to drive me nuts! I ended up using a sound editor to make it quieter and softer. All in all though I think this is a genuinely great map for a CTF match, though it is missing music. Then again, as with duel maps, I guess people will often be playing their own music in the background to get themselves pumped for the match. Keep up the fine work on your CTF maps Cuko! :) [b]Bot Support:[/b] No [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Music:[/b] No [b]Game Types:[/b] CTF ~Nozyspy~