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Daemon Hunters Mod

daemonhunters_mod_v0.8.exe | 59.87 MB

research teams for the freedom of movement and resources they can provide. The Order also works with the Techno-Mages of Mars, exchanging for study any scraps of technology they find in return for their wisdom. Their forces are the Deathwatch, small groups of specially selected Space Marines from the ordinary chapters spread throughout the galaxy so that they might quickly head to an alien influence and destroy it. Deathwatch members are volunteers from Space Marine Chapters that rigidly adhere to the Codex Astartes. These teams are expected to exterminate alien-influenced cults, recover alien technology and destroy alien infestations of Genestealers, Enslavers and Orks.




Tau Mod | 8.25 MB

42.5 - Gundrone attack range fixed - Gundrone build time decreased - Gundrone no longer invincible - Ethereal balanced to lose more easily - Crisis suit attack no longer drains self morale or hit points - Turrets now fully upgradeable, no icon bug




Daemonhunters Mod

daemonhunters_v075_ordomalleus_ordohereticus.exe.exe | 71.03 MB

complains about too many units and second MasterRobertus started his own Steel Legion Mod. It will contain all Steel Legion models you already know from the 0.7 plus new unseen models .. so stay tuned. Check out the Steel Legion Mod forum for more details: Highlights The Daemonhunters Mod now offeres you two races: • Ordo Malleus (Grey Knights + Steel Legion) • Ordo Hereticus (Grey Knights + Sororitas + Assassins ) Changes - GK Terminators and Land Raider are already available at Librarium Daemonica (HQ 2.5) - GK squads have now a max member size of 8 (like SM) - Banishment Ability (only effective against Daemons but very powerful) - Convent (Sororitas) now another ally option Ordo Hereticus race, Daemonhunters without Steel Legion but with access to Adeptus Sororitas and Grey Knights - Automatically gained Command ability upgrades - less upgrades, less Steel Legion units - hopefully streamlined tech tree - better documentation The following units have been removed: - Steel Legion Command Platoon - Steel Legion Salamander Command Vehicle - Steel Legion Colonel - Steel Legion Hellhound - Rhino, Inquisitorial forces now use the Chimera, too. Credits - Emperor James send us the new Loading Screens - ByTe provided us with the knowledge to make our own library (SGAs), thus future releases can be made easily via small updates




Steel Legion Mod

steel_legion_mod_v1.00.exe | 63.54 MB





tyranidmod213.exe | 5.87 MB

imperium from the edge of the galaxy, living only to feast upon the flesh of their foes. They are a fearsome adversary, but an even better ally! That's why our mod allows you fight with and for the great Tyranid race, swarm the enemy with hundreds of hormagaunts, stamp on your foes with the huge carnifex and devour your opponent from within with the deadly lictor. We aim to show players of Dawn of War what the fantastic Tyranids are and attempt to keep as true to the feel of the race as possible.




Daemonhunters Mod

daemonhunters_mod_v0.77_1.30_enabled.exe | 30.82 MB

reviewed – new model and new weapons based on the codex (see the vehicle section for more details – page 25) • Some weapon codes have been fixed. Balancing issue (once more) • Henchman were too week compared to their costs and other races. They now use more squad cap, are more expensive and can be compared to Eldar Guardians or even SM Scouts • Grenade Launcher for Henchman was not available due to a bug that has been fixed, “new” weapon upgrade available when the Librarium has been build • GK Squads take one more squad cap than their equivalent SM counterpart, thus GK SM cost 3 cap • Gun-Servitor a new troop type giving Daemonhunters increased Heavy Firepower like Heavy Bolter, Multi-Melta and Plasma Cannon. • Melta Damage has been reduced, while the rang has been increased, that should make them more useful. Multi-Melta is now available for Gun-Servitors, Dreadnought Multi-Melta is now as powerful as the previous Melta variant. (no matter how short ranged a weapon is DoW always use max range 25’’ thus Pistols (TT 12’’) and Shuriken Catapults (TT 12’’) double their range. In previous versions the melta gun had a range less than 15 and thus not always fired, now the range has been increased to 25’’ but the damage has been reduced dramatically) • Steel Legion gets access to grenade launchers as soon as a Librarium is build. • Acolyte has no longer access to Melta Bombs, use Henchman Melta Guns to counter enemy tanks. • GK Dreadnought and Hellfire Hitpoints have been considerably reduced. • Steel Legion Sergeant has no more Melta-Bomb • Land Raider gains the “Machine spirit” ability at HQ2 and has less HPs than the SM variant • Sacred Hull and Blessed Fist researches were too powerful, have dramatically been reduced, should be balanced now • Steel Legion Sentinels are no longer a squad of 1-3 but single units like any other vehicle, thus no more path finding problems and a lot weaker unit, squad cap is calculated correctly, too • Steel Legion Heavy Weapon Team armour type has been changed, they are more vulnerable now but still very good (infantry heavy high) • Inquisitorial Stormtrooper are much more expensive – like normal Space Marines – and have therefore a lot more hitpoints • Reduced cost of tier 3 by 100/50 and 25 seconds (like SM or Chaos) • Justicars and Acolyts gain this health increase, too (like Aspiring Champions and Space Marine Sergeants)




Daemon Hunters

daemonhunters_mod_v0.7.exe | 45.71 MB

still too hard to stop. Thus the following changes have been made: - Squad Leader gain the Melta Bomb ability as soon as the Mechanicus Creatus is available (now also available for Captain Brother and Acolyte) - Henchman will gain the Melta upgrade as soon as Mechanicus Creatus is available - Stormtrooper gain the Melta gun much earlier – this is their main advantage - Hellfire Dreadnought can use the Lascannon upgrade at tier 1 not at tier 2 like the Space Marine variant, thus even GK forces without Steel Legion support can stop the Defiler rush Please note Grey Knight will never become tank hunters, but they should not be completely helpless against tank attacks. - GK moral has been reduced at the beginning but will increase as tier upgrades - Steel Legion Chimeras will be only available AFTER the assigned unit is purchased, thus it will not be possible to have a Chimera rush that early – it was simply an unbalanced advantage - Steel Legion Heavy Weapon Team gains Lascannon Upgrade only at Tier 2 - Librarium Daemonica is no longer needed for requisition of units, only certain very powerful researches are only available when this Addon is researched and it is still needed to upgrade to the last Tier 2 and lots of bug fixed, too




Cadian Inquisition - 1.3 compatible

cadinq56.exe | 17.61 MB

Doctrine (Infiltration, Veteran, Lemanruss Variant) New Models (Kasrkin, Hardened Veteran, Sniper, Sentinel, Chimera) New units (Griffon, Hardened Veteran, Sniper) Improved Models (Building, Firesupport, Platoon) Balance (Air Support vehicle, Doctrine values, Tank, GK, Many weapons) AI now use Doctrine AI bug (Firesupport weapon upgrade, Abilities) So download this baby now, and purge the enemies of the Imperium with the Cadian Guard!




Daemonhunters Mod

daemonhunters_mod_v0.77v0.78_updater_v1.30_enabled.exe | 30.83 MB

fixed. (The only problem is that the SM Force Commander still gets the DHs colours, all other units are \"clean\") - Win condition fix (Assassination, Anhilation and Destroy HQ have been fixed) - Area damage hurts own units Special attacks, flamers and frag grenades hurt friendly units and even the originator. This severe bug has been fixed. - Assassins Several problems with Assassins has been fixed. Culexus Assassin is now a very efficient Commander-Hunter.




Cadian Inquisition

cadian_inquisition_installer_v01.44.exe | 1.35 MB

should be written. Sorry for inconvinience. As usual remove old mod folder before installing this new one.




Deamonhunters Mod

daemonhunters_mod_v0.6modelrelease_english.exe | 31.78 MB

the documentation for the Object Editor (OE) is simply none existing and Relic Support for the Mod Tools is a disgrace - to all our various post not a single response from a Relic official. I would like to thank all the other Mods out there who supported our course by giving hints and advices (tutorials) or for sharing their models with us – especially the His Righteous Mod of the Imperial Guard and the Necron Mod.




Cadian Gate Mod

cadinq57.exe | 12 MB

Squad) Improved Models (Building, Vulture) Paratrooper drop animation Little UI change (All doctrine visible from start, Ork pop help icon) New icons for building (Make by Gaz-1) Balance (Air Support vehicle, Doctrine values, Tank, Many weapons) AI now use Doctrine better Kill the Waaagh banner message bug Added a new separate "exploration" version (with more doctrine points)




Blood Angels

blood_angels_ver_0.02.rar | 235.71 KB

their zeal for the Emperor seems to drive them to acts of bloodshed. This bloodthirsty behavior has raised eyebrows among the Blood Angels’ Imperial allies and raised questions within the Inquisition. What those outside the Blood Angels fail to realize is that each member of this Chapter is haunted by the constant danger of falling into the Black Rage. 10,000 years ago, when their noble Primarch Sanguinius was slain fighting the traitorous Warmaster Horus, the self-sacrificial and brutal manner of Sanguinius’s death scarred his descendents for eternity. To this day, the memories of this final moment lurk in the minds of all Blood Angels. This is their blood-curse. A mere moment of inattention will cause them to lose their minds to their fury over their Primarch’s sacrifice. Like Sanguinius, the Blood Angels are masters of close combat. This is due to their unending desire to tear the enemies of the Imperium to pieces, barehanded when possible. Those Blood Angels who are consumed by the Black Rage form special suicide squads known as the Death Company. These Space Marines would rather die fighting the enemies of the Imperium rather than degenerate into raving madmen. Regardless of the thirst for bloodshed, no one in the galaxy can dispute the Blood Angels’ battle record. This Chapter has been at least partially responsible for many of the major victories of the Imperium’s long history




Eye of Terror

eye_of_terror_v0.7.3b.rar | 724.66 KB

working to get those we have done into the game, and working on more. 3) The local files may not work with non-english versions. We are working on this. 4) Some squad sizes reduced for balence. I know this moves away from our earlier goal of keeping to the codex. But this works better. 5) There are many new abilities, such as close-combat spikes on bikes and terminators. 6) Revision history included for those who are interested in such things.




Tyranids Mod

tyranids0212.rar | 3.6 MB

animations! Just so you know, this isn't a balanced version of the mod. Still lots of stuff to be added, and the only new model being the genestealer. However, that one Genestealer does look awesome, so enjoy!




Blood Angels Mod Beta | 48.54 MB

squads for Devastator, Veteran Space Marine's, Furioso Dreadnaught & Baal Predator. -New Character's, Captain Tycho, Librarian Mephiston & Commander Dante. -New Model's, The Death Company, Chaplain Lemartes Guardian of the Lost & Compilers Rhinoz Mod. -New Texture's, codex friendly & including Squad Helmet Colour-Coded textures. Please Note the Rhinoz mod by Compiler MUST be installed for this mod to work. It is available here on Dawn of War files;43379 Blood Angels Mod website: Installation: Double click on the Blood Angels.exe icon, and follow the instructions. This mod will install the following files/folders on your computer: -Blood_Angels_Mod folder -Blood_Angels_Mod.module -Blood Angels shortcut -Read Me.txt Description: The New Blood Angels Mod Team Present Version 1.o Patch 1.3 compatable Blood Angels Mod. This Mod allows you to play the Blood Angels Chapter of the Space Marines. It includes new Models of the Death Company, Chaplin Lemartes. As well as Blood Angels specfic Textures Banners and Badges. Legal: This mod is free to distribute amongst anyone who may enjoy it.You are NOT allowed to commercially exploit this Mod for profit in any way,including but not limited to, putting it on a CD ROM or any other medium that is sold in or out of retail channels, for any amount of money. You MAY distribute this mod through any electronic network provided you include this file, leave the files intact, and do not charge a fee for access to this file. The Mod has been tested and checked to the best of our ability however no guarantee or warranty is implied or given and we are not responsibility for any possible damage use of the mod may cause. All we ask is credit is fairly given and you visit to post feedback and help us improve the mod.




Cadian Inquisition

cadinq55.exe | 12.65 MB

nice list of things that weve added and changed, it may seem a small list, but the mod is litterally NEW and IMPROVED! * New Graphic interface * New doctrine point system * New research * New units * New icons * New building * Added Firesupport and Platoon animated models * Added Sentinel and building non-animated models * Techtree modifications * Improved AI * Added new languages support * Added french translation * Improved Balance of guardmen and autocannon * Lots of other small changes and balances




Daemon Hunters

daemonhunters_mod_v0.6v0.65_updater.exe | 6.6 MB

Most of the limitations have been removed to allow you to play Online Games with other races. • We included some researches into the Headquarter upgrade (Tier 1 and 2). So now as soon as you upgrade your HQ to Tier 1 or 2 your units will improve automatically. 1.) Grey Knights Nemesis Force Weapon damage is increased 2.) Grey Knights Space Marine, Inquisitorial and Steel Legion troops health increases 3.) Grey Knights max amount of Weapon Upgrade +1 per Tier • We removed the Honourable Inquisitor. You will start with a worthy Command unit instead - Inquisitor Lord Coteaz himself. • Holy Inquisition is no longer needed for the Librarian building. Thus you can start building Chamber Militant (Grey Knights) or Steel Legion Barracks and have weapon upgrades. Well the building itself is no longer needed. The production of units was transferred into the Thunderhawk. • The Exterminatus Activatus building is no longer needed. The Chamber Militant has been altered to allow Deep-Striking Grey Knights right from the beginning (as mentioned in the codex) • The Grey Knight Brother Captain is only available as Terminator squad leader upgrade. But cannot be purchased any longer as a “command” unit. • The Grey Knight Grand Master is necessary to have access to Terminators and Dreadnoughts and Land Raider. But no Relique is required anymore for the Grey Knights, just like it is mentioned in the codex. • Assault Terminators are no longer available. • Research for the Assassins is now included in the base price and will be available as the Tier (HQ level) increases. • The Steel Legion had a hard time. Mainly because they hit nothing due to low accuracy. Well DoW offers the possibility to upgrade units by spending more resources than usually. We did it that way and now the Guard hits 20% better and cost 5 resources more. So now they are nearly as good as Space Marines concerning the accuracy. They still die like flies Bugfixes • Thunderhawk Stormbolter Firing Animation was buggy • Steel Legion Heavy Weapon Team had a looping die animation • Chimera, Salamander and Rhino could be placed and transported in each other this is no longer possible • The GK upgrades made them too strong in the end. The GK are now better in the beginning, but not as powerful as they were once full maxed up • Squad Leader Upgrades were too expensive, now the cots are calculated correctly • Acolytes were build too fast, no it takes more time to upgrade them • Squad Leader had not enough hitpoints, their values has been increased • Command Platoon is more expensive but has therefore more hitpoints




His Righteous

hismod_1.1.rar | 770.44 KB

weapon -Special/Heavy weapons team starting size is 3 -Max Demolishers is now 4 -Adjusted Melta and Lascannon -Many minor tweaks




Death Guard Mod

death_guard_mod.rar | 2.53 MB




Daemonhunters (Exclusive)

daemonhunters_mod_v05_dowfiles.exe | 18.36 MB

researches are useful and worth the costs and to give you a hint, they are now a “must have” for all of you. - Explanation of the new Tech-Tree. We decided to create our own tech-tree and don’t stick to the Space Marines tech-tree as we did in the previous releases. This will be a lot of fun, once you worked out, how to use it. In order to help you, to get familiar to it, we ship a tech-tree description. - Problems to survive the first waves of enemy forces has been addressed and in our judgment been solved. New Units/Features: - Honourable Inquisitor’s Familiar Grants the psychic power “Smite” to it’s master, as long as the familiar is still alive. Has no ranged weapons, only very basic close combat abilities - Officio Assassinorum – new building where you can recruit: Vindicare, Culexus, Callidus and Eversor Assassins. - New textures for: GK Dreadnought, GK Land Raider, Rhino, Thunderhawk - Capture points now will show the Inquisitorial banners - Inquisitorial Storm troopers and Inducted Cadian Platoons now have a squad leader upgrade (Veteran Sergeant – who can be equipped with Melta-Bombs) - Inquisitorial Storm troopers can be equipped with Frag Genades Changes: - squad_cap_usage for Inquisitorial henchman has been set to 1 instead of 2, thus more units will be available without costly upgrades (i.e. Squad Increase) - new unit “Honourable Inquisitor’s Henchman” 4-9, with the Familiar as squad leader upgrade - Call-upon “global” upgrades in the HQ Thunderhawk have been removed. They were introduced, in order to establish mutually exclusive conditions. But it seems that this feature is not supported by the DoW engine – even if there are hints in the code itself .. new use: build the desired building and recruit the available units - We got complains that we offer to much researches and that they are kind of confusion. To ease this flaw we provide a detailed tech-tree description and made some researches automatically they will be available as soon as the needed tier level is reached via HQ upgrade. - Inquisitorial Storm troopers and Inducted Cadian Platoon are now automatically equipped with frag-grenades as you reach tier level 1. (the cost have been added to the HQ upgrade) - Cadian Veteran Sergeant and Justicar are now automatically equipped with melta-bomb as you reach tier level 2. (the cost have been added to the HQ upgrade) - GK had access to frag-grenades, well they shouldn’t so this ability was removed - New icons to meet our CI - Inquisitorial Henchman – Skull Probe don’t suffer the HPs loss any more, but therefore does no longer posses the sabotage ability. They will merely add to the attached units sight radius – very good feature for long rang weapon teams. - Researches for the GK vehicles were too powerful. They have been split into level 1 and 2 with less overall “impact”. - Honourable Inquisitor should have been a command unit, but did not have this armour type and thus was very vulnerable to most other enemy units. Now he possesses the better armour value and also gained 100 HPs. This should help you to survive the first enemy waves till Grey Knights are available. - The Psychic Power Smite – granted through the presence of a familiar – increases the power of the Honourable Inquisitor furthermore.




Spacehulk Patch

sh_patch_v067.exe | 5.84 MB

launcher -2 new 1st edition skirmish maps -2 new Hulk skirmish Missions -pit view radius reduced -New door texture\'s -Termi doesn.t get stuck in flame animation if killed -Servitor now gets attacked by horrors in Mission 2, 3 & 4 -Tactical view time increases when not in use -Terminator response time increased -Code supports 2 squads -some other general map fix\'s




Dark Angels | 4.99 MB




Spacehulk mod | 4.89 MB




Tau Mod | 19.03 MB

you have Dawn of War 1.3 installed. If you fresh installed Dawn of War, you will need to patch to 1.01, 1.1, 1.2 then 1.3. - Download - Extract into your Dawn of War folder, (Usually located in c:/Program_Files/THQ/Dawnofwar/) This should create a Tau_Mod folder in your Dawn of War directory, Tau_Mod_Module.mod and Pipeline.ini - Run Dawn of War 1.3 - On the main menu, go to the Mod Manager and enable the Tau Expansion, then head back to the Main Menu The Tau Mod should now be enabled. You can now play as the Tau Race in skirmish and multiplayer mods. You will still need to select the Tau in the army selecter! Suggestions and Feedback: Please register at our site and leave any feedback in the appropriate forums located here-




The Dance Macabre | 31.33 MB

information and of course Aknowledgements. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ NOTE FOR 1.4 Compatible build. THanks to the 1.4 patch all mods suffer from the problem of not being able to add squad leaders to squads. This is unfortunately a product of Relic not informing us of the change in the code structure, until we know the correct syntax for adding squad leaders back in we are stuck without squad leaders. There are other effects that are less obvious but i have tweaked the units to make these other problems less apparent. Also the AI from 1.3 is not included in this build due to Relic changing a whole bunch of AI code. So unfortunately for the time being the Harlequins do not have any AI. This means that you should not set Skirmish opponents / Allies to random or Halrequins until the AI update is out. As soon as these issues are dealt with I will release another update so that people can continue to be made. For a more enjoyable Harlequins experience with far superior all round AI I would suggest running Dawn of War on the 1.3 patch and installing the other build of thedancemacabre available on Dawn of War Files. This update was just made for those who want to play with the latest patch and still give the mod a try at least. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Installation Instructions This mod is compatible with the 1.4 patch for Warhammer: 40k Dawn of War. If you do not yet have this patch, then I would advise installing it as this mod will not work with older versions of the mod. This build is a hotfix with certain features removed due to the problems of 1.4 patch. I have just released it due to popular request. To install the game first delete any old versions of the mod. Make sure there is no folder named thedancemacabre in your Dawn of War directory. Then simply extract the zip file into your Dawn of War directory. If installed correctly your file structure should look like THQ\\Dawn of War\\thedancemacabre. There will also be a thedancemacabre.module file in your Dawn of War directory . To play with the mod simply start up the game, click on Game Manager at the main menu. You will see The Dance Macabre mod on the list, click on this and then click activate. If it activated you will see the Dawn of Harlequins logo on the top right, and you will find that the Harlequins are available in the army painter. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you have any feedback or problems please don\'t hesitate to visit the forums at You can also check here for updates, screenshots, concept art and general discussion about the modification. This is the first public release and the mod is still in very early stages, yes all the models will be replaced eventually.




Daemon Hunters (Exclusive)

daemonhuntersmodv04dowfiles.exe | 13.43 MB

ally to call upon by an Inquisitor) Changes: - HQ is now the Inquisitor’s Thunderhawk Drop-Ship (the honourable inquisitor has arrived) - Inquisitors are now available immediately, Inquisitor Lord requires at least one relic - Altered Tech-Tree: (now similar to Eldar Aspect Portal) Inquisitor now has the choice to use Grey Knights and/or Inducted Imperial Guard. Access to these units is granted via an add-on of the HQ. You no longer need an Armoury to build Grey Knights. Just requisite them in the HQ. - Exterminatus Activatus (Orbital Relay) is now already available at HQ Level 1. Taking into account that Grey Knights possess the special ability to Deep Strike their troops (teleport them into position where they are needed most) even if a ”normal” scenario would not allow this option. GK Terminators und Exterimatus still need a HQ Level 2. - Nemesis Force Weapon Upgrade for Grey Knights (Level 1 and 2) - Gk psycannon did not fire while moving. It might haven only been a display problem, but to be sure we now use the plasma gun as psycannon placeholder. - You need at least one relic to requisite a GK Grand Master Bug Fixes: - Lord Inquisitor now automatically gains the psychic power „Smite“, as soon as the HQ is upgraded to HQ Level 1. - Some weapon codes still used Space Marines values. These errors were fixed. - GK Terminator Psybolter missed each time termi moves. - Now only GK units and no other Daemonhunters units can use the deep strike ability. - GK Psycannon was much too expensive. In codex it is twice as costly as a heavy bolter. That’s the way we will keep it in the Mod as well. (Req. 80, Power 20)




Daemonhunters DOWFiles Edition

dowfiles_version.exe | 9.18 MB

the Daemonhunters Mod. frod joined the Mod team as modeller. CADster offered his help as freelance modeller and last but not least the Mod Team around Emperors Teeth (HIS Righteous Mod of the Imperial Guard) will share their models with us. We are in deep dept to those brothers-in-arms. We also teamed up with DOWFiles ( to give Daemonhunters Mod users a place to get free additional goodies for DOW. And we are proud to offer you the latest Daemonhunters Mod version 0.3 with lost of new units and features (multiplayer, research for Grey Knights and Inquisition and Imperial Guard,…) We put the Daemonhunters through Hell and back. Too many battle-brothers were lost, but the prize was worth all the agony. We consider this release to have the up most quality, we could provide. Check it out.




His Righteous

hisrighteousmod0.33.exe | 4.12 MB

Look out for mechansied assaults now! - Lastly but by no means least, the hellhound also has some a model, and some of the most terrifying FX you can think of! - His Righteous Mod apeased the Machine God with offerings and now has AI. (Courtesy of Grenadier from our Forum. Now that\'s community spirit!) - The Techpriest Enginseer and normal servitor have been combined and re-worked into an upgradeable starting builder unit. - Vehicle Cap is now held within the Imperial Guards generators! The more power you have, the more vehicles you can support. - The conscript and infantry stats have been tweaked to better define their battlefield roles. - Vehicle speeds have also been altered to improve gamplay. - *Known issue: The Sentinel does NOT have any FX at the moment, this will be changed for the next update (we\'re still learning lol!) - *Known issue: Some units, such as the chimera have some weird pathfinding issues. If anyone can spot why feel free to let us know ;) - *Known issue: If you max out your platoon HQ\'s you will find you are unable to add lieutenants to them. This is a bug in DoW itself, not the Mod.




Daemonhunters Mod (DOWFiles Exclusive)

daemonhunters_mod_v0.45_dowfiles.exe | 15.42 MB

available as long as you own at least one relic. The squad is deployed with maximal amount of GKs, thus make them the choice to be send into the heat of battle - A special GK Terminator Deep-Strike squad is available if a GK Grand Master is present. This squad (one of each type: normal and assault) will be deployed with max squad strength (6 Terminators). - GK Justicar und GK Brother Captain now uses Storm Bolters - Melta-Bomb research for GK Justicar - Sergeant Upgrades now affect GK Justicar and GK Brother Captain - Sergeant Ranged Upgrades Storm Bolter à Psycannon Bolts - I took a closer look at the Weapon upgrades of Daemonhunters Command units and found some inconsistencies that result in a weaker Inquisitor Lord once the Sergeant Melee Upgrade was effective. These issue was addresses and fixed.. now there is an increase in power and damage. - GK Terminators and Justicar use now the same Nemesis Force Weapon “ which is a power weapon. Thus GK Terminators do less damage in close combat unless you have completed the œNemesis Force Weapon Research which is highly recommended for GK forces! - GK Terminator squad can now have a GB Brother Captain as Squad leader upgrade - I just realised that Coteaz can have up to 15 henchman with max 4 of each kind, thus the numbers have been adapted (i.e. 4 weapon upgrades) - GK do not receive a fixed bonus of 60 HPs due to their Aegis suites but get a multiplier of 1.2 (nothing changes for GK squads, but œbetter units get more HPs) - Moral Bonus for GK Justicar, Brother Captain and Grand Master were slightly increased. Expression the œinspiration GKs profit from when one of their leaders is around. - GK vehicle research: œSacred Hull (all GK vehicles), œBlessed Fist (Dreadnought) Bug fixes: - GK accuracy upgrade research (level 1 and 2) were troublesome ..  now fixed and recommended - Accuracy of GK melee weapon was too low - Upgrade Level 2 of the CadInq œSharpshooter Doctrine was useless, now fixed and recommended to use ;-)




Daemonhunters Mod | 227.85 KB

Rhino, Grey Knight Dreadnought, Grey Knight Hellfire Dreadnought, Leman Russ, Grey Knight Land Raider (Chimera and Sentinal, Grey Knight Land Raider Crusader scheduled)




Legion of the Damned

legion_of_the_damned_version_31.0_full_working_army.rar | 11.92 MB

eye on Brother Deathclaw he wanders. New Legions have been added. Notice now that the animations for the force commander are both Force hammer & power sword.Also included in this version with kind permission by Compiler are the upgradable Rhinoz & Vindicator and thanks to Rudy for his brilliant Vets squad!!!




Legion Of The Damned

legion_of_the_damned_full_army_beta.rar | 13.62 MB

version of the Legion is set out as thus: 1x Magnum Deathstalker(force commander)with Power sword as standard item. HP 1500 1x Baltazor Deathblazer (librarian) HP 1400 1x Angelus Doombearer (Apothecary) (with color to match units) HP 1200 1x Brother Valorous (Sergeant) only available with Scouts HP 900 1x Scout Legion 1X Devastator Legion (Heavy weapons) 1X Ranger Legion (Jump packers) 1x Veteran Legion (thanks to Rudy :)) 1x Deaths Head Legion (Ex termi unit Apothocary animations) 1x Prowler Legion (ex Termi Assault, Veteran textures) 1x Brother Gabriel Dreadnought HP 8000 1X Brother Magnus Dreadnought HP 8000 1x Rhino (uprated hit points) HP 2000 1x Whirlwind Mobile Command HP 4000 1x Predator HP 6000 1x Spirit of Damnation (Land Raider) HP 8000




Denizens of the Warp Mod

denizens_of_the_warp_0.055.exe | 17.02 MB

Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War. Death Guard Is the primary army for the Chaos God, Nurgle, Lord of Decay. Currently new units in game are being replaced by place holder models. I hope to soon have Original models in game so keep checking on progress. 2. Installation: Just Extract Denizens_DG_Mod.module, Denizens_DG_Mod.Bat and the Denizens_DG_Mod folder to the Root folder. ie: C:\Program Files\THQ\Dawn of War 3: Version info: Version 0.055- 1. Fixed several UCS errors 2. fixed the advanced(harder and Insane) AI error [b]IMPORTANT[/b] : Because the internal Mod Manager still has some bugs the mod must be started with the enclosed bat file in the Dawn of War folder.




Daemonhunters Mod | 2.67 MB

ranged. Melta is based on Eldar Wraithlords Brightlance but only has a range of 10 (i.e even laspistols have a range of 20) so you have to bring your troop real close to targeted tanks. (please not that a SM missile launcher has nearly the same damage code) - Cadian Sentinel is now available for Daemonhunters as inducted imperial guard forces (light walker (very light version of a dreadnought), cadian variant: extra armour, autocannon (predator))




Demons of Razgriz | 7.78 MB

War directory before installing this version. To install, simply extract the .zip file\'s contend into the DoW folder, double click on razgriz.bat and you can play. Changes in alpha build 0.2: - Fixed some bugs - Custom icons for all units and buildings - Vehicles and buildings 20% bigger - Infantery units vary in size - Implementation of the Pariah Blast ability




His Righteous

hismod01.24.rar | 1.47 MB

slows the enemy. * First new models implemented! Razor Wire and the Earthshaker (no animation). * New GUI. It\'s still wip and some parts incomplete, but its nearly done. * A preliminary test of the Army Painter for basic Guardsmen! * Hellhound damage increased lots. * Sentinel weapon additions and upgrade changes * \'Entrench\' is now \'Duck and Cover\' and slows down units to 1/3rd speed rather than freezing them. * Lieutenants must now be upgraded in Platoon Command Squads like Sergeants. * Infantry Squads can now have 2 weapon upgrades instead of 1. * Leman Russ (and variants) upgrades now work! * The usual array of minor bugs/changes that you\'ll probably never notice!




Demons Of Razgriz | 3.52 MB

psykers; hence the organisation of the chapter varied significantly from the Codex Astartes. The special, newly created geneseed of the chapter produces Pariahs, Marines which are virtually \"soulless\", and therefore practically immune against warp influence, similar to the Due it\'s relative youth the chapter has only few Dreadnoughts and makes it up with a high number of vehicles. The Demons of Razgriz also field many battle servitors, since the process of creating a Space Marine with the new Razgriz geneseed has a high failure rate. The chapter was declared traitor after an incident in their home star system, involving an Ordo Malleus Inquisitor, several Space Marine Chapters and alien races. What exactly happend is not clear, the only fact is that the Chapter is on the run, with the local Adeptus Mechanicus forces of their homeworld, who also were declared traitors.




The Dance Macabre | 33.52 MB

information and of course Aknowledgements. Installation Instructions This mod is compatible with the 1.3 patch for Warhammer: 40k Dawn of War. If you do not yet have this patch, then I would advise installing it as this mod will not work with older versions of the mod. It is not compatible with the 1.4 patch that was released today. You will have to wait until the expansion Winter Assault is released later this month, I will be releasing a new version of the mod once this is released. To install the game run the setup.exe that came with this pdf. Point the installer your Dawn of War directory e.g. C:\\Program Files\\THQ\\Dawn of War\\. If installed correctly there should be a folder inside your Dawn of War folder named thedancemacabre. To play with the mod simply start up the game, click on Mod Manager at the main menu. You will see The Dance Macabre mod on the list, click on this and then click activate. I would suggest restarting the game after this as the mod manager as the mod manager doesn’t update the team colour information when switching mods. To uninstall the mod simple go into your add / remove programs list in control panel and find Harlequins Mod. You can uninstall by just clicking remove. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Background The Harlequins (Eldar: Rillietann) are a uniquely Eldar social and military institution - a caste of fighters and entertainers who exist beyond conventional Eldar social structure. They owe no allegiance to any craft-world or other Eldar community and travel amongst Eldar - and other races - at will. The Harlequins see no distinction between art and war, and their outlook can best be explained by reference to the legend of the Fall of the Eldar; one of their self-appointed duties is to keep this legend alive through their performances. The central figure of Harlequin belief is the Cegorach - the Great Harlequin, also known as the Great Fool, the First Fool or the Laughing god. According to legend, this deity survived the Fall because his mocking nature distanced him from the corruption and decadence that became Slaanesh. The Great Harlequin is the only authority that the Harlequins recognise. There are stories about Harlequins and other Eldar who have met the Laughing god in the guise of a Harlequin without realising his identity until afterwards. Harlequins travel constantly, presenting entertainments based on Eldar tradition and centred on the body of lore which has sprung up around the Laughing god. They have been known to stage their dance-dramas for Humans and other non-Eldar, since they believe that the Fall of the Eldar holds a lesson from which all races may benefit. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ For much more information on the Harlequins background you should visit If you have any feedback or problems please don\'t hesitate to visit the forums at You can also check here for updates, screenshots, concept art and general discussion about the modification. This is the first public release and the mod is still in very early stages, yes all the models will be replaced eventually.




His Righteous Mod

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Unit descriptions for all units and buildings that are useful!




Dark Angels Icon Pack

dark_angels_icon_pack_final.rar | 17.28 MB

it! ~Gaffer




Daemonhunters Mod | 460.92 KB

troops (Cadian regiments).




His Righteous Demo

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Denizens of the Warp Mod

denizens_of_the_warp.exe | 16.82 MB

by place holder models. I hope to soon have Original models in game so keep checking on progress. [b]Note:[/b] Requires Patch v1.3 to play it!




Space Wolves Icon Pack

space_wolves_icon_pack.rar | 2.14 MB




Space Wolves Skin Pack | 11.53 MB




NPC race | 28.1 MB

Structures: NPC HQ, NPC Barrack, NPC Generator, NPC Armoury, NPC HQ Addon, NPC Vehichel Building, NPC ability, NPC Listpostion [*] Colonel Brom, there are in NPC Barrack, Colonel Brom have very strong power Bolt Pistol. [*] Imperial Guards, there are in NPC Barrack, strong with weapon but too bad attack enemy. Just will more power when use weapon Plasma Gun. [*] Lemun Russ, there are in NPC Vehichel Building. Just long range and power morale and kill fast to Infantry, [*] Heavy Infantry, Commanders. But too bad against Vehichel but it's ok against building. [*] Inquisitor, there are in NPC ability, power health and spells.




Denizens of the Warp Patch

denizens_of_the_warp_patch_0.05_to_0.055.exe | 897.74 KB

race (So far) to the game Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War. Death Guard Is the primary army for the Chaos God, Nurgle, Lord of Decay.




M!cR0 T4CT!C Mod by Lambo Lambo

mcr0_t4ctc.rar | 7.92 MB

units individualistically, instead of having them all in a squad doing one thing? This mod allows you to do just that! Having all squads to become a single unit, you controll them right down to the details, the game now requires more tactics then just, waiting and see who shoots of who, while moving units back and forth with simple micro tactics. There is sort of a Tier 3 to it, in case the game seems endless =) Mod Details : - All squads have only 1 unit. - Very Micro Intensive. - More fun with more players. - AI`s are not really good, playing it online with other players , especially good ones will truly let you feel the fun. - Allows players to win 1 vs 3 or 4 scenarios.(NOT on AIs, Humans) Note to people who used on Winter Assault , Dark Crusade & Soul Storm expansion packs,Eldars, Orks, and Chaos race has been disabled. Hope you enjoy the mod! -Any Balancing Suggestion please Leave at the Comment box at the Download Page. Thx! -This is a Beta Version, there might have some bugs or things which might go the way it is ment to be, if you do notice any, please inform me via comment box at the download page. -The next version will include more balancing, based on comment box responses, and more races will be released. --Cheers, LamboLambo