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Aliens vs Predator 2




Ultimate Mappack 2 | 800.9 MB

combined them into one big mappack. "Ultimate Mappack 2" contains almost every custom map made for "Aliens vs. Predator 2", from the birth of "Aliens vs, Predator 2" to mid April 2006. ----------------------------------------------------------- All the mappacks listed below have been incorporated into this mappack, thereby making these mappacks not necessary if "Ultimate Mappack 2" is installed. ----------------------------------------------------------- =ARC= Mappack Avp2 dm mappack Custom mappack 1 Custom mappack 2 Custom mappack 3 Custom mappack 3.1 Custom mappack 3.2 Custom mappack 4 Custom mappack 4 mini HHO mappack HHO 2004 mappack HHO 2005 mappack KW v1 mappack KW v2 mappack Multi mappack 1 Official multiplayer map update 1 RFW mappack SC mappack TALON mappack 1 TALON mappack 2 TALON mappack 3 Trog mappack 1 Please note, "Ultimate Mappack 2" contains "official multiplayer map update 1". This was done so that if anyone reinstalls the game, or gets it for the first time, will not have to download this file especially if not aware of this update pack. If it is already installed, you don't need to uninstall it, there should be no confliction problems. This was done to make "Ultimate Mappack 2" considerabily to be the best mappack available for "Aliens vs. Predator 2". Believe it or not, this mappack doesn't have every map, in fact there are almost 100 maps or so that were considered to be unplayable or obsolete. By this I mean maps that had missing textures, screwed up spawn points, unfinished versions, older versions of maps, maps that were too laggy, and in certain cases maps that were too big. I did this to try and keep the mappack size as small as possible but still containing as many playable maps as I could.[/quote]




Island of the Dead

island_of_the_dead.rar | 39.47 MB

The author recommends you quicksave often to avoid a surprising and gruesome demise.




Avp2 dm map pack | 241.23 KB




Under the Hunter\'s Moon

under_the_hunters_moon_v10.rar | 28.67 MB

the 20th Century Fox movie, \'Alien vs Predator\' (2004) explored from the Perspective of one of the Predator initiates that enters the pyramid. The Campaign is structured to follow the events of the AvP movie up until the point where two young Predators are killed by the Alien known as \'Grid\'. That event does not occur in this Campaign and an alternate narrative branches just prior to this incident. You will be required to combat Humans and Aliens; and solve environmental obstacles and puzzles. Your goal is to complete specific Objectives in order to survive and finish the Campaign. You will then finally be acknowledged as worthy to join the the \'Brothers of the Spear\' Clan as a fully fledged member of their Hunter caste.




Gladiator | 3.71 MB

Using only WristBlades and Combistick, how long can you survive against an infinite number of relentless, blood thirsty Aliens? Increase your chances of survival by using the Mask, Energy Sift and MediComp - but you must locate these essential items BEFORE you enter the Combat Arena.[/quote]




FEAR | 4.76 MB

but what is in here is located at the most oppertune spots. He's placed them so well that if you play wisely and conserve your ammo everytime your down to 1 bullet you'll find an ammo box. it's nicelly Strategized not somehting you usually see in AVP. Again and great map! and if you play it in total darkness you'll find yourself jumping. BTW: it's got this blue light area and I dunno why but It's very attractive. I stood for 10 - 20 minutes admireing it. Draw-back is that you will be easily lost on this map. If you look hard enough the way to continue on is there, but it's not easliy found so you get to explore alot. He also added Preds this time around. The signature Sacrificial chamber from the original is still in here, and he added afew timed action like marines opening door and getting slaughtered. Thanks for the file PsyKore! 10 outta 10!




De_dust | 5.95 MB

unless you want waves of alien bots. Has all speacies weapons. No faults in designers work, but the tarrein is bright which makes spoting preds easy. There is breakable terrain in here. by Shadowraith




BioWeapon | 59.51 MB

is not related to the original game. I started making this map near the end of February 2005. This map is my first publicly released map. _________ Storyline: _________ On a distant planet, LV 263, the Weyland-Yutani Corporation has established a mining and research facility. The planet's rich mineral deposits made it an ideal source for scientific development. However, the mineral mining facility has simply been a front for public and military eyes. In truth, the Yutani Corporation has discovered a subterranean xenomorph hive on the planet, and constructed the facility to gain access to the hive and conduct experimental research. Now, during one of the most critical experiments, the facility has suffered a power loss. Something has gone wrong. Unable to mount a timely investigation themselves, the Yutani Corporation has asked the marines to investigate the situation. So, after arriving to the planet by dropship, your marine team has set course for the mining facility via APC. Just another routine mission to restore communications at a mineral mining facility and clean up after the Yutani Corporation again.....or so you thought.




Sniperzone and Outerlimits | 2.8 MB

excessive amounts of weapons/ammo. Ladders don't have an error, they were just made to not have a wall behind crouch to go down, jump to go up. Nothing speacil about Sniperzone. Outerlimits is a little more roomy then alesserfate which is was made to look surface as a unqie effect with it (try brounching an explosive off it). Yes weapon amounts are a bit exsesive, but at least you don't have to wait for item spawns or be unlucky to even get one before someone attacks. by shadowriath




FEAR | 2.81 MB

started deleting stuff. Anyhow, there's no way to make-up for the time that was needed except. To get to work. (Also, no posts about Yay a new file! otherwise they'll be deleted.) Here we have an Oldie but Goldie. Fear was sent to us by PsyKore of PlanetAVP, thanks alot for your submitions. As you tread through this map you'll find yourself stopping every few minutes. Whether it's to recharge your Flashlight or because you heard a noise behind you. You'll also be amazed at the diversity and detail of each new room. Fear is made to do one thing, terrify you! And if it's late night and all your lights are off, it will do just that. Your motion tracker will constantly go off, you could be recharging and suddenly you hear a hiss and then a white blip on the tracker is right behind you swing around and turn on your lamp and see nothing there. Only to get skewed from behind. This map is a great addition and thow very short, it is highly recommended. Oh and be warned ammo is scarce! (but that's great for those of us who like challenges.) 9.3 out of 10




F3AR | 54.81 MB

Aliens, and for the most part succeed, only to have one scientist's admiration for the Aliens turn into something twisted and jeopardize everything... You play as a lowly laborer in the industrial sector as the events get out of control.




Ultimate Mappack 2 updater | 151.5 MB

PLEASE READ ALL FIRST BEFORE PROCEEDING --------------------------------------------------- NOTE: IMPORTANT INFORMATION Always make a backup of your ump2 on some kind of media like a dvd or another harddrive -You install this update at your own risk. -Update is for ump2 Mappack only. -The final Testing please read below These are complete separate updates as V1 V2 V3 etc does not change anything in the ump2 mappack except give you more levels to play.




Ultimate Mappack 2 updater | 86.83 MB

recent with game servers. I will make more updated packs as new levels are released. all the readme notes are included in the new ump2 folder called **read me notes** I put all the mappers notes there. second new folder contains free Eds for dedit. **free eds** I ran a test on my own server had no trouble with the install If your not happy with this or have trouble want to remove the update click the Uninstaller is included. you will find it in the ump2 folder.




Temple of the Worm | 6.21 MB

his failure to return bodes unfavourably for your Clan as Your Energy Sift that he was carrying is a valuable clan asset that cannot be easily replaced. As such, your clan council has decreed that you are responsible for your own equipment and have advised you that \"You gave it to him, you can go and get it.\" and it must be retrieved from the Temple of the Worm, the last known location of your missing clan mate. This is not a personal trial of manhood for you to be performed alone. The Temple of the Worm has a reputation for being an extremely hazardous hunting ground and the clan Council has decided that you are to be accompanied by two experienced Yautja \'Brothers of the Spear\' warrior clan members to assist you in the task. Your mission is simple: Enter the Temple of the Worm, determine the fate of your missing clan mate and collect the lost Energy Sift. Then return to the extraction point with your escorts for immediate collection from the site to the Yautja pursuit ship hovering overhead... [/quote]




CastAway | 3.27 MB

how ever the Disc is a trick. The tornado does cut a wide path. No faults in the designers work. by Shadowraith




BW Jungle Hunt | 875.55 KB

on you. As a pred I recommend taking to the trees and trying to drop down onto the enemy with melee. The trees get in the way for bugs, so you may have to destroy a few to set up a good ambush spot. Very good map. It's a DAT file so you'll need to place it in maps/dm




Ultimate Mappack 2 updater | 86.81 MB

recent with game servers. I will make more updated packs as new levels are released. all the readme notes are included in the new ump2 folder called **read me notes** I put all the mappers notes there. second new folder contains free Eds for dedit. **free eds** not always updated unless eds are avalable. I tested on my own server had no trouble with the install If your not happy with this or have trouble want to remove the update click the Uninstaller is included. you will find it in the ump2 folder. READ THIS: NOTES ON SKINS: IF YOUR MAP COMES WITH WEAPONS AND PLAYERS SKINS THEY WILL NOT BE ADDED TO UMP2 you must add them to you pack your self But caution!.,,,reason for this some server mods (block) crc checks on cheat skins and some players dont wanna see your skins they might like there own custom stuff. EXAMPLE is ---playing a single player with a pink pulse gun or yellow spear for pred even if your skins look nice they cannot be added for this online playing. server mod protection are a must these days so I have to limit what is needed and not some other Things that cannot be added are backspash pictures,Mod pictures start screens, we have 2 now by default the Ump2 pictures that 00 supplied they will remain untouched. READ THIS TOO: Good example is Island of the dead This mod cannot be added in the ump2 mappack cause of the major changes Attrib files mods like that should be played outside of this mappack. I recommend use the avp2 mod manager its a excellent program used for mappacks and mods skin packs sound packs that are in the REZ format. The program will read 1 folder by default called MAPS it does not have to be a rez file.( I rename my ump2 to maps now remember to rename the folder back to ump2 when you use the update packs ) vis versa simple and easy! all your Mods and skin packs stuff would go in the custom folder. but read all the help files installation notes for the program. Last Note I am now able to fix some maps that are missing sounds or textures can be added to the update packs as nessary so if you find a glitch or missing stuff you can always send to me or tell me where to find the stuff and I will add to the next update pack. and yes I do testing on maps looking just for this kind of thing. Not all maps are 100% perfect some are very basic and others very good so here is a chance for new mappers to get there work out and noticed. LAST NOTE: any problems with the pack send me a email on my site or leave me a message in my shout box. I will make fixes and updates correct with a new pack. This is in case I miss anything.




=ARC= Mappack | 39.34 MB

in gameplay it is recommended that the -rez line for the original map is not removed from your command line. Gametypes with double asterisks by their name, are versions of the map that will be released in the evac+overrun pack update. Contained within this pack is also the ARC Mappack Menu. This will be placed in your main folder but if you wish to use it you must add the rez line manually:





endgame_v11.0.rar | 8 MB

huh?....... hell no! As the alien it is your duty to protect the new queen from the predators and ensure that the newly formed hive can survive. Become the predator and hunt the ultimate prey. The alien queen.




Ultimate Mappack 2 updater | 197.21 MB

this. Update v4.exe for aliens Vs predator 2 ----UMP2 mappack This will keep the UMP2 up to date. Joining servers everyone has the same maps. Update v4 will install into this directory *default* is C:\\Program Files \\ Fox \\ Aliens vs. Predator 2\\UMP2 or whatever drive installation your using for can change it if you need too. If you run this pack or any update pack as a standalone mappack And some maps are missing textures those maps require the ump2 or update packs installed. Any files with the same name in ump2 mappack files should overwrite those. When you install this update. I recommend do not remove the update. The uninstaller is included if you need too. You will find it in the ump2 folder




Gas Facility | 5.54 MB

bad, your priority is to evacuate personnel and activate the self-destruct sequence to destroy all the evidence.




Cyb Nebel | 5.16 MB




Hostile Appetite | 10.97 MB

achieve this Objective. Completing the map successfully will unlock an achievement award, 'Sole Survivor': The USCM haven't arrived on LV-426 yet and you are the only person left alive in the colony over-run by Aliens. Will you survive? Can you escape..?[/quote]




Trooper Style Skirmish | 1.12 MB

Marines to aid the Player in Single Player Skirmish, so here it is. If you haven\'t tried out the Imp Co-Op Mod, then give it a shot. The latest version \'2.something\' is now available to download:;63941 Gameplay: --------- This is a Marine only Single Player only version of the Trooper Style map that appears in the Imp Co-Op mod. To Play this map in Multiplayer, go and download the mod. Many small changes have been made to this map to cater for Single Player Skirmish including the addition of 3 Marine helper bots to assist defend the stockade. To have them follow the Player, select them the way you would use a door and they will follow you. Selecting them a second time will order them to stop and stand their ground. They may not be perfect, but certainly are better than nothing. To start the Alien AI swarm, access the compound\'s upper wall walkway and open both of the Ammo boxes found there. The AI will only trigger once both boxes have been selected. The boxes can then be selected as usual but have no effect on the AI. Once the Aliens start their attack, the stockade doors will not re-open. You can fight either inside or outside the stockade once the AI has been triggered if you want to jump over the wall. Place your troops where you think is appropriate. General Information: -------------------- Game : Aliens vs. Predator 2 Title : Trooper Style Skirmish Version : 1.0 Included Files : SKM_TrooperStyle_v1-1.txt - This readme file. skm_trooperstyle.rez - Game data. Release Date : July, 2006. Type : Single Player only. Author : Phil \'Windebieste\' Wlodarczyk Email Address : Other AvP2 maps by Author : DM_Ruinous. First Multiplayer map. Gladiator. Single Player Predator Skirmish map. SK_Ruinous. Modified version of DM_Ruinous for Single Player Marine Skirmish. SK_A_Loners_Fate. Modified Monolith\'s \'A Lesser Fate\' for Single Player Marine Skirmish. Stranded_Redux. Original AvP Stranded map remade to accommodate AvP2 Single and Multiplayer modes. SK_Precipice. Single Player Marine Skirmish map. Tar Baby. Multi and Single Player Skirmish map. Backstreets. Multi and Single Player Skirmish map. Xenocortex. Multiplayer map. (Under the pseudonym: Sum_Dum_Phuc.) Shafts. Multiplayer map. (Under the pseudonym: Sum_Dum_Phuc.) WiSPa. Map pack featuring 11 Single Player Marine Skirmish maps. Subway_Redux. Subway from original AvP remade to accommodate AvP2 Single and Multiplayer modes. Morlock, Based on HG Wells\' The Time machine. Multi and Single Player Skirmish map. ScrotumHenge. Multi and Single Player Skirmish map. NekroSanktum. Multi and Single Player Skirmish map. Dropship Down. Multi, Single Player Skirmish and Co-Op map. Circle of Death - Char Grilled Edition. Enhanced version of Tutonic Monkey\'s Circle of Death map. Of Gods & Monsters. Multiplayer Promotional map for the Open Pyramid Project. Hell\'s Gate. Multiplayer Objective based TDM map Revenge of the Malevolent Monkey. Experimental Single Player map. Forge of Honour - Predator vs. Predator Multiplayer map. Also available as Predator Skirmish. Temple of the Worm - Single Player Predator map. Wow. 20+ maps! This list is getting long. ;) Construction ------------ Editor Used : DEdit. Base : The original map was built by Imp Hunter and Windebieste for release in the Imp Co-Op Mod. Skybox by Tutonic Monkey. AI Marine escort by Herr_Alien. Construction Time : about 4 weeks. Processing Time : 2 minutes. Balance set to 950. Known Bugs : The escort AI Marines aint perfect. Sometimes they fall off of the catwalks and do other dumb stuff. You\'ll have to live with it. New Sounds : No. New Textures : Yes. New loading screen and funky grave marker textures. Guess whoe died in the crash..?




=ARC= Hadley's Hope | 3.45 MB

recreation of the original LV 426 colony, atmospherically lit, featuring Med lab, Operations and all your favorite scenes from the Aliens movie. There’s movement all over the place..




=ARC= Predator | 22.39 MB

the background music file which you can play seperately to your map. Welcome to the Jungle...... __________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________Hints+Tips:____________________________________ Humans will have to hunt for weapons which are scattered throughout the level. Try to use as much cover as possible to avoid those predators in the trees. The camp hides a number of weapons and pickups, if you can get there.... Predators will find their weapons in the trees and are best spotted in predvision. Stay high and take out the humans from above; the ground is dangerous and you are at risk from miniguns and bouncing grenades. Aliens have lots of cover and can use the trees to navigate the level quickly and safely. Beware of predator and human tracking weapons and dont sit still for too long, or you will become the one thats hunted...




Windebieste Skirmish Pack | 46.95 MB

indiscriminately hunt down and kill the Player. It is up to the Player to defend themself for as long as possible from the onslaught with the available Weapons, Ammo, Health and Armour that can be found in each map. All of these maps (Excluding [i]Cabin Fever[/i] and [i]Primaeval[/i]) have had prior release in some previous form. However, all of these previously released maps have had varying degrees of enhancements, modifications and improvements made to them for release in this Map Pack. Some changes are obvious and will be immediately noticeable. Others are subtle technical enhancements and will not be obvious. As such, all maps possess improvements over the original releases that will affect gameplay and/or performance.




Coffee Break | 3.63 MB

which is basically a big hot rainy jungle. Its your break, private, go get some coffee, but be back at your post in 5 minutes. Part 3: About the level: The fisrt objective \"this is a human objective\" should read get some coffee. ***small bug: The door in the dropship I wish wasn\'t there, but you can walk right through it to get into the cockpit. I hope you enjoy my level, and I plan on making many more soon.




Evac Stranded | 219.45 KB




Survival Campaign | 37.24 MB




Acid Reflux | 2.06 MB




[DnD] Hive | 3.93 MB

the end! Here is the situation: \'You have crashed your APC into an Xenomorph hive, you must search for an exit or you will suffer the same fate as the researchers that were last here. The researchers owned more advanced weaponry it will be usful if you could locate some of it. Your team mates are on their way to rescue you, its just a matter of time until they turn up, they recommend that you stay at the APC, but being your stuborn self you don\'t listen!\'




Dropship Down | 2.29 MB

depicts a densely forested canyon featuring a dropship crash site. This was a very quick map to build because I used various prefabs created from other maps that I have made to hasten its construction. The crashed Dropship\'s origin is from an old skirmish map, Primaeval. The trees come from Morlock; and the NoSnap rocks are heavilly modified versions of rocks that appear in an incomplete and unreleased map residing on my hard drive, Hell\'s Gate. The title, \'Dropship Down\', is an hommage to the Ridley Scott film, Blackhawk Down; which is an awesome - and must see - movie. However, other than the title, there is no resemblance to Scott\'s movie whatsoever.




Stranded Redux | 13.41 MB

Predator (SKP_Stranded_Redux) and another for Marine (SKM_Stranded_Redux) for Single Player purposes against an endless torrent of unmerciful Alien AI. You will find yourself fighting against: Chestbursters, Drones, Runners, Predaliens and Praetorians. Face Huggers are optional opponents (see Below). Also included in this map pack is a Multiplayer map for DM\\TDM purposes. Multiplayer Co-Op version against the AI has NOT been included.




Ultimate Mappack 1 | 750.62 MB

For \"Aliens vs. Predator 2\" | | | | | | | | Mappack made by 00 | | |_|_______________________________|_| |_|_______________________________|_| --------- Index --------- 1) System requirements 2) The maps in the \"Ultimate Mappack 1\" 3) The Making of \"Ultimate Mappack 1\" 4) \"Ultimate Mappack 1\" problems 5) A tribute to all the mappers 6) Future mappacks 7) How to get in touch with me ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1) System requirements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3.1GB (3174MB) free hard drive space. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2) The maps in the \"Ultimate Mappack 1\" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Contains multiplayer maps only. I was unable to provide a list of all the maps because there are just too many. But be assured this mappack contains almost every custom map made, from the birth of \"Aliens vs. Predator 2\" to mid-September 2005. Here\'s a list of how many custom maps are in each category: DM/TDM/HUNT/SURVIVOR -- 377 maps OVERRUN --------------- 15 maps EVAC ------------------ 26 maps ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3) The Making of \"Ultimate Mappack 1\" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Please note that I did not make any of the maps in \"Ultimate mappack 1\", I just took all the maps I was able to get, and combined them into one big mappack. To meet demand for a mappack that contains all maps for \"Aliens vs. Predator 2\". I spent many uncountless hours to make this mappack. Time spent downloading maps, adding all maps into one mappack, time needed to convert .rez files, time needed to write these text files, and time needed to test \"Ultimate Mappack 1\". Here\'s a list of the programs I use to make \"Ultimate Mappack 1\": -- DEdit -- Photoshop 7.0 -- WinRAR -- WinRez LT Studio ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4) \"Ultimate Mappack 1\" problems ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you are wondering why the \"Ultimate Mappack 1\" is not a .rez file, it\'s because I was having problems converting it into one since it was so big. So I left it as a folder, don\'t worry it works just the same. There is a problem in the host maps selection screen in the game, the blue highlight box around the \"Availble Maps\" box, is elongated. That\'s because of maps with very long names, the blue highlighted box has to conform around the name of the maps. Nothing I can really do about this problem, it doesn\'t hurt anything, it just looks weird. There might be problems with missing sounds and missing textures or textures that are screwed up in certain maps. Please note when I made \"Ultimate Mappack 1\", I got many maps out of other peoples mappacks and if they were screwed up in their\'s, then it will be screwed up in mine as well. Also I ran into a problem, two different mappers making a custom texture the same name and placing in the same folder, therefore, I could only pick one. As for some sound problems, there were a couple of sounds that were causing problems so I had to remove them. There also can be some missing textures and sounds that I could have just screwed up myself. And if that happened to one of your maps, or one of your favorite maps, then I am SORRY. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 5) A tribute to all the mappers ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Being that there are so many maps, there would probably be close to one hundred mappers who have made maps in \"Ultimate Mappack 1\". It\'s also close to impossible for me to get a complete list of all their names. Even if I did get all their names, people would still want to know what mappers made what maps. An undertaking too big for me to attempt, but if someone would like to do all the research to list all the mappers and the maps they made, I would be more than glad to add that information to any future Mappacks I would make. To all the Mappers who have made maps in this Mappack, I would like to say: \"Thanks for contributing your time and energy to this great game.\" \"Thanks for giving us better gaming experience.\" \"Thanks for keeping the multiplayer experience fresh and new with your maps.\" \"And a big thanks for helping to keep \"Aliens vs. Predator 2\" alive.\" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 6) Future mappacks ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If I overlooked a map or someone has made a map after the release of this mappack, I\'d be more than happy to add it in any future mappack I make. But am not planning on making another mappack for a while, so don\'t coming BUGGING ME to add a map. There are some preferred requirements that I\'m requesting, if you make maps: -- No long map names. -- Try to use very little custom textures as possible, because these are the most timeconsuming elements of making a mappack, or if possible don\'t use any custom textures or sounds, because you can still make a good map that way. (for example look at a map named: \"Toxic Feud\") -- Give your map an original name, because believe it or not, people remember it better that way. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 7) How to get in touch with me ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ You can find me playing \"Aliens vs. Predator 2\" at least two nights a week, playing on custom map servers. The one I\'m normally on is called: , I go by the name of: 00 My Email is: I would also like to give special thanks to Hudson Hick Ontario , for without him none of this would have been possible.




Infestation | 28.64 MB

wrong. INFESTATION is an entire Campaigne for the Marines in AVP2. It spans about 4 levels, each one Action packed and well constructed and driven by a captivating storyline. The lighting is very supportive of AVP's original "What you can't see, can see you and kill you." policy. The voice acting seems abit out of place but hey, these guys did a great job. Minor bugs here and there but none that will really bother you during the game. keep in mind the Menus are in French. Well there's quite abit to it. I'll not spoil all the goodies for you. TRY IT! I'll probably be flogged for saying this but I recommend getting PROJAM's AVP Mod and adding this command to your startup option. -rez custom\PROJAM4_4.rez -rez custom\INFESTATION.rez that will run INFESTATION with all of PROJAM's goodies. We're still tyring to get permission to host PROJAM's mod here so you'll have to go elsewhere until I get word from him. WE RECOMMEND PROJAM's MOD! I think there was another Single Player campaigne for AVP2 that went under. Was called dark showers or something.




Gold Temple

gold_temple_v_2.0.rar | 7.2 MB

desired warrior yautjan to make the good with this weapons, but the others all yautjans were already corrupted… it decided to be withdrawn on a remote planet and from a temple, in which resides the gilded lance. We are in 2010, one of your companion has to find the trace of the gilded temple and then then volitilized brutally, without nobody knowing who did. the last transmission that it sent to you came from a planet being in the edge external of the galaxy, this planet naming tag\' kel hu. Your mission is to find the lance gilded, to take it, to flee it and bring back to your elder of clan naming Celtic Elder Seidan. this story is in a cinematic ________________________________________________________ News: a AI predator who Help You. a cinematic news skin for the spear new design and textures ________________________________________________________ Special Thanks: Redclaw, for his texture, this help to build this map Nivel 426 for his tutorial of dedit for talon My clan to help me! ________________________________________________________ Visit us: celticclan: (website) Redclaw: Nivel 426: Alien vs predator 2 filefront: ________________________________________________________ Copryright permission (c) 2006 by Le Celticant




Jungle2 | 13.72 MB

should make the FPS easier. Arguably the map is still a beta, but unless theres anything drastically wrong with it that I have missed, then its going to be the final release. There ARE a couple of bugs that I am aware of but these are mainly just the odd texture issues inherent with gouroud shading. Its not a flat out DM map, terrain is not the easiest to negotiate and pools of water are uncloaking \'traps\' for preds. It also takes a skillful pred to climb the trees but to help counteract that, in the day time version, the marines do not have a motion tracker.... Tracking weapons are also either sparse, or non existant - expect this to be a proper fight gentleman. The map is the latest installement of the =ARC= mappack, due for release later this year.[/quote]




TALON Map Pack (3.0) | 109.53 MB

It is also recommended that you download Kevin Whites map packs at




TIME BOMB | 10.18 MB




Triple Collision | 1.88 MB

:) Pros: |- Enjoyable level design; great lighting and colors |- Multiple breakable items; destructing the roof is damn fun, especially when there are opponents above it! Cons: |- n/a -Bluehair




Base - 13F | 4.57 MB




Forge of Honour | 5.65 MB

Occasionally, a Predator may come to disagreement or cause grievous insult to another of his tribe; and Honour must be protected and preserved. A test of Yautja Pride is a fight to the death. To this end, the \'Trials of Pride\' are conducted amidst the magma-heated background and sulphuric fumes of the great natural furnace arena known as the \'Forge of Honour\'. This release contains an updated version (1.1) of Forge of Honour Predator vs. Predator DM map and a Single Player Skirmish to lay some smack down on Alien AI just in case you don\'t want to play online. Gameplay: --------- MULTIPLAYER: Forge of Honour is a 1 on 1 Predator only DM map. Server should toggle Friendly fire = ON; and Class weapons = OFF. This map is strictly for Predators only; to settle grudges amongst themselves. WARNING! Other Species joining this map are isolated and placed inside a secure cage and broilled alive above a pit of lava. Ha haa haa haa haaaaa!!! SINGLE PLAYER: Just run around in circles and knock the socks of the AI Aliens.




A Loner's Fate | 3.37 MB

mode. As the original map is made for Multiplayer purposes only, playing it on your own in Single Player is a pretty unexciting affair. This map changes all of that...[/quote]




DM_AlienControl | 4.85 MB




Redclaw\'s Map Pack #1

rcmp1.rar | 36.82 MB

original maps. It promises to bring hours of new fun to your PC screen. Dante\'s Inferno has been re-mastered and lag significantly reduced. Plus a few new things have been added. Come see the new frozen version of Dante\'s Inferno - \"Malus Mortis\". \"Hell hath frozen over!\" All new adventures and ways to die in this new map. The \"WaterWorks\" map is a cool flooded remake of \"Leadworks\". New secret rooms and underwater pipes make this map a lot of fun. The \"Devil\'s Reach Station\" is a deep space re-supply center that after it was abandoned was taken over by smugglers. It is sometimes crawling with critters in the dark. This map is a remake of the pred mission single player map but has a bunch of new cool enhancements. Be sure to checkout the new ducts and prison complex part of the map. The \"Pilot Fortress\" complex was built to specification for WarWhore\'s upcoming \"Pilot Project\" mod. It is two maps (Day and Nite) that are an abandoned Fortress in the Praxis system that was overrun by Predators. Your mission is the re-take the fortress and keep is secure. The two maps feature a large indoor/outdoor layout with swampy sewers and hidden rooms. Make sure to find the hacking device because you will need it in this map. Snipers will enjoy some amazing long distance shots at dizzying heights. Be sure to stop by the Fortress bar to relax after a good day of killing. \"Genesis\" was the first map I ever I know that it \"Blows\" but for sentimental reasons I included it in this map pack. Be sure to checkout the very first room I ever created in DEDIT which is in this map. More information about the individual maps is at the bottom of this document. Game : Aliens vs. Predator 2 Title : Redclaw Map Pack #1 Map Pack Version : 1.1 Included Files : rcmp1.rez, rcmp1.txt, and 12 JPG pic files (MP1 - MP12) Maps Included, New : RC_DANTES_Malus_Mortis_V1_4 RC_DEVILS_REACH_STATION_V1_4F RC_Pilot_Fortress_Day_V1_1 RC_Pilot_Fortress_nite_V1_1 RC_WATERWORKS_V1.8F RC_GENESIS_V1_1 Maps Included, Updated : RC_ADARKKERFATE_V1_4F, (a few bug fixes, better frame rates, and full optimization) - replaces DM_ADDARKERFATE_V1.1 RC_DANTES_INFERNO_UpperHell_V2_2 (lag reduced, Better frame rates, Plus enhancements) - replaces RC_DANTES_INFERNO_UpperHell_V1 [TALON]_DM_MINE_RC_V1_6F (lag reduced, plus a few bug fixes, better frame rates, full optimization) - replaces [TALON]_DM_MINE_RC_V1_5 Maps Included, Unchanged: TRINITY_OF_SECRETS_RC_V_1_5 RC_FORGE_OF_ADVERSITY_DAY RC_FORGE_OF_ADVERSITY_NITE Release Date : June, 2006 Type : Multiplayer: DM & TDM MAP Author : Brad \'Redclaw\' Tempchin Email Address : or Website #1 : Construction ------------ Editor Used : DEdit. Talon Version Base : Contribution Build and Base Build Construction Time : Over the last year and a half. Processing Time : Approx. from 2 minutes to 3 days. Balance set to 925 for most maps. Known Bugs : Please report any undocumented bugs. New Sounds : YES. New Textures : Yes.




Razorback Point Whaling Station:

razorback.rar | 8.53 MB

(1900) whaling station that has been abandoned for over 100 years. Predators have been coming back to the station from time to time to conduct their ritual right of passage to being a blooded warrior. The station is very old with howling wind, swirling snowfall, and cold weather as it is set on a small island \"Bouvetoya\"in Antarctica. Visibility is very limted due to the poor weather conditions. Some of the stations lighting systems can been restored but you would do well to bring plenty of flares and flashlights. It has been said that there may be a large complex under the surface of the island but it has never been found. I am sure at some later date that will be found...but for now your mission is to secure the old whaling station and make sure it\'s safe.




AvP2 Custom mappack 2010 | 127.73 MB

BUILD is FIXED UP) HL2_overwatch -map based on halflife 2 (NEW BUILD FROM SCRATCH) AVp2_Lila_panic -map based on halflife 2 (NEW BASIC BUILD FROM SCRATCH)




Emerald's Hunting Vessel | 5.62 MB

I am just releasing it give you all the opportunity to walk around my ship. Thanks. I hope you enjoy my level, and I plan on making many more soon.




OPP1 - Of Gods & Monsters - Version 1.2 | 6.05 MB

as a map for AvP2. If you are interested in participating in the OPP or your are just curious and want more information regarding its progress, then please visit visit: You can also visit the Editing Forum at: or email me: Your involvement in this project is welcome. Thank you. Revision History: ----------------- Version 1.2 * Third playable Version 1.2, Released August, 2005. * Added: Single Player Predator Skirmish with all map features updated to V1.2. * Added: Miscelllaneous Props including: Pred statues, Alien statues and wall trophies. * Added: Brush work for extra Geometry details, both visible and hidden. * Added: Marine Pick-Ups: Health, Armour, Shotgun, Flamer, SADAR, Smartgun and Minigun - plus Ammo to suit all Marine weapons present. (SADAR and Smartgun are only accessible during alternate door cyclings.) * Added: Some skeleton Props with Combisticks stuck in/near them. (Can\'t have too many Combisticks in a map.) * Fixed: Marines/Merc Players can now join the game without being isolated in a poison gas trap. * Fixed: Narrowed gaps between the collapsed bridges so humans can make (risky) jumps across the abyss. * Fixed: A couple of leaks have been plugged. * Modified: Ambient sounds are now different. * Modified: Doors are now timed to cycle every 3 minutes instead of 10 minutes. * Modified: Reset Ambient Lighting (Now 12 12 12). Now easier to see without constant dependence on vision modes. * Modified: Predator Vision Modes to be more AvP movie accurate. * Modified: Minor changes to point lighting. * Removed: The Marines/Mercs poison gas trap and pit area have been removed, deemed now to be obsolete. * Removed: \"Callout.dtx\" removed from texture set. * Plus many other small tweaks and improvements, too small and numerous to list. Version 1.1 * Second playable Version 1.1, Released June, 2005. * Modified lighting. Map is now darker. * Added \"Callout.dtx\" texture advertising for help with the Open Pyramid Project. * Minor tweaking of Brushwork. * This version Should unzip properly without any CRC errors. Version 1.0: * First playable Version 1.0, Released June, 2005




Avp2 world | 706.75 KB




Skrim Deadend

dead_end.rar | 6.79 MB

MATTER WHERE YOU GO, IT\'s A DEAD END FOR YOU!!!\" A skirmish map style for you, just like the first AVP had. With plenty of weapon pick-ups, and ammo boxes. Difficulty hard with a ton of xeno\'s awaiting you to pull the trigger keeping you on a constant move. Your team will follow you anywhere you go, except for the vents, try not to lose them!!! Keep a look out for AMMO, and watch those corners. Furthermore this map is loosely based on the film ALIENS, with more of an emphasis on being overwhelmed by an opposing force, bent on the blood of your squad, and yourself. Also included are some skins of my own for some weapons, and aliens. Just to give A new feel for an old but still great game. Possibly when I get going, you can expect a SKIRMISH mod for my maps. (:




Broken Dream | 3.52 MB

completely honest I've always wanted to be able to pounce out of a lesser fate and into leadworks.




Alley Witch AI | 1.62 MB





HHO Map Pack

hho2005.rar | 122.11 MB

maps. Enjoy! HHO ---------------------------- Featured Maps (32): ---------------------------- AlienControl_3, AlienControl_4, AlienControl_4_FX, ArenaMatch_2, AvP, Corp_Base_2, Desolation_2, DM_Bespin, DM_Weyland, KillFest_FX, KW_Crossfire, KW_Deadly_Ground, KW_Gamer, KW_TripleCollision_2, Lost-Temples1, Marine_Base_A1, Raiders, Raiders_3, Raiders_SpecialEdition_2, RingMaster, Rock_Steady, Rumble_2_FX, Ship_Wars, SniperZone_3, SW2, SW_Bespin, UFO, UT_2004, UT_2004Serpentine_Dark, UT_2004Serpentine_Lite, UT_Serpentine and finally War_Game.




Hades Facility | 3.09 MB




AvP Marine | 15.33 MB




Refuge | 664.13 KB

you play.The screen fade on the level exit is immensely short.There aren\'t that many props on this level either.It also includes a Marine getting killed in the beginning,but you can only hear it happen.Another new thing it includes is a creature named a Striker that was cut out of the game at the press conference.They\'re kind of like hybrid mosquitos.




DM_OO_PredatorTemple | 633.37 KB

even climb to the pyramid's peak upon any of its four sides. Unfortunately, the interior of the pyramid is restricted to a few short brief passages, rather than the complex and intricate labyrinth you would like to see inside and below its surface.[/quote] Note: if have downloaded [url=""]TALON Map Pack v2[/url], then you already have this map. The only thing it adds to it is an audio setting. A skirmish version as well as a more detailed DM's is expected to happen soon.




DM_AlienControl FX | 2.27 MB

scenario taking place inside! Its main problem actually lies in the low FPS. Lighting is a bit dark too, though uplifting the monitor's gamma easily fixes the problem. -Bluehair [quote]- alien control 4 fx has switchable lights on and off, switch for queen, switch for loader - hackable AI - 1 teleport - earth quake like in industry map; map is also evac - 1 big spider, cameras, etc all the stuff has been added in for fun and amusement enjoy.[/quote]




TI HQ | 1.56 MB

are almost completely invunerable. The author could have stood to put more ammo in it as well : / one more thing.. if you're a marine don't kill the ai marines or the game ends. Heh, good luck taking one of those things down. I emptied a whole sniper rifle, 3 ap clips, 2 tank shots, and around a quarter of a minigun clip into one before the guy went down. GREAT map. Fantastic for a first try!




BW Mayhem II | 1.27 MB





ms.rar | 2.28 MB

onces started on some industry / factory kind of map. I joined it together, and added parts, like the sewer, the railway tunnel, the hive, and most corridors, about 95% of all enemies, most switches and triggers, and lights. Both mappers will still regonize their work though. This is my first single player mission. You might have played my multiplayer maps though, HQ, Maya, Factory and Enterprise.




SC Map Pack | 5.26 MB




Dm Forest bunker | 5.19 MB

out what happen to your clan mate if he is alive take him to the teleport if not, take his plasmacaster and escape by yourself




Killfest | 848.15 KB





Revenge of the Malevolent Monkey | 1.64 MB

particularly comments made by Redclaw, that appear on his \'Diabolical Lab\' thread. Gameplay -------- WARNING! This map is !!!EXPERIMENTAL ONLY!!! and not your normal Single Player Marine experience. This is a highly experimental piece of work and you will have no weapons available to you whatsoever. Also, your movement is restricted to the small observation room that you initially start inside. The only actions that can be performed by the Player in this map are interactive: You may manipulate the monitors in the observation room and watch the procedings in the nearby forested crater. Use each monitor to observe the event from different angles. Watch and enjoy for as long as you can bear it... Well, I bet you weren\'t expecting my next map to be quite like this one, hey. ;)




DnD Quarantine | 1.35 MB

bottom 3. they are re triggerable, flip the switch in the fuse box... 4. there is a delay of 9 seconds b4 u can turn power back on and a delay of 5 seconds b4 u can turn it off again, so u cnt spam the lights and mess it up... 5. also its a well balanced map with advatages to all species, lol, even facehuggers, there is a special ventalation system for em, and also for chest bursters, u can easly navigate the entire map, and sneak up on ppl ! anyway enjoy the map. :)




The sUk Pack

suk_pack.rar | 151.21 MB

request. Many many thanks goto the [F4] clan for beta testing all of the above maps to a very professional level. Mr.Flex and meatball take a bow. ;) Many things can be interacted with, destroyed or repaired (like the power generator and airstrike) Check out the tutorial video and gameflow first to prevent wtfdoido





sukstronghold.rar | 7.75 MB

lives gives the feeling of an unstoppable horde constantly seeking to get in, and the marines need to defend well until backup arrives (the time limit is reached). As there are a lot of destroyable objects in the map its best to limit play to 1 round, thus the map reloads and so to do the objects (shakes fist at lithtech for no reset on round start feature)




Morlock | 7.35 MB

Player/Skirmish. The main Mission Objective for the Single Player Mode is to locate the Exosuit and return with it to the location next to the parked truck in the canyon. To achieve this goal you will need to navigate all locations in the map and negotiate various barriers that bar your progress to return to the Earth's surface. A lot of additional details ahve been added in t he form of gates and switches. Don't forget to grab the Exosuit on your way out.




Bw_Dome | 407.15 KB




Murder Ball | 446.14 KB





Aliens from the safety of your bunker. Each level increases in difficulty. Remember, always keep a cow handy!




Celtic Mappack

celticmappack.rar | 18.7 MB




Industry_MAPPACK | 21.99 MB

same like DM_industry2 only with the evacuate sound and screenshakeing like in the first version DM_remix1_industry: because the map is a little oversized for some few players, the map was splitted in remix1 and remix2 DM_remix2_industry: a moddifed steam room map, very small DM_machine: an other Avp2 map, have nothing to do with industry >> EVAC_industy: Evac version is like dm_industry2 EVAC_s_industy: is the same like EVAC_industy the only different is that the evacuate sound is added because a fan wanted the sound EVAC_remix1_industry: Evac version of DM_remix1_industry EVAC_machine: Evac version of DM_machine




Celtic Battle V2 and Celtic-Ritesofpassages | 15.58 MB

this map was creates in 3 days. Author: Le Celticant ____________________________________________________________________________ Innovations: new maps! (2 maps: celtic-battle_v2 in multi-player and celtic-ritesofpassages in single-player) new textures by redclaw and Aztec map new SPLASH new CUSTOM BACK




Sp Encapsulation | 21.44 MB

recieved an audio message from a clan of Yautja called 'The Confused'. We could not make all of it out because there was some interferance but parts of it say things like, "The Judge is at the bottom, he holds great wisdom.", "The journey will be a hard one but frankly I don't give a flyin'..." and "Get milk on your way home.". Shortly after we recieved co-ordonates to a certain place on the planet LA-666. Since we don't have anything better to do we're sending you to investigate. But since I think this is a load of crap I'm only gonna waste one soldier." Things are about to get trippy... Info: Time taken to make: Don't know, don't care. Type: Single Player Skirmish?: No Species: Human Credit: I used something of Wendebieste's. Thanx bro.




Nazi Zombies

nazizombies_demov02a.rar | 1.89 MB

** *-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------* - You are Harkman Ridiger, being employed by the 'company' for off-world engineering at special locations, it is your job to restore the power array and pipeline functionality at the NZ#03 base... but is that all? *-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------* * Objectives * *-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------* -Reactivate Power Array Switch -Use Available Equipment -Kick some butt!! *-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------* * Installation *




Trogmappack 1 | 18.05 MB

stuff like toxic water at the bottom. I know theres lots of versions of alesserfate so I dont expect great succes for this one. dm_holyground: A relatively small map with dark tunnels underground for close encounter fights and fear effect as marines are forced to use shoulder lamp, perfect for ajl mod (I think it is that mod). Theres also a underwater passage for underwater fights. unclassified_trainingcenter: It is my greatest succes, this is a training map based on the idea of someone I know who probably played in that clan map for training he based his idea of. Theres a translucent ceilling from one side and from the other side u cant see, you can trigger lots of interactions in the training room, including alien bots and steam. The map is a dm map but not suitable for such games because it is too small. dm_doomedwasteland: This is a small battle field very dark including a dropship crash. Theres lots of craters in the area. The only problem with this map is that u need a good video card because of the particules effects. [/quote]




Hadleys Hope | 3.09 MB

:( (but it is a little challenge to obtain it involves hacking and the welding torch) altho the map rains it wil not uncloak preds which is a good thing (i fort it would be unfair on them if it did) the map isnt 100% accurate but is close enuf, i missed out some of the stuff outside the north entrance because of the process time was getting to long this is my first map and doesn't lack quality i spent alot of time making it the map also extends inside a bit this map works with game modes dm team dm and survivor enjoy the map!! :D




Gold-Temple | 6.38 MB




Aliens vs Predator 2 TF ED Files | 4.76 MB

files: Blue_Collar.ed Crusader.ed Facing_Fortresses.ed Gunnison_County_Forest.ed Heretic.ed Our_Collective_Fate.ED ReadMe.txt ResinPit.ed Rooftop.ed Station46.ed Transmission_Intercept.ed object.lto The maps contain certain game objects that are not present in regular AvP2. When opening them with DEdit, when propted to update the map, choose NOT to update. To properly edit the maps for AvP2 Team Fortres, do the following: 1) go to your AvP2 game folder 2) open the AvP2 subfolder, where all the game resources were unpacked 3) back up the object.lto that exists there 4) copy the object.lto from the archive With these steps, DEdit is now suitable to open AvP2 Team Fortress maps.





dm_overwatch.rar | 1.44 MB




Alien vs Predator Community Gallery | 18.55 MB

Gallery. All of the exhibits in the gallery are depictions and interpretations of characters and situations inspired by Alien and Predator movies created by AvP fans throughout the World. Inside the gallery you will find the work of 161 Artists. No less than 310 images are on display on the walls and on the floor mounted display boards. An additional set of 6 \'sculptures\' also graces the gallery floor. These statue models each display a skin based on characters from either an Alien or Predator movie. No Single Player version is included in this release. If, however, you want to inspect and enjoy the gallery exhibits without interruption from other Players, then load the Multiplayer map and playing it solo is recommended. Please respect the work of our Community Artists and refrain from climbing on or shooting their artwork. You can\'t actually break any of the exhibits if you do choose to shoot at them, but that\'s not the point. Thank you. For more information about the gallery exhibits, see the Featurelist.txt included in the download. AvP Community Gallery Feature List. ----------------------------------- I located close to 2000 examples of Alien and Predator artwork on the internet for possible inclusion in this map. Most of the images appearing in the map were downloaded from the Fan Art section. A small selection of other work comes from a variety of other fan sites. 161 Artists appear in the AvP Community gallery with a total of 316 items on display. Ideally, I would have liked to contact all of these artists individually and request/announce my intention to use their work in this map. As such a notification is prohibitive and would greatly hinder the progress of the creation of this map, it is taken on good faith that their artwork appears in this map as a gesture of respect and appreciation of their creative efforts. While the best efforts were made to maintain correct spelling and identities of all the Artists, no doubt some descrepencies and errors may have occurred. Please report any such errors to help improve any further release of the AvP Community Gallery map. Thank you to all of the Fan Artists whose work appears in this map. It wouldn\'t exist without your efforts. Fan Artists appearing in the AvP Community Gallery: --------------------------------------------------- Ace of Space AJ Farmer Alessandro Briglia Alexander Quick Alien Alien DWA Alien Slof Anastasios Gionis Andrew Andrew Minniear Anna Anna Pennlund Annabelle Ane_Ne-01 Antares Antony Connell Antony Hughes Arctic Fox Arran Lee Smith Arta La Vista - (See footnote 1) Ashley Jordan AvP 220 Rio AvP Fan Bailey Brothaz Batwing Beanspan Beau Obremski Ben Ben Boston Ben Hull Billy D Bod Rusty Nails Brad Brandon Foster Brian Brian Irving Brain J Early Brianna Bringer of Death Brownhurst Call of Spirit Capt Rico Sakura Carl Cosgriff Cesar Camera Martin Chipsy Chris Beaver Clint Wager Cody Zaiser Conny Larson Conqueror Cyclone Jack Czerw Czky Norbert Dallas Staheli Dariom Dark Cloak Dark Nautilus Dark Wulf Dave Larson Deck Officer Diego Berlanga Eddie Faria Elysha Berube Enos Evil Homer Ezequiel Feed Rosie Fera Fire Redhead Flippy War Bear Frank Merante Fuzzy Modem Gasar Kuatto GC Giga Shadow Gorax Mog Guyver 47 Hardwear Hari Hippy Chick Icarion James Taylor Jamison Madson Jean Jedi Nautilus Jesco Jesse Jesse Gilbertson Joel Warren John Milas John Stewart Joshua Forman Julio Estrada Karina Riddle Kaylon Katharina Kathy La Follett Kenny Farmer Kevin Favier King Kenny - (See footnote 2) Kleeng Seirot Klown Tepes - (See footnote 2) Kristo Vaher Kwei Yautja Kyle Chenko Lacuna Leandro Leo Lewd Machiko Maciej Stanasiuk Majin Vegeta Mark Kelly Mark Taylor Marshall Karasz Max Kim Mel Hawey Michael Longlands Micki Mike Curry Mike Majewski Morgan King Nathan Berger Nazal Newbee Ney Jour Nic Brennan Nick Valenza Nicolas Nicolas Linde Thompen Nie Ngo Osias Pablo Andrade Phelim Piti Psionic Ragnarok Raptor Raptor Red - (See footnote 2) Roberto Huerto Rogue Roy Emmen Rusty Nails Sam Wakeman Scythewraith Sketch Turner Steve Goad Steve Mileham Taso - (See footnote 2) The Greatest Shaggy Tobias Tom Kennedy Tony Hollet Victor Murillo Whippy 2000 Windebieste Xeno Fox X-Mike - (See footnote 2) Xenomorph Ryan Yeyinde - (See footnote 2) Zachary Robertson Zippo 31 --- (1) - The only solicited piece of artwork that appears in the map is not an exhibit in the gallery itself. The Skybox textures were generously supplied by Arta La vista. Thanks, Man! These textures look fabulous and help to place the map in an inner urban environment where it belongs. (2) - I have also used some Player Character Models as statues throughout the map. The statues use character skins created by these Artists. . . .




sUk-stronghold Ed file

sukstronghold_ed_file.rar | 1.23 MB

your own version, feel that the marines have it too easy? why not add a few new breach points? or the rines have a hard time? Slap in some more turrets. Do whatever you want to the map just make sure that in your readme you give credit to me in the form of: Orginal sUk-Stronghold by Imp Hunter I dont mind if you take parts of this level to place in your own just leave a small: Some level peices adapted from sUk-Stronghold by Imp Hunter,




=ARC= HQ | 7.37 MB

me, and learning me [i]Dedit[/i], and not allowing me to quit. The map was first build the normal way. Because of alot of problems, and processing would have taken over 8 hours, [b]Hevoc[/b] and the [b]Flying Scotsman[/b], convinced me to make it nosnap. This was the fourth time I started all over. (One of the times thanks to partition magic, whats magic about screwing up a windows install ?) This time though I was on the right track, the final full optimization took only 9 minutes, with the slider almost completly to the right. The map should support all gametypes. This map will also be [u]in the coming =ARC= mappack.[/u]




Area52 | 1.71 MB

VegaOni, and credit for some optimization and weapon placement goes to Ctellis156.[/quote] Pros: - The weapons featured suit well its layout - Good FPS for such a large map Cons: - Lighting ain\'t that great; your weapon is always in the shade just as some ladders are hardly visible. And yet, it would be wrong to say that this map looks dark! - Its setup makes it a bit clumsy to find one\'s way within You will either like or dislike this map which obviously gives priority to gameplay over eye candy. -Bluehair




AVP | 841.54 KB

water for a swim I made this map for small or medium servers and the map has very low polie count so it runs Good. PS,,better than my last few maps. INFO: processed the map at 725% polies final count %95.32 and %94.50 for mappers info. processing Time less than a minute. Give it a try enjoy HHO




F3AR_Beta | 4.88 MB

After unzipping the Fear 3 Demo zip-folder contents, place the "F3DEMO.REZ" file in your "Aliens Vs. Predator 2" directory. 2. Run AvP2, and on the launcher window with the picture of the Queen, click "Options." 3. Type in the command-line: -rez F3DEMO.REZ 4. Tick "Always specify these command-line parameters" and then click OK. 5. To start playing, select the level from within the "Custom" option in "Single Player." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------




RFW Map Pack | 23.24 MB

dm_hallways by [b]101st_LtCO_STEF1204[/b] |- dm_triplecollision by [b]Gabor[/b] |- dm_warehouse_2 by [b]Bastiaan Pot[/b] |- dm_overwatch by [b]Kevin \"Trick\"[/b] |- dm_powerfailure_01 by [b]Sno Ball[/b] |- dm_jungle by [b]Red Riot[/b] |- ghostship by [b]Cookiepuss!![/b] |- snacklab by [b]Drex[/b]




Backstreets | 32.54 MB




=SC=ColdWar | 1.03 MB




Winter\'s Vendetta

wv.rar | 2.95 MB

now. The last communication to arrive from the station weeks ago was garbled and disjoined at best but did give the impression of some sort of hostile alien life form present. All 55 personal are assumed to be lost. An advanced tactical assault group has been sent to investigate, recover as much information as possible, and restore communications with homeworld.




=SC=BulletTime | 565.68 KB




Dm Nazi zombies

dm_nazi_zombies_beta.rar | 9.87 MB

being employed by the 'company' for off-world engineering at special locations, it is your job to restore the power array and pipeline functionality at the NZ#03 base... but is that all?




Jungle | 28.9 MB

waterfalls with a wooden footbridge and lots of trees for the aliens and predators to move about in. But fear not, a marine with a smart gun is a tough opponent in open areas for the two monster species to come out and reveal themselves. Small hills and the open area trees themselves will provide cover for the human, aliens will enjoy the tree's nice spacing for tree to tree leaping. Predators may adapt to both terrains equally. A great sound track is included with some great sounds to make you stop and listen. After some testing I was very pleased with the overall work. The only downside to the map..well I was expecting the jungle to be a bit more dense, thinking this was the type "Dutch" and his squad met the Predator in the original movie. The trees used in the map are the standards from the SP game, maybe a few custom made ones would have been nice to see to change up the scenary. Det Pak --------------- This map has a large look, but it is deceiveing. That largeness is gotten by the thick fog and four level trees, in actureality is no bigger then the "lesser's". All weapons are here, all pred weapons are uptop. There is a torch hidden on the grounds which can be used to make three bunkers with autoguns. The autoguns can be switched control of for marine and corp, anyone sneaky enough can switch the control with it fireing (hint preds). The readme states you can't hear preds due to waterfall, that is not is if your standing near it. Word of warning, the Sadar can see the full length even tho everything else wont see past the fog (and for you cheaters it's not on the fog table). by Shadowraith




Xenocortex | 1.39 MB

indoor designs better than him. pair of losers.[/quote]




AvP Extinction

avpe_update.rar | 1.72 MB

ground was metal (3)The Hive CooCoon marine Soldiers were missing some WorldModels Also i messed up on the way to get the map to show. I put the files in wrong. So i made it right this time. ------ INSTALL ------ Take the AvPE Folder and stick it in your avp2 directory then start up avp2. In ther rez feild type in -rez AvPE and enjoy the Real Version of the AvpE Map.




Ghost Ship | 2.14 MB

(mainly the top floor).




Dropship Refueling Station

dsrs17.rar | 2.38 MB

Weyland yutani with the intent of smuggling out stage 1 xenomorph specimens. Now it is a battle ground where three of the most deadly species will fight to the death over and over and over again




AvP2 Hell\'s Gate | 17.31 MB

the cave they find ruined structures left over from a long departed and forgotten civilisation. Excited at the remarkable discovery, they set up camp and prepare to catalogue and record the findings discovered therein. Having established their base of operations and commencing their meticulous analysis of the excavation site, the archeologists decide to explore further into the depths of the caverness unknown. Their progress is halted deep underground where they discover a large, reinforced gate that was sealed shut aeons ago. The gate has never been opened and. The archeologists deduce that the entire ruined structure that they have discovered is actually an abandoned guard-post for a secure and secret underground Keep. They also deduce that the Keep is not only constructed to prevent the entry of intruders but Its reversed layout suggests that it\'s greater purpose is to hold something unknown securely within. A pair of menacing statues flanking the ancient gate, provide further testimony to the theory that something unearthly and hostile is buried deeply within, behind the barred entrance. Feeling apprehensive and uncomfortable about this new disquieting discovery of an ancient warning; and expressing doubts about their safety, the archeological team holds quick discussions at their ground-level base of operations. At the cave entrance the decision is made and the situation is regarded to be outside of their professional experience and capacity to deal with such a potential threat. Hastily the team abandons the site, leaving behind much of their equipment. Wisely, they have left the ancient gate untouched. ...and unopened. The Archeaological team has since safely left the excavation site and indeed the gate remains unopened - but unfortunately - not forgotten. Word of the discovery leaks to various Authorities and beuraucratic meetings are held. Official papers are signed; and the Military is despatched to the abandoned dig site to deal with the possible threat that exists in the bowels of the recently discovered cave. What they will find within has the potential to change the world forever. Can the Marines - with their hi-tech firepower and training - successfully sterilise the dire threat to all of Humanity that hides behind Hell\'s Gate; or will the Marines unwittingly unleash a menace upon the Earth from which there can be no saviour...?




Blood Rail | 2.24 MB

workers left in such a hurry they forgot to shut off the railway system. Maybe that\'s because the planet has an inhospitable atmosphere and a history of volcanic activity. Maybe not. DM_Blood_Rail is large enough for a full load of players, though the right shape for even one on one. Don\'t forget your lucky golf ball.




Malice Lake

malicelake.rar | 3.46 MB

personal. The Xenomorph inhabiting the hive become more active due to the raising tempatures of summer. Enter at your own risk!




Jungle's Vendetta

jv.rar | 9.3 MB

buildings and only a few things still work. Once the site of an advanced Xenomorph research facility, questions of ethics and change in government policies caused this place be quickly vacated. That is at least what they would have you believe. Explore the old complex and draw your own conclusions as to what really happened here. Be careful as many things are old and dilapidated. Also, that region of the planet is volcanic and somewhat unstable.




DM Lost Cargo | 1.53 MB

Deathmatch ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ INSTALLATION: 1. Extract the lostcargo.rez file to your Aliens Vs. Predator 2 folder. 2. Start AvP2, and on the splash screen with the picture of the Queen on it, go into Advanced Options and type in the command-line: rez lostcargo.rez 3. Now you\'ll be able to select the map from the map list within the in-game multiplayer menu options.




Redclaw's Map Pack

rcmp2.rar | 27.02 MB

years of mapping under my belt, I feel it represents my best work to date. It promises to bring hours of new fun to your PC screen. My three personal favorites from this map pack are the night time version of Chateau Dif (a snipers heaven, the darkness makes it very creepy!), The snow version of Razorback Point (a realistic representation of the station from the AVP movie), and Stronghold of Tranquility (neat sounds, atmosphere, and great flow...a fun map for all races, snipers will love this map too). If you like hellish snow storms then don't miss Winter's Vendetta, it's a blizzard!




Opp2 - Trapped | 2.47 MB

marines - minigun (Hidden in the secret area) - Predator - disk and pistol (also hidden in a different are of the map) - Inlcudes MY AvP Green sprites for the aliens... in pred vision modes - Vision modes have been Updated (more purple for heat vision & blue for Electrvision) - Added Spawn Points For Corps - Sorted Aliens getting to upper levels by addind a ceiling vent in the hive and also buy adding a ramp going up a level - Ladder Problem fixed... - Updated lighting... got rid of the tourches in favour of \"Light Shafts\" - The number of traps has been updated from 2 to 9... - Doors cycle every 2 mins - Added more shifting doors due to the level increasing in size - there are 4 levels for you to wander around on, updated from 2 - Traps have been disguessed into the floors good lukc finsing em and watch ure step :P You will find ammo dotted around the map, all the weapons are located at the individual spawn points, 2 for marine 2 for pred 2 for alien and none for corps they just spawn randomly lol There are a 9 traps around watch where u step :P Also just beacuse uve passed a certian area it doesnt mean there isnt a trap there, they are set up to not always trigger, soo watch ure step also the map will shift every 2 minutes to make the map feel not as boring so to speak :) Enjoy :) Final polie count was 3298, Old polie count 1900 Final process 0.45 minuets Old process time 0.18




DM_Orion | 1.08 MB

design; obviously, its author is very skilled. Actually, my only complaint goes toward its lighting: I had to raise significantly my monitor\'s gamma to make it at my liking. If you have enjoyed FEAR, then be aware that this map comes from the same author. -Bluehair




Stronghold of Tranquility

sotrc.rar | 2.62 MB

former inhabitants had to leave this world in a hurry leaving machines and other valuable equipment behind. Explore this dark world for treasures but with care. Others might be trying to claim this planet for their own and may use any means necessary to do so. This is a must have map for people who like being a sniper or playing a xenomorph. Tall buildings and dark shadows make for great ambush spots no matter what your race is. This map also features enhanced vision mods for Predators.




SK_Ruinous | 389.74 KB

version. Despite having the opportunity to rectify its various problems, I wasn\'t interested in re-releasing the same DM map and have multiple versions of it creating incompatiblility issues amongst players. Instead, I decided to use it as a base to create a Skirmish version for some serious Single Player bug smacking fun.[/quote]




AvP2 Forge of honour | 1.43 MB

grudges amongst themselves. WARNING! Other Species joining this map are isolated and placed inside a secure cage and broilled alive above a pit of lava.




Satanic Sanctuary | 13.7 MB

god Baphomet and Cthulhu, mother of abominations, has made it his domain, and everyone who now dare approaching usually subish the most abominable of death. The spirits of the feeble ones are transported inside the temple and forced by its evil power to fight eachothers to death for eternity and consume into the continuous flow of blood in the underground. Torture and cruelty are of common sense in that dark place and the rare curious who fortunately comes and succes in entering the well garded temple will mostly loose their sanity and their life, unable to get out now prisoners of the black entity. Its been said that from time to time, satanic cultists travel to the temple as a pilgrimage to receive the favor of their gods, but that none of them has resurfaced from the deep abyss... Only one exeption : The heavy trained members of the Clan War Machine has been able to get out safe, but their sanity is now questionable. You, unfortunate, has been captured by the evil gods, you know what is waiting for you : horrible feelings of fear, pain and eternal death. A contingency of corporates has made their way inside and tried to find the secrets of the temple, followed a team of marines coming to rescue the corporates, the predators located them and went down to hunt, the warriors runned into the darkness and never came back, in a cold cavern nerby, an alien hive was sleeping but has been awakened and now the drones are being transported from nowhere inside Bathelhu\'s domain to join the fray... Overall, a nice playground...




The Narrow Way | 2.4 MB




Dm City | 9.61 MB

are 11 \'enterable\' houses, 17 garages and 1 secret lab. I suggest you turn alien life cycle to off cause some aliens start in houses, all doors are closed and facehuggers could have trouble to get out.





surprises and a expanded playing field. This map has new things for all of the characters such as new pred visions, a much darker playing environment which will send chills up your spine or make you crap your pants every time you get bush-whacked by an alien you never saw coming, lots new places for humans to hide and snipe characters from, and a few new buildings. And yes it even has several secret hiding places filled with weapons and ammo. Now you can enjoy that Bar, Storage, and Communications areas that were previously closed to you. In addition you also now have the option of having up to 2 exo-suits in the game. There is an Easter egg (If you can find it) in this map but I don\'t suggest you fudge with it! So the bar is open, why not come on in!




Avp Extinction | 2.04 MB

when some people would make a map of it but i never saw anybody make any maps that is just like the game or some wat close enough like it. So i took the time to get to know Nosnap first and get the right texures for the map and day after day i was working on this map. It took me 4 to 5 days to finish and im finnaly done now. You will find the predator,Marine and alien base confortable. I wasent able to add to much detail in the predator base but i was able to give them 2 new visions and for the marines i was able to give them a new skin while they play So i kinda help my map out a bit. Anyway Its a fantastic map.




DM Black Forest | 1.53 MB

can barely see 10 feet. What's worse? There are creatures stalking you and the only thing between them and you is your trusty pulse rifle... Or maybe you're just here to do a bit of hunting... Or to protect your mother...and to feed Whatever the case, this deep dark forest is sure to be exciting and extremely terrifying.




[DnD] Devastation | 8.52 MB

it is a larger map and took about the same time to create as the original version.




BackAlley | 1.72 MB

small groups of colonists are held up in the APC service bay. Sadly, with all the blast windows and gate doors locked unprotected duct systems was the demise of the unarmed colonists.





tpb_le_camp_compound_v2.rar | 10.54 MB

also features a couple of climbable watchtowers, trenches and a tank inside which you can easily make out free kills, but I suspect it won't be that much of a safe place in practice... Obviously, this map offers a whole lot of freedom - and hence strategies - to the players :) Visually-wise, it looks damn good! We really seem being in a camp, notably thanks to well-matched textures and lots of details scattered here and there. In particular, the "moving" trees on the outskirts of the camp added to the disturbed sky make it feel "living". It is unlikely that you have ever played this map as it was released two days ago. Its author is still mapping for AvP2 and I can already tell you that AvP2Files will feature other of his maps in the near future. He indeed kindly gave us permission :) -Bluehair





talonmine_v1_5.rar | 2.33 MB

computer screen), miners at \"Weyland Yutani’s Mine 692\" were unlucky enough to drill into a xenomorph hive. Shortly after they drilled into what they thought was just an underground cave, the xenomorphs attacked. With very little in the way of weapons, the miners barely managed to fight back as they retreated from the lower level of the mine and tried to get to the surface. Most of them simply ran for their lives without even considering engaging the monsters. Not surprisingly the miners and security personnel were quickly overwhelmed, some being killed where they stood while others were taken alive, screaming as they were dragged into the depths of the hive. The elevator was taken by the first that got to it, leaving the rest to find other ways to the surface. However the aliens attacked the elevator, damaging it in the process so that it dropped like a stone to the bottom of the elevator shaft. Very few survivors made it to the surface and the ones that did decided to hide in a ventilation shaft, but it didn\'t take long for the aliens to find them. One alien was killed in this last stand and it’s acid burned a hole into the hive below. Weyland Yutani had a small mercenary unit nearby that was first on site after contact was lost with the mine. An automated distress call was picked up by the USCM who decided to send a small force to assist the mercenaries. Upon arrival, the corporates split into 2 squads, one dropped a ladder into the hive from the ventilation shaft near the landing pad, and the other went into the mine looking for a life sign that had been picked up on preliminary scans. Shortly after the marines landed, Command monitored an unidentified object traveling at extremely high speeds heading towards the mine area. It showed no signs of slowing down before it disappeared from the scanners and was therefore thought to have been a meteorite. [/quote]




Fusion Map Pack

fusion_map_pack.rar | 26.78 MB

IDEA NOT MINE AND I HAVE NOTHING AGAINTS ACIDMODS. ONCE MORE THIS IS NOT MINE! [b]Please enjoy this nice mappack from the clan Fusion that I found, it includes 24 maps and they offer plenty of awesomeness[/b]. So remember: credits go to Fusion for making it and credits to me for posting it.




Avp JungleMaze

mp_avpjunglemaze.rar | 2.41 MB

this map and a few littile friends also to keep the preds and aliens players busy and im not talking about facehuggers...As for humans\' your going to be spending alot of time in the so called HellPit somewhere away from AvpJungleMaze.Dont worry..your going to like wat i did for you guys.Anyway i made sure the map was able to hold 16 players so it wont lag at all unless you have a slow computer system.




[DnD] Ally | 1.2 MB

the hell of it :) lol, the map is also nicely detailed :) 3. Design and layout similar to the original ally, contain a fortified window room, etc drop ship pad sewers... 4. Areas of the map are dark easly be able to sneak up on people using the ventalation system 5. AvP movie vision modes, red for heat vision and green for alien vision, 6. Advatages to all species again, humans have there window room, alien have there dark vents and preds have there high places, on the scafold type thing lol




DM_BW_Airbase | 3.45 MB

:( -Bluehair ---- NB: There was no readme in the ZIP; I have added two pics inside it to show you how to install the map (it is left in DAT format).




Weyland | 5.31 MB

a walk through, you can copy and paste models and prefabs into your own maps. Save you a lot of build time. Its already done you just need to tweak to your liking. And I included a few other beta EDs from other mappers well known maps you can get there maps and see the info in the read me in mappack 4. PS: I take no credit for these maps only the ones listed above of mine and the converted UT models. More ed the better,,.keeping avp2 alive. Enjoy the map!




Dante\'s Inferno - \"Upper Hell\" | 6.32 MB

traps, secret rooms, demons, Easter eggs, unique Predator vision modes, eye candy, food for aliens, teleports, and much more. This map was designed to torment your weary soul if you are not careful. The map was designed for great battles between Aliens and Humans. Humans will be challenged right off the bat to stay alive because of the dark nature of the map and other visual distractions. It offers many great hiding places to ambush your prey no matter what species you choose to play. Dark gothic structures and hanging catwalks will offer you many chances to gain the advantage over your prey. To the careful explorer, this map has a great deal of hidden items and surprises to be found. Most traditional pickup items such as health packs and body armor have been put in ammo boxes. \"Beware the evil monkey, he will bode no foolishness\". Note to servers admins: This map is also tunable \"in-game\"...if you are running a slower server or noticing lag because of a graphics issue (non network stuff) then you can turn the steam and/or fire on/off by as set of secret switches located next to a skull on the floor in the corner of the map near the round tower. You will have to look hard for them (by intent) and they will look like little rectangles. It is recommended for maximum fun to leave both these setting to \"ON\".




NightWorks | 695.47 KB

lighting make the map much darker than the original. some steam effects added. extra props such as acid barrels, a bunch of tires. changes to the lead pool in the upstairs section. and also some of the brushes (walls and such) have been removed.




[DnD] Hive MP | 2.31 MB

added details such as more sentry guns, acid holes etc. Most of the Singleplayer elements have been removed from the Multiplayer version although some things still remain such as, people on the walls can be activated, well most of them... Some alien eggs still hatch, I\'ve made them not hatch as quickly to give you more of a chance to get away, sentry guns are still in there with an additional one. Sentry guns can be destroyed though so guard them well :D




Osgiliath | 26.32 MB

may turn it into a singleplayer mission. This project is my first attempt at creating a custom sky. It\'s a little rough around the edges, but I feel I nailed the basic formula for making more convincing skies in the future. I imagine the species that will have the most fun with this map are predators. There is pleny of ledges to pick prey off of, and being in the dark will improve upon the cloak.[/quote] This map takes place inside of a city in ruins immersed into thin haze. Looking at its file size, you could be asking yourself what does make it so large. Well, I still wonder myself! Visually, it is pretty dull: similar textures across all its wideness and the use of fog does that it performs not so good from a performance standpoint. Besides, it has very few items to pick up which is somewhat surprising for such a large map. Actually, its layout seems to be especially thought for a predator as you can jump quite easily from one wall to an other. -Bluehair




ElectroTurd | 1.82 MB

happen when you approach it. Play with caution! Map is available in both multiplay and singleplay.




Dm Hellpit

hellpit.rar | 902.01 KB

they become food for the starving aliens -----------------------------------------------------------




Pool Day | 8.53 MB




Terraform | 2.39 MB

overrun versions would not work properly in DM mode (for example, there is only one spawn point that works in DM). In addition, the pickups are not distributed properly for a good deathmatch level. This version of the map has the same layout as the evac/overrun maps. The only difference is the spawn points have been changed to DM mode and spread throughout the map and the pickups have been redistributed (the marine ammo stations have been eliminated). I\'ve attempted to place the spawn points in a mannor which will minimize \"spawn killing\" by placing them where it is not easy to see the spawning entity (unless you camp there). In addition, I\'ve re-distributed the pickups to better fit a DM game.




Dm Fiorina | 14.19 MB

1.0 Release Date : 13.11.06 Type : Multiplayer: DM, TDM, Survivor Construction: Editor Used : DEdit, Talon Version Base : Base build plus prefabs Number of Brushes: 1127 Number od polies: 7646 Number of Points: 10578 Construction Time : 90h (4months) Processing Time : 24.23 (with Fast Aprox)




DM island + Swim 09 beta patch | 4.74 MB

(RunBack for Predators, different anims for Aliens) -Increased swim speed for all Multiplayer characters -Map included: dm_island




Infested | 2.05 MB

chestburster come out of some of em :) This map is mainly outdoors, but here are some indoor places like a communications room the bar, from my old map, a vent system and a system of corridors. It is kinda a mix between colony and ally so if u liked those then u shud like this... Took me a while to make but not to long, all weapons are included....etc About half the map is hived nd the other half is pretty much normal except for a few hanging bodies... etc Modes: team dm, dm, survivor I may make an evac version in the future Any comments post em or e-mail me.... Enjoy the map :D




DM Ratz | 4.72 MB




Acid Dream | 1.21 MB




One Step Closer | 7.19 MB

lot. There are a lot of ventilation shafts and other holes. Aliens are going to like it here. There's also a secret that you can only reach as a Predator. Known bugs: the teleporter could lag a little bit. Have fun!




Saving Private Redclaw

sprc_main.rar | 4.6 MB

battle environment never before seen in AVP2. I have developed two new combat maps for your enjoyment. MP Objective Map: It is an objective based map where the \"Corporate\" Soldiers get to play \"King of the Hill\" in heavily fortified bunkers. The Marines have just landed on the beach and have the unenviable task of charging up the steep mine infested hills and make there way to the Communications center where they need to blow up the mine field via a detonator. The Corporate’s job is simple...keep the Marines from achieving this objective and they win the day. If the Marines detonate the minefield seven times before the time expires in the level then it is a clear Marine victory and they have won the day. This map many very realistic battle effects that match what veterans faced on D-day... Are you brave enough to face the challenge? Aliens and Preds get to sit this battle out and take a hot porridge bath under the closer supervision of my pet Monkey \"Jester\". Trust me...he is a real ball buster. So if you plan to do battle in this map you better bring some fresh will need them SP Skirmish Objective Map: You have just landed on the beach and your \"Higgins\" landing boat has been blown to hell. Your mission is to make you way off the beach and up the hill. Once you have found the Communications Center you need to blow up the minefield with the detonator to achieve victory. You will come under all sorts of fire as you try to reach your goal. This is not an easy mission map and you will need to be very strategic in finding you way among the rocks, tank blockers, and razorwire. Sometimes you might have to come back down the hill to re-supply or rest before moving on again. Good luck soldier!




Isle of Chateau D'If

icd.rar | 7.06 MB

to time to make business transactions. Nobody really goes there anymore as there has been rumors of dark and terrible things now living in the catacombs of the Island. Yes, there are lots of interesting places to explore on the island. This pack comes with both a day and night version of this map to explore. Each map has some subtle differences and offers different advantages and disadvantages. I will give you a hint...there is a secret way to open the cell doors from the inside...see if you can find it. I think that people will find the island offers all the races many cool advantages to take advantage of. The night version by far is very creepy because of it's dark nature.




Le Celticant's Mappack | 78.23 MB





Gasolination | 3.95 MB





battlecruiser_v2.rar | 34.04 MB




Dm WY Complex | 1.39 MB

love the map, they will start in a trapped spawnpoint. Why? Because the map is designed for aliens vs human games. This is mostly a luminous map even if there are some dark areas such as corridors or apc garage. As usual a spreaded vents system allows alien (or humans) to set ambush or travel faster than the easier path. Campers will not like the map too. There are always at least 2 ways to reach an area, some are unexpected ;). I suggest a small amount of players (max 6-8). All standard game modes are supported (DM,TDM,Hunt and survivor). Pickups are available for marines / corporates.




OPP1 - Of Gods & Monsters - Version 1.1 | 3.71 MB

opp1.rez - Game data. OPP1_OfGods&Monsters.ed - Uncompiled map. You are welcome to use this file as a prefab resource for any pyramid based maps made for AvP2. Release Date : June, 2005 Type : Multiplayer: DM & TDM for Aliens and Predators only




Deck 16 | 12.64 MB




Dm Depot 2 | 1.8 MB




Dome Colony | 3.01 MB

*** There is a bug with the elevator. Before you play I suggest you take a drone and climb up to the 5th floor, and walk up to the elevator. Then it should be fixed. I don\'t know why this is, as I didn\'t make the elevator. It is a prefab (Coty6floorelevator).




Bouvetoya | 2.25 MB

nivel426 DOTcom - Juan Carlos Guerrero - Site Director




Dm Oblivion | 16.6 MB

dat dm_oblivion.ED ----working file




TALON Map Pack | 62.91 MB

stay up to date with maps and play on the TALON server.[/quote]




Ic_jungle | 4.92 MB

make my own jungle map. There is 3 distinct location: -the bridge with the lake -Up level where is the general jungle and forest -Upper level, where there is only landscape or some tree good for observation I think most of fight will be on the bridge where is the lake.




in Space no one can hear you scream | 5.4 MB

- 72min full opt - on AMD64 3400+ Visit: This is my 8th map - 3rd released In progress: SPF2 - 30% BAD SCIENCE - 90% THE BOG - 50% MOREA - 60% White vs Blue - 80% Trials - 50% THE MAP: An idea i had while working on another map. \"The vacume\" was simply a prefab i made which turned into a map SETUP: Best with class weapons off. INSTALLING CUSTOM MAPS (DAT files only) 1. On your computer go here C:\\Program Files\\Fox\\Aliens vs. Predator 2 2. Do you see a maps folder? If not create one w/ these sub folders: Maps\\worlds\\multi\\DM 3. When your done open the DM folder: You should be here then: C:\\Program Files\\Fox\\Aliens vs. Predator 2\\Maps\\worlds\\multi\\DM 4. MOVE the .DAT file from the \"level\" folder you downloaded to the DM folder you just made\\have. 5. Start AVP2 - When the pop up window opens (with the queen on it) click OPTIONS 6. CHECK the command line box. On your command line put this: --------------- -rez maps --------------- Be sure to space it correctly - there are 2 spaces if a space = S then: S-rezSmaps ------------------------------------------------------- *To install more DAT files simply move them in the DM folder. *If you have a map pack installed: Put this map in the DM folder. Thanks To Testers - The_One - KillZ




The Water Station | 2.25 MB

most of the power, sewer, and life support of the facility. This is one of my personal favorites and I think will be a great multi map.




A Lesser Fate Primal Hunt | 2.04 MB

near the ramp that is to the north of the smaller tower on the map(see screenshot TurretPickup.jpg). You can find the Energy Flechette in middle of the two towers on the map(see screenshot EnergyFlechette.jpg) This zip file also contains the .ed file, so the map can be freely modified. This map was created using the sample_dm file that comes with the AVP2 Editing Toolkit. All credit for the map goes to Monolith, i done no other modifications than adding the pickups. Note for mappers: Add deployable sentry guns to your map with the CTurretSpawner entity, not with PickupObject!




DM_TheEnd | 2.47 MB

Ambience inspired from John Carpenter\'s movie \"The Thing\" Cons: |- Lighting is a bit low |- The small part of the building you are granted to go in is a real maze! -Bluehair




Dm Lobby | 458.28 KB

level.. but it can become a deadly trap if aliens know you are in there. I wanted to create a really basic map to avoid the lag issue i met on my previous maps. I suggest a small amount of players (max 6-8). All standard game modes are supported (DM,TDM,Hunt and survivor).




HL2 DM Lockdown | 35.9 MB

HL2_DM_Lockdown into the directory fox\aliens vs. predator2\Custom folder put all your Rez files here. If you have no custom folder make one.. AVP2 mod manager: I recommend use the avp2 mod manager you can find on avp2maps or avp2files website. OR standard command line -rez custom\hl2_dm_lockdown.rez THE ED FILE IS FOR THE AVP2 COMMUNITY! YOUR ALLOWED TO USE ANY PREFAB OR SECTION OF THE LEVEL YOU SEE FOR YOUR OWN. IF YOU LIKE IT PLEASE USE IT! YOU MIGHT HAVE TO RETEXTURE WALLS, FLOORS ETC Enjoy HHO




Dm Space pods | 8.77 MB

ceiling, light which you can switch off if you destroy the generator, etc. This map is very dark and scary, designed for Alien Vs Marine. There is just few ammo box, armor and health pack but not a lot. The map is very small, i recommand to you to play it maximum with 10 players (6 - 7 marines and 4 - 3 aliens).




LC OPP Celtic - Temple | 9.59 MB




Dm Trollfort

tf.rar | 22.41 MB

hypnotise you and turn you against your own kind. Birds are singing and in the fortress, guns are making their music. The king is awaiting you in the underground, go find him!!




[TDS] Training | 1.19 MB

team deathmatch or get ready for sk frenzy), joined by a main "arena". At the start of the game all doors to the main arena (apart from the marine doors) are closed. The only way to get them open is via the control room, hidden somewhere in the level and only accessible with use of other hidden items. The whereabouts of these items are only disclosed to a very few clan members, so this level should probably only be used in TDS clan servers. Once a member is in the control room, they have access to a large array of controls, ranging from opening and closing the species doors, to releasing ai and *AHEM* some other stuff ;) So let battle commence :D




Dm Celtic Weyland | 2.2 MB

easily defend an area if they work in team, they got a bunker in the warehouse. There are pickups for pred & humans species. Most of the weapons are presents from flamethrower to sadar. It\'s stay a little map, i recommend 2-8 players.It may be interesting to play in with hunt or survivor gametypes.




Korari Compound | 1.05 MB

section of one of the M4P maps I converted to multi.




Evac_Leadworks | 690.57 KB

Doors on route to the evac zone CAN BE CLOSED, just look up at them and activate them, they can ALSO BE DESTROYED so all the aliens need do is claw for awhile. Have Fun, Imp




=ARC= Zeppelin | 1.69 MB

=ARC=Zeppelin is part of the Team=ARC= mappack which is due for release mid 2005. Visit for more information. This map takes on, on a spaceship called zeppelin, with moody corridors and a small hangar. A xenomorph got out, and now the whole crew is missing, so dont expect this ship to be 100% fit for fight.!




Requiem | 957.43 KB

could, and couldn\'t, be done with Dedit. It seems i didnt do half of what i could have, but i will incorporate the new things i have learned into my next map.





over_geimhreadh.rar | 905.77 KB

can be found on the level. The basic idea is that the Attacker race spawns in the warehouse and attacks the defender race in the skyscraper base. I advise that you do not make the Aliens defenders. So consider these configurations {Marines, Corporates, Predators vs. Marines, Corporates, Predators, Aliens} All doors can be destroyed. The skyscraper (1st-7thfloor)= Reception, Medical Labs, Offices, Training, Armory, Dormitories, Command Center. The Glass of the skyscraper can not be broken. Server Tip: It takes about 7 minutes for one alien to destroy every single door. Remember as alien break one of the 3 warehouse doors on the bottom level to get out. You may also break the warehouse glass. Glitches have been found, however no serious ones. Map has 16 spawn points for each team. This map is intended to be used along with Ultimate Map Pack 2. So for the best visuals install Ultimate Map Pack 2 to the latest version, which is currently version 3




Dm Alien Ship | 4.1 MB

class weapons off. Only 8 players are supported. Higher numbers of players may result in players being stuck inside each other (there are only 8 spawn points).




Morbias | 2.85 MB

Max Players: 16 |- Max Queens: 16 |- Exoskeleton: 1 |- Bonus: new skin for the zoom of the Sniper Rifle WY 102 |- Weapons/Ammo Constraints: Smartgun-M56, SADAR M-6B, Grenade Launcher M92, Minigun M-90, Predator's Disc ^^^ These are weapons that we believe are for n00bs; therefore, we are used to playing without them, but sometimes we like using them for fun.




Weyland | 4.74 MB

APC lockable door needs torch to open and weld 2/. Added working dropship; can be activated 4 times 3/. Few AIs and my big spider and a ceti 4/. Meeting room for clans, with models. The only way in you need the torch or break through door damage rate is high; before a clan meeting you can light the torches each and shut door from front stand 5/. Map can be played as evac, the evac point is on roof by drop ship.. 6/. All working doors, and can be destroyed. Some are timed 7/. Small duct system excellent for huggers, -0---, buthumans and pred can also fit into these ,,,lol 8/. Access through vents in top of roof large vent can be broken through 9/. One standing APC with door with torching lock 10/. Deployable turret guns they can be picked up and carried and put in the green areas in map. They target all so be careful what guns is used depends where they are placed.




DM KillBox | 878.52 KB

those Aliens pounce, lol. This only took about 3 hours to put together and, for those that are unfamiliar to HL Killbox, yes, I know I\'ve only used 3 textures and, yes, it is bland looking BUT IT\'S FUN!!!! :)




OPP2 Trapped | 1.31 MB

it works well, Humans can run as normal pred have to crouch and Aliens can just dash around :), i didnt include all of the weapons due to the width/size of the map, for example if i put the disk in, it would be unfair, Weapons include Marine: Pistol Shotgun FlameThrower and Smartgun, Pred : Comb stick, net gun, speargun and remote bombs, u will find ammo dotted around the map, all the weapons are located at the individual spawn points, 2 for marine 2 for pred 2 for alien and none for corps they just spawn randomly lol there are afew traps around watch where u step :P also just beacuse uve passed a certian area it doesnt mean there isnt a trap there, they are set up to not always trigger, soo watch ure step and also the map will shift every 2 minutes to make the map feel not as boring so to speak :) Enjoy :)




dm_farm | 4.83 MB

double click on the compressed file &move the .rez file to your avp2 directory,once its installed startup avp2 & when the screen with the queen pops up click on options & make shure that (command-line parameters) is enable then type this in the emtpy spot under the words command-line -rez dm_farm.rez & enjoy :) ===================================================================== License ===================================================================== owner of this map RedNeck Gamer. you cant use anything in or from this map unless you ask my permission to. you can not edit,change,or rename any of the files that came with the & includeing the .zip,& .exe file without my permission. you may however upload my map through an electronic network as long as none of the files are changed & as long as you follow the above of this license. This MAP is not made by or supported by Monolith Productions,neither is any of its affiliates & subsidiaries. if your wanting to comment me about my map,or wanting to ask me something email me at =========================================================




Neon Station | 1.07 MB

folder If you don\'t have one create it like this: On your AVP2 directory create a series of folders named maps-> worlds -> multi -> DM 2) start AVP2.exe (do not click on \"play\") 3) On the option menu add this line: -rez maps 4) make sure you check the box where it\'s written \"allways specify these command-line parameters\" 5) Run the game JP54 jp AT




CS_Assault | 1.2 MB

better not play it with a human player as they aren\'t any items for him to pick up; I even found a way to stuck myself within (sixth screenshot)! -Bluehair




Loky Station | 6.67 MB






dm_tpb_avp2_vs_ut_pressure_wh.rar | 2.26 MB

green water; I have been unable to get out of it!




DM_Shafts | 781.67 KB

here. just solid multiplayer arse busting carnage - the way it shuold be.[/quote]




Dm Hyperblast | 12.99 MB

manager. get it at NOT USEING A MOD MANAGER??? add to the command line -rez custom\\dm_dm_hyperblast.rez put the dm_hyperblast.rez in the custom maps folder after you unzipped it




Dm Slaughter House

dm_slaughter_house.rar | 2.61 MB

pick-ups. The entire map is meant for MARINE and or CORPORATES, and ALIENS. NO PREDATOR weapons were added, nor ammo. The map is based on an idea I had a long time ago, from playing a game called Red Faction. There are two areas horizontal from each other great for sniper wars. Or just to serve as a base of operations for each team. Vents were also added below so that you could sneak from one side to the other to get the jump on your enemy. The vents are not large, and is a great place to set up a last line of defense in survivor. This map will be run on the 100+ server, and a EVAC version will be released shortly after. As requested by the ALPHA clan.




Processing Station 18 | 487.46 KB

holdouts. This is one of my quicker builds. (approx 3-4 hour build time)




Trinity of Secrets RC

trinity_v1_5.rar | 3.38 MB

unfortunately a lot of my work was lost when my computer crashed. I really wish I could have finished this map but I just can't do everything all over again. Oh well. It is a large site with many places to explore. It is also very interactive as well. Make sure to push all the buttons and open everything up. I am sorry if this map lags a little as I never got to finish kicking that stuff out either. But it still should be a really fun map. BACKGROUND STORY: The Trinity Complex was a bio weapons research facility that focused on Xenomorphic and Synthetic life forms study. As with anything else when you try to play god, there are consequences. The Aliens eventually broke free and have taken over parts of the complex. Your mission is to explore the facility for any signs of life and terminate any non human life forms.




Glass Death

glassdeath.rar | 159.46 KB

ah well) Glass Death is expected to be a no holds barred map, meaning that there should be no rules, just play it, spam, camp, whatever just have fun playing it :D No serious work was put into this map, its just for fun! :D Thanks Nightmare and Nazgul for testing Also Thanks to the css maps created with this theme.




Stalwartxl | 3.8 MB




[DnD] Devastation | 1.37 MB

sytem, 3. dark map easy to sneak up no ppl, not many light sorces, also some lights are destrucable to make the level more dark :D lol 4. AvP movie vision modes, red for heat vision and green for alien vision, 5. there are many other things to mess around with on this map, it is of medium size etc...




Remix Industry | 3.44 MB

few count of players. [i](NB: .ED files included!)[/i]




DM_AlienControl | 4.9 MB

stuff yourself. - 1 teleport 1 way - APC with door and 1 weapons room with door - Most all the glass is breakable but the damage rate is high so it takes more bullets to break it - Several players wanted a darker version so i made it this way[/quote]




Infestation (Infested v2) | 2.62 MB

level will run alot smoother. Here are the updates: - there are now 2 more shutters in the bar - i got rid of the horrible jumping thing - 2 new areas: a hive and an elavator loby - working evavator (activate as many times as u want) - some things taken from marine sp mission - more details have been added including more bodies on walls in the hive also a few eggs which will hatch.... etc - tearable vent entrances... - darker areas for aliens to hide... Note: If the switchs at the top and bottom of the lift dont call the lift up/down just press it a 2nd time and the lift wil come down/up to you Any problems with the lift contact me and ill try and fix it Any Map maker who wants to use the lift for multiplayer feel free to contact me... i got it from the marine sp level... but u have to make some drastic changes to adapt it for multiplayer, it took me hours and about 30 tests lol, so any one who wants it contact me and i wil send it u, i dont want you lot to go threw wat i did, converting it.... Thanks.




UT_Serpentine | 3.1 MB

probably tougher as the lighting at ground level, that is, inside the maze is nearly inexistant. -Bluehair




Oblivion | 3.79 MB

faithful to the original. It features lots of bay windows; and to make it a little more appealing, I gave it a low lighting mood, blue-tinted.




Scrotumhenge | 5.53 MB

the ruins of Stonehenge with a large scrotal sack pulsating overhead; with Aliens spewing out of the top of the scrotum and pouring onto alla those below. Rod Serling, presenter of the old Twilight Zone television series drifted in and out amongst the stone pillars along with a number of other unstable images. The sounds of American Punk Band, The Dead Kennedys, singing endlessly in the background completed the unsolicited hallucinatory experience. To get the full effect of this map, play it for 18 hours straight with 2-4 players under the influence of an unpleasant viral head infection. Aren\'t you lucky I was thinking of you that day?




Dm Klitter | 325.54 KB

decimated the base that once stood there, it pushed sand and boulders from other areas into the once placid cove. You notice ammo and weapons scattered around, Predators have a big disadvantage in this map, WATER. Predators will prefer to camp here. Predators can get around the map but only really good preds can handle it. 4 exosuits, 16 start points, all weapons Helicopter stops working after 30 times of use. Runs out of gas. Sniper spot on the cliffs... watch out! Aliens have a small disadvantage, they move slow in the water, use prouce to move around like usual. Humans will have a couple of vehicles and a lot of fire power here. Predators took helicopter flying classes anyway though.




AI Tutorials and Prefabs For AvP2.

aitutorialsforavp2.rar | 44.51 KB





Liandri | 8.17 MB

than the original so that the action is focused over there. The other rooms that connect it are only implemented for "supplying" purposes. The two teleporting points are not present but will be reworked upon the release of our upcoming map pack which will be titled "FFPS_MP_AVU_WH_V4". About the weapons/ammo. We avoid playing with some weapons that we believe are for n00bs (even though we like playing with them sometimes, just for the sake of having fun). Those weapons/ammo are listed below. Misc. Info: |- Max Players: 16 |- Max Queens: 16 |- Exoskeleton: 1 |- Bonus: new skin for the zoom of the Sniper Rifle WY 102 |- Weapons/Ammo Constraints: Smartgun-M56, SADAR M-6B, Grenade Launcher M92, Minigun M-90, Predator's Disc [i](Released on February 1st, 2005)[/i]




DM Station 23 | 3.89 MB

map) by Herr Alien. This version has many new changes and has full support for all species. SUPPORTED GAME MODES: Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch INSTALLATION: 1. Extract the station23.rez file to your Aliens Vs. Predator 2 folder. 2. Start AvP2, and on the splash screen with the picture of the Queen on it, go into Advanced Options and type in the command-line: rez lostcargo.rez 3. Now you\'ll be able to select the map from the map list within the in-game multiplayer menu options.




Dm AVP Squad | 1.89 MB

was lost...........................




Dark Surprise

dark_surprise.rar | 1.84 MB

base is empty and has been thrown away from the marines minds as they left to go look for better grounds to build a stronger base. luckly electricity is still on and the base looks alive still. ------ About The Map ------ Ok i just took off most of the items and things that will caused this level to crash or lag so it will be free for alot of players to roam and fight. Some things from the single player mission surprised will still be there and some will not\' You will see :). Anyway i change the sky and put ammo\\weapon boxes near marine and pred start points except for 2 start points thats in 2 diffrent far away areas that you will later find. When you do find them just quickly go to the next closes start point and collect the pred or marine weapons and ammo. They are not far from each other so dont get lazy. ------




Celtic-Yautjan | 4.43 MB

talon mod use: geometry mod design by: Le Celticant time build: 2 week texture by: Alien vs predator 2: Primal Hunt _________________________________________________ Instalation: extract the rez file in your folder alien vs predator 2 (C:\\..\\fox\\alien vs predator 2) launch the game run option chek the box \"always specified this parameters...\" command: -rez DM_cy.rez _________________________________________________ Thanks: Tutonic Monkey for his video introduce the geometry mod My clan!! HHo for his ultimate ed. file _________________________________________________ copyright permission (c) 2006 by Le Celticant




Station 3 | 3.02 MB

can join, but the Predators will have the disadvantage of having no pickups. The story: -------------------------------------------- Weyland-Yutani Debriefing, Station 3 Events. Appendix B - Internal Report No 23606. -------------------------------------------- This document is classified as secret. All copies have to be registered. Copy #003 On June 31, 2231, one of UCM Nevada\'s probes put in orbit around LV 734 spotted the surface structure we call now \'Station 3\'. Initial reports showed up Station 3 as a Weyland-Yutani build installation. A squad of marines was left to garrison the facility, as ordered by WY board. When their replacements arrived 21 days later, they have found only one survivor (HA). The mental condition of HA was that bad, he actually opened fire, in an attempt to kill the replacements. At this point, HA is in medical care. An investigation was launched, to find what happened to the rest of the squad. As all Weyland-Yutani records show (including the records of the Weapons Division), no facility was ever build on LV 734. Some details regarding Station 3 (please bare in mind that the name was given after an inscription found on one of it\'s inner walls) are striking: - the facility seems to be in full operation. However, we couldn\'t find, so far, the purpose of the installation. - the facility has no means of access. No doors, no gates, no landing pad. The squad of marines was inserted while the dropship was hovering the facility. - the red fog found on site is highly caustic and faintly radioactive. It dissolves flesh and will quickly kill any living creature, regardless of armor or other protection. The interviews conducted with HA didn\'t reveal much. The subject constantly mentioned that \"the devil is down there\" and that the entire facility is just \"one of the battlefields of Arena Eternal\". When asked about the fate of the squad, HA\'s response was: \"They are still there. They are still fighting each other.\". He mentioned that immediately after one of them was killed, it was \"restored to life and immediately thrust back into the battle\". At this point, investigators\' opinion is centered on the scenario in which HA managed to kill all his squad mates and dispose of the bodies in the fog found in the central pit of the installation. Taking into account on one hand that the facility seems autonomous and to avoid further losses on the other hand, I recommend further on-site investigation and sample gathering to be carried out by synthetics.




The \"Bugged Out\" | 2.96 MB

Too bad for you if your\'e a human, great if your\'e an alien. Between the dark green colors, the objects in your path, and the steam everywhere, you may have a hard time playing as any of the human characters. Give it a shot, and what the hey, if it\'s too hard take the easy way out and play as a pred. \"Bugmidden\" Map: A midden, a place where insects discard their waste. If you are not careful you could become just that....waste. The preds were the ones that set this place up actually. Meant as a training ground for recruits (please note that one failed trainee ended up in a cage). The aliens are left here to breed and feed on the carrion left for them, but they are always eager for a warmer meal. By the way, all the really good pick-ups are jealously guarded underground by near indestructable face huggers. Good luck.




Saving Private Frosty | 1.86 MB

able to loop the msg string. While I made the command string work I felt the need to keep all brushes "as is" cuz logos are fun!!! I did add new textures, rules, a nub pit, turret, balanced weapons, fog adj., new GSP locations. This is an AVP2 MINI GAME TDM (Marine vs. Corp) Objective based




lc_depot | 21.81 MB




Sacher-Masoch Cavern | 6.26 MB

but will probably never finish, lol. Originaly had Velvet Underground as the background music but removed it to keep the size down. Aaaaaaaaaaah...........Shiny, Shiny... Shiny boots of leather... :)




Water Facility | 3.45 MB

though). There is also one little secret ingame, only available if the water somewhere is down by a switch. So if you\'re having an Alien vs. Alien battle... No secret, because Aliens can\'t activate things. =============================




Osiris_Warehouse | 1.82 MB

v predator 2 Next move the Warehouse.rez file to the newly created custom folder. Close Windows Explorer and start avp2 On the launcher Click Options In the options menu type (or copy and paste) the following into the Command Line parameters field: -rez custom\\warehouse.rez Once this is done check the box that says Always Specify These Command-line Parameters Close the options window and launch the game. Warehouse should now be in you maps List! Other files have been included in the pack: The .ed file for use with Dedit and the .dat file for an alternative installation of warehouse. Download Dedit from… Get help With mapping From….. Contact: Osiris_athotmaildotcom Feel Free to pass this map on to all your avp2 buddies




Dm outpost 54 | 2.64 MB




Dm Adytum

dm_adytum.rar | 56.57 KB

found. Map has 16 spawn points. This map is intended to be used along with Ultimate Map Pack 2. So for the best results install Ultimate Map Pack 2 to the latest version, which is currently verison 3 has all the updates for Ultimate map pack 2 in the Downloads section of the website. Changes: Brushes were deleted to fix some bugs but, it had little effect. :thumbsup:




Jovian satellite

jovian_satellite.rar | 565.87 KB

and much of the electronic systems are failing as the satellite is pulled towards it\'s crash site. Much of the satellite has been taken back to earth for being used again in a future mission and of course for the museums. Now a bunch of predators aliens evil corporations and marines decided to tango on this doomed machine




Can U Make it | 4.72 MB

simple AI: Facehuggers, Drones... It also has an arena with movie posters. Just watch out for traps. So I ask you: Can You Make It? =============================




Dm_glasspalace | 2.61 MB

it with Marine vs. Corps and Classweapons off but all species are allowed. I suggest you to use the melee mod, this is funnier (Knife, pistol, shotgun and pulse rifle only). The glasses are breakable but respawn every 5 seconds. There are lots of other secrets in the map.




Survivor Tower | 1.33 MB

on human swat team action.... Bugs are fun too! There will be a centerpiece in my next map.... Hope you enjoy as much as my family did. :D Thanks to Cryogenic[9thCMD] for the sign textures and help along the way.... Thanks to HHO for the prefabs... Great work!




DM Champ 666

dm_champ666.rar | 1.04 MB

So STAY OUT!!! --------- Installation: extract the map file to: ------------- AvP2\\Maps\\Worlds\\Multi\\DM\\dm_champ-666.dat Add -rez maps to your Launcher Options Command Line. Select map from Multiplayer Menu.




Dm Celtic dropship | 978.03 KB

complex ventilation system designed to allow aliens to surprise their opponents. There are pickups for humans and predators. It's a medium sized map map, i recommend 2-10 players.It may be interesting to play in with hunt or survivor gametypes.





you! While looking simplistic, it is well designed. In particular, the fog in which it is partially immersed is interesting from a strategic point of view. -Bluehair




Dm Cylinder | 314.62 KB




[TDS] Pods | 2.83 MB

have any gunz. likewise the pred weapons are down the bottom round the "attacker" spawns. evac mode: the evacuees start down the bottom of the pod, and have to try and get up to the top and into the elevator (in real life it would probably be the other way around, but it would be too easy for the evacuees, they could just jump straight into the evac lol). the attackers start at the top, near the lift. pred weapons are up top and rine down bottom. also, one of the panels on the 3rd level controls the opening/shutting of the lift. try and get a teammate to open/close it at the right time. also, when an anyone goes into the lift, it will auto-shut. only an alien or pred may escape (via the openable roof, so pred only if its closed), unless the doors are opened again by the switch. of course, if you are evacing, this will (hopefully) help you to survive, just keep an eye on the roof... ;);) evac and overrun mode: another of the switches controls the opening and closing of alternate sets of ladders. to aid the defenders in overrun, or the attackers in evac, these may be shut off to help stop the enemy advance. however, if someone manages to get up to this point (via a semi-secret route i built), then they may open some of the ladders to let their friends through. ALL MODES: the final switch is the same as it is in sp mode, it triggers the crate-carrying arm. if a teammate climbs onto the crate from the bottom or lower level, then by hitting this switch the arm takes them straight up to the lift, so watch out defenders(over)/attackers(evac)/or anyone up there lol final note: because, partially because of my clans rules, and partially because of how i feel about them, you will find no disk, smartgun, pred pistol or tracking rockets in this level.




Dm celtic dropship | 1.95 MB

allow aliens to surprise their opponents. There are pickups for humans species only. I haven\'t done any pickups for predators because the map is mostly designed for Aliens vs Humans. It\'s a medium sized map map, i recommend 2-10 players.It may be interesting to play in with hunt or survivor gametypes. There are 16 spawnpoints, 4 specifically for aliens, 4 for humans. Others are mixed (predator, corporate , marine or alien can spawn there).




SW_Bespin | 17.62 MB

[url=\"\"]or skirmish map from it.[/url] Youre allowed but just change the name of map if you do ..




Dm Pump station | 1.88 MB




DM Kapitalisme

dm_kapitalisme.rar | 208.18 KB

found on the level. No glitches have been found so far. Map has 16 spawn points. This map is intended to be used along with Ultimate Map Pack 2. So for the best visuals install Ultimate Map Pack 2 to the latest version.




Felicity | 3.4 MB





SK Core

sk_core.rar | 1020.82 KB

area. Start with the exosuit device and try to stay the maximum time alive against infinite drone and runner AIs.




Dm [TKTN] Factory | 508.28 KB

second because predator haven\'t any pickup object or ammobox. The map is Dark, perfect for hiding with alien on the top of the map with wallwalk capacity. Please if you found any lag report me at this e-mail: celticantdieux(AT) i diffuse an other version of this map in my new mappack which is out in late 2007. i recommand to you playing this map on survivor type, marine vs alien. -------------------------------




Dm begravelsesplads

dm_begravelsesplads.rar | 584.64 KB

level. All weapons for marine and predator can be found on the level. There is a secret in this map. There are also coffins that can be opened and marine or predator ammo can be found inside. No glitches have been found so far. Map has 16 spawn points. This map is intended to be used along with Ultimate Map Pack 2. So for the best visuals install Ultimate Map Pack 2 to the latest version.




DM one on duel | 122.7 KB




Dm Malachor V | 20.45 MB

map design is basic, there is 3 bridges and 3 caverns in the landscape. At the middle of the map, there is the arena where are the mains Fights. There is two differents versions of this map which are: -{Nephilim}Kotor_2_Malachor_V_all: This map is a classical DM map with amo box, different spawner ... -{Nephilim}Kotor_2_Malachor_V_avp: This map is only for Alien Versus Predator. Aliens Begin in the cavern and Predator on the center arena. There is no pickup munition, amo and amobox. Malachor V is a very dark map designed for scary and frustrated funny game.




dm scrambleomega | 657.09 KB




lk vertigo station | 4.79 MB

Type : Multiplayer: DM & TDM MAP Author : Pat "Longknives" Borden Email Address : Construction ------------ Editor Used : DEdit. Talon Version Base : Ground-up with preexisting dedit textures Construction Time : Two weeks Processing Time : Approx. 1 minute Known Bugs : Please report any undocumented bugs. New Sounds : no. New Textures : no. Installation ------------ Make sure AvP2 is updated to the latest version, which is currently: Open AVP2 file in the main AVP2 directory. Open Worlds and place Vertigo_Station2.DAT inside file. Revision History: ----------------- This map was created two years ago and Beta tested by two close friends, Redclaw and Black Angel (now called Pagan Saint). The map had several flaws originally and made players physically ill (from vertigo), thus the name. I want to thank these people: ------------------------------- Redclaw (I know your'e out there man, even if you left us for half life) Pagan Saint (Quit camping and shooting straight)




Circle of Death - Char Grilled Edition

circleofdeathchargrillededitionversion1.0.rar | 2.98 MB

opportunity to lay some smack down on ever spawning Aliens. ...or go head to head with your Combistick and Netgun against a Predator opponent in Multiplayer 1 on 1 Deathmatch. ... Or load up the Imp Co-Op mod and knock the socks off of the AI Aliens with a friend. Enjoy.




Dm Battlechamber | 915.63 KB

humans and predators can be found. There are few traps in the map. Oh and.. this is my first non-test.




Battlecruiser 2.0 Add-on Pack | 5.5 MB

on lag considerably, making it possible to play with a less-than-great connection. Technically, it\'s not smaller; I just cut out some non-essential details. You\'ll notice that most of the escort (outside) is missing. Also, you cannot go outside as alien. I doubt anyone would\'ve figured out how to do that anyway.





sanctumv2.rar | 192.3 KB

the level. Map is designed as an arena. Map intended for duels and small battles but not limited to just this. Map has 16 spawn points. This map is intended to be used along with Ultimate Map Pack 2. So for the best visuals install Ultimate Map Pack 2 to the latest version, which is currently verison 3 Changes: I fixed a lot of bugs that were present in the first verison. This map make dm_sanctum obsolete. I fixed the starlight views. I changed some textures. I moved munitions around. I also made teleports bigger so they\'re easier to find. I made the map smaller. The stairs shouldn\'t be too much of a problem for marines now, just make a full jump and you should make it.




Dm commcentre beta | 3.9 MB

several asteroid belts. On one typically boring day, the local workers of the Communications Centre on LV-102 found themselves surrounded by xenomorphs, and they sent a distress signal. Queue the marines. The Marines arrived amid the fighting. The Corporate forces below were still actively engaging the xenomorph forces, and the battle had reached a stalemate. Roughly 1 hour before the marines arrived, the corporates found themselves picking up a signature unknown of what they had ever seen. Disregarding it as false telemetry, they continued the battle with the xenomorphs. The Marine arrived on the top floor, and unknown to them, the Predators were quite literally, just above them. Chaos ensued, and you\'re left to fill the shoes of whatever race you choose.





dm_abattoir.rar | 65.7 KB

found. Map has 16 spawn points. This map is intended to be used along with Ultimate Map Pack 2. So for the best results install Ultimate Map Pack 2 to the latest version, which is currently verison 3 has all the updates for Ultimate map pack 2 in the Downloads section of the website. Changes: One problem brush was fixed. Heights were augmented so large characters are more flexible.




Forge of Adversity (Night Version) | 10.57 MB

places for all manner of creature. It also has many functional items such as elevators, switches, exploding barrels, and a tram. All vision modes have been enhanced to allow for greater targeting at distance.




DM_Faction | 1.09 MB




Dm Frag Feast | 3.28 MB

folder ump2/worlds/multi/dm or maps/worlds/multi/dm shadow_man jan 08 enjoy




Dm Up There | 1.79 MB

no ammo boxes. This map is not about the looks but it's a simple map for a quick match against one player. It only took me a couple of hours to make it, hehe! Have fun!




Circle of Death | 2.34 MB

is it intended to be SO no BiTchInG YA nOOb :-D Predator Dual/ SKIRMISH/FUN SETUP: Best with class weapons off. ------------------------------------------------------------ MINI GAME IDEAS: by: TutonicMonkey After Testing the map a bit we found a few fun ways to play. 1)Normal Pred Duals- Non fighters watch from the top island and moderate 2)Skirmish - One Pred runs the switches why others fight aliens - (I recomend not having more than 3 aliens on screen at a time for lag reasons) 3)Prove Yourself - From left to right turn the switches on one at a time then off again - Defeat (1 Runner),(1 Drone),(1 Predalien), (2 Preatorans),(3 Hard Drones),(1 Facehugger) \"WITHOUT HEALING\" as PREDATOR ~Melee only~ Combstick Award = Expert Pred Wrist Award = Elder Pred 4) Net Tag From the 2 outter islands try to net each other off (without leaving your island) 5) King of the Hill Using nets only try to maintain postion of the highest Island




DM_Harbourhall | 3.08 MB




Killfest_FX | 511.32 KB

command-line type: -rez maps INFO: Im not gonna say whats in map but look around enough you will find lots of surprises have fun with it! keeping avp2 alive map processed at 720 polies in 30 secconds at full optomization final count 95.95---95.31 hudson hicks ontario HHO




dm_Macdaddy | 8.57 MB

custom/dm_macdaddy.rez in your command line enjoy have fun freak out (at least a little) or else -Randall_Boggs_Rocks




Sphere | 1.6 MB




Crystal Crash | 811.7 KB

destroy the opposing teams Crystal and be the first to reach 3 points (there is a scoreboard for checking in each base). Once you destroy the Crystal a few messages will appear including \"Round Restarting\" You\'ll be killed as the round restart, now now don\'t bitch, its to return each team to there own base. It would be a short game if you could stand and wait for the next crystal to spawn. You\'ll need good team work and cover if you decide to brave no mans land or maybe you\'ll take the covert way with the caves and cliffs?




DM Defense | 2.78 MB

or pit against your friends in the Defense_DM with different species. PS. Aliens may burst through doors and windows. =)




Up There | 3.28 MB

map for a one-on-one match. Of course you can fight with more people, but it's created for small matches. The only light in this map is that of the lava and there isn't much of that, so you'll have to rely on vision modes. There are also no ammo boxes. Have fun! 1-on-1 deathmatch is not an AVP2 gametype so you'll have to run a deathmatch/team deathmatch server.




Zelfmoordmissie | 3.9 MB

map, but some are harder to reach. I advise you to run an Anti-Spawnkill mod because respawning players can get killed pretty quickly by the AI. I've also included my first AVP2 map I made a long time ago: Can U Make It. It's a very buggy map full of AI. And it's very ugly, so don't expect much of it. It's just a bonus. In case you're wondering what Zelfmoordmissie means, it's Dutch for: Suicide Mission




DM_Osiris | 730.75 KB

areas where there are explosive barrels that you can use against them. All in all, this is good map. I only find its lighting could have been better: even though it looks lighted, the player always seems to be in the shade. In addtion, its audio setting is not that appropriate to its context: to hear it, you'd almost think you are in a jungle! -Bluehair




The Frag Box | 612.42 KB

1st map made with -nosnapnocsg. THE MAP: Everyone dies.... free for all SETUP: Best with class weapons off. INSTALLING CUSTOM MAPS (DAT files only) 1. On your computer go here C:\\Program Files\\Fox\\Aliens vs. Predator 2 2. Do you see a maps folder? If not create one w/ these sub folders: Maps\\worlds\\multi\\DM 3. When your done open the DM folder: You should be here then: C:\\Program Files\\Fox\\Aliens vs. Predator 2\\Maps\\worlds\\multi\\DM 4. MOVE the .DAT file from the \"level\" folder you downloaded to the DM folder you just made\\have. 5. Start AVP2 - When the pop up window opens (with the queen on it) click OPTIONS 6. CHECK the command line box. On your command line put this: --------------- -rez maps --------------- Be sure to space it correctly - there are 2 spaces if a space = S then: S-rezSmaps ------------------------------------------------------- *To install more DAT files simply move them in the DM folder. *If you have a map pack installed: Put this map in the DM folder.