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Half-Life 2 Multiplayer Mini Mod | 131.1 KB

great Maps :) These Multiplayer Options will follow soon: - Coop modus - Character select - Texture fix for Gordon - Some highquality Maps (looking for good mappers) How to install: 1. Extract the file to X: \ Steam \ SteamApps \ -youraccountname- \ half-life 2 \ (then there should be a folder called hl2mp created) 2. Start Half-Life2 with -game hl2mp 3. If you want copy your hl2 config to from /hl2/cfg to /hl2mp/cfg How you start HL2 with -game hl2mp: - Right click (in steam) on halflife2 and then Properties and there under Launchoptions.




Half-Life 2 Multiplayer Test Maps! | 109.79 KB

either press the ~ key or put -console after your shortcut or go to steam > play games > right mouse button on half life 2 > launch options > put -console there. net_start sv_lan 0 deathmatch 1 maxplayers (whatever you want) map (mapname ie hl2mp2.bsp) restart To connect to a multiplayer game just type: "connect" followed by the IP address the port number is usually "27015". Example: [b]connect[/b] Extract this mappack to your hl2 "maps" folder, until some decent custom made ones are made! :)




Half-Life 2 VenShinra - TheHive Co-Op

thehive12.exe | 24.68 MB

following change log: [*] Totally new net code the whole of TheHive has been re coded: [*] Onlevel Changing [*] Full HL2 Single player Maps Supported [*] New Player Models TheHive 1.2 is a must have if you would like to play Half-Life 2 with your friends. And yes it is a bit buggy, but isn't everything? This is the 3rd release of TheHive Series. To start A Half-Life 2 Co-operation game. Please start with the map HL2Select!




Half-Life 2: Occupation: Source

occupation_setup_beta1.0.exe | 205.23 MB

more hurry up and die, no more war of attrition. Instead of rooting for your last teammate to die you hope they hold out a little while longer so you can re-enter the theatre and give them some much needed fire support. The game uses the HL2 models and weapons to provide a combat experience unlike any you have ever played. In Occupation everything is designed for realism from the weapons the player carries, to the bullets that are discharged from those weapons, to the objects those bullets impact and damage. Even reentering the theatre uses a realistic deployment system to achieve a plausible and sustainable combat scenario.[/quote]