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Mod Database Award Show Radio Recording

moddb.comawardshow2005.mp3 | 104.76 MB

this? Well you might want to read the quote below for the information. Just remember that the text below is old, and the Mod Database Award Show is over. [quote]Compared to previous years, it felt a little slow due to a slew of new games been introduced with new SDK's to learn. As mod teams made the switch to the next generation engines, so the learning process re-began and it took quite some time before we started to see what the new breed of mods were capable of doing. We are still a fair way off maximizing these engines potential so there are certainly exciting times ahead! Scott -Intense - Reismanis Creator As for me Mods of 2005 just got better and better. I would of never imagined a mod of Garry's type ever, or Plan of Attack. If any of you old schoolers out there remember Counter-Strike was not that good on it's own first release. Modding isn't a bunch of kids any longer it's teams of adults who live in the same area and work in a small room and in some cases it's a College Course Credit. We even have modders who do it just for the thrill and the accomplishment to say they made something crazy. For example, The Hot Coffee mod. His goal was to make it fun and silly for the mod leaders friends to play. The end result was history. The media and the politicians started to look at modding in a new light. On a good note gaming publishers looked at mods more and more for inspiration and to hire team members in 2005 then any other year. Many of the mods in the list were aiming for a late 2005 release so expect a awesome 2006 and have fun! Aaron - BlueWolf72 - Molloy Best Mod 2005 is awarded to: TUNE INTO THE SHOW AND FIND OUT! That's right, folks! We are hosting the Mod Awards show again, this time hosted by BlueWolf72. Sponsored with Shaunzy the owner of EGLN. The mIRC info: #EGLN is the channel to be in! iNtense, the creator of, will be on air with us inviting all of you to listen in for a good time! Mod winners have been contacted with the information on how to join the show. If they don't join they miss out. Thanks to HTGN all the mods that show up for the event might win prizes. Remember, January 28th, 1:00 p.m. est! Once on the show you will find out what area you won in and *PRIZES* just might show up. No promises on the prizes but I am trying! #EGLN is on gamesurge and to tune in just click this Live Radio Link[/quote]




Half-Life 2: Enterprise - Temporal Cold War Mod Video

etcw_demovid.divx | 4.66 MB

for more information and new media released. Looking great!




Half-Life 2: Taste Of Brain Mod Trailer

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modification. For those not familar with this mod, here\'s a bit of info: [quote] TOB (Taste of brain ) is a zombie killing half-life2 mod It will be avalible on two version the SinglePlayer and the MultiPlayer...But everyone can participate in joining the team or in giving his idea....We will considerate every idea! But what is important to know: - use the source engine - A lots of playable weapons! - We will release a lots of betas! wich have new features in every betas! SinglePlayer Version: Zombie are AI controled and you need to survive allone.... MultiPlayer Version: Zombie are AI controled and you need to survive with your friends[/quote] Stop on by and visit them at their [url=\"\"]site[/url] and at their space on [url=\"\"]ModDB[/url].