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Griffinclaw's Jedi Council | 8.26 MB

said about the beta of this map: [quote] For a first time mapper, damn good! There is a lot mapped out, some of it is quite familiar from the Episode II Movie. There are lots of rooms lined up on the walls, though some are a little empty, there are some rooms which are interesting; a pitch black one with these white circles in the air (a little freaky because you have no idea where you are going if it wasn't for the small light leaking in from outside it would be hard to get out) another room has small pools and ledges, a training room of some sort. All in all, the map was quite good, it needs some skyboxes rather than statix images that can be seen in the main council chamber and another room, I'm sure it'll be there in the final release To see what all is being put in the final release check the readme out Bot Support: No New Textures: No New Sounds: No [/quote] Now, the most significant change to this map has to be the add-on of the "Room of a Thousand Fountains". As noted by the author in the readme, there aren't a thousand fountains. But it is a very peaceful outdoors areas with a waterfall and rivers and trees and it's just lovely. GC has also added several more bedrooms and one, like, uber bedroom, a medical center and he changed a few details here and there in some of the rooms. Almost every door now only opens by pressing a button. The chairs in the council room are no longer just an illusion. ;) And there's just ... so much to see. Personally, I gotta tell ya, I love this map. I've always liked this map, but now with the add-ons, it's even better. There's just something about this map that's fun to play. And it seems to be pretty much a staple map on every server. The only thing that really, really bugs me about this map are the buttons. I can understand why they're there, but they really inhibit an FFA or CTF or any other fast-paced game. But it does seem that the reason the buttons are there is to keep the FFA in the main room and out of the training rooms where training could be going on. :/ Either way, great map - I love it. And I can't wait for the next update! (And yeah, there's still no bot support, but he promised it'd be in the next update - I think he promised. He at least said he'd try. So, yeah.) Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: CTF, CTY, Duel, FFA, TFFA, JM, HFFA ~AmosMagee




Palace | 1.47 MB




Large Sand Arena | 7.47 MB

indoor-areas, music from the arena in ep2 and more guns and stuff. There is also a version without the music file, it's about 2 meg.[/quote] One of the best parts about the map is the fact that you can play it in multiple game modes. While it's pretty fun playing FFA with a whollleee bunch of people, CTF(and CTY) is just as good! This version has so much more atmosphere than the previous they look quite different. Under the two bases there is a corridor and 2 rooms connected with an elevator, not only are these new areas to the map, but also provide an easier route to your flag. Along with all that, there is also cool Episode II music playing in the background :D [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yes [b]Game Mods:[/b] CTF, CTY, Team, FFA, JediMaster [b]Note:[/b] A version WITHOUT music is also available: (2.96Mb)




Dragonballz Episode 290 Tournament | 212.62 KB

map has 3 Secret Areas , where you can get better Weapons and items , Happy Searching !![/quote] I don\'t watch Dragonballz, but the map was fun none the less. There is a lot of breakable stuff in here, pretty much all the benches/sofas inside the house are destroyable, and the main arena outside, the floor tiles will actually break up too! I found the 3 secrets to the map, all containing a powerful weapon and some powerups, though finding out how to get to these secret places is a big challenge! [b]Bot Support:[/b] No [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yes [b]Game Modes:[/b] FFA, Duel, Holocron




CloudShark | 1.88 MB

arenas. 1 arena is in space, another is a landing area where you can see the RavenClaw hovering above (nice :D) and last is a simple arena that is surrounded by invisible walls, so once you\'re in there you\'re IN THERE! Only way out is the way you came in :P. In the zip file there is a \"Note from Lando\" where Lando himself talks about his latest ship :)




Duel of the Fates | 23.75 MB

area. The hangar opens out to a perfect view of Naboo which really looks good! The architecture reminded me alot of the movie (which I guess is the point ;)) very clean brush work and very nice lighting! The Reactor complex is equally amazing, very neat work and looks so cool it's almost real! I loved how the Reactor core things faded away into the darkness, compared to other maps this seemed to look much more natural. The 'duel room' where QuiGon and Maul fight also follows the same above pattern of 'goodness' :D. Nice lighting again and the very clear textures definitely made the room MUCH better than anything else I've seen. (Well overall, the textures were very well done and if they weren't half as good I doubt the map would have been the same) Another cool thing: the colour of the brick walls is kinda reddish. But if you like the yellowish colour (like in LivingDeadJedi's map) then there is a pk3 file that you will need to extract also that does this. Lastly, there are also two maps in here. One is an FFA map (FFA_DotF) and the second is a duel version (Duel_DotF). The Duel version is basically includes the room where QuiGon and Maul fight. I found this view by mistake, but I thought it looked pretty cool! So here is the screeny ;) [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yes [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA_DotF: FFA, TFFA JediMaster; Duel_DotF: Duel




Anchorhead | 12.86 MB

architecture, I like the many elevators and ways of getting around the map. Two things I thought could have used some improvement was the lighting (which 'white washed' alot of the buildings) and also the tiling effect on the main big walls. Due to the size of the map, I doubt it will run well on everyone's computer so some of you might get some pretty bad FPS with slow machines. On to the Saga mode :) The pk3 file itself contains the Saga mod so it's advisable to make sure this file is not put in your 'base' directory but in the GameData/Saga folder. [b]IMPORTANT:[/b] I couldn't run the map unless I removed ALL the files from my base folder EXCEPT the assets#.pk3 files. So if you get an error like this: Client/Server game mismatch: team assault 0.1b/basejk-1 Then you HAVE to remove all custom pk3's out of your base directory! i.e. a 'fresh' JK2 ;) The Saga mode is like an objective based game. The two teams, red and blue, have certain objectives to be completed. The objectives are listed to you when you spawn (note: this is the ONLY time the objectives will be displayed so pay attention to them!) Each team has it's own objectives, and they must be carried out while preventing the other team from preventing their objectives... fun :) Note: This Saga mode is not officialy supported so it's not guaranteed to run EXACTLY the way it should have.. so you have to piece some things together yourself. [The objectives are also listed in the readme if you want to look them over] [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA, TFFA, Duel, CTF, CTY, Holocron, JediMaster, Saga




IF Bespin | 6.33 MB

staircases, another pad and just more of everything. A pool is included in the shape of two letters you\'ll see throughout this map. And in the courtyard there\'s a statue of sorts, proudly claiming this Bespin map for the IF clan. Kind of tucked away is a little bar, Obi Tew\'s. In the same building, I believe, but many floors up is a council or meeting room. High above everything is a room specifically dedicated to DarthSidious, a member of IF. And finally, a very interesting addition is that of a couple of jail cells for those who dare break server rules! There are quite a few hidden areas too, but I figured I\'d let you guys find \'em on your own. :) My initial reaction to this map was like, \"...meh ... more Bespin?\" But after looking around a bit, you\'ll see it\'s not just more Bespin. L_A_user did give this map its own personality. Now, my FPS was not great here, but it probably won\'t be too bad for most of you guys. My only complaint about this map would have to be that the bright textures on the ledges, the streets, the pads ... y\'know, all of that ... is just too bright white. It\'s kind of glaring. The music is a track from ESB, bot routes are included and this map supports many different game types. I\'m not sure if this was L_A_user\'s first map, but if so, I have to say I can\'t wait to see what else you produce! Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA, Duel, JM, CTY ~AmosMagee




Labyrinth -Halloween Special- | 4.04 MB

sight, or inside the labyrinth to avoid detection until the time is right? In the center of the Labyrinth is a tower which can be entered to give players access to several sniper spots, but beware...whilst they give you a good view of the maze below, can be easily spotted. There are several small dueling areas, but almost the entire map is good for wall walks and fast, furious saber fights. This map has many hidden features so there is always more to find. Oh and did I mention that it is haunted?[/quote] Couldn\'t have said it better myself :D Fun map, many little death traps set around and I love the spooky sounds! The inside of that tower looks amazing too! Good job on the rocky surfaces, they came out well too, especially the bridge thing! Now THIS is what I call a labyrinth :D [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yes [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA, TFFA, JediMaster, CTF, CTY




Hyrule Town | 11.58 MB

‘should’ look. So as I had no other information about Hyrule, and I’m too lazy to traipse through hundreds of images on Google, after reading the readme I expected to see some beautifully detailed town, with smooth elegant architecture. When I went to play the map though I was to say the least a tad disappointed. The architecture is square in the large part, which makes the map feel plain and open, this isn’t then helped by the bland textures, and plain rooms, and reinforced yet more by the empty cathedral. The author does say this isn’t the final version so hopefully he’ll add some more interest to the map, and improve the FPS as mine was averaging at around 30 and the game would lock up now and then :/ The author says in the readme that along with all this; “Kaeawc\'s Tavern :) Temple of Time Herot Inn Barracks Bomb Shop Shooting Gallery Stables Potion Shop Bazaar Happy Mask Shop Chamber of Sages Zora River Mill Town Houses 1, 2, and 3 (the 3rd being the upper level of where the Jail is located) Jail” There are some secret areas, so if u can stand the low FPS and like Zelda download the map and start hunting. ~Wolf New Textures: Yes Bot Support: No New Sounds: Yes Supported Game Types: FFA - TFFA - CTF - Jedi Master




Grand Jedi Skills: *Flaw Stories | 48.13 MB

non-English speakers, I just made up a word. You should see what the spell checker tried to change it to, though... Aaaanyway, if you're looking for a map that truly pushes the engine to its limits, check this one out. Now there's a big difference between making a map that pushes a game to its limits and making an outstanding map. Not that this map is bad, but it certainly has a lot of room for improvement. My first thought about this map was that maybe the author made it a little too big for his attention span. For instance some of the areas have some really nice brushwork and overall architecture, while others are really [i]very[/i] bland, architecturally. This can sometimes even be seen in the span of a single room -- half the room is really wicked-looking, and the other half looks like first-map architecture. My second real bit of grief with this map is the lighting, which seems somewhat sub-par to me. It's not bad lighting, it's just not very realistic or smooth. Could be a JK2 thing, though. I don't play it or get to review maps for it all that often, so I'm not up on the big differences between JK2 and JK3 mapping. The lighting only really bothered me a couple times in some of the areas where it was really dark, or in some of the areas where light from another room was seeping beneath a seamless wall. Let's stop with the negatives though, shall we? This map certainly deserves props for being so huge with so much in it. If you can even [i]find[/i] all of the locations, I don't imagine it's going to bore you very quickly. There's plenty to look at and plenty to find, and none of the rooms seem remotely similar to each which, in this case, is a good thing, as it keeps everything fresh and interesting. I wouldn't recommend this map for any type of series combat gameplay, though. You'd get so lost you'd never find an opponent! But with all I can say about it, the screenshots I took should speak more for the map's ingenuity and innovation. There was simply too much there for me to remember too many details! And just for the record, I don't claim to have found every area, if that tells you anything about the sheer acreage of this map. Overall a very nice map. Definitely a download recommendation for JK2 map enthusiasts, if you can spare the bandwidth! [b]WARNING[/b]: I initially forgot to mention that you may need to tweak your memory allotment slightly to properly run this map. I was able to run it okay, but as soon as I tried to take a screenshot it crashed, so make sure to follow the instructions in the read-mes if you're having crashing issues. [b]Bot Support[/b]: Yes! Can you [i]believe[/i] that? [b]New Sounds[/b]: Yes [b]New Textures[/b]: Yes [b]New Music[/b]: Yes [b]Game Modes[/b]: ffa, team ffa, ctf ~Inyri




Yavin Twilight v1.5 | 1.5 MB

the map a bit dark at first so you might have to increase you brightness to see properly but brilliant atmosphere! There are yellow fireflies that fly up from the ground and circle around the little bushes. Some shallow ponds and large boulders. A very good design of the map as well, the bases look like stonehenges (though the red base seems to have been destroyed to ruins). You might miss some passageways and such so keep a look out![/quote] Silverwest claims this is an update to his map and it is bigger than his first version, so, I\'ll trust him on that, though I see no differences really. The sky is still incredible, the fireflies still flit about and fog hugs the ground all around in the swampy marshes of this map. The map is a bit dark still, but it\'s a beautiful map and fun to play. There are a few passageways that still might be difficult to find. A small lift takes you up to a sniper\'s spot above the middle area where flag carriers will be running through to get back to safety at their base. It\'s difficult to review an update of a map that never really needed an update and I can\'t quite tell what was updated. :) This is such a complete map. Not only does it have bot support, but it includes new textures and new sounds and music. The skybox is most impressive. And this map supports almost every game type. What more could one ask for in a map? Oh, and my FPS was great. Yes, with all of the effects and detail in this map, it was done well so my FPS remains decent. YAY! Really, my only complaint about this map is how dark it is. When I think of \"twilight\", I imagine a lighter nighttime, a sun-has-just-set kind of nighttime. But I shall complain no more. I adore this map in spite of my issue with the darkness. I\'ll simply turn up my gamma. :) I\'m glad the author updated this map, even though I can\'t figure out what was updated. At the very least, it\'s a nice revival for an old map. Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: CTF, CTY, FFA, Team FFA, Holocron FFA, and Jedi Master ~AmosMagee




Chicago Streets | 21.41 MB

JK2. The first version was for JA. And it had some terrible FPS issues. Chicago Streets for JK2 though, has great FPS. Of course, there are no speeders or lockdown feature, but it's still a good-looking map. [quote]Hmmm. Where do I begin? Y'know, I think I'll start with the music of all things. I am so rarely impressed by the choice of music for maps, and the five minute mp3 included for this map works fairly well. I also just really like the music. It has a very dark, like, detective feel to it. I was tempted to hide in the shadows cast on the brick walls surrounding the map and sneak around the perimeter, humming along with the mysterious music. In fact, the music alone made me long for a good detective-like map. Y'know, like, a 40's noir kinda thing - complete with a detective's office high up in a building, with rain pouring down, a desk littered with cigarette butts, an old phone and an empty bottle of whiskey. A bare lightbulb burning overhead and a dented file cabinet in the corner. Okay, you get my point. Fortunately, this map lived up to my expectations when I first heard the music and spawned in a dark street with several empty wooden boxes around me, although I guess 15 frames per second isn't a great way to start off. My FPS did improve in other areas of the map, but not in the areas that I would've wanted to duel. Szico included several speeders and a short street raceway that was really a satisfying jaunt. I suppose the most impressive room was the bedroom, though everything seems a bit oversized (Easy for fighting though). The same can be said for the bar and barstools in the McDonald's down the street, and the picnic tables outside. It seemed that everywhere I turned, there was a scrolling neon sign with clan tags and names. The bar in the Pizza Express was way too high and the chairs and tables are only there for decoration - you can't really sit in a chair. The clan room, for lack of a better term, was nice. I did like the lockdown feature - but I was most grateful for turning off that darn alarm thing. Rawr. I am glad that Szico didn't make an office for each member of the clan - that is a pet peeve of mine. The best place, in my opinion, for a good duel is the area below the clan room. So I guess this is one of those maps that you just kinda hang out on. I can't imagine a good FFA on this map simply because of the FPS I got on it (although it is probably due to my Graphics card.) Szico claims this is the final version of this map and he added quite a bit to this version, including new textures, better bot support and more secret areas. So for those of you who are a fan of the previous versions, you should download this final map. And for those of you who haven't seen this map before, it is worth a look. Pretty darn impressive for a first map. I can't wait to see what Szico designs next! [/quote] Great work, as always, Szico. :) Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, Duel, CTF ~AmosMagee




Naboo Hangar | 3.32 MB

large and open and comes complete with Naboo Fighters!! The texturing is quite nice and so is the map structure. A must download! This map can be played in Duel, FFA or Team FFA and also has Bot support!




Forbidden Twilight 1,01 | 9.76 MB

work for a large group of people in an FFA (like 32). There are many, many rooms with places to duel. I never got bored while exploring this map. It took me forever to get from one end to the other, but there was always something new and different to see. Several of the dueling pads have some sort of dangerous element to them (i.e. a laser that can be activated by someone watching from a ledge above) which keeps this map entertaining. There was no way for me to capture everything in screenshots. But the screenies are just there to whet your appetite. If you like what you see, d/l this map. Now, for those of you with crappy puters like mine, the FPS was a little low here and there, but surprisingly (for such a large map) still smooth in most places. Also, unlike most large clan FFA maps, this one supports CTF too! As I mentioned before, this is a large map and is best suited to large groups of people, any less than 16, probably, and you\'ll have a hard time finding anyone. ;) But I like this map. Bottom line is, I had fun in this map. Great job and I can\'t wait to see more from you! :) Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes Game Types: FFA, CTF ~AmosMagee




Egypt Team Temple | 6.53 MB

Team\'s side ;) But anyway, this map has a very mysterious structre. There are warp gates which if I\'m not mistaken, do not come with the game, and are new models. These warp gates take you to various areas of the map, even the other team\'s base. There aren\'t any booby-traps to my knowledge, but there are a lot of ways to get around the map (secret passages, underwater, etc.) This map provides some very fun MP play, due to everything being tied together. Or in other words, if you\'re stuck on one side, there\'s at least a couple of ways to get to the other side. The map itself really isnt straight, it\'s more of a v, with both bases ending at a point. Very good job by BerneyBoy, and I hope to see some more great maps from him! BTW here is another screenie. [img][/img]




Role-Play City | 4.98 MB




City of Xia | 4.58 MB

**VERY** point is this map was built for FF (Full Force) Free For All. I'm not saying theres no way of navigating the map without ff, im just saying its alot funner and quicker.[/quote]Really fun map to play, has several different areas. and a few good secrets :D.. Have fun with this one.




Atlantis | 5.02 MB

infinite, y'know >_>




Yavin Twilight | 1.45 MB

see properly but brilliant atmosphere! There are yellow fireflies that fly up from the ground and circle around the little bushes. Some shallow ponds and large boulders. A very good design of the map as well, the bases look like stonehenges (though the red base seems to have been destroyed to ruins). You might miss some passageways and such so keep a look out! [i]The screenies are a little dark, but trust me the map is brilliant ;)[/i] [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes (amazing sky :D) [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yes [b]Game Modes:[/b] CTF, CTY, TFFA, FFA, Holocron and JediMaster




Endor Landing Platform | 2.31 MB

like.[/quote] There are 2 main levels to this map, on the very top you have Desann\'s ship sitting in the centre. There are 2 large \"holes\" on the top level, one of which is an elevator from the lower level. On the lower level there is an ATAT standing on the side (which you can go inside :D) Many weapons and ammo too so fights should last a while!




Pit of Carkoon | 1.09 MB

out. :D




Deathstar Hanger | 1.2 MB




Tenkachi Budokai: World Tournament V2 | 6.18 MB

big. Maybe it\'s to scale, I don\'t know. I just don\'t see why it has to be so freakin\' big. Some areas are just a bit too dark and bland. And then there\'s a main texture missing. :( There are some clever things here and there. There\'s one secret that I know of. Good luck getting there! :) And this map is apparently for the upcoming Dragon Ball Z mod. There may or may not be updates to this map - I have no idea. The author mentioned that the TV inside isn\'t currently working - which implies that it will work one day. :) My FPS was fine, so I don\'t have any complaints there. Two things that surprised me: 1. No new music & 2. The game types supported. CTF is supported? Where the heck are the flags gonna go? Seeing as how I\'m a busy girl, I didn\'t check. So ... if you download this and you\'re curious, let me know if it does indeed support CTF. Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Music: No Game Types: FFA, TFFA, CTF, CTY, JM ~AmosMagee




Bespin Unleashed | 6 MB

was. The one graffiti looking wall is awesome design.... This map, it blows me away -Worrius Sonn




Imperial Complex | 4.09 MB

space for a duel in each room. I like the way this looks especially the connecting corridors, it has a nice effect that almost looks like a shader was used but there isn’t one. I really enjoyed testing this map; I just wish it were the full version. The author even found the time to add music to his beta map; most don’t even add music to the full version maps. Anyway what I am trying to say is I like this map and its worth a glance till the full version makes it way into our hands. Great job, and get back to the full version :). Bot Support: Yes New Textures: No New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, Duel Maddog




LetGo map pack 1 | 1.88 MB

see in the read-me, these are remakes. BerneyBoy brings us 2 maps, each with a little bit of what I like to call…Lego flare. Yeah, Hmmm you say… Lego flare what could that be. Well, let’s start by taking a look at “Letgo1-Spyglass.” That’s the first map in this 2 map submission. I started off being spawned in a big blue room with multiple tiers. Crowding has been avoided due to the multiple spawn points, namely a room adjacent to the blue room, a red room. Right off the bat you can tell this map is pretty interesting, given the whole Lego look and all. (I’m a sucker for my Lego’s! Yes, yes I still whip those jokers out from time to time and build :P) Apparently, the textures were made by BerneyBoy as well, given the big texture pack sign on the wall ;D. The weapon placement in there is great, multiple munitions are located on the different levels in key areas making the pick ups an easy painless experience. I like not having to run for ten minutes trying to find a decent weapon, always a plus :P. The red room itself seems to be a duplicate of the blue room with the same tiers and what not, the only difference being the red Lego theme as opposed to the blue in the adjoining room. These rooms are separated by a see through wall with a brick texture you find on the other walls around, and lead to each other near the bottom of the map, allowing access to either side blue to red and visa-versa. Unfortunately there’s no music to be found, might have really been a good thing. The second map is titled as “Letgo2-WTF-Q3A-08.” Yeah…your guess is as good as mine in regards to the name choice ;D. Yet another fun filled Lego-esque map with the red and blue thing going on again. Instead of this time having vertical progression, this map focuses more on the back and forth ducking and dodging you can find in a good CTF map. All the textures remain the same as you can see in the screenies, and still sadly…no music. The blue side if you start there, is broken up into a series of halls and corridors with a central room that leads to the outsides of this medium sized map. The same goes for the red side as once again, they are virtually identical. There’s a little moat in between the sides as they join in the middle of the map. Not sure why but from my experiences, water and Lego’s never really mixed ;). The weapons placement in this map is great, rockets a plenty to be found, and that’s never a bad thing. One good thing about both of these maps is that they’re both available for multiple game modes, while they might not be ideal for dueling so to speak, these work great for all kinds of FFA madness. Music would have been wonderful, thankfully there is Bot support for both of these maps. *yay* The new textures are great, but if Lego’s aren’t your thing, then you wont want to go anywhere near these maps. Over all, these are both quality maps which can be fun if you’re looking for a little something new to do in Jedi Outcast, and…Lego’s! Yay! Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds/Music: No Game Types: All Rock on -=Sai-Wan=-




Bespin: AFL Style III | 4.15 MB

you can check out the Millennium Falcon. Numerous weapon pickups well placed through out this map. This map has a good feel to it and is worth the download. Keep an eye out for the two hidden power ups with in this map. This map is a good map not a whole lot of clan logos placed about ruining the gaming experience. I like maps like this plenty of ammo and plenty of room to hunt your prey. My only complaint about this map is the lighting on the landing/duel pads looks kind of funny with the yellow floor texture. Overall an excellent map keep up the good work. Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: No Game Types: FFA/Duel/TFFA/CTF/JM Maddog




Blade: Temple of La Magra | 4.82 MB

were used instead of spotlights, and you\'ll notice the elevators arent exact. (There are many more differences, but hey, gimme a break =)[/quote] To me this map looked quite similar to the movie (though I haven\'t seen the movie in a while :D). There are two elevators in the map, one connects the top level with the ground level, the other connects the basement area with the top level. Please don\'t forget to read the Bot warnings in the readme which could potentially cause JK2 to crash :).




NeoTokyo (JK2) | 20.11 MB

Szico has managed to pull this great map together very quickly, I wish I could map that quick…I’m very slow :P Having never played the game that this map is based of, I can’t really comment on its accuracy, what I can say though is that it looks, and feels brilliant to play! The textures are all very high quality, and are well used, there weren’t any that repeated too much, or looked out of place. One texture I especially liked was the road texture, putting a shiny env map on it was very clever, seeing as its raining in the map, it looks like the road is wet, very clever ;) As for the construction of the map, just like Szico’s previous maps its very high quality, and there were no bugs that I could see The architecture was very good, lots of nice little details scattered around. It really looks like somewhere you might find in a Tokyo type city. Some of the nice little details that I like were the signs scattered around which really added to the feel of the map, and also the little splashes the raindrops made when they hit the ground. A very nice touch that also added a lot to the feel and ambience of the map. The music also fitted very well, and along with the rain and other effects, it added a great ambience to the map. One other thing that really added to the map was the skybox. It’s usually pretty much hidden by all the buildings in the map, but if you look from certain angles (or you could just take a look at the skybox textures inside the .pk3) you can see all the lit up buildings on the skybox! I thought that was really cool ;) One area I especially liked was the arcade of shops that you could walk through, ok, perhaps the window displays are a bit bare (every other shop seems to sell weapons! ) but they still look cool :) Another area that I really liked was the sewers, I had great fun trying to find my way though there (maybe add some killer rats next time Szico…hehe). Yet another thing that I liked, was the tram that periodically flies over one of the streets, I think that looked great, it’s just a shame you cant get in it! I really think this is a great map from Szico, probably my personal favourite actually. As for bugs or anything else wrong with the map, I really couldn’t see any, so well done to the author there! The only think I can really think of to do to this map, would be to maybe make it a bit bigger, or make it so that you could go inside some of the buildings. All in all another well made map from Szico here, if you are a fan of Time Splitters, have been waiting eagerly for this map, or just like the look of it, why not give it a download! ;) Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA, Duel, Power Duel, CTF ***NOTE*** This is the JK2 version of the map, if you want the JKA version, please go here:;57375 Please also note that the .zip includes the source files! So you can take a look around the .map to find out just how Szico made this! ~Nozyspy~




Naboo Reactor | 319.73 KB

Watch out for the glass floor! ;) This map can be played in Duel, FFA and Team FFA.




Jedi Hangout Beta 1 | 8.51 MB

TFFA, CTF and JM! In the first screenshot you see a decent-sized dueling pad in the middle. There\'s something in the center of that pad, but I still can\'t figure out what it is. I couldn\'t pick it up, and the object wouldn\'t show up either. There are catwalks all around, and small platforms levitating around the pad to watch duels taking place. Turn around and you\'ll find an interesting overhang to the two large doors that open into a hallway with half a dozen screenshots from the game. Watch your step into the next room - the bottom of the door doesn\'t go all the way down, and so you can\'t just walk across, you\'ll need to hop over. Here\'s another dueling area, with more places to view the duel. But with the press of a button, you and your opponent could drop into the pool hidden below. You should be able to find your way back out easily enough though. There\'s a large room with a white staircase and a throne that is accessible from below or above. I almost didn\'t see one small door that led to a library. Take the stairs up and you\'ll find this quiet little area with a desk and chair. Finally, there\'s a bar with a ... well, let\'s just call it a stage for performances. There\'s a dressing room in back for the ... \"performers\" and if you take one of the small elevators up, you\'ll end up above the bar in a very white room. The last two pics are just to show you where the flag bases are for CTF. Now, going back to the beginning, the small platforms that hover around the dueling pad - most of them have these flames under them. Some of the flames go off and on, some are constant and one platform doesn\'t even have a flame under it. I still have no idea what\'s in the center of the dueling pad, nor do I know why I can\'t pick it up. The frames around the pictures in the hallway use the same texture that\'s used for a floor and a ceiling. That just ... bugs me. The door at the bottom sticking out would get to be a great annoyance. The pool under the dueling pad in that one room doesn\'t seem to serve much of a purpose. You fall in, you go through some hallways and more doors and you pop up in the back of the bar (dressing room, rather). The only reason I see the library being used is if people wanted to get away from dueling, or noise or something. So I guess it\'s a good addition. The bar doesn\'t really have that bar atmosphere. The textures used for the rest of the place are all used in here, and it\'s a bit too bright for the type of place you\'re trying to recreate here. Speaking of textures, some are just overused and don\'t really work with the areas that you\'re placing them, in my opinion. Now the great thing about this map is that it does have decent FPS in most areas. And there\'s a variety of places to duel and have an FFA. Used as a CTF map, it\'d be a fast game since the bases are so close to each other. And, please, correct me if I\'m wrong, but I found no weapons anywhere. How can you play Jedi Master without guns!? Granted, I didn\'t test that game type, but I\'m assuming since they didn\'t show up in the FFA or CTF, that there probably aren\'t any for JM either. Okay, I guess I was a tad harsh there. CrazySketch did mention that this is Beta 1 version of this map, so I\'m glad that he plans on making improvements and soon updating this map. So if you guys have any suggestions, post a comment or email CrazySketch so he can get some good, constructive criticism from us. :) Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA, CTF, JM ~AmosMagee




Bunker ZERO | 1.08 MB

Support. There are 2 main arenas. The first is inside the bunker itself (this is where you spawn). The second is high on top of the bunker at the landing pad. You can use force jump to get up there or you can use the elevator. Other optional battle areas include the surrounding grasslands and the temple pillars.[/quote] The readme goes on more (with some jokes :D) so read on if you like. The author has already given quite a good description, so all I will say is this : WOW! Lovely terrain, you can actually jump up in the trees and hide on the branches, or you could jump all the way up on the high walls, there is a lot of stuff to do and makes this map amazing! A definite download!!!




S.S. Mariposa | 212 KB

yes, but it\'s more of a novelty kinda thing to me. After about 15 minutes of roaming around the ship, I decided to change gravity back to normal. And while it is noted in the readme, this map looks more like a submarine than a ship. Functionally, this is a small map, and is clearly intended for 2, maybe 3 people(again which is noted in the readme). Basically what you have here is the deck of a ship, in a low gravity setting, and not much more than that. I believe the concept is good, but due to the rounded feel of the ship, I found myself falling off more often than not. Then again, I am a circle jumper. ;) While it can be used in ffa, holocron, and jedi master, I feel it is best suited to the one on one environment of duel mode. But again, I think the gravity needs to be normal for duels to work here. If you tried to DFA your opponent, you might just float right out into space! However, you can\'t fall to your death, as you are just warped back onto the ship. Good little map overall, though the only thing I believe could\'ve been changed was leaving the gravity alone. :) ~Lord Griever~ [b]New Textures - Yes New Music - Yes Bot Support - Yes[/b]




EvilTwin | 17.4 MB

the sky box representing a “Dark Side” and “Light Side”. This creates a great setup for a CTF game, while the space in between and around for some great duel and FFA matches. All the textures are there, and there lighting is very good. There’s new music that fits the type of adventure/castle type of theme with some energy. Weapons are spread out across the map, where once you find them all you can have some great gunfights. Each side has pits and pools of water that you may fall in if you don’t watch your step. My only complaint is that there’s too many stairs in the darn towers….but oh well, it’s worth it. Summary: Great Map! A Must Download! (>ZemmurkTrooper




Heeding the Sunset | 3.03 MB

balloon floating nearby. And quite a distance away from that is another spiky hovering platform, which contains a bar! I know it sounds kinds weird, but it is a really cool map, trust me! ;) Lets start off with the main platform first of all, its like a duelling area more than a proper FFA area, because it seems a bit small for FFA’s. But hey, I tested this map with a load of bots, and it was actually pretty good for a small FFA! In the middle of the platform is a big pool of lava…but don’t panic! You cant fall in, as its covered over with glass ;) One really cool feature I liked about this bit was that there is a switch on one of the girder-like things (the middle one I think) that stretch over the platform. Press that switch and this cool floor comes up out of the lava and out of the sides of the pit and all comes together to cover over the lava. I thought the way it all moves and comes together looked really good. Around the platform are loads of spikes sticking out, and scattered around are little pads. When you jump on these pads they shoot you back up onto the main platform. So if someone has just gripped you and thrown you off, or you just ‘slipped’ and fell off, try and fall onto one of these pads, and you will be catapulted straight back up into the action! :) If you miss of course…you will fall to your death!! Now, cross the little rounds pads at one side of the platform and walk into the floating balloon…you will then be teleported to the bar area! The bar area is a place for players to relax, and watch the action…on a giant TV! Yes you heard that right, there is a giant TV screen type thing on the bar platform. Go out onto the balcony (it would have been cool if the TV was inside) and you will see infront of you a big screen where you can actually WATCH what is happening on the main platform! This I think is a really cool idea. :) The bar area inside is nice too, the use of plant and fish tank models adds a nice touch I think, and the architecture in here is nice. It’s a bit of a shame there’s no music, but I think the rushing wind sound fits very well with the map and sounds cool too. All in all a very nice JK2 map here, I’m very impressed at what can be done with JK2 graphics, so well done Llama! ;) Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Music: No Game Types: FFA, TFFA, H-FFA, Jedi Master, Duel ~Nozyspy~ ***NOTE*** One thing I forgot to mention in the review was the lava shader, which looks very cool (though hot would probably be a better word! :P). It looks very realistic!




Grand Jedi Skills: *Flaw Stories | 25.94 MB

is huge, and I mean it. I guess whether it's a good or bad thing depends on the user, it kind of bugged me that it took so long to get places and I ended up noclipping a couple of times. You start off in a big lobby, with a large asterisk spinning around in front of you, and two towers on both sides. Now you have a couple places you can go. The large door behind you, two side exits, and the towers, along with a secret passage. Because the map consists partly of FINDING the actually challenges I will not give away the positions (that, and I didn't find all of them :p). But I shall give away what they are. First let me say, that each and every challenge in this map is very, very hard. The only ones I actually managed to complete were diving and the Mario challenge. The rest of the challenges include a beam hopping challenge, with the beams getting increasingly thinner, and further apart. There is an invisible floor challenge, which mainly consists of trial and error gameplay. Another little bonus is a jail, which your enemies may fall into, and be at your mercy. Anyone who ever played CSS surf maps knows what I'm talking about. Now, the overall presentation of the map could certainly be better. Sometimes I felt like the texturing was completely random, with checkerboard floors and walls, or ugly blends of greens and browns. Which isn't to say that all of the map looks bad, no, some parts look very nice, like the spiral walkway challenge room, the industrial section, or the chess board. The music in the map was kind of disappointing. At first it started out with an idle drums, accompanied by a violin, which I liked very much, only to later be replaced by... That's right, techno. At that point I turned music off, and went back to listening to my Queens of the Stone Age album, so I'm not sure if any other surprises await you. Overall not a bad map, unfortunately because of the high skill level it did get boring quite fast. But if your up to a challenge, invite your buddies over and seek fun in this map. Bot Support: No, New Textures: Yes Supported Game modes: FFA, CTF, TFFA ~Metall Pingwin




Yavin Christmas | 10.36 MB

[i]chocolate[/i]. As I said, it\'s a good time of year. We always love to see our resident modders celebrating with the masses by releasing holiday-themed material, and while it may be hard to enjoy year-round it certainly comes back to us each and every time to holiday comes round. The Yavin CTF map was always one of my favorite maps during my very short JK2 stint. It\'s got great areas and is quite good for gameplay. Picture it. Yeees, it\'s coming baaack to you. Now forget that Yavin IV is a tropical jungle and picture it if The Day After Tomorrow hit and everything froze over. Yeeees... Snowy. Icy. Christmasy. You got it! Snowmen, twinkly lights, ice slicks, and lots of snow make Yavin IV the new hip holiday hangout! Boy, say that five times fast. Other than the new look, which is rather impressive and does make the map look brand-spankin\' new, the map itself is still the ol\' Yavin IV underneath all the garland and strings of lights. But that almost makes it better -- Yavin is all dressed up for the holidays, and now you and your buddies can all celebrate together! [b]Bot Support[/b]: Yes [b]New Models[/b]: No [b]New Sounds[/b]: No [b]New Music[/b]: Yes [b]Game Types[/b]: free for all, capture the flag, jedi master ~Inyri




Quadrant Cloud City | 959.38 KB

fun. Does have have full bot support as well.[/quote] The destroyable chunks of wall and glass sure do make the map fun }> there are many rooms in this map, and at first it may seem cramped, but once you get some of the walls broken the rooms connect with each other so you get a better flow. There are many weapons around the map and lots of ammo too. The main powerups are located near pits giving someone the chance to push/pull you to your death!




Clan Arena | 731.84 KB

original file for more screenshots. Here is the original review by Spectrum [quote]Very large map with many large dueling areas, written by Thomas Knight. Its more of a simple fighting map, high FPS with indoor and outdoor arenas. It makes fun for FFA dueling and just big free for all gorefests. Personally, I love the map. Its goin in my server rotation as soon as i can get it back up. This kind of map will make perfect for TFFA matches because it might finally convince people to spread out! - Spectrum New Textures: Yes Bot Support: No Gametypes: FFA, TFFA[/quote] Maddog




X Wing | 384.92 KB

brightness up quite a bit in order to see where I was going. There is a kind of atmosphere created and gives a realistic feel. This map can be played in Duel, FFA and Team FFA.




The Hall | 433.17 KB

out in FFA mode a serious hurting can be given to you and your opponents in this very tight area. This map is pretty good and very easy on the eyes but is very reminiscent of another map I have played before. As I mentioned earlier this map is best suited for dueling, all it needs is a little music and we are all set. Good job, keep on mapping. Bot Support: Yes New Textures: No New Music: No Game Types: FFA, TFFA and Duel Maddog




Tatooine Club | 736.17 KB

store with more powerful weapons and more civillized ones, and a shack with 2 bunk beds for criminals, a sherifs office with big cell for multiple prisoners. so all roles possible: HOTEL MANAGER, HOUSE CLEANING, POLICEMEN (SEVERAL), BARTENDER, BOUNCER, WEAPONS DEALER (2), CRIMINALS (SEVERAL), RICH MAN/WIFE, BODYGUARDS (2), sherif.[/quote] *to get the map to load follow the authors instructions. by using the console /devmap or /map commands*




BM Backyard | 7.06 MB

someone\'s backyard. But it\'s a much more interesting map than that, and more serious, too ... if that makes sense. The area I spawned into is called by the author, the Building Estate. It\'s a large area with a big tree in the center and a lovely brick red building all around. I can\'t say whether the lighting in this area is good or not, but I liked it. The sky overhead along with the music playing kinda gave me a chill. It\'s just a little creepy, but I can\'t explain quite why. Maybe it\'s just because I was alone on the map and it felt like there should be more people around, but the place was deserted. It\'s a good setting for a horror novel. :) As I explored, I made my way down to The Tunnel, where there are some phone booths and a Coke machine. Don\'t ask me, I have no idea what\'s being said when you press your \"use\" key on the Coke machine. The lighting down here is a bit darker, and not knowing what you\'ll find down the hole on the far side of the room only makes it that much more creepy. I dropped down and hesitated when I saw the red wall facing me. It moved and looked like lava, but I stepped forward anyway. I touched it and I wasn\'t burned. Naturally, I pressed my use key and it opened to reveal what the author dubbed \"Hell\". This area is littered with guns and ammo, sharp rocks and more of the harmless blood-red lava. In the center at the back is a big statue that guards the red flag, if you\'re playing CTF. I made my way back out and towards The Bridge. This looks like a good place for some fun duels, especially with the small pillars out in the water. Through the doors, you\'ll find a big hall that is called Heaven. There are angels on the pillars and for some reason, this room doesn\'t seem as scary as the rest of the map - even with the music. Maybe it\'s because the lighting is a bit brighter, even with the dark sky. At the top of the white marble steps, you\'ll find the blue flag if you\'re playing CTF. Napalmgabber is most effective at setting a tone with this map. The music is just perfect for this map and I quite enjoyed it. I listened to it a few times and didn\'t get tired of hearing it. My FPS was great and even though the CTF bases aren\'t mirrored, the bases seem equal. I\'d need to play it a few times to really determine if the bases are fair. There isn\'t anything about this map that is really amazing, there\'s nothing innovative, but there\'s something about it that I really like. Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, JM, TFFA, CTF ~AmosMagee




Bespin Mining Station | 1.34 MB

place. This map was made to duplicate the original version, although there are some differences in details and traps.[/quote]




Large Sand Arena | 2.96 MB

indoor-areas, music from the arena in ep2 and more guns and stuff. OBS: This is the non music version! [/quote]One of the best parts about the map is the fact that you can play it in multiple game modes. While it\'s pretty fun playing FFA with a whollleee bunch of people, CTF(and CTY) is just as good! This version has so much more atmosphere than the previous they look quite different. Under the two bases there is a corridor and 2 rooms connected with an elevator, not only are these new areas to the map, but also provide an easier route to your flag. Along with all that, there is also cool Episode II music playing in the background [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yes [b]Game Mods:[/b] CTF, CTY, Team, FFA, JediMaster [b]Note:[/b] The version WITH music is available here: (7.47Mb)




XYZ | 52.52 MB

fact a pretty impressive clan map and its nice to see that JK2 still get some clan attention even after all these years. As the readme states, this map is the authors attempt at combining the best features of several of the best loved clan themed maps into one map. What is more, from looking at the map and the readme, it doesn’t appear that this was made for any specific clan or guild, though the readme does not specifically say one way or another. Nevertheless I found no clan symbols or logos of any kind when I play-tested it and I think this would be an excellent map for any JK2 clan or guild to use! The map itself is very big and has many rooms for the various purposes you would expect of such a map, such as obstacle courses training rooms, bar areas, outdoor areas and a secret council room, though considering the amount of detail the author goes into in his readme about its location and uses, it isn’t really that [i]secret[/i]. :P One great feature of this room that Is definitely worth revealing though is that you can change the map to either a day or night mode via two switches on the wall in the council room below their corresponding day or night sky, very clever! The main hall area is strongly reminiscent of Sith Council and Jedi Council GC and I presume it took its design queues from. This leads off to various other rooms, although am quite disappointed at the number of doors that do not open and behind which is nothing. Something like this is ok for an ordinary map, since unopenable doors are often used to make the map feel bigger, but on a clan/academy map you kinda expect something to be behind each and every door! The map is also quite difficult to navigate as several areas are either accessed by teleporters or through various corridors and rooms, rather than all neatly leading off the main hall. While I’m not fond of this personally, it can make the map feel more sprawling and more fun for clan exploration. My favourite room was the one with the great pillars and the vaulted ceiling down from which dangles cobwebs, this room has a great atmosphere, sort of like a crypt, or some ancient mausoleum, its just a shame it isn’t a bit bigger. I also liked the large outside area, its a good place for FFA\'s or duelling and I am quite impressed with the terrain work for a JK2 map! I also enjoyed the cave rooms, the rock walls being very good for a JK2 map, I particularly liked the way you get into the admin room, via a deadly crevasse. I would spoil the secret, but lets just say you will need some form of protection or god mode. ;) There are many more things to see and areas too explore, too many to cover here, but I hope I have touched on some of the best parts! There are various, generally small, things that could be improved upon, such as adding some more architectural detail to certain areas, but the only major thing is the somewhat difficult to navigate layout. That and the soundset that plays in the lava caverns, which got quite annoying after a while, I know JK2 and JKA don’t have much in the way of proper lava sounds, but perhaps something else would be better suited for these areas. Personally for lava I always used a nice lava bubbling sound that Sith J Cull was kind enough to give me, if you would like it, give me a shout! The music is excellent though, and fits the theme of the map very nicely, so good choice on that! In addition to the main clan map there are also two duel maps included here which are duel versions of two of the rooms featured in the main FFA map, for your duelling pleasure. Overall a good clan themed map here, one I would recommend for JK2 clans to try. Keep up the good work Invalid, I hope to see more from you! :) [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yes [b]New Music:[/b] Yes [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA (For main map) Duel (For the 2 duel maps) ~Nozyspy~




Vendetta | 5.02 MB

guarding the flags and careful of your steps also or your off to visit the abyss ;). Great for any map collection. :D




Big Boo\'s Haunt | 3.39 MB

kind of missed the cartoony but still 3D phase. I have an N64 now, although I still don\'t have a lot of games for it, but I get the whole style. This map might actually veer a little bit toward \'too 3D\', but you do what you can with what you have and the more I played it the more I agreed that this map is a pretty good representation of the N64 feel, and I\'m actually growing to like it! Just in time for Halloween, this Mario 64 inspired map brings Big Boo\'s Haunt to life, complete with images of the roly poly ghost himself. Don\'t ignore large images of Big Boo, by the way (I say no more!). The map looks a lot smaller than it actually is, which struck me as a rather pleasant surprise, so make sure to explore a bit before casting judgment. It has several somewhat interactive features, such as moving brushes, traps, and more than a couple secrets. It also has what I would call a very consistent style, which is much appreciated. Potentially one of the nicest things about this map is its ambiance, which is not really scary, but is a bit ghoulish. It features some very subtle mood music along with darker, low saturation colors that also help set the mood and feel of the map. The architecture is blocky, but this [i]is[/i] based on an N64 location so that can slide. Overall I found it entertaining and engaging. Plenty of gun pickups make this map ideal for a good ol\' shoot-em-up on Halloween night, so if you\'re staying indoors this year (stuck giving out the candy, like me) you might want to consider setting up a Halloween match and you [i]might[/i] want to consider including this themed map in your rotation! One last thought before signing off: this map seems to be compatible with Jedi Academy save for the skybox. The author may want to consider using a new or custom skybox, or including the JO skybox in the package, for full Jedi Academy compatibility! [b]Bot Support[/b]: Yes [b]New Textures[/b]: Yes [b]New Sounds[/b]: No [b]New Music[/b]: Yes [b]Game Modes[/b]: duel, ffa, team ffa ~Inyri




SD Spaceport | 2.02 MB

ATAT\'s, Tie Fighters, Naboo Fighters and many more! The rooms are rather large but on the other hand the map is quite big overall. It should make for some fun FFA/TFFA\'s with many players. There are many places to go, and atleast 2 ways to get around.




Training Complex | 7.21 MB

their learners. There are some outdoor areas good for dueling or your basic FFA game. I like the breakable pillars. Storm made this map for training and dueling and this map is perfect for that. One of the things that need to be fixed is the lighting in some of the halls, almost blinding. The added music is very relaxing and suitable for training or hardcore dueling. I had a problem with some of the doors not opening. This is a must download for those who play on the Clan servers or like to hold trainings or duel tournaments. Check the read-me for the Clan server I.P. address. Keep on mapping. Bot Support: No New Textures: Some New Sounds: Yes Game Modes: FFA, TFFA, CTF Maddog




The BingStation | 18.57 MB

more maps based on books. But I digress. This map, the BingStation, is made to be fun. And it excels at that. This is quite truthfully the most fun map I\'ve ever had the pleasure of playing. But let\'s look at it piece by piece. The whole map consists of five levels. The top level consists of a central platform that\'s connected to four small rooms, each of them housing a large hole in the floor. Two of those holes take you to the top level, the other two drag you down to the second level. The top also has four huge pillars with elevators running on them, which take you down to the fourth level. Now, this one is simple. There\'s eight elevators, each of which take you down to the second level. There\'s also some bounceplates that chuck you up to the top and teleporters that take you either to the first or third level. The third level consists of four catwalks with teleporters in one end and a small platform in the other. There\'s also teleporters to the first and second levels. The second level has the eight elevators, some weapon spawns and the tubes that either take you to the top or drag you down. The center\'s floor falls right out from under your feet and takes you to the first floor, via a Bespin-style twisting tube. Now, the first floor is possibly the simplest and most fun of them all. There are four tubes in four walls. One tube is the one you just came out of, the other three take you through a very fast, disorienting, twisting and really awesome flight. They all lead back to the first floor, but that doesn\'t matter. The only way out are the teleporters, once again. All very confusing, no? The whole map is very well done. I didn\'t see a single bug anywhere. The entire thing leaves a very lighthearted feel and the music (somehow reminiscent of Super Bubsy) reinforces that to no end. There\'s a separate version for 1.02 and 1.04, due to the tossy-turny-twisty tunnels and a bug in 1.02, but you can read more about that in the readme. All in all, if you don\'t get this map, you\'re missing out. I hereby kindly command you to download this piece of digital entertainment. You\'ll thank me for it. Someday. - Jose [b]New textures:[/b] Yup [b]New music:[/b] Aye [b]Bot support:[/b] Yessirre [b]Gametypes:[/b] FFA, Duel, CTF




Ancient Temple | 547.27 KB

some people are still releasing maps for JK2. :) I still love the game and definitely prefer it over JA. And this is specifically a CTF map! WOO! We\'ll definitely have to try this map out soon, like, on our server and stuff. The map itself is pretty dark and has that sith/lava/fire/darkness feel thing to it. I\'ll admit I got bored of that theme a long time ago, but I still kinda like this map. It\'s a simple layout so you shouldn\'t get lost. And it is an almost straight shot to the flag, but it\'s large enough that the defense peoples should be able to stop a carrier. My favorite visual in this map has to be there in the second screenshot ... see the blue symbol on the glass there? I love that for some reason. Anyway, this map does have bot support and supports so many game types, I can\'t see how anyone could have anything to complain about. :P Except maybe the lighting. Anyway, good job for a first map! Bot Support: Yes New Textures: No New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA, CTF, CTY, JM, HFFA ~AmosMagee




[CONTEST] Malachor Duel | 7.61 MB

the Old Republic 2, this map should look familiar. Unless of course you never finished the game (shame on you). This map represents a small portion of the final area of the game: Malachor V (and a small portion of the Trayus Academy). Naturally this map couldn't possibly show the entire thing... but boy does it try! This map is [i]huge[/i] for a duel map! We told people that we had no problem with them making the map available for multiple game modes, but this, for all intents and purposes, is a [i]free for all[/i] map, which is one reason it was not considered for the intermediate skill level finalist group. As for the map itself, as someone who has played KotOR2, I'll say it definitely feels like Malachor V. You start off where the Ebon Hawk crashes, and you make your way ever farther until finally you reach the Trayus Academy, which is quite a hike even for the "shortened version". And since you seem to [i]always[/i] spawn in or outside the Hawk, it's always going to be a hike. Texturing in this map is very good. I never felt like the textures were repetitive or unnatural, which is unusual with terrain, especially. The terrain itself could be improved, as it does seem very angular and unnatural. Very Dark Forces 2 -ish. Works for DF2, doesn't so much work for the Quake 3 based games. Something to practice, perhaps. Quite possibly the neatest part about this map is the meteors falling from the sky. A very cool addition, although it bothers me slightly that they create a red cloud upon impact despite the fact that the planet looks a bit yellower than red. Overall a good map, however following the directions for the contest would have greatly improved the success of this particular map. The map itself is of good quality, though, and I hope this author will join us again next time we hold a mapping contest. [b]Bot Support[/b]: Yes [b]New Models[/b]: No [b]New Textures[/b]: Yes [b]New Music[/b]: Yes ~Inyri




Cool Cool Mountain | 5 MB

64 -- is a fairly good representation of the original location. Unlike his last Mario 64 map this one is cell shaded. It\'s also a bit slippery, so make sure not to accidentally fall off the map like I did! I think my favorite part of this map is probably the trees, and I was pleased to see more than just a couple of them. They just look so... cute! The cannons are also a nice touch, although after multiple tests I didn\'t get either of them launching me anywhere close to where (I assume) they were meant to. The slippery ground I mentioned earlier will keep you on your toes. Don\'t worry too much, though. I had to [i]try[/i] to fall off the map, and falling to lower \'levels\' won\'t do fall damage. Keep an eye out for weapon pickups, because if your opponents are too smart to kill them[i]selves[/i] you may have to blast them off the mountain. My biggest [i]complaint[/i] with this map, other than the seemingly untuned cannons, is that, while the cel shader looks [i]very[/i] nice for the most part, it can occasionally be seen peeking up at the edges of connecting brushes where it really shouldn\'t be seen. Maybe unavoidable, maybe not. Certainly something of an annoyance, since it\'s fairly noticeable. Other than that, though, a perfect map for N64 enthusiasts. So if you can stand that overly cheery Mario music, give it a download. If you [i]can\'t[/i], well.... turn the music off. :) [b]Bot Support[/b]: No [b]New Models[/b]: No [b]New Textures[/b]: Yes [b]New Music[/b]: Yes [b]Game Mods[/b]: duel, free for all, team free for all ~Inyri




Kashyyyk Duel Arena | 1.99 MB

gamer. :D




={FeTT Academy}= | 4.02 MB

gripping about this map that makes me want to play there. As with most clan maps, you can find the Fett name above the entry way to the inner areas where more room can be found for dueling and some good old FFA’n. The visuals on this map leave a lot to be desired, more rock and stone, hurrah. It just gets a tad blah after awhile, the monotony just keeps going and going. Opposite the entry way to the inner areas of the map is a hall that leads to what look like barracks or cells. Don’t go down that hall though, you’ll find yourself very dead :P For some reason the author thought it a good idea to make that area an instant kill section in the map, and while you can get back there it just seems like a bad idea. If you manage to get past the force field blocking entry to the inside of the map you’ll find yourself in a room with pillars and more stone with some nice tan dirt everywhere ;P Okay, yeah I know “it’s the texture!” they say, but blah I say. It’s just more of the same. Up and down some stairs and you’re at the point where you can reach the next room! This next area seems to be a bit more of a formal combat area given there are seats/tables around the mat along with a platform with some very useful controls…and you guessed it, more sand and rock! One control brings a force field up around the edge of the ring, trapping any combatants within until one or the other dies, or someone decides to life the field. I really like that idea actually; the whole fight to the death thing is accentuated by that aspect of the ring. The other control can lift a force field on the door that leads to that area, so no unwanted guests can make it inside. This is great too, I can’t tell you how many great battles I’ve been apart of have been interrupted by some Joe waltzing through the door and sobering everything in sight! :P. The MUSIC! JOY! LoL, yes, you know it…that is FF7 battle music going on! Nuff said ;P So really, if you’re looking for a map that can server for trialing purposes and general hang out areas this map is for you. Don’t expect to be wowed out of your mind when playing this though, it’s another clan map, that’s about it. Bot Support : No New Textures : No Game Modes : All but CTF and CTY New Sounds/Music : Yes *ff7! wooo!* Rock on -=Sai-Wan=-




Kektik: The Aquatics | 2.2 MB

in one of the mysterious ships & bases found around it.[/quote] The water kinda defies the law of gravity on this map ;) In the lower sections you can find water pools on the walls (yup that\'s what I said, on the walls :P). They have pickups in them so it\'ll be useful to go in there. There are many paths and rooms in this map which is great for an FFA match, though the map can be played in CTF and Duel as well.




Training Grounds | 12.05 MB

requested by people so the author decided to release it. There is ample space for fighting dueling of just hanging out. There is a bar, arena, some duel rooms and much more to explore and conquer seven rooms in all. The outdoor area with the poles and fire is well done and there are some stairs with a leafy texture. The fact that there are no doors makes it easy getting away from or finding your attacker/victims, gotta love those warps. In my opinion this map is very well done with lots of good ideas. The tables in the bar are light by small fires, just had to say that cause I like fire. There is a little secret in this map its not to hard to find, so happy hunting. Be sure to stop by the bar and get a Jawa Juice, Wookie Wings and an order of Force Fries. Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes Game Types: Multiple Maddog




GE Arena X | 390.21 KB

levels. The lighting seems to have caused a slight bug and made some trees all black ;) but since those are out of the way, the main arena is bug-free :D Oh and before you drive yourself crazy like I did ;) you cannot get into the small crawlspace on one side or the hallway entrance on the other side lol!




The Space Map | 201.53 KB

level.[/quote] My screenshot is kinda dark, sorry. But as you can kinda see there are walkways and platforms suspended in space. A map designed for fast pace action from the looks of it. Though watch out because it\'s really easy to fall off the edge ;) The lights on the sides of the pathways make it easier to see where you are going. [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes (Bots don\'t play very well on this ;) keep falling off) [b]New Textures:[/b] No [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]Game Modes:[/b] Duel, FFA




Yavin Duel | 1.95 MB

around the main dueling area for watching the duels or looking out the window area and checking out the scenery. Nice touch on the broken look on the one standing area but the door looks a little out of place and doesn’t fit with the rest of the textures. Not bad for a first map, a few energy and shield pick-ups for all of your quick health needs. The author added some music for your dueling pleasure called Yavin Explore. This map would be good for trials or duel tournaments. Like I said earlier this is a good first map but needs a little more work. Bot Support: No New Textures: No New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, Duel Maddog




ats_academy | 5.6 MB

texture set looked particularly good on Raven's original maps, much less any custom map I've ever seen. They're just in desperate need of a game that supports bump mapping is all. This map is very blocky, as was the original Yavin map. I do think this map could potentially benefit from some architectural variance, however, as it definitely gets that square feeling that most early-career maps get. The majority of the map is set indoors, featuring various rooms of different functions. One room has an interactive function that moves a wall to reveal a hidden... something, whose purpose I'm not sure of. Another room seems to feature a bar of some kind with what seems to be a dance floor. There's also a dueling room where duelers can enter the ring and force up a glass cage, so to speak. I had a bit of trouble getting back [i]out[/i] of the ring, though. My biggest complaint about this map was the lighting, as I don't think I saw a single light source in the map (with the exception of the outdoor bit). This gives the map that 1998 feel where game developers didn't seem to feel the need to include light fixtures in their maps to suggest that illumination isn't magic. In any case I'd just recommend that the authors go over the map and do a fixer-upper. Clean up the architecture a little, add some light sources, and I think it'll be 100% improved from its current state. Remember, proper lighting can make an otherwise drab map much nicer! [b]Bot Support[/b]: No [b]New Models[/b]: No [b]New Textures[/b]: No [b]New Music[/b]: Yes ~Inyri [b]




Consortium Temple | 937.08 KB

I've really seen that much. It's not a huge map, it's actually rather small. Small, but not cramped. I rather like the somber, almost tomb like atmosphere in this map. Okay. First room. Or rather, the Entrance Hall. It's big, with lots of statues and fire. It's got two levels on it. The one with the statues, and the lower floor. The upper level goes off to the council room, or, as the author calls it, the Reunion Room. It's simple, like most of the map, but in a good way. It has twelve seats in a circular pattern, and that's about it. And now for the downstairs. There is a Technique room (aka duel room), a Pillars room, and a Tournament room. The technique room is basically like a duel room. It has a big pad and then there's an observation area around the sides of the room. There is fire on each corner of the duel pad. (Nice touch) The Pillars room, as you might guess, has pillars in it. But they're not big, hulking pillars as you might think. They're rather short. In fact, I think that this room could even double for a ceremonial chamber. And finally, the Tournament room. It's a big dueling pad with seats on the side. It's rather nice. In fact, I like how the four statues were placed. I liked the simplicity of this map, and all the torches. (Fire...ooooh...) But one thing that I didn't like was how the torches and fires were presented. They were placed fine, but it just looks like fire's sprouting out of bare stone. I was sad that this map didn't have music or bot support. I would've loved dueling some bots in the duel area.. So, this could use some work. But, it's a nicely done map. Yes, it's a clan map, but the only thing clannish about it is it's name, and the only reason I know that it's a clan map is because it says so in the readme. If you like this, download it. Bot Support: No New Music: No New Models: No New Textures: No Gametypes: FFA, TFFA, Holocron FFA, Jedi Master ~Zach




Bespin Traps | 2.6 MB

[i]trap[/i] would sound so much better." I now understand the S on the end. Very simply, there are trap[i]s[/i] in this map, and if you're clever you can uncover them and hopefully trick your opponents into killing themselves. Handy, eh? So I know what you're thinking. "Aww, another Bespin map? Boo." Feel free to think it (but don't say it!), but this map is definitely not bad. It's actually quite easy on the eyes, and does not scream [b]Bespin![/b] at me like most Bespin maps do. It does have some custom textures, which might alleviate the monotony Bespin maps tend to get. However the fitting and well-crafted architecture really help to keep this map interesting. That, and it's made with gameplay in mind, not fitting a stereotype. The more I look at the architecture, the more I like it. The blue texture really makes all the difference, especially since the author has used it in several ways to make several different looks. However the curves, couple with this particular texture, really give a unique flair to what would normally be a bland overly-copied Bespin theme. My only advice to the map critic would be, if you happen to fall off, don't look up. [b]Bot Support[/b]: Yes [b]New Models[/b]: No [b]New Textures[/b]: Yes [b]New Music[/b]: No ~Inyri [b][i]Want this map for Jedi Academy? [file="78053"]Find it here![/file][/i][/b]




Anchorhead | 7.96 MB

in the ART of Episode 1 Book. It is primarily designed for ffa ctf and holocron matches (my personal favourite style) There are two bases, an imperial base (for red) with security doors, multi levels etc and a smugglers base (blue team) with a secret escape route. There are 3 landing pads each featureing a different ship. RED - Imperial Shuttle, BLUE - Outrider and NEUTRAL - Slave 1 All the towers are accessable and feature various lifts, stairs and bridges. The walls of Anchorhead feature 3 main levels.[/quote]Awesome beta map. check this out its big lots of cool things to see and great areas to fight Very cool :D




Yavin 2008 | 1.13 MB

core. The architectural design is mostly faithful, and on the occasions when it's not, in all honesty you'll find yourself not being that perturbed. Aside from a little linearity, the layout similarly is fine. To say the accuracy is perfect would be a lie, but it's definitely reasonable. Not only is the structure as it should be, texture usage for the most part is right on, although there are places where the surface inspector could have been used to greater effect. From what I understand, the map was designed with CTF in mind. All due respect but I don't quite feel it's up to the task of that. The linear layout means that inevitably there'll be a central point where both teams will clash and no one will ever reach the other team's base, and the 'armory' style positioning of the weapons - they are for the most part grouped in one area - allows one team to monopolise and prevent the other team from getting weapons and ammo. For better CTF suitability in a future version, I'd like to see the map expanded with more paths, and weapons more liberally positioned to prevent 'stockpiling'. The map still provides some good duel rooms despite it's unfortunate CTF unsuitability, so the map is neither wasted nor bad. There's simply room for improvement, which is presumably why the map is clearly labelled v1.0 as opposed to 'Final'. MageC is demonstrating a steady rate of improvement in mapping technique as time goes on, however, which is good. Fans of Yavin maps won't be disappointed. Buen trabajo, MageC. Espero que usted continúe mejorando. ~ Kouen (Yes, yes, I know my Spanish is awful. At least it makes more sense than my French, so give me a break. :[ ) [b]Bot Routing:[/b] Yes (FFA Only!) [b]Custom Textures:[/b] No [b]Custom Audio:[/b] No [b]Custom Meshes:[/b] No




MW Space Outpost | 1.84 MB

the outpost. The one room which seems to be a sleeping quarters comes with four beds and a coke machine, there is a teleporter in this room which leads to a sniper rifle on top of a tower. There are plenty of pickups for an all out battle. This map has a few problems that hold this back from being great. First off there is missing textures, z fighting and this map dropped my FPS. Considering this is only the first version I hope to see these problems fixed in the next version. This is a fun map best of luck on the next version. Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Music: No Game Types: FFA, TFFA Maddog




Artus Base | 9.91 MB

because of all the green lighting in the mines and the Artusian Crystals – green just happens to be one of my favourite colours. Whatever the reason, Artus still sticks in my mind as one of my favourite levels. In fact, even now I am tempted to make my own Artus map…but anyways, enough of that, lets dive into this map, (not into the green goo of course, that would be a bad idea now… :P)! This map contains all the main areas you would expect of an Artus themed map. It has a rocky outside area surrounded by that green goo, a long tramline, which takes you all the way from one side of the map to the other along with a machinery room with pools of molten lava. It also has a control room, a detention area and of course, the mining tunnels let with that brilliant green light and scattered with crates full of Artusian Crystals. This are in particular was my favourite, as I have always liked the green lit, crystal filled mining tunnels from the Artus levels. The tunnels wind their way around, going up and down as well, and lead to entrances / exits in quite a few different areas. There is also a large room in the mining tunnels which contains a nice big pool of that green goo, an excellent place for a duel I think, as the low ceiling means you cant jump around a lot, and that big pool of deadly green goo means you also have to watch your footing. All the other areas are interconnected by corridors, although there is also a big rocky cavern which you can walk through, similar to single player level from JK2, with more pools of green goo filling cracks in the floor. The architecture is exactly like Artus architecture should be, with quite a few areas, including the corridors being almost identical to the JK2 single player map. Another cool area is the detention level, which has multiple cells; each with switchable force fields guarding the doors, a feature which should be useful for clans or role-players alike. Working your way through the map you will eventually come to the medium sized outside area and even more pools of that green goo. This area has a medium sized landing pad type area in the middle, and is just perfect for use as a duel area. Despite the excellent quality of this map, I do feel there are still some things I think need working on. For one I would have liked to have seen the mining tunnels expanded upon a little bit more, as well as having more detail added to them. I think making some small green crystals to jut out of the walls here and there, rather than just using the textured on crystals would have been cool. I think there also should have been a bit more detailing added around the map, like some more crates, or barrels or pipes and such just scattered around the floor, to make some of the rooms feel a little less empty. Besides those minor flaws though, this is a solid and enjoyable map. So if you guys are fans of Artus, its green goo, or just the colour green, then give this map a download! :D [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Music:[/b] No [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA, TFFA, Holocron FFA, Jedi Master ~Nozyspy~




Imperial Trash Compactor | 3.73 MB

the walls, it\'s a little slow, but hey.. you could always Push someone in there in the last minute }> There is also another section which is Imperial style control room. This room is rather large and has weapons and ammo. This map can be played in Duel or FFA.




Phantom Knights HQ | 2.3 MB

room. Pickups and things along the way to 'pick up' of course! There is a third walkway that takes you to this small corridor high in the wall, though it doesn' t seem to lead anywhere. [It appears that the door can be opened though I guess I couldn't :/ either way, there is something beyond that door so check it ;)] Included in the zip is a separate pk3 containing the Phantom Knight skin. It's basically a reskin of Kyle except with a few additions to his gear and wearing the clan colours. (Note: This skin replaces Kyle in-game) [b]Bot Support:[/b] No [b]New Textures:[/b] No [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA, TFFA, Holocron, Jedi Master and Duel




Tower Ruins | 446.53 KB

rest on top of each other. Running around all four sides of the aforementioned dueling rooms is series of ramps that reaches from the second-highest dueling room to the square chamber at the bottom. From the bottom chamber you can access the underground cavern around the base of the tower. As the tower has many structural weaknesses, you can break through roughly fifteen walls and floors, as well as a handful of glass windows that will inevitably shattered. If you are trapped in a room, chances are very good that an escape route is just a thermal detonator away! I have also included a number of unbreakable glass windows so that you can spy on other players and see areas that might have otherwise gone unnoticed.[/quote] The map is stretched across a number of levels with a lot of \'secret\' places to find. The secret places are a bit of a puzzle to me, I know where they are and how I\'m supposed to get them, but I couldn\'t break the glass or anything :\\... either way there are walls and glass that you can break to gain access to \'weapon rooms\'. The map isn\'t too bad, though I felt a little squished in the hallways.. [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] No [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA, TFFA, Holocron and Duel




Hangar Bay 327 | 7.79 MB

Star in Return of the Jedi. While it may not look exactly like it, as it has crates and other things occupying it, as well as a dueling pad. The basic construction of the map made it look like a hangar, which is a really good thing. The construction was decent, and there were a couple of extra things around the map that made it more enjoyable. One of which was the floating probe droid head. One would wonder why just the head would be floating. Well…it’s not a probe droid head! It’s a construction worker bug…thingy…Okay fine – it’s a probe droid head. What’s so cool about it? [i]You can ride on it. ;)[/i] You are also able to launcher a could of TIE fighters, use a couple of elevators, and then go into a weapons and ammunition room and stock up. Oh, did I mention the dueling pad? No? Curses. Most of the control panels for the TIE fighters and such are up on a duel platform, which isn’t that bad. Oooh! I almost forgot! There’s a turret right next to the hangar door that you can fire! Suggestions for this map are as follows: work on the lighting. As I remember the light in the Death Star was pretty bright. Another one is to expand the Death Star Turret idea to the other side of the hangar so that it looks like you’re actually IN the Death Star instead of in a hangar that’s floating in space. Another thing is to make it so you can leave the hangar – that is, leave and die. But other than those things, maybe tweak where the weapons and ammo are, possibly move the weapons out into the map so it’s more Quake 3 styled. The author states in his readme that he didn’t include new music or bot support in his map for two reasons: He’s lazy, and he wanted to keep the size of the map down. I think the last one is a pretty god reason to do that. Anyways, I liked this map. If you still play JK2, I’d suggest you download it and at least try it. Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Music: No New Models: No, not really. Gametypes: FFA, Duel ~Zach




Catwalkz | 385.61 KB

author's first JK2 map, you can play Duel, FFA, Team FFA and even CTF (w00t) on it! Although the concept is simple and not many advanced mapping techniques or whatever have been used, this map is great and will provide you with countless hours of ehm pleasure :D The only thing that I want to comment on is the sky, it's beautiful ofcourse, however, it's dominating a bit to much and after playing this for a while it will start hurting your eyes. Then again, you're a gamer or not so don't whine! :p My final thoughs... Let's have Capt. Proton / JediKnight make a jump pod version of this map! I remember a great Q3A CTF map with the same set-up but with jumping pods to get across. The combination of jumping pods and force push and pull will be deadly to say the least, but it's always fun to push other people off! Again, great map! Go get it now young Jedi!




Casa | 10.4 MB

the first sentence < _




=[KoS]= Hangout | 2.07 MB

floors, 2 of which contain health and shields, while the third is unaccessable because the elevator goes crazy. I personally am a little disappointed as I was unable to explore the third floor. I was hoping to find some hidden treasures or something. My advice would be to fix this, and make the elevator stop at each floor. - Spectrum New Textures: No New Music: Yes Modes: FFA/Duel Bot Support: No




Burning Phantoms Temple | 213.85 KB

behind the main duel area that leads to the side of the arena. The main lighting source is the burning torches giving this map a nice dark feel to it. This map is multi game purpose, which is good for dueling, and not as good for FFA because there are no pick-ups not even shields or health. I really like the lighting in this map, just something about fighting in a dim area with a bright saber makes me want to go duel. The tunnel the author added is kind of useless since it takes you in circles, and the map is relatively small. This is a very good first map keep up the work [BP]DarkAngel. Bot Support: No New Textures: No New Sounds: No Game Modes: FFA, Duel Maddog




NFOR Jedi Challenge v1 | 1.24 MB

spectators. This map supports numerous game types. This map is a little small for CTF and not many weapon pickups. There is a portal type thing you walk on at each end that shoots you up to the highest level to where the flag is in CTF or another duel area. This map is cool but as I mentioned above that the map is too small to support some of the mentioned game types. I really like the stadium seating with banners at the top of each side, makes me feel like I am at a football game. I hope in the next version the author adds more pickups and makes it a little more bigger for all us CTF freaks out there. Great map keep it up. Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: No Game Types: FFA/Duel/TFFA/CTF/JM Maddog




BlackKnight\'s Realm | 4.5 MB

is that certain bits of the roof are destroyable, hehe so have fun with that :D. There are many weapons scattered around with plenty ammo. Once again, I think this is a good FFA map!! :)




Building Top | 2.48 MB

matrix fan or suicidal tho, please.... DONT JUMP. I personally think the map is decent, though not the proper size for the modes it supports (FFA/TFFA). Otherwise, it doesnt suck up FPS, and is good for dueling. - Spectrum New Textures: Yes Bot Support: No Gametypes: Duel, FFA, TFFA




Lazer War: Gold Edition | 4.57 MB

arena. It took me a full 30 seconds to get from one side of the map to the other, using Force Speed and Jump as much as possible. A little on the bright and repetitve side concerning lighting and textures, the sheer magnitude of possibles cap-fests makes up for it. Before I hear all the annoyed responses that bigger isn't better, having played the first map, I would say this one definitely is better. What I would suggest is adding more textures and toning the lighting down. However, don't quote me about the lighting, since I'm not sure how reliable my computer is in terms of gamma settings staying the same. Technical Data: Pros: 1. Would be a lot of fun with two huge armies battling it out. 2. Lotsa guns and lotsa area. 3. Went the extra mile to include new music, textures, and bot support. Cons: 1. As I said before, a tad too bright and too boring. Rating: 7/10 Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds/Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA, and CTF JEDIofONE :mepimp:




BearWithaGun\'s CTF Bespin | 1.86 MB

sense. How will make your game unbalanced? It\'s rather simple. This map adds many unnecessary routes, and a lot more weapons to the game, as well as unneeded places to hide, such as the secrets, which also give lots of weapons. Okay, let\'s go over the changes, shall we? On the upper levels, there are just about no changes, except for the walkway under the main walkway has been split up into three walkways, and on each of the side walkways is a line of det packs and trip mines. There are only one of each in the original map for a reason. The author didn\'t even bother to remove the other two weapon spawn points, so I guess that this just kind of...lazy...If you\'re going to have a bunch of weapons off to one side, you might as well take away the original weapon spawn point. Okay, now on to the side areas. There are hallways underneath and to the side of the main area, where when you do a wall run, a sound that plays when you step in water is played. Strange, no? Other than that there are other walkways and corridors that have been added, but aren\'t really worth mentioning. But there is one last area. It\'s a yavin swimming pool. Well, it uses yavin textures, and so, I don\'t really see what it\'s doing in a bespin map. That\'s clear across the galaxy. Unless you can travel many light-years across space by using an elevator. Bot Support: Yes New Textures: No New Models: No Gametypes: FFA, TFFA, CTF, Duel ~Zach




Drop Zone | 220.23 KB

begin battle in one of three different levels of play. The first level is a floating platform with mini towers shooting up from the floor. The second level consists of ammo strewn about a floor with a large hole in the middle which leads to the third level, a fairly flat dome atop a cylinder which stands tall from the bottom of a deep pit. You can find items like the Assault Sentry and the Seeker Drone on small platforms in the third level, but the only real weapons are found in the alcoves where you spawn. So, whatever weapon you get is simply the luck of the draw![/quote] At first the whole spawning thing kinda confused me, but once I realized what it was I thought it was a pretty cool idea! The arena itself is kinda small, so I don't think many players would manage to play on this map, unless you use the levels below. [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] No [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]Game Modes:[/b] FFA, Duel, Team




Instability | 279.85 KB

to find that ground you might have called refuge is nothing more than a Death Trap. Oh\'ll see what I mean shortly. First off, you\'re stuck in this HUGE box with see through walls with a nice view of some nasty looking mountain range. Spawn points...I just have to make a point of this, if I\'m spawned somewhere where I have to take damage in order to get anywhere else, that\'s no good. I mean the jumps you have to make in this map are forgivable, but be sure you\'re going to be hurting after almost every one. If you somehow lose your footing and manage to slip through a crack in the floor, you\'re in for a long drop into some yummy mossy green stuff that magically keeps you from making the bone shattering crunch you get when you fall along way, but still ends up killing you. At least I can land on my feet though! So let\'s say you make it all the way to what seems to be the ground. Now you can relax right? Wrong. The ground breaks up into multiple ascending pieces and rises to the ceiling at different rates of travel depending on which piece you stepped on, some fast, some not so fast, some downright slow. The idea is cool, and granted I can see some people having fun ducking and dodging around trying to avoid getting squashed...oh yes. That\'s something else; you can be sure that when your selected piece of floor rises high enough, you\'ll die if you don\'t find another piece or a pillar to move to. (Nothing like being crushed...:P) There really aren\'t that many great places to duel...actually there are no good places to duel. There\'s some alright weapons placement, and frankly you\'re going to need a weapon to experience any decent combat in this map, but like I said you\'re taking damage if you decide to make a jump for one :P Ok support...Kinda. Yes the bots don\'t go all jumpy and nuts, and if you manage to get to one you can have a decent battle. No, there\'s no where to fight them that\'s worth getting to, so it kinda makes it redundant. Well as far as fresh ideas go, this is a winner. As far as playability goes...there\'s much left to be desired. If you\'re in the mood for a map that offers Instability in everyway, well you\'re in for a treat. If you\'re looking for a map that offers dueling capability or just regular FFA, look elsewhere. New Textures : No New Music/Sounds : No Game Types : FFA, TFFA, Jedi Master, HFFA Bot Support : Yes Rock on -=Sai-Wan=-




Yavin Training Spot | 3.25 MB

gentle! Ok. Loading up the map, we see that there\'s only one major problem...and it\'s that it\'s not big enough for huge FFAs. But it\'s so PERFECT for duels (and small FFAs). There is some z-fighting in some places, and there a slight problem with the water fall (it\'s visible through the water shader at several points) as the water itself kind of ends too soon and doesn\'t go into the rocks at one point. That doesn\'t stop this from being a very good first attempt, and a very intuitive first attempt it is. There is only one major beef, and that is on my computer (very high end) I get around 80fps or so throughout the map. The fire effects (which are very nice) drop that by about 60%. Mithran, you\'re on a great first start. This is the first map I\'ve seen that utilizes full lighting and DOESN\'T have horrible lighting (well, besides our own Force Master ^_^)...and is an excellent try for a first-timer. Get moving on your second so that we can see some great things from you! - Chrono




FFA Naboo City | 17.48 MB

Due to its complex architecture and plentiful foliage however this often makes it difficult to recreate it faithfully in a map, but Darth Arth has done a fantastic job doing just that, and in JK2 no less! Apparently this map was made in 2004, which is I think a testament to Darth Arth\'s skill that it still looks great now and I have to say I am very pleased he finally decided to release it here on JKFiles for those people who still play JK2. This is a pretty massive map with multiple areas which can be accessed via a teleportation hub located in what looks like a mansion with its own gardens. Walk up to one of the doorways over which there is a picture showing the area to which it leads, and the area will appear mysteriously on the face of a mirror like object in the doorway. I presume this to be a use of the famous \'camera shader\' or something similar perhaps? In any case it is a cool effect. There is a city square with a triumphal arch and even an R4 droid piloted gondola to take you down the river, and an area with an impressive building in the style of the Naboo Royal Palace inside of which there is an arena like area which would be great for duels and a hangar similar to the one at the end of Episode I. One little feature I love is the green teleport (not telephone) boxes which take you back to the teleportation hub. That said, I dont think it would look at all out of place for Naboo to have its own green telephone boxes! My favourite area though is the park area, which has its own lake and a few Star Wars Galaxies inspired buildings (if you have played SWG you will immediately recognise the guildhall ;)) which contain a bar/nightclub and R4 droids offering complimentary drinks (or are the droids drinking them?!). This is one of the most impressive natural areas I have ever seen in a JK2 map, the terrain is smooth and flowing, the tree/bush textures surrounding the area add a sense of depth, and the trees have gently swaying leaves. Combined with the peaceful music and tweeting birds this makes for a very nice area to relax and explore. We really need some tree models/assets here on JKFiles for mappers to use in their maps! *wink wink, nudge nudge* ;) Then of course there is the lava cave duel area... but you will have to figure out how to open the door to the teleport room for that area first! Overall a brilliant map here, my only real complaint is that there should be a version for JKA too; though this does work fine in JKA there are a few missing textures (such in the nightclub area) where it uses JK2 textures that JKA doesn’t have. Apart from that there is a small bug in the texturing of the \'bushes\' around the edges of the park area. It looks as though the texture hasn’t been stretched enough as you can see a very thin line at the top of the bush where the bottom of the bush texture has started to repeat itself. This is a little irritating in the park area but only because there are a lot of bushes surrounding the area and therefore the lines become more noticeable. Other than that an excellent map here and one I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend! :D [b]Bot Support:[/b] No [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yes [b]New Music:[/b] No [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA, TFFA ~Nozyspy~




FIA Saber Training | 618.92 KB




Equinoxis | 568.17 KB

like a wild garden with tall trees, fallen structures and shallow water pools. The courtyard could have been a little more open, but even then I thought it still looked cool :D. The house is quite good too, you can jump up on the beams of the roof to find weapons and ammo, or grab some powerups. Overall a good design, could have been more spacious, but still nice map for FFA (or duelling if you wish :))!




The E.M.P. | 389.8 KB

1.58 MB zip file). Note nothing is missing or anything it's just way smaller making everybody happy! And mappers, don't use paths in your .zip file and use maximum compression! Party on! The zip file contains two pk3's one for FFA and one for Duel (which is why I think the file size is this big). A 2-level map, the top bridges are protected by glass walls/ceiling but has a hole in the centre which you can drop through or jump up. There is a button on the lower level which activates "something"... go on, press it! I dare ya! :D




Duel Bespin | 596.74 KB

below.[/quote] (features are in the readme) Fun map, this map does have lots of stuff to it. Two things in particular that I liked were the white fog above you. You can actually jump up the tubes and get up into the white fog for a weapon and powerup. The second thing is the destroyable bridge located underneath the platform. And I do mean destroyable!! You can keep on hacking at it and shooting at it all over the place and little bits and pieces break up leaving small holes... which eventually add up to large gaps! Worth a look!




Waste Disposal Unit 5A | 3.99 MB

fest; the map is small but great. The map is laced with plenty of traps and packed with tons of ammo. There are some cool blue portals, which push you up you next tier above you kind of like a trampoline. This map rocks if you are into using guns and like inflicting pain. The author added bot support but says it’s not perfect, I wouldn’t use a bot on this map it’s just a tad to small and if your bots like the {IcoP} bot you would get slaughtered. This map is for all you fast paced havoc causing Sith (maybe some Jedi) so get downloading rack up some kills. Just wish it had some cools music. Keep up the good work and keep mapping. Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Some New Sounds: No Game Modes: FFA, TFFA Maddog




Troidan Interplanetary Shooting Range | 536.61 KB

between competitors. Usually played upto 20 points, competitors can score by destroying targets or defeating opponents[/quote] There are two main levels to the map, one is underground and dark. You *could* just walk across to the other side though expect to encounter resistance from the other team ;) The top level is rather cool! On each side you have these small windows that seem to open and close randomly, there is a target behind each door. Each time you destroy a target, it will count as a kill for you! So if you\'re in FFA hitting all those targets might actually help you win! :D Another cool thing is that the doors will only open and close when you stand waaaaaay at the back against the wall. If you walk up close to the door they will not open, this is a nice feature because it forces people to actually aim :p All in all, very nice map! The shooting range is a cool feature!




Medieval WaR | 6.48 MB

top of another, forming a \"human tower\" also able to climb the walls. This map is basically set up like a two-base CTF map (and curiously is availble for capture the flag -- SHOCK). Each \'base\' is a castle or fortress of sorts with towers, and what appears to be a very large meeting/dining/gathering room. One side also features a rebel insignia, while the other has an Imperial insignia. So... they\'re Star Wars castles? Between the castles there\'s a downward incline to a moat with a bridge over it. No, it\'s not a river -- most rivers aren\'t so... [i]angular[/i]. In fact I daresay it\'s a canal, potentially built of cement. It\'s [i]that[/i] smooth. Definitely not natural. There is some attempts at terrain, creating rocky outcrops on either side of the map, but they could still use some work to look more realistic. The texturing is also a bit bland -- it works, but especially in the outdoor section it\'s very repetitive and not broken up, so it\'s just flat land with a texture on it. Overall I thought everything just needed a little... refining, from the textures to the architecture to the lighting. The basics are all there, they just need to be expanded on. The one really cool thing I liked about this map, though, was the siege tower. There\'s a single siege tower that moves between each base, so if you\'re clever you can hop on it while you\'re at your base and... do nothing til you get to the other side, unless you have a gun or something. Darn JA and its lack of bows and arrows! Still a cool feature, though. :p [b]Bot Support[/b]: No [b]New Models[/b]: No [b]New Textures[/b]: Yes [b]New Music[/b]: Yes ~Inyri




FIA Saber Training | 287.84 KB




Yavin Temple J3di | 6.14 MB

mp3 that brings the download size up a bit. New Textures = No New Models = No New Music = Yes (Hollow Life - Korn) New Shaders = Yes(just a sky edit) Bot Routes = No -Sared




NHL Shootout | 7.59 MB

five skaters on the ice, plus a goalie. You thwack the puck with some sticks and try to score a goal. Simple. This map is an as-of-yet-unnamed ice arena where it seems the Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers will play. Let's split this into pros and cons. [b]Pros[/b][list][*]It's an ice rink, and it's obvious. There's really no question, which means at the very least the author accomplished making what he was attempting to. [*]It's not just an ice rink, but things like the concession area, locker rooms, and the arena entrance have all been included. [*]One neat feature is the goal horn, which seems to be different for each team. There is a scoring booth on either end of the rink. To set off the horn, all you have to do is bump yourself into the switch for the team you want. [*]The concession area is totally cool.[/list] [b]Cons[/b]:[list][*]The architecture is very blocky. The only thing I thought really looked like what it was supposed to [i]was[/i] the rink itself. And the actual goals themselves... well I don't know what sport they come from, but it's not hockey. [*]The ice doesn't act like ice. :( :( :( No hockey games for you! [*]Texturing is repetitive and not really reminiscent of a hockey rink. Except the rink, of course. [*]No bot support, so [i]definitely[/i] no hockey games.[/list] Maybe I shouldn't be listing some of this stuff, since I confess to not know precisely what JO is not capable of that JA is, but if ice effects [i]are[/i] possible in JO they should definitely be added. I must confess the music is also a bit annoying, though luckily it's soft enough and "background" enough that you can indeed just stop thinking about it and not hear it so much. Overall an interesting idea, but an aesthetic overhaul certainly couldn't hurt. By the way... Calgary and Edmonton? :lol: [b]Bot Support[/b]: No [b]New Textures[/b]: Yes [b]New Models[/b]: No [b]New Music[/b]: Yes ~Inyri




War-Ring | 310.93 KB

they propel you into the air, the only way to avoid damage from the fall is to land on the red ring surrounding the boosters. This map is very original in my opinion with nowhere for your opponents to hide, I suggest you only use this map for 6-8 players. The author originally created this map for Elite Force and converted it to JK2 because he liked it so much, I for one am glad. . Download this map now and wreak havoc on your friends and foes. Bot Support: Yes New Textures: No New Music: No Game Types: FFA/Duel/JM/Holocron Maddog




Undiscovered Temple | 1.73 MB

kind of a nice surprise. This is not a bland empty map either, which is also nice. It has a definite Korriban or ruins theme to it, and the Marka Ragnos statue borrowed from Jedi Academy adds a bit of a tomb-ish feel to it as well. If there\'s one thing I find amusing about map naming, it\'s naming a map \"undiscovered\" and then having 10 people play on it. I guess it\'s discovered now, huh? Well, while you\'re off discovering it, make sure not to fall into the lava! The map contains a centralized lava pit, covered with several platforms. I was a little disappointed with them because they\'re close enough together than you can literally run from one side of the pit to the other without jumping or worrying about falling in, reducing the danger level significantly. Beyond the somewhat harmless pool of lava, though, the map is pretty nice looking and seems like it would provide good gameplay as well. Lighting is decent, although I find it hard to believe those torches would like the entire room. It still has a good atmosphere, though, which is almost more important. Give it a download if you\'re looking for a good JK2 map to try out! [b]Bot Support[/b]: Yes [b]New Textures[/b]: No [b]New Sounds[/b]: No [b]New Music[/b]: No [b]Game Modes[/b]: FFA, duel ~Inyri




Bespin Underground Ownage | 637.72 KB

the planet is a gas giant and Bespin City floats in the clouds! I just thought that was kinda amusing…oh dear, I look like a real Star Wars geek now! :P Ehem, anyway, lets get back to business. Although this map is available for all the gametype’s, from its construction and features it seems that it has been mainly made for a CTF match. It has two flag bases at either end, with the main passageway running down the middle, and many smaller, sneakier passages interconnected around each side. The architecture is pure Bespin and the author has done a great job making it authentic to the look of the JK2 Bespin under levels. The map is fairly small for a CTF map, so I would personally recommend that this would be best for a small to medium CTF game, with perhaps 4-5 Players per team. I especially liked the central passageway in this map, look up and you can see that this passage is open to the sky, and uses the cleaner Bespin textures around the top as opposed to the more industrial ones in the rest of the map. I think this gives the area a nice feeling of being an under level, with a contrast between the upper and lower levels. Personally though I really do feel that this map should be bigger, and perhaps have one or two more open areas, as it is rather small for a CTF map as it stands now. Perhaps also some effects, like a burst of steam here and there to add to that industrial feel. Overall though a really cool map here, which brought back lots of good memories from the good old days of JK2. :) I recommend a download for any CTF fans! [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] No [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Music:[/b] No [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA, TFFA, Holocron FFA, Jedi Master, Duel, CTF ~Nozyspy~




Cactus | 9.84 MB

cacti store water... so it must be a very wet desert. In any case the cacti don't really look that much like cacti anyway. They're way too angular, and frankly remind me more of the pipes in Mario than anything organic. Besides... where are the needles!? The map itself is small and cluttered, with Empire State Building sized cacti taking up the majority of the room. The lighting is not nearly as bright as you might expect in a desert, nor is the map flat like you might expect... and there are some odd-looking lamps that don't honestly look like they're giving off much light. But hey, it's the middle of the day. They must be conserving energy. For a believable desert, this map fails a bit. For a decent duel map... it's cramped, and not in a particularly good way. As a novelty it's alright, though I do think it could have been executed better and in such a way that it worked out better as a map. It does have botrouting (although it seemed a little limited, from what I saw) and some nice hispanic music (black shirt, anyone?) that doesn't really fit that well. Give it a try if you're looking for something unique. [b]Bot Routing[b]: Yes [b]New Models[/b]: No [b]New Textures[/b]: Yes [b]New Music[/b]: Yes ~Inyri




Gangster Hideout | 417.51 KB




[JM]-Dome | 1.51 MB

you want some fast-paced sabering action. Don\'t forget to go searching for the secrets! I really like the silver/grey look. It\'s simple, yet it makes it look futuristic. It was a little too bright, though. I think it could have been a bit darker and still have the same effect. Still, this is a really good job. Keep \'em commin, BXpress! [b]Bot Support:[/b] No [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Music: [/b]No [b]Game Types: [/b]FFA, Duel ~OmegaDir




Imperial Arena | 2.25 MB

FFA and TFFA. It would have made a GREAT JM map, but alas, no JM support. In the main room I think there could be more cover for the gunfighting, but that\'s just me. This isn\'t much of a hang out map due to it\'s size, best used for fast paced FFA. Good map, worth the download if you want to have a slaughterfest. Bot Support: No New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA Ultima




Training Experience | 1.12 MB

using certain effects. I used spotlights instead of torches and the otheres u will see for yourself.[/quote] Nice little map here with a great Yavin atmosphere. There\'s an x-wing parked in the small forest at the bottom among the bushes and trees. There is an elevator (and a jump pad) that can take you to a stone level above which is a nice open area for some duels. Nice map, though there was some problems with the clip brushes around the X-wing and you can kinda walk through it :D ouch ;)




Parts and Technical | 448.45 KB

rooms, one has crates and other storage, the other room has a big hole in the floor that leads to un underground cave-like area which has a pool of green "stuff" ;) that kills you, so stay away from it ;). You can climb out of this area through helpful beams that have fallen down as well. One bug I found was that you can "jump out" of the map and end up outside it with no way to get back in. If this happens to you type "/kill" in the console :D




Hyper Space | 3.89 MB

traveling on doesn’t look like a ship at all, which was disappointing, but that doesn’t matter. The ship is very blocky, and the engines were small, and you could stand on the image that showed the drive plume thingy. Now not only if you stood on it you would die instantly, but you [i]can’t[/i] stand on it. At least not in real life, but you can in this map. Anyways, the basic construction was blocky as I said, and the author chould work on more complex architecture in his maps. There were several ships in the map flying alongside your cube-box-ship-thingy. One was a TIE fighter, which my all means shouldn’t be there, since it doesn’t have a hyperdrive. Another one was a mixture of map objects, and the last one was an X-Wing. There was new music for this map. If you like this map, then download it. But before you condemn it, play it. Bot Support: No New Models: No New Sounds: No New Music: No Gametypes: FFA, TFFA, CTF, CTY, Holocron FFA, and Jedi Master ~Zach




Darth ZOltars Docks | 1.66 MB

well, not sure two whole days constitutes alot fo time.. but anyway.. I will say, that for two days, this map has alot of promise. It\'s fairly a small map in size with the layout being rather simple. The first thing i noticed, was that on many of the corners, the textures are either not lined up, or there actually was an entirely different texture in some areas. When some of the doors open, the walls are not thick enough to hide the door, causing it to be visible in the wall. Also, I did find other Z-fighting here and there in this map. One other thing I did notice, was two or three of the light enitites were placed maybe alittle to close to floors or walls, causing the bright circle effect (with no light source). The map is listed for FFA, Team, Jedimaster, duel and ctf, although I couldnt get it to show up for duel. Again, if this map was made in two days, its not a bad map, but I think it was rushed at the end, and many of the details were unnoticed, therefore not fixed. Fix some of these things, add alittle bit more to this, and it will be a nice little map. -Lizardking




Towers of Death | 2.05 MB

to fall (or jump, if you\'re brave) off the bridge. Then you fall... for about five minutes. If you\'re lucky you fall on the grass so you don\'t instantly die. However if you don\'t heal yourself and then try to jump to the lower bridge you\'ll die. If you don\'t, and you manage to fall off the lowest bridge, you\'ll fall to your doom into a pit of very solid lava. So where to start? Lighting, first of all. Please... use some. Brightness is badness, because pure global lighting is completely unrealistic. Second of all: texturing. Less repetitive, please! Although with as much space as is in this map reducing repetitiveness might be somethig of a chore. The screenshots show just how tall the towers are, but you don\'t really understand until you fall off of them. The best way to go about that would be to make the surfaces below not cause fall damage. Anyway, definitely a unique map idea, though aesthetically it could use some work. Practice makes perfect, though! New Textures: Yes New Models: No New Music: Yes Bot Support: No ~Inyri




Swamp Training v2 | 4.58 MB

the Secret Area, A new Meeting Room, and much more. The feature I liked the best was at the bottom of the pool. ;) Swim down to the bottom, and find the big black rock. Then attack it with your saber until it breaks up...and then you will see a hidden passage behind it which leads to a room full of pictures from an old game that the author says he plays, which I thought was pretty cool. All the original buildings are here too like the control room type one, and the wooden hut that has a bar inside. There’s also been a new room added to the back of this, which when you go down the steps in it, leads you into a very cool basement type place, with LOADS of bottles in it! Kinda like a wine cellar or something I suppose. Go through the door in this room and you will find a lift that will take you to the top of the VERY tall sniper tower. From here you have a really good view of the entire map, so it really is the perfect place for snipers! The meeting room accessible from the back of the control room type building was also very cool, kinda like an underground bunker. As with any map there are a few things that could be improved upon. I think it would be cool if there were maybe some more trees around the edge of the map, to make it feel a bit more enclosed, like a swamp. But that’s just me. :) And maybe add some more rocks too, and make the pool less square and a bit more jaggedy, so it looks more natural, unless of course its meant to be square! What is cool though is that the author has added a levelshot, so well done there mate. :) Not only that, but there is some new music too which sounds cool. I think it fits very well with the theme of the map I still couldn’t find the secret area, even with what Reelo said in the readme, why don’t you have a go at finding it? And see if you can do any better than me! ;) I did find a teleporter in a tiny little hut though, which took me to the extra duel room, with an observation area, and a shallow water filled area below with some rocks, it looked like a cool place to have a duel. All in all a nice update to the map here, I look forward to seeing if there will be a v3! Bot Support: No New Textures: No New Sounds: No New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA, H-FFA, Jedi Master, Duel, CTF, CTY ~Nozyspy~




X-Heat | 248.22 KB

room has a fast moving and deadly overhead fan. All textures and sounds are from the game, making for a VERY small download. I really like this map. It's small enough to be a duel, but large enough to be a 4-man or 6-man close quarters FFA. Think about it. In most aggressive FFAs, everyone ends up fighting in the same spot anyway. This map helps you spread out a little. There are corners to hide around and killer fans to grip your opponents into. I imagine Holocron would be a lot of fun in this map. The only small thing I would like to have seen is the red rooms connected to each other...that would have given players more places to run when cornered. Throw in a pit to fall into and you have the perfect map. Before you think it is too small, give it a shot. It's one of those non-exciting maps that are a LOT of fun to play in. Very practical. The map is quick-loading, the FPS are through the roof and the layout is excellent for fighting. Very nice work. Bot Support: Yes New Textures: No New Music: No Game Types: Duel, FFA, Holocron, Jedi master Astyanax




[TW] Swamp Training v2 | 4.58 MB

a [TW] sign on the top of the main building in the map! Apart from that I couldn’t see anything else different, so like last time I will just quote the review I just did for the Swamp Training map. :) If you are a member of the [TW] clan then you should like this! ;) [quote]Well here we have v2 of the recent Swamp Training map. There have been several big changes made to this map, the readme informs us that some new features include: A BIG sniping tower, A new look to the Secret Area, A new Meeting Room, and much more. The feature I liked the best was at the bottom of the pool. ;) Swim down to the bottom, and find the big black rock. Then attack it with your saber until it breaks up...and then you will see a hidden passage behind it which leads to a room full of pictures from an old game that the author says he plays, which I thought was pretty cool. All the original buildings are here too like the control room type one, and the wooden hut that has a bar inside. There’s also been a new room added to the back of this, which when you go down the steps in it, leads you into a very cool basement type place, with LOADS of bottles in it! Kinda like a wine cellar or something I suppose. Go through the door in this room and you will find a lift that will take you to the top of the VERY tall sniper tower. From here you have a really good view of the entire map, so it really is the perfect place for snipers! The meeting room accessible from the back of the control room type building was also very cool, kinda like an underground bunker. As with any map there are a few things that could be improved upon. I think it would be cool if there were maybe some more trees around the edge of the map, to make it feel a bit more enclosed, like a swamp. But that’s just me. :) And maybe add some more rocks too, and make the pool less square and a bit more jaggedy, so it looks more natural, unless of course its meant to be square! What is cool though is that the author has added a levelshot, so well done there mate. :) Not only that, but there is some new music too which sounds cool. I think it fits very well with the theme of the map I still couldn’t find the secret area, even with what Reelo said in the readme, why don’t you have a go at finding it? And see if you can do any better than me! ;) I did find a teleporter in a tiny little hut though, which took me to the extra duel room, with an observation area, and a shallow water filled area below with some rocks, it looked like a cool place to have a duel. All in all a nice update to the map here, I look forward to seeing if there will be a v3! Bot Support: No New Textures: No New Sounds: No New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA, H-FFA, Jedi Master, Duel, CTF, CTY ~Nozyspy~[/quote]




Sector A10 [Prison] | 3.24 MB

half of the map there's the prison cells, the exit door around the back, and the underground section which seems to be a maintenance section. I think the main area with the walkways would be my preferred area to play in - the corridors around the maintenance areas are a little too dark to play in properly. The detail down here is also lacking somewhat - and the generator models have some lighting issues (Far too dark compared to environment) The general architecture was okay, although there was some Z-fighting (final screenshot) and in each corner of the map there were some rather random-looking and ill-textured er, things. :( I didn't figure out how to get inside the cell blocks, but I did find out that walking in front of the glass door behind the structure at each 'base' leads to you being fired upon by some kind of laser, which had no source. According to the readme though, there's some kind of choice between turning it on and opening the corridors to the basement, so I think it's a kind of tactical situation. Underneath the walkways in the main area is some kind of area where random gases are piped out - the cylinders look great on the outside but are impossibly thin on the inside - and it looks wierd was you'd expect this steam to come from a pipe under the floor, but instead it looks as if someone has just put a very cylinder on it for no apparent reason. (You can see the floor at the bottom of the cylinder) The map itself isn't terrible, although it does have a fair few design and technical bugs, however the layout seems adequate for CTF, and I can see it being popular with some of you. The framerate remained at no lower than 55 so there should be no lag issues - however using VIS more appropriately could have increased this figure to around 65 or possibly 70. The lack of bot support is also a severe drawback of this map, as it is of all maps in my opinion. It does include sonme custom music - a really heavy metal/Unreal Tournament-typed style. I thought it was okay, but I can think of much betetr choices which could have increased the atmosphere of the map - some more focused lighting would help as well, as there were a few places where lights didn't seem to have any source. Oh, and for future reference of the author, the .prt and .srf files are not required as distributables in your pk3. Bot Support: No New Textures :No New Sounds: Yes ~Szico VII~




Lazer War | 716.06 KB

Its also a big maze, so its hard to get through. Personally, this map game me a lot of problems. Sucked my FPS down to around 45-50, and im running a Radeon 9700, so if ur gonna use this, ur gonna need some updated equipment. - Spectrum New Textures: Yes Gamemodes: CTF, Team FFA Bot Support: NO




JC Ring | 2.52 MB

Anyway, I don\'t know if this map actually does support all the game types that the .arena file claims, but I know that it\'ll support at the very least FFA and duel. The best part about this map is probably the stands. The textures used look very cool. I checked the pk3 and found some textures that I didn\'t see in the map when I explored it, so I\'m thinking there might be a bar hiding somewhere. The arena itself is okay, but I wasn\'t too impressed with the map overall. The images used around the ring are kinda cool, but meh. The ring is just too big, in my opinion. I took a screenshot of me standing next to a corner to show you the scale. Anyway, it\'s a clan map, so if the JC clan is happy, then great! Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Music: No Game Types: Um, everything ~AmosMagee




Quadrion | 8.59 MB

means, but oh well. It sounds cool regardless, and that’s the important thing, isn’t it? :P This map is made up of several large areas connected by teleporters, this does have its disadvantages which I will come to later, but first lets have an overview of the map. From what I explored, it looks like the map is made up of six or more different areas; two of them are in what look like snowy areas, although there are tropical trees growing there… o.O There is a somewhat Yavin themed area based around a landing pad, a small ship interior, a medium sized room which seems to serve as a teleporter hub and my favourite bit; a very large open area with many walkways and platforms which definitely looks like something from Bespin. All the areas, except for the ship interior and the teleporter hub room are of sufficient size to have a pretty big FFA in, and each area has different types of environments to fight in. As I said above, the Bespin themed area with the many walkways and platforms was my favourite, I think the author captured the essence and feeling of Bespin very well here and I think it would make a great place to either have an FFA or a Duel in. Obviously you have to be careful not to fall off the edge! Now, as I said at the start, there are some disadvantages with the teleporter system and also a few things that need to be worked on. The main disadvantage of the teleporter system that I found was that it is easy to get lost. The teleporters are not always obvious, sometimes being a doorway, or in the case of the ship interior you need to walk up to one of the chairs. Also, the teleporters on the ship don’t take you to the same place every time, so it is difficult getting to where you want to go. I think a good idea would be to make the teleporters more obvious, maybe adding a sign near them telling you where that particular teleporter takes you in the map. Lastly, I think the snowy areas particularly need some more work. Whilst the rows of trees look nice, they are tropical trees and don’t really fit with the theme. Also the mountains around the edge of these areas need some more work, as they are very sharp and spiky looking. I definitely think they should be smoothed down a bit to make them look more natural. Besides those things though, a decent map here. I look forward to seeing more of your work KungFuPanda! :) [b]Bot Support:[/b] No [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Music:[/b] Yes [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA, Duel ~Nozyspy~




R.S.O: Dueling Temple | 3.26 MB

accessed via the stairs to the left and right of the tunnles there are two weapons at your disposal a wookie bowcaster and a blaster use both wisely cos the ammo is up on the upper levels in all four corners have fun and play safe this map dosnt suport bots as of yeat im working on that bit.[/quote] A simple layout of the map with temple like architecture. Players spawn in two rooms located across the courtyard from each other. There are also two staircases on the other two side of the courtyard that take you to the second level where you get the powerups (mentioned above). I think this map would be better off in FFA's, but Duel's should be good :D [b]Bot Support:[/b] No [b]New Textures:[/b] No [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yes [b]Supported Gametypes:[/b] FFA, Duel




Seljuk Arena | 1.1 MB

Definitely fun, that black hole in the centre is a nice touch and certainly gives gameplay something interesting.




JediGarrison | 16.23 MB

it\'s got room to duel, which is the important thing. No weapons pickups mean you\'ll need to whip out your saber for this one. The main room is quite empty and large, featuring two ramps leading up to a second level of very large shafts of some kind. These lead to another area that reminds me of one of the maps in Rogue Squadron, being some very old-school looking terrain (y\'know, path + big hills = terrain). Bot support has been included, as has various game type support (FFA, duel, and CTF). The texturing is not bad, although it struck me as a little odd. Almost everything has a shine too it, which to me didn\'t make sense because some of the textures looked like unpolished stone, yet the shaders would have you believe it\'s either polished to a nice shine, or that it was plastic of some kind. I also felt that much of the map could use with some texture variation, or some trim, to break up what seems to be endless walls of a single texture. Some more lighting also probably wouldn\'t hurt. [b]Bot Support[/b]: Yes [b]New Models[/b]: No [b]New Textures[/b]: Yes [b]New Music[/b]: Yes ~Inyri




Pentaplatform Duel | 179.67 KB

space and contains no real colors except for the platforms you duel on. This map is very bad and has no real purpose maybe if you spent more then a half an hour on it it would be a little better, download this if your bored and want to try something new. Nothing is new or exciting about this map. The map is very small but the author felt the need to include sixteen spawn points. All I can say about this map is blah blah blah blah blah, better luck next time. Bot Support: No New Textures: No New Music: No Game Types: FFA Maddog




Bespin Floor | 1.76 MB

it is a good size. Almost spacious for two people, which is likely to be a good thing for duelists. Plenty of elbow room. There are a couple of side rooms off the main room which have bacta cannisters and shield boosters - one on each side of the map. On each side there is also an area behind a door - I am assuming both are the spawn points, as I didn't spawn myself more than once to check. As for the architecture of the map, it was simple. But then again it is supposed to be some kind of complex on Bespin. "Complicated" and "Bespin" never went together in my mind. What simplicity there may have been in the architecture is made up for by the decoration. The map is filled with crates and pipes and many other things, including an R5 droid sitting against the wall. The only problem I found with it was a small bug... I was standing on the console in one of the side rooms, and as I moved around it sounding like I was walking through water. An amusing bug, to say the least. Gave me something of a chuckle. Overall a very nice-looking, functional map, and orange isn't the main color! Yay! New Textures: Yes New Models: Yes New Music: No Bot Support: Yes ~Inyri




Yavin Buildings | 874.74 KB

covering the water. The typical Yavin stone covers the walls and also creates some platforms up near the top of the map which can be reached by a very randomly placed and nondescript teleporter. The biggest downfall of this map is its lighting, or lack thereof. It seems to either use ambient lighting, or one of the renders that doesn\'t do lighting. As a result it has that garish \"first map\" feel, even though some of the architecture suggests it\'s not really his first map. Use of typical architecture and shapes though, like the spikes and very blocky brushwork, suggests that perhaps it\'s still an early work. A good step into the mapping world. With a little more detail, some better lighting, and perhaps some more texture variation, I think this author is well on his way to producing quality works. [b]Bot Support[/b]: No [b]New Models[/b]: No [b]New Textures[/b]: No [b]New Music[/b]: No ~Inyri




TEA Map | 7.3 MB

included some textures from another mod, since my base folder is clean except for this file and it shows the textures correctly on the levelshot. Another problem is that the architecture in the map is random. You have a long hall with pillars on each side, a bar with circular tables that are missing a texture, a dueling platform where falling off results in death after 4 or so seconds, an annoying labyrinth under the level, an office area with a swimming pool, and a living space. The problem is that all this added together doesn't really equal something plausible. Then the texturing is rather plain. For most areas, there's usually three to five textures used. In some areas, there's just huge, vertical walls with one texture. It would have been better if the author at least tried to break it up a little with some beams or other architecture protuding from the walls. This also has a lot of z-fighting, which is a very noticable error and is rather difficult to ignore. The worst thing going for it is the lighting, though. While playing through this map, I don't believe I ever saw a light source. This is hard to forgive since all you have to do to make a light source is create a small brush, attach it to a wall or the celing, texture the opposite face with a light texture, put the light entity next to it, done. The lighting is also rather inconsistant. In the maze, it tends to go from very bright to pitch black within a few feet. Lighting can break a map if done poorly, and it certainly kills this map. Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Music: Yes Gametypes: All ~IfritZero




CTF Battle Facility | 910.06 KB

As usual, Sir Ryan's latest offering is a map for purists; those who appreciate function over form. As such the map is simple in its construction, (but still looks good) and is wonderfully practical for pure gameplay. I definitely think that Sir Ryan's mapping skills are continuing to improve though, as there are a few nice touches like rounded edges to the windows and doorways that look so much better than just plain old rectangular openings. Such a small addition really does make a big difference to the way the map looks. This map definitely reminds me of the anti-runner training level from Mirrors Edge, with all the walkways and layered platforms. This should be a really fun map to have a CTF or FFA on! The flags themselves are atop the large buildings in opposite corners of the map, which have ample defensive positions, but also ways you can sneak in or assault the flag base. ;) One very cool and clever feature, was the Stargate style teleporters, you know, the ones with the rings that descend around you? Well at opposite corners of the map are these teleporters, walk up to a button on the wall and the process begins, so you have to hurry and get on the teleporter pad before the rings and force field comes up around it! If you use the blue team teleport you will be transported over to the red teams teleporter pad at the other side of the map and vice versa. A nifty little feature to shake up the gameplay a little there! Overall I really like this map, it is probably my favourite out of all Sir Ryan's maps, although I definitely think the interior lighting still needs work. The exterior lighting is fine, its smooth and uniform and looks very natural. Inside though the lights are just too bright and bleach out the walls, so you should definitely try dimming the inside lights a little. I know these maps are more for purists and thus eschew the fancy details for the sake of good gameplay, but I definitely think that you should consider adding some light fittings inside, to use as sources for the lights. At the moments the light appears to come from nowhere, which doesn't look very good, even just a small box with a light texture applied to it and the actual light entity below it would improve this vastly. It is very important to actually have a visible source from which your light comes, otherwise it just doesn't look right at all. All in all though a good map here, and my personal favourite out of all Sir Ryan's maps so far. Keep up the good work mate! :) [b]Bot Support:[/b] No [b]New Textures:[/b] No [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Music:[/b] No [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA, TFFA, CTF ~Nozyspy~




Freak | 3.33 MB

and repeats over and over.. and I still like this map. Theres not alot of detail work in this map, and I doubt this map took very much time. But, this map is perfect for sniping and gun play. Because of the repeating textures... one can not see clearly all of the openings in the walls where people might be waiting to snipe you. The map itself is made in the form of a city with tall buildings. There are many \"roads\" below and also doors that blend (again repeating textures). For over all look, this map is not all that pretty... but for overall game play.. very nice as far as guns go. -Lizardking




FFA Snafu | 3.89 MB

with the FFA Snafu map we’ve got here today. AAW*s.n.a.f.u.* sends us this map submission, and while the potential is there for a truly stellar experience a bland look and uninteresting level design really prohibit it from ever actually taking place. There’s no new textures, just a very blah grey metal everywhere offset but some dodgy looking black walls I’ve seen elsewhere. The whole metallic appeal to it is just boring, nothing that makes it stand out from anything at all…just the same old same old you know? There’s a load of weapons floating about on the middle side areas of the map, at least munitions are easy to come by! :) The upper most level is a flat plain that keeps you boxed in with those same black walls. A fine area for mass destruction and what not, but all the same it’s very blah. The tell tale bounding bot syndrome sadly holds true with this map as well as there’s not any bot support. That could have upped the map’s usefulness up quite a bit, and I’ve gotta say it…start including bot support for maps! Please! It’s always a good idea no doubt about it. Now there’s one thing that does set this map apart from the rest…the music. A screaming guitar track that while not really suitable to this map, is still in its own right very cool. I think I sat there and listened to it for a good five minutes before checking out of the map itself…which is what you might find yourself doing it you decide to download this map. I’ll only really recommend this map if you’re a friend of clan mate of the Author, there’s just no real good reason to get this map other than the fact that you might like the music in it. Keep on mapping AAW*s.n.a.f.u.*, hope to see some really rocking stuff from you in the future :D New textures : No New Music : Yes Bot Support : No Game modes : All but Duel Rock on -=Sai-Wan=-




CTF Small | 98.48 KB

easy on him. I do feel it necessary to mention now though, that I\'ve heard many mappers, skinners, and artists in general say \"Never, ever, ever submit your first work.\" CTF Small isn\'t just a clever name for a map. This is like, the smallest CTF map I\'ve ever seen. It consists of three small rooms. One slightly larger than the other with two catwalks at the top. You have your choice of Repeater, Disruptor, or Rocket Launcher. Expect to be fully blinded by the fire of those guns in such small quarters. There are textures missing from the ceiling and the floor. One of the flag rooms has a spotlight on the ceiling, and no light anywhere else. The other flag room doesn\'t even have that. Believe it or not though, I do have some positive things to say about this map! Sure there are no textures. And the bots don\'t exactly have paths to follow. There\'s no music to distract you in this map. All of this aside ... this map supports EVERY game type in this game. (Technically it supports HFFA, but there are no holocrons to be found.) And the file size of this map - you can\'t get smaller than that. Also, I didn\'t notice any z-fighting or anything like that. So, keep up the whole mapping thing. With a bit more practice, you could probably make some decent maps. :) Bot Support: No New Textures: No New Music: No Game Types: CTF, CTY, Duel, FFA, Jedi Master, TFFA ~AmosMagee




Juell Chamber | 1.1 MB

circular platform in the centre with many pedestals around it\'s edge. The concept is that players stand on one pedestal each and then 2 of the players will go in the centre and \'duel it out\'. The winner remains, while the loser is replaced by another player. If you fall off the arena there is a floor of electric current awaiting you }> though it doesn\'t kill you instantly so you have time to save yourself.




Duel_bespin | 966.6 KB

[i]loooong[/i] time since I\'ve played JO single player, but I immediately recognized this. I guess that says good things for the author\'s accuracy! Overall the map is clean and well-executed. The texturing is good, for the most part, as is the lighting and layout. It seems like gameplay would be pretty good, and with some weapon pickups available you won\'t be limited to just sabers play. I did find a couple of texture \'bugs\', mainly near the doors. Most of these have to do with the curved nature of the open doorways, although there was an odd discoloration near the closed door which the author might want to take a look at. During gameplay I\'m sure you won\'t notice any of these, as I even missed them the first couple of times I saw those areas. Those of you who are big fans of Bespin will want to give this solid map a look-see. Those of you who are tired of Bespin maps may want to give it a look too, as rather than another stale Bespin map it\'s a throw-back to classic JO. [b]Bot Support[/b]: No [b]New Models[/b]: No [b]New Textures[/b]: No [b]New Music[/b]: No ~Inyri




Village Training | 461.68 KB

simple, and house various weapons. I would have liked it if the author had done a little bit more to make the buildings vary, but, it works for the first map. The tower in the middle cannot be accessed without teleporting, and luckily there is a part of the map that will teleport you into it, unless you break through the bars (something I found by accident) . It's actually fun. There's a pen at the other end of the map, and you walk into it, and it flings you across the map into the teleport bin. The place in the tower that you teleport into is barred, but there is an elevator that goes up. The tower wan't a bad idea, although it did have a small problem. When you are below the tower you see the floor fine. Above it, and you can't see the floor anymore. All you see is a grey grid that goes off to the side slanted, kind of like a shadow. The author has also included a dueling area for the duelers out there.I didn't notice it at first, because the building that leads to it is dark, and I don't like dark places. I would have liked it if the author had put lighting in that building and or a sign that said "Dueling Area".But the Dueling area itself is pretty nice, with a dueling pad, some stands, and a swimming pool. You even ''jump'' off the diving board! Just don't jump too high, cause the water isn't that deep. There is supposedly a forcefield that goes around the dueling area, but it doesn't appear to work. I did like how the dueling area was set up. Other than the problems mentioned above, it wasn't that bad of a map. It also supports gametypes than FFA. If this catches your interest, give it a download! New Sounds: No New Textures: No Bot Support: No New Models: No ~Zach




SK Arena v3 | 29.58 MB

happen to be in the Shadow Knights clan, only... not[i] this [/i]Shadow Knights clan! It looks like the old timer clan I am in isn’t the only SK clan around any more, though I have to say our SK being 15 years old, was here first. Muahaha! :P Clan pride aside, I personally think this is an excellent map! It is based off of the 'Lockdown' map from Republic Commando, and considering this is for JK2 I think the author has done an excellent job of recreating a map from a game which is both newer and has significantly better graphical capabilities than good old JK2. I very much enjoyed Republic Commando, despite the fact that it was very short and I remember the Lockdown level well, thus I can say that this is a very accurate reproduction of that level. The architecture is well done (the railings look great and are a nice touch of detail) and the texturing is also excellent considering that mostly JK2 Base textures have been used. This map would be perfect for CTF games, since it has one side for the red team and one side for the blue team, with a central battleground in the middle, as you would expect of a traditional CTF or Team FFA map. However, I do have one major complaint with this map, and that is the music. I can understand that since this map is aimed at the clan it was made for the music will probably reflect the taste of its members, but when you are releasing it to the public, especially when it is a map that doesn’t have any clan insignia in it and is otherwise very well made and useful, you have to be mindful of how useful it will be to other people. The music featured in this map is rap style music and in my opinion at least is completely unsuited to the map and its purpose, the 'Clones' track by Ash from the Republic Commando soundtrack would have been a more appropriate choice considering the map is based on a map from that game. However I don’t usually like it when maps have music which features vocals anyway, as it no longer creates ambience and atmosphere, but rather can be quite distracting. But that’s just me, obviously being a clan map, the choice of music is probably aimed more at the tastes of the clan members, but as I said, when you are releasing something to the public you have to be mindful of what will be appropriate for the more general tastes of the public and the practicality of the map. Anyway, all in all this is an excellent map, and its great to see people still mapping for JK2! :D While I think that the music detracts from the usability of this map on your average server, people often listen to their own music whilst duelling or playing anyway, so that mitigates that somewhat. Keep up the good work mate, I look forward to seeing more (hopefully JK2!) maps from you! [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Music:[/b] Yes [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA, TFFA, CTF, Holocron, Jedi Master ~Nozyspy~




Warring Factions: Jacheduli Style! | 8.65 MB

major implications for CTF gameplay on this map! But I will get to that in a minute. ;) Lets start with the more simple modifications, some of the textures here have been changed, most notably the Imperial and rebel insignias near the flag bases, they have been replaced with a picture of a person, who I can only assume to be the author? :S The picture is very small though and there is a lot of blank white around it, so it would have been cool if there was something there to fill it out a bit more, or if the picture was more centralised. There has also been some signs added with a texture on them that looks like a poster or something, with the word ‘Rent’ on it, I’m not sure but I think this might be a film or something like that. Theres also some new music, which I think is related to this ‘Rent’ thing as well which is cool. It has a good beat to it. :) Now for the the biggest modification, theres been some teleporters added! This could have big implications in a CTF match, where being able to teleport between bases would be a great advantage! For a fairly new mapper, these new features are pretty good! I never knew how to make my own textures work or make teleporters when I was new to mapping, so well done there mate. :) All in all not bad for a someone who is still pretty new to mapping, I look forward to seeing more of your maps mate! Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA, H-FFA, Jedi Master, CTF, CTY ~Nozyspy~




Ultimate Tourney | 4.38 MB

Consisting of 5 main pads and four secondary pads, there's plenty of room for either. The architecture is basic, the texturing is basic, the lighting is basic, and this map really isn't going to make you go "wow" when looking at it - but for once, that's a good thing, because unlike other maps with the problems listed above, this one gives a maximised FPS and doesn't behave in any way like eye candy gone wrong. I'm not going to critique this map for being what it is, since it's obviously meant to be exactly how it is. For once, simple = good. If you want a map optimized for some good, high-speed virtually lag-proof gameplay, then this is one you'll want in your rotation. ~ Kouen [b]Bot Routing:[/b] No [b]New Textures:[/b] Well, if you can call them that... [b]New Models:[/b] No [b]Custom Music:[/b] Yes [b]Gametypes Supported:[/b] Free For All Team Free For All Duel




Duel of the Boxers | 3.47 MB

map. There's the ring itself, a walkway to the ring, something that appears to be huge blocky stairs on three of the walls, but is prolly supposed to be benches or something of that nature, and a a little room just behind the walkway. The textures seem a bit repetitive, but at least they fit where they are supposed to be. There are no sources for the lights in the room, which is a bit odd as there are large light spots on the wall from lights... No botroutes included either, which was a little disappointing, but not quite unexpected. The map is for both duel and ffa gametypes, but I can not imagine playing a decent ffa there, as there is little room for fighting. Overall, not the worst map I have seen, though not the best either. It needs a little more work to make it a bit more interesting, but not a bad start. Give it a download if ya like it. Bot Support: No New Textures: No New Models: No New Music: Yes




Cu CTF Maze | 9.92 MB

simple in concept, with a relative symmetry to the team zones. Each team starts in alarge circular dome , a platform afloat in...way too much water. Was that much needed, I wonder? I could actually go down to the depths of the dome and actually hit the end of the water zone, and fear not drowning, with no damage along the way. Water aside, our team members exit the dome, passing through a narrow bridged transition area that leads to the preparation room, the room that houses three doors: Two grant you supplies, and the third houses the entrance to the labyrinthine corridors beyond. Once you are inside the maze, good luck. The very walls, ceiling, and floor may swallow you whole, destroying you utterly. I'm not joking, either. I had to haul ass through a series of walls that sought to smash my brittle husk in between, narrowly avoid a pit that sought to devour me, and acrobatically fly past rising floor sections, and that was only through part of the map! There's no telling what other traps lay for you in this maze, and should you be masterful enough to even score a single point in this map(that is, go through the maze twice to fetch and retrieve the flag, avoiding all traps and enemies in a single life,) you would be heralded as a great champion, I can assure you this. JK2 CTFers, rise. A new challenge has been ushered unto you. One that would be an incredible test of your abilities =_= GO FORTH, AND PROVE YOUR METTLE. Glory and riches await he who succeeds in fair contest to acquire the banner. New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Aye Bot Support: Aye - Averus Retruthan




[AK]_duel Map | 498.93 KB

version if you liked the original or play on the clans server. Not bad a fast update to remedy the problems but I feel he could’ve added bot support. Maddog Below is Ultima’s original review: [quote]This large, duel/ffa map was brought to us from clan [AK]. Essentially it is a large room with teleporters leading to other places to duel. There is a large room with a center platform floating over untextured walls, and invisible walls keeping you from falling, a large rockey outdoors type room, and a large, square room with windows and health in FFA. This map... bores me. In duel gametype, I can imagine either arguements over where to fight, or just fighting in the spawn room, which means the other rooms are just extra megs that didn\'t need adding. The room without textures REALLY irritates me. No map should have untextured rooms. The most redeeming quality is that all the rooms are large, with lots of space for dueling. I wouldn\'t recommend this to download unless you are in [AK] or play with them. Bot Support: No New Textures: No New Music: No Game Types: Duel, FFA Ultima[/quote]




Old Yavin Duel | 1.07 MB

case, it\'s something of a layered platform (a low part, a high part, and \'tiers\' in between acting as steps) which reminds me of a flattened-out ziggurat. There are ramps leading to the top, in case you\'re not the jumping type. Beyond that it\'s [i]very[/i] straightforward - it\'s a big open map for dueling in. No guns needed. There were a few bugs to mention. Firstly, there we some caulking issues which I tried to show in the screenshots. A few areas were caulked that probably shouldn\'t have been. In addition the lighting is anything but realistic. Look at that sky! It should be bright as heck out! But the overall atmosphere of the map lighting is something of an overcast dreary type day, rather than a bright spring day. Kind of kills the mood, in my opinion. Other than that it\'s a pretty typical map, but should be solid enough for a decent game. [b]Bot Support[/b]: No [b]New Models[/b]: No [b]New Textures[/b]: No [b]New Music[/b]: No ~Inyri




SK Arena v2 | 3.99 MB

of architecture as far as first maps go, but I suppose very little stands out. Quoting the author's description: [quote]It is basicly a large arena with a base on either side and a sniper post on either side of the arena and a large secret room. If you can find the button the floor in the main arena opens up to drop unsuspecting players to there doom.[/quote] That pretty much covers all that needs to be said. The secret is pretty easy to find if you know where to strike. All in all, while it's pretty standard, it's also a pretty decent map if you're just in it for the slaughter... MmmmmmMMmmmmmmbawgha. You, get, now. New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Aye Bot Support: Aye - Averus Retruthan




Royal Significance | 872.2 KB

hall, you find elevators leading to two more rooms. Simple, no? In the hangar, you\'ll find what you\'d expect - a room with an open bay leading out to space, cargo crates, a ledge or two, and the all-familiar X-Wing. It\'s OK, but a bit plain. Also, don\'t most hangars in SW have a forcefield? There\'s one big bug in here - you can see a wooden platform hovering out there in space. The duel pit is also standard-issue. Glass floor overlooking a duel platform surrounded by lava. Pretty run-of-the-mill, although the setting is rather less clichéd than normal. The second duel room is just as basic, although it\'s something we generally see less often. The curved spikes are a rarely used technique these days. One very nice touch in this room is the moving platforms, which bob with the waves. There are errors in this room. Z-fighting occurs with the water and the underside of the wooden platforms. There\'s also z-fighting between the water and the top step on the stairwells used to climb out. Then, there\'s the audience chamber. Big and empty. All I can say about this room is that the wall texture used is a horrible choice, even more so considering the texture mis-alignments. Map-wide, there are more errors. The lighting in the whole map is terrible - it\'s uniform lighting. The lack of proper lighting is a critical blow against the map, since there\'s no atmosphere. There is bot support, but it\'s partial - it only covers two rooms. Throughout the whole map, texture usage could be a lot better. Using the surface inspector to properly size and align textures is a must. Also, both elevators move up, then move back down instantly, which is annoying, and can be fixed easily by adding a simple key/value to the func_plat entity in GtkRadiant. There\'s also one secret, although I didn\'t even bother looking for it. On the whole it\'s not a bad map. If you want a new map for JK2 FFAs or Duels, then give it a try. You might like it, you might not. ~ Kouen [b]Bot Support:[/b] Partial [b]New Models:[/b] No [b]New Textures:[/b] No [b]New Music:[/b] No (baseJK2 music) [b]Gametypes:[/b] Free For All Team Free For All Duel Jedi Master




FW-TeamTheme | 4.44 MB

composed of three areas: a \'Sith\' side, a \'Jedi\' side, and a center area that seems ideal for dueling. It even has some balconies that I expect are perfect for spectating, if you can trust your friends enough not to jump up there and take a potshot at you. ;) In the realms of lighting and architecture, the map is pretty bland, but even so it doesn\'t seem to really be \'lacking\', per se. It\'s made in the \'hey, this map is for playing!\' style, so I\'m not going to complain. Looks good for fighting, which is what a lot of people care about most! [b]Bot Support[/b]: No [b]New Models[/b]: No [b]New Textures[/b]: Yes [b]New Music[/b]: Yes [b]Game Modes[/b]: ffa, team ffa, duel ~Inyri




Swamp Training | 904.41 KB

only do people still play, but we still get maps sent here for it too! Here we have a map that is entitled Swamp Training. The readme informs us that this is the author’s second map and that it is good for guns but also for sabers. I must say, you could have some frantic blaster battles on this map, but the one thing that bothered me about that was that there isn’t that much cover. It probably could have done with some crates or wreckage lying around that you could duck for cover behind. There is a nice big pool in this map though, and a diving board that when you walk on it, it shoots you straight up into the air! Talk about a ‘high-dive’! If you swim to the bottom of the pool, there is a sunken X-Wing there, which I thought was kinda cool. :) There are also a couple of buildings, one that looks kinda like a control room, and one that is like a wooden hut, that has a bar inside. There are some things that could be improved upon though, one being that there wasn’t any music in this map. Another thing that would have been cool was bot support, I know the prospect of bot routing your map can be a bit daunting, but it’s pretty easy really. There is a great tutorial on this site, here: Also bear in mind that this tutorial works for [b]both[/b] JK2 and JKA! Just a couple more little things, one being that the map could have done with there being some more trees, seeing as it’s a swamp, that would have been cool. The other is that there isn’t a levelshot, I know this is just a small thing, but it makes a big difference to the presentation of the map! ;) If anyone is wondering how to make a levelshot, all you need to do is go in the game and go on first person view. Then go into the console and type /cg_draw2d 0 to get the HUD off (put 1 at the end to turn it back on) and then type /cg_drawgun 0 to get the gun model off (put 1 at the end to turn it back on). Then you will have a nice clear screen, then type in the console /bind x screenshot (x can be any key you want) all you need to do then is just press the letter you put in there instead of x and it will take a screenshot! Then go into an imaging program and resize the screenshot you took so its square, for instance I resize mine to 1024x1024 pixels. After that, rename the screenshot to have the same name as your .bsp file, and put the finished shot in the levelshots folder in your .pk3, all done! :) I hope that helps! All in all a nice map here, considering that it’s only your second map! Keep up the good work mate, and if you need any help mapping don’t forget to try the FileFront JK Series Modding forums that are linked to on the nav bar to your left (under the ‘The Community’ header), or you could try these excellent JK2 / JKA tutorials here: :) I look forward to seeing more of your maps mate! Bot Support: No New Textures: No New Sounds: No New Music: No Game Types: FFA, TFFA, H-FFA, Jedi Master, Duel, CTF, CTY ~Nozyspy~




SK Tournament | 4.09 MB

Commando, this map is definitely more clan themed, having SK banners hanging in various places (the way the banners wave as if in a breeze is a nice touch). Despite that though this is still a good map for any clan/guild to use for its training potential, especially as far as jump training and duelling is concerned. The sinking pillars are excellent for jump training, since the threat of an unpleasant death in that lave pit is excellent motivation to not to miss! And there is no time to catch your breath when you do land, because as soon as you do the pillar starts sinking into the lava! One thing I should point out here though is that the pillars take ages to come back up. Personally I think they should be a bit quicker to reappear, as this would make them more useful to use during duels, but that’s just my opinion. There are also two duel pads, one at the bottom and one up top, both being accessed via forcefield walkways which can be turned off, thus sealing any combatants on the duel platform until they have finished and stopping anyone from... running away! Muahaha! There is also a small admin room hidden away somewhere... ;) On another note, I think the choice of music for this map is excellent and certainly much more in keeping with the theme of the map than that used for the SK Arena map I reviewed the other day, but again, that’s just me! All in all another nice map from Stormcrow, your clan sure have some nice maps to play on! :D [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Music:[/b] Yes [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA, TFFA, CTF, Holocron, Jedi Master ~Nozyspy~




[TW] Swamp Training | 806.52 KB

the main building in the map! Apart from that I couldn’t see anything else different, so I will just quote the review I just did for the Swamp Training map. :) If you are a member of the [TW] clan then you should like this! ;) [quote]How long has JK2 been out now? About 4 years I think, as I’m sure you will agree, that’s quite a long time! I used to love playing JK2 Multiplayer, and I’m glad to say its stood the test of time, not only do people still play, but we still get maps sent here for it too! Here we have a map that is entitled Swamp Training. The readme informs us that this is the author’s second map and that it is good for guns but also for sabers. I must say, you could have some frantic blaster battles on this map, but the one thing that bothered me about that was that there isn’t that much cover. It probably could have done with some crates or wreckage lying around that you could duck for cover behind. There is a nice big pool in this map though, and a diving board that when you walk on it, it shoots you straight up into the air! Talk about a ‘high-dive’! If you swim to the bottom of the pool, there is a sunken X-Wing there, which I thought was kinda cool. :) There are also a couple of buildings, one that looks kinda like a control room, and one that is like a wooden hut, that has a bar inside. There are some things that could be improved upon though, one being that there wasn’t any music in this map. Another thing that would have been cool was bot support, I know the prospect of bot routing your map can be a bit daunting, but it’s pretty easy really. There is a great tutorial on this site, here: Also bear in mind that this tutorial works for [b]both[/b] JK2 and JKA! Just a couple more little things, one being that the map could have done with there being some more trees, seeing as it’s a swamp, that would have been cool. The other is that there isn’t a levelshot, I know this is just a small thing, but it makes a big difference to the presentation of the map! ;) If anyone is wondering how to make a levelshot, all you need to do is go in the game and go on first person view. Then go into the console and type /cg_draw2d 0 to get the HUD off (put 1 at the end to turn it back on) and then type /cg_drawgun 0 to get the gun model off (put 1 at the end to turn it back on). Then you will have a nice clear screen, then type in the console /bind x screenshot (x can be any key you want) all you need to do then is just press the letter you put in there instead of x and it will take a screenshot! Then go into an imaging program and resize the screenshot you took so its square, for instance I resize mine to 1024x1024 pixels. After that, rename the screenshot to have the same name as your .bsp file, and put the finished shot in the levelshots folder in your .pk3, all done! :) I hope that helps! All in all a nice map here, considering that it’s only your second map! Keep up the good work mate, and if you need any help mapping don’t forget to try the FileFront JK Series Modding forums that are linked to on the nav bar to your left (under the ‘The Community’ header), or you could try these excellent JK2 / JKA tutorials here: :) I look forward to seeing more of your maps mate! Bot Support: No New Textures: No New Sounds: No New Music: No Game Types: FFA, TFFA, H-FFA, Jedi Master, Duel, CTF, CTY ~Nozyspy~ [/quote]