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Battlefield 1942




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README.TXT* Thank you for downloading my new skin for Battlefield 1942. (I'm assuming everyone has downloaded the RFA EXtractor and etc...) 1. Rename the .dds files you are replacing as ".old" in your texture directory. 2. Download the files into




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Harbor, the raid into the Indian Ocean and the Battle of Coral Sea. In the latter action, on 8 May 1942, Shokaku was seriously damaged by dive bombers from USS Yorktown (CV-5) and had to return to Japan for repairs. Later in 1942, Shokaku took part in the August Battle of the Eastern Solomons and the October Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands. She was again badly damaged by bombs in the latter action. In 1943-44, she continued operations as one of the Japanese Navy's most important fleet carriers. Shokaku was sunk by the U.S. submarine Cavalla (SS-244) on 19 June 1944, during the Battle of the Philippine Sea. Notes: - After researching the Shokaku, I came across several pictures of a model that was based on a "probable" color scheme for the carrier. I liked the Lt. Sea Green scheme, and decided to reproduce it here. Whether it is historically accurate or not, I can't say for sure, but it is a nice change from the default skin, nonetheless. Map: - This skin was made specifically for the Coral Sea map. Some of the textures for the battleship Yamamoto are shared by the Shokaku. If you use this skin in a map with both the Shokaku and the Yamamoto present (such as Midway), some of the battleship will be the same color as the carrier, and the rest will be default, resulting in a very ugly battleship (blame Dice, not me)... Installation: - You MUST have Merciless Creations TexturePack installed to install this skin properly. Simply drag and drop the .dds files to your Coral Sea map folder, and play the game! [/quote]



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File Description: - Shokaku, a 29,800 ton aircraft carrier, was built at Yokosuka Dockyard, Japan. Commissioned in August 1941, she participated in Japan's early wartime offensives, including the attack on Pearl Harbor, the raid into the Indian Ocean



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Residuum's USS Fletcher reskin 22/11/2002 This is a skin edit of the USS Fletcher destroyer Changes: -Took out camo pattern so whole thing is Navy gray like this ship was when it was launched. -Added white stripes to life preserver To install