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CTF Vor2 | 6.24 MB

requested to update if you wish to play this on servers :) A follow-up to CTF Vor1 for EF1, Vorax felt it was time to deliver the much awaited Vor2 for EF2! Besides having the small honour of being the first (complete) EF2 map , the map also contains just what most people are looking for: open and well-designed. Vor2 takes on a Romulan theme rather than the Voy theme of Vor1. The bases are fairly open with tons of space to move around and frag. A scalable-wall divides the bases on the upper level, while the lower level gives a deceivingly easier access to the bases. The detail in some places of the map is quite nice. Some good angles and curves. I did feel some sharper lights and a little more colour could have helped the aesthetic side; however, it's not a major issue with me [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] No [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Models:[/b] No




CTF Tartirus | 5.08 MB

from stone to stone), which would be intreasting to be doing when somebody spots you and starts fragging their heart out - cos you would have no where to go! The other key improvement is the tunnel which runs from base to base half way though the tunnel there is a glass window and though it you can see 2 NPC's doing what ever they are doing (pressing buttons to look like they're not lazy :p ). Some eye candy on this map is the crashed shuttle on the side of the map, which you can't reach, but is a nice addition, espically when voyager flys over the map ! This is a great CTF map, as we all know from EF1 with many improvements which increase the fun when playing this map - I didnt believe it was possible, but lol; I was wrong ;) [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yes [b]New Models:[/b] Yes Video Review by




Type 11 shuttle | 2.18 MB

review : The first problem I see, is that as soon as you spawn, you beam into the middle of the small bridge. This means anyone close (which happens half the time) is clipped into you. Also, several people starting pile into each other. (Random spawns in bridge, corridors, back room would have been good) The bridge itself is good, although a warp effect or an effect to blank the windows would be nice at warp. The back door is a bit strange, with an ff up, and the excelsior which looks smaller than the shuttle (and it is), stuck into an asteroid, just looks a bit strange, but that fact that your model alone is as long as the model of the deralict :S Beaming down is nice with its long effect, but two things could use improvement 1st)the visuals happen after your player appears when beaming back, 2) the ability to be invisible for about 4 seconds when you transport is annoying. an intersting idea would be a transport that beams you into another space onto a transport, which in turn beams you to the surface, lengthening the effect, and stopping the invisible effect. Beaming up is strange, because an accidental touch to the zone makes you dematerialize and beam back, very annoying, a clear marking of the zone, plus moving the zone a bit to the other side so you dont touch it every time you enter the canyon (almost if your not walking off to the right side). The snowstorm looks wicked, except that it goes itno the wall and that looks strange. A few things down on the surface need to be shotclipped, and a few more interactive surface features would have been nice. Highs:Nice for small rps, cool surface, good show of talent. Lows: Transporting, no warp effect, planet could be a tad bigger. Final score: 83%




CTF Lunacy | 11.14 MB

map [*]Texture misalignments: Fixed several textures in the red base that went bad during the blue base [*]red base copy paste process. [*]Red Flag: Fixed an issue with the red flag not sitting on the stand correctly [*]Specalties rooms: Fixed an issue with the transporter effects not working. [*]The Specalties transporters now stand out more and you can see them more clearly.[/list] CTF Lunacy... who hasn\'t heard of it by now? The setting of this map is of course on the Moon. In the sky you see our beloved little planet overshadowed by the Sun. But hey, the action isn\'t up in the skies :p Lunacy features two bases divided by tall lunar cliffs. In a slightly similar fashion to Tartirus, there are 3 routes between bases: two above ground, and one underground. All roads lead to a large room which serves as the centre of the map (I would suppose an important area to control in a match :)). Weapons are not hard to find and most likely you\'ll be able to pick one up close to where you spawn. You\'ve got a big variety of weapons, including the Idryll staff and the Rad Gun. A feature I find interesting is the little trap surrounding the Rad Gun. At the push of a button, the floor underneath the Rad Gun opens up plunging the player (who\'s about to grab the gun and most probably proceed kill you with it) to their death! }> When in Specialities mode, players start off in small green-houses! I thought this was a neat feature to customize this part rather than use the normal Spec spawn point. In One Flag mode, the flag is right in the middle of the map set on a pedestal at the top of the room. In Control Points, the CP\'s are scattered in various locations, and because they\'re pretty far apart it\'d be a big challenge taking control of them all. As with his last maps, James has included 5 skins for all to use (they can be selected via the player setup menu). They are of Jurot, Telsia, Syndey, Katrina and the Plant Lady. An overall very interesting and well-built map! A great use of textures and geometry are a compliment to the gameplay offered. I suppose what sets Lunacy apart from James other maps is that it\'s relatively closed off. It definitely adds more variation to what\'s sure to be another Nukem Classic :) [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] No (not counting skins ) [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Models:[/b] No [b]Modifiers:[/b] All of them




FliX\'s Allied Base | 16.97 MB

will want to download this overnight probably.




CTF Gardens | 3.17 MB

Force 1. Though it's very different the gameplay is almost the same. He added two sniper towers on each side. This time no flying ships over your head. Also the music in the map adds a certain feeling to it. Lightning is perfect, texturing perfect. My only nitpick: Where are the fish in the water?? :P ------------------------------------------------- The skins: This pack contains 4 skins: Sidney, Katarina Scott, Telsia and another girl. They wear some kind of purple hazard suits.




CTF Ent 1 | 1.38 MB




CTF Stairways | 4.72 MB

happy with the stairs. They also hang around one place to often. But this is his first map and what a map: Lightning is perfect, only in the middle of the map is a room wich isn\'t mirrored perfectly wich could mean an advantage for one team. But I let you all decide that for yourselves. The item placement could be better, there are some weapons and hyposprays scattered around the map, I would have loved to see them placed more tactically. But that\'s just my opinion ;)




CTF Japan | 14.19 MB

fountains and a large wooden gate. There are many ways to get to the other base, though you may find yourself getting slightly lost because of the similar looking rooms. Often you\'ll get lots of choices on what direction to take (which is a good thing :D). Weapons and ammo are found everywhere in the map so you getting straight into the action shouldn\'t be a problem. While the map undoubtedly gives you the Japanese feeling with the use of great details and textures, it could use some refinement in the lighting and weapon placement. RIght now you\'ll find some very dark spots inside the house as well as some bright spots. I think the lighting needs to be a little less harsh and more uniform. Generally Japanese styles are very calming and pleasant, and the lighting is a key role in that. The weapons seemed to be too abundant, it sort of takes away the challenge in killing for ammo or the better weapon (but hey, this could just be the crazy side of me talking :p) Japan is definitely worth checking out (at the least!), hope to see it on some servers! [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yes [b]New Models:[/b] No [b]Modifiers:[/b] Instant Kill, Action Hero, Handicap, Weapon Score, Elimination




CTF Ent 2 | 1.13 MB

am one of the developers. I hope you like it.




FX Hamster Car | 7.49 MB

review[/quote] This is a nice map, pretty fun to bounce around on. I love the powerup distribution, because its pretty nicely spread out over the map. I like the jump pads, nice and labeled so i dont fly off to nowhere. The only thing I dont like is that you take so much damage when you fall. A bit annoying. What would have been cool is using the moving skyboxes, had a road with signs going past on the windows. Overall a nice map, good for an ef2 fragging map, long live flix. Highs:funny subject, nice design, cool concept. Lows:you take damage when you fall, there may be 1 too many ammo boxes. Final Mark:75%




Matrix Reloaded | 6.11 MB

Merovinger, the dungeons where the key maker is kept and the architects "office". A prety cannon and very well made map, that will give 4-anything players alot of fun. Only thing that I dont like about it is, well its missing sceenes from the movie, so I hope to see a version 2 soon ;) :D. But in my opinion the weapon placement could be a bit better, as I think there are too many in a too cramped place. All in all an excelent map, well worth the download. nice one TonyDOC, keep at it. -FliX




CTF Voy 2 | 1.47 MB

they look more like the ef1 version and they have a sort of cell shading effort to them, which I think looks really cool idea In addition, he has addressed the scale of this map so this time round you can crawl though the trench’s which rather annoyed me last time round also he has put in an invisible ledge to the side of the trench so you can escape :cool: Lighting is put to good use as is weapon placement Therefore, to sum up, a damm fine conversion and I hope to see this on lots of servers and it should replace the old one. Game Types =========== Death Match CTF BD ============ Pandemonium.




RPG Enterprise-E | 9.22 MB

recreation of Rituals version of the most recent vessel to bare the name; Enterprise. This equivalent is a completely re-mapped incarnation and so contains none of the NPCs or mission triggers, leaving you more or less free to explore. Containing all the rooms you\'d expect to find within a RolePlay this really does have a lot of potential to become the first proper RP map for Elite Force 2. Sadly however I found that the only way to travel between decks was with use of noclip, which undermines the ability for this to be actively used. In addition it would appear that this may be the only release of this fantastic file, lack of interest in Elite Force 2 means the author is considering giving up work on it. However should another release come, some of the bugs found in this map could be corrected and truly open up the possibilities for EF2 RPs. This is honestly an amazing piece of work and is a must to download and take a look around. See the readme for further information and installation instructions. ~AdmiralHocking




CTF Cygnus | 1.08 MB

:) Bot Support: - Yes CTF : - Yes Specialties :- Yes Bomb diffusion:- Yes Pandemonium.




U.S.S. Aquitania | 836.81 KB

entered a rather unexciting ready room, and left. You have to use EVERY door on the map to open it, which is a royal pain. More then half the rooms are quarters. Why is there SNOW in the mourge. The sickbay contains 5 biobeds, and thats it. Every model (almost) is duplicated or triplicated, laptops, chairs, screens. There is no interactivity. The turbolift is confusing. Engineering is a pain. There is a strange clip around the core, and there is no way to get from upper to lower engineering, except the turbolift (And vice versa). The armoury was strange. The messhall looked wrong, it didnt look very hospitable at all. I've eaten at an enlisted messhall in the army, and it looks more warm and inviting. The bridge lighting wasnt inviting either. Overall, mediocre. Highs:second map for ef2, bigger then rpg shuttle Lows:doors wont open unless used, snow in the mourge, engineering is messed. Missing textures, no interactivity. Too many quarters, too many copies of chairs and stuff. Sickbay too small. Final score:30% -Crusader




First Contact - Bonus Map | 2.81 MB

showing the Borg in the Enterprise\'s engineering. When the game went gold Ritual included it into a special UK release. The map basically shows the Enterprise-E in the way it looked in the final part of First Contact. You can visit the assimilated enginineering as well as the bridge. There are a few weapons included, fitting to the Borg theme it also features the I-Mod, however I would rather recommend this map for smaller RPG sessions in EF2. There is also a little secret included, good luck at finding it ;)




CTF Technix | 4.27 MB

atmosphere and feel of the map. This map is best played with three each side, as it is only a small map, which is a good thing as you do not have to run about for long before they find you ! Any how what more do you need to know? It is a map, It is by flix, DOWNLOAD IT NOW ! Bot Support: - Yes CTF : - Yes Pandemonium.




Runabout | 672.1 KB

cockpit. Download if your an RPG player if your not then don\'t. ;) -FliX




STVCOI Teaser | 10.99 MB

we\'ve tried enough maps out there that were full bright with no ambiance what so ever.




CTF Hamster Shuttle | 1.54 MB




EF 2 Academy | 7.87 MB

models. However this is a nice addition to your roleplaying collection. I reccommend the download




FX Hammer | 6.31 MB

spins around quite fast. There's some jump pads to get around as well. Bot support is included.




CTF FaceOff Tribute | 1.48 MB

not match up to the quality and fun of its EF1 counterpart. There were many places where the corners of the side walls would jut out and interfere with your movement. Other places there were misaligned brushes and textures, an overlapping brush, and gaps in-between some brushes (transporters). I won't lie, this map could do with a lot more work. However, I definitely commend Gravefiller's effort to try and bring FaceOff to the EF2 community :) [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] No [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Models:[/b] No




STVCOI Defiant Class W.I.P | 53.71 MB

the map you will start on the Bridge of the ship, from there you will be able to look around the Bridge itself, the Transporter Room, corridors and of course Engineering. Also displayed is a wide range of impressive shader effects, including animated LCARS and other new textures. Explorer notes in the readme that the map is full of bugs, however it most certainly doesn't spoil the experience. :) [i]Note: Screenshots are of poor resolution, attempting to run the map at full quality crashes Elite Force 2. Additionally you will need the model pack that was released which can be found [file=75275]here.[/file]




RPG_Enterprise-E - Patch 1.1 | 1.52 MB

list of additions are; [list] [*]Added Interactive Turbolift Menu [*]Added Toggle Viewscreen [*]Added Mini-Mission [/list] For those that enjoyed this fantastic map in the beginning, your going to have even more fun with it now. I was somewhat bemused by the addition of the Earth Defense scenario, as RPG maps generally aren\'t supposed to have any guiding effect on possible plots. However all in all this is a well put together patch and is a required download for anyone wanting to have RPG-X style turbolifts. See the Readme for further information and installation instructions. [i]Note: This file requires the original download for use.[/i] ~AdmiralHocking




RPG USS Briant | 981.57 KB

usual features. Its rather boxy, with basic brushwork, lighting and textureing. But I can see that the developers tried to put some effort into the map and map design, because they added trims here and there, and tried to liven things up a bit with a lot of models, that you can party run through im affraid. And the Lighting often seems to come from nowhere. But the main downside in my oppinion is the absence of music, especialy in an RPG map it adds alot to the atmosphere. All I can say, is keep at it guys, there is potential in this map, add more detail and try to get rid of the overall box look, and you have a nice starhip map on your hands. -FliX




CTF Voy1 | 1.72 MB

"proper" remake of Voy1 from Elite Force, now at last no EF player has a good excuse for not switching to EF2 ;) :D Anyway the map is a prety prcise remake of the original with very precise brushwork, and texturing. the gameplay is prety good and the bots also behave rather well. all in all definately worth the download especialy for those of you, who want that EF1 feeling in EF2 :) -FliX Over to Pandemonium. After the well received voy2, MB had decided to re remake Voy 1 This was always on of my favourite maps for EF1 so has MB done the original proud Well you can now sleep easy as every thing is pixel perfect, scale is spot on even the lighting looks the same :cool: Game play is fast paced and this could be played at best with 10+ player’s weapon placement and pickups are just good. A good also thing about this map is that for all you 56k’s the bots play really well Worth a download for any, body ESP the ones who still yearn for that ef1 game play but with ef2 touch. Pan.




Deep Space 6 | 969.97 KB

the stairs. It\'s to small to be a starbase. The clip on the shuttle is wrong, you can shoot through it. Even the bots don\'t seem to like it.




Citadel of Fire | 2.42 MB

placed at the highest points with ramps coming down on 3 sides. The main area has a few pillar structures as well as ramps on the side to get down to a third area. Weapons are kept to the sides of the map, while health/armor pickups can be picked up while 'on the go'. The flag areas have sniper weapons (IMod, Sniper Rifle, Comp Rifle) while the main area has more heavy weapons (Tetryon, Quantum). In terms of improvements, I'd say a different trim texture in the least would bring some visual separations between wall/floor. Oh, and the halo around the red flag is upside down :p (fades down instead of fading up). I would have liked to see some more detail to really get that feeling of a temple. Great job on the lighting, though! Love the shadow effects from the fire pits! I would suggest turning off falling damage(otherwise prepare for EF2's physics to kill you first ;)) and turning on strafe jumping to fully enjoy this Faceoff-esque map! [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] No [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Models:[/b] No




Golden Eye temple | 9.65 MB




Stargate Test Map | 4.1 MB

pretty believable Stargate which has animated chevrons, additionally traveling through the stargate, takes you to a small representation of an Alien world of which contains a Goa'uld ring transporter. Although the map has its issues; Overlapping brushes and you actually have to walk face first into a door before it opens, it is most definitely something you will want to look around. The author also notes that the map was started over a year ago as part of a Stargate mod which he never finished, but now has taken up the project again. [i]See the readme for more information.[/i]




CTF Earth | 2.82 MB

that go around most of the map. The theme is somewhat different though. Instead of the Voy theme, Earth has more of a .... well... earthy touch :D Big tree trunks provide some cover in the middle area, where the wall from Voy2 has been replaced with a pool of water. Spanning the water is a bridge and two jumppads on either side that throw you across. Weapon layout is similar to Voy2 as well. The map plays pretty well, I atleast had fun flying around :D It may not contain all the gameplay elements of Voy2, but you may want to check it out. [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Models:[/b] No




CTF Vor2 | 5.89 MB

contains just what most people are looking for: open and well-designed. Vor2 takes on a Romulan theme rather than the Voy theme of Vor1. The bases are fairly open with tons of space to move around and frag. A scalable-wall divides the bases on the upper level, while the lower level gives a deceivingly easier access to the bases. The detail in some places of the map is quite nice. Some good angles and curves. I did feel some sharper lights and a little more colour could have helped the aesthetic side; however, it's not a major issue with me :) [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes (though I had trouble getting bots to work) [b]New Textures:[/b] No [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Models:[/b] No [b]Important Note:[/b] Some/most of you might notice slow and choppy gameplay the first time you run the map. If this happens to you, load the map and DO NOT move at all. Do this for about 40-60 seconds, after which FPS should improve. This will only happen the first time you load this map.




USS Irish Leviathian A | 1.85 MB

you\'d find in a normal starship across the first three decks. Since it\'s just a demo I won\'t be reviewing/rating it, but I suppose suggestions are welcome on how to improve. From the last time there was indeed an improvement in FPS.. but still lots more to be done.




FX King Of The Hill | 3.63 MB

get to these and then protect the bunker, and all the oponents try to storm the bunker. The map idea came to me on holiday, and as i didnt have a Computer with me I scetched the whole thing out, exactly the way I wanted it.[/quote]




Oberia Prime Shuttle Construction Yard | 1.53 MB

slow at times, especialy as the rest of the map is fast. The only thing I found slightly anoying is the lack of weapons, there arnt a lot of em arround. All in all a fun map, with bot support, that will keep you occupied for a while. -FliX




Enterprise BETA for EF2 | 6.82 MB

already, I would love to see it continued to be worked on! So far you can access many areas of the ship including decks 1, 2 and 3, transporter rooms, sickbay, the shuttlebay, the bridge, and engineering. Like the readme states, there is only one weapon in the entire map so far and you can walk through some stuff on the bridge. I definately think this is worth finishing, so go for it! Oh, and download it now ;). Gez




USS Atlantis | 1.2 MB

it\'s not completely unreasonable considering some of the awful ways other mappers have used for getting between decks. You start off appropriately in the transporter room. From there a central corridor connects all the other rooms of the ship (briefing room, weapons locker, bridge, engineering, etc.) Most of the rooms are a bit small looking and do not deviate from the standard box-like room structure. The bridge and engineering, however, are quite spacious and offer a lot of room and equipment to play around with. From engineering, you can use two side corridors to access the shuttle bay. It\'s a bit disappointing that this map does not use EF2\'s great scripting ability to make for some really interesting RPG elements, but this being Scott\'s first map I can\'t hold that against him. The doors in the map are a bit crazy (if I remember correctly, some of them didn\'t open right), and the pk3 is not set up right (where\'s the MNI file :p). For future maps, try to give the map some z-axis work (like giving engineering a second level), caulk unseen faces, and definitely try out some scripting :D




Flix\'s Bounce | 1.54 MB




Step Pyramid | 326.66 KB




Lift3 | 528.82 KB

buttons you can play with, but it was all done before With his last version, so I do not see the point of this . Pandemonium.




RPG Enterprise-E - Patch 1.0 | 1.17 MB

[url=";85160x#1437215"]here[/url]. :) You will have had to download and install that map before installing this patch. [b]Chrissstrahl[/b] brings us this small patch that connects the decks of the Enterprise together and straightens out a few of the map's flaws as well as adding a few new features. The turbolift panels are now useable, there is a shuttle in the shuttlebay and even the laptop in Captain Picard's readyroom will open and close! For some reason, there is also a selection of bonus material inside the Zip folder, such as an interview with the map's developer and some random hud displays. :confused: With the map now fully open to explore and use, this might just give people a reason to dust off their EF2 CDs and try RPG Enterprise-E as an online roleplay. At least one can hope. :rolleyes: This is great stuff! :rock: ~ Luke20 (The Tenth Doctor)




Lift | 200.06 KB

due!). The main part of the map is a lift which you can control to move up or down. Besides that, there are sets of doors to open/close; forcefields to activate; characters to spawn.. and a lot more! I\'m amazed that it all works in MP (though it can possibly crash the server). Sometime when I loaded the map in MP, it would seem to \'switch\' to SP.. this usually happened with the character spawning. Other than that, the map is pretty neat to check out! I surely had fun pushing all the buttons :p [b]Bot Support:[/b] No [b]New Textures:[/b] No [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Models:[/b] No




Eagleeye V3 Beta | 2.16 MB

sparkle and shine to it Still a bit overlap here and there and I am losing health leaving the turbo lift. Also, he needs to address the multiplayer problem, as only being able to play this in Single player mode is a bit like playing snap by yourself! :( Over all getting better but not that much has changed from the the last to this one really. Pandemonium.




DM Morpheus | 12.66 MB

have to jump and frag your opponents while flying though the air from building to building, rooftop to rooftop , I cannot explain how much fun this map is really Textures are nice, lighting is good; weapon placement is, well placed The music on this map is good as well and adds’s a good atmosphere to the feel and play of the map. One thing however bots on this map seem to stay on there own building. Nevertheless, this still is an excellent map! Map Supports -Holomatch -Team Holomatch -Control points Pan.




SWS Globe | 8.51 MB

seems believe me. I loved the music in this map it is all the songs you hear in the shops, lol you know the ones when you are trying to finish off you Christmas shopping! Nevertheless, on here they sound good. Also with the map, you get four new skins, all with a Christmas feel to them, which is a nice touch! I have never played a CTF game that has been so much fun either ,Big slide , weeeeeeeeeeeeeee (I will let you find out, lol ) There are some errors with this map like the box you see though the glass out side and there is no bots ! But I doubt they could cope with the ice ! , However, these small errors are nothing really. Also this is quite a big download 8.51 mb it's worth it. Overall a brilliant map and I loved it,as it is a bit different from the norm. :) Pandemonium.




CTF FacingWorlds | 6.77 MB

house is drifting wildly in space :cool: the other teams base is on the other side of a set of glass paths so do not look down! Some nice touches make this map like for instance the rotating space and the advertising boards Not sure on asdfa3 brand of goods ? :D Lighting, music, textures and of course good scripting really make this an excellent map to play even With bots. The only thing wrong with this map is the fact that it does not include a sick bag, as it does really feel like you are lost in space. So to sum a brilliant map, download now, and to all you people who run servers get it on there now. Pandemonium.




Klingon Training Station | 4.01 MB

all know isnt a bad thing. What I didnt like was the lighting, everything seems slightly over bright, but as for the rest an excelent map, that is well worth your download time. -FliX




CTF Carpark | 3.57 MB

Therefore, I would say its best played with 10 + other wise you got little or no hope of finding people. Don’t get me wrong It is a good map to run around on though as you have so much room on each level and there’s quite a few levels as well so it make a change really instead a small map :cool: Lighting is good and you really feel like it is some dirty old car park some times ! Also weapon placement is good and not over done . So overall, this is one big map that looks good and plays even better! Map Supports =============== -Holomatch -Team Holomatch -Capture The Flag =============== Video Review by




CTF Moonraker | 7.9 MB

incorporated them in to a map i.e. the open plan action , and the glass walkways in outer space . Action is fast paced as this map keeps the fps down to a good level, textures used are a good selection and as is the norm from this mapper lighting is made good use of :D Overall, another map master piece from the FLIXSTER. Map Suports -Holomatch -Control Points -Capture The Flag Pandemonium.




Compound 2-b | 1.55 MB

first map)




BL China | 7.85 MB

place in the centre, As always good use of lighting and textures. Not one to play with bots though, as they just run around trying to shoot you with a phaser that don’t work. However, as is always the case with a map from flix well worth a download. Pandemonium




DM Doom | 8.15 MB

ship in warp It is a medium to large sized map set on multiple levels with glass in the floor in some rooms all is up to the high standard set by this mapper :D One thing I did find was my ability to keep on getting lost as all the rooms are the same colour , and I did not have a clue were I was or which way to go some times ? Lighting and the use of it is nice and is used well, as is weapon, health and other pick-ups. So to round up nice clean map with some good ideas, I thought a bit of colour would make a good map an excellent map though. Pandemonium.




CTF Speedemon | 1.73 MB

pickups. Trying to stay on the paths is a bigger challenge than I though, especially with strafe jumping turned on. Dodging weapons fire is bad enough, the paths just add another twist :p The map is pretty simplistic, though I found it to be lots of fun (with strafe on ;)) [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] No [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Models:[/b] No




CTF Borg Chasm | 3.81 MB

because the bots dont seem to grasp the idea of jumping arround in low gravity. Also the FPS is prety low. But im sure it can be alot of fun if you find enough players online or in a LAN. the bases have a forcefield round them, that can be activated when you press the button. All in all a nice little map, that could have used a bit more detail, even if one can see there was a try to add detail it seems as if the detail is only here and there and not all over the place, big bald walls just dont look right. -FliX




Ground Zero | 1.25 MB

and pickups can be found all over the map, though beware of snipers when going for pickups left out in the open! There are two small buildings on either end (which serve as flag rooms in CTF). These rooms have a camera of sorts that looks out on the playing field outside. Right outside the buildings is little 'nook' in the cliff where you can take cover or hide in, etc. The map has some interesting elements put to use (such as the boulders, rocks, lava and water pools) though it is way too dark, even for a night map. I suppose that it's upto to the developer on how dark they want it, but I felt that this dark was perhaps a little blinding. [b]Bot Support:[/b] No [b]New Textures:[/b] No [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Models:[/b] No [i]Note:[/i] I did edit the screenshots to make them a bit brighter so you can see the map :)




Jump Station Alpha | 3.44 MB

screen. It has BOT support. Also this map has a info screen. I had fun playing on it, so download and try out yourself. :)




Tnem | 1.74 MB

too many weapons and pickups scattered around for such a small map, though there are crates to duck behind and other corridors that help make the map a little more playable (as opposed to a big empty area with nothing in it ;)). There were a number of secret doors that revealed weapons and powerups.. though finding them is not too easy! Infact, if you didn\'t know they were there.. you wouldn\'t even think about looking for it! Overall it\'s a decent map, but the item placement could have used some more thought. [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] No [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Models:[/b] No




CTF Clark | 3.36 MB

them ! The good points of this map are I thought the map overall was well planed out, nice use of structures and the lighting was good, also skybox used was nice. Weapon placement was a bit sparse and more would have been a good idea some goes for ammo and pickups. Also the buildings inside seemed a bit grey and empty and if I was on campus here I would feel a bit depressed! To sum up, big map lots of space to play and run about, more weapons would have been better. Best played with 10 + But a good effort on the whole . :D Play Modes: CTF, FFA, Team Modifiers: Disint, Action, Auto Handi, Weapon Score Control Points, Power Struggle, One Flag Pandemonium.




Klingon Bat'Leth Duel Arena | 763.3 KB

a Klingon theme. A huge fire in the middle and torches on the walls provide some great ambiant lighting. Health pickups are plenty (be warned that bots really hog them ;)) but they are key to staying alive. If you do fight against bots, they don't initially use the Bat'Leth, so you may get a few free hits now and then. A pretty good concept for a map here! I would have liked a little more space to move around on the second level, but other than that the map came out rather well! If you want to hone your Bat'Leth skills or have some simple fun then you should check this out :) Qapla`! [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] No [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Models:[/b] No [b]Note:[/b] Just so everyone is clear, this map disables the phaser. So even though the phaser still shows up, you can't use it. It's Bat'Leth only :)




FUN MapPack | 5.5 MB

From the start you notice the openness of this map, as there are no walls. You must either hunt or be the hunted on this one! You will also see that the map is crammed full of every weapon, armor, and ammo under the sun, (See Screenshot) this makes it quite fun!! I would, on the whole, say it is ok if you have 15 minutes to spare. It is a good laugh to play with friends or to play with bots it is just as much fun!! ============================== Fun_Hammsterlab This map is reminiscent of the matrix scene set in the office where Neo was escaping from those agents. It looks like you are on someone’s desk; as if being watched from above, which is a novel idea! And also this map has the same music as the other maps in this pack Ok, this is a sneak-and-shoot map J . You don’t know what is around the corner and before you know it you are being shot at. Lol They only thing was the over zealous placement of weapons! But on the whole, it is a good, fun map ========================== Fun_WereAmI Ok next up we have WereAmI this one reminded me of Tron you know the bit with the light cycle bikes ...... No? Ok then The map is set in a box which has rows of columns in it with an only light coming up from the floor which is a good idea! So you can hide in the shadows and surprise your enemy. Anther fun map which you can use to kill 15 minutes! So to sum the whole map it is no eye candy but it never pretends to be, The whole point is fun and if want to have a quick frag then download this. Pandemonium




USS Armstrong | 1.25 MB

so that means no interactivity, however, this is still a fun map to play. One thing to keep in mind is in order to activate the doors, you have to [i]use[/i] them.




CTF Cargobay | 2.11 MB

over the player to hide and snipe if you need to, not that the map is realy big enough to let you hide and snipe alot ;). The lighting seems a bit too bright, and could have used some more work. but all in all a subtle map aimed at gameplay not at eye-candy, even though the map is filled with loads of models and the such to add to the detail. Shame the bots don\'t want to work properly, but still good for a small LAN. keep at mapping and im sure you will get along just fine, Stylsy.. -FliX




Disfunktion Jct | 1.22 MB

dance floor, which does makes for an excellent area for close combat fragging, and adds some pace to the overall play of the map. On the downside, this map is far too busy for my liking, every wall, floor, and ceiling has a swilling texture on it, And I cannot see it supporting too many people before grinding to a halt! Weapon and item placement could have been done better, and with some thought, in some places there is stuff everywhere. On a more positive note this is a fun map to play! The detail in some places of the map is quite nice. Just some times it is a bit too much eye candy. But after all this is his first map so well done and keep the good work up :) CTF:- Yes Bot Support : Yes Pandemonium.




CTF Lunacy | 11.12 MB

the skies :p Lunacy features two bases divided by tall lunar cliffs. In a slightly similar fashion to Tartirus, there are 3 routes between bases: two above ground, and one underground. All roads lead to a large room which serves as the centre of the map (I would suppose an important area to control in a match :)). Weapons are not hard to find and most likely you'll be able to pick one up close to where you spawn. You've got a big variety of weapons, including the Idryll staff and the Rad Gun. A feature I find interesting is the little trap surrounding the Rad Gun. At the push of a button, the floor underneath the Rad Gun opens up plunging the player (who's about to grab the gun and most probably proceed kill you with it) to their death! }> When in Specialities mode, players start off in small green-houses! I thought this was a neat feature to customize this part rather than use the normal Spec spawn point. In One Flag mode, the flag is right in the middle of the map set on a pedestal at the top of the room. In Control Points, the CP's are scattered in various locations, and because they're pretty far apart it'd be a big challenge taking control of them all. As with his last maps, James has included 5 skins for [b]all[/b] to use (they can be selected via the player setup menu). They are of Jurot, Telsia, Syndey, Katrina and the Plant Lady. An overall very interesting and well-built map! A great use of textures and geometry are a compliment to the gameplay offered. I suppose what sets Lunacy apart from James other maps is that it's relatively closed off. It definitely adds more variation to what's sure to be another Nukem Classic :) [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] No (not counting skins ;)) [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Models:[/b] No [b]Modifiers:[/b] All of them




CTF Attrexian Space Training | 1.98 MB

for weapon/pickup placements. In the centre of the map, pathways from both levels converge to one platform (which you can use to switch to the other side of the map or switch between the levels).The bases are very simple and very open. On either side of the flag are two raised sniping platforms, while behind the flag are two ramps leading to the lower level. In terms of looks, I\'d say the map is more Idryll than Attrexian. Perhaps there should have been a more thicker industrial look to it or just something to really place it in the Attrxian style. In terms of gameplay, the map is a bit Faceoff-esque in a way. The big open-ness of it all may cause headaches (especially against camping snipers). There are plenty of weapons (I think I saw all of them available) and just as many health/armor picksup (which you\'re likely to need). I think the map works really well with small teams (like a 3v3) as too many players in direct sight of each other is a bit.. messy. [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] No [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Models:[/b] No




Blackhole Observatory | 1.64 MB

low gravity as the walkways are easy to fall off, especially if you accidently go through one of the transporters that are located around the map, which will transport you through each of the different leveled walkways. If you are one of the unlucky players that can\'t stay on the playforms for very long, you will find yourself falling down into space before being sucked into the black hole that is placed in the centre. After a short ride down a flashing red tube, you arrive in a white oblivion where you remain for a few seconds before finally dying. The flags are actually located right next to each other, but separated by a long yellow forcefield, meaning you have to take the long trek around the whole structure to score, unless you find another, sneaky way to do it. :) Overall it seems like a well thought out map which is reflected in it\'s quality. I only found a few bugs such as the flag appearing like it\'s on the other side of the forcefield (Ritualistic\'s fault), and you being able to wander around in the white room of death (for the few seconds you remain alive) and kill anyone else who happens to be there. Go get it now! Review by Gez




ST:Voyager Conflicts of Interests Model Pack | 33.45 MB

includes several models as seen on the USS Defiant and several seen on the USS Voyager, all of which make a nice complement to any DS9/VOY era maps. 7o'nine has also kindly included image files that show you how each texture is wrapped around the models, which means making your own textures for them is a lot easier. This is an essential download to any EF2 mappers out there. :) The STVCOI Teaser can be found [file=50073]here.[/file]




HZM Shuttle | 2.13 MB

around in, which is done via a new HUD based menu. This menu allows for movement of the shuttle up, down, forward, back etc and can move at different speeds depending on how many times you click a directional command. In addition this amazing feat of scripting, the shuttle has functional shields - which can be activated from within the cockpit or by shooting at the vessel - as well as a working transporter. This download does not represent the current version of development, however has been released as a taste of work so far, for the community to enjoy. This is truly an excellent piece of work and is recommended for download, especially to those who still love a bit of EF2 every now and again. See the readme for further information and installation instructions. ~AdmiralHocking




Borg Distribution Node Control Room | 935.84 KB

first map so be nice. Note that this map isn\'t intended for multiplayer and/or good gameplay, and as such I won\'t rate it. Maybe we can convince him to make a multiplayer version?




Sea Temple | 4.05 MB

right through, but chances are that at some point or another you\'ll need some form of teamwork to get anywhere. For those not familiar with CTF_And1 from EF1, the map follows a sort of aquatic-aztec theme. The walls and floors are made of stone etched with carvings (shells/fish/waves), crystals on the floors and ceilings provide light, and pools of water flood the lowest levels. The main areas of the map are pretty closed off, but each base offers a lot of ways to move around with ease to cover your entire base. From the flag area you can spy on what\'s happening below, you can dash around the various entrances to keep an eye out, etc. The center is usually where the action takes place. It has a bridge going through it that connects the two bases, as well as two water tunnels on either side that give access to the lower levels of each base. Hence you will be passing through the center whether you like it or not... it can get a bit like a choke point at times. The conversion from EF1 is by far one of the best I\'ve seen. Yes, there actually is proper lighting (though in the flag areas there are a few too many dark shadows); the scale is just right for EF2; an important And1 feature of the healing water pool has been retained; and the overall feeling is that it actually works for EF2\'s gameplay! Worth the download :) [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yes [b]New Models:[/b] No




The Labyrinth | 2.08 MB




World War Two BattleField | 916.25 KB

to a series of winding dugouts through which you can crawl around in to various points in the map. The battlefield itself is a pretty plain land with a few bumps and ditches scattered around. Scattered around the field are electric fences (that kill upon contact) and what seem to be landmines (which are near impossible to find until you step on them). A rather clever idea added to this map is that all the pickups are scaled down to a tiny size which means the focus isn\'t on huge rotating hypos interrupting the view but rather the battlefield itself. The dugouts have large stocks of ammo to pick up so you\'d probably want to stay close to them (especially since you won\'t find a lot of cover out on the field). What I would have liked to see is less of a rectangular arena feel to the map. Perhaps some rough rains with fog clouds rolling across to make the rather large field feel a little less open would really have added an atmosphere. Though the idea behind this map is pretty nice and it\'s been pulled off fairly well. You may want to check it out :) [b]Bot Support:[/b] No [b]New Textures:[/b] No [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Models:[/b] No




CTF Grey | 2.17 MB




CTF Scavbase | 553.3 KB

to the theme all too well. Sure, you have your crates and general feeling of a place patched up together... but something is really missing. The map is pretty straightforward, the bases lie right across each other though you can\'t just run straight to them :p a row os lasers separate the bases. As soon as you touch the laser you get transporter to the \'crate room\' where you find weapons stashed inside open crates and two transporters that take you back to the other side of the base. There were a number of z-fighting issues and other technicalities (like the map image not properly showing) and that there was no indication of lighting! There was also too much ammo lying around and clumped together, weapons would clip into the wall and surrounding ammo. I was happy with the idea and some parts of the layout but the map needs a lot more work. Anyway, we all have to start from somewhere :) [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] No [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Models:[/b] No




Step Pyramid | 588.61 KB

wanted it to be the first map out. He was the first to submit it but some other filer beat me with posting a EF2 file. Sorry Tempest, you are second ;) [b]BOT support:[/b] Yes [b]New textures:[/b] No [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Models:[/b] No




Rocket Arena | 4.06 MB

placed crates (check screen shots) This allows you to snipe and hide from enemy fire as well as creep around and jump out at them when they don’t expect it. lol Once you ascend to the 1st and 2nd floor the real fun begins. You can rule the game from up here! It is a bit like king of the hill (good thing), as you can pick off your aggressors 1 by 1. I did think there was a little too much weapon placement, but hey, maybe that’s a good thing. So, to sum it up, this is an excellent map from the map factory known as Flix. Pandemonium




DM Fall | 12.95 MB

the main room , So you better watch your step and back !! The good thing is that there are no textures used in this map as its all brushwork so the map really runs at a fast speed. Also I really liked the music that flix put in this map :cool: Overall a fun map this Pan.




USS Balingo | 9.19 MB

like square boxes with models placed in them. No offence but the map was just not that great. I mean i understand that the editor is difficult to use, but still. Overall its a good addition to the roleplaying maps since there arent a lot of them, but I don't suggest the download if you plan to frag. It's OK... not the greatest map, but its not the worst




CTF Aim | 2.79 MB

rooms together . As is the norm, he has used nice smooth edges and clean lines everywhere on this map Weapon placement is good also . Overall a good small map that has a feel good factor to it :D Bot Support : Yes CTF Support : Yes Pandemonium.




USS Achillies | 685.42 KB

should be two of these next to each other at all times, one transports you to the next/prev deck, while the other is the destination of the transport. The transporter room has also transports you to a different spot on the place, one which I will presume is the weapons locker/cargo bay. To be honest, the map isn\'t all that good. Chris has said this is his \"first full map\", so keeping that in mind, I think it\'s important to give constructive criticism to help him get better :) Short list from me: doors should slide away gracfully within a wall (i.e. no z-fighting or blocking paths); lighting!! there was virtually none.. it can really set an atmosphere; space usage: things are a little cramped up, while other areas are too open; scale: keeping in mind the height of the player and setting the rest of the \"accessories\" so they look to be more believable; caulking unseen faces; sounds: helps build atmosphere; and lastly just to use as little repetition as possible in a small/narrow area (corridors, small rooms, etc). I don\'t really RPG, so I don\'t know what exactly RPG players look for in a map, however the usual scripting elements seem to be missing (like consoles doing various things, etc.).




Sundown | 8.24 MB

over. Underneath the bridge you can get your hands on a quad or detpack (though it won\'t be easy as moving through water is sloooow). The other change isn\'t a huge one, but it adds a little raises section at the back of each base which would be ideal for some sniping. The change in the middle does affect Voy2\'s normal gameplay (which is a good thing or it\'d just be another clone). You can\'t really fly across the level anymore which can slow things down, but you\'re still pretty open to enemy fire. The lighting in the map seems a bit contrary to the map title and setting, i.e. sundown. In the sky you can see the sun setting in the distance making a lovely dramatic scene, but then you see this really blue map sticking out in the middle. It\'s a bit strange.... Anyway, the map is alright. Nothing groundbreaking, but it\'s kinda hard to tell whether it works or not... you may want to give it a try. [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yes [b]New Models:[/b] No




CTF SWS Zoom | 1.81 MB

suggestions along the way. The map is fairly simple in design; two towering coliseum–like structures stand as your base of operations. There a plenty of lava pits blocking paths and filling pits to whittle away your life points. The pits are fairly simple to escape if you take the time to discover their secret. The map tends to favor snipers; the two towers are accessible only by the lifts that lie in front of them. This becomes a perfect roost for snipers to pick people off unchallenged. This is a problem because there is no good vantage point to remove snipers from the towers with the exception of going up and hoping you don’t get picked off on the way up or trying to snipe them from your tower. This map makes use of simple scripting with a fun spinning walkway within each base. TonyDoc has added a few little secrets lying about for you to discover. Some you may only see for a moment so don’t blink. The map is plain but good. It has plenty of potential for making a small fun CTF game. There are no particularly striking aspects of this map to make you Oooo and Ahhh but it should allow you a nice, simple fun game. Pandemomium.




USS Irish Leviathan A | 1.39 MB

explore, including the Bridge, Ready Room, Engineering, Transporter Room, several Quarters, Jeffries Tubes and lots of corridors :D Since it's just a demo I won't be reviewing/rating it, but I suppose suggestions are welcome on how to improve :) A lot of the panels are usable, so give them a try! Suggestions: - VAST improvement in FPS needed. There are times when 70,000+ polys are being drawn.. even high-end systems might complain some. You could achieve this using areaportals a lot especially since the ship has many doors and sections that can be separated. Keep in mind the structural/detail brushes as well.. Use textures to replace the ship name on the hull.. might save up from space as well as let you use a cool font or something :) The current metal shader you've used might also be causing the FPS slowdown. - Lighting should be less 'simple' (though this could be a WIP still)




Glade | 1.47 MB

shortcuts by jumping. I prefer his other maps to this one. Bot support is included.




Achillies Demo | 238.47 KB

architecture of the room itself. Starship rooms are not rectangular boxes. Download if you have nothing better to do.




DM Borg Outpost | 4.45 MB

called \"Gael\". The main floor of this arena is only broken up by a small platform which holds a regen pickup; though you better watch your step as the platform is hovering over a death pit! Around the edges of the arena are ledges (which are lined with borg alcoves) and provide the majority of pickups (health, weapons, etc). On either end of the arena are forcefields that transport you to the other side. The FFA version basically consists of three of the 1on1 arenas. The only difference between them being the colour (either green, yellow or blue). Everything else is the same, except that the forcefields will now transport you to the other two sections. The map layout works fairly well in 1on1. You always have an eye on your opponent and pickups are few and far between. Keeping an eye on the regen in the middle will definitely help you stay alive longer. For some reason though I didn\'t quite like the FFA version. It just doesn\'t feel as though the layout really holds up for more than two players. Give it a try though, it may be what you like. I would also have liked to see a more stronger Borg \'theme\'. At the moment, you could easily change the textures around to create a different atmosphere. Borg themes offer much more than just alcoves boringly lined up along the walls. Anyway, it\'s nice to see a new EF2 map and the 1on1 is worth trying out (especially if coming by other players for a decent FFA/CTF is hard ;)). [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] No [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Models:[/b] No




EF2 Torture | 240.36 KB

used with the use button. By closing the main door, you can lock other players in the big cargo room. With the consoles on the first floor you will be able to torture them. The ability to open the outer door will suck the players into space. Monsters can be added with another console but they are very leathal. Simply open the doors to suck them into space. 4 turrets are placed in each corner. The room on the back has 2 lava rooms. Raichu has graciously added his map file for others to check out. While torture maps are not my favorite kind, it is worth to check it out.




CTF Longrun | 3.25 MB

Besides this runway, there are also two trenches on the sides to help you in getting across this marsh. Small hills and ditches provide you with chances to escape enemy fire while trying to get to/from the enemy base. Each base is also equipped with \'sniper bunkers\'. These rooms have windows through which you can snipe people coming over the marsh. The bases themselves are quite simple inside. The flag room is found in the centre with one entrance facing the back of the base. I really liked how the marsh area came out, it looks pretty cool :D. The idea behind the map is also good. I would have liked to see some lighting in the map! Everything currently looks so bland and washed out.. and the lighting can really help highlight and liven the map. Perhaps a little fog could also have worked to prevent people from sniping straight across the map (which might be painful when coming across campers). Separating the inside of the base with a door would have been nice so more detail could have been put inside. Maybe even an alternate route undergound that opened up inside the marsh... [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] No [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Models:[/b] No




CTF Virus | 2.6 MB

large pyramid like building which offers yet another sniping spot, as well as housing the flag behind it. The middle mountain has a neutral tower housing some pickups and heavy weapons like the photon and grenade launcher. Besides the long run across the field, there are also two underground passages on either side of the map that connect each base. Though both passages are pretty long, straight and narrow so they are pretty high risk. Because the map is so open and because there are so many places to snipe from, things can get a little tough (or frustrating) when trying to capture an enemy flag. There isn\'t much to hide behind if you take the run across the field so you better hope you have some good cover to help you out. Obviously this map is supposed to be challenging, though I think it\'s borderline frustration. EF2\'s gameplay doesn\'t seem to lend itself too much to this (like getting stuck on the mountain sides, or the default slow run speed and not much straffing ability) though skill level will also affect how the map plays (i.e. if you\'re playing against a better player chances are you\'re not going to enjoy it). [b]Bot Support:[/b] No [b]New Textures:[/b] No [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Models:[/b] No




CTF HighFire New | 4.76 MB

a rough mix of small and medium sized hills. A few of the hills you can hide behind (which you can use either to act \"shneaky\" or for cover from enemy fire). I have to say that I like how the lighting works on the terrain, it looks kinda real :) I personally would recommend getting this new version over the previous one, though the decision is up to you. [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] No [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Models:[/b] No




CTF 1on1 | 1.42 MB

one side to the other. Below you is a large open pit, so you better watch your step as a simple slip up will see you falling to your doom!! The lighting is good quality and adds to the overall flavour of the map. It is a very interesting map to play and its best be played by 3 people on each side. Bot Support: - Yes CTF : - Yes Pandemonium




HM CTF m3Alpha

hm_ctf_m3alpha.rar | 4.18 MB

fortress with entrances at the back and front. In the middle of each base is a tall 2 level tower, the base being the flag room and the 2 levels serving as sniping areas. The walls of the bases are rather important as they offer many spots to defend and keep enemies at bay. Between the two bases is a network of partially submerged pathways that can be used as a way to sneak up near the enemy base. Pickups and weapons are plentiful, the map should certainly hold up to a moderate number of players. The fog also has a great use to stop sniping across the map (thankfully no spawn sniping!) which is important given the rather open nature of the bases, plus it just adds to the atmosphere! Fun gameplay mixed with very nice brushwork gives a really great map, definitely worth the download! [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] No [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Models:[/b] No




HM CTF m3Bridge

hm_ctf_m3bridge.rar | 4.5 MB

obviously get the hint that a bridge is a prominent feature, and in this case the bridge [i]is[/i] the map really. Each side of the bridge ends in a spiral with the flag sitting in it\'s center. The middle of the bridge has been cratered revealing some health pickups and transporters that take you to a sniping platform above the bridge. Throughout the entire map you\'ll find jumppads to help you reach to the top of the bridge or to just throw you across the large distances to get to the other side. The weapons are mostly focused in the bases, but you\'ll find ammo all along the bridge as well. Some of you may get a low FPS running the map, especially near the flags. Also, while most of the map is cushioned (so that you can fall from high altitudes without losing health, which is a good feature to have in this map!) sometimes it is possible to hit an un-cushioned brush and lose health. There was also a bit of \'weirdness\' with one of the jumppads that throws you right over the bridge rather than on top of it (not sure if this was intentional though). Personally I thought the bases could have been designed a bit better, it all feels a little too long to walk from one flag to the other. Overall I though the map was pretty good-looking but the gameplay could have used some more work. It\'s certainly worth checking out though, it may just be what you like! [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] No [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Models:[/b] No




rpg_moondust | 2.28 MB

collection. Upon opening the map you begin in the shuttle bay, which includes several access points to other areas of the map and a working shuttle. The shuttle itself actually only moves to just outside the shuttle bay door, then turns around and re-enters the shuttle bay, while I found this rather disappointing, it is a nice feature. Upon exiting the shuttle bay and entering the main corridor I was surprised to find a character standing there, at first I thought this had been left on the map by accident, however he eventually moved up the corridor, deactivated a force field and entered the engineering section. Having seen this prompted me to start testing the console in the corridor itself, each activated and deactivated force fields in different sections. Aside from the shuttle and force fields there are a small number of other interactive features and areas to visit, overall a very impressive work in progress. Unfortunately the author wishes to remain anonymous as work on this has been discontinued. See the readme for further information. [i]Note: The hud alteration seen in the screenshot is not included in this file.[/i] ~AdmiralHocking




Dm Space Pad | 2.15 MB

to die when jumping from pad to pad, whilst trying to pick your emery’s off from a distance and not falling to your doom ! Bots have no chance on this sort of map and just hang about on one pad acting dumb (As is the norm for bots ) Still do not let this small detail put you off, as this is excellent map from Flix. :) Map Supports. Holo Match Control Points Pandemonium.




CTF Pan]o[ | 5.95 MB

activities (probably not the best place to set up a base if you ask me but what do I know) Flix has tried to make this map fun to play and there are lots of little turns and twist’s in it, the thing that struck me was how good the lighting was and this really adds to the feel and play of the map! Weapon placement and power ups are ermm well placed and not to cluttered. Overall a good map that is fun to play. Map Supports -Holomatch -Team Holomatch -Capture the Flag Pan.




RPG Starfleet Academy | 3.57 MB

basicly the entire original level, but without the mission objectives or cadets wondering around. There are a number of offices, including the Functionary's, Headmaster's and a couple of spares, there is a lecture hall connected to a Holodeck, and of course, the outside area complete with fountains, pools of water (with fish) and Boothby's award-winning gardening. Also, make sure to check every door on the map. You never know what might open up to reveal some weapons and powerups inside.... Not much else to say about this download, except that it is perfect for Academy roleplays in EF2. My only concern was the chairs that you cannot sit in, but aside from that, not bad at all: a nice conversion. ~ Luke20 (The Tenth Doctor).




Natemaps Mappack | 3.53 MB

downside realy its a bit small and the forcefields are a bit slow for my taste. But weaponplacement is mainely good. 2. The Temple of Frag 2k4 This map is the evil side of the mappack, It s prety ugly, bots play bad and the actual CTF aspect of the map isnt very good ither. With other players it can be fun, but not with bots as they allways just drop into the water and more or less just wait to be shot at. The fact that only the QuantomRocket Launcher is available in this map is both good and bad, as it can be fun, but it gets booring quickly. to sum up, these are 2 fun maps for inbetween other maps, but the ctf gameply isnt ver good. -FliX




Great Deku Tree | 10.47 MB

about that). It\'s a bizarre combination of Zelda64 and Romulans from EF2. The NPCs are highly annoying and you\'ll die a few times from them. It doesn\'t have the classic gameplay we\'re used to, and so it\'s for deathmatch and not CTF. Enjoy!




CTF SWS Training | 1.08 MB

to \'peek\' over and gun down enemies. On the sides of the wall are two passages to get to the other side. The flags are put on a higher level than the playing field (again, kinda like voy2) with ladders to get up there. The map is very simplistic (which can be a good thing... sometimes..) and does not offer a variety of textures to try and break up the monotony. There are too many weapons/pickups for this size of a map.. it looks a little cluttered. There is also no evidence of much lighting (which aids the monotonous look). The starships floating above lend a Star Trek touch to the map; however, these seem to have been made into the focus of the map rather than an aid. [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] No [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Models:[/b] No




Moonexplorers | 1.22 MB

number of vantage points, Moonexplorers is an enjoyable map with a nice amount of originality. Arguably however, the map could be played as Capture the Shuttle rather than Capture the Flag - which would be rather interesting to see. The author notes this is his first map, while being fairly bland; Moonexplorers is a nice concept and is bound to be a source of enjoyment. See the readme for further information and installation instructions. ~AdmiralHocking




NX-01 Shuttle Model | 296.58 KB

a decent 316 triangles. The texture is a bit blurry, but it sure looks like the shuttle (can\'t really comment much on canon-ness as I don\'t watch Enterprise). A note to those who do decide to use it, please do include the pk3 of this model with your maps/mods zip file! (don\'t forget to give proper credits in your readme :)) [b]Polycount:[/b] 316




CTF Reservoir | 2.95 MB

is here for EF2 for good or bad. It seems like an exact conversion (though scaled up, obviously). The only huge difference here is that those elevators are now replaced by ladders! Yikes... those elevators were a pretty big part in Reservoir\'s gameplay. As with all the other EF1 conversion thus far, the textures and lighting used bring the quality of this map down several notches. Textures are pure blandness and added with all that 100% white light just leaves nothing to look at. Sure the map looks almost exactly the same, but last time I checked EF2 was not EF1 and sometimes EF1 maps just dont lend themselves to EF2 gameplay. If the map was somehow reworked just a little to suit EF2 a bit more then it perhaps would have been better. Anyway, if you want to give this a try out and see if it brings you as much fun as its EF1 counterpart then go ahead and check it out. [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] No [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Models:[/b] No




CTF_Underground | 5.74 MB

tunnels of the two identical bases lead to the big hall in the center. Some powerups have been placed throughout the map and alot of weapons have been included. Most of the tunnels are a bit narrow, which is not nessecarily a bad thing since strafe jumping does not really work except with usage of the Ultimate Patch. This patch fixes most of the bugs Ritualistic was unable to fix. Compatible with all game types, this creation is certainly not lacking good gameplay. No overlapping textures or other potential bugs could be found. Overlapping textures always bring the quality of a good map down significantly. The corridors or tunnels if you wish are very well designed and textured. An incredible amount of detail has been given to them. Background Story: In earlier days, this has been an Attrexian mining facility, but it was left when all natural recources of the planetoid were quarried. This way hundreds of similar installations exist spread over the Brecha-Rift. Today some of them are used as secret operation bases by Idryll separatists. It is only a question of time until the Attrexian military starts sweeping those complexes.




CTF_Holodeck | 723.12 KB

a...holodeck ;) The small walkways are not nessecarily a bad thing, this keeps you on your toes otherwise you will fall and you will be killed. There could have been some kind of acid placed at the bottom instead of nothing. This way you actually know why you are dying instead of \"why on earth was I killed by nothing\". The weapon placement is actually pretty good, there aren\'t too many weapons and best of all, there aren\'t any heavy weapons. Heavy weapons just don\'t fit on a map with this size. I encourage EF2 maps. Who knows, maybe EF2 will become popular one day :)




Eagleeye v2 Beta | 1.2 MB

any more. He has also added an engineering deck, and a warp core! See screen shots. All looks much better but there is some over lap on the second set of doors in the lift and You lose some life on the engineering deck leaving the Turbo lift ,also a door opens out into space as well, But this will lead to a room of some sort in the next version . This map only works on a single player as the lift does not work on muti, so load a single player and press ¬ (next to the 1 key) and type devmap eagleeye, hopefully Dr Bob Will sort this out :) So all in all it's getting better, here's looking forward to version 3 . :D Pandemonium.




CTF HighFire | 4.66 MB

mapping ability. Things are getting a little more finished looking as well as the move away from box-like rooms. The lighting is another aspect that is showing itself more evidently. You can easily tell that there are indeed lights, and the shadows are recognizably coming from the various structures in the map (as opposed to vague dark blotches on walls which don\'t make sense). The bases themselves are relatively simple and linear. The main entrance at the first level has two small rooms at it\'s sides for sniping. It leads on into a stairwell area (except ramps instead of stairs :D) which either takes you up towards the flag room, or down to the underground passage. The flag itself is situated on a ledge overlooking the ramp coming up to the flag room. This is good for defenders to get a nice eagles eye view of people coming from below, and attackers can see who\'s up there. The underground passage is a bit simple, it\'s just a long corridor from side to the other (though the RAD gun is here in the very open). While the bases were pretty good, I was a bit let down with the outside and the item placement. The outside is just a plain repetitive brown texture and the items are just scattered (almost randomly it seems). I think the outside area of DK\'s map LongRun coupled with Highfire\'s bases should make for a pretty good map :) [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] No [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Models:[/b] No




Hexator | 6.23 MB

CTF. Modifiers: InstantKill, WeaponScore, ControlPoints, ActionHero, Handicap, Eliminatiom, Specialties. Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes




CTF DeathWarrior | 3.94 MB

right in the centre. They have a glass "spy" wall between them, so you can check out what's going in with your 'neighbour' all the time :) The map can seem a bit like a maze at first as things look a little similar, well.... the only real different thing from one sphere to another is the lighting and the pickups, which I suppose is sufficient to be able to memorize the map layout. Though the lighting is the best indicator to which side you're on. Along two of the walkways there are windows that let you see the whole network of spheres, this can also help to ascertain where you are. What I thought was cool was a really small thing (which didn't occur to me before) is that the sphere's are actualy at different heights (compared to if they were all on the same xy-plane), this is a very subtle thing that can also help you to navigate your way around. The spread of the weapons is a bit random, but at least it forces you to move around in order to get the best weapons (and chances are that you will also spawn close to a weapon to arm yourself with). With the slightly linear nature of the map, expect to run head-first into enemies. [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] No [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Models:[/b] No




BL Fountain | 1.92 MB

fountain, or move around the higher edges of the map to stock up on pickups. This map works well for the BL mode, it has enough room to move around in and offers space to take a breather. Pickups are just about right to stay alive, but just barely. [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] No [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Models:[/b] No




BL Abyss | 1.44 MB

missions within the Klingon Empire.\" The atmosphere is very dark and gloomy, infact it\'s kinda hard to really see where you\'re going. The fact that there is a big black hole (the \"abyss\") in the middle of the map doesn\'t help matters either ;) Along the platforms on the side there is enough light to see where you\'re going, but the platforms in the centre are quite unlit. The lights along the staircases that lead to these platforms do have tiny lights running along them which certainly help. You can even use the pickups as a guide to know where you\'re going. The main pickup in this arena is the invisibility one, a good choice for a dim map such as this, it can give you quite an advantage. At first glance I thought I didn\'t like this map a whole lot, but actually it\'s one of the more challenging ones out there which has some interesting elements to it that make it fun to play! [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] No [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Models:[/b] No





hm_ctf_m3tos.rar | 3.54 MB

course there are also other ways to get to the other base. The overall design is pretty interesting. After jumping in the water I noticed there is no bottom. The only thing you see is stars. Not sure if it\'s supposed to be that way but it looks kind of odd. The quality of the map makes up for a really good game. I recommend you that you check out this eyecandy. Bot Support: No Custom Textures: No Custom Models: No Custom Sounds: No




CTF The Forgotten | 2.7 MB

detailed, the hallways for instance, but then the ramp in the main part looks very loveless. But generaly speaking the map is prety good looking. But gameplay in CTF is kinda bad, because the way between the 2 flags is soo damned short, you can score as soon as you have the enemy flag within under 10 seconds, there isnt much of a chance to try to get your oponent before scoring because the distance is too short. Item placement seems slightly disorganised aswell, its just not usual to have 2 medium armors within 10 meters of eachother. Bot support is slightly limited im affraid due the the fact that they prefer staying inside the main area of theyr base insted of actualy getting the flag (back). The map is considerably more fun when playing Death match it isnt a very good CTF map though :(. now nate dont get me wrong your map isnt all bad, im just trying to point you into a \"better\" direction. I see alot of mapping potential in this map, just spend a bit more time with planing the layout of you next map, then everybody will be happy. -FliX




TT Strafes | 2.57 MB

[url=";41877"]TT Strafes (beta1)[/url], which is an [u]Elite Force 1[/u] map. As you can guess by this map's name, he took their advice. This map comes equipped with 16 rooms and a [i]strafe lane[/i], which is made with some different textures, as this map was a learning experience for doomseeker. It would seem to me that [x-men]doomseeker is well on his way as an accomplished mapper, and I, for one, look forward to seeing more creations from him! :thumbsup: Refer to the Readme for more installation instructions and credits.




Bat\'leth Jump Temple | 1008.39 KB

which will shoot you to the surrounding area. It\'s small but for a Bat\'leth match the size is perfect. Some Klingon signs are placed on the wall and they look very good. The rest of the maps textures look very good too. The only thing that bugs me is the fact that you have a phaser even you can\'t fire it. It\'s kind of redundant and probably left in by the Ritual coding monkeys. Suggest downloading this and give it a try. A Bat\'leth match is kinda cool and should be modded over to EF :)




CTF Geometric | 1.17 MB

Each base also has some ledges high above that are reached by an elevator. In the middle of the map is a small, open room filled with ammo and two RAD guns. What\'s going to hit you first thing in this map is the scale. It\'s tiny! Just enough room to move around in. I\'m thinking a 1v1 CTF, 2v2 max. On top of that, there are some pretty powerful weapons scattered everywhere (sniper rifle, RAD gun, Attrexian weapon, etc.) Far too many weapons for a map of this size. It\'s not extremely interesting, so check it out if you feel like it. [b]Note:[/b] You need to wait for a few seconds after loading the map for the AAS file to finish it\'s processing. When it\'s done you\'ll see a message saying so in the console. [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] No [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Models:[/b] No




USS Kepler | 6.68 MB

loadable on its own. Its looks pretty sweet. The curved corridors make it look very high quality. The open lounge area in the centre of the deck is a cool feature. The lighting is also very well done with different levels of lighting in certain areas of the decks. The only mute point is the fact the map is unfinished as you can clearly see missing wall panels and missing floors. Don't go stepping into the turbolift as there is no floor and you will simply be caught behind the walls. Also there is a slight niggling problem of mismatching brushes which create a little white oddity on deck 2 in the overall map which does not appear on the individual deck 2 bsp (possibly due to interference from brushes belonging to another deck?) Anyways, this is a decent enough map even if it is unfinished. :) [b]Note[/b]: This mod uses some textures from the "Conflicts of Interests" mod that are used in the Jeffries tubes as is the turbulift model from the same mod.




RPG USS Briant | 234.5 KB

usual features. Its rather boxy, with basic brushwork, lighting and textureing. But I can see that the developers tried to put some effort into the map and map design, because they added trims here and there, and tried to liven things up a bit with a lot of models, that you can party run through im affraid. And the Lighting often seems to come from nowhere. But the main downside in my oppinion is the absence of music, especialy in an RPG map it adds alot to the atmosphere. All I can say, is keep at it guys, there is potential in this map, add more detail and try to get rid of the overall box look, and you have a nice starhip map on your hands. -FliX




USS Armstrong | 544.05 KB

bit. Original Review: [quote]This is the updated version of 'bridge', now with its name included (USS Armstrong). The missing textures and overlaps have been fixed, however you can walk through the chairs (perhaps on purpose since there is not much room). It has four rooms (with no doors): transporter room, bridge, briefing room and engineering (I think).[/quote]




BL Deh\'Qua Nuq | 1.07 MB

The main level is broken up by the use of crates and raised platforms on the sides. On two opposite ends are also elevators that take you up the second level. Between the two levels there are quite a few health/armor pickups, though they are small so you\'d need to really move around to gain enough health. To get back down to the main level you can use the elevators again (which activate with your \'use\' key btw). While you could tell the map is meant to be Klingon in theme, it still is very generic. I think the whole Klingon-thing could have been stretched a little more to decorate up the place a bit. The elevators work rather well, as does the (simple) layout, which makes this a pretty decent Bat\'Leth Only map. [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] No [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Models:[/b] No




CTF Piramon | 503.36 KB

cant even nearly see people at the other end of the map. This map ist just much to undetailed. and too big, I\'m assuming this is one of Jacks first maps, so for that reason, i say stay at it. Practice a bit more and get some better maps out soon. -FliX




BL Lavapit | 937.75 KB

walkway following around it. Besides the big pool of lava, there are also smaller lavapits near the cliff walls. What makes the big lavapit so special is the important pickup that is floating on a small island in the middle. Besides that, there are very few pickups in this small space so you really need to catch them whenever you can. The map is done rather well, it\'s got nice lighting, the layout is good and the terrain isn\'t too fly-papery. There\'s nothing that hinders this map gameplay-wise, though visually there could be some improvments. What hit me as weird when I loaded the map is the colour difference between the cliff walls in the map and the volcano mountain in the background. I think the skybox should have been altered a little to fit the atmosphere more. Another problem was the really jaggy edges of the map, I think atleast another row of terrain triangles would have helped smooth things out (and get rid of the square-ish feeling). Overall a good BL map, definitely not for more than two, maybe three players due to the limited space you can walk around in. The lava is certainly an extra challenge to cope with! [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] No [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Models:[/b] No




RPG Atlantic | 7.19 MB

map. It puts together many maps into one. This map is as a result, huge. There is no bridge, as Daedalus is better at editing sources and making rpg maps than making a good thing from scratch. This would ruin the map if he made a bridge, as the source did not include one. Obviously this is a map for junior officers Roleplays mainly. A few [b]bugs [/b]along the line that the author has recognised: [*] Turbolift Teleport problems: Transports to the same deck :P Resulting only one way to get to engineering. [*] Teleport Glitch: you get teleported into the ceiling, you have to duck to get off the ceiling lol [*] Cargobay door on particular deck: Opens really Weird?!? This is a tough one to call. Whereas it has considerable work done to it, the textures have left a lot to be desired. The texture quality really doesn't do this map any bit of justice as there is no detail and it is very bland. It is a real pity that the textures are a let down. This map has potential but it really needs a major overhaul of æsthetics to really make this map worth checking out. An improvement version is needed :) - [b]IKS[/b]




RPG Warbird | 1.64 MB

for ef2. With all damage removed, this is sure good for romulan plotlines! So here we have the supposedly long awaited RPG Warbird, I wouldn't know how 'long awaited' it is personally as i don't follow EF2 WiPs that closely, still, here's the review. So you spawn on some form of platform/walkway next to some form of pit/shaft, apart from the missing ceiling (resulting in whatever was last on you screen appearing in it's place) it looked quite... Romulan-esque, me being me of course, i promptly walked off the walkway down the 'shaft', i walked around the central... Pillar thing to see if it contained a lift of sorts and promptly... Well i fell off the map... So, following this i re-spawned myself and after walking around a bit, walking across invisible floors, looking through the gaps between two parts of a wall and falling off the map in a few other places i came to the conclusion that somewhere in the creation process something must of gone horribly horribly wrong, probably in the decompile if this map is indeed as anticipated as the author makes it out to be. However, having said that, what i have seen is definitely a promising 'beginning?' to something great, all the stereotypical Romulan elements are there, the dark atmosphere, the sense of patriotism conveyed by the star empire's logo being dotted around (rather well i must say) and what looks like an attempt to recreate the singularity core seen in TNG: Timescape... Although in reality it looks like four photon torpedoes frozen in time. I certainly hope there is either a new, or fixed version of this map coming out soon, as from the screenshots, it looks really good. Nice map... Although bug ridden. As a final note to the author, i will say that i tested it running base EF2, if there are any other requirements, please post them here and add them in your readme next time, thanks. -jamesamey




Holodeck Test

holodeck.bsp | 137.26 KB

the more experienced mappers out there. Please note that this map is nothing for you if you want to play a holomatch session on it, it\'s only meant to have a look at and give feedback. So please do not post any comments like \"No gameplay, worthless\" but give the author the hints and tricks he needs to improve. Thanks in advance.




CTF Romulan | 1.1 MB

amazing :)




prf_Stargate | 674.01 KB

may be available for the whole Elite Force 2 neighborhood! prf_Stargate is the rest of the HZM_Project Stargate which was cancelled because of a massive Data loss including files for this Project. With this release, the intention is to give the rest of this Project to the community. The following features can be found in this download: Example Stargate (brushed) Exampel Script (with comments) See the readme for more information.




DM Tempest | 4.12 MB

his name instead ! :p The action takes place on a large piece of space junk and strangely enough, it is shaped like tempest’s name! , I did think that I would fall down the gaps in between the gaps in his name but this not a problem at all Game play is fast paced and is a nice good fun map (Name) to play . Pandemonium.




Ancient Arena | 759.19 KB

one for Holomatch and one for Multiplayer. It is held pretty small and therefor recommended for 2-4 players in total. Download now :D




Warehouse | 3.74 MB

has very few changes to the gameplay of the map...actually, it has no changes to the gameplay of the map, but, this map will appear more professional and authentic as it now comes with a loading screen...which look great by the way! If you already downloaded the previous version, it should be replaced with this one, then all you need to do is get eight to 10 of your friends together, and fight for bragging rights! To add a bit of merriment to your gaming experience, W4rbird has included hidden items throughout this abandoned warehouse, so load up this download and [i]set phasers to [u]fun[/u]![/i] Refer to the readme for more information.




Station 1 | 373.33 KB

inside peek at the progress being made by it\'s creator. Unlike his previous map that had you in the great outdoors, Skipper has decided to try his hand at creating a map with rooms. Once you load this map, you will find yourself in a holodeck with comes equipped with a barrell that can be used for target practice. Lava can never be a good thing, so becareful when you\'re near it, and in case you\'re one of these [i]gotta find out for myself[/i] kind of person, there is a health console near by. Refer to the readme for additional information.




Holodeck Test | 31.54 KB

follow the progress with almost daily MSN updates by Skipper and I have to admit that for this short time his progress is amazing. :)




Eagleeye | 823.73 KB

a console and had to noclip out of it! The bridge has a really good look and feel about it and it also has a working (ish) turbo lift I say ish as you lose life when you enter it and it did crash me once when I used it, also if you are not using the lift and some one else does you still see the lift selection screen? So over all this map is buggy, But it is only a beta! So perhaps you can leave DR Bob (Is he a real doctor?) some positive comments to help him iron out all the bugs etc :) Pandemonium




CTF Waterfeature | 960.1 KB




Brushed Shuttle Nonscript | 746.22 KB

developer: [i]"This is the best brushed shuttle i know, at the moment!"[/i] This shuttle (the brush work) is made for the map mp_shuttle which enables players to fly a shuttle which can also be shot down. The map file is stored in the pk3 in subfolder maps.




Stargate Tech Demonstration | 1.82 MB

the tin: [b]Chrissstrahl[/b] has brought out yet another new release... this time, a good example of how to use the Stargate prefabs in a map. The Pegasus Stargate model is still its un-canon self with those tiny chevrons, but aside from that, a nice little test map - good stuff. ~ Luke20 ("The Tenth Doctor").




ctf_faceoff | 3.61 MB

simply stating [i]\"This map needs more work\"[/i] and the like are no help, and cannot be acted on. This map is based on the Elite Force 1 map ctf_faceoff and already supports all gametypes, but not bots. The readme included with this file is not complete, and is bare-bones...I am told that the final version will have a complete readme included. Chrissstrahl has also stated that anyone that offers help with this BETA version will have their names immortalized in the [i]credits[/i] section of the Final Version\'s readme. Looks good so far :thumbsup:




Spyglass4 | 1.88 MB

movements as the entire map is visible from just about everywhere. Dividing each team zone is a giant yellow forcefield, through which you can see the other team zone. Overall a rather interesting map, while being able to see other players movements all the time may seem like a disadvantage, it can in fact make getting away with the flag just that little bit more fun. :) See the readme for further information and installation instructions.




CtfFantasyX | 9.64 MB

first one on the trigger will least until the next encounter with an opponant! There are are few good spots where you can lounge around and ambush anybody that has the misfortune to wonder into your crosshairs...if keeping on the move is your strategy, there are enough ways to go so that you don\'t settle into a pattern. This map comes equipped with posters, and although you may have the urge to stop and gaze at them, I wouldn\'t spend too much time admiring them... Props to Chrissstrahl for sending this into us! See the readme for more information.




BL Arena | 4.99 MB

especially liked the environment of the map, it somehow reminded me to the map of the old Bajoran temple in \"Star Trek DS9: The Fallen\". Definately recommended. :)




old mp shuttle | 3.48 MB

auto fly sequence of the shuttle and some other gear for testing. It\'s important to note that because this is an older version, there is [u]no[/u] support for this map. Refer to the readme for more information.




Deathmatch Pool | 913.2 KB

the aqua appearance of the map (could be a temple to the god Neptune). Texture quality is decent enough, map design and layout is impressive and lighting nicely complements the whole atmosphere of the environment. Don't go diving in green water though, it doesn't look safe :p [b]Map Specials[/b]: [*] Excellent Gameplay, for strafers and non-strafers [*] High detail in Ambient, with Lights and Sound [*] You can get drown under water (starts within in 15 sec). [*] Small air bubles approaching the water surface, show that you lost some air and health [*] A ventilator pushing you back to the water surface [*] Water splash when approaching the CompressionRiffle location [*] A well hidden secret to be discovered [*] Destructable gameplay embeded glass objects This map is definitely worth checking out if you are a fan of EF21 - [b]IKS[/b]




RPG Warbird | 5.43 MB

This Map is also [quote]far better then the beta and fully playable[/quote] Fancy that. Do download, I love Romulan Warbirds. :)




Scorpion Fighter Map Model | 537.87 KB

this model for the EF2 Nemesis mod, but now is releasing it for everyone to use :). Here is some technical data for those of you that know this stuff: Polycount: 748 Vertex count: 668 Texture size: 1024x512[base] + 512x256[glow] Note that the polycount doubles to 1496 if the glow version of the model is used due to shader handling methods. The model defaults to using the glow version with the higher polycount, however if you want the lower poly version without a glow, check out how to change it in the readme - it explains it very well. If you end up using this model (and you should since it is nice) then it would be cool to give 7 an e-mail :). Check the readme for more details.




DS7 Starbase Teaser 2 | 465.28 KB

trekkish offices. Upstairs is now fully furnished, and now there is a lift next to OPS to the main Station Promenade. (not working atm due to teaser only) That finishes platform 1 deck 1, the teaser, with an unfortunate crash. (I dont know how to change maps) Thats it, it's much improved with more features too. Much more attractive. However, there is still an issue of the mirrored textures, the poorly implemented displays mounted on the walls and the patterned steel floor looking tacky - the steel floor would look good if the walls matched it but alas it doesn't, also the steel ceiling looks out of place. Its not a bad mod but alot of redesigning of the interior is needed..the low walls and cramped space is indicative of Starbase 375 from DS9 or indeed the Defiant Class but in order to maximize this spartan design it should be more metallic looking just like a defiant because the luxurious galaxy-type walls just don't suit the low rise ceilings and tightly compacted compartments. Overall it's an adequate improvement but it still needs alot of work. Download if you wish! - [b]IKS[/b]




city_of_feria | 1.54 MB

medium-small sized map made for single player and multiplayer. Not really a city in the essence of large buildings and towers this is more like an ancient city featuring a plaza, a few small sparse gardens, an open fire pit and stairwells leading to a small doorway on platforms above the center of the map. Using textures and shaders from Chriss Strahl this is a very nicely designed map with very impressive texture quality especially the building with mounted corner wall lights. The lighting is spot on too complementing the foggy idryll planet skybox above the map. There are a few pickups lying around the map with energy/shield bubbles in each corner of the map. Overall its a pretty decent map that is worth trying out! - [b]IKS[/b]




Lava7 | 1.28 MB

on EF2. The map consists of a small walkway suspended above a pit of lava, on the walkway you can find a phaser and an assault rifle. See the readme for further information and installation instructions. ~AdmiralHocking




USS Ark Royal - Teaser | 722.13 KB

many differences between her and her older sister ships, the Enterprise and the prototype Sovereign.




Exchanger01 | 4.41 MB

and this map most certainly leaves plenty of space to do so, with long corridors and high ceilings this map is bound to be strafing heaven. Unlike most CTF maps this one has brought a rather unique feature with it, instead of spawning near your team flag you begin in a form of transporter room. You have a wide selection of transporter pads to use which will send you into the main area of the map, from there you are given a vast amount of room to move around and strafe to your hearts content. Although the some areas of the map were darker than others and lacking in lighting, I felt that this added to the overall atmosphere of the map and helped to bring out a more interesting feel. We've seen plenty of maps fully lit with no shadows or dark areas and it's always nice to have a map with varying light levels. See the readme for further information and installation instructions, enjoy! :) ~AdmiralHocking




CTF_Faceoff | 3.74 MB

gritty Romulan theme, this map is well worth a download and in my eyes, like several EF1 maps I\'ve recently reviewed, has an \"Unreal 99\" feel to it. Interesting. ~ Luke20 (The Tenth Doctor)




Planet Attack Skybox | 839.22 KB

shows a single Romulan Warbird attacking a Planet in the skybox whilst coming under attack from a Starfleet vessel, in addition a second Warbird attacks the players location from above. To aid in use of this [i]do it yourself[/i] style example, the map file is included and the script is annotated. Overall this should be fairly easy to understand and is a must have for any budding EF2 modder. See the readme for further information and installation instructions. ~AdmiralHocking




Marvel DM | 2.43 MB

and more use of skilz! The look of this map is excellent, something that is not typical to the Star Trek scenery, but is welcome none the less! Kudos to Chrissstrahl for sending this in to us! See the readme for more information.




Plant Textures | 441.66 KB

download, as it will add plants with special shaders to your EF2 creation... With the download of Plant Textures, you will get two kinds of shaders used for the plants, one is detailed with some surface deformation; This will not show up on the low GFX settings. The other guessed it, no detail, which will show up even if the game details in the graphics settings are turned off. Refer to the readme for more information.




Co-op Paradise Island | 3.04 MB

the author's description: [quote]Huge Outdoor environment, two Objectives, countless Enemies and massive fun, is what makes this map to a good addition to the HaZardModding Co-op Mod[/quote]. What with a new Co-op release recently, it is good to see that new maps are being produced for the mod.




RPG_SFC | 2.04 MB

I have decided to publish the map in its unfinished state. I have included in the .pk3 the .map files so people will be able to modify it at will. Right now the map would be ok for a role play but it need improving. Bot support: no (I dont know why you would need it on an rpg map) new textures: no (never got around to finishing the map so no new textures) build time: 50 hours (and its still not done lol)




Deathmatch Pool | 1.35 MB

appearance of the map (could be a temple to the god Neptune). Texture quality is decent enough, map design and layout is impressive and lighting nicely complements the whole atmosphere of the environment. Don't go diving in green water though, it doesn't look safe stick out tongue Map Specials: * Excellent Gameplay, for strafers and non-strafers * High detail in Ambient, with Lights and Sound * You can get drown under water (starts within in 15 sec). * Small air bubles approaching the water surface, show that you lost some air and health * A ventilator pushing you back to the water surface * Water splash when approaching the CompressionRiffle location * A well hidden secret to be discovered * Destructable gameplay embeded glass objects




Co-Op H'Atoria Outpost | 4 MB

health and Weapons.




CTF_Faceoff4_Bugfix | 123.65 KB

will no longer become stuck on the trigger. The author notes that the Mapshot will now display correctly upon loading of the map, in addition the readme notes that this is a Script based fix and the map itself has not been altered. This version of the bugfix corrects an issue that caused servers to crash when using the previous version. See the readme for further information and installation instructions.




Tubemap | 561.83 KB

tube you will fall inevitably to your death. Tubemap is designed for Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch game modes, while rather basic this map does have some potential and is worth taking a look at. See the readme for further information and installation instructions. ~AdmiralHocking




Bridge | 2.76 MB

more than 2 players I would say at its current state. It also has some overlaps and missing textures. I think this may be his first map. Download if you want.




Silvester / New Years Eve | 357.03 KB

new map, released just in time on December 31st! [b]Silvester / New Years Eve[/b] is a small map containing a house and garden, but it has an abundance of interactive features, including a light switch that (obviously) turns on and off, illuminating the interior, a television that displays a weather report, and, most importantly, a firework rocket set up outside. These fireworks literally blast into the air and explode creating a nice effect. At the same time, many other fireworks explode nearby, filling the night sky! "Silvester" (No idea what the name is about!) is a fun map to play with for five minutes, and with other people, could be a nice for a New Years fragfest or roleplay. Happy New Year everyone. :) ~ Luke20 (The Tenth Doctor)




Schiessstand | 708.89 KB

massive room, spawning different kinds of stock hostiles from EF2, such as Romulan snipers, the Idrill bomb-planters, and many of the Exomorphs. You then, of course, get to fight them, with appropriate weapons, and activating more control panels can add fog or bushes, to vary the environment. Although playable on your own in single player, this map would be even better in multiplayer situations, as you could work together to defeat the enemies, and that option is also avaliable here. This release feels like a beta version, what with the room that is too big, and the various dev-messages that appear on the screen when you push a button, but this is a unique and interesting map to play, and I hope another version of it is released. ~ Luke20 ("The Tenth Doctor").




USS Armstrong | 61.16 KB

since there is not much room). It has four rooms (with no doors): transporter room, bridge, briefing room and engineering (I think).




Starfleet 2 | 460.03 KB




CTF ProGrenadierL | 1.94 MB

heavey lag on the servers, that issue has been solved with this release. Originally, this map was only found in the exclusive hands of the [b]darkmatter-clan[/b], however, permission has also been given for EFFiles to host it; Much thanks! This is a great Capture the Flag map, with enough room to keep things interesting, and allow for some intense battles! There\'s plenty of objects which can offer cver, however, there are also alot of places which will afford a clear shot into that cover long will you last?




Scripted Doors | 747.1 KB

readme for more information.




Co-op Bat'leth Arena | 2.02 MB

objective is to defeat all Klingons in battle with the Sword of Honor itself. [i]Apparently, whilst this is compatible to HaZardModding Co-op Mod 4.4 and above, you do not require it.[/i]




Triggerish | 500.72 KB

English: > or < or | (Next to Z or Controll) Mac OS-X: > or < or | [quote]Triggerish is a Hazard Modding(HZM) Testmap. On Triggerish we did Test some Triggers, what all is possible in combination with Script. I hope someone will find this Map/Script usefull.[/quote] Map Features: Script Examples for each used Trigger Type Inclusive the *.map file.




DS7 Starbase | 916.45 KB

shiny beacon in space, is a starbase is owned by the Federation, a home for many races, including mercenaries, which can start unfortunate bar brawls.... In this Mission, Munro is sent to assist the hazard team in settling a bar brawl and clearing the vents of alien bugs. The mission includes many models from the K7 Starbase level and there have been security turrets placed on the ceilings. There is also a trap set for you. so be careful! Overall it is a good mission but the texturing is a bit of a let down unless DS7 was designed by a Ferengi with bad taste ;). There is little in the way of map objects/furniture which makes the map look very bleak. All in all it definitely needs more work but it is a start! Download if you wish - [b]IKS[/b]




CTF Fortress | 2.25 MB

fortified bases with a flag in each and plenty of sniping spots around and on them. There are pools on both sides and a walkable wall surrounding the map, so lots of different ways to get around.




Warehouse | 3.38 MB

around the edges; all of which are rather spacious. Due to its size this map would be great for strafe jumping. Overall this is a good map and has great potential for a lot of fun :).




Co-op Paradise Island 2 | 3.6 MB

all, Fun!




Watcher\'s Sanctuary | 164.4 KB

believe. ;) I noticed there are a few overlapping textures, but not too bad for a second map.




CTF Nadoff | 3.49 MB




Patrol | 363.77 KB

Academy community. Patrol is a rather small compact map featuring four rooms. Each room is pretty straight forward with one of the rooms resembling a jail/confinement area with water in it. The map is just a practice map to get used to the editor, on the modder's behalf so don't expect alot from this, it is not meant to be the best of the best.




Halls of Death | 237.45 KB

room map with some plasma exhausts. Making time 35 hours cca. with included learning how to work with uberradiant.[/quote] For a first map, its pretty good. It has bot support, and the bots seem to know what they are doing, so that adds to the quality. Whilst the same textures are repeated a lot, the map's small design is solid, with hallways filled with dangers such as fires, gas, and a ton of weapons. This map could be described as a glorified obstacle course! In terms of improvements, for his next version, Perun might consider tidying up the lighting, as it is a bit too dark in some corners, and spreading weapons out a bit more, but as a initial effort, I am impressed. :) We don't get many new things for EF2, so get downloading now! [i](I have added some screenshots as the file submission did not contain any.)[/i] ~ Luke20 (The Tenth Doctor).




SP-MP Detection | 953.68 KB

included files do not overwrite and/or replace any of the existing files.




DM Nadoff | 2.96 MB




Ice Station | 1.62 MB

released yet. Download to play the Map on the HZM Co-op Server On-line.




PrintPositionToConsole script | 589.81 KB




dm_hell | 1.51 MB

mistakes including some lag. A bit too bright, looks like the map is set in a universe where relative luminance is a bit off the walls :p. The map design is average to adequate depending on how critical your are with decent item placement and a good structured design for combat but it still needs a lot of work. Admittedly, Perun states the failings of his own map so this is released as-is so go easy on the criticism.




CTF_Faceoff4_Bugfix | 123.53 KB

will no longer become stuck on the trigger. The author notes that the Mapshot will now display correctly upon loading of the map, in addition the readme notes that this is a Script based fix and the map itself has not been altered. See the readme for further information and installation instructions.




HaZardModding 4 Custom Co-Op Levels - INSTALLER (1.0) | 10.69 MB

will need the Co-op Mod to host with these levels.




Co-op Alien (work in progress) | 2.7 MB

playable, but the mission isn\'t yet complete. Nevertheless, a nice Christmas present for the remaining EF2 players!




bl_chaotic | 1.04 MB

textures giving an empty appearance in contrast with the normal map textures. This makes moving around this map a bloody nightmare and a headache but that is the effect the modder is going for. There is a transporter and fires dotted around the map. The best way to navigate this map is to follow the power pickups. Overall a weird but interesting map - [b]IKS[/b]




CTF Colonnade | 400.1 KB

tell me if anything needs added or changed.




dm_ctf_voy1- Fix | 739.58 KB




Co-op ABugs (work in progress) | 4.06 MB

campaign, Coop Bugs takes you on a Idryll ancient Planet after the Singleplayer Campaign ended. The Attrexians and Idryll began to work together to refurbish the old ruins and dig-out and research Idryll artefacts.




Borg Tower (dm_borgTower) | 1.09 MB

Borg Tower is a small action loaded, creative and Design-true Deathmatch Map with Bot-Support and a few extras, like Alcoves instead of Health-Items and spawn-able Borg-AI, offering a well balanced and optimized Classic Deathmatch gameplay, mixed with new elements.