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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas




GTA: Los Angeles | 24.22 MB

cars, and lots of other items (in readme ;) ). Please note that IMG Tool is required for this modification to be installed properly. Please note that it is highly recommended that you back up any files that this modification will overwrite. [file=44920]IMG Tool V2[/file]




Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Beta V3.0 | 55.31 MB

List: - Bullet - NRG500 - DODO




GTASA: Liberty City

gtasalcupdate4standalone.rar | 269.46 MB

new features, including some that were lost from previous Beta versions (for reasons unknown). The most welcome addition to Beta 5.0 is a complete set of car paths - so this time it's actually Liberty [i]City[/i]! Beta 5's creation emerged after many users had difficulties in installing updates & fixes released for the previous Beta (4.0) in the form of Update Packages, consisting of 1, 2 and 3. --------------------[u]Description:[/u] Beta 5.0 includes the entire Liberty City map by XRK, as well as the the underwater seabed created by jcab42 for the GTA:Liberty City mod, which has been an encouraging source of inspiration for the continuation of this mod. This mod will not only have the great setting of GTA3, but will include the great features present in San Andreas, such as Interiors, Bikes & Helicopters/Planes, Gambling, Properties, Customisation and so much more. The full changelog of changed features can be found below: --------------------[u]Promotional Images:[/u] -------------------- [u]Full Changelog:[/u] -> GTA3 Radar & HUD. -> GTA3 Cars (some XBOX models with UV2 reflections). -> GTA3 Claude playable character. -> GTA3's peds. -> GTA3 Weather. -> GTA3 Loadscreens. -> GTA3 Weapon models*. -> GTA3 Car Colors**. -> GTA3 Sounds (no radio yet). -> GTA3 Menus and fonts. -> El-Train and Subway-Train (simutaneous). -> Air traffic (plane lands/departs from SSV). -> Car Paths**. -> San Andreas Interiors with reflections and audio. -> Marty Chonk's missions, Paramedic missions and Gripped mission (Scripters needed!). -> Bomb-shops, Pay 'n Spray and Savegarages (GTA3 only). -> Some misc. fixes over previous releases, such as culls & LODs, as well improved stability. Notes: * Only some complete. ** Still needs some tweaking. -------------------- [u]Frequently Asked Quesions (FAQ):[/u] In the previous Beta's thread, many questions were repeatedly asked over and over, hence its considerable length. That's why I've added this section, so that SA:LC mod users can check here before asking their question. Q. [i][b]Will there be other properties or hideouts to buy?[/b][/i] A. Yes. This is a San Andreas feature we hope to add eventually. Q. [i][b]Can we have higher-poly models for ... ?[/b][/i] A. No. This is not a current priority. This will be done once we've sorted the GTA3 stuff [i]first[/i]. Check out the additional mod 'Untold Stories' if you want these. Q. [i][b]Will M-57's cars be included?[/b][/i] A. No. We have asked, but have been waiting for almost 2 years now. So it seems unlikely. Q. [i][b]Will there be shopping, eating as well as player customisation?[/b][/i] A. Yes. This is a San Andreas feature we hope to add eventually. Q. [i][b]Can I get to San Andreas? Will San Andreas ever be added?[/b][/i] A. No. The SA map was removed for the purpose of this mod. Q. [i][b]What do I download? How do I install it?[/b][/i] A. The latest release (Version 4) requires the previous installation of Version 3 as well as the patch. Here are some short instructions:[LIST] [*]If you are on a default San Andreas (1.00/1.010 [EU/US]) download Beta 5 Version 3. [*]Extract the contents of the RAR file to your SA root directory, confirming all replacement questions. [*]Then download the Patch file provided, and once again extract the RAR contents to your SA root directory, confirming replacements. [*]Now download and save Beta 5 Version 4 (this requires Version 3 and the patch to have been previously installed). [*]Extract the RAR file's contents to your SA root directory, confirming all replacements. [*]Alternatively -> Download and extract the combo package contents. [/LIST]Q. [i][b]Will there be a new storyline/characters?[/b][/i] A. No. There will only be the original GTA3 missions, with possibly some extra ones. The Untold Stories mod features new storyline and characters. Q. [i][b]I've possibly found a bug. What do I do?[/b][/i] A. Unless the bug you have found is really out of the ordinary, then chances are it's already known about, so it's best to keep it to yourself. If however, you do think it isn't obvious, then either post in this thread or PM me directly. While bug reports are appreciated, the vast majority of them are obvious and are being worked on using a priority system. Q. [i][b]Where are the missions?[/b][/i] A. Marty Chonk's missions are available from the phone booth across from Joey's Garage between the hours of 9:00 and 19:00. Paramedic missions are available by entering an Ambulance and pressing 2 (default). The 'Gripped!' mission is available by entering the Patriot in the park in Shoreside Vale at any time. In time this FAQ will be updated, so check back occasionally. -------------------- [u]Reported Bugs/Glitches/Incompletes:[/u] - Some of the car traffic is the wrong direction > To be fixed. - Collisionless seafloor and tall skyscrapers > models need redone to suit SA's .col dimension limitations - Unusual camera angles at savegarages > needs scripting -------------------- [u]Recruitment:[/u] Currently, there are just a few devs working on the mod, but more are coming back following the mod's revivial post-Beta 5. However, the limited team could use some talentented folk like yourself to ease the workload a tad. If you can do any of the following, and are interested, let us know! 1. [b]Cutscene animations and/or animations[/b]: this would require experience with .ifp, .cut and .dat files that San Andreas uses for cutscenes. If you worked in this area in the LC-mod (for VC) or have done so for San Andreas, let us know. 2. [b]Main.scm Scripters[/b]: while I personally know enough to get me by, someone with experience in this field could sure come in handy. 3. [b]Modellers/Texturizers[/b]: mainly conversion from GTA3->SA, like cars, peds etc.




GTA Makedonija V2-2009 (Macedonia)

largestgolemijoto.rar | 36.79 MB

included in this newer version of the modification. This version also has less bugs that the previous version. This GTA Macedonia Total Conversion is a modifcation that will make San Andreas look more like Macedonia, where all of the adverts, shops, cars and almost everything will look like they are from the country of Macedonia including the language used in the game. (obviously not the menus) [b]Requried Files[/b] [file=44920]IMG Tool V2[/file]




STARGATE Horizon Of the Universe

2010_07_27_v1.5_setup.rar | 293.33 MB

you can find ships including the Ha\'tak and Death Glider. There are also other space ships available in the mod including an F302, BC303 (Prometheus) and the Puddle Jumper (Ancient Ship from SG Atlantis)./ There are also a \"Tel\'tac\" cargo vessel as well as an \"Al\'Kesh\" mid range bomber both from the Goa\'uld side which both look brilliant in san andreas. All of these are completely flyable in the game and even go into space and even other planets! The weapons from Stargate are also included with this modification including a Goa\'Uld Staff Weapon, Zat\'Nik\'Ktel, Goa\'Uld Staff Canon, FN P90 and the MP5. Although the Goa\'uld weapons only fire projectiles unfortunately but they do look brilliant in the game itself however!. This modification also includes the SGC as well as several other planets that can be either dialed to via the stargate as well as a few easter eggs (which you will have to find yourself ;) For more (and the controls for the big ships - have a look at moddb - [url=]here[/url] To Install - step 1 : lauch the auto install step 2 : choose a clean install of San Andreas step 3 : instal it and close setup step 4 : in your desktop , a link will be create using San andreas mod Installer [b]Features of Mod - Video[/b] [b]Required Files[/b] Full Clean GTA San Andreas (no mods installed) [file=55091]SAMI - San Andreas Mod Installer[/file] The next version (version 2) which is currently being made will include a lot more including more parts of Stargate Universe and Stargate Atlantis




Grand Theft Auto: Manhattan V.1.0 | 24.34 MB

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Dabei werden die Charaktere, Umgebung und Autos, sowie andere Dinge ausgetauscht. Grand Theft Auto: Manhattan existiert schon seit Mitte 2009. English: This is the first Version of Grand Theft Auto: Manhattan. Grand Theft Auto: Manhattan is a modification (total conversation) of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The character, the scenery, the cars, and other things are changed. Grand Theft Auto Manhattan has existed since the middle of 2009. Although this looks like a work in progress modification but nether the less it does look like a good idea to have the center of New York in San Andreas.