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Battlefield 1942




Desert Combat Final Server Files

dc_final_server.exe | 14.71 MB

order to use it. Thanks!




Desert Combat Final Server Files | 23.04 MB

enjoy! See ya on the battlefield! NOTE: Desert Combat Final is a MINI MOD! You will need Desert Combat 0.7 already on your server in order to use it. Thanks!




Transformers Mod v2.0 Server Files

transformer_server_files_2.rar | 41.77 MB

maps that will be included in tomorrow's release (6/22/07). In the first map to introduce is Olympus Station where the heroic Autobots and evil Decepticons duel to gain control of this space station. The second map displayed is The Sky is The Limit. This map has a very unique and exciting game play unlike any other. The melee battle consists of various levels of narrow ramps connecting extremely tall buildings. Watch your step, because if you fall you will die; however, don't take your eye off the enemies in front, below, or above you. The next map you see is Uncharted Waters. This is a naval battle where the Decepticons are attempting to steel precious oil from an ocean drilling site and it's up to the Autobots to stop them. The last map is Valley of Death. After battling the Decepticons in space, the Autobots make a crash landing in a mountain range on earth. The Decepticons will not stop until all of the Autobots are eradicated; however, the Autobots are not ready to give up the fight. The mod consist of many more maps including Sword maps and Unlimited maps. Sword maps is pretty self explanatory. Every player class has a sword and that's it. Unlimited maps have special features such as everyone having low gravity kits. You'll enjoy the pleasure of shooting other robots out of the air while flying in robot mode. If you stumble upon a Matrix Kit you can pick it up ('g' key default). By doing so it will turn you into a new transformer with different weapons, features, abilities, and/or transformations. Speaking of transformations, the recharge times have been significantly reduced in version 2.0. Also, by fans request, all vehicles that shot bullets, now shoot lasers.




Galactic Conquest V5 Linux Server FIles

gcr5_lnxserver1.tar.gz | 70.54 MB

map rotation correctly: -Release 5 features six maps that start with “GC_Mini_” in their title. These maps are not designed for a standard 32 player (or greater) server. They are tooled for 8 to 16 players on a server, and designed specifically for 4v4 to 6v6 clan matches. You *can* put them into your rotation, but with 32 players it’s going to be really small and hectic. Some may like that, but we recommend they stay out of the normal full player rotation. -Release 5 features a map called “GC_bonusrace”. This map is also not for normal server rotation. This map isn\'t a normal match, but was made for players who like to stage races around a track with our vehicles. In a normal rotation, most players will be confused and not have much to do. It’s HIGHLY recommended you don’t have this map playing unless you are staging an online race. -Don’t forget, three of GC’s maps are in the Objective mode menu, and have to be selected from it if you don’t use Blackbag ops. -As always, we recommend no friendly fire except when admins are logged in and physically present. -The rest of the new features are outlined in the readme file located in the mod folder. -This is a full install for the server version, so you should delete your old GCMOD folder. Thank you again! Scott Zier Galactic Conquest




Eve of Destruction - Linux Server Files | 64.81 MB

in history. No other military conflict was ever so controversial, pointing to an unloved fact: our enemy was not the only source of evil; the evil could be found within ourselves. The "Eve of Destruction" mod is a tribute to the U.S., ARVN and Vietcong/NVA soldiers who fought and died in Vietnam, and also to the Vietnamese people. It features a variety of weapons, over 40 brand new vehicles and diverse maps ranging from dense jungles to overgrown rice paddies. Eve of Destruction is available for Battlefield 1942, Battlefield Vietnam and is soon to be available for Battlefield 2. *Note: This is a full version modification. Please uninstall any previous versions of this mod.