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Palace Wars | 26.75 MB

level look gooooood ;). The central courtyard has two entrances to each base, one is more direct while the other does wind around here and there. Each base has a very small yet very beautiful (yes, I meant to say beautiful ;)) garden/courtyard. These also contains health pools which are team based (i.e. people from the blue team use the health pool and vice versa for the red team). The many parts to the palace are connected by teleporters, so it would be a good idea to get used to this map and know where you are going to get teleported to ;) The flag rooms are long hallways with the flags at one end (also what the Author calls the 'Throne Room'. Again very detailed, the walls, the pillars, everything! Lastly, yes, there is a secret to this map, and OMG is it a cool secret! I love how you get to the secret place and once you get there, it's just ... amazing :D. Very realistic.... but I don't want to give it away so no screenies or description of that area :p If you ask me, the big file size is completely worth the download! [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]Game Types:[/b] CTF (Though it seems the map is capable of FFA's as well)




Yavin Ruins CTF | 996.88 KB




Kashyyyk Tree Canopy | 4.75 MB

as an alternative to their usual inaccurate firefights. Since the Battle of Endor, with increased freedom of travellers to explore the galaxy again, one of the original arenas for this sport was discovered in an isolated forest on Kashyyyk. It was quickly transformed for use with the more evolved and deadly sport of Capture the Flag."[/quote] You think you've seen all the forest possibilities for maps...You see Ewok Villages...then you see this...Kashyyyk, the Wookiee homeworld. This is as different from Ewok village type maps as night from day. The Trees are huge towering columns that almost disappear into the darkness, above and below, with a canopy of leaves and branches way overhead...almost too far above to see. The tree trunks are carved out in numerous places, and you can run through them. The walkways are often very wide, and very meticulously structured. You get the feeling that the Wookiees had a greater sense of craftsmanship than the Ewoks. When you fall, you fall into blackness. There is a subtle blend of technology, in the form of a few doors, lights, and panels, and this authenticates the portrayal of the Wookiee way of life in my mind. The forest feels so massive I would almost say it is "cavernous". The flags are kept inside two large, main huts. Between the huts you will find two mirrored "staging" platforms, where confrontations are most likely to take place when flag carriers and defenders bump into each other. For this reason, I think this will make a very good FFA map as well (hint, hint). And between these two staging areas is a large circular room, with two levels. Upper levels take you to the flag huts the front way, lower levels take you the back way. I am reminded of the bridge crossway at the Bespin Exhaust Shafts CTF map. These five major areas are linked up with a network of bridges, catwalks, ropes, platforms and tunnels through tree trunks. Some bridges don't have railing, to placate the force push people, and others do. There are short step-ladders in several places; when you walk up to a stepladder, an invisible trampoline jumps you right up to the next level. VERY clever. You can actually run across the ropes that link bridges to platforms if you want to take a somewhat unnecessary shortcut. The tunnels through massive tree trunks are very squarely cut. Torches and wall fires are harmless. For each team there is a somewhat-removed hollowed-out tree with a working shield charger inside. Background music is from the Bespin maps. Only one downside, and it's minor: No bot support. Other than that, this is one of the great CTF maps, and I would say it definitely lends itself to the good FFA, if DeTRiTiC-iQ will consider porting it! Get this one NOW! - Astyanax




Bespin Towers | 1.97 MB




Echo Base CTF | 2.57 MB




DKS Warring Gods | 11.07 MB

place) everytime where you can load up on mines and dets galore and then take a small lift up to a lookout that seems like the perfect sniper\'s loft where lo and behold, a disrupter and ammo. :) As you can see from the screens, this is a beautiful Egyptian themed map with incredible textures in amazing detail. So speaking of that detail... ;) Yep, the FPS was kinda low for me, but it\'s still worth it. The music in the map is fast-paced, matching the play of this map, I think. IMO, this was cleverly mapped, down to the smallest detail. Oh, and tell me, do you see something ... lurking in the water? I could\'ve sworn I saw something ... moving. *shudders* Great job, Wraith! Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes (tons) Game Types: CTF, FFA, Duel ~AmosMagee




Face Off | 625.29 KB

are rather small depth wise, but they have an upper level for sniping as well as a bunker at the front for defense.




CTF Forestwars | 2.37 MB

mappers nowadays, Fog. All in all it makes for a great experience. My personal opinion is that this map is amazing. It takes place in a natural place for hiding, and allows for a higher concentration level on the game. Seriously, It\'s a jungle out there. - Spectrum Bot Support: Yes New Music: Yes New Textures: No Gametypes: FFA, CTF, CTY, TFFA




CTF Canyon | 7.14 MB

of breakable glass will make some of us happy coughAMOScough. This is a great CTF map created in a week and half, another quality map from a member of the NRGteam. I love to CTF and this is a CTF map so I am already excited and couldn’t wait to play this map. Upon playing I realized the textures are awesome and really make you feel like you are in a canyon. I kind of got lost at first but then I noticed the red and blue paint trail around the map, making it easier to navigate. Great work I can’t wait to see more of your work. Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Music: No Game Types: CTF Maddog




Spaceport | 2.34 MB

map. Glass Floor is a nice touch :)




The Massassi Temple CTF | 4.65 MB

amazing looking. Personally I love the map. The designs are great. The weapons are strategically positioned. Unfortunately, there is one very large problem with it. Even on my ATI Radeon 9700 Pro, it sucks my FPS down very low. The more players in the server, the lower it goes. Guess i\'ll have to wait for the Radeon 970000, with 256GB of ram on board to play this one properly. - Spectrum Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes Gametypes: CTF and FFA




Chamber Station T9XT8 | 1.47 MB




Civil War | 4.11 MB




Battle Station No.1138 | 3.85 MB




Star Destroyer Hangar K-4 | 1.93 MB




Orbital Garden | 2.56 MB

nice ctf map. :D




CTF Moria | 4.51 MB

The main room has what could be called a “modern” resemblance of Moria. It has the long tall gray stone pillars, and a dark frightening look of it toward the edges, but besides this there is no major resemblance. For one there is an elevator that takes you up to a glass sniper pad floating in midair. It’s not very Moria-like but since it makes for great sniping, I won’t complain. Next there is a bridge that leads over a canyon that divides the two sides. It’s a lot of glass, and metal textures, once again not very Moria-like. Lastly are also two elevators, which take you down to… nowhere… apparently. Well actually it leads to a passage that leads to the other side of the main room but since it takes about 20 minutes less just to walk across the main room, I don’t really see the point. Then there are the “mazes”, one for each team. The “maze” is basically a couple different passageways that lead to dead ends, and one that leads to a flag room, total 30 seconds to get through. In the end I don’t see much good in this map. I guess when I look at it compared to some its ok, but personally I have seen better work from Flyguy. I guess I was just expecting better. I don’t see much that I haven’t seen before. There are no new textures, it’s rather blocky, it’s the same old average type of map I see all to often. Still don’t get me wrong, this map isn’t horrible or anything. It does have bot support, and some nice music. Personally I wouldn’t play this map, but if you’re bored of all the maps you have, and you just want something new for a little while, then you might want to take a look at this. 6.5/10 ~DeathBringer New Texture: No Bot Support: Yes New Music: Yes




Gorge of Death | 1.31 MB

level, and the dual elevators make sure that there is always one waiting for you.




CTF Crystal Canyon | 9.83 MB

nice CTF map, with beautiful crystal shaders (by jk2 standards ^_^). It has one single room where the flag rests on a gigantic crystal, with hallways leading to the center courtyard, where crystal gates block the opposing side\'s flag room entrances. The platforms are wonderful, as are the different ways to capture the flag. My only complaints are that there are too many entrances and too many different ways to capture the flag. It seems as if there are too many ways to get in and not enough ways to get out. I like the fact that there is bot support and the music is really nice...but the team play factor on this is a little sketchy. I\'d have to physically play a CTF to see if it works. There are a couple of missing textures, but overall the flow of the map is nice and it is very well constructed. Great job Spector! Looking forward to seeing much more from you. - Chrono Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes




CTF Football2 | 3.07 MB

each other. Also there is NO bot support.[/quote] The field is a little small, as in someone with full force jump could probably jump across in verry quickly ;) Other than that, I\'d say the map would be tons of fun without force jump, alota close combat fighting. The locker rooms have transporters that take you to two boxes above the goals where you can transport again down to the field. [b]Bot Support:[/b] No [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yes




Pipe Dreams | 1.46 MB

egg hidden in it, good luck finding it, although you won\'t be able to hide in it:)[/quote]




Reactor CTF | 2.25 MB




Tanzin Station | 1.52 MB

ways to get into the bases and the middle area looks quite good! My only complaint is that this map will not play too great with Force Jump as the ceiling is low and the light fixtures on the ceiling block your jump. Other than that.. cool map! Definitely worth a look!




CTF DBD | 9.3 MB

needs to flow well for flag carriers and for those on defense. In my opinion, the mapper also needs to consider gameplay for a guns CTF and for sabers only. The placement of weapons on this map is excellent. Very well thought out. There are several paths to the flag base, so it keeps the game moving. There\'s one very dangerous path that even with absorb, you risk being pushed or pulled off. It\'s not exactly a small map, but it is close quarters, with a few levels, so it seems small. The bases are close, but with such small bases and short paths, you\'re going to run into a lot of the other team\'s defense. With no bot support, I didn\'t get a chance to really play a CTF on this map, but I plan on trying it out, maybe this weekend. :D Great job! Bot Support: No New Textures: No New Music: Yes Game Types: CTF ~AmosMagee




Massassi Rock Temples | 1.3 MB

only assume is a jedi, statue is in interesting addition that gives the map a good look, however might be better in a larger hall and for it to be taller. Unfortunaly as CTF maps go its not that big and captures would be fast. Placement of objects isnt all that good with 4 forcefields in 1 room and only 3 guns with no extra ammo. I know this is Darths first JK2 map so i hope that his next one will have great improvments on placment and textures and therefor should be far better.




CTF Bespin #2 | 2.69 MB

changes in order to connect the two sides, and afew doors added. There\'s also a x-wing floating in the ski... not to sure about that. I did notice that while fps was pretty good in most areas, there are spots where fps dropped pretty low. The author should of adjusted this. Theres not really to much to say about this one. If you like bespin, which always was a popular map, and your a fan of ctf play, this would be a nice addition to a server. I\'d like to see this with the fps issue fixed. game type: CTF, Team, FFA ~LK~




CTF Sniper | 31.9 KB

this on the server to play. :/ Darn it, I want new, GOOD CTF maps! Am I going to have to just learn how to map myself? (Don\'t answer that.) The bases mirror each other in every sense of the word. There are very few options for guns. You get a Wookiee bowcaster, thermal dets or a disrupter. That\'s it. You can pretty much see how it\'s laid out from the screenshots. Bot Support: No New Textures: No New Music: No Game Types: CTF ~AmosMagee




Down Under | 624.24 KB




CTF Spacepass v1.1 | 3.38 MB

off the main screen to your death. I love playing CTF and I really don’t think this map is great looking or very practical. The music provided is pretty good but there isn’t anything else I really enjoyed in this map. This map has no background and it is pitch black and there seems to be no real theme. Not bad for a first map, keep on mapping. Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Music: yes Game Types: CTF Maddog




Normandy Beach | 1.64 MB

inspiration has come from, looks like Medal of Honor to me, but you can't really compare the level in that to this one, because...well this one falls very, [b]very[/b] short of that one, or even Orbitius' one. The water texture repeats endlessly, the shiny white textures used for the bunkers don't work at all, the textures on the big crosses don't align properly, and inside, everything is made from red carpet except the walls. :( As a CTF map, it isn't very fair either is it? Especially if you don't have a high-power force jump. One team just jumps down, but other other team has to find a way of getting up (which without level 2 or 3 jump, i found impossible.) Oh yeah - why oh why did you use the bespin sky?! I hate that sky with a passion, and to make things worse, it doesn't fit the theme. Oh, and the 'boats' look suspiciously like open-top cubes. On the other hand, I did enjoy the mines that are all over the beach, nice idea, and it's always fun to watch people blow up on them. I'd have made them a little more powerful though, as I walked away from blasts frequently without dying. Oh yeah, and the fog in the water works fairly well, a little glitchy in places, but nice. The map does have bot support, but to be honest, what's the point if, and i quote, "The Red team bots DO NOT take the blue team flag." How can you play with bots if they don't take the flag? I think this level would be much better suited to FFA, over CTF due to the design, but in all honesty it needs a great deal of work before it can compare to other Omaha beach maps that I've seen. I think maybe you guys were a bit too ambitious in using this design for a first map, maybe try something a little less 'big' next time yea? New Textures: No New Sounds: No Bot Support: Yes ~Szico VII~




Casa De Fuego | 1.49 MB

lava, and looks cool? Casa de Fuego. Basically what you get with this map is a nice, symmetrical, evil map. The author has tried to make this a somewhat quake 3 based map, or so I think from the layout. But that doesn\'t really matter. The author has used twisted architecture to good effect, and made it so that you have to jump around a lot, which can increase the challenge when playing. This is a pretty nice map. I would regularly gripe about the lighting, but those gripes are rendered null when I realize that it\'s supposed to be lighted like it is, to give the map an \'evil\' atmosphere. But other than that, my big gripe was that all the flame effects in this map didn\'t hurt you. There were only two areas in the map where the flames actually hurt you. So I think that all the flames should damage you, just for realism. But other than that, this is a nice map. Bot Support: No (tried, the bots didn\'t like all the jumping) New Models: No New Textures: No New Music: No Gametypes: Duel, FFA, CTF ~Zach




Cjs Pirates | 9.32 MB

it’s a CTF map too! Certainly an interesting combination there. This map basically takes the form of a large lake with the buildings housing the flags at each end. Going up and down the lake at a steady pace are the two pirate ships. Yes that’s right, each team has its own pirate ship to use as transport from one end of the lake to the other! The two ships even stop briefly in the middle of the lake so the teams can exchange a broadside of gunfire. This map has many interesting tactical possibilities because of the unusual way that you get to the other teams base. Since there doesn’t appear to be any other way of getting to the other side of the lake (you can swim to the other side, but you cant jump out onto dry land, at least I couldn’t find a way to) you have to use the two ships for transport. This means that your teams flag-grabbing tactics need to be well timed, otherwise your ship will depart, and you will have to hold your ground until one of the ships comes back! Now for some pro’s and con’s. On the Pro’s: This is a very clever and interesting set-up for a CTF map, which should create some fantastic CTF games. The architecture is also well done, it’s a little simple, but the textures used are good and the buildings overall look like the kind that would have been around in the 17th and 18th centuries. The ships are also very well done, the shape isn’t quite right for a pirate galleon, but I can fully understand the limitations of the mapping software for making a ‘ship shape’. Considering this, the mapper has done a fantastic job making the ships look so good. On the Con’s Although the maps architecture looks good, it is a bit simple, and could perhaps do with some more detail added in there. Making the window frames 3D for example, rather than just a texture helps add that bit extra detail to a map, also try to make the rock walls less flat, so they look more like craggy cliffs. The layout, like I said, is very interesting, but that in itself could cause some problems. Because there is only one way across the lake, this could make it somewhat frustrating (although it could also be very exciting) trying to get to the other side. Personally I would have added a second way of getting across, maybe by adding some steps at either end where you can jump out of the water and get back on dry land. All in all though I think this is a very interesting and clever CTF map that I think you could have some real good CTF matches on. If you like the look of it, give it a download! Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Music: Yes (From Pirates of the Caribbean no less!) Game Types: FFA, CTF ~Nozyspy~




CTF Army Ground | 456.55 KB

above ground, one below. Pretty simple, isn't it? Aesthetically, the map isn't all that. A very basic layout constructed from simple primitives, quite a few cases of texture misalignment, and a lot of misused textures too. The lighting is overall bland and somewhat gloomy, which while perfect for the outdoor nighttime setting, doesn't work indoors. You'd think a military base would have some lights installed.... Also, what little lighting there is, lacks a source. Once you get past the looks, though, you get a baseline CTF map which is quite fun. Definitely not one for sabers and force. The tunnels make for some good close quarters gunplay, although personally I'd have preferred a lot of smaller tunnels than a few big ones. Still, you can have a pretty nice guns match in here, there's something for everyone - snipers, soldiers, and demolitions experts alike. Bot routing would have been nice, though. I did notice that there's a very easy way for the blue team to get into the red base, though. However, it's somewhat imbalancing, so I'll say no more. ;) ~ Kouen [b]Bot Support:[/b] No [b]Custom Models:[/b] No [b]Custom Textures:[/b] No [b]Custom Music:[/b] No




JK Dust | 726.89 KB

a look at the readme it seems that this map may have something to do with Counter Strike: Source, but since I have never played that game I don’t know what the relation is. Anyway, let’s continue on into the map. The map is very maze like, and feels very much like city streets, or perhaps some huge industrial complex. However you cannot jump over the walls or buildings, since there are clip brushes in the way to stop you. This makes it all the better for CTF games, because it means you have to try and find your way around the map to the other teams flag, you cant just jump over everything. Personally I think the layout of the map has been well done, there a few open spaces, and some roofed over spaces, making lots of passageways and such, which are fun to explore. At either end of the map is of course the flag bases, which are obvious from the change to colour coded textures and lighting. At each flag base you will find all the weapons you will need. Each base has a couple of ways to get in. They aren’t too much of a bottleneck and have strategically placed cover, so you won’t be mown down by blaster fire as soon as you go through them. But they are placed in such a way to still make it challenging, just not [i]too[/i] difficult. A tough balance to strike on a CTF map, but I think MageC has done it very well here, so well done mate. :) Now, onto the part I liked the most. ;) Both bases have a control panel nearby. When used this control panel fires a volley of blaster fire into the main entrance into the base, sort of like the shuttle does in Jedi’s Home v2 when it fires into the big doorway. This doesn’t provide an unfair advantage though, because it is a reasonable distance from where the flag actually is, and there is still a second way in. This feature means some interesting tactics can be used in your base’s defence. There are a few things I felt could be improved upon though. For one I think the map needs some more detailing, perhaps some pipes here and there, or maybe some tanks that explode when you fire at them. Also whilst having all the weapons in one place at your flag base is convenient, it is still much better to spread them evenly throughout the map. This is because having all the weapons in one place means the huge barrage of fire from rockets and other explosives makes it difficult and very frustrating to enter the base to capture the flag. This is something that also comes up on siege maps, where there are too many members of the assault or heavy weapons groups covering one small doorway. You get a huge bottleneck where it is very difficult and frustrating to get through to your objective. All in all though a really good map here, one that I especially like because it reminds me of my favourite CTF maps from when I used to play a lot of CTF in JK2! ;) So good job here MageC! If you guys like the look of this map, or like the CTF gametype (though the map is also available in FFA) then I encourage you to download it! [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] No [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Music:[/b] No [b]Game Types:[/b] CTF, FFA ~Nozyspy~




Zoso Tower | 19.43 MB

And when you get to the tower, you have to climb up. And up. And up. And up. So you finally get to the flag. Yay for you. Then you have to cross the path. And go up. And up. And up. So, yea, that\'s the main part of the map. The other part of the map is water. And some mountains with weapons on them. Worried about the snipers? Well, there\'s good news and bad news. Good news: the disrupter isn\'t easy to get to. The bad news: it\'s only in one place. Worse news: Rockets are easier to get. Big map, with repetitive textures in the towers, meaning: the walls and the steps have the same texture. In my opinion, this map can get boring really fast. Next time, please let it be a little bit smaller. New Music: Yes Bot Support: No New Models: No New Textures: No GameTypes: CTF ~Zach




Sirhc\'s CTF Map | 12.61 MB

staircase, which in my opinion could have been a bit shorter. But it adds some interesting things into the game. Okay, so you’re out of the dungeon, what now? Well, you open up to a castle courtyard complete with a couple buildings and a bridge. I was kind of disappointed at how Spartan the castle area was. I wanted to go up into the castle corridors and do some fragging! I didn’t feel like just shooting someone from the top of a house. I wanted to be behind a wall sniping! Oh well. Making an interior castle wall would be a lot more complicated, but it would be really fun. Anyways, this could be a fun little map to play on. Just remember to not jump straight down while bringing back the flag. There is an easier way to the flag, but I’m not going to tell you about it, because I’m sneaky. Bot Support: Yes New Sounds: No New Music: Yes New Models: No Gametypes: FFA, CTF ~Zach




Treehouse Wars | 3.47 MB

custom textures into the /textures directory, and hasn't used a sub-directory, e.g. textures/treehousewars. For this reason, teh map falls very, very badly. :( What else is there to say? Well, not much. I couldn't see the flags, and there's no bot support so I couldn't test it - all I can ask is that the author fixes these textures A.S.A.P and resubmits his file! New Sounds: No New Textures: Yes, but Broken Bot Support: No ~Szico VII~