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Armada Restoration Project | 7.83 MB

command.[/quote]I\'ve no idea what this is, though from the title, it is a modification to make the stock Armada I stuff better... Correct me if I\'m wrong. - Ash




Klingon Superweapon Mod | 1.72 KB




Armada 1 Addon Mod | 56.32 KB

more difficult; such as [list] [*] Species 9431 are equipped with pulse phasers [*] All smaller destroyer craft such as the Defiant, BoP and Shrike cost 80 units of Dilithium [*] All destroyers have reduced shielding values (strength is now 80) [*] If the Borg weren't terrifying enough already the Borg Interceptors have Martok's Negh'var's Plasma Cannon set to a damagebase of 1000 so those little annoying Borg ships now become real threats to the fleet even before the Cubes and Spheres start rolling in [*] Akira's Chain Reaction Pulsar weapon has a damagebase of 200 and will hit more targets [*] The Psychonic Blast has a higher kill ratio, will come in handy during the Battle of the Pleiades cluster [*] The Federation Temporal Field super weapon freezed enemies for 10 seconds now but it covers more ground so it will catch a large fleet of guard but have your fleet nearby as coming from deep to attack the halted enemy fleet would not be advisable now. [*] The Galaxy class is now buildable [/list] All in all, it is a good mod.. It has given me the idea to do a few adjustments to my own Armada 1 copy and see if I can make those classic missions tougher! Excellent Job! Hope to see more [b]- IKS[/b] Requirements: [url=";52066"]Armada 1 ODF Editor[/url]




Premonition Mod | 216.5 KB

many missions, and its temporal abilities really best suited to its intended single ship role. A whole formation of these vessels could really play havoc with game balance, but then, that's how some people like it. It's hard to understand if you're not one of those people, since mighty weapons that guarantee victory also take the fun out of winning when it happens the same way every time. Still, that's the only way some know how to win. This ODF mod includes all the files and proper instructions to make the Premonition Class starship buildable in your Advanced Shipyard. However, it also includes a new special weapon (the temporal inversion beam) and is intended for A1. It'd probably work the same way in A2 since the Premonition files are in there, too-- and if not there are more than enough Premonition mods kicking around to throw it in anyway. As "first mod" efforts around here go, though, the attention to detail and the outcome of the efforts made by anarchyfan promise much for the future, at least for A1. Note that the instructions are excessively long and perhaps not as helpful as they were intended. A note to anarchyfan for next time: take a look at how Dan1025 or FahreS write their installation instructions, will you? Clearly written instructions mean the difference between mods that work and mods that frustrate people. :cool:




A1: Simple yet Powerful AI | 19.13 KB

computer opponent just for fun, by all means, feel free to download this file as well. LAST MINUTE NOTES: The file RTS_CFG.h goes in the Star Trek-Armada folder. All other files go into Star Trek-Armada/AI/AIPs.




BORG: Incursion - Aftermath | 123.47 MB

four sides has had a complete set of replacement base ships and stations for it. - Federation, Romulan and Klingon sides have complete access to stations and ships from the Cardassian/Dominion combine. - All four sides have a second level of construction advancements. This includes new facilities and updates according to each sides main objective or capability. - Hero ships are, for the most part, more unique and generally have classes of ship that cannot be regularly built. - All single player maps have had minor changes to them. Although the missions remain the same there will be differences to the maps themselves. This includes additional units or phsyical changes to the map layout themselves. - Map editor has been updated to give access to create new maps using may of the new units available (unfortunately, due to limitations of the editor itself access to everything isn\'t possible at this time). So as you can see. Alot has been changed and whilst this project has only be announced for a short time, it has been going for some nine months or so. For further information please refer to the mods main readme file located in the main zip file download. Thanks for downloading this mod. Major A Payne.