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Star Ocean Project: Executioner Assault

star_ocean.exe | 97.62 MB

constructing many large bases throughout their network named as the Pangalactic Federation. Of course, where there are Humans in a sci-fi universe, there are aliens. The aliens, the Vendeeni who are included in this mod, are but one of the other races whilst the Aldians are also at war with the Pangalactic Federation, but are not in this mod. Set after TtEoT where a shocking discovery is made that the universe as known turned out to be a virtual reality and the protagonists of the story defeated the creator, but restored their galaxy from ultimate destroyers sent by the creator of this universe, shows the re-cooperation of two races (coming in a future patch, more on this later) that play a prominent part in the story; the Humans of the Pangalactic Federation with their smaller ships and less developed technology with a counter of the Vendeeni who boast extremely powerful ships (early on, I should add) with vast technology. It's a classic encounter of good vs. bad. Of course, that's just the story which you can read when opening up the mod! There's still the entire game to play! So, let's do this in an objective way: [b]The Good[/b] [list] [*]Ship designs - 2 new races made up of entirely new designs that have never before been seen in any Armada game (bar the couple of releases). They are extremely well done and thought out and whilst there are but a few images of some in the games (with only a couple even shown on the Vendeeni front), the made up ships fit in perfectly with the race. None seem to stand-out in a "oh, I'm a filler ship” and every ship has a role, although it did take me a bit of time to work out the artillery ships. [*]Stations - The stations fit in again. Both races have themes, with the Vendeeni running on weapons that blister the fabric of space with a bone-crunching race special with the Nebula Creator/Destructor that can obliterate fleets in seconds. The Pangalactic use bulky stations running on themes to either enhance or protect their ships with additional fire-power, which against the Borg and Vendeeni are greatly needed. [*]Re-vamp - Whilst the Klingons and Romulans have been chucked out, replaced with the additional races, the Federation and Borg have been re-done giving them a few new ships (not too many for the Feds, but still enough for plenty of variation) and abilities. One I enjoyed was the Galaxy class deflector pulse, basically an additional weapon just taking a long time to recharge whilst the Excalibur's quantum-artillery blow-crap-up weapon was the créme-de-la-créme to the Federation's repertoire of weapons. The new Starbase for the Federation is also very fitting. The Borg, most notably, sport better textures, much more in-kind to what we've come to accept as the spooky-First Contact/Voyager textures. [*]Game-play and Tech - Whilst nothing to general game-play has changed with these two races (nothing fundamental being changed to the game it self) the tech is incredibly easy to get to grips with. On first run of the two new races, I was able to very quickly work out what was needed to get to the top and my Vendeeni carrier and dreadnaught (lovely ships) whereas I knew with the Pangalactic Federation that I needed to get my Gravitic-Warp gate up and running to by-pass some VERY powerful 4d beings (from the 'real universe') = these being the 'angel and demon' like creatures depicted in some of the earlier shots. Be careful! They are NOT to be taken lightly. I recommend 3 full fleets of high-end ships from any race concentrated on one to try and take it out and even then, you'll need to replenish. [*]Balance - As mentioned above, the Pangalactic Federation and Vendeeni are fundamentally opposites and this makes for good game-play (you'll need a respective 2 of each class of the Pangalactic ships to counter one of the Vendeeni) and against each other, they make for some great battles. Similarly, the Federation are relatively balanced to the Borg, but unfortunately it seems the two universes aren't quite balanced to one another. When playing as the Federation against the Pangalactic, I was struggling to take out some of their higher end ships with my higher end ships (for note, the Pangalactic and Vendeeni high-end ships can tear apart low-end Federation and Borg ships). I'm sure this can be fixed though in the future. [*]A bit-of-colour makes dead ships cool - The textures for ALL the weapons and explosions have either been enhanced or completely replaced. All I need to say is that they're great. The special weapons, re-done of old ones too, look absolutely stunning. One thing to not change about this mod is this! [*]Vendeeni Carrier - I thought this was worthy of special note. The carrier, equivalent in size to the dreadnaught but not as powerful, looks fantastic. Zoomed in, you can see under-hung on the model is a bay with fighters in with static force-fields keeping them in-place. The animation for the attack (automated) launches two waves of them at the enemy. Unfortunately, the animation just has them ram the enemy. If this could be re-worked for them to launch, fire some sort of weapon and return and come out again, that would be perfect. As it is now, it's still worthy of special note. [*]Pangalactic Federation Engines - Just look at them. The smaller ships have trails. Honestly, trails. Simply, it's frikkin' awesome![/list] Of course, there are bad points (granted some have already been noted, but these are in particular). [b]The Bad[/b] [list] [*]Fayt Class Battle-cruiser - As far as I can tell, just when I was re-viewing the shipyard icon of it, it crashed to the desktop. Now, whilst this is bad (especially considering it's the race's special (yup, a ship not a station) which is needed against the Vendeeni) as far as I can tell, this is the ONLY BUG in the entire mod. Considering the work done, that's a heck of a good job and this can be easily fixed I'm sure. [*]Shipyard Alignments - When sending ships to repair and this was present on all the shipyards, the ships queued up fine but entered the repair part out-of-alignment, in some cases adjacent to the yard or half-way into it, which looks a bit bad, especially with ships being built in-side. On a similar note, the Galaxy class barely fits in the shipyard. For 1.1, just make that yard a little bit bigger. Whilst this problem is of course dismissible, for perfection, this can be changed to make it look even better. [*]Textures - Honestly speaking, these aren't the best textures around (Vendeeni and Pangalactic) and at some points they're a bit blurred and don't match-up entirely, however after just a short time, you seem to completely forget about this and carry on playing. I recommend, pushing the limits a little bit which I think is possible considering you don't have the light-maps and such that A2 has, is to increase the resolution of the textures so that they just look a bit more detailed. Still, they're fine and you really don't notice them after some time. [*]Maps - There are indeed custom maps, but I don't feel enough. Perhaps editing the stock ones would create a bit more variety? [*]Interface & Sounds - Both races use a mix of Romulan, Klingon and Federation voices (or none at all) and whilst their interfaces are generally edited of the Romulans and Klingons, I feel as if they could also be edited a bit more. Again, a quick job on this behalf, as for sounds, again dismissible, but that being said, hearing the mix of voices for the Pangalactic actually seemed to fit quite well, so if this was just made a bit more consistent, I think it would work. As for the Vendeeni, I don't know what to do about that. All this being said, EVERY item in-game has build-buttons and wire-frames, something which a good few mods lack. I did note though that the Vendeeni Nebula weapon station, its build-buttons were not quite fitting, perhaps some quickly made-up ones? [/list] As you can see, the advantages CLEARLY out-number the disadvantages and that's why I can easily see that this is one of the best custom mods out there. It's thoroughly enjoyable to play and at the same time, rather challenging. If it's not for the randomly placed extra-universe fun things (Stargates, 4D being's etc.) it's the enemy that provide a difficult trial. The Ai is very good against you, even on easy, so I dare find out what Ai hard is like as the Pangalactic Federation versus the enemy Ai of the Vendeeni. The most important part of this mod is that hands-down, it's fun. If you have Armada 1, you'll want to download this and play. As for waiting for patch 1.1, I do hope that comes quickly. I also ask that at some point along the way, an A2 conversion is made, allowing more races (clearly a lot of creative talent here) and just a bit more oomph, not that this is lacking because it is there in abundance. It has a lot of creative thought and originality into it and is definitely playable for a long time to go. 10 out of 10 is reserved for 1.1 coming out, so I'm going to have to give this 9.99 recurring. Fantastic job. If you have Armada 1, download NOW! [i]A fix for the mod can be found [url=";77953"]here[/url].




Star Trek Armada Alliances | 45.64 MB

then Dominion ones, but it sets the era well. Check the readme for the full changes. :) great mod, and Armada I! Download now! [b]The patch for this mod can be found [url=";69484"]here[/url].[/b]




Millenium Project | 26.36 MB

the celebration of the 2000th file of this site, this is the gift for the Armada 1 community. The Millenium Project added so much to Armada 1; new models, textures, maps etc. AND remained single player compatible. In fact, some of the models in this mod are actually what you can see today in current mods! Whilst I have no intention of not speaking up for all the modders involved, to give you some idea of the team it included (and certainly not limited to) Deemon, P81 and MaP. This is a dream team mod and it's finally on this site! Unfortunately, I have not played this my self, but you will hear of people who still play it, rant on about it, rave how it made Armada 1 so much better...and you'd be convinced that they really aren't wrong. Still, this pack contains: [list] [*]MP 1.9SE Final [*]MP High-Res Textures [*]MP Final Missions Patch [/list] This is modding at its finest, regardless of the game. Really, what ARE you waiting for? Armada 1 players, download now if you don't already have it and run the .exe's contained within...and play.




Armada Alliances Patch

stalliance11.1.exe | 9.72 MB

ships/stations, altered stats and a couple of generic new features (special resource). Considering the size of the [url=\";47309\"]original[/url], this should be nothing to download in terms of fixing any bugs that were in it. A must have for those who use it and I recommend those who do not, get it and then get this and see what they\'ve been missing. An excellent mod rounded up in quality, thanks Achilles :) [i]Note - It comes in an .exe and all changes/fixes can be viewed in the readme.[/i]




Armada Restoration Project | 7.83 MB

command.[/quote]I\'ve no idea what this is, though from the title, it is a modification to make the stock Armada I stuff better... Correct me if I\'m wrong. - Ash




Star Trek: Armada (A1) Discovery beta | 101.25 MB

mod replaces the borg with the remans, who have begun a war on the federation and it's allies. the romulan empire is in ruins, and now the federation and the klingon empire must band together with what is left of the romulans to defeat this threat. This beta gives a fairly good feel of how the mod was intended to be, minus the fact that the remans use mostly borg stations. it is unlikely that this mod will see completion in armada 1, as i have begun a2 modding, but i've had this installer on my hard drive for a while, so i decided to release it. the weapons textures are mostly ported from legacy, so they're pretty good, and they are actually the pride of this mod, i think, in addition to some of the extra new weapons such as the polarized phasers and phasic torpedoes, and a red klingon phaser like in Way of the Warrior. i put a lot into this mod, and i may see it's way through to a2 sometime. if you're looking for a good post-nemesis a1 mod while waiting for future tense, i think i've provided a good option here. i look forward to releasing something like this for a2! -Phasertech




Star Ocean Project: Executioner Assault Fix | 1.65 KB

Fayt class Battlecruiser for the Pangalactic Federation and the Borg. Your game should now work seemlessly and be good for 1.1, whenever that comes out.




Klingon Superweapon Mod | 1.72 KB




Armada 1 Realism

daniels_armada1_realism_v11.1.rar | 4.54 KB

better than the standard settings.




Armada 1 Addon Mod | 56.32 KB

more difficult; such as [list] [*] Species 9431 are equipped with pulse phasers [*] All smaller destroyer craft such as the Defiant, BoP and Shrike cost 80 units of Dilithium [*] All destroyers have reduced shielding values (strength is now 80) [*] If the Borg weren't terrifying enough already the Borg Interceptors have Martok's Negh'var's Plasma Cannon set to a damagebase of 1000 so those little annoying Borg ships now become real threats to the fleet even before the Cubes and Spheres start rolling in [*] Akira's Chain Reaction Pulsar weapon has a damagebase of 200 and will hit more targets [*] The Psychonic Blast has a higher kill ratio, will come in handy during the Battle of the Pleiades cluster [*] The Federation Temporal Field super weapon freezed enemies for 10 seconds now but it covers more ground so it will catch a large fleet of guard but have your fleet nearby as coming from deep to attack the halted enemy fleet would not be advisable now. [*] The Galaxy class is now buildable [/list] All in all, it is a good mod.. It has given me the idea to do a few adjustments to my own Armada 1 copy and see if I can make those classic missions tougher! Excellent Job! Hope to see more [b]- IKS[/b] Requirements: [url=";52066"]Armada 1 ODF Editor[/url]




Rapid Fire pulse | 112.89 KB

rapidly one after another. This weapon can shoot at 2 targets at once!




New A1 Intro .bik movie!

st_intro_movie.rar | 50.48 MB

Borg setup then this intro movie may work nicely for your mod.




Armada 1 ODF Realisim

daniels_odf_realism.rar | 5.08 KB

there\'s an option. It\'s for Armada 1.




Premonition Mod | 216.5 KB

many missions, and its temporal abilities really best suited to its intended single ship role. A whole formation of these vessels could really play havoc with game balance, but then, that's how some people like it. It's hard to understand if you're not one of those people, since mighty weapons that guarantee victory also take the fun out of winning when it happens the same way every time. Still, that's the only way some know how to win. This ODF mod includes all the files and proper instructions to make the Premonition Class starship buildable in your Advanced Shipyard. However, it also includes a new special weapon (the temporal inversion beam) and is intended for A1. It'd probably work the same way in A2 since the Premonition files are in there, too-- and if not there are more than enough Premonition mods kicking around to throw it in anyway. As "first mod" efforts around here go, though, the attention to detail and the outcome of the efforts made by anarchyfan promise much for the future, at least for A1. Note that the instructions are excessively long and perhaps not as helpful as they were intended. A note to anarchyfan for next time: take a look at how Dan1025 or FahreS write their installation instructions, will you? Clearly written instructions mean the difference between mods that work and mods that frustrate people. :cool:




Burst Fire Quantum Torpedoes | 80.55 KB

as well.




Shield Remodulation | 680.35 KB

activation button and improved rgb texture to replace the stock version(optional of course)and though I made this specificly for my a1 game, theoreticaly, this should also work for a2 as well.




Armada Single Player Mod

armada_sp_mod.exe | 17.88 MB

campaign. Basicaly most things are still the same as original Armada, but with enhanced graphics and better models. As for system requirements, I\'ve tested it on Asus EeePC (Celeron 630mhz) and HP mini-note (VIA 1.2Ghz, Atom N270) netbooks. It also works on x86 and x64 versions of Windows 7. Enjoy!




Armada 1 Realism

daniels_armada1_realism.rar | 4.54 KB

transporters, etc. If you thought A1 was too hard, this is for you.




CABAL\'s Blue Shields | 42.82 KB

something where some of the kinks, such as weapons stopping a little outside the shield, were ironed out.[/quote] Another great shield mod. CABAL has done some fine work with this one! If you dislike the stock shields, you should definitely give this one a try. Thumbs up for a well executed & easy-to-add mod.




Star Ocean Weapon Textures | 21.67 KB

they\'re nice anyhow, but they\'ll fit right in with the universe. Anyhow, if you found your ships not using weapons that seemed quite right for the race (Vendeeni ships needing to fire pink disruptors, precisely) then you\'ll want this. You can find the [url=\";77888\"]main mod[/url] and [url=\";81210\"]battleship[/url] by clicking on those blue links.




A1: Simple yet Powerful AI | 19.13 KB

computer opponent just for fun, by all means, feel free to download this file as well. LAST MINUTE NOTES: The file RTS_CFG.h goes in the Star Trek-Armada folder. All other files go into Star Trek-Armada/AI/AIPs.




A1 Texture Set 2 | 44.79 MB




A1 Texture Set | 34.6 MB

Level(x10) Effects/Adjustments in the next set will include: Black and White Inverted Colors Sepia[/quote] While these aren't a true retexture, rather being a sort of recoloured texture, they certainly are something new. :cool:




BORG: Incursion - Aftermath | 123.47 MB

four sides has had a complete set of replacement base ships and stations for it. - Federation, Romulan and Klingon sides have complete access to stations and ships from the Cardassian/Dominion combine. - All four sides have a second level of construction advancements. This includes new facilities and updates according to each sides main objective or capability. - Hero ships are, for the most part, more unique and generally have classes of ship that cannot be regularly built. - All single player maps have had minor changes to them. Although the missions remain the same there will be differences to the maps themselves. This includes additional units or phsyical changes to the map layout themselves. - Map editor has been updated to give access to create new maps using may of the new units available (unfortunately, due to limitations of the editor itself access to everything isn\'t possible at this time). So as you can see. Alot has been changed and whilst this project has only be announced for a short time, it has been going for some nine months or so. For further information please refer to the mods main readme file located in the main zip file download. Thanks for downloading this mod. Major A Payne.




LCARS Buttons | 1.26 MB

buttons are for the stock version of their respective units except for the Premonition Class, which is the A1 version of the \'Premonition Modding Kit\'. The buttons light up properly when they are hovered over, unlike the last version.




LCARS Build buttons | 75.72 KB

stock version of their respective units except for the Premonition Class, which is the A1 version of the \'Premonition Modding Kit\'.




Christmas Weapons | 37.32 KB

stock textures. Blue torps will become blue ornaments, green beams will become green garlands, etc.[/quote] This one will be useful and appreciated by all those people out there who love Christmas. And really, besides me, who doesn't? :cool:




A1 LittleMod | 640.24 KB

This modification for Armada 1 makes some changes to all four game factions such as buildable Galaxy class and Spacedock for the Federation, new K\'Vort class starships and armed construction ships for the Klingons, cloaked satellite (by Pepperman) for the Romulans, or self-replicating construction ships for the Borg. It also includes icons for build buttons in the construction menu.