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Cool Saber Sounds | 440.79 KB

practically everything saber-related in the game. Each sounds itself is very crisp and unique. Very nice work by young Obi-Wan, keep em coming!!!




Cinematic Saber and Weapons SFX | 1.81 MB

reflect those that I associate with the classic trilogy, but hadn\'t heard in any existing mod. There are also new weapons sounds from the movies.[/quote] Definitely another mod to help make JK2 more \"Star Warsy\" :D. The readme even states from where all the author got the sounds from (just incase you were wondering ;)). There are other mods like this, but it just boils down to personal preferrance to which sounds you like :)



Uploaded:20/01/2003 | 227.55 KB

* JEDI KNIGHT II MODIFICATION * Title :Episode II saber sounds V2 Author :lukasavin EMail Website : File Name :epiisabersound.pk3 File Size :228Kb Date Released :16.01.2003 Description :This is a new version of




Darth Vader Vs. Luke Skywalker Duel Music | 1.63 MB

duel. This also replaces the music for the MP startup screen. This is a decent sounding track and gives ample time for listening while dueling. I am a fan of faster paced tracks while dueling to help set the mood, so this isn’t my cup of tea. A great little mod with easy installation and removal. Nice job, keep up the good work. Come on all of you original trilogy fans what are you waiting for download this file :) Maddog




Real Lightsaber Sound Patch | 2.06 MB

Force Jump sound (replace with \"Duels of fates little theme\" - Force Lightning Sound (Add Dark Side \"oohhhh ohhh ohhhh\") - Force Pull sound (replace with \"The Throne room\" EPI end theme - work in progress, have any ideas? - Force Push sound (replace with \"Darth Maul Force push\" used for push Obi in the hole) - Force Speed sound (replace with \"Anakin\'s Mother looking for theme\") - All Saber Sound (On-off [Dooku version very Terrific!!!], hummm, block, bounce, hit, hit wall, hup, saberspin - sound take up from EPI dvd and EPI dvx version)[/quote] The saber sounds aren\'t too bad, but overall an interesting pack of sound replacements :D




Jango Fett\'s Blaster Sound Fx | 252.14 KB

remember the movie anymore sooo maybe it\'ll make more sense to you all :D




Techno Duel Of The Fates Duel Music | 3.72 MB

waiting for it to start and all of a sudden it went boom! I was like $!@#. It was loud, I really liked the song although it was really long. It has a really good piano line at one part of the song with some synth for the background. It was a typical techno song, but it was a good techno song. All you Star Wars and Techno lovers then you should really get this because its so upbeat and amazing. It is great quality and great music to listen to while dueling. The best part of the whole song is when it really starts moving. The song was about 4:08 maybe even more because I couldn’t tell where it ended because it starts up so fast. Even though it’s so good it didn’t help my fighting :(. One thing that was nice about this duel music was it was a good volume not too loud and not too quiet. Overall I enjoyed listening to the music, but I wouldn’t really use it for my duel music instead I would just use it to normally listen to. For all you Techno fans then go right ahead and download it, you will enjoy it. Personally I don’t think that duel music is really necessary, but if you think opposite of me then by all means go and get this duel music. SwordMaster good job I guess :), lets see some more of your duel music. -XgamerX




darth_maul_sabersound | 77.13 KB

very crisp. In all there are nine new sounds including saber on and saber off sounds that replace the default saber sounds. This is a very refreshing sound mod which makes me want to put on a Darth Maul skin fire up my double saber and be very evil and have fun in the Sith arts. I think my favorite part of this sound mod is the easiness of the installation. Well good modding and keep up the good work. Maddog




Geonosis Saber Sounds | 1.26 MB

added treat the author added some maul sounds from another mod. This mod makes you feel like you are in one of the epic battles from the movie. The author did a good job at recreating the sounds from the movie. This is worth the download and is very good in my opinion and gives you that much needed change, to keep things fresh and exciting. Download this now and get your saber ignited and slaughter senseless droids. Maddog




Matrix Burly Brawl | 3.36 MB

music to be sure to not slow down the pace of your duels. This song is good and goes well with dueling. If you like the Matrix or the music download this file. I can see myself using this file even though I have never saw either of the Matrix movies. Griever would like to thank AmosMagee for her help in editing the music. Great job. Maddog



Uploaded:16/06/2003 | 1.66 MB

Name Anthony Xrystral Darth PoonTang Senin E Mail Address anthony.y Halo Theme Duel Music This file will replace your duel music with a modified version of the Halo Theme. This file is 1 49 in length. I based it around this




Sexy Enhanced Sounds | 131.96 KB

sounds. Emplaced guns firing sound also replaced.[/quote] The one I noticed the msot was the bryar pistol sound which actually makes the bryar sound a lot more powerful compared to the original puny sound ;). Excellent bunch of sounds, recommend a download!!




Jedi Outcast Music JukeBox | 3.9 KB

and Controls sections of the included readme.txt!




Sith Saber Sound | 18.51 KB

Lord myself I DLed it. I think it\'s worth a DL.




Argon | 2.45 MB

no new sounds there was supposed to be Team colors from what I understand because when I put it in all I got was a head and then white and black. There is bot support at least so for all you people that don’t play with others or want to play alone then at least you can use the bots. The skin reminded me of R-Born for some strange reason. The plasticy thing is still really weird in my opinion. I am upset that it has no new sounds especially for a skin like this. He didn’t change much on the skin except for the face and the shader that was applied. On his face there are two really small blotches of green, but on the red and blue skins it’s just a plain face. The team colors are bad because I don\'t think he included the textures that were needed for the skin. The skin looks pretty decent. It was supposedly made for GooseBubble’s personal use, but then his friends said he should post it, good job GooseBubble’s friends :). Overall this skin is yet again a meh skin its nothing special, all he truly did was add a shader and put colors around it. Now it’s not a bad skin it just could have been better by adding team colors that work and then adding new sounds. Personally I wouldn’t download this skin unless you really want to get a new Dash Rendar skin. GooseBubble maybe you can make another version just this time with new sounds and all that junk. -XgamerX New Sounds: No (Reborn) Team Colors: No Bot Support: Yes




coolsabersounds | 260.24 KB




-Battle Of Endor Duel Music- | 1.52 MB

track isn’t to great and sounds very low when used in game during duels. This mod also replaces the music during the MP menu when the game is started up. This song really doesn’t go good with duels in my opinion it is a little to mellow. The meaning behind 1:45 length is what the author observed as being the average time of a duel. Not a bad mod just not needs to be a better quality MP3, nice job keep on modding. Maddog




Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring - The Black Rider | 1.18 MB

does the job. This song sets a good mood for dueling. The author trimmed it down to 1:19 to better fit the average duel time and avoids some of the slower tempos in the song. Of all of the music mods I have reviewed this is my favorite and I would consider using if I didn’t use my stereo. Pretty small in size and well worth the download if you are a LOTR fan, or just want to change the music while dueling. Great job, keep on modding. Maddog




Confrontation with Count Dooku | 4.27 MB



Uploaded:06/06/2003 | 3.2 MB

Developer: [EM-M]Odin (this is not my website but is the official website of the elite mercenaries) [EM] Installation instructions: simply extract pk3 file into gamedata/base folder File info:




Samsagaz´s Saber Sounds | 633.1 KB




Futuristic Saber Sounds v1.0 | 700.31 KB

effect. Personally, I found this very creative. It\'s been a while since I heard any new sounds, and these where a refreshing change from the washed out ones in JK2. I recommend immediate downloading. :) Technical Data: Pros: 1. Nifty \"remixes\" of Star Wars saber sounds Cons: 1. None. Rating: 8/10 JEDIofONE :mepimp:




REAL Sounds | 765.09 KB

that the sounds are of the highest quality as opposed to being just movie rips, and I agree that they\'re high quality in themselves. They greatly increase the accuracy of the sounds heard without losing the integrity of the files, and they certainly do not over-do it. The default Bryar pistol now sounds like Han Solo\'s modified BlasTech DL-44 heavy blaster pistol, which makes it feel like a much stronger gun, even if it\'s an instrinsically weak gun. The sound of the laser bolt hitting walls now has a brighter ping instead of just the indescript \"pfsh.\" The BlasTech E-11 rifle also has an updated sound that makes the blasts sound stronger, except that I did not like the rapid-fire sound; it was mushy compared to the rest of the sounds in the mod, and I think that it should have been more staccato. The sounds of the disruptor rifle now make a lot more sense with this mod. Before, we heard a strange sound when it\'s fired that doesn\'t sound anything like a laser blast, even if it is a hit-scan weapon. The mod changes it to a sound that actually sounds like a laser blast; the sound now matches the image. Not all sounds of guns have been changed, and I didn\'t find any other sounds that stood out as making the gun any better, except for the bowcaster, which also has a similar sound to the first two blasters; it also now sounds stronger, more of a punch instead of the original blurp sound of it. The author also modified the sounds of Force powers; the lightning sound is now quieter but sounds more powerful, which was merely okay, but not a great change. What I really liked was the Force shove, pull, and jump modifications. I really disliked the default sounds for the game, which sound like someone blowing air out of his/her mouth or sucking air into it. The sounds are now more subtle, and now have a more delightful, shorter whoosh, which is more accurate to the films. Just for this, this mod is staying in my base folder. Great job, neo, especially for a first-timer. I hope you can expand your capabilities of modding for next time, because we really could use more of your good taste. —Ra-Kom Note: the readme is out of date; the installation instructions are to place the included PK3 into your GameData/base folder.



Uploaded:09/06/2003 | 3.2 MB

-------------------------------------------------------------- Final Fantasy VII-Boss Battle Duel Music -------------------------------------------------------------- After a very long time and a lot of requests I have created this wonderfull piece




Jango\'s Blaster Sound | 6.17 KB

you prefer that \"throaty twang\" (to quote Master_Xalius), then you should download this mod. ~AmosMagee



Uploaded:09/06/2003 | 2.51 MB

-------------------------------------------------------------- Final Fantasy VII-Battle Theme Duel Music -------------------------------------------------------------- After a very long time and a lot of requests I have created this wonderfull




Luke Skywalker taunts | 290.84 KB

and is not as corny as the default.




Duel Action | 624.61 KB

a good duel. For instance, could you really duel to Anakin\'s Theme from Episode 1\'s soundtrack? Or Anakin and Padme\'s theme from Episode 2? Yeah, most likely not. Tysplo decided to make his first mod for JK2 a mini music mod. The music he chose is fast paced and keeps you interested. The few pauses at the end are a bit dramatic and could add to the tension of a good duel. The track is a bit short, only 45 seconds, but most duels are usually under two minutes anyway. This mod will also replace the main menu music. Sure this is an easy mod to make, but if you choose the wrong type of music, or choose a track that is too long or too short, then you have a useless little mod. If the track is too long and some of the best points in the music happen to be near the end, you might never hear them. Too short of a track and you\'ll have to listen to a loop of the same thing over and over which can quickly wear on one\'s nerves. Great choice in music, Tysplo and the execution of this simple little mod couldn\'t be better. ~AmosMagee




Futuristic Saber Sounds | 2.97 MB

However there has to be thought about the sound files you use. Having said that, overall this mod does make the saber sound rather different, most of the sounds are good choices and are of good quality...just don't let your saber drop on the floor as one of the bounce sounds will make you cringe - think blaster firing into jelly. -WadeV1589-




Sounds for Imperial vs. Rebel conversion | 4.92 MB

NO sense unless the Imperial vs. Rebels conversion is also activated in the base folder!)[/quote] You need version 1.1 of this MOD, you can download it here: This will change all the sounds to the appropriate characters for the MOD. [b]Note:[/b] Phillio sent me the 2 files, instead of putting them as one I though I\'d leave it as two separate files since the files sizes are rather big.



Uploaded:06/03/2003 | 8.28 MB

* JEDI KNIGHT II MODIFICATION * LOTR,MGS1 Music mix By Some Dude FIle name:music.pk3 File description:This changes the opening music with Metal Gear Solid 1 theme and changes the credit music with the Lord Of The Rings:The Two Towers




SP Sounds v2.0 | 1.85 MB

their sounds with one\'s from the movies and the game. Six of the guns, and most if not all of the saber sounds have been changed. Some of the sounds are different enough for me to keep it in for a while, but that\'s only a small percentage of this file. My opinion is that you should try to focus on one idea, and build your mod around that. For instance, there\'s several mods out that make the game sound like the original trilogy. If you tried something totally different from the normal or movie sounds like you did with the alternate tenloss fire, it would probably be more popular. Good luck with your future endeavours. Technical Data: Pros: 1. Fun new sounds Cons: 1. Most of it\'s been done before.[/quote] The author took JEDIofONE\'s advice and claims he made it a bit more personalized. There are a ton of new sounds, some from the movies, others from the game, I think. Sounds have changed for the saber, repeater, flechette, force, blaster, etc. I\'m really not that fond of the sound changes for force - they seem a bit too jarring - but everything else seems all right. Really, whether this mod is good or not is all relative. I personally don\'t like to change my sounds of my game. But if you do, check this mod out. :) ~AmosMagee



Uploaded:23/06/2003 | 2.11 MB

JEDI KNIGHT II MODIFICATION Title Metal Gear Solid Battle Event duel music Author blue.dl konami creators of MGS E Mail sad 13oy Website N A File Name




Xalius Xtreme Saber Sounds | 979.71 KB

quality. Personally, I don\'t like these sounds. There seems to be a delay in the sound when a saber hits something. And the sounds are just too loud - thereby making them seem less realistic for me. He did say they were Xtreme though! This may be just what you\'re looking for! So if you\'re in the market for new saber sounds, I suggest you download this and give it a try. :D ~AmosMagee




Scorpion Pull | 10.84 KB

Tavion with that manly voice :D hehe, good idea though!




Sounderist | 671.2 KB

choice :)




Single Player Sound Conversion | 1.84 MB

and most if not all of the saber sounds have been changed. Some of the sounds are different enough for me to keep it in for a while, but that's only a small percentage of this file. My opinion is that you should try to focus on one idea, and build your mod around that. For instance, there's several mods out that make the game sound like the original trilogy. If you tried something totally different from the normal or movie sounds like you did with the alternate tenloss fire, it would probably be more popular. Good luck with your future endeavours. :) Technical Data: Pros: 1. Fun new sounds Cons: 1. Most of it's been done before. Rating: 7/10 JEDIofONE :mepimp:




Jedi Battlefield Duel Music | 3.47 MB

small music mod by Darkesword. It replaces the standard duel music with a composition called \"Bury Me on the Jedi Battlefield\" by Shariq & Sadd Ansari. The song is slightly melancholy and thoughtful, a somber overtone to a players\' duel. This is a good mod in my opinion, as I like the replacement song. It reminds me of the slower or sad scenes in the Star Wars movies, like when a Jedi died. And it\'s nice to have something of this genre after all the upbeat \"I\'m gonna kick you butt\" duel music. Give it a try, and if it\'s not for you, please, edumacate yourself. ;) Technical Data: Pros: 1. Refeshingly unique. Cons: 1. None. Rating: 8/10 JEDIofONE :mepimp:




Pyscho\'s Saber Sounds | 874.95 KB




Original Duel Music | 2.54 MB

those long duels that you and your opponent cant get a good hit. The music has an interesting feel to it, its not fully classical there is a lot of drumming in the background and it sounds sort of like a harp playing the melody. The best is the climax of the song where a lot is happening. I personally don\'t think you need custom duel music even though it makes your duels sound better :). One thing I liked about the music was its very calm for a long time. All I can really say about the duel music is that the beginning’ quality didn’t sound too good, but it might just have been my speakers. I don’t really think that duel music will help how you fight because when I tried this one and then the default duel music I actually won the same amount of wins and losses. Overall this is pretty good music to listen to while playing unless you hate duel music and just pop winamp up and listen to your winamp while playing. Chrono did a good job making this duel music it is perfectly done. Personally I wouldn\'t download this duel music because it is not really that spectacular, but I will say this, it is a great song to have in general. Well good job Chrono keep up the good work. -XgamerX




Generic_SFX/GFX for Lord Hatrus\' Models | 107.7 KB

Hatrus\' Imperial Blaster replacements such as the M-16, Tommy Gun, M-41, or any others not mentioned.




Dark Saberon | 41.65 KB

he does. Not much to say here it does exactly what it says and replaces the saber ignition sound. In my opinion with all the other sound mods out there the author should’ve added some more sounds or something to make this download stand out. Maddog




Wilhelm Scream | 31.88 KB

[url=]this Wikipedia article[/url]. Fans of Star Wars and Indiana Jones that know about the behind the scenes stuff will remember that the Wilhelm scream is a sound effect used in those films by sound designer Ben Burtt. One example is in Raiders of the Lost Ark, when one of the Nazi’s gets run over by a truck during the desert chase, if my memory serves me correctly. This small mod basically transplants the Wilhelm scream into the place of some of the Stormtrooper ‘death screams’ in JK2. Personally I think this is a great idea, since it kind of carries on the tradition of using this sound effect in Star Wars. The problem is however that it is [i]very quiet[/i], and difficult to here, even with no music playing and the voice volume turned up to maximum. I definitely think the sound file needs some editing to make it much louder when it is played ingame. Other than that this is a cool idea for a mod, and I hope the author will fix the quietness problem and release an updated version sometime in the future! :) ~Nozyspy~




Luke\'s Taunt | 22.88 KB




Into the Fire | 4 MB

sound looks great for duelling cause i was bored of regular star wars sounds so you will have a little difference to the game :-) enjoy it[/quote] This is a cool music mod for dueling :cool:




New Lando Taunts | 704.25 KB

easier to work with. Personally, I like the sounds, they\'re well made, and the volume is just right. I wont use them as i dont use lando, but all those lando users out there, PLEASE. No more WAHOOs! - Spectrum




Kick Muck | 3.63 MB

their music. Now, after 23 albums spanning nearly two decades, they’ve moved into Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast. The file’s author, Monsquaz, has taken one of their newest songs, “Kick Muck”, and made it the game’s duel and main menu music. Not a huge mod, but nice nonetheless. The song is upbeat and lively, very reminiscent of techno but with guitars and drums and no computerized stuff. I feel it makes for an excellent dueling experience, especially since the hum of the sabers blends well with the bass and the guitar. Every swing seems to only be accentuated by the music, while at the same time enhancing the music itself, almost like some sort of lightsaber symphony. It’s as if the band created this song solely for this purpose. At 5 minutes and 19 seconds, it is a little long, so don’t expect to hear the song in its entirety while dueling, but keep in mind that the longer you go the more exciting it gets. I imagine it would probably be really good for migration dueling, since that tends to take a while if done well. If you’re a fan of the artists or are looking for something a little more upbeat to give you that edge you need, give it a shot. -Daku




Sounds Remix | 1.46 MB

want to wake their roommates or who were just tired of the old jetpack sounds. Pretty much they sound like small gusts of wind. Which is expected, considering how the author made the sounds anyway. ;) I would have to say that I would prefer these sounds over any jetpack scream. :) Good work. ~AmosMagee