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Battlefield 1942




Recruit Snyder\'s Mod Collection RtR | 8.01 MB

destroyed), vehicles can be abandoned on a map without self destruction countdown ;-) Game balance and game performance improved. My Betatesters even found bugs that DICE had implemented in RtR ;-) MP mode was tested on DICE Ded. Server 1.4 and on Linux Server Beta 7. See included Readme. I\'ve also attached some older screenshots from the Addons since those vehicles / features are included in this Update. [/quote] A very nice mod, and this update makes it even better. Please note the Requirements, as the mod will not run without them.




BF 1942 Mod Collection RtR 1.3

mcrtrsnyder.exe | 29.01 MB

few selected goodies by others to make BF42 1.3 Road to Rome even more fun to play. Basically, if you know my Mod Collection 1.2, the new Mod Collection RtR will add the six RtR maps plus RtR vehicles to old maps and \"old\" vehicles to RtR maps. RtR maps got additional object spawn points. Most of the vehicles have been edited/modded (like extra gunner position for the Mosquito, see details below), some new vehicles added (like the Axis supply truck with smoke dischargers, see details below). My SpecOps maps and Gazala Addon (V1.2) have been adapted. Install this .exe file to your BF 42 Game folder (\"Battlefield 1942\") and run the game. The folder \"CollectionRtR\" should appear in your \"Mods\" folder. Select this \"Mod\" in the Custom Game menu (\"Mod_Collection_RtR\") and thereafter choose Singleplayer or Multiplayer. _______________________________________ This collection contains: _______________________________________ My Vehicles: New Axis Supply Truck - carries ammo and medical supplies; static missile launchers for AT (Bazooka) rockets and smoke dischargers. Use the smoke missiles for infantry support (attacking bunkers, tanks etc.), smoke will remain for two minutes or so. Primary and secondary weapons (driver). Aiming and hitting a target is very difficult. No armor. Axis Mobile Missile Launcher Truck (captured Katyusha with three layers of rockets). Axis AA Truck: Based on Colonel Slaine\'s AA truck, I added a Quad AA gun (four Flak 38) - modified Blitzer\'s Flakvierling. Every stationary AA gun (Axis) spawns this truck, the position may not be perfect on all maps. You don\'t *have* to use it ;-) Hanomag AT 75: My APC with Panzer IV main gun and small turret. With skins. Top hatch to be opened using arrow up/down keys (gunner position). Sturmgeschutz: Main gun can fire smoke/AT projectiles (original Panzerschreck type) as secondary weapon (right click). Two additional seats outside in the back (AI supported). Armor/ammo/physics edited. Tiger: Armor/ammo/physics edited. Hull hatch and Tower hatch to be opened by the driver (arrow up/down). Panzer IV: Armor/ammo/physics edited. Hull hatch to be opened by the driver (arrow up/down). Panzer IVG: Armor/ammo/physics edited. Hull hatch to be opened by the driver (arrow up/down). Main gun model (Tiger) originally replaced by DaCrapper (V1.0). M3Grant: Main gun can fire smoke/AT projectiles (original Bazooka type) as secondary weapon (right click). Armor/ammo/physics edited. Allies Halftrack w/ smoke discharger: Artillery cannon in the back fires Bazooka missiles w/ smoke effect. All doors can be opened (arrow up/down keys) by the driver. Rear door mechanism by Blarno. M3GMC: Rear MG replaced (Dual Browning). Front doors can be opened (arrow up/down keys) by the driver. Rear door in fixed position (due to the MG). Main gun improved and ammo increased. M3A1 Ambulance: Provides ammo and heals within 10 m radius, rear seats had to go. Beds in the back cannot be used by players. All doors can be opened (arrow up/down keys) by the driver. Rear door mechanism by Blarno. Dual Browning MG. Sherman: Armor/ammo/physics edited. Hull hatch to be opened by the driver (arrow up/down). Sherman Firefly: Armor/ammo/physics edited. Hull hatch to be opened by the driver (arrow up/down). Main gun model (Tiger) originally replaced by DaCrapper (V1.0). M10: Armor/ammo/physics edited. M11-39: Armor/ammo/physics edited. T34: Armor/ammo/physics edited. Hull hatch and Tower hatches to be opened by the driver (arrow up/down). T34-85: Armor/ammo/physics edited. Wespe: Hull hatch to be opened by the driver (arrow up/down). Japanese Chi-Ha: Carries a crew of three now, additional position has a static (fixed) MG in the front hull. Faster, main gun more powerful. NOTE: This tank, with British desert camo, will also appear on some desert maps as an additional Allied support tank. I edited various tank weapons, ammo supplies, speed, physics, rate of fire, velocity and so on. Too many changes to be listed here. Willy has four seats plus twin Browning (Feed mod, edited), Kubelwagen three seats w/ MG42. Both jeeps have 4 wheel drive and reworked wheelbase. My Planes with missiles: Bf 109, Mustang, Spitfire and Corsair have rockets. No bombs. The Bf 109 fires Skyhawk missiles (model made by Hawkeye -> G.I. Joe mod) from small rocket holders under each wing. Meant as AA missiles against level bombers. I added guns/cannons (Bf 109 nose cannon by Plattmaker) and useless moveable parts. Fixed the Bf 109 landing gear bug. My default Stuka has 4 regular MGs plus 2 external twin MGs under the wings. And bombs. Mustang: 6 MGs (wings), missiles instead of bombs. Yak, AichiVal remain untouched. Tangabugler\'s Kanonenvogel StukaG (converted to 1.3) added to certain maps. Features two 3.7 cm AT cannons under the wings. Japanese Zero: Additional nose guns activated. B-17: Bomb load heavily increased for massive carpet bombing. Mosquito: Four nose MGs plus additional gunner position (front) for carpet bombing. Bomb load increased. Pilot still has his \"own\" bombs - for single missions. Bf 110: Four 2 cm nose cannons, bomb load increased. Rear gunner gets dual MG. Speed, acceleration and ammo edited for most planes. _______________________________________ Weapons: Soldier kits edited. All British medics now have the Sten SMG (Africa). Axis engineer has the MP 40 and Binoculars, medic has the German MP 18 (taken from the Japanese medic). Numerous other tweaks (ammo, # of mags/grenades, rate of fire, effects ....) implemented for the SpecOps maps to represent higher skills, training levels and quality of the equipment of those troops - will be in effect on all maps now. Bazooka/Panzerschreck: In order to make the AT class more effective as a support unit, the AT missiles now have smoke effects (like smoke grenades). To be used against infantry targets, tanks or bunkers. They still can kill a tank ;-) SW-14 and Lobo donated their original M1 Garand for the Allied engineers. Stationary AT guns: Will spawn with every stationary AA gun, position may not be perfect on all maps, consider it a gift ;-) Axis AA Truck / M3GMC: Will also spawn with every stationary AA gun. It\'s automatic, wherever a AA gun spawns it comes with a vehicle plus a AT gun. _______________________________________ Textures: My skins for Bf 109 (chrome/shiny), MP 40 (chrome), Stuka, Bf 110, Mosquito, Mustang and many land vehicles (mainly alpha channel editing, added decals and weathering). Golden Wrench skin for all engineers (by Azag-Toth) Tangabugler polished my custom in-game vehicle icons for the Katyusha and the Hanomag. Thanks also for Beta testing (V 1.2). _______________________________________ Maps (all maps have AI support - SP and Co-Op mode): Two additional modified default maps: Bocage_MOD: Allies have the B-17 (in SP), the Mosquito, Mustang and Spitfire. Almost the entire Allied vehicle setup can be found here. Grant, M10, Sherman, Firefly, all APCs ... Axis have additional tank types (Tiger, Sturmgeschutz, P IV, P IVG, Flakpanzer, M11-39), all trucks, Hanomag AT75, Bf110, Bf 109, Stuka, StukaG; El_Alamein_MultiTank_MOD: Orignally DaCrappers famous first tank mod map, based on Afrika Tank Battle. Now it\'s the map that features almost every vehicle/plane that has been added to the game. Terrain / heightmap and spawn points edited. Three SpecOps maps with paratroopers (replacing the default maps with identical names): 1. Tobruk: All vehicles and stationary weapons removed. It\'s a 100% infantry map. German Fallschirmjager and British SAS have been sent as reinforcements for the regular troops. Germans land behind enemy lines. 2. Battleaxe: No. of vehicles reduced. British paratroopers will be dropped behind enemy lines, target: The German airfield. 3. Bocage: US paratroopers try to attack the Germans from behind. Note: Allies got only one spawn point, so you will be randomly sent to the Allied HQ or dropped as a paratrooper. I\'ve included the SpecOps Addon Readme (Version 1.2) in this package for further details (gameplay, spawnpoints). I hope most of the stuff is not outdated, there were not many changes. Gazala: Planes (even the B-17 in SP) on the free airfield in the North. Greater choice of vehicle/planes for both sides (Grant, Sturmgeschutz and many others). Other maps: Generally, I\'ve replaced some vehicles with others and/or added some spawn points. _______________________________________ General Info: External soldier view included, Blood FX included; bodies of killed soldiers will remain on the battlefield for a some time. When playing the default maps, most of the changes are still activated. Flak gun spawns a AA Truck, Bf 109 has rockets, Tiger, Panzer IV, M10 and others have new skins and so on. If you wish to return to the original game, choose \"Custom Game -> bf 1942\" in the menu. KNOWN ISSUES: In RtR, Engineers now have a Bayonett instead of a knife. I kept the new weapon in the game although \"my\" engineers have different main weapons (M1 Garand or MP 40). So, if the Allied engineer switches from his Garand to Bayonett, he will hold the No4 rifle with Bayonett in his hands (German: K98 Bayonett instead of MP 40). Live with it ;-) As mentioned before, the additional AT guns will spawn in front of the AA guns, this may look weird/unrealistic in certain cases - but it was the easiest way to get the new weapon into the game (on \"old\" maps). Multiplayer mode was tested on Dice Dedicated Server (Windows). Great thanks to Moseley and Rexman for their modding tools which made modding possible. And to the forum members & Beta testers. Have fun, Recruit Snyder [/quote]




Mod Collection RtR 1.43 BoB (Battle of Britain Update) | 11.1 MB

variants for both sides incl. the Mosquito for the RAF) plus support for two custom maps: \"Karst\" by amaccann and \"LD Point du Hoc\" by Cpl. Reynolds. I would like to encourage players to download those two maps which have got SP/Co-Op support, they are made for default BF42 and can be played with Mod Collection RtR now (only different vehicle setup). Credits go to amaccann and Cpl. Reynolds for their great work! I also added some tweaks and enhancements to the Mod Collection, like added Coax MG gunner for most tanks (limited MG rotation), mobile radar for the Allied AA halftrack and the Mosquito / Messerschmitt 110 (both planes were used as night fighters in WW2 and actually got radar), the destructible radar bunker on some default maps plus the new Junkers bomber (edited version with nose gunner being also bombardier and added static MG for pilot). It\'s for BF42 V. 1.4, Road to Rome and Mod Collection RtR 1.3 (all that is *required*).[/quote]




Operation Merkur

mc_merkur_setup.exe | 32.78 MB

work-over. Note: Merciless 1.6.1, Merciless RtR and the official Road to Rome-Xpack are required.




Frontline | 13.76 MB

other stuff may yet be changed and made all nice:). This is my first map done so it probably isn\'t that greatest:) There aren\'t any shadow maps thanks to not having 3dsMax5 but I don\'t think it effects the map greatly because of my attempts to compensate with other lighting and texturing. There is a small amount of modification built into this map concerning the manning of MG\'s. Soldiers sit lower in the tank turret MG and stand lower on the fixed MG\'s. --------------------------------------- Created by: DJSAUND email/MSM MESSENGER: Contact me if interested in Hosting, as I\'d like to pass this on to those interested in playing this map. --------------------------------------- The Russians have turned back the Nazi tide and have advanced towards a statically important hill occupied by SS Forces. They are well dug in with a scattering of mobile artillery and a good number of AT guns amongst the trench network. The Russian have multiple Katyusha rocket launchers and a number of tanks but limited supplies. Stalin has ordered that this hill must be taken at all costs, Hitler has ordered that it must remain in German hands and retreat is not an option. [/quote]




Normandy | 37.38 MB

when the 101st Airborne dropped, etc. It includes custom skins for each side. All vehicles, except for planes, stay there for a while after they get blown up. Installation: Put Normandy.rfa in ?:\\Program Files\\EA Games\\Battlefield 1942\\Mods\\bf1942\\Archives\\bf1942\\levels ?=The letter of your Hard Drive. You\'re Done! Uninstallation: Delete the file. Note: The lighting of some buildings and a few other things is messed up. I have to edit the lightmaps to fix this I think. I can not do this right now. Also, skins will be updated and singleplayer/bot support will be added in the next version. Evil 1 [/quote]




Mod Collection RtR BonusPack (BugFix) | 3.57 MB Many MCRTR vehicles remain untouched (all the planes), others were edited (see Readme). Three additional vehicles (two maintenance / supply vehicles and the Marder III tank hunter). The maintenance vehicles can repair all modded tanks, trucks, APCs, planes and guns from the Mod Collection RtR. AT25/Pak40 guns are also artillery guns (can fire two different types of ammo) and have less ammo - more than 200 rounds though; (additional ammo needs to be supplied by the new APC/truck). AT ammo more effective, shooting more straight. Artillery ammo does less damage than Priest/Wespe. MG damage to planes reduced - pilots live longer. The RtR MedicBox is on all maps now. Priest and M3 Grant are 4-seaters like the StuG Allies now have 4 APC types, Axis 4 different trucks. The new Allied AAGMC maintenance halftrack has 4 AA Brownings. All APC front doors can be opened (by the driver, arrow keys like in the landing craft), on two halftracks the rear door also opens. Axis smoke discharger truck has camouflage for the weapons compartment - looks like a standard truck.[/quote]




Monkey Madness | 2.35 MB

only!!! and enjoy =) This is my first map and it takes place in a jungle. i made a jungle just for fun and im very intrested to see how it will play with alot of people. map includes: 3 Willys 1 Apc 9 machinegun placements 6 axis cappable flags 1 non cappable allied para spawn And a massive amount of trees =) Made by: ·âEm·WildAce and help from: ·âEm·Kiosk you can contact me at: AOL instant messenger nick: WildAce001 Mirc channel: Gamesnet: Random East US server #AEM Clan Website: [url][/url][/quote]




Infantry Gameplay Pack | 3.67 MB

the game away from tank based fighting. The defensive machine guns become crucial, as do bunkers, medics, mines etc like never before. The bots also seem well suited to it. I hope you enjoy it. [/quote]




Editor42 | 757.86 KB




Road to Rome Textureset Mod | 354.04 KB

Having just bought RTR I thought it was missing one thing - all my other BF1942 skins! This small mod will rectify that short coming. It is designed to work alongside Merciless TextureSets. As ever, many thnx to the boys from Merciless for the original excellent idea. Just to be clear - this mod is of my own device to bridge a gap until the inevitable TextureSet update, which I\'m sure will include an official variation of this mod.All original credit goes to Merciless Creations. THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL MERCILESS ADD-ON. (but still works rather nicely!) ;)[/quote]




Airborne Ops Mod

rtr_airborne_ops.rar | 3.96 MB




Bomber Carrier | 22.45 KB

I used were GMakebeta 3, Potepad and RAT.[/quote]




Ominos Archipelago | 2.83 MB

naval force and an Axis naval force. Each team must sink their opponent\'s entire navy to be considered victorious. Each side (Axis and Allies) has a fleet comprised of one aircraft carrier (which spawns up to four fighters and up to two level bombers, each armed with torpedos), two battleships, four destroyers, and two submarines. The landing craft on the carriers and the battleships have been replaced with torpedo boats. Once a ship is sunk, it does not respawn; this means that the only way to ensure a victory is to sink your foe\'s entire naval force. There are seven control points. The central islands each serve as a control; holding all five will cause the enemy team to start bleeding tickets. There are also control points in the northwest and southeast corners of the map; holding both will also cause the enemy team to start bleeding tickets. Note that this means both teams can be bleeding tickets at the same time! Although each side has a very large number of tickets, bleeding occurs very quickly on this map and can cripple your team if you\'re not swift in getting a foothold in the enemy\'s territories. The northwest and southeast islands both have one anti-aircraft gun. The southwest and northeast both have one defgun. The central has two defguns and two anti-aircraft guns, as well as a few buildings where you will be able to take cover. The central island is completely impossible to land on by landing craft, and it is very difficult (but still possible) to land on any of the other islands - the easiest way to get onto the islands (and the only way to get onto the central island) is to parachute in by plane. Expect to take these control points mainly by use of your naval forces.




D-Day Omaha

road_to_rome_d_day_omaha_coop.rar | 3.29 MB




Railway | 4.49 MB

also supported. Includes a rain effect, thunder/rain ambient sounds, and new skins for some of the weapons.




Deadly Hill | 8.29 MB

vegetation and possibilities to hide. Ideal for sniper and conquer strategies.




Jingo\'s RTR skin pack vol2 | 5.93 MB

army(Husky) \"Desert Rats\" with div.patches,3rd US infantry div. with light khaki and div.patch(Anzio),3rd Karpathian rifle div.(Poland)brit style uniform,div.patch and white eagle on beret.Axis:assault gun,1 German camo with \"Hermann Göring\" tank div.patch,2 Italian incl. desert camo for Husky,Hanomag camo with war flag on top,29th Italian SS grenadier,2nd\"Vendetta\"-battallion with special it. patches,German Panzergrenadier with Italian camo smock and tank desruction badge,German M13 camo and It. Wespe desert camo. The Polish skins of course do not correspond with ingame flags and language,but as an historical correct alternative to the French,this is I think a minor mistake.As well as the story behind the 2nd Polish korps(2nd Warsaw armoured div.,3rd Karpathian rifle div.,5th Kresowa inf.div.)is quite touching.Most of the men were Soviet pows taken when Hitler and Stalin divided Poland amongst themselves.After the German ambush on Russia,the Polish exile government in London convinced Stalin to release the prisoners for the fight against Nazi-Germany.General Wladislaw Anders,a former pow himself,became the commander of the 2nd corps.The prisoner release was stopped,when the truth came out about the Katyn massacre(15000 captured Polish officers had been executed by Soviet secret service!)and the exile government stopped all negotiations with Russia.In big parts it was the barvery of the Polish troops that decided the battle of Monte Cassino. These dds files have to be reconverted with MakerRfa,if don\'t have a texture folder or MC3.7(...). Thx for your interest in my work,any kind of input or suggestions is welcome,Jingo. \"Reason separates man from animals.\" [/quote]




\"fallschirm-jager\" for \"MONTE CASSINO\" | 779 KB

upon the monestary..they dug themselves out again.. nicknamed the \"green devils\" after monte cassino..possibly because of their greenish camo smocks worn over the uniforms .. i havent included the smock this time it can be added later there an enclosed actual monte cassino pic showing the uniforms..[/quote]




Jingo\'s Italian Skin Pack (R2R) | 3.43 MB

carro armato,Wespe,Hanomag and Kuebelwagen. The helmet of the paratroopers(sadly not the historicly correct one) still carries the black \"Bersaglieri\"feather,I simply didn\'t how to get rid of it!(If someone knows,tell me.)The rest of the uniform is quite close to the original.I added the division insignia on the backpack.The vehicle camos are similar to the Germans,using different shades of the classic green,brown and dark jellow.The Wespe has got a royal Italian flag on top. the Italian forces of ww2 suffered heaviest under the hybrid visions of Benito Mussolini,who tried to lead his country to old Roman glory.As a mass army the \"Regio Esercito\"(royal army)was overstrained with the\"Duce\"\'s expansionist dreams. In North-Africa the Italian troops got quickly surrounded by the British but were saved by the arrival of Fieldmarshal Rommel and the Africa Korps.But credit must be given to the extraordinate bravery of the paracadutisti,the soldiers of the 185th airborne division \"Folgore\"(Lightning).Fighting for every inch at El Alamein,even with bayonnet charges,they were driven back deep in the desert and eventually surrendered,after having no more water or ammunition. The remaining core regiment of the \"Folgore\"build up and trained the 183rd \"Nembo\"(Storm)parachute division.They fought in Yugoslavia against partisans,then Sicily,being driven back when armistice came.In large numbers the paratroopers didn\'t switch sides, but joined the German 1st Fallschirmjaeger Corps and kept fighting the allies at Anzio.The \"Nembo\" was the one of last Italo-German units that surrendered on May 1945. These files are dds and if you don\'t have a texture folder or MC3.7,use MakerRfa to reconvert them. Thx again to all my loyal fans and everybody who enjoy my work,make suggestions(I need your input,folks!)or fairly critisize me.So stay tuned,there\'s more to come! \"Reason separates man from animals.\"[/quote]




-=[Js0\'s 442nd Neisei Allies skins]=- | 777.56 KB

\"based\" on a real Zero :p ) 442nd REGIMENTAL COMBAT TEAM The 442nd Regimental Combat Team was organized on march 23, 1943, in response to the War Department’s call for volunteers to form an all Japanese American army combat unit. Over 12,000 Japanese American answered the call. After about a year of training at Camp Shelby, the 442nd went overseas to Italy on May 1, 1944. The 442nd was assigned to Gen. Mark Clark’s U.S. Fifth Army and underwent its baptism of fire at Suvereto on June 26, 1944. For the next ten weeks, the unit engaged the German army in the mountainous Italian terrain, driving the enemy forces north to the Arno River. From October through November 1944, the 442nd served in northeastern France, where it fought with the 36th Infantry Division in the dark and bitter-cold forests of the Vosges Mountains. The French towns of Bruyeres, Belmont, and Biffontaine were liberated in the Vosges campaign, which was also highlighted by the rescue of the “Texas Lost Battalion.” The 442nd suffered more than 800 casualties in the process of rescuing approximately 200 Texans. The 442nd RCT returned to Italy in April 1945 to breach the German Gothic Line, which had blocked the Allied advance for six months. The 442nd broke through the German defenses in less than a day – and in the next three weeks forced the German army to retreat north to the Po Valley, where it finally surrendered on May 2, 1945. With its battle cry, “Go For Broke!” the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, along with the 100th Infantry Battalion (separate), earned the honor and distinction of being the most decorated unit of its size and length of service in battle in U.S. military history. The 442nd Regimental Combat Team was honored with a special Presidential Parade in Washington, D.C., where it received from President Harry S. Truman its 7th Presidential Unit Citation. President Truman remarked on the occasion, “You fought not only the enemy, but you fought prejudice and won. [INTERESTING LINKS] (MUST SEE~!!!) [INSTALLATION] Hopefully by now you have probably already installed other skin mods. If not there are plenty of tutorials to be found on many community BF 1942 sites. For best results use \"Merciless Creations\" Texture Set to install your custom skins. Once you have this mod it becomes a simple matter of dragging and dropping these skins into which Pacific map directory you wish to have them in. Visit for the Texture Installer and other great add ons! [MISC] If your gonna use the skins in a mod or something just email me and ask. Chances are I\'ll happily let you depending on the situation. Enjoy~!? email: website: [/quote]




Fallshirmjager Skin | 557.24 KB

which the battle was fought under can only be described as hellish with pouring rain, sleet and snow falling almost constantly for three months. This made the effective deployment of armour almost impossible and the vast majority of the fighting was conducted using infantry and artillery assaults. The two German armies defending Cassino and the surrounding areas from January-June 1944 consisted of the 10th and 14th Armies. The Fallschirmjäger element consisted of the 1st Parachute Division which was part of LXXXVI Panzer Korps (which was not involved in the first Cassino battle and would later become part of LI Mountain Korps) as well as the 4th Parachute Division as part of 1st Parachute Korps. This division was formed in December 1943 and contained elements of the Italian \"Foglore and \"Nembo\" Divisions. For more information about Fallshirtmjagers check this site: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Skin information This skin does not give the german units a fallshirmjager helmet. However I tried to make the uniform as correct as possible by adding: - Bandoleer ( ammo holder arround the neck ) - Camo jumpsmock - Camo helm - Jump trousers - Jump boots[/quote]




bf110 Skin | 730.37 KB [SGMC]=****Sarge****= [/quote]




Gurki\'s SturmIII Camo skin | 817.63 KB

1940. It had the durable Panzer III chassis with a completely new superstructure. To keep the vehicles profile as low as possible, the revolving turret was eliminated and the short barreled 75mm L/24 gun was mounted directly onto the hull. As it was mainly intended for close fire support for the Wehrmacht, it was used as self-propelled artillery against the opposing enemy\'s strategic points. However, when the German forces encountered the Russian KV and T-34 tanks on the Eastern front, the situation abruptly changed. To cope with this Russian tank threat, the Germans were forced to upgrade their existing weapons systems. The G-type StuG III built from late 1942 onwards, used a more powerful, long barrel 75mm L/48 gun. The early G-type had a square shaped gun mantlet. The superstructure was redesigned and an MG42 machine gun with shield, commander\'s vision cupola and smoke dischargers were added. The thin steel plates, known as Schurzen (skirts) were attached to the sides of the hull beginning in the spring of 1943. The type-42 assault gun mounted a 105mm howitzer on the StugG III chassis and was developed to fulfill the StuG III\'s original role of infantry support. Incorporating several minor changes, about 7,800 G-type StuG III\'s were produced. I created this skin to give the normal stugIII a more realistic look. I gave it a camo pattern with matching colors that the Germans used during WWII. I also added dirt to the wheels and sides of the Stug. This skin can be used for all the RTR maps.[/quote]




Warlord\'s Wehrmacht Camo Tanks v1.2 | 4.06 MB Version: 1.2 Date: 04-30-2003 -2- 1. Use \"rat.exe\" to extract your \"texture.rfa\" files to the main game directory \"?:\\~\\Battlefield 1942\". RAT will automatically create the \"texture\" folder when you unpack. 2. Remove or rename the original texture.rfa archives. 3. Rename the \".dds\" files you are replacing as \".old\" in the new texture directory. 4. Copy the files you want to replace into \"?:\\~\\Battlefield 1942\\texture\" 5. Launch your game and have fun! [/quote]




51st Highland Division | 413.17 KB

Husky, Sicily July 9th 1943.[/quote]




Herman Goring SdKfz251 | 2.29 MB

Looks because I didn\'t want it to look like it just came off the show room floor. *Plate *Unit marking (Air Force Units used a disk system) *Weathered Look I want to give thanks to Squadron/Signal Publications for their awsome series on Panzer Colors and WWII These books, are without a doubt, a must for any or all Bf1942 texture artists that want to get it right. Enjoy! Feel free to make any comments good or bad as it will only serve to help me become a better artist.Thanks![/quote]




De Havilland Mosquito | 1.02 MB




De Havilland Mosquito (self installer) | 1.08 MB

of my skin I guess you have MC 4.0 installed, if not, you must download the other version of my skin. Enjoy and have fun [/quote]




Dark Tiger | 89.57 MB




Fizzys Mosquito Skins | 2.23 MB

European theater of war and the other is for the African theater of war.




Greek Flag

greek_flag_instead_of_british_and_american.rar | 91.34 KB

it might has influence to the other flags comment if you want.