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Half-Life 2: Eternal Silence v2.3 Client

eternal_silence_beta2_3_client.rar | 296.86 MB

Forces. A gigantic assault from the UTF on the now independent colonies spawned the Neo Galactic Militia and started deep space war the likes of which the world has never seen. Your role in Eternal Silence will be within vital strategic battles between massive capital warships. You will need your wits, your precision, your strength, your endurance, and above all your courage to take on the fierce challenges which await you. Will you uphold the Valor, Pride, and Regulations of the United Terran Forces, or stake your own claim in the universe alongside the brothers of the Neo Galactic Militia. The decision is yours, what will be the outcome? v2.3 CHANGE LOG [FIX] - Changed default controls [FIX] - Bindpanel now copies default controls appropriately on first run [FIX] - Cleaned up infantry HUD rendering code for performance [FIX] - Fastswitch is now the default weapon selection method [FIX] - Hacker turret now switches entire player view, no longer small screen [FIX] - SMG ammo counts now display on hackbox when turret is deployed [FIX] - Hacker turret now properly attributes kills [FIX] - Hacker turret no longer damages friendlies with FF off [FIX] - Extra network optimizations on bullet events [FIX] - Swarm Missiles now more swarmy [FIX] - Shrunk down weapon list in space [FIX] - Player_hurt events are no longer broadcast to the entire server [FIX] - Weapon list not displayed when it is empty [FIX] - Fixed overlapping of throttle text with "AUTO" and "FREE" [FIX] - Fixed reload sound on NGM Tank Buster [FIX] - Removed distance from player and subsystem waypoints [ADD] - New icon for Locked Subsystems [ADD] - Message on capture bar for Locked Subsystems [ADD] - Tank buster now has ion beam visuals [ADD] - Removed subsystem list on bottom left. [ADD] - Minimap with subsystems and local player displayed [ADD] - Enemies no longer have IFF Boxes in Infantry, only friendlies [ADD] - Passenger HUD Element now displays name and seat number [ADD] - Requisition rate now displayed next to requisition number [ADD] - Ships now gib once destroyed. [ADD] - External Subsystems now have voice warnings for attack and destroyed [ADD] - Capship indicators for other capital ships in the map [ADD] - New icons for external subsystems. [ADD] - Armor guy will now glow when player is being healed [ADD] - Medics now have pinkish boxes around them to distinguish them from regular soldiers [ADD] - New Map: ngm_aethra with revised layout by Moconnor. [ADD] - ngm_destroyer layout revised. [BAL] - 4x damage multiplier for tank busters vs. ships [BAL] - 4x damage multiplier for ion bombs vs. ships [BAL] - 1.5x damage increase for ion beam vs. ships




Half-Life 2: Eternal Silence Mod Beta Client

eternal_silence_beta1_0.exe | 166.59 MB

destroy each other in the depths of space. Pilots coordinate strikes with invading infantry in order to take down the behemoth capital ships from both the inside on-foot and the outside with spaceships. Full of fast-paced action both in space and on foot, Eternal Silence offers a seamless blend of two exciting genres. If you dont know what Eternal Silence is look at the [url=";70019"]Trailer[/url]. [b]Features:[/b] [*] Full Infantry gameplay [*] All but a few weapons ingame [*] Immobile Capship Gameplay [*] 2 Pilotable Craft (UTF Fighter + UTF Interceptor) [*] 1 space scenario map (es_aethra_scenario) [*] Full physics control (free flight and assisted flight) [*] Sounds for all guns and all ship weapons [*] Custom binding interface for mouse and joystick [*] Mapping help and getting started tutorial available on wiki [*] Automated capital ship turrets




Eternal Silence: Modification Version Beta 2.0 - Client File

eternal_silence_beta2_0_client.exe | 258.14 MB

lot better and more stably than Beta 1.1, there are still bugs in there. We have committed to frequent patches this time around, however, so expect to see a quick response to issues and new features coming soon. In fact, the next patch is already planned and we will begin work on it soon, after a bit of a rest, of course. Server admins, see below for the dedicated server files. If you want to mirror the files, leave me a PM. We have also found issues with the linux server, these are being looked at now, expect a patch in a day or two, for now you will have to settle with the windows DLLs. Have fun with the beta, give us some good feedback and we can continue to make ES better. Update: has published a quick review of the new beta, along with an interview. Check it out.[/quote] [b]THIS IS THE CLIENT FILE[/b]




Half-Life 2: Eternal Silence Beta Mod Patch 1.1

eternal_silence_beta1_0_to_1_1.exe | 10.67 MB

changelog: [quote] Hey folks, Patch 1.1 for the Beta is finally out. Here is a snippet of the changelog: QUOTE Version 1.1 - October 2nd [FIX] - Removed impulse 101 exploit [FIX] - Allowed Bludgeon during reload [FIX] - Reduced lag tremendously [FIX] - Grouped impact shots together [FIX] - Allowed OK button to be pressed when alive on class menu [FIX] - Changed victory conditions to something more logical [FIX] - Removed Ion bomb weapon switch exploit [FIX] - Removed UTF Pistol Silencer [ADD] - es_aethra_scenario now includes Aethra Core [BAL] - Slowed down runspeed from 220 to 180 [BAL] - Reduced accuracy and damage on machineguns slightly [BAL] - Increased Carbine damage [BAL] - Added an extra ship spawn to NGM Surefire [BAL] - Centered the hangar subsystem on Aethra This patch is only 10MB for updating the client, server admins will have to download the new server packages all over again (30MB). Head on over to the Downloads Page and grab it right away. We are working hard on getting the last of the bugs out and content for Beta 2 is already starting to come in. I can\'t wait to share some shots of that with you guys in the next update. Beta 1 has been a great experience for us and Beta 2 will allow us to tweak the gameplay and also add a bunch of cool stuff. We have been sifting through all the feedback we have gotten and taking notes, so if you want to give us your two cents, head over to the Forums. We also have a wiki which is slowly accumulating articles. If you are a flight ace and want to contribute some tips, don\'t hesitate to head on over there. Happy flying, and expect some more bug patching and some great new content in the coming months. Dan[/quote] Have fun!




Eternal Silence: Mod Version Beta 2.2 Patch - Client File

eternal_silence_beta2_x_to_2_2.exe | 47.65 MB

posted. This is a hotfix patch for 2.1 and will work both from 2.0 and 2.1. Here is the change log: Version 2.2 - February 13th [FIX] - Fixed medic exploit and healing aura [FIX] - Removed subsystems from team outpost bases in es_asteroid [FIX] - Made center base capturable by both teams and added a subsystem in es_asteroid [FIX] - Fixed texture problems in ngm_destroyer [FIX] - Updates to aethra station materials [FIX] - Default mouse sensitivity in space increased This brings beta 2 to a stable state. The next patch, 2.3 is slated for March 1st or 2nd and will focus mainly on interface improvements that have been suggested in our forums. Also note that tomorrow, at around 2PM EST, ES\'s Marc Moehrlin will be interviewed by about Eternal Silence. The program will be broadcast on TV and online stream. It will be in German, but a translated version with subtitles will be posted here as soon as it becomes available, for those who are interested. The team is settling into a nice patching routine which we will be keeping up, things are moving steadily and we hope to have a great showing at IGF by March. See you all in deep space![/quote] You must have at least version 2.0 of the mod for this patch. You can get it [url=\";75638\"]HERE